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  2. a small bong shaped like tentacle rape
  3. bold
  4. those fucking spiders off my tits into some coconuts
  5.         you see, we're old-fashioned
  6.    and she struck his face again with the chalice, but at the same time she stripped naked before him and i finger-fucked her.
  7.  all five samples contained pcp; none contained marijuana.
  8.  at that time, the patient also experienced paranoia and auditory hallucinations
  9.  bad influence
  10.  bone buldge.
  11.  but i raped him
  12.  created last night
  13.  driven by his psychosis, he reported an urge to kill himself before they get me.
  14.  fort polk.
  15.  god bless america.
  16.  have you considered converting to mormonism
  17.  he explained that he had disrobed on the bus from philadelphia in order to show the passengers that he was a native american, and not a mixed up american
  18.  he explains that he then mixes the leaves with marijuana into one or two joints
  19.  he repeated ideas about twins and clones, referring to the invasion of the double-mint twins...
  20.  he was also distractable, and inappropriately sexual with the examiner.
  21.  himeobs is driving car
  22.  i become hilarious, i can rhyme better
  23.  i dunno
  24.  i hope so
  25.  i kill you and get a medal
  26.  i lost my mind..
  27.  i told you dawg
  28.  in a subsequent interview, the patient tells me he has heard on the street that there is elephant tranquilizer in hydro.
  29.  in my paradise?
  30.  is like heg got broad side school fed up the bone buldge
  31.  it doesn't matter
  32.  it makes me emotional and i feel uncontrollably funny.
  33.  it's still back a couple of pages
  34.  like lol is being used less and less as a one-word response
  35.  lol.
  36.  okay?
  37.  on fire man.
  38.  one toke?
  39.  our vibrations were getting nasty - but why?
  40.  patient was preoccupied with aliens, surveillance cameras, and robots
  41.  remember: a broken escalator is just stairs
  42.  samples consisted of mint leaves, or in one case cut up duct tape, soaked in embalming fluid and pcp
  43.  seems as if ol' pete is innovating the shit out of the industry again.
  44.  seriously.
  45.  that was my first time.
  46.  the joints are called squares and the wet marijuana is called fry; adolescents are congregating in fry houses.
  47.  the local police sargeant was quoted as saying dipping cigarettes into the fluid is a dangerous technique of getting a cheap high.
  48.  the patient was inclined to follow the commands of these voices during the interview
  49.  the sprinkler system had been turned off.
  50.  there were no survivors.
  51.  there's a maddox slashfic in this gay erotica database
  52.  think like the north star
  53.  upon finding no fluid, four teens cut off a corpse's finger
  54.  we're screwed then
  55.  whatever
  56.  wtf
  57. #fnord
  58. #help
  59. $20 in the bushes at speedway
  60. $300 worth of foodstamps in a plain brown envelope in the dumpster of a chinese restaurant in miami, fl
  61. '
  62. 'k thanks
  63. 'no, i'm sorry
  64. 'sblood, thou stinkard, i'll learn ye how to gust ..
  65. 'tis a beastly bear indeed
  66. (c is dat stupid?)
  67. (haha, like i would hang out with a prep.)
  68. (since she has converted to satanism she is in slytherin now not griffindoor
  69. (sneak up on him when he's readin maxim!)
  70. (this is a misunderstanding
  71. )
  72. *12
  73. *awkward silence*
  74. *giant
  75. *really*
  76. *shrieks*
  77. *spew*
  78. *twitch*
  79. *yawn*
  80. *ywn*
  81. +
  82. +\
  83. - but that shape was not made of matter
  84. --yogi berra
  85. -_-
  86. .
  87. ..
  88. ...
  89. ....
  90. .....
  91. ...i will call the fire department!
  92. ...this has got to be the most disturbing i have ever read of a harry potter fic...and frankly(sorry for the flames) but that thought well written was truly scary...
