Rainbow Dash TG Skates

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  1. Blue gave a sigh as he parked his car in the lot, and turned off the engine. He shot a rather annoyed look at the roller rink as he then grabbed the flier that was next to him, and looked it over once more. It was advertising a special discount night; entry and skates were half off. The only reason he was there to begin with was that his step mom pushed him into it.
  3.     "Go out, meet new people." he said mockingly "You can't spend all your life on your computer. You need real interaction with real people." He groaned. "I get that from my job thank you..." He said to no one. "I need my own place. Probably going to need a second job though. Then again it will be worth it once I am on my own." he smiled.
  5.     He got out of his car and looked around, the place was rather crowed. "Ugh, everyone must be here for the deal, also its snowbird season...damn tourists..." He grumbled as he walked past all the cars. "Good for economy, bad for traffic, long lines, low resources...Bleh." He shot an annoyed look at all the out of state license plates as he made it to the entrance and paid the entrance fee. The cashier hands him his skate ticket as he walked inside the building.
  7.     The loud noises of music, wheels rolling on the floor, and people talking assaulted his ears as he walked in. The place seemed just as crowded on the inside as it did on the outside, making him sigh. "Great I can look like an idiot in front of so many people..." He shook his head, he did not want to be there, but if he left he would never hear the end of it. If he lied, they would know, so he was SOL. As he looked around for the skate desk two kids almost crashed into him making him jump back. "Damn kids...” he mumbled as he made his way over to the desk.
  9.     "What’s you size?" the man behind the counter asked him.
  11.     "Um..." Blue seemed nervous as he looked down at his shoes "...ten?" the man looked under his desk and brought out a pair of bright blue roller skates. They seemed to be made for a rather younger audience, as they seemed to have silly wings on the sides "Um..." Blue seemed uneasy "Have any...other skates?" he said hopefully, his gaze not taken off the ones on the counter.
  13.     "Sorry, but that is literally the last pair in 10, 10.5, 9.5, and 9s. Apparently people here don’t really have that big a shoe size so..." he slowly pushed them forward. Blue still looked at them with some disgust as the man sighed again. "Look kid, it's all I got. Trust me, you will look less goofy in these then the larger sizes. Now you can take them and have fun, or go home..." he said a bit sternly "And given that you paid already, don't make it a waste of money."
  15.     He gave an annoyed and, somewhat defeated sigh as he grabbed the skates and begin to walk off.
  17.     "Just a sec!" the man called out again, Blue turned around to face him "I need your shoes, and the skate ticket." he pointed down at His shoes "Collateral, so you don’t run off with those."
  19.     <Fat chance of that happing dude, > he said in his mind as he slipped off his shoes and surrendered the ticket. "Have fun kid." he gave a small chuckle a Blue's dilemma. He said nothing and rolled his eyes when his back was turned to him. He located a bench and walked over to put the skates on. Some people saw him carrying the dumb things, and chuckled as they saw him.
  21.     "Okay, I am going to put these dumb things on, skate a few laps, take them off, and then go...hit a bar or something." he planed to himself.  "Who know maybe, I can look back, laugh, then if anyone recognizes me I can have a good laugh with them, there, mission done, step mom HAPPY." he smiled. "Haven’t done this in a long time..." he said as he put his foot into the skate. He found it tight at first, but the moment he put a little more force, the foot went in fairly easy, like the skate reformed to fit him.  "How silly." he chuckled and tied the skates up, he gave it a small roll on the ground to see how well it was on, and he felt no discomfort what so ever.
  23.     "Okay, one down one to go." he said as he slipped on the other skate. He gave that a small roll as well and found it comfortable as well. "Man normally rentals suck, I suppose the stupid design is compensated by being comfortable." he said as he stood up and slowly rolled around "Whoa...easy...easy not to fast..." he said carefully as he made his way over to the rink. People saw him, and then his skates and they gave small chuckles. Blue just smiled and waved back. <If you show it does not affect you, they stop doing it. > He chuckled as he stood at the entrance. He inhaled deeply and when an opening came he moved out into the rink.
  25.     Blue nervously, and slowly started to move inside the rink. Other people whizzed pat him at higher speeds making him feel more nervous then ever, silly skates aside. <Okay...okay, I can do this! > He thought as some confidence suddenly willed his mind. He gave a small grin and narrowed his eyes with focus as his speed slowly started to increase. "Wow, I am less out of practice then I thought, this feels amazing." he chuckled as slowly he got faster, starting to make a bunch of laps around the rink.
  27.     Blue was feeling a bit euphoric as he kept zooming along. He shot a gland around and realized that the other people were giving him a strange look. Noticing that. Blue lowered his speed, and eventually he glided to a stop. "Um something wrong?" He said confused. The spectators were still looking at him confused, until one finally spoke up.
  29.     "How did you do that?" He said confused. Naturally Blue was twice as confused, "Do what? What was I doing?" he said as he scratching his head, his skill was tingling a bit, probably from being a bit nervous, "That...that rainbow trail." He said again
  31.     Blue's mouth went slack with disbelief "Um, Rainbow.... trail?" He said confused as he regained himself a bit.
  33.     "Yeah you have this, faint trail following behind you as you were zooming around, how were you doing that? Look I even recorded it on my phone." He took it out and showed Blue the recorded video of him zooming around. He gasped as he said the faint trail that was indeed being generated by his body.
  35.     "I...I er...I..." He stumbled over his words "I’m just going to go sit down..." he said and skated off, "Bye, bye..." he whispered, not looking back. Some people still watched him as he went off. He scratched his head again, and an idea suddenly came to him "Bathroom." he whispered, and then smiled as he skated to the restrooms.
  37.     Blue shot a look inside and gave a sigh of relief as he saw the place was vacant. He quickly moved into the large stall and locked the door behind him. He gave a huge groaned as he rested against the door "What the heck was that? My body is just...making rainbows? No, no...It’s probably just the lighting, some flashes effect from the DJ to tease me. He must be in with the skate rental guy to try and trick me," he chuckled as he scratched his head some more "Ugh, why is my head so itchy?" he snorted and moved over to the mirror.
