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DartCraft Changelog 1.5.2

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Aug 27th, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.1.20
  2. - Emergency Patch: Bonemeal can no longer be used on Force Saplings from a vanilla dispenser. Ars Magica's growth spell will also no longer destroy the tome when used on Force Saplings and instead does nothing.
  4. Beta 0.1.19
  5. - Emergency Patch: Fixed an oversight that allowed a simple Ore Dictionary recipe for logs to completely break DartCraft into little overpowered chunks. Force Sticks are now craftable out of Force Planks and this overwrites the Ore Dictionary recipe for vanilla sticks. Force Sticks are now also on the OreDictionary as "stickWood". The Force Bow recipe was also moved to earlier in the recipe list as to keep it craftable with these changes.
  6. - Various bugfixes already present in the FTB version also come with this update.
  7. - Fixed a possible NullPointerException in TileBox's item renderer.
  10. Beta 0.1.18
  11. - Bugfix: Changed the way the Rod of Return is damaged. The maximum damage it can take per use is now 1, and as a result should they break inside a Force Belt the user's current item should no longer be destroyed.
  12. - Bugfix: Clipboards can now be crafted with any type of wooden planks registered with Forge.
  13. - Bugfix: Force Slabs/Stairs, Force Engines and Force Infusers should now sync properly to clients even in dimensions other than the one in which the player first logged in.
  14. - Bugfix: Updated Force Wrench support for Extra Bees TileEntities, as they recently changed location. Errors of this nature will now be less verbose and forboding in the future.
  15. - Possible Bugfix: Threw a try/catch block around a function allegedly preventing user login when an agitated Cold Chicken decided to deny certain individuals the privelege of their presence.
  16. - All Thaumcraft golems are no longer bottleable.
  17. - Added Shift-click support for NEI's recipe inquiry button to the Clipboard. Shift-clicking will print the recipe behind the crafting slots, attempt to place the clipboard's contents into the user's inventory and then place viable recipe ingredients from the user's inventory into the appropriate clipboard slots.
  18. - Force Trees can now be cultivated in Forestry's Multiblock Farm.
  19. - Force Saplings ferment into half as much biomass as before.
  20. - Triggering Wing flight is now also determined by player.isSneaking() rather than a hardcoded keyboard binding alone.
  21. - Wing flight may be initiated now even while holding an item, when Wing flight is available.
  22. - When the Wing Meter is depleted, Force Armor's speed bonus is temporarily negated.
  23. - Force Shards now contain 1 bucket of Liquid Force as far as the Liquid Dictionary is concerned.
  24. - Change: Angry Enderman will no longer look around their child's mangled corpse for a possible culprit to punish. They will however, still spawn around it.
  25. - Liquid Force Burn time in Force Engines is now configurable. In addition, the default burn time of Liquid Force has been reduced to 20000 ticks, down from 60000. Users may change this value to anything from 7500 to 60000. Liquid Force's output in MJ/t has not been changed. This change should encourage the use of BuildCraft Fuel in Force Engines, as Fuel will now last 5x longer than Liquid Force, but Fuel may still benefit from throttles such as Milk or Crushed Ice to exceed that of the Combustion Engine.
  26. - Force Packs can now be recolored all 16 Minecraft Standard Colors. Existing Force Packs will change color once and only once to the new standard.
  27. - The Sturdy upgrade on Force Armor can now be "nerfed" in the config, effectively halving the additional protection afforded. If this option is enabled it is quite possible to die but one still stands a better chance than they would in vanilla armor. This setting is disabled by default.
  28. - The Sturdy upgrade on Force Armor will now prevent a death blow to players under its aegis leaving them with half a heart, but only if they have 1 heart or more remaining. This effect is paired with the sound you hear when the Wing Meter depletes to notify the user this effect has occured.
  29. - Force Packs with configured Item Cards inside them will now be a bit smarter about inserting and removing configured items from IIventories. Essentially, whether or not the target item is already inside the Force Pack will determine the action.
  30. - Refactored the Item Card's Crafting upgrade to use Forge Ore Dictionary alternatives.
  31. - Force Packs may now be upgraded with Sturdy to make their EntityItem form indestructible and prevent them from despawning. Sturdy Force Packs have a rarity of Rare instead of Uncommon. (Blue names instead of yellow.)
