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  1. EquesSanctus: ( Peekaboo. )
  2. EquesSanctus: ( Bonjour? )
  3. DemonSinStorm: ((So you accept my terms?))
  4. EquesSanctus: ( Yep, now get your pussy ass off the throne and start getting to work. )
  5. EquesSanctus: ( : D )
  6. RaphealdeMarin: Okay invite sent sir
  7. DemonSinStorm: ((Really? Resorting to OOC childish insults?))
  8. EquesSanctus: ( Yes, because it's been THREE HOURS. )
  9. EquesSanctus: ( We're starting this RP. )
  10. EquesSanctus: ( For fucks sake, it doesn't take but a few yes and no's to start an RP. )
  11. RaphealdeMarin: Okay, I'm out
  12. RayneDarkheart: Who is going to be a witness
  13. EquesSanctus: ( And since YOU'RE the challenger, by standard arena etiquette it is upon you to go first. )
  14. EquesSanctus: ( I'm also inviting my own witnesses. )
  15. EternoCuervo: I will not say a word bu to my man you have my word.. unless asked
  16. EternoCuervo: he poofs
  17. DemonSinStorm: ((Very well... Posting))
  18. EquesSanctus: ( Jaysus, I thought this would never happen. )
  19. EquesSanctus: ( Actually before you post. )
  20. EquesSanctus: ( Pick a number 1-32 to decide what character you'll be facing. )
  21. EquesSanctus: ( I don't want you to feel like you were counter picked. )
  22. DemonSinStorm: ((That is metagaming))
  23. EternoCuervo: ( Eq am i savinf chat in case Forsworn ask? or no leave it?)
  24. EternoCuervo: saving
  25. EquesSanctus: ( How? You get to decide whether or not I have an advantage. )
  26. xUnheimlich: (Im here as the capacity to Judge)
  27. DemonSinStorm: ((You are to be the character I challenged initially))
  28. EquesSanctus: ( You might pick a character that you can easily beat. )
  29. EquesSanctus: ( Okay, which was that? The Holy Knight? )
  30. DemonSinStorm: ((You don't remember yourself?))
  31. RayneDarkheart: (who are all of you, honey and rori and why are you here?)
  32. EquesSanctus: ( Son, I've got a 401k, a car note to pay and I had to beat a inmates ass yesterday. )
  33. EternoCuervo: ( im just here)
  34. EquesSanctus: ( If you think I give two fucks about what character I used on the fifth of October, you better think again. )
  35. DemonSinStorm: ((Inmate?))
  36. RoriRivers: (I'm just visiting)
  37. xUnheimlich: (As I have stated I am Eques's Judge)
  38. EquesSanctus: ( Yes, son. I work at a prison. I have to fight with people on a daily basis. )
  39. RenaThomas: Welcome Rori
  40. RoriRivers: (thankies)
  41. RayneDarkheart: (congrats a glorified babysitter)
  42. xUnheimlich: ((Thats Cute))
  43. RayneDarkheart: (honey why are you here)
  44. EquesSanctus: ( Anyway, Holy Knight it is. You may continue your post. )
  45. RenaThomas: (brb)
  46. H0NEYP0T: (Very sorry, thought it was an open room with visitors allowed "vampires and other creatures of the dark".)
  47. EternoCuervo: ( I see why this wasnt allowed to happen in my no zones.. cuz everyone wishes to speak.. when in my house no one would speak.. but the men rping)
  48. RayneDarkheart: (it hasnt started yet and the room flooded I am simply finding out why everyone is here before it begins)
  49. Anaya: -rubs temple- fucking internet
  50. H0NEYP0T: (I see, I see. Then I suppose I will just lurk for now?)
  51. EternoCuervo: wb
  52. DemonSinStorm: ((have you entered the room yet Eques?))
  53. EquesSanctus: ( RP in session, btw. )
  54. H0NEYP0T: (welcome back)
  55. EternoCuervo: ( Sorry for the boot)_
  56. EquesSanctus: ( No, Sin. You're supposed to go first in order to introduce the setting. You being the one who challenged me, and having invited me here to your roleplay. I cannot describe your setting for you. )