  93. ...who gives the orders here
  94. ..it's just a frustrating, incomplete, and inconsistent language
  95. .seen idem
  96. / blue east and west seas sing / his exploits in their song
  97. / cheers resound all over the land, / hailing our dear general
  98. / he is the artist of great joy, / glorifying the garden of juche
  99. / he is the champion of justice, / standing for independence
  100. / he raises national honour / far and wide throughout the world
  101. / he's the leader of the people, / carrying forward the sun's cause
  102. / long live, long live, general kim jong il.
  103. / maybe you'll sit and sigh, wishing that i were near / then maybe you'll ask me to come back again / and maybe i'll say maybe
  104. /ankara
  105. /kick
  106. /kick zerogravitytits
  107. /topic =======<{
  108. :(
  109. :)
  110. :/
  111. :3
  112. :<
  113. :< i like it responding to everything
  114. :>
  115. :?
  116. :\
  117. :]
  118. :d
  119. :d gracias
  120. :o
  121. :o no u
  122. :o two bots?
  123. :o who
  124. :o you
  125. :p
  126. :spew
  127. :spew:
  128. :spew: idem, with the doll
  129. :x
  130. :|
  131. ;)
  132. ;o
  133. ;p;
  134. =
  135. = ?
  136. =====<{
  137. ======<[
  138. =======<[
  139. =======<{
  140. =======<{ beeeeeeeeeees
  141. =======<{ bees bees bees bees bees
  142. =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  143. =======<{ burrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  144. =======<{ buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  145. =======<{ cramulus
  146. =======<{ cramulus!
  147. =======<{\
  148. ========<{
  149. ========<{ brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  150. ========<{ brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzt
  151. ========<{ brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzz
  152. ========<{ brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  153. ========<{ bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  154. ========<{ bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  155. ========<{ snape snape severus snape
  156. ======{<
  157. =]
  158. >
  159. >.<
  160. >:(
  161. >:o
  162. ?
  163. ??
  164. ???
  165. ????
  166. ?????
  167. ??????
  168. ?absolutely, i said
  169. @ copypasta response
  170. @ that paragraph
  171. @raw
  172. @raw?
  173. \
  174. \a girl phoned me the other day and said..
  175. ^
  176. ^hate..
  177. ______ _____ (^_^) i..
  178. a bitchslap
  179. a blood-drenched best buy employee is trying to sell me a dead baby
  180. a bro can almost anything
  181. a buccellato is a sicilian circular cake given by godparents to the godchild and family on the christening day the cake is supposed to be as large as possible to ensure good luck
  182. a bullet from a gun
  183. a bullet from a gun, a bullet through the heart
  184. a bullet through the heart
  185. a bullet through the heart, a bullet from a gun
  186. a bundt cake is a dessert cake that is baked in a bundt pan shaping it into a distinctive ridged ring
  187. a burns le gustan chichis grandes
  188. a burns solamente encanta chichis grandes
  189. a butter cake is a cake in which one of the main ingredients is butter butter cakes consist of taking the most basic of ingredients butter sugar eggs flour and a leavening agent
  190. a c++ app outputs into mirc...i need to look up how this works
  191. a certain dependable kind of image
  192. a chiffon cake is a very light cake made with vegetable oil eggs sugar flour baking powder and flavorings in contrast to butter the traditional fat used in cake making it is difficult to beat air into oil so chiffon cakes like angel cakes and other foam cakes achieve a fluffy texture by beating egg whites until stiff and folding them into the cake batter before baking
  193. a company that can grow defiantly will (at some point in the future) be able to utilize courageously
  194. a constant speed is good for gas mileage..
  195. a conversation regarding limits and expectations is utterly mandatory
  196. a creation of my children, and by extension, of my own
  197. a croquembouche is delicious
  198. a croquembouche or croquenbouche is a french cake, a kind of piÚce montée often served at weddings, baptisms, and first communions
  199. a cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person frequently baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup
  200. a cycle?