  39.     The moment he caught sight of his head he gave a loud scream. His balance was thrown off and he fell back and landed on his butt, giving a cry of pain. He mumbled some obscenities through gritted teeth.
  41.     "Everything okay in there?" A voice said, wondering what happened, "Um YES! I just lost my balance and fell on by butt. It Stings but...I’ll be fine, no worries." he chuckled nervously " sorry if I caused any trouble, I’m fine now!" he lied.
  43.     "Ya sure? I can call an ambulance if you are too injured." Blue slowly stood up off the ground "No, no..."I'm good, standing strong and well, I can sit on an ice pack when I get home." he chuckled "Alright, as long as you are okay." he walked off and left Blue alone again
  45.     He sighed again and rubbed his butt ad he looked nervously at the mirror. He slowly, and carefully shot another peak, and still could not believe what happened to his hair. Somehow, someway...his hair was now three different colors yellow on the right, a HUGE patch of orange, and a smaller patch of red on the left. He reached up and rubbed the orange part between two of his fingers, the texture feeling a bit softer then his normal hair. As hr felt it he gasped a bit more as it actually started to grow longer before his very eyes!
  47.     He shot a look up and the "hair" was now long enough it actually drooped in front of his eyes; tickling his nose and making him give a small sneeze. "W...what the heck is going on?" He whimpered and combed the hair back with his hands as he looked it over "Why is my hair like ra...YELP!" he held his ears as he felt like something was giving them a painful tug. "Oh what NOW?" he groaned as his fingers would brush up against something growing out of his ears. He felt them several times over, feeling the strange soft fuzz. Against his better judgment he looked back in the mirror and pulled his hands away to see the damage to his ears. However, he suddenly came to regret doing that action. Blue's ears were suddenly covered in a light blue fur. What happened next, was an even stranger sight as that pulling sensation came back. Though this time his ears were actually being pulled up the sides of his head and moved to the top. They swelled in side and became a bit pointed. He found his new ears were more maneuverable as he wiggled them around. His curiosity got the better of him as he reached to and gave them a small rub. He yelped as he realized how sensitive they felt, to his touch.
  49.     Blue was starting to panic more now. His mind was going haywire as he tried to make sense of the impossibility that was befalling him. "H-H-H-HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?" he shouted, but then grabbed his ears again. Just realizing how much more sensitive to sounds they were. "Okay...okay no hard as that might be..." he groaned. There was another knock on the door.
  51.     "Sir? Are you still in there? Some customers are reporting of screams and cries. Is everything okay? Can you open the door and come outside so we can see how you are?" Blue remained silent, really unsure how to respond as his changes were causing him to not think straight. "Sir?" the man knocked again
  53.     "I...I ...I bruised my butt." he stated. "And... And it was a LOT bigger and worse then I had realized. I was unaware the butt could become that shade of blu...purple." he chuckled nervously. He heard a sigh from the other side "Okay but please hurry, you been in the handicap stall for awhile now, and if I get another complaint I will need to kick you out." Blue's ears heard the man walk away. Blue sighed as he reviled in his minor victory, but he was losing a larger war. He rubbed his sore tailbone but then stopped as he felt another abnormality.
  55.     He shot his head back to confirm what his hand had felt. There was apparently some swelling coming form his coccyx. He wondered how he missed that, but then realized the pain form the fall has masked it. Blue’s ears twitched as they picked up the sounds of his pants and underwear becoming strained from the bulge. He gasped and quickly tried to undo his shorts to relieve the pain but in his struggle he froze as the loud sound of ripping fabric filled his ears. He did not look just yet, feeling the weight of the new appendage growing longer and brushing up against his leg, making him give a small shudder.
  57.     Inhaling deeply and coming to terms on what just happened. He shot a looked back and saw what exactly what he expected to be there. One, long, inverted. Rainbow colored horsetail. He stared at it as it grew to the floor, and finally stopped. He just stared for a moment, until he realized that he could easily move it around. He reached out and stroked it, shuddering more. " one strange sensation..." he said, the stroking making him slightly relaxed and he even smiled.
  59.     This was short lived at he soon realized that he was undergoing a horrible transformation, into a character from a freaking cartoon show! There had to be a way to reverse, or hopefully STOP this! He though for a moment and then he suddenly realized, the skates! He stared at them as the realization finally clicked in his mind. Blue bent down to try and untie the laces to she skates. It was rather had as he tried to keep his balance while his legs shook with nerves, causing the skates to move.
  61.     "" he panted as his head started to feel hot and his face felt flushed. He stopped trying to free his feet and leaned on the sink, turning on the cold water. He splashed his face with cold waster coughing a bit. As he splashed and rubbed his face a second time he stopped again as his hands felt his face "Please...please tell me that’s just for me not shaving...." he pleaded as his eyes slowly looked up form the sink and to his new best friend, the mirror.
  63.     Blue's face wasn't covered in facial hair, facial FUR seemed to be the correct word. Short, Corse blue fur was already covering the sides of his face, causing him to scratch it. He grit his teeth, as the itching got worse the more he tried to relief himself form it. It also accelerated the fur growth as he saw the blue fur move towards the middle of his face like two waves combing in the middle of his face. The itching finally ended once the damage was done, allowing him to feel it over, and take in the transformation some more.
  65.     Unable to hole back some emotion, and not wanting to draw attention, Blue actually started to cry. Tears stained his fur as his vision started to get watery. His lip started to quiver as he wept. He looked down and picked up his glasses that had fallen off from earlier. He tried to put them on his face and balance them on his nose, trying to hold on to some semblance of his old self. His eyes widened as he realized his eyes did not get better when he looked through the lenses. He pulled them off, then put them back on, and then putt them back on to confirm it.
  67.     His vision remained blurry with or without his glasses. In fact things seemed to be constantly becoming more and more out of focus as he kept looking around, even with his face pressed directly against the mirror, he still saw everything as out of focus. However things were getting worse as everything went dark. It was as if some force was toying with him and slowly turning everything dark like it was using a dimmer switch. He leaned in to get one look at his eye, and he swore before it went dark he saw his eye turn a shade of purple before he was left in total darkness.