  57. Anaya: (-watches-)
  58. DemonSinStorm: ((Ok. Just being clear))
  59. EternoCuervo: ( point taken)
  60. Anaya: ((and just out of wonder why are there so many unneeded people here?))
  61. Anaya: ((is everyone partakeing in the rp?))
  62. xUnheimlich: ((I am here to judge that is all))
  63. EternoCuervo: ( Im only here to watch.. these two wanted in same room to handle their shit.. Im here.. to save chat)
  64. H0NEYP0T: (I'd quite like to. However, if it's a spar/DM, I suppose only the two fighting should partake? I can wait until its over)
  65. RoriRivers: (I just came to visit, I didn't realize there was anything going on)
  66. EternoCuervo: ( Ill be Quite untill spoken to)
  67. Anaya: if a person*
  68. EquesSanctus: ( No, this is really just a PVP thing between myself. Not an active, ACTUAL rp. )
  69. EquesSanctus: ( Which begs the question why this isn't taking place in an arena. )
  70. xUnheimlich: (I have an arena on standby)
  71. Anaya: ((and i will be Sins judge on his side, so this is just a dick measureing rp? then why are judges even needed this is not something real?))
  72. EquesSanctus: ( Too late. )
  73. Anaya: ((you dont need judges to do basic rp with combat in it))
  74. EquesSanctus: ( Nope. That's exactly right. )
  75. EquesSanctus: ( I just invited spectators. Not judges. )
  76. Anaya: ((then everyone that is not partakeing in the rp can get out))
  77. EquesSanctus: ( But they want to watch. )
  78. xUnheimlich: (So be it, it will over quickly anyways)
  79. Anaya: ((i dont fucking care what they want))
  80. EternoCuervo: ( am I told to leave?)
  81. EquesSanctus: ( If the moderators aren't doing anything about, it's fine in my opinion. )
  82. Anaya: ((you want a fight, you fight, post in, they can leave))
  83. EternoCuervo: ( Sin?)
  84. xUnheimlich: ((Someone needs to take a chill pill((
  85. DemonSinStorm: ((Only the judges stay. There is no reason anyone not meant to be here should be here))
  86. EquesSanctus: ( I want at least two judges. )
  87. EternoCuervo: ( may I stay.. I got what you both wanted?)
  88. Anaya: ((this is not a real match judges are not needed))
  89. EternoCuervo: ( I WILL NOT speak)
  90. Anaya: ((you post in or get out, simple as that))
  91. EquesSanctus: ( Sin is posting. I'd appreciate you respecting that, Anaya. )
  92. Artlers: (( she doesn't seem capable of respect.))
  93. EternoCuervo: ( not asking you.. you did not set this up hun... hence why I ask.. Im not a Judge but a person that copys the chat incase someone lies)
  94. EquesSanctus: ( Anaya: No! Only the members of this room are allowed to give their opinion on what occurs in this mock RP Fight. )
  95. EquesSanctus: ( Damn, doesn't that sound bias. )
  96. EquesSanctus: ( My friends are staying. Deal with it. )
  97. Anaya: ((um no i said for everyone not in the rp to get out, i dont know anyone here but sin ))
  98. Anaya: ((i just joined this rp yesterday, i cant be bias XD))
  99. EquesSanctus: ( What's wrong with spectators? )
  100. EquesSanctus: ( I like RP'ing infront of other people. )
  101. xUnheimlich: ((If i post in you wont like it Anaya.
  102. xUnheimlich: ))
  103. H0NEYP0T: (specating helps people learn to be better RPers.)
  104. EquesSanctus: ( I actually enjoy it. )
  105. EternoCuervo: ( may I stay Sin and Eq)
  106. EquesSanctus: ( You may. )
  107. RayneDarkheart: (ok pick a judge on your side Eques the rest are going)
  108. Anaya: ((sin legitly said for unneeded people to leave))
  109. EquesSanctus: ( Rori. )
  110. EquesSanctus: ( So long as she agrees to replace you with Chu and is with ish. )
  111. RayneDarkheart: (then everyone but Rori out)
  112. xUnheimlich: (Alright since they are to much of a pussy save me a log Eques wouldnt mind tussling with the bitch rayne