  201. a dacquoise is a dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream
  202. a dispatch from california describes a theosophist colony as donning white robes en masse for some glorious fulfiment which never arrives, whilst items from india speak guardedly of serious native unrest toward the end of march 22-23.
  203. a double bullnose can be used when both sides of the stairs are open
  204. a fantastic bike, i said
  205. a fashionable sporting magazine in new york had taken care of the reservations, along with this huge red chevy convertible we’d just rented off a lot on the sunset strip...and i was, after all, a professional journalist; so i had an obligation to cover the story, for good or ill.
  206. a fred le gustan vestidos y zapatos
  207. a friend of mine wants to know
  208. a full commitment's what i'm thinking of
  209. a full commitments what i'm, thinking of.
  210. a funeral home in sanger texas was broken into on september 3, 1996
  211. a gay robot!
  212. a glacé is a typical dutch pastry, in the netherlands better known under the name roze koek it consists of a small flat cake with a layer of pink fondant
  213. a goddamn randist bone buldge
  214. a good way to threaten somebody is to light a stick of dynamite
  215. a guy going by the name curtis takaichi, proud owner of an iq of approximately 2.75 potatoe units and capable of turning any woman into a feeble sheep, can has gaeming journalisms.
  216. a génoise cake (genoese cake or genovese cake) is an italian sponge cake named after the city of genoa and closely associated with italian and french cuisine that does not use any chemical leavening, instead using air suspended in the batter during mixing to give volume to the cake.
  217. a hard nosed hermit of medieval europe and chaosphe bible banger
  218. a hard question to answer
  219. a head doctor of deep africa and maker of fine dolls
  220. a lamington is a sponge cake in the shape of a cuboid, coated in a layer of traditionally chocolate icing then desiccated coconut
  221. a layer of marzipan or almond paste is also baked into the middle of the cake
  222. a little yeah
  223. a living human bean
  224. a lot of preps stared at me
  225. a marble cake is a cake with a streaked or mottled appearance achieved by very lightly blending light and dark batter
  226. a marriage made in heaven his favorite accident
  227. a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli
  228. a million here a million there
  229. a pepper?
  230. a person!
  231. a place where children suffer harshly under sex slavery of working in the secret texas halliburton salt mines hidden on the bush ranch holding klu klux klan meetings to promote hate and bigotry on a daily basis.
  232. a priest, a rabbi, and grif all walk into a bar, and i kill 'em!
  233. a prueba de patadas
  234. a public service clarification by the sri syadasti school of spiritual wisdom, wilmette.
  235. a raw le encanta una vuvuzela un su culo
  236. a red velvet cake is a cake with a dark red bright red or red - brown color it is usually prepared as a layer cake somewhere between chocolate and vanilla in flavor topped with a creamy white icing common ingredients are buttermilk butter flour cocoa and red food coloring or beetroot
  237. a sage of ancient china and official discordian missionary to the heathen chinese
  238. a secret motorcycle?
  239. a series of winders form a circular or spiral stairway.
  240. a sermon on ethics and love
  241. a sex fred
  242. a sheep's wool is the most widely used animal fiber, and is usually harvested by shearing
  243. a ship at sea is its own world
  244. a spiral staircase by the mathematical definition therefore would be of little use as it would afford no change in elevation[citation needed].
  245. a stack cake is a unique regional variation that replaces a wedding cake, which can be prohibitively expensive in the economically deprived area of appalachia, united states
  246. a stack cake looks like a stack of thick pancakes
  247. a stairlift is a mechanical device for lifting wheelchairs up and down stairs[citation needed]
  248. a subway?
  249. a suncake is a popular taiwanese dessert originally from the city of taichung in taiwan
  250. a teacake or tea cake is a kind of bread or cake
  251. a thick filling usually made from lotus seed paste is surrounded by a relatively thin (2-3 mm) crust and may
  252. a time will come - but i must not and cannot think!
