Great eWhoring Method

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  1. 8 Common rules for e-whoring which all advanced level people know
  2. 1. If you don’t already, you should have a Price List prepared. If you give a Price List, they will be more likely to choose an option on the list.
  3. Example: 4 nudes for $8 , 5 nudes for $11 , Sessions/etc,,
  5. 2. Make your prices cheap. Make your cheapest package, like 4-5 nudes, for a super cheap price like $4 or $5. It should be quite easy to convince someone for cheap, and if they buy, they have a good chance of coming back for more later.
  6. 3. Lie. Be a salesman. If you can’t convince a guy to buy your goods, hit him with a message like “cmon i already had 3 buyers today for my biggest package, ur missing out!!”. If they hear that you get a good amount of customers, they would want to experience the same thing and get a gut feeling that they are missing out on your goods.
  7. 4. EMOJIS. Use lots and lots of emojis. Emojis are one of the most feminine things out there. Use lots of the heart-eyes emoji, kissy emoji, angel emoji, etc.  
  9. 5. Don’t sacrifice any nudes for free, but feel free to show a lot. There’s plenty of apps such as InShot for phones so you can edit pictures and add emojis over them and whatnot. Take one of your most revealing nudes, and just put emojis over the boobs and vagina. Don’t make the emojis too big, so that a lot of skin is still showing. Use  a ‘preview’ image if a potential customer asks for a ‘free sample’ or ‘preview’.  
  10. 6. Make up a story if they say they won’t pay. Make it a bit sad, but don’t be too obvious and say that your parents have cancer or some shit like that lol. And again, throw in a couple crying emojis in that message. Make them feel for you.
  11. 7. Invest a little bit. You can spare money on some shoutouts, it’s definitely worth it. Go on instagram and just search “sexy” or “girls” or “hot” and find those accounts that just post pics of hot girls in bikinis. Find one that isn’t too big but
  12. isn’t too small. Anywhere from 20k followers to 150k followers should have fairly cheap shoutout prices. DM them and ask if they sell shoutouts.  
  14. 8. If #7 doesn’t work for you because you don’t have much money to invest, then you can always make a fresh Instagram account in less than a minute and pretend to be the girl you are ewhoring! Set up the sexy cleavage profile picture, add a bio saying “add my Kik if you want dirty pics!!!”, post 5-10 of your non-nude pics of the girl so people know what you look like, etc. Then go on those big instagram accounts with the hot girls in bikinis and COMMENT a lot on pictures saying something like “check out my page if u wanna see something sexy” and you’ll be getting a good amount of horny dudes going to your page. Method #1
  16. Method #1
  17. You first get your girl and a decent pack with videos, pics can work but with videos in your pack will be better, go to a site like xvideos or redtube and go to homemade videos and download a ton of videos and you will only change 1 thing, each video place a picture of your snapchat code and name on the videos in your video editor, this is easy every video editing software will let you do this. You can upload on as many sites as you’d like all with the same code imprinted on the video, Make sure you put some clickbait title and you’ll be good. On the snapchat code at top just put add me for live pictures <3, This method has the potential to get you thousands of followers easily and it’s pretty much unlimited traffic.
  19. Method #2
  20. Start a website up it’s easy to get a free domain with the girls name. If your girls name is ashley just name it “xxashleyhornyxxx.( whatever the free domain name is) On the website state how much your services are and how you would like to be paid. Then once the people pay the pics will be auto sent to them. This is basically an easy way to get automated sales. A lot of times the traffic is what’s hard to get so if you can easily get traffic but don’t want to be talking to people then just start
  21. up a website redirect the traffic through there and the people will buy through an autobuy service and everything will be done automatically.
  23. Method #3
  25. You can make cash from your amazon gift card codes. All you need to do is apply the code and offer your friends a 10%-20% discount on amazon. They will pay you the cash in hand and you will order right in front of them the item that they want. Easy way to get cash instead of having to spend the full amount on random things.
  27. Method #4 ( Easy Traffic Sites for kik)
  38. Method #5
  42. Site to get unsaturated traffic ^
  44. Make multiple facebook accounts with the same girl and sign into that site using your facebook accounts.
  46. Then in your bio put your kik or skype/snapchat names and watch the traffic come flowing in.
  48. Method #6 ( Best method)
  50. So what you will do is make multiple instagram accounts and post pictures on them of one girl. Make sure you’re not posting nudes otherwise you will get banned on instagram.
  52. Then what you will do is buy an instagram bot  
  54. You can choose one from here
  56. Then what you will do is make multiple instagram accounts and put them on the bot. It can either be the same girl or it can be a different girl on the different accounts.
  58. Set your bot to like 1000 pics/day on the bot. If you have 7 accounts running that’s 7000 potential people you can e-whore/day.
  60. You will pretty much get traffic on autopilot that way
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