  113. H0NEYP0T: (bad image for an RP room-- kicking people out for no reason. buuuuuut sure.)
  114. EquesSanctus: ( Sure. I'll happily save the chat-log. )
  115. EquesSanctus: ( Every word of it. )
  116. Anaya: ((i dont see how removeing ooc people from a rp room is a bad thing o.o))
  117. RenaThomas: (what the heck)
  118. RayneDarkheart: (honey you too)
  119. EquesSanctus: ( So why are you here, Anaya? )
  120. RayneDarkheart: ( she is his judge)
  121. EquesSanctus: ( And RenaThomas. )
  122. EquesSanctus: ( But she just said this mock RP doesn't need a judge... )
  123. Anaya: ((i am the judge and his advisor ))
  124. EternoCuervo: Rayne.. I gave what the men wanted.. and you asking me to leave?
  125. EquesSanctus: ( Jesus, I wish people would make up their minds. )
  126. Anaya: ((it dont i dont want to be here or for this to even happen, i voted ageinst this))
  127. Anaya: ((i told everyone to not do this))
  128. RayneDarkheart: (witness is that better)
  129. Anaya: ((i think this is stupid and worthless))
  130. EquesSanctus: ( Okay... with that being said you don't have to be here. Anaya. You're grown and capable of making your own decisions, and you're perfectly capable of letting Sin make his own decisions. )
  131. EquesSanctus: ( Despite them being stupid. )
  132. RenaThomas: (I am here because I am the daughter of Sin and Rayne)
  133. Anaya: ((you have been asked three times by the owners to leave))
  134. RayneDarkheart: (artlers needs to go)
  135. EternoCuervo: way I see it then. they handle it on their own.. without anyone around.. Kisses Eq cheek.. save chat. seems im aske to leave..