  253. a tres leches cake, or pastel tres leches, or pan tres leches, is a sponge cake—in some recipes, a butter cake—soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream
  254. a tus negocios sucios
  255. a vortex opens in the sky as our story begins
  256. a wall of cocks
  257. a wall of dicks
  258. a wandering wiseman of ancient mediterrania (med-terra or middle earth), who followed a 5-pointed star through the alleys of rome, damascus, baghdad, jerusalem, mecca and cairo, bearing a sign that seemed to read doom
  259. a weapon elegant, deadly, precise..
  260. a wedding cake is the traditional cake served to the guests at a wedding reception (or in parts of england, at a wedding breakfast) after a wedding
  261. a wedding is a loaded gun
  262. a whole
  263. a whole robosexual
  264. a young man in connecticut cut his wrists and drank floor stripper, while intoxicated with illie
  265. a..
  266. aaah!
  267. aardbei
  268. aardbei taart
  269. aardbein is us
  270. aardlingen bedoel je.....
  271. abandon the socialism we chose and are building by our efforts.
  272. about stairs
  273. abusive
  274. accidentally
  275. according to cornelius, p2 was a tool, a front, for the priory of sion; james jesus angleton only thought he ran the show from cia headquarters in langtry
  276. acknowledging our debt to the former, we yearn, nonetheless, for the latter.
  277. actually chocolate cake can fuck off :d
  278. actually lets go get that mitten, it'll be like a mini quest
  279. actually that reminds me, there was a stupid criminals story about some crooks who coated themselves in spray paint as a disguise but had to be hospitalized because they blocked almost all their pores
  280. actually, a better response would be, no, not at all; i enjoy a little squalor.
  281. ad?
  282. added a few names
  283. administration should always be user-proof
  284. aeery
  285. after all, aren't you what everything's here for?
  286. after bringing his senses to a height of fury with sir edmund's help and mine, she gave him a hard shake.
  287. after publication of les dessous, paoli went to israel, where the government arrested him for spying, convicted him, and shot him dead by firing squad, he then quickly dying of natural causes as a result
  288. after school we'd all go play in his cave, and every once in a while he would eat one of us
  289. after that, we said goodnight and he reluctantly went back into his room.
  290. after the base is baked small cream puffs are dipped in caramelized sugar and attached side by side on top of the circle of the pâte à choux
  291. afterbirth
  292. afterbirthers
  293. afwea
  294. again
  295. against such abominations, we organize our defenses on the principle that one strong and able mind can shield the many.
  296. agus bas dunarch ort!
  297. ah
  298. ah :).
  299. ah ah ah
  300. ah cool
  301. ah, that explains it, aye?
  302. ah.
  303. aha, sourceforge - home of no fewer than four different abandoned attempts to create a gui for irssi
  304. ahah omg fred
  305. ahaha
  306. ahahaha
  307. ahahahaha
  308. ahem
  309. ahh gotcha
  310. ahh i see
  311. aid
  312. aight
  313. aiiiieeeeee
  314. ain't gonna be no going all night long until i get some more food :|
  315. ain't nothin but a g-string
  316. ain't nuthin but a g thang, baaaaabay!
  317. airplane food
  318. aja ik vind wijven stom
  319. aleixsshawcullen: iam hunkygirl on twitter alex k send a drirrect message my moms on the other cumputor i swor on twitter to so i have to talk eith u tom k on twitter
  320. aleixsshawcullen: who here lives in cananda bc
  321. alien
  322. all
  323. all blossoms on this earth / tell of his love, broad and warm
  324. all hail discordia
  325. all i have to do is check into my suite and he’ll seek me out
  326. all man
  327. all mice worship the anvil god
  328. all mice worships the anvil god!
  329. all references to the government-sanctioned fev virus are not allowed in this publication
  330. all set up on a separate pc
  331. all statements are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense
  332. all the blood spilled over my top.
