My Rat Kain't Be This Kloned

Oct 6th, 2012
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  1. [02:43:33] <Kain> Okay, Celina!
  2. [02:46:16] <Kain> Later that night, you're in your room aboard the luxury airship. A bit of a storm is brewing outside. Nothing to worry about, but the rain is pouring pretty hard out there. It's nice and pleasant for in the room. A gentle amount of heat is piped in from somewhere else on the ship, and there's a shortwave radio playing traditional Cleyran songs, probably broadcasted from somewhere on the ship.
  3. [02:46:16] <Kain> The floor is thick, plush carpeting, and the grandiose bed has four posts with privacy curtains and silk sheets.
  4. [02:46:24] <Kain> And this is just a -guest room-.
  5. [02:47:12] * Celina basks in luxury. Oh maaaaaaan.
  6. [02:47:25] <Kain> Some amount of reading material has been provided, if you didn't have any, and there seems to be a wine cabinet too. Classy stuff. But there's a knock at your door.
  7. [02:47:54] <Kain> Who could be out in all that rain at this time of night?
  8. [02:48:35] * Celina hastily closes the door to the wine cabinet - wasn't looking at all, nosir - and opens the door. Just a bit, it's nasty and not warm at all out there.
  9. [02:50:09] <Kain> One of the hooded Nezumi that boarded the ship with you is standing outside, swaddled in a thick cloak. The hood is pulled down over her features, but you can tell it's a woman. "...May we talk?" you hear her ask, barely audible over all the rain.
  10. [02:50:33] <Celina> "Uh. Sure. Come in."
  11. [02:50:58] * Celina stands to one side. "If you don't mind my asking, what's so urgent that you had to come at a time like this?"
  12. [02:51:50] <Kain> The stranger plods inside, wiping her feet at the door. "Because... well, I think you'll understand." Her voice is barely above a whisper. As you close the door behind her, she pulls her hood down, and your own face stares back.
  13. [02:52:37] <Celina> "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  15. [02:52:55] <Kain> "A moment, please! I am no threat to you."
  16. [02:53:04] * Celina backs up, trips over her tail, and falls backwards onto the bed in a most undignified fashion.
  17. [02:53:13] <Kain> The dopple-Celina puts up her hands to show she's unarmed.
  18. [02:53:35] <Kain> "I wished... to apologize for before. ...and to try to figure things out."
  19. [02:53:51] <Celina> "That. Oh. Okay."
  20. [02:53:59] <Celina> "Ah. Okay."
  21. [02:54:05] <Celina> "W-why don't you sit down?"
  22. [02:55:15] <Kain> She nods, a bit hesitantly, and does so at the table. Though she looks like you, her voice matching too, her demeanor is just every slightly different, as Natalie pointed out before. "...thank you. You must understand this is confusing for myself as well."
  23. [02:56:53] <Celina> "I'm sure. So. Ah." Oh god what on earth do you say to yourself? "What can I do to help?"
  24. [02:56:54] <Kain> "I'm sorry for attacking you. Back at the Glutton's Manor... I thought by some foul trick I had swapped places with a monster. I didn't even realize... that I was that monster. In my haste I attacked you wrongly."
  25. [02:57:08] <Celina> "You're not a monster at all."
  26. [02:57:13] <Celina> "You're me, aren't you?"
  27. [02:57:17] <Celina> "...Sort of."
  28. [02:57:41] <Kain> "I... don't know. I thought so, at first. But... there are some things different from before, too. I'm not certain what..."
  29. [02:58:20] <Kain> "I was confused. Panicked. I fled back to Lesetira to try and gather my thoughts..."
  30. [02:59:46] * Celina gets up long enough to get Notlina a glass of wine.
  31. [02:59:47] <Kain> "I didn't come to any sound conclusion. I'm you... but I'm not. ...I have your memories, and your experiences, but I feel so... different. I'm a shadow..."
  32. [03:00:32] <Celina> "Well, what do you want to do?"
  33. [03:01:02] <Kain> "I don't know... I didn't even know you were here until we boarded... I thought I'd try and take the opportunity to figure just that out."
  34. [03:02:43] <Kain> "What DO you do when you're a copy of someone else, with their hopes, their dreams, their feelings?" she sounds distraught. "Try to make things 'right' by replacing them? No... it would shame me. I'd dishonor the Dragon Knights that admire so much..."
  35. [03:03:31] <Kain> "I learned from Sir Highwind that his sister would be accompanying Returners from Oeilvert to Burmecia. I thought if I went back there I could start a new life, maybe. ...but I don't know."
  36. [03:03:53] <Kain> She takes the glass of wine thankfully and drains it.