  136. EquesSanctus: ( Sure thing. )
  137. Artlers: (( Lol forsure ill remember take care.))
  138. Anaya: ((god both your names have the same color on my screen XD))
  139. EternoCuervo: bye all you lovelys.
  140. EternoCuervo: lol
  141. EternoCuervo: love you to sweet cheeks
  142. EternoCuervo: walks out.. with respect.
  143. EternoCuervo: Eq.. please hold a moment
  144. EternoCuervo: wtf am I hearin Sin is my uncle and your my aunt Rayne
  145. EternoCuervo: >.>
  146. EternoCuervo: No fuckin way
  147. Anaya: ((oh fuck na))
  148. EternoCuervo: ( just found out by peeps htat hate me is family.. wtf)
  149. EternoCuervo: Ozul: were somewhat related to sin and my best friend which is sin daughter
  150. EternoCuervo: >.>
  151. EternoCuervo: that is my brother.
  152. EternoCuervo: >.<
  153. RayneDarkheart: (Silver has Luna call me auntie because we are so close that is all)
  154. EternoCuervo: ill stfu.. and walks out
  155. EternoCuervo: ( this isnt about Loki... a nother MEMBER)
  156. RayneDarkheart: (who is related to you that is claiming this)
  157. EternoCuervo: Ozul
  158. EternoCuervo: aka Kraven
  159. RayneDarkheart: (I just cleared that up for you, the connection we have is thru Luna and its not blood)
  160. EternoCuervo: ( then.. ha.. you need to be in my rom and seeing what im seein.. ask Eq.. )
  161. EquesSanctus: ( I'd appreciate the decrease in ooc. )
  162. RayneDarkheart: (we really dont care what happens in your room )
  163. EternoCuervo: (Ozul: so technicly   Ozul: we are all fam owo)
  164. RayneDarkheart: (NO relationship!!!)
  165. RenaThomas: (my head hurts...)
  166. EternoCuervo: ( sorry Eq... glances at oh yes Tigger... we fam.. talk to the name not I .. only showing. so dnt hate on me)
  167. RayneDarkheart: (leave Eterno)
  168. EternoCuervo: ( mk)
  169. DemonSinStorm: A chilled night in. Was it too much to ask for? Really? Sin sighed as the messenger brought news of the battle that was to come. He knew not how much time he had to prepare. Minutes? Hours? Not that it mattered much really. Sin had been well trained to be ready for just about any situation wether it be natural or supernatural. He stands and adorns his only piece of armour. His arm piece. Most may see such as more of a fashion accessory but of course it was far more than that. In actual fact,  the arm piece is a single armored sleeve which covers the entire Left arm and shoulder. The armor itself weighs 2500lbs allowing Sin to move it freely without restriction. It is comprised of steel folded One Thousand times, Titanium and Chromium giving the armour a very resiliant strength against many types of attack. Also it is enchanted to repel majik or telepathic attacks, resiliant to extreme heat or cold and cannot be taken from the arm. In addition, well placed spikes inside the sleeve pierce the skin when I put it on imbuing it with Sin's own blood. This enhances my Sin's power by 10 giving strength to his physical and magical attacks. Setiing it on and rolling his shoulder to set it comfortably, Sin feels the now familiar sting of the spikes biting into his arm his own blood infusing with his armour. It was a nice touch. Personal. A bond between steel and vampire. Sin checks his left hip a smile adorning his face as he sees the familiar sight of his blade. The sword of Tremere. There were many legends about this sword and only the select few knew of its true origins. Sin reaches for the hilt with his Right hand and slowly curls his fingers around it as if greeting an old friend. There it was. That familiar pulse of power as the sword recognised the touch of a full blooded Tremere.  The sword itself is one of the Thirteen Artifacts made by Cain before the battle of Angels. The sword itself is imbued with Cain's power and Angel blood. Being infused with such gives it a supernatural ability allowing it to cut through almost anything with ease. The hilt of this legendary blade is encrusted with Seven gems. Each one taken from every one of the Seven Kingdoms that Cain conquered. Sin gives a satisfied smile but he knew he was not done yet. Of course he had his natural abilities not being just any vampire but an ancient vampire. Second generation in fact. Whereas the 'normal' vampire would have Ten times the strength, speed agility etc. of an average human, Sin had One Hundred times of such. It was his other abilities that set him even further apart. Being learned in the ways of Thaumaturgy, a simple physical touch of his opponent would allow Sin to take control ofn their blood. From causing their blood to evacuate their body right down to changing the blood type. Of course, such things took time but time was something Sin had a lot of these days. There was also his power of Obtenebration. Causing shadows to come alive and do his bidding. As if reading his mind, the shadows from near him snaked towards him as if to greet him. Sin smiled again and focused on the snake like shadows until they became an inky Black colour. The shadows now solid were ready for Sin to command. Sin walks to the pillars his tall muscular frame adorned in his usual Black attire. He walks casually and as he walks, he frees his hands giving them a slight shake before he takes his Right wrist and bites into it. The blood flows freely and he Drops Ten drops on the floor spreading the drops Three Three Three One going from Left to Right. One drop each at the sides and One in the middle. Each drop set at exactly half a meter apart. Why? Another blood manipulation technique. If any were to step on the blood, it would seep through whatever they were wearing and absorb into their skin. With this, Sin would have a connection with his opponent and quite literally be able to manipulate their every move afterwards. A very popular party trick. Sin hums to himself as he casually walks up a pillar and then onto the ceiling. He sits down cross legged on the ceiling humming away to himself and simply waits.
  170. EquesSanctus: ( Oh boy, let's take a look. )
  171. EquesSanctus: ( Jesus Christ... )
  172. EquesSanctus: ( You're just intentionally making this too easy. )
  173. Anaya: ((shut up and post))
  174. EquesSanctus: ( You're fucking with me, aren't you? )
  175. EquesSanctus: ( kk Writing. )
  176. Anaya: ((no ooc chat ))
  177. RayneDarkheart: (what)
  178. EternoCuervo: ( Done may I ask)
  179. RayneDarkheart: (he will tell you when its over)
  180. DemonSinStorm: ((You expect a T-1 match to be over this quick?))
  181. EternoCuervo: ( and hour  man.. lol.. but youmen hand your shit. I need to speak with your woman about this fam crap if I may>)