  32. - Force Wrenched TileEntities that are dropped into the world are now completely invincible and will never despawn.
  33. - Spoils Bags may now be right-clicked onto an IInventory to dump their contents into that inventory. If the Spoils Bag is emptied in this manner it will vanish. Clever players may now find means of automating the emptying and subsequent sorting of Spoils Bags.
  34. - Refactored the Force Wrench to work with most TileEntities. The Force Wrench will also no longer refuse to pick up TileEntities with Force Packs or other DartCraft storge media inside them.
  35. - Force Wrenches may now be used to properly dismantle Thermal Expansion IDismantleables: Redstone Energy Cells, Conduits, Liquiducts etc.
  36. - The Ender upgrade is once again a valid upgrade for the Force Sword. Shift-Right click on a block up to 64 blocks away to instantly teleport to it, and do one damage to the sword.
  37. - Force Pickaxes and Force Shovels can now be toggled between normal and Area mode by shift-right-clicking with the tool in your hands. In area mode the Force Tool will take much longer to break blocks, but when an appropriate block is broken in this mode all other blocks the tool is effective against will be broken in a 3x3 area around the first block. Blocks broken in this fashion will expend the same amount of durability as if all affected blocks had been broken manually.
  38. - Buffed the Lumberjack upgrade to function within a 7x1x7 area instead of just a 1x1x1 area.
  39. - Added the Force Transport Pipe if BuildCraft is installed. The Force Transport Pipe has a right-click interface that interacts with Item Cards in specific ways. As a bonus the Force Transport Pipe has the functions of an obsidian transport pipe and a golden transport pipe, however the Force Transport Pipe is 3x faster than a golden transport pipe.
  40. - If a non-upgraded Item Card is placed inside a Force Transport Pipe the contents of the Item Card will determine what is allowed to pass through the pipe, with anything not allowed bouncing back in the direction whence it came.
  41. - If a Craft-upgraded Item Card is placed inside the Force Transport Pipe when items matching recipe ingredients (forge sensitive) will be stored in an internal buffer. When this buffer has sufficient crafting supplies it will craft what it can and send the results forward through the pipe in the direction of the last item passing through the pipe.
  42. - The Force Pipe's Crafting buffer has limited space, so care must be taken to manage supply ratios. To combat this, the pipe will not accept more than 128 of any given item.
  43. - If a Force-upgraded Item Card is placed inside the Force Transport Pipe when items that are specified by the Item Card to be Force Transmuted will, if a valid transmutation is applicable, be transmuted into the shown output without so much as slowing the item down.
  44. - Force Pipes with Item Cards inside them have a more closed-off texture, to indicate the presence of an Item Card.
  45. - Added the Forge upgrade. The Forge upgrade is given by a Furnace, and at present is only valid for Item Cards. Item Cards with the Forge upgrade will act in a similar fashion to Force-upgraded Item Cards, excepting that their only valid targets are items registered on the Forge OreDictionary. Using Forge Cards, items labeled as "equivalent" by the Forge OreDictionary may be transmuted between each other.
  46. - Forge-upgraded Item Cards may also be used inside Force Pipes to transmute the desired items, just as with Force-upgraded Item Cards.
  49. Beta 0.1.17
  50. - Change: Ender Tots are now only allowed to spawn in specific vanilla biomes.
  51. - Fix: Overcame an oversight in Modular Powersuit's code that prevented DartCraft from modifying block breaking efficiency. Force-Punching blocks should now work even with MPS installed.
  52. - Fix: "Patched" an alleged mysterious LWJGL Keyboard error that was not elaborated on.
  53. - Bugfix: Ender Tot spawning can now be set to 0 in the config without crashing upon load.
  54. - Bugfix: Fixed an alleged NPE when a DartCraft tool smelts certain mod blocks.
  55. - Bugfix: Milk Cans/Capsules will be dropped into the world if the player does not have room for them in their inventory upon manually milking a milkable entity.
  56. - Angry Enderman will now attempt to guess which player killed their child if that child was not directly attacked by a player.
  57. - Force Upgrades are no longer unique and can be used together. Ex. Wing and Heat can now go on a Force Sword together.
  58. - Bottled Entities will now break out of their bottles when they are dropped into the world, excepting when they are first bottled. Try not to drop them from your inventory or break a chest containing bottled entities unless you want them to escape.