  333. all the girls on the internet are actually dudes
  334. all the kids lookin up to me can suck my dick
  335. all the world progressives deeply admire and try to model themselves after great leader marshal kim il sung the father of all koreans and dear leader comrade generalissimo kim jong il the heaven-born invincible songun commander as the great men of mt
  336. all this good freeky ness
  337. all this had been rounded up the night before, in a frenzy of high-speed driving all over los angeles county - from topanga to watts, we picked up everything we could get our hands on
  338. all you lose is the emotion of pride
  339. all you motha fuckin brizzles to get off the flizzle and to start fuckin dizzles
  340. allemande sauce is a sauce in french cuisine that is based on velouté sauce, but thickened with egg yolks, heavy cream, and seasoned with lemon juice
  341. almost epic
  342. almost everything
  343. alright
  344. alright i set the ignore...sorry to kill the botorgy folks
  345. also
  346. also checked out the forums for a bit
  347. also ffff @ this generic mac & cheese
  348. also fred wtf, you haven't gone to bed either, habe you
  349. also if you speak in one channel it will reply in all apparently
  350. also known as the king of cakes baumkuchen is a kind of layered cake it is a traditional dessert in many countries throughout europe and is also a popular snack in japan the characteristic golden rings that appear when sliced give the cake its german name baumkuchen which literally translates to tree cake
  351. also moar erotica
  352. also one thing about megahal that is different from this bot - it'll only learn from sentences of 3 or more words.
  353. also raw seems to learn immediately, i think the eggdrop megahal stores up learned material and writes to the brainfile once an hour or something like that
  354. also someone might have been surprised by that and peed his pants..
  355. also still looking for the best type of hot sauce
  356. also, chicks like it when you tell them they're pretty, but they also like it when you're
  357. also, when did zeppo ever reply with one word
  358. also, why would he hide from her?
  359. alternatives to stairways are elevators, stairlifts and inclined moving sidewalks as well as stationary inclined sidewalks.step the step is composed of the tread and riser
  360. although often served cold in north america, traditionally it is to be served warm
  361. although the imperialists and reactionaries are making desperate attempts to
  362. always
  363. always concerned with the people's happiness, leader kim jong il leaves no stone unturned in field of human activity in which to provide guidance
  364. always eat breakfast
  365. always i wanna pee with you
  366. always i wanna pee with you make a poo with you and live in harmony harmony
  367. always i want to be with you make believe with you and live in harmony harmony ohhhh love
  368. always look on the briiiight side of life
  369. always?
  370. alzheimers.
  371. am awake now :d.
  372. am currently listening to bring me the heat then.
  373. am had been as ruthless with its own life as with ours
  374. am had done a job on benny.
  375. am had hit him hard in a special way, even if we didn't know quite how.
  376. am had robbed him.
  377. am had turned him into a shoulder-shrugger, had made him a little dead in his concern
  378. am i corrupting raw's innocence?
  379. am i missing anything
  380. am would keep our bodies alive somehow, in pain, in agony.
  381. amadeus
  382. amadeus amadeus
  383. amazonia
  384. amen.
  385. amerikkka
  386. amerikkka  is the ugly country of warmongering capitalist us imperialism where criminal gangs of mimes roam the subway at will abusing cats and setting cars on fire.
  387. amurrica needs an aftermath..
  388. an eccles cake is a small, round cake filled with currants and made from flaky pastry with butter and can sometimes be topped with demerara sugar
  389. an elaborate pair of horns, also blue, curled round behind her ears
  390. an electron bound in an atomic orbital has quantized values of angular momentum while an unbound electron does not exhibit quantized energy levels.
  391. an extra machine lying around my wife cheats on me.
