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  1. UU: and the golden towers shine Underneath the light of their blUe crUcible, filling the lives of the citizens with beaUty and peace UuU
  2. UU: or so i have read!
  3. UU: oUr iteration of the game has been plagUed with differences from the legends
  4. UU: and to be honest i am worried!
  5. UU: oh, bUt i have already said too mUch U_U
  6. UU: please don’t pass this information on!
  7. GG: I was enjoying that little fairy tale before you once again injected your trademark mystique, young lady.
  8. GG: Must you tie everything into your web of withheld information?
  9. UU: a thoUsand apologies once more! :u
  10. UU: all will be clear in time, i promise.
  11. UU: bUt Until then, yoU mUst content yoUrself with what i am able to parcel out to yoU!
  12. UU: who knows, perhaps my tales might inspire yoU to create some fiction of yoUr own! ~uU
  13. GG: Ha ha, very funny.
  14. GG: I don't have the time for frivolity like that!
  15. GG: Especially with the hints you keep dropping that there's some kind of magnificent destiny in store for me.
  16. GG: Not that I've rescinded my doubts on the matter!
  17. GG: Being the heiress of CrockerCorp is more than enough responsibility for me, thank you very much.
  18. UU: yoUr grandfather mUst be spinning on his pedestal!
  19. GG: UU!
  20. UU: too morbid for yoU? :u
  21. GG: Yes! Or, well -
  22. GG: He does loom over me every time I walk through the living room.
  23. GG: So, no, I suppose not! It's just… not a fitting due to the dead, I suppose. To be spun around like some kind of cut rate food processor!
  24. GG: No matter how hilarious he would think it was.
  25. UU: yes, yoUr grandfather was qUite the character!
  26. UU: i think yoU will enjoy meeting him!
  27. UU: althoUgh he'll probably find yoUr presence Unsettling in the extreme.
  28. GG: More cagey hints!
  29. UU: sUch is oUr lot UnU
  30. UU: yoU will be relieved, thoUgh, since this conversation has carried on for far longer than i had intended!
  31. UU: i became carried away discUssing the majesty and wonder of prospit u_u
  32. UU: so alas, i mUst leave yoU for now!
  33. UU: enjoy what little time yoU have remaining!
  34. GG: Gee.
  35. GG: Thanks.
  36. -- uranianUmbra [UU] has ceased cheering gutsyGumshoe [GG]! --
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