  182. EternoCuervo: handle*
  183. Anaya: ((some t1 fights can last weeks))
  184. Anaya: ((i had a fourm fight that lasted a month and a half ))
  185. EternoCuervo: ( nods.. that isnt what as my goat atm.. its this BS fam shit)
  186. RayneDarkheart: (just leave here)
  187. DemonSinStorm: ((What are you doing here Belial?))
  188. GeneralArchBelial: {Trying to find rp places.}
  189. EquesSanctus: ( There's currently a battle RP. )
  190. GeneralArchBelial: {Quirks a brow "Oh?"}
  191. GeneralArchBelial: {Is it going down in here?
  192. GeneralArchBelial: }*
  193. RayneDarkheart: (yes )
  194. GeneralArchBelial: {Mind if I watch?}
  195. EquesSanctus: ( I certainly wouldn't, but Sin is shy of people watching his RP. )
  196. GeneralArchBelial: {Only way you can really get a feel for an rp group, sick of finding noob style rooms, that think they are elite rpers.}
  197. EquesSanctus: ( You and me both... Anyway, back to typing. )
  198. Anaya: ((really sin is not shy of people wanting, we just dont want ooc people siting around and takeing up space wall a role play is going on, ))
  199. GeneralArchBelial: {That is understandable I could skip down to me skibbies and have lesser kbz}
  200. Anaya: ((it is just right now sin and the other guy are haveing i think a fight rp thing that to be personaly makes very little sense as to why it needs to be done but they are just doing it to ya know measure wankers and all that))
  201. Anaya: ((this rp clan  is not even open till monday))
  202. Anaya: ((and i belive we will be setting a time limit for posting, it has been an hour since sins last post))
  203. Anaya: ((or maybe take the fight thing to a discord or group to be carried on in the morning or something like hell it is 2 am for me XD))
  204. GeneralArchBelial: {late afternoon for me}
  205. GeneralArchBelial: {Take care all, may the best wank win.}
  206. EquesSanctus: ( Sin, I'm going to be blunt. )
  207. EquesSanctus: ( I'm being a real asshole in this entrance. )
  208. Anaya: (troll rpc for enjoyment seeing this is not a real fight)“de de dum de de dum, falling slim as an ember tweedle de, tweedul dum, lets burn down the town”  she hummed as her sky blue hair fell in her face the pluck of it splattering across her face making her mount sparkled mane flutter a little in the breeze “Tic why are we here, the world is so dark, why do we do this, why do i do this why am i your friend” he muttered as his dark eyes looked to the ground, the rainbow nightmares coat shimmered in the air as the little troll like girl hoped down its back enjoying the feel of his mane on her naked backside. “cus you looooooove me, and you like it when i call you daddy kins even if you not my daddy and you keep bubbles happy” she held up the small grey bear in her hands as she wiggled it in front of his face and he gave a snort “no, you make that bear ride me more then you do” she gave a giggle to her horses words as she rubbed her chest up little flat ageist his side. “But but but you looooooove me and Bubbles” with her words leaving her lips she turned her head hearing the sound of words in the distance, without even knowing really they had come to a place that looked populated. “were are we?” the small seemingly seven year old girl asked. “i don't know, i landed as i got depressed by the black sky” wall running her fingers in the red segment of his thick mane she gave a light chuckle. “i could use food i guess and i want a place to plop down our cargo before we leave”  she then did what others would find utterly crazy, walking behind the horse she held out her hands to his backside “ok sparkles poop it all out, time to unload” “just put your hands in like last time and take it out, i have nothing in there” he gave a snort as the small girl shoved her arms elbows deep into his back end reaching around with a look on her face that was almost like a vet removing a stuck up calf.  She then grabbed something pulling her hands out to pull out a large bag covered in bright blue glitter. “GOT IT!!!!!” she yelled out happily as she took the bag and brushed off the glittery goodness. She took the bag and with it lashed to her hip she started to walk forward “ok sparkles lets go to the inside of this place” the horse looked fully unimpressed as it moved forward towards the door way. “knock first little one” it said slowly as the girl just ran face first into the door pushing the doors open  and then running in side completely uninvited.  “I EVERYONE I AM TIC TAC” she yelled as she held her hands up in the air and the depressed black skinned rainbow maned unicorn walked in behind her “ya ya they got the point tic” it said in that unhappy voice.
