Kain't Have Had So Few ATEs All Campaign

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  1. [21:33:50] <@Kaingaskhan> ATE
  2. [21:34:15] <@Kaingaskhan> [A Canary in One Hand...]
  3. [21:36:27] <@Kaingaskhan> Back in the Theater District, a portly man is walking down the paved stone path back to headquarters. As soon as he enters, Cinna is brushed aside from someone slightly shorter than him pushing by, quickly, pushing him onto his ass. "Huh? Wha? Is she going out again so soon...? HEY, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE, CANARY! Sheesh..." he picks himself up, checking over...
  4. [21:36:47] <@Kaingaskhan> "Aw no, nonono... I lost the ticket we were supposed to give to... aw, man, the boss is gonna kill me..."
  5. [21:36:55] <@Kaingaskhan> Fade out
  7. ---
  9. [14:55:04] <Kain> A12,0ctive T12,0ime E12,0vent
  10. [14:56:13] <Kain> - A Sad Moogle -
  11. [14:56:16] <Kain> Watch? Y/N
  12. [14:58:08] <Kain> Blink... blink... time is running out!
  13. [14:58:44] <@castfromhp> Y
  14. [14:59:00] <Kain> <A Sad Moogle>
  15. [14:59:54] <Kain> The camera pans back down to the Tantalus hideout's secret basement, where two moogles drop in from the lift, carrying sticks with bundles tied to them over their shoulders. They look around as they walk in.
  16. [15:00:12] <Kain> Moggy: "...Are we early? They're not here yet, right, kupo?"
  17. [15:00:27] <Kain> Mogster: " it looks like they already left, Moggy."
  18. [15:00:44] <Kain> Moggy: "Awww, but I wanted to give a Workshop tutorial, kupo!"
  19. [15:00:49] <Kain> Mogster: "Yeah, I know..."
  20. [15:00:56] <Kain> Mogster: :<
  21. [15:00:59] <Kain> </ATE>
  23. ---
  25. [01:28:59] <@Kain> 0,14A11,14ctive 0,14T11,14ime 0,14E11,14vent
  26. [01:30:20] <@Kain> 0,14A11,14ctive 0,14T11,14ime 0,14E11,14vent
  27. [01:30:55] <castfromphone> select
  28. [01:31:56] <@Kain> 0,14I'll Give You Something Hot
  29. [01:33:37] <@Kain> Later that night... a busty Burmecian in a scanty dress waves herself with a large, metal fan while waiting at Dragon's Gate. After a moment, a pair of Nezumi trot up from outside, one tall, and one short, both dressed in purples robes and thin metal hats.
  30. [01:34:19] <@Kain> Ormi: "Sorry for takin' so long, boss! We're back!"
  31. [01:34:36] <@Kain> Leblanc: "And? Did you actually manage to get it?"
  32. [01:35:52] <@Kain> Logos: "Of course we did. Not without certain... difficulties, but the Mermaid's Charm is ours."
  33. [01:38:43] <@Kain> Leblanc: "Aha! For once you two did something right... good work!" She's given something by the rotund rat. "Now then, listen up, boys. New orders, straight from Shannon herself. As soon as we're able, we're to proceed to Madain Sari in pursuit of a very important target."
  34. [01:38:52] <@Kain> Ormi: "Uh, what target, boss?"
  35. [01:39:37] <@Kain> Leblanc: "Do I have to tell you everything? Fine, I'll explain the details on the way, but not now. You idiots kept me waiting out here and I have a social function to attend, tomorrow."
  36. [01:39:43] <@Kain> Logos: "A... social function?"
  37. [01:40:49] <@Kain> Leblanc: "Yes, they'll be throwing a party to celebrate the defense of the regent... in which our forces became involved. Must you ask all of these tiring questions?"
  38. [01:41:11] <@Kain> Ormi: "Oh boy, I haven't ever been to one of those hoity-toity parties before!"
  39. [01:41:49] <@Kain> Leblanc: "With good reason, your manners are atrocious! If you're even THINKING of accompanying me you had best keep your mouths shut, do you understand me?"
  40. [01:41:52] <@Kain> Both: "Yes, boss..."
  41. [01:41:58] <@Kain> Leblanc: "Now come, we're leaving."
  42. [01:42:06] <@Kain> The three walk back into Lindblum...
