Secret Lesson - 38

Aug 21st, 2020 (edited)
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Secret Lesson / Secret Class

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Dae-Ho (Daeho) / 대호 MC
Eun-Ae / 은애 Mom
Mia / 미아 Blonde sister
Sua / 수아 Short haired sister
Han Yoo-Hee (Yuhee) / 한유희 Ko-Bong's elder sister
Han Ko-Bong / 한고봉 MC's best friend
Young-Gu / 영구 Dad

왕강철: Author (Wang Kang Cheol)

미나짱: Artist (Mina Jjang)

Script Information:

Daeho D
Eun-Ae E
Mia M
Sua S
Yuhi Y
Ko-Bong KB
Yeong-Ku YK

{Inner talk / Thought}

Note, linked bubble and other stuffs

Chapter - 38

E: You told me you were coming back before dinner...

E: So Dae-Ho how could you be already here?

D: Aah...

D: Madam Eun-Ae...

E: Fufufu...

E: Welcome back home.


D: Uh...

E: Do you like it?

D: .......!!

D: I'm sorry ma'am but...

E: I made it myself for you Dae-Ho.

D: Uh...?

D: This... F-for me...?

D: But ma'am, do you know it's still not by birthday?

E: Yes,

E: Today is..

E: Today is the anniversary of the day you started to live with us, the day we became a family.

D: Ah.

D: Yeah... That's right...

D: The day I lost... Yeah it was also during summer...

E: Even if it's only the two of us tonight, we should still have a celebration party, don't you agree?

D: {............}

E: Dae-Ho,

E: Come here, close your eyes and make a wish.

D: ??

D: A wish?

D: Do I really have to make one?

D: Uh?

E: Dae-Ho, you're supposed to make a wish during this kind of celebration.

E: Don't you want anything?

D: Even if I make a wish, who'll make that wish come true?

D: There's no one with this kind of power here.

D: It's kinda weird to make a wish knowing it won't work.

E: .......

E: Sigh... I understand...

E: Would it work if I was granting you a wish?

D: !

D: Wow, really?
Are you going to listen to anything I ask?

E: Hahaha...

E: Y-yes, I will...

D: Fine, I made a wish.

E: *That's good Dae-Ho.

E: What did you wish for?

D: Hehe

D: I'll tell you about it later, ma'am.

E: Oh...

E: Okay, I'll wait...

D: Thank you, ma'am.

D: You've always been

D: So nice to me, I appreciate it.

E: ....!!!

E: Aah...

E: Hey,
You know...

E: Auntie is really glad Dae-Ho lives in our house...

E: Let's keep taking care of each other in the future.

E: {Yeah...}

E: {Dae-Ho is a poor kid...}

E: {I've to take better care of him in the future.}

D: Wow

E: {I've finally shown some of my skills.}

E: Eat a lot, Dae-Ho.

D: Yes, ma'am.

D: Hehe

D: I feel sorry for my noona, eating such a delicious meal without them...

D: It's tasting so good!

E: Hoho

E: The two of us, eating like this, it's kinda refreshing. I like this feeling.

E: {Aaah.}

E: {I finished washing the dishes and...}

E: {Let's go in and take some rest...}

E: {Ah... I don't know if it's because I'm alone with Dae-Ho...}

E: {But the house looks so much more spacious today.}

E: {Sigh... I'm even kinda feeling a bit lonely for some reason}

E: {I did a good job tonight. I made the right choice by dressing in nice and pretty clothes, it felt like a real party celebration.}

E: {......}

E: {I... I'm still looking nice despite my age.}

E: {I bought this one because I found it pretty, but I almost threw it away without even trying it once.}

E: {I can't help but feel good wearing pretty clothes even though I'm getting older.}

E: {Hmm... Should I wear something a bit more bold to sleep tonight?}

E: {I also never wore this one...}

E: {Actually, it's so erotic that I never had the courage to wear it...}

E: {Since Yeong-Gu isn't here tonight, I should probably try it.}

E: !!!

E: {Gosh,}

E: {What is this...?!!}

E: {Eun-Ae, you aren't looking bad you know?}

E: {Wearing clothes like this...}

D: Ma'am...

E: !!!!

D: Are you not sleeping yet?

E: !!!

E: Uh...

E: Dae-Ho... What's going on?

D: I'm feeling kinda weird when I think there's no one else on the second floor but me...

D: Can I...

D: *Can I sleep with you tonight?

E: Eh...

E: !!!

E: With me...?

E: {Sigh... Well...}

E: {.......}

E: {As an adult I also feel strange being alone in such a big house... So if I was Dae-Ho...}

E: {On top of that, today is the celebration of the day Dae-Ho joined our family...}

E: {I might hurt his feelings if I refuse.}

E: Fufufu... I understand...

E: So just for tonight, should we sleep together?

D: Wow,

D: Really?

E: Well, could you go outside to let me change my clothes? I'll call you once I'm dressed.

D: ?

D: Pardon?

D: Isn't that your pajamas?

D: It's really pretty and suits you so well... Can't you just sleep like that?

E: ........

E: {Sigh... That's really problematic...}

E: {I can't sleep because Dae-Ho is lying down next to me...}

E: {Why am I feeling so nervous...?}

D: Uh-huh... Madam...

D: Thank you ma'am...

E: !!!!!

E: {Aaah...}

E: {Dae-Ho... Weren't you sleeping?}

D: Nmm

D: The pork is so tasty... Thank you for preparing something so delicious...

E: Ha-ah!!

D: No... Sua noona, I'm not giving you any...
It's mine...

E: {What the...}

E: {Sleep talking...}

E: {Dae-Ho always had problems with sleep...}

E: Kyaah?!

E: {Aaah...}

E: {He... There...}

E: Hang!

E: {You can't touch this place...!!}

E: {Hmm... W-what...}

D: Yum ~ Yum...

D: Meat, meat...

E: {Aaaah}

E: {I, I've to make him stop before I...}

To be continued...

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