  69.     Blue waved his hand in front of his face as he quickly move his head around. "Oh god...oh god oh god..." he was panicking and breathing heavily. He dared not move from his spot. His hands held firmly on the sink, as he dared not move from his spot. "Please let this be temporary...actually...make that I hope this whole thing is just a bad dream that I wish to wake up from..." he whimpered.
  71.     Blue’s wish would not be granted as a horrible cracking noise echoed inside his head. Blue’s mouth felt like someone stuck their hands inside his mouth and were trying to pull his face off. He Grit his teeth and hissed as he tried not to scream out in pain. He wished he had something to bite down on, but with his lack of sight, it would be hard to locate anything. The cracking noise picked up and it seemed the pulling sensation, was actually pulling his mouth out and away from his head! His nostrils were flaring as he was breathing heavily form this changes. Blue felt like he was gagging while his jaws cracked and popped as they extended out. He reached up and felt what he could only guess was some sort of...small equine muzzle. Be fore he could say anything his teeth ere going haywire, he tried to poke around with his tongue as he seemed to becoming larger and flatter, made for a diet better suited for vegetarians.
  73.     No moment for blue to relax this time as his nose started to tingle, and make him sneezes violently several times.  "OH JSUT HURRY UP!" he cried as he felt his furry nose as it was shrinking under his fingers and became smaller as the end of his new muzzle.
  75.         He gave a sigh of relief as he felt tears running down his face once again. He was not sure if he was crying the while in darkness; as his eyes had THANKFULLY gone numb while he was in his blinded state. He gave a very pleased gasp as the darkness slowly started to give away! Thankfully he did not move away from the sink and he knew that stupid mirror was right in front of him. He waited patiently as dark turned to gray, gray became fuzz and the fuzz slowly started to allow blue to see the world once again. Although as soon as he saw his reflection, he quickly closed his eyes right back up. After a moment he gave a sigh as the got his thoughts in his head: Hair, tail, ears, and head. He opened his eyes and gave another groaned; the purple eyed, equine head of Rainbow dash now sat right between his shoulders
  79.     His mouth dropped open in annoyance, as he then quickly covered his nose in disgust. <Oh great, a sensitive nose in a public rest room, just what I need...> he thought sarcastically. He started to cough violently as the smell started to over power him. "I...I gotta...get...out" his voice started to crack as he spoke. There was a weird tingling in his throat, confused he reached up and felt it. As his fingers rubbed against the tingling he would feel a lump in his throat start to shrink and become less visible in the reflection 'Must be my..." he covered his mouth before he could finish. After taking a nervous gulp he finished his sentence "...Adam’s apple." the familiar voice of Rainbow dash replaced his normal speaking voice. He gave a mental groan of annoyance,
  81.    Blue's Ears detected the footsteps again "Oh no..." he started to panic as he saw the feet on the other side of the door "Sir? Do you need an ambulance? Or require any assistance at all? We are very concerned with your well being, you been in there for 30 minutes!" Blue was about to reply but then remembered his voice change. He started to cough violently again and pulled his shirt up, and over his nose to try and cover it. It was getting to be too much, he had to get out of there and fast.
  83.     With watery eyes, his hat trig to cover his hair and ears, and his shirt pulled up covering most of his new face, he unlocked the door and came out of the stall. The manager seemed confused as his actions and took a closer look.
  85.     "Um, are you okay? You look a,” he said as he saw some of the blue fur sticking out of the sides that his shirt did not cover. He panicked for a moment and just nodded that he was all right. "Um, O...K?" he seemed to look down at Blue's legs, and then tried to look behind him. Confused he turned to look and then his eyes widened. HE FORGOT TO HIDE HIS TAIL! "Sire that..." he said nervously as it swayed behind him. His cover blown he pulled down his shirt reviling his rainbow face. "WHAT THE HECK!?" he said shocked. Blue did not reply, instead he pushed past him, went out the bathroom, and headed right to the entranceway. "WAIT STOP!" he hears him cry, Blue did not listen, he had to get out of there, he did not care for anything given his circumstance.
  87.     Lots of people stared at the pony headed man as he dashed pasted them, many of them tried to get pictures, but they mostly succeeded in getting the back of his head.
  89.     "SIR! SIR!" he heard a few people cry. However he did not turn back to look, he just pressed against the exit door and skated out.
  91.     "HEY STOP!" This time it came from the guy who blue paid to get in. Blue groaned mentally. Nothing was going to make him stop. His ears twitched a bit in annoyance as he heard the screams and gasps of confused customers who were waiting to get in.
  93.     "Sorrycantstaygottago!" He said quickly as he went down the entryway and into the parking lot. He looked around and quickly spotted his car parked in the back lane. Taking a nervous gulp be made his way through, hoping no car would suddenly smack into him. People never look when they back out...
  95. Luck was on Blue's side though, supposedly the only GOOD thing to happen to him given what else was going on. He held out his hands to brace himself and pretty much "crashed" into his car. Thankfully he was not going to fast to cause damage to him or the automobile
  97.     "Man I really should have leaned how do break with these stupid things...ugh already I live up to rainbow CRASH." he groaned loudly and move to the drivers door. "Now I can get home...” he sighed as he felt his neck starting to itch "Oh's started again..." he reached back to scratch as he did he felt more hairs growing in. Furthermore, his neck was feeling stiff and tense, he tried to move but it only caused more pain. He clenched his teeth and breathed heavily, until there was a lout pop that made him scream as loud as he could.
  99.     Though as quickly as it came, it left, leaving Blue panting heavily as he lay Against his car "What...what the hay...I mean HECK was that ABOUT!?" he panted and felt his neck. His fingers suddenly found themselves running through strands of something new that was brushing against his shoulders. He shuddered again at the sensation as he grabbed the hair to get a better look.
  101.     "Green...Blue...and... Violet...." he said as he looked at the colored mane that ran down his neck. "Wait all THAT pain for a man?" he snorted and felt his neck "What something else feels off but...what..." he looked around a bit "Wait I feel...taller?" he felt the distance between his head and neck, his fingers running along the newly grown in blue fur "it's...longer?" he said bewildered at his longer neck.