  43. [01:42:31] <@Kain> </ATE>
  45. ---
  47. [16:06:06] <Alaine> 0,14A11,14ctive 0,14T11,14ime 0,14E11,14vent
  48. [16:06:21] <@Lenore> (Ooooh!  Oooh!  *presses Select*)
  49. [16:06:25] <Natalie> (yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss)
  50. [16:07:58] <Alaine> (Just a sec)
  51. [16:08:02] <Alaine> (Trying to think how to name this one)
  52. [16:08:24] <Alaine> 0,14The New Plan
  53. [16:09:17] <Alaine> Over the skies of Lindblum, Ayane flies west, draping herself, depressed over the neck of her dragon. Chell and Bell sit behind her, silently.
  54. [16:10:04] <Alaine> The genome is currently wearing a t-shirt and jeans instead of being in her Kuja costume.,
  55. [16:10:14] <Alaine> Ayane: “I didn’t have time to rescue everything... we lost a lot of precious things...”
  56. [16:10:28] <Alaine> Chell: “You made sure everyone got out fine.”
  57. [16:10:37] <Alaine> Belle: “Fine, they all were!”
  58. [16:11:15] <Alaine> Ayane: “...What the HELL happened, anyway?”
  59. [16:11:23] <Alaine> Ayane: “Did this have to do with Quar’s pet?”
  60. [16:12:14] <Alaine> Chell: “I believe so. She was most assuredly the Glutton’s agent. I believe she served as a distraction for his agents to sneak onboard and destroy your ship.”
  61. [16:12:38] <Alaine> Ayane: “All this as retaliation for his OWN goons screwing up the ball? He’s going to pay for this...”
  62. [16:13:16] <Alaine> Belle: “An agent of the Glutton, she definitely was! A mistake there is not!”
  63. [16:13:20] <Alaine> Chell: “There is no mistake.”
  64. [16:13:29] <Alaine> The two girls exchange a knowing look behind Ayane.
  65. [16:14:01] <Alaine> Ayane: “Alright... new plan. We’re going to get what we came for... and then...”
  66. [16:14:07] <Alaine> Fade~
  68. ---
  70. [17:43:56] <@Kain> 11,0Active 11,0Time 11,0Event
  71. [17:44:30] * Giantree mashes select
  72. [17:45:19] <@Kain> 0,14Life in Treno
  73. [17:47:57] <@Kain> The scene opens at the Treno city jail. A filthy place, lquite literally. And not one entirely well-kept. The problems in Treno are enough that only the worst of the worst are kept here for long. There's also not much of a justice system, so crimes are usually judged by the guards bringing the criminal in and- yeah, it's a horrible place. But what is Savannah doing here? And why is she behind
  74. [17:47:57] <@Kain> the bars? She's grasping onto them from inside, going "Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa" ;-; as we open.
  75. [17:49:10] <@Kain> T-89 walks down a set of stairs, entering the area with a pair of guards. Savannah looks out from the interior of her cell at the other girl, and cries out, "Adenine! Help meeee, I didn't do it!"
  76. [17:51:23] <@Kain> T-89 on the other hand, looks extremely calm. "I know. You picked a bad time to keep the shadows on your face... you come close to matching those wanted posters about time. I'm sure you're not a killer. The guards don't think so either at this point, but I've still had to bribe them for your release."
  77. [17:51:36] <@Kain> (er)
  78. [17:51:41] <@Kain> (I butchered that)
  79. [17:51:44] <@Kain> *about town
  80. [17:53:06] <@Kain> Savannah: "This is such a bad day... first I lose my money, then I get arrested for attempting to murder someone..." ;-; The guards step forward to unlock Savannah's cell. "And you had to pay for me to get out..."
  81. [17:53:46] <zoofman> (>adenine)
  82. [17:53:53] <zoofman> (savannah for most uguu)
  83. [17:53:58] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  84. [17:54:29] <Giantree> (yeah that's better than 'tia tinine' by a lot)
  85. [17:55:07] <@Kain> T-89: "I didn't say I had to bribe them much. As for your own money, you should keep a better eye on your gil pouch. Let that be a lesson to you." Savannah steps out, sort of drooping. "Sis..."
  86. [17:55:50] <@Kain> T-89: "This is a dangerous place outside the walls of Mikoto's estate. I don't see how all of you are so calm and relaxed all the time..."
  87. [17:56:12] <@Kain> Savannah: "Sorry..."
  88. [17:58:09] <@Kain> The two begin to leave the prison area, which is located on the outer walls of the city. As they start to head back to the manor, though, they're approached by an obese green duck in fine clothes.
  89. [17:58:33] <@Kain> Duck: "Excuse me! Excuse me, there! Are you ladies from the new residence on the King Estate?"