  209. Anaya: ((not a real fight i can post in mahahahaha))
  210. Anaya: ((dude are you even posting? like fuck it is not a legit fight man you dont need to dick measure))
  211. EquesSanctus: ( I am. )
  212. EquesSanctus: ( I'm almost done lmao. )
  213. Anaya: ((it has been over a hour, like after your post we are going to have to pause till tomorrow))
  214. EquesSanctus: ( I'm going to wrap up and describe my weapons, then I'll post. )
  215. EquesSanctus: )
  216. Anaya: ((dude if this was a legit fight you would have broken the time limit and been voided already XD))
  217. EquesSanctus: ( If this was a legit fight, you'd have to clarify there being a time limit. )
  218. Anaya: (and no one cares about your word count)
  219. EquesSanctus: ( A time limit is never, at any given time automatically imposed. )
  220. Anaya: ((ya sadly i know, if i was fighting i would have set a 20 min time limit for this reason alone))
  221. EquesSanctus: ( I mean, 900 in 20 minutes? That's not that bad. )
  222. Anaya: ((it has been over an hour and a half for you so far))
  223. EquesSanctus: ( And? Your point? )
  224. RayneDarkheart: (just post)
  225. Anaya: ((ok fuck it we are pauseing till morning, you can post then, tomorrow at 12ish EST back here, and from then on out after first post there will be a 20 min timer on posts. or it can be taken to a fourm setting, i own a fourm it can be taken to ))
  226. Anaya: ((everyone agree]?))
  227. DemonSinStorm: ((I agree before I die of bordeom))
  228. EquesSanctus: ( I'm almost done, actually. )
  229. EquesSanctus: ( You really need to stop being impatient. )
  230. EquesSanctus: ( It's extremely annoying. )
  231. RayneDarkheart: (you said that literally 30 minutes ago)
  232. EquesSanctus: ( Posting. )
  233. EquesSanctus: ►► ''More than anyone else, I was careful around the other Masters of Arms and their students. Some of these Masters, who were envious of me challenged me to a fight with sharp-edged and pointed blades... wearing only a padded jacket and without any other armour save for a pair of leather gloves; and this happened because I refused to practice with any of them, or teach them of my art. And, I was obliged to fight five times in this way. And five times, for my honor, I had to fight in unfamiliar places without relatives and without friends to support me. Not trusting anyone but God, my art, myself and my sword.'' {c}◄◄
  234. EquesSanctus: ►► Among tens of thousands of enemies, and no comrades to spare. Only God and a prayer possessed the glimmer of hope to bring a man to finding his salvation.  Thus, the knight sets forth toward his next destination. Upon his gallant mustang. It's the glistering coat of ebony that was a starlight onyx in the darkness of the cold night. The pace of the gallivanting steed had quieted to a soft lope. The knight nudged the spurs into the ribs of his nay and brought it to rest before the entrance, where he dismounted and lead it by the rains to the overgrowth of the trees. Where the canopy of the leaves would protect his steed from this, the bitter cold and whatever components of a storm or chilling torrent of the season that was to come.  A hefty, fluctuating persence surged through the doors before they had even opened as if it were a powerful wind whistling through the underbellies of the edifice's entries.  To those of a malevolent blood, it would be thought that the very air had become poisonous, and the weight of a thousand pounds slowly descended onto the world from a force mostly unbeknownst. For that was merely the effect of his presence... before it had even made itself known. Yet this was not a force of supernatural authority.  It was merely the intense magnetism of the raw presence of authority that was the end result of such a terribly imposing state of propinquity. The very glint of the man's eyes through the two slits of his visor'd bascinet conveyed the fearlessness of his soul, that in which no shape or form was imposed upon by the forces of darkness. For it was instilled that God was with him, as he so walked through the valley of the shadow of death. Thus, he would fear no evil... ◄◄ (c)
  235. EquesSanctus: ►►  Trained since the age of seven, this was ordained to be the life of a young knight. They are trained to kill at a young age. Rest or respite was a far cry from their obligation in life, thus was the standard of living and the cost of noble blood as the Paige of the Duke of Rattay, son of an old Blacksmith who had retired in solace from his days as a former night, and his death, his son was given to the side of his family that revoked the authority of guardianship from his mother. For in times of war, no man or boy was spared the trials of conflict. His prowess and knowledge of weaponry was legendary. Easily, from whatever weapon he could attain in the grasp of his hands he would assert his knowledge of it as if it were a flicker of mastery that sparked in his mind at that very instant. Even a stick. Ascertaining to the fact that he was adaptive in combat... dangerously so, as a matter of fact. It was to almost any situation that he found himself in. Whether