  103.     Blue shook his head rapidly "No time to worry about this now I need to go." Blue went to try and open his door when a massive cramp his fingers "GA!" he cried in annoyance as he looked at his stiff digits, he gave an annoyed hiss, when his ears picked up the sounds of footsteps. He looked over to see a crowd of people heading his way. "No...No..." Blue said and abandoned his car. "Gotta hoof it...I mean skate it...damn it why am I making horse puns?" he gulped and took off out of the parking lot and down the main road
  105.     Blue shot a look back and smiled as he saw that he was not being followed, probably realizing they could not catch him. He chuckled in victory before he realized that the rainbow trail that he was leaving was more visible and noticeable "" he snorted and looked down the road. It was a straight shot for him, and that made Blue smile. The wind in his mane made him feel like he was on top of the world as he slowly started to accelerate.    
  107. "I'll be home in 10 seconds fl…I mean in no time...ugh this body is having too much influence one me...maybe I can get the skates off at home..." he said and tried to flex his fingers again, sending jolts of pain through his hands "While I still have hands to use..."
  109.    The sun slowly started to set as night was coming. "I hope the night can help me hide.... though I just wish I can turn off the rainbow..." he groaned. "How does she deal with this stupid thing all the time?” he sighed as he shot a look back again, watching it appear, then slowly disappear a few second later. When Blue looked back ahead, he screamed once more. The light ahead had turned red and Blue could see cars starting to go across the four way, and he was going too fast to slow down before he reached the light "Oh god why did I never learn to stop without crashing?" he whimpered. He shot a nervous look down at the asphalt, but he was too scared to throw his body down to stop that way. Blue was almost there, his face frozen in fear, he was slowing down but it was not enough, the light was still green, cars were still moving. Blue mentally counting down in his head to the road, he was so focused he would not realize two lumps that were slowly growing on his back.
  111.     Blue made it to the road and time started to feel like it all slowed down. He turned his head and saw a car coming right at him as he was in the middle of the road. He screamed and covered his head with his head, expecting and getting ready to brace for the impact. Blue only heard two tings the sound of his accelerated heartbeat, and the loud honking of the car horn. His face still covered and his eyes still closed, he had wondered what had happened to the impact. Was it over? Did the car swerve? Did it hit him so fast he was already dead?
  113.     Blue slowly pulled his arms away and opened his eyes, and his jaw dropped. He was FLYING! Blue was amazed as he started to rise higher off the ground, and soared above the tree lines. He looked back over he shoulder and them gasped again. Two large, feathery wings were flapping behind him, allowing him to perform sun a wondrous marvel!
  115.     "Pegasus wings...well...better then angel wings." he chuckled weakly. Deciding he wanted to inspect the new appendages, he looked around and found a small open field away form the road. "Seems like as good a place as any." he sighed and landed.
  117. The moment Blue's feet touched the ground and he landed, he subconsciously found himself folding his wings up and against his sides.  He reached over with his stiff fingers to give them a feel. Blue gasped and quickly pulled his hands back after he felt the feathers "So weird, and so soft..." he said and went to give them another stroke. The second time was easier as he was able to run his finger up and down.  He smiled and even chuckled as he found the sensation to be rather ticklish.
  119.     Another painful cramp to his hand however was enough to break him out his bliss. Blue clenched his teeth so he would not alert anyone who might be near by. "Now what he groaned he looked down at his fingers and saw that they were starting to become covered with the same blue fur. Not only that but they also started to become thicker and more swollen. Blue found himself shedding a few tears from the pain as his hands were vanishing before his watery eyes, The fingers started to fuse together, one by one, until there was nothing more then a mound of flesh on the end of his arms.
  121.     Blue stared horrified at the ends of his arms, and brought them in for a closer look. His eyes widened as he saw he still had nails at the ends of his limbs. and like his fingers, they seemed to be expanding and covering the base of his "stumps." They were expanding into hoofs at an alarming rate,
  123.     Blue waved them in the air in a panic, "Damn it, now how am I supposed to get these stupid things off?" he sighed as he sat, blue fur starting to cover and overtake them. "And now they itch..." he grumbled as he rubbed the hood over his arms as the fur moved up and started to engulf them. "Another sharp pain his him, and instead of screaming he found himself giving out a loud horse whinny.
  125.     He went to cover his mouth, forgetting for a moment his new hoods, and accident wacked himself in the face, making him fall to the ground form the surprise. "Not the...smartest...thing I have ever done..." he groaned as he rubbed his face. He looked at his arms and see what caused the pain, and saw his arms were swelling, he could feel muscles growing under his skin, improving his physical strength.
  127.     "Whoa! This feels awesome! I feel like turning into a flying blue equine..." he groaned as that reality brought him down. "Damn it he snorted and found himself panting. "Ugh I know it's Florida but it doesn’t get THIS hot at night...yet." he panted and struggled with his shirt, trying to take it off, and groaning as he kept falling to get the garment off with his hoofs. "How do those ponies function like this with no hands? Aside from unicorn magic..." he groaned as the shirt felt more and more uncomfortable against his body. "I need someone to help me get this off...but who can I ash or what I...." He stopped and jumped a bit, and found himself giving another whinny. Turning around to see what hand ganged up on him, Blue eyes narrowed, seeming annoyed as he stared at the creature though snuck up upon him
  129.     "A.... horse..." he said flatly as he looked at the brown furred horse. Taking a closer look around the clearing, in the twilight he could make out several other horses in the field, grazing and going about their business, " farm, I the field...of a horse farm." his voice was still flat an annoyed at his predicament. The horse gave his face a little lick, thinking blue was another horse, and giving him a welcome, needless to say he was not amused, "I feel like whatever fate has condemned me to this is having a big old laugh." he snorted as he stared at the horse, who gave his face a few more licks. "Okay enough!" he said and tried to carefully move it's head away, "That's enough um..." he looked over "...girl."
  131.     She did stop and seemed to be looking at blue happily, her head bobbing up and down exactly "Um...right um..." it trotted around in a circle "Look I can't play with you I..." he panted again and tugged at his shirt some more " having some...Issues." She stopped and looked at Blue, seeing him uncomfortable she leaned in close to his chest "hey, hey easy!" he said surprised as the mare grabbed his shirt and started to tug on in "Wait what are you doing?" he cried as he felt his shirt being pulled off his body, groaning as it was pulled over his wings.