  90. [17:59:14] <@Kain> T-89 furrows her brow in annoyance, prepared the blast the living shit out of this guy if he tries any sort of pickpocketing. Savannah's yellow eyes go wiiiide in the darkness, though. "That's right! Hi!"
  91. [17:59:29] <castfromhp> (so moe)
  92. [18:00:05] <@Kain> Duck: "I am a messenger working for Lord and Lady Rook. I'm here to deliver the fortuitous news that you have been invited to their estate to meet them in person!"
  93. [18:00:11] <@Kain> Savannah: "Oh, really??"
  94. [18:00:17] <@Kain> T-89: "This seems... sudden."
  95. [18:01:04] <@Kain> Duck: "The lord and lady are known for their... whimsy, but they want to properly welcome you to Treno. Please come at your convenience."
  96. [18:01:14] * Kain is now known as Chase
  97. [18:01:45] <@Chase> Savannah: "Okay! We'll visit when we can..."
  98. [18:02:20] <@Chase> The duck blows a trumpet for some reason. "Excellent, -quack-. I'll return to tell them the message was delivered. Good day!"
  99. [18:02:43] <@Chase> He turns around and heads to leave, while Savannah watches. "We've been invited to a noble's house! This is so exciting~"
  100. [18:03:06] <@Chase> T-89: "(Just a second ago she was pouting...)"
  101. [18:03:12] <@Chase> Savannah: "Did you say something, Adenine?" :D
  102. [18:03:21] <@Chase> T-89: "No, let's go."
  103. [18:03:34] <Aori_Radidjiu> (<3 Savannah)
  104. [18:03:41] <Giantree> (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)
  105. [18:04:05] <@Chase> Savannah starts to go, and 89 casually launches a guy who gets too close to her with a lightning bolt, following.
  106. [18:04:08] <Aori_Radidjiu> (♥♡♥♡♥♡)
  107. [18:04:12] <@Chase> </ate>
  109. ---
  111. [22:26:40] <@Kain> 11,0Active 11,0Time 11,0Event
  112. [22:28:54] <@Kain> 11,0Active 11,0Time 11,0Event
  113. [22:28:55] <Rosetta> [Select]
  114. [22:29:37] * Giantree throws a live cat on the select button afterward
  115. [22:31:04] <@Kain> 0,14Castling
  116. [22:31:27] <Aori_Radidjiu> (OH BOY)
  117. [22:32:18] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Tree don't make Garland knock the console down, otherwise it'll make the system shut-off midgame ;_;)
  118. [22:33:01] <Giantree> (oh yeah, what if I open the disc tray and replace it with SaGa Frontier while it's loading)
  119. [22:33:15] <Rosetta> (what if I chop down the stupid tree?)
  120. [22:33:25] <Aori_Radidjiu> (>implying that might not have already happened)
  121. [22:34:18] <@Kain> It's a short while after the Black Mage Girls have been informed of their invitation to the Rook estate. Savannah and T-89 went to retrieve the others first. The group is approaching the Rook estate, the only Noble estate in the Northern section of town, overlooking what used to be a bad neighborhood. The streets are rather cleaned up, however, buildings look professionally patched up, and
  122. [22:34:18] <@Kain> everything seems generally... nice, even with the impovrished still hanging around.
  123. [22:36:26] <@Kain> Vivian is wearing Nat's old dress, since resized to fit her. She's holding a feathered fan in front of her face as she walks along. "This seems like a good neighborhood..."
  124. [22:37:11] <@Kain> T-404: "Yeah!" she says as she skips along. "Why do you think we've been invited over? Huh? Huh??"
  125. [22:37:19] <@Kain> T-89: "It's not to admire the scenery..."
  126. [22:37:32] <@Kain> Luna: "It's like you said, they want to welcome us to Treno, right?"
  127. [22:37:52] <@Kain> Savannah: "What else WOULD it be, sillies? Come on!"
  128. [22:39:36] <@Kain> The <s>six</s> five of them approach the gates to a fort-like structure built on the corner of the north and east walls, an old guard tower that was recomissioned and expanded into a miniature castle.
  129. [22:41:16] <@Kain> The gates are unattended, but open of their own accord as the girls approach.
  130. [22:41:26] <@Kain> 404: "Ooh, magic?"
  131. [22:41:35] <@Kain> T-89: "They could be mechanically operated..."
  132. [22:42:06] <@Kain> They step in after a moment, the gates just as quickly swinging shut behind them. 404 gulps.
  133. [22:42:30] <@Kain> 404: "M-maybe coming here wasn't such a good idea after all..."
  134. [22:42:37] <@Kain> Savannah: "Nonsense! Forward!"