  59. - Power Drills can now mine Gravel Ores from Natura. Power Drills and Force Pickaxes are now also powerful enough to mine Cobalt and Ardite from Tinker's Construct.
  60. - Ender Arrowing another player is now much less comical and harmful. However Enderman may not appreciate this action.
  63. Beta 0.1.16
  64. - Updated Force Wrench support for newer versions of Forestry and BuildCraft.
  65. - Added cooldown for Bottling entities to prevent duplication.
  66. - Changed recipe for Cobweb to require a slimeball in the middle instead of string.
  69. Beta 0.1.15
  70. - Updated to Forge Version 712.
  71. - Updated IC2 and Forestry Integration to work with newer versions of these mods. Certain mod TileEntities will not Force Wrench properly with older versions of these mods. Build versions are:
  72. - Forestry
  73. - IC2 1.115.331-lf
  74. - Bugfix: Possibly fixed a NullPointerException while using the Clipboard. I say possibly because the individual whom reported this gave no information as to how this error occurred, only that it did occur.
  75. - Bugfix: The Wing stepheight mechanic is now a little more forgiving; players may walk through doorways that have steps in front of them, or doorways that have slabs in front of them if there is an overhang above the door. To get through those still tricky-spaces sneaking now temporarily disables step-height augmentation.
  76. - The Wing upgrade on Force Armor will now use charge from the Wing Meter to completely absorb fall damage, instead of damaging the player and their armor. When that charge runs out, the player will take fall damage that is unmitigated even by the Sturdy upgrade. A player killed in this fashion may receive a special message.
  77. - Although the Wing Meter can now be used to absorb fall damage, it is much more preferable to manually slow your fall, however this new feature should prevent the player and their armor from taking extraneous damage while traversing their base.
  78. - Added a config setting to disable the crafting recipe for BuildCraft Quarries with Force Gears.
  79. - Added Force Wrench support for various Extra Bees machines.
  82. Beta 0.1.14
  83. - Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2 and Forge Version 702.
  84. - Bugfix: Traincraft will no longer cause a crash when DartCraft entities are spawned. As a side-effect when Traincraft is installed Spawn Eggs for DartCraft entities are not present.
  85. - Bugfix: Added carpenter recipe for Force Ingots using Gold Ingots to match the crafting recipes.
  86. - Bugfix: Thaumcraft will now load properly if Forestry is not installed.
  87. - Decreased base Ender Tot spawning to about 1/6 its previous value.
  88. - Added a config setting for Ender Tot Spawning frequency. If set to 0 DartCraft will not cause Ender Tots to spawn.
  89. - Removed some irrelevant config settings.
  90. - Added the Repair upgrade using Thaumcraft Shards if Thaumcraft is installed. Repair is a Tier 7 upgrade and does not stack.
  91. - Repair will imbue the Repair enchantment from Thaumcraft on Force Tools, Force Armor and Force Rods of any type, allowing for DartCraft tools to recharge using Thaumcraft's aura.
  92. - Force Rods may now also be upgraded with Repair when they are upgraded in the Force Infuser. Other than repair Force Rods may still only have one unique upgrade.
  93. - Force Rods with Repair inside a Force Belt will recharge, but only half as quickly as they would on the hotbar.
  94. - Added the Sight upgrade. Imbued from any iteration of Night Vision potion.
  95. - When applied to a Force Rod, the Sight upgrade will give a full minute of Night Vision to the player, stacking up to three minutes.
  96. - Soul Wafers no longer give the Experience upgrade. Instead they give the new Soul upgrade.
  97. - The Soul upgrade will give the Soul Stealer enchant from Soul Shards on a Force Sword, if Soul Shards is installed.
  98. - Monsters spawned from Soul Shard spawners cannot drop Spoils Bags.
  99. - Added a Macerator recipe for Vinteum Ore into 2 Vinteum Dust.
  100. - Added Force Transmutations for Wooden tools into one stick.
  101. - Clocks may now be Force Transmuted back into 4 Gold Ingots. The redstone is lost.
  104. Beta 0.1.13
  105. - Bugfix: Force Infusers may now function in dimensions other than the overworld.
  106. - Bugfix: Fixed glitch where Spoils Bags would disappear before a player could pick them up.