  133.     Blue stared at the horse in aw as it held his old shirt in its mouth. " me? Can you understand me?" She did not react to his question "I guess not but, thank you." he smiled as a small breeze ran pas his shirtless torso "Much better." his tail swayed happily. The horse dropped his shirt and started to trot around again "Um, listen thanks for helping me but's getting late and I think it’s time for your bedtime." he chuckled and carefully rubbed her black mane with his hoof hand, "Keep the shirt, I won’t be needing it anymore. Oh and watch this, I will show you something cool as a parting gift." he chuckled and flapped his wings, taking off into the sky. Blue’s friend gave a startled whinny as his actions spooked her a bit. "SORRY!" he laughed and he flapped in the air as darkness fell.  
  136.      "Well...that was something." he sighed, "What now though?" He wondered as he flew in the sky. His stomach gave a loud gurgling noise "Oh, I suppose it's dinner time. I am so hungry I can eat a" A red blushed formed on her blue face. "But, do I...have to eat...grass?" he gulped, "Flowers grass...hay? Perhaps I should have raided that farm for a, no, no..." he shook his head rapidly. His stomach gurgled again "I need some, and well I suppose I can give a new name to fast food..." he sighed and looked around "Gotta be a place for a quick snack. I can leave grass as a worst case scenario."
  138.    Blue Scouted the area as he flew over the small town, "Man, I can't go in to order anything, maybe some person will...generously donate their meal to me?" He moaned as his stomach gurgled more. "Maybe I can invent the fly through?" he chuckled weakly as his small pun.  Blue’s eyes caught sign of the familiar golden arches. "Better then grass..." she sighed and hovered above the restaurant.
  140.     He patiently waited, for awhile until he spotted a young couple coming out of the restaurant. "Here goes noting.” Blue gulped and flew down to them "Um excuse me..." he waved with his hoof nervously, as the two stared at the half pony, half human creature. "...Um Hi I’m...rainbow Dash, and well I was hoping if you could, share your meal with me?" he said and gave a friendly smile while batting her eyes.
  142.     "W-w-what the heck?"" the young male said as his mouth was agape in shock, "Well you see I can't go in and order because of my current predicament. They have a no skate policy,” he pointed to the skated on his human legs like they were the biggest issue. The woman who was with the gentleman finally found her voice, however her voice was a scream of fear. "Why to they always scream?" Blue said flatly "OkaythanksforthefoodbutImustbeoff!" He said quickly and flew past the man, grabbing the bag of food in his mouth, and flying off into the night sky.
  144.     "Well I am sure they will get over it eventually, if not they have quite the story to tell, hopefully they don't end up in the loony bin." he chuckled as he moved the prize to his arms. "Now where to go and enjoy my prize?" Blue pondered as he soared around. "Perfect!" he said as he saw a school. The parking lot was empty, not a car to be seen, There was also a picnic table and a streetlight by the parking lot "Illuminated, and private, perfect." he smiled and soared down to the ground. When he got low enough he dropped the bag on the table and plopped down on the seat, "Perfect landing." he chuckled and stuck his head in the bag, bringing out a wrapped burger with his mouth and dropped it on the table next to the bag "It’s been less then an hour and already I miss my hands." he sighed and poked the wrapped food with a hoof.
  146.     Giving another sigh he carefully unwrapped the food with his mouth, then drooled a bit as his large eyes stared at his prize "Oh man I hope this was worth it..." he squeezed a bit and leaned in to take a bite. His teeth sank down around the bun and the meat inside ad he chewed happily for one moment, before he quickly turned his head and spat it out disgusted. "Oh YUCK!" he said disgusted, "Has me sense of taste and food change foe grass?" he gulped and then picked up the bun to look at the meat "Wait...the filet o fish? Someone actually ordered that?" he snorted and wacked it off the table "I can’t believe one of those two likes that novelty item. Real fish my tail." he grumbled and poked his head in to retrieve the other prize, "You better be beef...." he snorted and took it out and then unwrapped it as well. Before he took a bit he nudged the nun off to look inside ""Good, no fish." he smiled, but then frowned. He leaned in to try and take a bite, but stopped himself before he could. "Damn it...I.... don’t want It." he sighed then looked at then bun; giving a sigh he leaned in and ate the bread.
  150.     "Yeah...that REALLY helped..." his stomach rumbled again as the bread barely quelled his hunger. "Anything else in this stupid bag?" he poked is head in, and a grease aroma filled his nose. "French fries!" without another thought, Blue stuck his head inside the bag and started to scarf them down rather quickly. "...eds ketchup." he said with a mouth full of fries. He pulled his head out and gave a belch. "Whew, excuse me." he chuckled weakly. "Well, that helped but..." his stomach rumbled loudly to emphasize his hunger "...need more food." he sighed and flew off into the sky again to find other sources of food.
  154.    "I wonder what time it is?" he pondered as he was flying around for a bit in the night sky. "I can't check my phone,” he said as h looked down as his pants he still had on. "Oh well, though, forget the time...WHERE AM I?" The landscape seemed unfamiliar, and Blue always had a poor sense of direction. He was lucky enough to have the full moon out, though that could only grand so much illumination.
  158.     "Great I’m lost, hungry and..." he sniffed the air and a sweet sent filled his nose, making him smile. "...I found something good to eat.' he looked around and followed his nose to the aroma. The present aroma let him right to an orange grove "Heh, oranges in Florida, go figure." he licked his lips as he flew down near the trees. Though it would be hard for blue to tell what ones were ready, he just used his nose to find a good one. "Bingo.' he said proudly and grabbed it with both fore hooves "I’m sure they won't mind is I have some, after all, wild animals always cause trouble for farmers." He chuckled and took off with 5 oranges in his "arms."
  162.     "Chow time, hopefully this will be enough...maybe I can find an apple orchard too." Blue was smiling and drooling a bit over the thought of a juicy apple. He shook his head rapidly to get out of that daze "Yeash, equine urges are powerful." he sighed and started to devour this bounty, the rinds and all, off the ground. Blue hardly cared though, the sweet fruit and juice was heavenly on his tongue. "Man did I get some good fruit..." he said happily as he devoured the last fruit. "Well that helped a lot more then the fries did."