  135. [22:42:49] <@Kain> Vivian: "We may as well..."
  136. [22:44:40] <@Kain> The scenery changes dramatically as they enter. There still appear to be no guards placed around the estate... the entrance hall is wide, the interior decoration resembling wooden columns and paper doors, with strange, foreign objects decorating the walls depicting things like serpentine dragons and antique oil paintings of... squid.
  137. [22:45:17] <@Kain> No servants come to meet the group, and Vivian finds herself confused, dropping the fan a moment. "Erm... hello?"
  138. [22:45:41] <@Kain> A young female voice responds. "Ah, you've finally arrived. Step forward into the next room, if you would."
  139. [22:46:00] <@Kain> A young male voice follows suit. "We're eager to meet you!"
  140. [22:46:10] <Aori_Radidjiu> (creeeepy)
  141. [22:46:15] <@Kain> The girls exchange confused looks, but continue on through a sliding paper door.
  142. [22:49:43] <@Kain> The next room has several lanterns hanging from the high ceiling, and what appears to be a ceremonial bonfire burning in the center of the room, smoke escaping through a port in the ceiling. Beyond that is a large woven mat in front of another set of paper doors. These are shut, but sillouhettes can be seen behind them, two figures in large, heavy robes, sitting cross legged about four feet
  143. [22:49:44] <@Kain> from each other. A slightly transparent banner hangs in front of each, displaying the emblem of their house, a castle-like structure wearing a crown, though the crown differs slightly on each banner, more king-like on one, more queen-like on the other.
  144. [22:51:34] <@Kain> Vivian: "U-um..." she chokes a bit as she tries to recall her manners. "P-pleasant greeting you, Lord and Lady Roo-" The female voice interrupts her with a laugh. "You needn't put on airs. Please, have a seat. Speak to us as equals."
  145. [22:51:55] <@Kain> The girls exchange looks again and have a seat on the mat, their backs to the bonfire.
  146. [22:52:03] <@Kain> T-89: "What's this all about, then?"
  147. [22:53:27] <@Kain> Man: "First of all, welcome to Treno. We understand that you have recently moved in to a new property on the King estate, owned by one 'Theta', a... distant relative of Mikoto King?"
  148. [22:54:01] <@Kain> Savannah: "That's right! Papa built us a great house!"
  149. [22:54:16] <@Kain> Woman: "Oh, so you are his daughter? Hm, I thought he was younger than that..."
  150. [22:54:23] <@Kain> T-89: "It's a complicated subject."
  151. [22:54:40] <@Kain> Woman: "Oh, no doubt."
  152. [22:55:44] <@Kain> Man: "In any case, we did want to welcome you! We've tried to maintain good relations with all of the noble families of Treno, but Lady King is a rather distant one at times."
  153. [22:56:32] <@Kain> Woman: "But more than that, we have heard rumors that each of you is gifted in some way. Whether in magical ability, or perhaps, a lovely singing voice..."
  154. [22:56:51] <@Kain> Luna: "W-well..." she turns a shade of scarlet a moment. "I wouldn't say I'm -that- good..."
  155. [22:57:09] <@Kain> 404: "Uh-huh...."
  156. [22:58:12] <@Kain> Man: "As a rule, our house does not employ many staff. We enjoy our privacy, and only contract help when necessary. But... there are certain things we could use your talents for."
  157. [22:58:18] <@Kain> T-89: "You're offering jobs."
  158. [22:59:02] <@Kain> Woman: "Aha, she's a sharp one, isn't she, love? Yes, we'd like to offer you some jobs. Nothing shady, I promise. In fact, we'll tell you right now..."
  159. [22:59:08] <@Kain> Man and Woman: "What we want from you is..."
  160. [22:59:11] <@Kain> </ate>
  162. ---
  164. [04:25:27] <Kain> actually I mean 11,0Active 11,0Time 11,0Event!
  165. [04:25:42] <castfromhp> Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select
  166. [04:25:43] * Giantree drops a hammer on the select button
  167. [04:26:40] <Kain> 14,0 With Lovers Like This...
  168. [04:26:48] <Kain> oops that's inverted
  169. [04:26:57] <Kain> 0,14 With Lovers Like This...
  170. [04:28:09] <Kain> Cait has conjured some sort of gigantic, stuffed moogle to laze around on, the oversized doll plopped to the side of the tunnel as Noah squints at the remains of the wall murals.
  171. [04:28:29] <Kain> Noah: "So much damage... And that glass further onward, too."
  172. [04:29:43] <Kain> Cait: *yaaaaawn* "Who cares about that, lad? It was just Terrato. Next subject! Why are ye lettin' your lass get all depressed and blamin' herself about everything?"