  107. - Bugfix: Force Punches now count as player damage. This will properly make wolves attack you and blazes drop experience and rods after punching them.
  108. - Bugfix: Fixed potential slight loss of items with a Crafting Card inside a nearly full Force Pack. Any crafting remainder will now drop into the world instead of being voided.
  109. - DartCraft should now run on any version of Minecraft that is not significantly different from the one it was designed for.
  110. - Change: Force Armor is no longer socketable and must be upgraded directly in the Force Infuser. Valid upgrades have not changed, but more have been added.
  111. - Damage and Luck are now valid upgrades for the Force Armor. Damage will make Force Punches do an additional half heart per piece while Luck will make additional items drop. Putting multiple levels on Force Armor has no effect on these particular upgrades.
  112. - Stone Bricks may no longer be transmuted directly into Force Bricks in the world, they are however now proper Force Transmutations in item form.
  113. - Force Bricks may now be crafted back into stone bricks.
  114. - Force Bricks may now be recolored with dye. The recipe is 8 Force Bricks around one piece of dye.
  115. - Tier 7 Upgrade Tomes double the speed at which the Force Infuser functions.
  116. - Arrows will now fly toward players holding active magnets with even more ferocity than before.
  117. - Removed the Swiftness upgrade. Bows are now upgraded with a piece of sugar to receive this bonus.
  118. - Added the Bleed upgrade. On a Force Sword or Force Bow this will make the entity it hits take bleed damage for one second per level. Bleed is given by Arrows and has a max level of 3.
  119. - The Force ugprade will now imbue Knockback on a Force Sword, up to level 2.
  120. - Bane is now a Tier 3 upgrade, and no longer imbues Bane of Arthropods on Force Swords.
  121. - Bane is now accepted on the Force Bow as well, and when certain enemies are struck with a bane-imbued weapon, they permanently lose certain abilities.
  122. - When a Creeper is struck with bane it will permanently lose its ability to explode. It may try to puff up, but it won't be able to do anything. Keep them as pets, even bottle them and show them off to your friends. They're now harmless little green sneaks that will wholeheartedly live up to their name.
  123. - On Enderman and Ender Tots, bane will permanently remove the monster's ability to teleport. Not so tough without your space-bending theatrics, are you?
  124. - Upgrade Cores can now accept Bane and Bleed, which can also be socketed into the Power Saw.
  125. - Upgrading even one piece of Force Armor with Bane will make any attack from the player that does damage bane the attack's target.
  126. - Bleed on armor produces the same effect as if Bleed were used on a Force Sword and is addative with whatever bleed damage on the player's current tool.
  127. - Added the Force upgrade to the Item Card. The Force Upgrade will allow for any item specified by the Item Card to be automatically Force Transmuted if a valid transmutation is found. The resultant of a valid Force Transmutation will be shown on the right-hand side in the gui of the Item Card.
  128. - Added the command "/ineedatrunkfullofdartcraftjunk" to spawn a DartCraft care package in the form of a serialized chest the user may place down. This command is meant to be a simple means of demonstrating how DartCraft works and allowing easy testing of various aspects of DartCraft. Chest contents are:
  129. - Tier 7 Upgrade Tome.
  130. - Force Infuser
  131. - Force Engine
  132. - Lever
  133. - Clipboard set up to make Force Rods.
  134. - Force Gems
  135. - Force Pack renamed "Liquid Pack" that contains an Item Card in it set to place Force Buckets and Water Buckets into inventories and take out Empty Buckets. Hold right-click on a Force Engine with this pack and it will soon be full of both liquid force and water. This is specifically for demonstration purposes, so give it a try in a test world.
  136. - Force Packs containing materials to make force tools and a pack with already crafted Force Tools.
  137. - Force Pack containing an upgrade material for every type of Force Upgrade. Experiment and learn!
  138. - Force Packs containing premade Force Armor and Upgrade Cores of every type and level.
  139. - Pair of Force Mitts
  140. - Empty, unnamed Force Belt.
  141. - Force Wrench.
  142. - Deactivated Magnet Glove.
  143. - Unnamed Force Pack with one of each type of Item Card inside it.
  144. - Clipboards, Force Packs, Item Cards and other ItemInventories will now re-randomize their secret ID should an identical version be found in the player's inventory. This effectively prevents dupe glitches propegated by cheated items.