  166.     Blue stomach suddenly gave a loud gurgle, though this time it was followed by a painful, and nauseous feeling. Blue Fell to the ground and was keeping his fore hooves close to his gut "" he moaned as his ears picked up the sound of gurgling, squelching and other off noises coming form his internal organs "Oh what NOW?" he moaned as nasua was building, not eing helped by all the sound effects he heard. He was able to open his eyes and saw his chest starting to swell, becoming larger, and more barreled in size and shape, "must be my new...internal systems..." he gagged trying to hold back the pain. More blue fur started to sprout up on his swelling body.
  170.     "Oh man I don’t think can I don’t think I c-c-c BLARH!" A disgusting taste ands smell filled his nose and mouth as he could not hold it back anymore and tossed his cookies. He was shedding a few tears as the pain and nausea did not fade, in fact breaking the dam caused another burst to flow out of his mouth. Blue coughed a few times before rolling away from the mess he made, breathing heavily. "Oh just hurry up..." he moaned as he kept hearing the unsettling noises coming from within. His nausea was settling down, though the stomach was still gurgling. His eyes looked at the grass his head rested on and with a heavy sigh he opened his mouth and started to chew and graze on the grass.
  174.     "This is so degrading." He said as he kept munching. The grass was helping the nausea, and the pain was slowly fading away as the changes slowed down again. "Done humiliating me?" He swallowed this mouthful of grass, then spat annoyed. "Ugh, I feel so heavy." he groaned as he tried to stand up again.
  178.     Apparently the changed were not done yet as there was a loud crack from his spine. Not caring if anyone heard him he screamed loudly form the pain. The cry echoed in the silent night "Oh no oh no oh." she whimpered as he felt his spine cracking and popping a bit, he could feel his shoulders becoming a bit wider. "Just one thing after another. What was all that about." he slowly tried to push himself up. He was able to stand for a moment, before gasping and landing on his fore hooves. "Oh, that happened. New posture. Better get out of here before somepon...person comes to investigate that cry." blue tried to walk out of there, but wound up tripping over his legs with his new stance. "Crud." he got up and tried to do it again. He was able to get a little farther before falling down once again.
  182.     "I am going to need more time to practice this,” he groaned as he got back up once again. "I remember in the show they can sometimes stand on 2 hoofs so maybe I can too." Blue slowly pushed himself up and tried to walk on 2 legs once again. "Not easy." his legs were wobbling as they tried to hold up his equine weight. After taking a few steps they gave out and he fell to the ground "Damn it, how the hey am I supposed to get anywhere now?" his wings suddenly slapped and he felt himself being lifted in the air. Blue looked back and then sighed "Oh right, I have wings." he groaned again and flew away to get away form that smell.
  185.     His stomach rumbled once again, "Are you ever NOT hungry?" he said annoyed as he was flying through the night sky once again. "I am NOT going to eat more grass, even if it was tasty." he mumbled, "there has to be another orchard somewhere around here." Luckily for Blue the delicious smell of apples would grace his nose. He licked his lips in delight as he prepared to indulge in his tasty treat. "I just hope these stay down." he mumbled ad leaned in to eat the fruit right off the tree.
  187.    After partaking is several apples, Blue took off again into the sky. His belly was finally silent, "Good now stay that way." he gave a triumphant smile. "SO...where am I now?" he sighed as he hovered in place and looked around. "Defiantly further inland given how far away I am from the beaches. Man I really need to get...home." Blue was suddenly saddened as he looked back at his fore hooves. He then felt his face with them, and then looked back at his changing body. "No, I can’t, not like this." Blue was slowly hovering do the ground as he found himself crying a bit. He remembered the people at the restaurant, and how they reacted, how everyone would probably react. He could not go home anymore.
  189.     "Stupid body, stupid skates...wish I never went to that stupid roller rink." Anger slowly replacing his sorrow "HAPPY NOW? I GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND THIS HAPPENS TO ME!" Blue was stomping the ground with his fore hooves repeatedly in frustration. "Meh, I don’t care,” he said, realizing he may have alerted somebody with the yelling. "I lost my home, food, video games, what else can I..." his eyes were moving along his changing body and he notice how why were progressing and what was next. His eyes widened and he gasped "...lose" Blue whimpered as he stared at his shorts and what was still between this legs "Oh right, since RD is a mare, and I am becoming her. He gave a nervous chuckled "Maybe that change won't be so bad." he hoped, but remembered how painful those other changes were. He felt his hips starting to tingle as she changes were starting up again "Goodbye manhood...hello mare hood."
  195.     Blue felt the tingling increasing and tried to brace himself for the coming changes. His eyes closed, his teeth were gritted and he just waited for them to come. After a moment, the tingling stopped and went away as quickly as it came "Is it over already? Am I a mare now? That did not seem so b-AAAAAAD!" he cried as pain his it right between the legs. "NOT COOL!" he moaned as he fell on his back and twitched in pain. "Oh man I feel like I just got punched down there!" Through the pain he could actually feel his member shrinking, and being pulled inside his body. "Just, I hope it's over soon. GAH!" He found himself giving a violent pelvic thrust as he felt the old manhood was violent pulled inside, making it feel a little lighter down there
  197.    "Oh that...did not tickle." she groaned as the pain finally ended, "I suppose I should be glad I did not well, empty my bladder." A bright red blush formed on her blue fur face. "Kinda glad I kept the shorts o, seeing that change would, not be pretty. Well, up I go." she said and was able to pull herself back on all four legs. "So, this is what being female is like, not that much different aside from one ting, unless I find myself flirting with stallions, I mean boys." she blushed again.
  199.     Blue's ears would hear the sound of fabric stretching. She looked back and saw her butt was starting to swell in size. Her hips would start to widen as well, pushing his shorts to the limit. "Oh no!" she closed her eyes and looked away "I’m not ready to see that yet!" she whimpered as the sound of ripping fabric was hear. He tatters shorts and underwear would fall to the ground, exposing her blue furred butt, as ht kept swelling is size. She gave it a small shaker her tail brushed up against it a few times.