  173. [04:36:40] <Kain> Noah: "You mean the part about where she said she felt like a burden? Why -must- you look over my shoulder when I'm reading? You know I hate that. ..What CAN I say? She's been a burden on me? I'm the one flying around pretending like I got to learn everything I wanted to from Sir Mago. My entire job, my very role in this organization is supposed to deal with situations like her
  174. [04:36:40] <Kain> apotheosis, and I have spent the last ten years trying to pick up the pieces of our organization in hopes of finding even a scrap of information to make her transition smoother. And I haven't even been able to do -that-, Cait.'s difficult to think that she considers herself a burden on me, when if I were only a bit better at what I'm meant to do she would have no burdens at all."
  175. [04:36:41] <Kain> he tosses away the magnifying glass he was using for a moment and leans against the wall, sighing roughly.
  176. [04:38:27] <Kain> Noah: "I haven't even been able to keep up with my other duties well. This role requires communication we simply do not possess anymore."
  177. [04:38:57] <Kain> Noah: "And even back at Lindblum when I admitted this, she assured me I was in fact, not terrible at my role..."
  178. [04:39:38] <Kain> Cait: "Yer goin' on about yer own problems again, lad, what about hers?"
  179. [04:40:54] <Kain> Noah: "I don't know... she needs encouragement. That's all I can think of, really..."
  180. [04:42:50] <Kain> Noah: "I believe she's a better person than what she describes herself as. And I could go on at length giving examples why..."
  181. [04:42:59] <Kain> Cait: "Then why don't ye?"
  182. [04:44:04] <Kain> Cait: "Just be a -man- already! Admit yer not the perfect lad she thinks ye are. Tell her about yer own insecurities. And don't just try to inflate her self-confidence, lad. Listen to this bit of advice:"
  183. [04:44:09] <Kain> Cait: "Tell her you -need- her."
  184. [04:44:52] <Kain> Cait: "And then just fuck already!"
  185. [04:45:06] <Kain> Noah sighs, thinking on it.
  186. [04:46:45] <Kain> Noah: "It's hard, Cait. It's hard to just be that brave, and that honest. ...but maybe you're right."
  187. [04:47:47] <Kain> Noah: "...Next time I see Amaryllis, I'll tell her how I truly feel about her. ...I mean, it's not as if we don't really know already. ...But it should be put to paper."
  188. [04:48:08] <Kain> Cait: "I hope ye mean that figuratively."
  189. [04:48:37] <Kain> Noah: "Yes, yes, Cait, I'm not going to just say "I love you" for the first time to her in a letter." He scowls at the cat.
  190. [04:49:38] <Kain> The cat sits up, stretching and hopping off the stuffed moogle, looking genuinely energetic for the first time in a long time. "That's the spirit, lad~"
  191. [04:50:01] <Kain> Noah snorts. "What will you tease us about after we're together?"
  192. [04:50:42] <Kain> Cait: "Ahh, I'll think of somethin', lad.  Yer such a friggin' dork that it'd be impossible to go fer long without pickin' up somethin' new to torture ye with." :3
  193. [04:51:22] <Kain> Far, far above the two, a voice calls down from further up the shaft. "I hope you haven't been waiting long!"
  194. [04:54:29] <Kain> The two look up as a woman descends, bathed in gentle white light with feathery effects breaking away, a Float spell. She lands nearby, smiling. Her hair is curled into a brown bun with chopsticks sticking out, resting underneath a fancy brown fedora. She's wearing a dark green long-sleeved jacket over a button-up blouse, and a dark grey skirt a bit above kneesocks and inch high heels.
  195. [04:55:03] <Kain> Noah perks up as he sees her. "Ariel! It's been ages. Come here..."
  196. [04:55:24] <Kain> The two run over and give each other a tight hug~
  197. [04:56:34] <Kain> Ariel gives him a kiss on the cheek. "Yes it has, brother. Here, I've got mail for you." she pulls a sealed letter out of her pocket. "From that girl you're always writing to me about. When -will- you introduce me to her?"
  198. [04:57:12] <Kain> Noah: "Soon, if everything goes well." he takes the letter, curiously. "What, the moogle didn't come themselves?"
  199. [04:57:49] <Kain> Ariel: "It was a long way down. Just consider me a part time volunteer in the Kupo Club~ My, what have you found this time? Is this a tonberry ruin?" she starts to look around.
  200. [04:58:45] <Kain> Noah: "What's left of it. According to Cait, a different eidolon trashed the place. What a shame... so many priceless treasures lost. And I'm not even sure I can extract anything of value for Amaryllis."