  145. - Added the "/dontdismayjustlookaway" cheat command. This command needs a player and a number after it, and it will spawn the specified amount of Ender Tots around the given player.
  146. - Added Force Transmutations for Flower to Rose, Brown Mushrooms to Red Mushrooms and vice versa.
  149. Beta 0.1.12
  150. - Bugfix: Changed the config file location algorithm to use data from Forge's FMLPreInitializationEvent.
  151. - Bugfix: Added ThermalExpansion to the list of mods DartCraft must load after.
  152. - Bugfix: ICustomElectricItem is now packaged with DartCraft, in hopes of avoiding crashing without IC2 installed.
  153. - Bugfix: DartCraft's hotkeys are now legitimate Minecraft Keybindings and can be changed in game.
  154. - Bugfix: Ender Dragons are no longer bottleable.
  155. - Added Twilight Forest Integration.
  156. - Blacklisted the Hydra, Lich and Naga for bottling.
  157. - Twilight Deer can no longer be sheared into Cold Cows.
  158. - Ender Tots will no longer spawn in Twilight Forest biomes.
  159. - The Wing Meter will now move itself down slightly if the player is holding a Spell Book from Ars Magica so that both may be seen at the same time.
  160. - Upgrade Tomes are now created by direct Force Transmutation of a vanilla book.
  161. - Experience Tomes are now created by upgrading a vanilla book in the infuser with the Experience upgrade, instead of a Force Tome.
  162. - Force Armor now inherently has the ability to increase efficiency and allow punching of blocks, and Force is no longer a valid upgrade on Upgrade Cores.
  163. - Removed crafting recipe for Bottle o' Enchanting.
  164. - Added the Soul Wafer. Simply smelt any Bottled Entity to get a Soul Wafer.
  165. - The Soul Wafer is edible, will restore one bar of hunger and bestows its devourer with one random positive potion effect for a short period of time. The Soul Wafer has high saturation and cannot be eaten when not hungry. Devour your enemies and become stronger!
  166. - The Soul Wafer imbues the Experience upgrade in the Force Infuser, and they are an excellent source of Thaumcraft's Animus aspect to boot!
  167. - Added the Magnet Glove. Requires a Nether Star to craft.
  168. - Shift-right-click the Magnet Glove to change its polarity.
  169. - When the Magnet Glove is on a player's hotbar and its polarity is positive, items will be drawn toward the player for easy collection. This effect has a 10 block radius.
  170. - The Magnet Glove may also attract a few other things...
  171. - Looting now increases the chance of a Spoils Bag dropping from a monster by 1% per level.
  172. - Force Bricks are now craftable out of any type of stone brick and force nuggets. Surround a force nugget with 8 bricks to make 8 Yellow Force Bricks.
  173. - Added the Rod of Invisibility. Upgrade a Force Rod with the Camo upgrade (Invisibility potions) to create it.
  174. - The Rod of Invisibility will bestow its user with 30 seconds of invisibility, stacking up to 1.5 minutes, taking a durability of damage with each use.
  175. - Force Packs are now interactable with inventories like chests by right-clicking on the chest with the Force Pack. Item Cards inside the Pack will determine which items are placed where. Items that normally get sucked into the pack are placed into the inventory, whereas items that are normally restocked are sucked into the pack.
  176. - Item Cards are now upgradable with the newly-added Crafting upgrade. Upgrade an Item Card with a Crafting Table in the Force Infuser to get them.
  177. - Crafting Cards function the same as regular Item Cards but have a 3x3 inventory instead of 16 slots. However, if the recipe is valid, any items that are sucked into the pack will automatically trigger the crafting of said recipe using all available materials inside the pack. The output will be inside the pack when you next open it.
  178. - Each Crafting Card will have a chance to craft when the calculation is done, so it is possible to immediately craft an item added to the pack into something, and craft that result into something else.
  179. - Item Cards may be crafted back into versions of themselves without tag data. This will allow players to remove the Crafting upgrade from them if they wish.
  180. - Changed the Power Drill EU consumption algorithm in regards to the Speed upgrade. The Speed upgrade now uses exponentially more EU per level, as opposed to a flat rate. It is inadvisable to have a Speed V Power Drill, unless you have a serious amount of EU to throw away.