  392. an i was liek no wai
  393. an image of the way you'd like people to be
  394. an invariable rule of humanity is that man is his own worst enemy
  395. an odd-job man by day, he  operates in kent during the week and in london on weekends
  396. an shorty got low low low low low low low low looooow
  397. an they put the tamatillos in it
  398. an upside-down cake is a cake usually made in a pan with a curved bottom
  399. an: fangz 2 bloodytearz666 4 helpin me wif da chapta!
  400. an: special fangz (get it, coz im goffik) 2 my gf (ew not in that way) raven, bloodytearz666 4 helpin me wif da story and spelling
  401. an: stop flaming!
  402. anal
  403. anal is not fiction
  404. anal!
  405. anal?
  406. and  you can't go back now
  407. and a gorgeous 25 year old is going to teach me.
  408. and a voice was screaming: holy jesus!
  409. and aga
  410. and again he plunged into the physical orgy and completed the task, and lo as the voice had predicted, the tea was bitter.
  411. and also to be able to comfortably restrain me without using anything but your own body
  412. and also to maintain our rhythm on the road.
  413. and also, you're drunk.
  414. and as i watched, i knew that nigger-man was not vainly excited
  415. and besides, we all saw through her concern.
  416. and by apples, i mean bullets!
  417. and can dialectics break bricks?
  418. and caramel is being crappy.
  419. and clean this place up, it stinks.
  420. and elated
  421. and for some reason that seemed important at the time
  422. and from the darkness, there came..
  423. and ginger
  424. and giving shorter, less satisfying answers
  425. and great  justice
  426. and great justice
  427. and he could feel the spasms of her body translating directly to the asshole he was buried up into the hilt
  428. and he ignores me
  429. and he's carrying a beautiful rose in his beak, and also he's carrying a very beautiful painting with his feet
  430. and hide them throughout the config
  431. and humptiness
  432. and hurt you
  433. and i destroy evil.
  434. and i dotted all the is with hearts
  435. and i knew we’d get into that rotten stuff pretty soon
  436. and i said..
  437. and i thought i was lazy!
  438. and i understand the burden of having extreme fetishes, i am sorry for you that you have to write these things for people to see, i'm trying not to sound like i hate you, but i ask only that you remove those stories
  439. and i'm like yeah sure bro send me the list
  440. and i'm never one to overstay the funneh
  441. and if someone asks me why i didn't get more meat, i'll just say, oh, you mean this?
  442. and if you ask me how i'm feeling
  443. and inside
  444. and it was extremely important, i felt, for the meaning of our journey to be made absolutely clear
  445. and lazers..
  446. and like a gas, we shall not be easily contained.
  447. and live in harmony
  448. and look who was talling me to to clog the bot with spam
  449. and make believe with you
  450. and maybe the snowballs
  451. and mole people inside the hollow earth
  452. and my first advice is that you should rent a very fast car with no top and get the hell out of l.a
  453. and not a single shit was given that day
  454. and now he's dead
  455. and now that he's dead, our lives are pretty good too
  456. and now the voices inside that push me to complete my master plan won't let me go back to bed
  457. and pull out a big piece of meat from inside the blob of potatoes, where i've hidden it
  458. and raw will try to answer all the questions :d
  459. and shoes!
  460. and simmons here, is in charge of confetti
  461. and since he's so busy, you'd probably have to run up to him real quick and hand it to him.
  462. and since we already hit #1 at taphouse, its time to start fresh :d
  463. and so we return again to the holy void
  464. and spanish
  465. and steamy
  466. and suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down to las vegas
  467. and thanks to cram --according to raw--i like one year olds
  468. and that person was me!
  469. and that's something i cannot allow to happen.
  470. and that's why you made us
  471. and the comestains on the carpet
  472. and the mayo.
  473. and the more you personally attack people with your comments, the?
  474. and the ni woke up
  475. and the yanks ate carfax with flames and burnt grandsire delapore and the secret ...