  201. [05:00:40] <Kain> Ariel: "Confound it... This would have been a promising lead, too."
  202. [05:01:29] <Kain> Noah begins to unseal the letter. "Can't help it now. Still, it's more than you had, isn't it?"
  203. [05:01:43] <Kain> Cait: "So when are you gonna say hi to me, lass?"
  204. [05:01:56] <Kain> Ariel scowls. "Why don't you be a gentleman and say hi, first?"
  205. [05:02:02] <Kain> Cait: "'k. Hi!"
  206. [05:02:30] <Kain> Ariel scoops up the cat into her arms. "Hello, Cait~" she coos as she scritches him behind the ears.
  207. [05:04:03] <Kain> Noah reads over the letter silently, his face slowly going white.
  208. [05:04:12] <Kain> "C-cait..."
  209. [05:04:26] <Kain> Cait: "What is it, lad?"
  210. [05:04:41] <Kain> Noah: "Cait..."
  211. [05:04:52] <Kain> Cait: "Tha's mah name. Cait got yer tongue?"
  212. [05:05:30] <Kain> Noah: "...Amaryllis. I think... I think she's the one we've been looking for."
  213. [05:05:42] <Kain> Cait: "Eh?"
  214. [05:06:33] <Kain> Noah: "... if not then this is a terrible coincidence... but... it seems she's killed a member of 12GIL and tried to assassinate another, during one of her bouts." his voice is starting to quiver, and he looks horrified.
  215. [05:07:19] <Kain> Noah: "...Cait, I think Amaryllis may be the one taking us out. Amaryllis..."
  216. [05:07:51] <Kain> Ariel looks a bit shocked. "Your girlfriend has been killing your peers?"
  217. [05:08:09] <Kain> Noah shakes his head. "Not of her will... gods. I have to help her."
  218. [05:08:17] <Kain> Noah: "Cait, we're leaving."
  219. [05:09:05] <Kain> Noah: "I'm sorry, sister. I know you only just got here, but... I must go. Amaryllis needs me... There must be -something- I can do."
  220. [05:09:20] <Kain> Cait hops over and snatches the letter to look over it, real quicklike.
  221. [05:09:53] <Kain> Cait: "Well, shet. So, Esto Gaza or Madain Sari?"
  222. [05:11:02] <Kain> Ariel nods. "Alright, guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Stay safe, okay?" she hugs Noah again. "I'll stay here and do some more research. I'll send you a kupogram if I find anything."
  223. [05:11:14] <Kain> Noah nods. "Thanks, sis., mind giving us a hand...?"
  224. [05:12:31] <Kain> Ariel rolls her eyes, but laughs. "Fine. Go. Graviga." A ball of black energy appears above Noah and Cait, starting to suck them in, but she dismisses it quickly, and the two suddenly launch like rubber bands.
  225. [05:13:09] <Kain> Noah: "I FORGOT HOW MUCH I HATED THIIIIS"
  226. [05:13:18] <Kain> Cait: "I forgot how much I loved this~"
  227. [05:13:28] <Kain> </ate>
  229. ---
  231. [18:22:37] <Lenore> (Awwww, nobody landed on Elizabeth.  OH WELL)
  232. [18:23:06] <@Kain> 11,0Active 11,0Time 11,0Event
  233. [18:23:20] <Lenore> MASH SELECT
  234. [18:23:22] <Amaryllis> [select]
  235. [18:23:43] <@Kain> 0,14Forgetting Something
  236. [18:24:08] <@Kain> Elizabeth looks up from where she's cooking. "...I feel like I was supposed to be somewhere... Oh, well. It's probably nothing..."
  237. [18:24:12] <@Kain> </ate>
  239. ---
  241. [16:48:33] <Schweinritter> 11Active 11Time 11Event
  242. [16:48:43] * Bunky Shockwaves the select button
  243. [16:50:14] <Schweinritter> 0,14Recent Developments
  244. [16:50:16] <Schweinritter> er
  245. [16:50:20] <Schweinritter> 0,14Recent Developments
  246. [16:51:09] <Schweinritter> The two mime sisters are walking through the streets on the far side of Madain Sari, carrying a soaked, and unconscious T-1000. They're back to their human forms, but look a bit dejected.
  247. [16:52:23] <Schweinritter> Chell: "That submarine was... too well built, wasn't it, sister?"
  248. [16:53:00] <Schweinritter> Belle: "Too well built, it was..." she nods a bit solemnly. "Even as ourselves, defeat it in time, we could not."