  37. [03:04:46] <Celina> "I wish you'd inherited a better person's memories," Celina mutters absently as she paces back and forth. "I'd say 'do what you want to do', but what is it that you want, and not what I want? I think, maybe, you've already done things I wouldn't do - I don't know. I think, maybe, that I'd have just kept running..."
  38. [03:04:55] <Kain> She looks up at you, her eyes pleading. "Help me... ...Miss Celina."
  39. [03:05:23] <Kain> It sounds so awkward of her, to say your name like that.
  40. [03:06:05] <Kain> "I don't even know what I am... and I have no intention of returning to that... thing's abode to find out."
  41. [03:06:17] <Kain> "What place do I have here...?"
  42. [03:06:28] <Celina> "I can...make a suggestion."
  43. [03:06:40] * Celina takes a deep breath.
  44. [03:07:03] <Kain> She looks up.
  45. [03:08:29] <Celina> "If you want to go to Burmecia, if you want to pursue my, our goal of becoming a Dragon Knight, that's fine with me." Her voice sounds a little shaky as she says it. "I know you'll make a fine one. And for me..." Deep breath. "For me, I may never get the chance myself."
  46. [03:08:50] <Kain> "No." she says suddenly, firmly.
  47. [03:09:25] <Kain> "I will not take your dream from you. And I will not let you concede yourself to failure or death."
  48. [03:09:50] <Celina> "You wouldn't be."
  49. [03:10:09] <Celina> "In fact...nothing would make me happier if we could both serve Burmecia in our own ways."
  50. [03:10:18] <Kain> "I had considered... becoming a dancer." she admits.
  51. [03:10:26] <Celina> "Oh?"
  52. [03:10:43] * Celina laughs a little. "There's an idea, too."
  53. [03:10:55] <Kain> "It may not be the ideal of serving Burmecia that you aspire to, but we both know I'd do fairly well." she smiles a bit sadly.
  54. [03:11:30] <Kain> "I wonder if that's enough..."
  55. [03:11:44] <Celina> "If not, you'll find what is enough. I know it."
  56. [03:11:55] <Kain> "I want to ask you something."
  57. [03:12:06] <Celina> "Mmm?"
  58. [03:12:19] <Kain> She looks at you, again. "Our mother's name... do you remember it?"
  59. [03:12:39] <Kain> Naming Screen
  60. [03:14:41] * Celina imputs 'Fiona'
  61. [03:17:03] <Kain> Of course you remember your mother's name. But she isn't quite done yet. "Fiona... it means 'fair'. It was a beautiful name.... I... I think I'd like to use her name, if you don't have any objection. She may have not been the woman who gave me life... but..." she's starting to tear up. "I think you understand, don't you?"
  62. [03:17:49] <Celina> "I.." Celina sits back again, a frown crossing her face. "Yes. I suppose that's all right with me."
  63. [03:18:30] <Kain> More wine down the hatch. "A borrowed name and a borrowed life... but..."
  64. [03:19:06] <Celina> "It's up to you to make something of it."
  65. [03:19:53] <Kain> Fiona nods. "Thank you... Celina. I don't know quite what I'm going to do, but I think I can at least try, now. I'm glad I got to make peace with you..."
  66. [03:21:06] <Celina> "When we meet again, I hope that you'll be doing well."
  67. [03:21:12] <Kain> "You... you don't think it's selfish of me to use her name, do you?"
  68. [03:23:04] <Kain> She puts the wine glass down.
  69. [03:23:18] <Celina> "I...well. I don't know. I don't think she would mind so terribly, though. It'd be just like.." Celina fidgets a bit. "I think it'd just be like keeping the name in the family."
  70. [03:23:37] <Kain> "I hope you're right..."
  71. [03:23:41] <Kain> "Family..."
  72. [03:23:51] <Kain> Fiona gets up, drawing the hood back over her head.
  73. [03:24:00] <Kain> "When we next meet, Celina..."
  74. [03:24:16] <Kain> "I hope I can greet you proudly, as a sister, instead of a shadow..."
  75. [03:24:23] <Celina> "A sister...I like that."
  76. [03:24:55] <Kain> She smiles, genuinely now, and turns for the door.
  77. [03:25:13] <Kain> "Take care of yourself..."
  78. [03:25:26] <Celina> "You too."
  79. [03:25:28] <Kain> And then she's gone.
  80. [03:26:17] * Celina sits back heavily on the bed and eyes the rest of the bottle of wine before deciding fuck it. Existential crisises are a perfect excuse for being hung over in the morning.
  81. [03:26:28] <Kain> :3c
  82. [03:26:33] <Kain> </mini>
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