  181. - Force Armor that has been upgrded in the infuser can be Force Transmuted to remove the infuser upgrades and allow it to be upgraded again, but still retain its sockets. If IC2 batteries or Energy Crystals were used in the upgrade they will be returned, although all charge will be removed from batteries.
  182. - The Wing upgrade on Force Armor will now allow the player to automatically step-up 1 block inclines and to run across water as the Speed potion effect would. However, if not under the effects of a speed potion the wing meter will slowly deplete.
  183. - The Wing upgrade now allows for an automatic Jump-Boost like effect that allows players to choose how high they jump based on how long they hold space. More pieces of gear with Wing means greater jump potential. (Remember to slow your fall if you jump high enough to take damage.)
  184. - The Speed upgrade is now a valid upgrade for Force Armor. On the armor it does not stack more than 1 level per core, but for each piece of armor socketed with Speed the user will inherently move slightly faster, and have a bit more control over their movement when falling and jumping.
  185. - Force punching an entity now damages the Force Armor.
  186. - Heat is now a valid socket for the Force Armor. Each piece of armor with heat socketed will add an additional half heart of damage when force punching as fire damage, and set the entity on fire for one second.
  187. - Force Mitts now have a greater chance of retrieving Silverwood Saplings from Silverwood Leaves. (It's only a 2% chance, but it more than triples sapling output)
  188. - Lowered frequency with which Force Mitts spawn in dungeon loot.
  189. - Removed empty Bottle o' Entity from Creative mode, but added a cheat to spawn a stack in for fun. "/theymaybeemptybuttheyrestillshiny
  190. - Added the Force Wrench. Crafted from Force Ingots and a Force Gear it will function as a standard buildcraft wrench, industrialCraft wrench (rotation only), as well as make use of the new forge block rotation for blocks such as pistons.
  191. - The Force Wrench has the unique ability to serialize several tile entities into an easily-mobile carryable item by shift-right clicking on the tile entity. When this item is placed back into the world it will be restored to its original state, all items, energy and settings in tact.
  192. - The Force Wrench works particularly well on IndustrialCraft machines, allowing for players to carry around pocket-MFSUs for on-the-go charging, or bring along Iron Chests to briefly place wherever they go for fun and profit.
  193. - The Force Wrench's serialization ability does not work on immutable objects such as Thaumcraft's Warded blocks, IC2's Personal Safes belonging to other players and many other discretionary objects.
  194. - Added the Grafting upgrade. Grafting is Tier 7 and requires a Grafter from Forestry. When applied to a Force Axe it will allow the Force Axe to act as a grafter for its lifespan, but at the cost of much durability.
  195. - Added various Force Transmutations:
  196. - Unwanted Force Tools may now be Force Transmuted into a Force Shard.
  197. - Added Force Transmutations for Gold Tools.
  198. - Vanilla bows may now be force transmuted into one piece of string.
  199. - Added Force Transmutations for Stone tools, each will give one stick.
  200. - Minecarts can now be force transmuted into 5 iron ingots.
  201. - Enchanted Books may now be Force Transmuted into a variable amount of Bottle o' Enchanting. The general return is 1 bottle + 1 more for each level of every enchant present on the book. This is not a good return for your experience, this is meant only to make the random Enchanted Books found in dungeons useful.
  203. Beta 0.1.11
  204. - Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1.
  205. - Due to new api restrictions all animated textures except Liquid Force's have been removed.
  206. - Buildcraft triggers have been temporarily removed due to api changes.
  207. - Refactored the Clipboard's 'Smart Assist' button to be more intuitve and useful.
  208. - Clipboards may now be opened with the 'C' key as long as there is one (and only one) on your hotbar. This cannot be done while a gui is open.
  209. - The Ender Pack (what leads to your vanilla ender chest) may now be opened with the 'X' key as long as an Ender Pack is available on your hotbar.
  210. - Fixed glitch where right-clicking on a Force Pack or Clipboard then quickly switching to a different item could cause a NullPointerException.
  211. - Changed the way Bottled Entities render as well as changed their texture and added more special effects when thrown.
  212. - Added Force Flasks. Crafted with glass and a Force Nugget. Force Flasks are now the only source of the "Holding" upgrade and are also now required as a reagent to bottle entities, replacing glass bottles.