  249. [16:53:25] <Schweinritter> Chell: "Still.. there was something familiar about the spells and dark energy coming from it, wasn't there?"
  250. [16:53:39] <Schweinritter> Belle: "A familiarity there was? If so, then feel it I did not."
  251. [16:54:56] <Schweinritter> Chell: "Hm... You said that Schweinritter described... Carbuncle, an unknown woman, someone that resembled T-23 and an unknown black mage?"
  252. [16:55:22] <Schweinritter> Belle: "Sure of it, I am. Those clothes, T-23 favored."
  253. [16:55:59] <Schweinritter> Chell: "I wonder... These recent developments... I don't look forward to reporting back to Ayane. Millie is going to be in a foul enough mood herself when she wakes."
  254. [16:56:09] <T-23> (/me scratch head.)
  255. [16:57:19] <T-23> (That's sorta surprising but probably not relevant atm.)
  256. [16:57:24] <Schweinritter> Belle: "Report back, must we?" A devilish grin slides across her face.
  257. [16:57:38] <Schweinritter> Chell: "Oh, are you pondering what I'm pondering then?" she returns the smile.
  258. [16:58:02] <Schweinritter> Chell: "Well... Ayane shall be occupied in Daguerreo a bit longer. Let us at least take poor Millie back to the Palace first, sister."
  259. [16:58:14] <Schweinritter> Belle nods. "To the palace, we'll take her back."
  260. [16:58:34] <Schweinritter> With that, the two drag T-1000 into a dark alley, and out of sight.
  261. [16:58:37] <Schweinritter> </ATE>
  263. ---
  265. [18:21:01] <@Kain> 11,A
  266. [18:21:16] <@Kain> 11,Active 11Time 11Event
  267. [18:21:24] * Giantree fires a laser beam at the select button
  268. [18:21:56] <@Kain> 0,14 Know When to Fold Them
  269. [18:23:10] <@Kain> The scene is a bar in Madain Sari. Not the Caller's Cove, but a less prestigious watering hole on the west side of town.
  270. [18:26:10] <@Kain> A cactuar sits at a table with a moogle in very elegant clothes, with his pompom combed down, a young Malboro, a tiny chocobo chick, a radish-like mandragora, and a large oglop with a katana sheathed across his back.
  271. [18:28:09] <@Kain> Each of them has a hand of cards, glancing at them every now and then. In the middle of the table is an assortment of stray gil and sacks, a shield with a moogle emblem on it, a carrot, and a photograph of Queen Garnet.
  272. [18:30:32] <@Kain> Prickles glances at his hand. A 2 of clubs and an Ace of Diamonds. The dealer flips cards on the table, revealing a Queen of Hearts, an 8 of diamonds, and a Jack of Spades.
  273. [18:30:49] <@Kain> Sweatdrops slowly begin to form on Prickles' head.
  274. [18:32:36] <@Kain> Mogantz glances over, trying to read each of the expressions of the other players. The chocobo chick is pecking her cards, accidentally revealing them a bit early and getting herself disqualified, she had a 9 of hearts and a King of Clubs.
  275. [18:33:24] <@Kain> Prickles glances over at the other two plant monsters at the table. The malboro seems to want to eat the cards, but the mandragora keeps bapping its tentacles.
  276. [18:33:48] <@Kain> Prickles looks back down at his hand, then back up at the table. The atmosphere is tense...
  277. [18:34:23] <@Kain> And then the camera fades to black, then showing the outside of the bar. Prickles walks out wearing his shield, and carrying a builging backpack behind him.
  278. [18:34:52] <@Kain> Moral of the story, don't play poker with a cactuar.
  279. [18:35:00] <@Kain> They have the best poker faces.
  280. [18:35:03] <@Kain> </ate>
  282. ---
  284. [08:15:58] <@Kain> 11Active 11Time 11Event
  285. [08:16:07] <@Kain> What's that? NONE OF YOU ARE AWAKE?
  286. [08:16:08] <castfromhp> [select]
  287. [08:16:14] <@Kain> WELL I'M PRESSING SELE-oh okay
  288. [08:16:21] <Anise> hi kain
  289. [08:16:37] <@Kain> <color>Warmth</color>
  290. [08:16:44] <@Kain> (hi)
  291. [08:17:11] <@Kain> It's the previous night. A buzzed Myrina is wandering the streets of Madain Sari, mumbling to herself.