  201.     "At least the changes are finally close to finishing." She sighed with relief and suddenly gave a small moan and shudder "What's going on now?" she said annoyed as she looked back at her butt. Something was feeling odd, like things were moving, shifting and sliding around back there, "Oh, I suppose the location of um, those things are now more accurate on my body. I suppose I just had to wait for the butt do finish so they could, um move into place." She took a gulp and decided to try and look back where her womanhood was for a moment, and gave a small sigh, as she did not see it "Out of sight, out of mind, well until I have to, um, use the water closet."
  207.     She Sighed once again "Just the legs and...Hey where’s the cutie mark?" she seemed confused, as her flank was indeed blank. "Weird, figured that would show up too. Oh well." She looked down at her still human legs, and the skates that still sat upon her feet. "I wish those stupid tings would just fall off already. " she tapped them on the ground and gave a snort.
  209.    As if on cue though She would hear a small ping. With a confused look she looked back at as her skates and gasped. The ping was pieces of metal falling off. One bye one pieces of the skates started to fall off. The fabric started to look old and deteriorated before her eyes. "Why now though?" Of course she did not get any answers as the fabric ripped and just fell of. The pieces seemed to vanish into think air the moment they broke off and hit the ground. Her eyes widened and she smiled as her feet were finally free form those cursed skates.
  211.     "That feels much better." she seemed relieved as her socked feet made contact with the grass. "Might as well give them one last rub through the grass before they become hoofs." she fidgeted around a bit, trying to slide her socks off using only her feet. It was a minor struggle, but her feet were finally free and her toes were rubbing inside the grass. "Feels nice." she said as she was enjoying her small moment. "Always enjoy the little things, your feet might turn into hoofs someday." she gave a small chuckle.
  217.     Blue took a deep breath of the warm night air. There was a small smile on her face as she kept enjoying the moment.  'Any moment." she said as she kept enjoying the feeling of grass under her feet. Her ears finally perked and she gave a small gasp as she felt the familiar sensation once again starting up. "And all good things come to an end." she sided "Alright magical forces, go ahead and finish it, I'm ready."
  219.    Right on cue, blue would feel strength filling her leg with new muscle, just like her arms when they started to change. "Well transforming is defiantly better then wasting time at the gym, I can’t remember ever feeling this strong in my life time." She flexed her leg and smiled as she felt the new muscle flex "Awesome." she giggled, but then yelped surprised and felt her hind legs wobble a bit "OUCH!" she cried as it felt her legs kink just under her hips, making them fall to the ground "What was that about?" She shot a side glances at her hind legs as she picked them up She noticed that her legs were now supporting small notches under her butt.
  221.     "Weird, I never noticed those before." She tried to make a shrug motion, but found it hard in her stance.  "Wait, something is still not...right." she said as her arms were shorter then her legs "Um this is awkward." she blushed and again, though as if on cue her legs started to feel like they were on fire," AHHH TOO HOT!" the bones feeling like they were melting as they shrank in the inferno she felt, until they were the same length as her arms, and giving her a perfect stance. The burning quickly faded as soon as it came.
  223.     "I heard of beating a dead horse, but beating an alive horse? Yeash the mystic powers as work are going to get an ear full from those idiots at PETA. Wait does a painful transformation into an animal count as animal ab...THE HELL AM I RANTING ABOUT?' she groaned as the blue fur engulfed her new, wider legs. "And now my final change, then this nightmare can finally conclude." she grit her teeth and felt the blue fur reach her feet.
  229.     "Here we go." she said as she felt and herd her feet cracking loudly "Oh man this hurts worse then my hands when they changed!' her long feet started to slowly shrink as the bones in her feet cracked and seemed to dissolve out of existence. Her long feet were no more then just a stump. Unable to handle the pain of her changing feet under the weigh of her heaver body she decided to flop over and lay on her back "Better, but still painful." she winced as she tried to look but it was hard to see over the tops of the stumps that were her legs. "And now the hoofs." She breathed heavily during the changes. She felt the familiar sensation of her old nails started to grow longer, and expand, covering this stumps and swelling up again. "Talk about second verse, same as the first." Her ears heard the nails harden and solidify into her blue colored hind hoofs. Finally, as with her fore hooves she could actually feel the middle of the solid mass sink in slightly, raising the outer walls, and giving her a more comfortable walk. The pain dissipated, leaving her lying there with her legs in the air.
  233.     Blue just kept staring at her legs, mental relieved that all the pain and suffering the transformation has cause her was finally over. "It's finally over. I am really Rainbow Dash now." She flopped back over and stood perfectly on her four horse hoofs. She was mentally relieved and glad that all the pain that was endured was finally done. She even started to laugh a bit in celebration, but this was short lived as exhaustion started to kick in. Her eyes started to get droopy, and le laughter sounded a bit silly and delirious. "Oh it time for a nap...?" she chuckled and looked around. "No good napping spots here, maybe I can..." she giggled again and she started to fly off with a tired and dopy smile on her face. Eventually she stumbled across a barn in the pale moonlight. 'Yay." she giggled and flew into the hayloft, curled up and fell asleep.
  236.     The sun would be high in the sky by the time Rainbow would awaken from her sleep "Oh man..." she yawned, "What a nightmare that was, ad why does my mattress feel so...Itchy?" She went to rub her sleepy eyes, again forgetting they ere hood and gave them a small poke, and made her scream in pain, "OUCH!" she whimpered bit then carefully opened her eyes and looked at her hoofs, giving a small gasp, she then looked all over hew body "It, wasn't a dream?" she whimpered again as she took in get blue equine body.
  238.     The sounds of someone approaching her broke her from her daze "What the heck was that?" came a gruff male voice, "Sound like we have a trespasser taking a nap in our barn." Said a younger male voice. Her ears picked up the distinct sound of a gun being cocked, "Who’s ever up there, you have about 5 seconds to get your butt down here before we start to fire. Only one way down from there, and I doubt you can fly!" the two men laughed a bit, not realizing what was really in their barn. "ONE!" he head them count
  242.     "Yeah right, later losers." she giggled and flew out of the opening, causing a hugs gust of wind behind her "WHAT IN SAM'S HILL!" the two men quickly ran outside and saw the fleeting rainbow pattern. The stood flabbergasted as a single, blue feather slowly drifted to the ground in front of them.
