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  1. Game Ideas:
  3. tarkov like game - have loot stash, do raids to get loot/missions. Want to be a bit more simple/less hardcore mechanics whilst still keeping the tension/ excitment)
  4. set on massive space ship - several smaller areas that you can explore (do raids on)
  5. story is along the lines of waking up from cryo-sleep with no gear, have to escape to make hideout
  6. simplified mechanics - less complicated amount of loot, less ammo types, simplified health/healing system (basic bandages vs experimental/alien drugs)
  7. simplified key system, not as many random keys, maybe some doors need power re routing (should be alot more power rerouting/switches than tarkov)
  8. lots of dark cramped spaces, with a few open areas (like agri-bay type massive rooms, overgrown etc)
  9. a few traders/ mission givers
  10. maybe some type of basic recharging sheild to stop insta death???
  11. instead of "scav" runs you can do an "enforcer run", maybe also a free harder alternative (new cryo sleep wake up?)
  12. enforcers are part of the police/military, have decent gun and armor but cant change equipment dureing raid, only limited space in backpakc that they smuggle out, possibly have to pay?
  13. NPC alien bug things, attracted to noise
  14. maybe some bigger alien "boss" monsters - lots of expensive loot but dangurus
  16. Game atmosphere:
  18. dark/steamy lots of coridoors and run down rooms
  19. some large open areas (maybe big agri domes/ hanger bays ect)
  20. some well lit areas eg medbay, military checkpoints ect
  21. come across old battles dead soldires with loot/ alien bodys
  22. maybe some organic overrun areas eg like in aliens
  23. good sound is important, espicaily directinal, make it atmospheric without overdooing so you can hear other players.
  24. although dark and creepy, want to make it easyish to see pople, dont weant people just hiding in shadows.
  26. Core mechanics:
  28. Gunplay - this is the most important, guns MUST feel punchy/ powerfull and impactfull. good recoil and doing what is expected v important.
  29.     player should always be in controll, hit reg must be good, feed back must be quick and easily recognisable
  30. Looting - main game loop - go on raid, fight, get out with loot, trade, go again.
  31.     loot must be simple to understand, complex enough to be interesting, nothing should be pointless
  32. Health - health should affect you abuilty (vison, movement speed ect...) but be simple to deal with eg press button to start healing (no dragging around) so long as you have meds
  33.        diferent types of meds eg: insta heal, slow healing over time, expensive, cheap, ect. all should have advantage/disadvantage
  34. Mission - get given objectives eg: get document, download somthing, power on an area of the ship, kill aliens ect... recive rewards for doing so
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