it be cornered by a group of five brigands or facing off against creatures of the knight - it was only his blade, his armour and his faith that he used to dispatch his foes with thunderforce. Standing at a height of 6'1, the Knight which is formally known as Bernard Leones Maximus boasts 230 lbs of muscle, that of which possesses less than seven percent of body fat. The veins protruding from his muscles foretell of an impressive well of stamina that recovered swiftly, and a strength that foreshadowed the wearing of his armour with absolute affluence; in a sense, that it was weightless, almost. It did not impose any hindrance on his stamina, as it did upon his movement. (His reaction speed is 350 miliseconds, which is several times more than the average human being. This is because of his blessings, which were ordained to him by the powers of God and the Catholic Church. And the speed at which his body corresponds to this speed of thought easily functions in tandem with little hindrance or cost to physical capability. )  ''What is a soul?'' The Priest asked. ''Something that does not belong to you, father.'' Sir Knight replied quaintly. ''Then, who does it belong to, my son?'' The priest questioned curiously, and Sir Knight, without hesitation replied... ''It belongs to God. The universal spirit that animates and binds all things in existence.'' Maximus Leones Bernard, blessed by the Lord Thy God possesses an anchored soul that allows him to absorb, eradicate and destroy any binding of the soul, manipulation of which, or anything that can be considered as. It will instantaneously immolate; the power that serves this malevolent force in a cleansing flame that consumes any form of evility from existence on the premise of these. conditions.  Bound to his faith, which rooted itself deep within his veins was the power of the Divine Force. Divine Force is the power of blessed ability, Holy and Sacred Power that allows the sanctified user of which to extinguish any malevolent force, and death-force. The malevolent force being holders of negative intentions, illuding to murderous intent and the intent of sinful ways. By absorbing this malevolence, it will only serve to strengthen the benevolence which is ordained by the Supreme Authority to extinguish it. It exorcises the rite of Death Force, which will eliminate any undead with a flourish of this power. The function of miracles and the virtues of the slaying of impurities constitute this Divine Authority.  And, by applying his Faith to his weapons, he can transcend the realm of the physical and the fugue to deliver a potent strike to the opponent's existential body. Which transcends their physical form and inflicts a deep laceration upon their intangible body (the soul) or their manifestation of the Death Force (the intangible body of those who do not possess a soul.) As well as negating the mimetic properties of such foes., which was a result of Divine Intervention that imposed the disorientation of mentifery and imagination.  ---- Being a master of the blade he has developed a very deadly style of Martial Arts (pertaining to HEMA) which uses the flourish and after images of the blade to ensnare the opponent in an escapable of illusion, which manifests based on their want and desires, whether they be to win or to impose their strength upon someone. They will face an opponent of their mind's desire, leaving them in a state of mental entrapment that will negate any cognitive awareness of the outside world. The conditions require that the effected possess the intention to inflict harm upon their opponent. Lastly, the mastery of his body's movement. He is capable of using the ability of his lunge, torque and suddenness of forward moment to accelerate his attacks, to where the flourishing of a blade that is 3lbs can turn the blade into an invisible whip or beam of light that cuts into its target in less than a second, providing no telegraphs to which would allow an opponent to see it coming. Being that there would be no flaring of the elbows, and only the extension of the arms on the two-handed grip, using the control of the pommel to deliver such a devastating cut... (c} ◄◄
  236. EquesSanctus: ►► What would be a knight without his armour? Of course, he would not be a knight at all. Shining steel, clad from his head to his toe, and ensanguined mantle that guarded from the elements. Robust and beautiful, such a finer set of plates there had never been. Intricately designed and tailored to the wearer for the perfect distribution of weight and the adept protection that only the grand genius of a Master Black Smith could offer. The flutings only lightening the weight of the plates and giving them an angular beauty upon their shimmering exterior. Folded, and thickened to the breastplate as it slumbers upon a layer of riveted chainmail that negated the advancement of blades that were not tapered. And, beneath that was the cushion gambeson that stowed him from the dark, and most of all cushioned him from the blow of blunt and flanged weaponry. Not only that but giving him the absolute protection against a strike from bladed weapons. They would in no shape or form possess any effect what so ever.  (If a sword were to strike a knight at the region of the torso, leg or arm, or hip, it would have absolutely zero effect. ) His armet, riveted to the countenance of his bascinet held fast in its resolve to protect the facial region of Sir Knight. The shining brass trim of his armour was inscribed with ancient proverbs of Latin, that foretold the old psalms of ancient Israel, and this granted his armour Divine Power. The Power dispells the forces of malevolence which would dare believe they would stand against the warrior of God.  The armour of Sir Knight consisted of the following, which provided him with ample external protections to all visible aspects of his body within reason. The Comb of the Helm, and its attached visor of which possessed and an azure plume of horsehair, fitted upon the ornament of a Mustang charging forth, surging with its front legs raised high and true. Neck protection which pertained to the gorget, the pauldrons that were segmented and connected to either side of the left and right bosom, allowing the Holy Knight to raise his sword overhead in both hands with ease. His vambrace was protected by a layer of chainmail, and his left sword-arm was guarded by a Couter that extended a small fan plate to feasibly glance and parry attacks. His thickened breastplate was a formidable wall of protection; however, complimenting the plackart provided a  supple  weakness to the abdomen, as it was thinner. But, reinforced by the faulds it would be a formidable challenge to damage. The segments of the faulds allow for the torque of the hips to come to fruition, thus increasing the strength of any attack or the ability to maneuver. The tasset, which protects the groin area and thighs is layered by chainmail and woolen hose to avoid discomfort and negate faulty movement. Both cuisses and polyens are interlocked by a fanplate to glance off any attack to the legs, which would, in turn, protect the greaves and segmented sabatons that allowed for the rivets of the soles to dig firmly into the ground and cement any movement. Thus, negating the ability to trip on disrespectful terrain.   ◄◄ (c)
  237. EquesSanctus: ►►The Knight wielded a beautiful Winged Spear that possessed two cruciform quillions on either side. The Purplish, glistening steel of kattar was mounted upon a dark shaft of oak wood that stood over seven feet in length, reaching an approximate length of 8 feet, and upon its shaft was the ensanguined Coat of Arms he carried proudly into battle. Its tapered edge boasts a feasible ability to pierce armoured opponents and a devastating speed that was given to it by possessing a weight of only three and a half pounds. Its name was Boží ruka. And lastly, that which slumbered upon the confines of his right hip, bound tightly to his waist by a leather strap of crisp copper brown in its sheath of gleaming chocolate ebony was The Sword of a Bastard. Possessing a length of 40'', upon its two-handed grip and reinforced tang., the diamond blade of which possessed a double edge toward the narrow taper of its blade, and a formidable sharpness that was not so sharp, yet possessed the ability to easily cut with fine precision. But it was to a degree that it dulled slowly upon what it struck, and it would be a surmountable passage of time before it would grow dull as well. And, its quillions which were cruciform and beautiful with an angular curve possessed a ring on the quillion for the ample fingering of the blade, which conveyed more control upon the weapon when wielding its hexagonal pommel. The Knight stepped into the room, which presented itself as a stage prepared for battle. Vacant of any life but the two powers that would collide in this deadly affair.   ◄◄ (d)
  238. EquesSanctus: ( Boop a doop. )
  239. RayneDarkheart: (not done yet)
  240. EternoCuervo: Rayne ay you and I speak please.
  241. EternoCuervo: may*
  242. EternoCuervo: pc
  243. RayneDarkheart: fine
  244. EquesSanctus: ( Careful Rayne. I might type another 600 for the fun of it. )
  245. EquesSanctus: ( ;) )
  246. EternoCuervo: pc me ill answer
  247. EternoCuervo: ( haha Eq
  248. EquesSanctus: ( My advice? )
  249. EquesSanctus: ( Aim for the gaps.
  250. Anaya: ((was there ever a set amout of gramatical errors to count a void and junk?))
  251. EquesSanctus: ( You'd have failed a long time ago. ^ )
  252. EquesSanctus: ( But afraid not, and you're going to deal with it, sweet heart. )
  253. Anaya: ((i am not fighting :D))
  254. Anaya: ((no terms were set for me :D))
  255. EquesSanctus: ( Again, we're chill on grammar. )
  256. EquesSanctus: ( So, deal with it. *Shrug.* )
  257. EquesSanctus: ( I also can predict what you're going to say, and I can't wait for you to say it, Anaya. )
  258. Anaya: ((what o.o?))
  259. EquesSanctus: ( oh don't worry about it. )
  260. EquesSanctus: ( lmao. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. )
  261. RaphaelArchAngel: hey Anaya long time no see
  262. Anaya: ((yo :D ))
  263. RaphaelArchAngel: ((whats good))
  264. RaphaelArchAngel: may i come up
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