  246.     "HA, HA! Those fools had no idea, I almost wish I could have seen the looks on their face as I zoomed out of there." She said with a grin as she zoomed through the sky "Man, this is a dream come true, I always wanted to fly in the sky like this." she though for a moment then decided to try some tings, like loops, corkscrews and even a barrel roll "AW SO AWESOME! THIS IS GREAT NO WONDER SHE IS ALWAYS SHOWING OFF!" She laughed more then slowed down as another though came to her mind "I wonder...if it’s possible, could the...Sonic rain boom?" She almost squeaked as her eyes sparkled. "I seen her do it 3 times in the show, or me or...Bleh semantics later, it’s RAINBOOM TIME!" Feeling RD's strong urges to perform in front of a crowd, she moved towards the closest city that was around, not knowing or caring what one it was, she wanted an audience for her performance. She gave a soft chuckle, and with what she was going to do, she soared up, high into the air. Higher and higher she soared, her larger lungs allowing her to hold more air as she climbed through the atmosphere "Alright." she paned as she finally stopped ascending, "Gotta remember, both hoofs forward. And here we.... GO!" She cried as she started her dive
  250.     "If my calculations are correct when this mare hits mach 10, I am going to see some serious manure!" she said as her speed stared ton increase, faster and faster she flew. Blue's mane and tail flew wildly in the wind. Adrenaline flowed rapidly through her body as her excitement flooded her mind. She could feel the cone starting to form around her while she kept getting closer to the limit. Sparks of energy started to fly off the sides of her body but she did not notice or pay them no heed. "She felt the pressure, she felt the strain she knew she was getting closer, she felt the sound barrier trying to repel her and them....
  254. BOOOM!
  258.     A rainbow colored, circular shockwave erupted in the middle of the, drawing quite a bit of attention from people who ran out to investigate. Their eyes were met with aw as the rainbow colored shockwave spread across the sky, along with the fling filly leaving a solid rainbow trail
  262.     "I DID IT!" she cheered "WOO I DID THE SONIC RAINBOOM!" She was having the time of her live, though the joy went to confusion as she noticed the sparks that were being emitted from her body, "Wait, that’s never happened before "WAHT THE HECK!" The stared to increase frequency until they ere almost being emitting from her entire body ""WHAT'S GOING ON!" she was scared as she felt her body tingling again "OH WHAT NO..." she was cut off as her body suddenly vanished is a flash of rainbow light
  266.     "..OW!?" She looked around in fear, as she seemed to be in a long, rainbow colored tunnel. "WHAT JSUT HAPPENED? WHERE AM I!?"  She could not seem to slow her body down, or even changed direction, it was as if her body was on some sort of autopilot mode. She could still look around, though there was not anything to see, aside from bright colors. There was one thing though, Blue notice that there was some soar odd warming on her flanks. She shot her head back and gases as the outline of RDs signature cutie mark appeared, and then was quickly colored in, "my cutie mark..." she said in aw was she stared at the cloud emitting the blue, yellow and red lightning bolt.
  270.     "Awesome, But does this mean that I..." She was cut off again as she realized she was heading towards a bright light. It seemed to be emitting strange warmth as she was getting closer and closer. She gave a gulp, and closed her eyes as her body flew right through the light.
  274. BOOM!
  278.     A familiar sound filled her ears as she carefully opened her eyes, "Where am I? DID I JUST RAINBOOM AGAIN?" she looked back and saw a smaller shockwave. Free from the trip she had control of her body once again and was able to slow down. "Whew. That took a lot out of me." she looked around and flew over to a clout for a quick rest. "Man I need to goo easy on those booms I...I...I am...sitting on a cloud." she poked the soft, and spongy cloud with her hoof. "I don't believe it, this is awesome." she chuckled and took a peak around. He eyes caught sight of a very familiar down, and from her perch she was also able to see the residents. "Ponies, and, ponyvilie! So that means I am in EQUESTERIA?" she covered her mouth, the irony was the last thing she wanted right now was some attention.
  280.     Some other pegasi were flying over for her, though before they could say anything she interrupted them "Sorry, can’t talk I have important work to do now!" she said and quickly zoomed off. She needed some privacy right now, to get her thoughts collected; somewhere she would not be bothers for a moment. A small light bulb went off when she realized RD DID have her own cloud house near the ever-free forest. After a small moment of flying around, she noticed the little cloud home and landed on the front porch.
  282.     Looking around nervously, she realized the door was locked "Oh great, how am I supposed to get ho." A feeling of something falling out of her mane interrupted her thoughts. "Huh?" she looked down and saw a key fall next to her. "Where did that come from?" Not really questioning it, she grabbed it in her mouth, unlocked the door, quickly went inside, and locked it behind her with a sigh. "This has been 2 crazy days." she sat down on the floor, though racing through her mind, she looked around the room and saw a tortoise inside a glass tank on the shelf 'Hi Tank, I’m home." she smiled a bit "I suppose I’m RD now, but I still remember being me, so am I going to become her in mind and body? Also if I became RD, what happened to the real RD? Did she become who I was? What’s going to happen to Blue back I my world and...Ugh." she held her head as she shook it rabidly "I need to letdown." she sighed and slowly walked to her bed. "I suppose I will deal with those problems when they happen." she climbed into bed and fell asleep.
  288. Last night, at the roller rink
  292.     "Man this was one strange day,” the manager of the place sighed as the place was closing down. "What the heck was up with that customer we had? He had a tail and wearing some sort of horse mask?"
  294.     "Pony masks my good sir." He looked over to see the man who was behind the skate counter "it was a pony." The manager seemed confused, as he looked at him "Um, sir the rink is closed, going to have to ask you to leave, please."
  296.     The skate man chuckled. "Easy my good man, I was hired to run the skate stand." "Wait, I never remember hiring you. In Fact this is our first time meeting. What’s your name?"
  298.      "My friends call me Dee, my good sir." he took a bow "Come, come now, I am sure we can go out and have a good talk to know each over a nice cold glass of chocolate milk.
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