  213. - Added the Force Belt. This relatively cheap to craft tool has its own 8-slot inventory that will open when right-clicked. The Force Belt can hold Force Rods, Force Packs, Ender Packs and Force Flasks inside it for easy storage.
  214. - Force Flasks may be used as reagents while inside a Force Belt, if they are present.
  215. - If one and only one Force Belt is present on your hotbar you may press 1-8 on the Numpad to use the Force Rod stored in that slot. (Make sure Num Lock is on.) Teleport belt, anyone?
  216. - If one and only one Force Belt is present on your hotbar you may press Z at any time to open the inventory of that Force Belt. You may also press X to open your Ender Pack if one is present inside the Force Belt in question.
  217. - Force Belts are recolorable and renamable just like Force Packs are.
  218. - Force Packs now show their names in their gui.
  219. - Renamed Force Packs, upgraded Force Tools and other various DartCraft items now have proper display names.
  220. - Increased base speed of the Power Drill by 25%, also increased the efficiency rating bestowed by the Speed upgrade on the Power Drill significantly.
  221. - Added the Force Mitts, which is a tool that is craftable relatively early on in DartCraft. Force Mitts combine the abilities of the shovel, axe and hoe into one super-farming tool, and are also capable of clearing grass and leaves in a wide area. However, they cannot be upgraded and their durability is half that of standard Force Tools.
  222. - Force Mitts may be used to break a few things that stone picks can, but they are not a legitimate pickaxe.
  223. - Force Ingots can now be crafted with Gold Ingots to make 3 Force Ingots. This is mostly for players who use DartCraft with vanilla Minecraft. (They're out there.)
  224. - Added the Item Card. Craft one from paper, a force ingot and some dye. Right-click to open the interface where there are 16 item slots to place phantom item copies inside. Right-click these phantoms to change the mode of that particular slot to either load or unload.
  225. - Item Cards, when placed inside a Force Pack, will allow the automatic insertion of items that are picked up into that pack instead of the player's inventory. They may also be configured to keep a full stack of a given item in the player's inventory for convenience. This function does work with tools as well, and the pack is smart enough to immediately replace a broken tool with one of the same type from inside the pack.
  226. - Item Cards are renamable in the same way as Force Packs and Force Belts.
  227. - Force Rods can now be used to turn silverfish blocks into Raw Fish. Have fun!
  228. - Reduced stack size of Milk Cans and Force Cans to 16 to adhere to the new Forestry standard.
  229. - Iron, Gold and Chainmail armor may now be transmuted back into raw materials with the Force Rod, as well as anvils no matter how damaged they are, and even buckets. (No more wasting iron.)
  230. - Iron Pickaxes and Swords may be transmuted back to iron as well, but only at full durability.
  231. - Added Force Transmutations for various thaumcraft items involving thaumium, as they are often found in dungeons.
  232. - The Speed upgrade on a Force Rod now also imbues its user with Mining Speed an Jump Boost.
  233. - Completely re-worked the efficiency Force Armor algorithm. There is now a percentage bonus to tool efficiency, instead of a flat small amount. The Mining Speed potion effect will now affect force-punch speed as well. In addition, Force now negates the efficiency penalty while flying.
  234. - Added the Camo upgrade, when is imbued by any iteration of Invisibility potion. Camo can be added to Force Armor in the infuser before or after it has been socketed (sockets will be retained). The effect is invisible Force Armor!
  235. - Nerfed Force Armor's effective durability by a factor of 3.
  236. - Added the Charge upgrade. This can be added to the Force Armor to allow it to become an IC2 rechargable item. Force Armor that has no charge will become dormant, and none of its abilities or protection will be afforded.
  237. - Added the Spoils Bag. Randomly drops from hostile mobs with a very low chance, and contains an assortment of random dungeon items.
  238. - Players will now automatically walk up one block when running under the affects of a speed potion. It is also possible to quickly dart across water while under the affects of a speed potion if you move quickly enough.
  239. - The skating over water effect also comes with sound and particle effects. In addition there is now an API hook for adding custom liquid blocks to this mechanic.
  240. - Added forestry's Ethanol (they renamed biofuel) as a Force Engine Fuel. Burns for 2 MJ/t for 60000 ticks.
  241. - Added slight cooldown to Force Transmutations to prevent dupe glitches.
  242. - Upgrade Cores now stack up to 16.
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