  292. [08:19:24] <@Kain> "Not even a brothel is open at this hour." the soldier mutters. "Could I be anymore down on my luck...?" she takes a turn into an alleyway, figuring she'll take a shortcut back to the inn Rymes was staying at. But... she comes across a figure laying in the dirt as she walks through. Lenore is curled into a fetal position, asleep, tears streaming down her filthy face, and shivering a little
  293. [08:19:24] <@Kain> bit from the chill that's picked up.
  294. [08:19:40] <@Kain> Myrina: "Oh, shit... I... I guess it -could- be worse..."
  295. [08:20:07] <@Kain> Myrina: "That's one of the girls from earlier, too... fuck, what happened? ...."
  296. [08:20:11] <@Kain> She looks around a moment.
  297. [08:20:31] <@Kain> Myrina: "Dunno where the inn she's staying at is, and it'd be weird if she woke up in my room..."
  298. [08:20:34] <@Kain> Myrina: "..."
  299. [08:20:53] <@Kain> The alexandrian takes off her cloak and covers the sleeping mage in it.
  300. [08:21:54] <@Kain> Myrina: "...Guess I shouldn't complain... there's always someone worse off out there. ...hang in there, though."
  301. [08:22:07] <@Kain> She walks off into the night, shivering in her indecent alexandrian armor.
  302. [08:22:33] <@Kain> </ate>
  304. ---
  306. [05:09:31] <@Kain> 11Active 11Time 11Event
  307. [05:09:36] <Giantree> SELECT
  308. [05:10:01] <@Kain> 0,14It Begins
  309. [05:12:47] <@Kain> An enormous man in bronzed armor walks into Madain Sari, his cape billowing behind his back. He looks around, passersby are avoiding him, but he pays it no mind and steps forward, approaching the waterfront. As he walks, a scream pierces the air, followed by a devious sort of chuckle and a FUNGAAAH. The knight cracks his neck and quickens his pace, drawing his sword. "At last... You'll not
  310. [05:12:48] <@Kain> escape this time..." Siegfried charges towards the docks!
  311. [05:12:53] <@Kain> </ate>
  313. ---
  315. [02:29:01] <Kain> The next day, however...
  316. [02:29:16] <Kain> 11Active 11Time 11Event
  317. [02:30:15] <Kain> ...
  318. [02:30:20] * Kain presses the select button himself.
  319. [02:30:48] <Kain> 0,14A Father's Fear
  320. [02:31:50] <Aori_Radidjiu> (oh my)
  321. [02:31:52] <Kain> It's early the next morning, in Treno. A dark-skinned Alexandrian disembarks a merchant airship at the Knight estate's private airfield, thanking the pilot for taking her on. She looks around as she leaves the area, in a bit of a daze.
  322. [02:32:18] <Kain> Myrina: "...Abigail will be alright without me for a bit... I'm sure of it. ... so..."
  323. [02:32:24] <Kain> She slowly comes to a realization.
  324. [02:32:35] <Kain> Myrina: "...Aw, crap. I didn't ask her where to find this Blade guy!"
  325. [02:32:46] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh fuuuuu-)
  326. [02:32:58] <Kain> Myrina: "...I guess I'll just ask around..."
  327. [02:33:19] <zoofman> (>Abigail)
  328. [02:33:22] <zoofman> (Huh)
  329. [02:33:34] <Kain> (Abigail Rymes)
  330. [02:33:44] <zoofman> (Oh there's TWO Abigails)
  331. [02:34:11] <Kain> (NAMES)
  332. [02:34:21] <Kain> The soldier wanders around town for a bit, before seeing someone in blue robes passing. "Um, excuse me..."
  333. [02:34:36] <Kain> She's a bit startled as the girl turns, her face covered in shadows and glowing yellow eyes.
  334. [02:34:44] <Kain> Savannah: "Hi! Did you need something?"
  335. [02:35:01] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh for a sec I thought that was Kraken in human form and was about to kill my are self)
  336. [02:35:07] <Kain> Myrina: "Um... I was just a bit lost, that's all. Do you know where I can find a 'Blade Renegade'...?"
  337. [02:35:41] <Kain> Savannah: "Renegade... Renegade..." she bites her lip, looking thoughtful. "That sure sounds familiar for some reason... maybe one of my sisters will know. You wanna come home with me?"
  338. [02:35:49] <Kain> Myrina: "Oh, er..." she blushes a bit.
  339. [02:36:02] <Aori_Radidjiu> (haha oh shit)
  340. [02:36:08] <Kain> Myrina: "U-um... sure, actually..."
  341. [02:36:24] <Kain> Savannah: "This way!"
  342. [02:36:34] <Kain> She leads the Alexandrian off towards the King estate...
  343. [02:36:36] <Kain> </ate>
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