  476. and then do the next hundred miles in a horrible, slobbering sort of spastic stupor
  477. and then draco shrieked
  478. and then i hung up, turning to face my attorney
  479. and then raw was a bee
  480. and then she laughed
  481. and then take out all the stupid questions like the year ones
  482. and then the rest of the hogwarts feast poured out of hermione's ass
  483. and then there was another person!
  484. and then variants of that
  485. and then what happened
  486. and then you just could put it right back on and you'd be fine
  487. and then?
  488. and then
.“what the hell are you doing you motherfukers!” it was

  489. and they left the world formless, infinite white.
  490. and they specifically make it so you have to edit the whole thing
  491. and this is my impression of an android getting shot
  492. and um, i can't think of any more at the moment...
  493. and we can rule, together.
  494. and we will be best friends
  495. and went to war with the others
  496. and what about simone?
  497. and what could be more normal than that?
  498. and what with the fur
  499. and what, you irc at work?
  500. and when the call came, i was ready.
  501. and who think you are running round leaving scars collecting your jar of hearts
  502. and who's the big dude, whassup gigantor?
  503. and you know which one that is!
  504. and you know?
  505. and you should never, ever, buy the extended warranty on anything
  506. and you will fear my laser face!!!!
  507. and you've got needs bigger and more earth-shaking than your grandfather could've dreamed
  508. and zeppo is an eggdrop bot
  509. angel food cake requires that the egg whites be whipped until they are stiff and gently folded into the other ingredients for this method of leavening to work well it is useful to have flour that has been made of softer wheat
  510. angle grinder man is a savior of the people
  511. angle-grinder
  512. angle-grinder man patrols by night looking for unhappy drivers who have been clamped and then sets their cars free
  513. animals
  514. ank says*
  515. ank we'll probably have to put this bot down sooner or later
  516. ankar
  517. ankara
  518. ankara is fucking dead
  519. ankara would fucking haet that
  520. ankaras
  521. another newsletter describes teens abusing formaldehyde for a body numbing buzz and a fiery feeling in their lungs,
  522. any moment now, you'll be dead!
  523. any paragraphs i found about what she was wearing
  524. anytime i see something screech across a room and latch onto someones neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, i have to laugh, because what is that thing.
  525. anyway i'm off to sleep my brain is fried
  526. anyway, i went upstairs excitedly with draco
  527. anyway, we stated moshing to helena
  528. apparently burns has a broad side school fed up the bone buldge
  529. apparently i was too fucked up to get there without one
  530. apparently it does not respond if it cannot thing of anything
  531. apparently it records the raw bit
  532. apple bottom jeans (jeans) butts with the furr (wit da furrr)
  533. apple bottoms jeans raw
  534. apple cake is a popular dessert produced with the main ingredient of apples such a cake is made through the process of slicing this sweet fruit to add fragrance to a plain cake base
  535. apples must be the name of his cat!...quick, quick!
  536. apples..
  537. approve memos (like a boss)
  538. approximately
  539. ardilla
  540. are you a model or famous actress?
  541. are you a robosexual
  542. are you afraid of anything?
  543. are you afraid?
  544. are you excited to see what that's like?
  545. are you gonna kill raw d:
  546. are you literate
  547. are you my mommy
  548. are you prejudiced?
  549. are you racist
  550. are you the pope or something?
  551. are yuo alive
  552. aren't known for a while.
  553. argh
  554. around in a cage
  555. arrrghi ts hot outside
  556. arry
  557. ary
  558. as a former aspiring cryptographer i am greatly interested in viewing and modifying the source
  559. as a lazy pothead who runs windows and doesn't know c++, however, i could care less and will just giggle at the potty humor it generates.
  560. as distance increases the connective power becomes attenuated, but if it is cut the power vanishes: forever.
  561. as distances vanish and the people can flow freely from place to place, society will cross a psychological specific heat boundary and enter a new state
  562. as for reform, we reformed the outdated social system in a revolutionary fashion decades ago, and have been constantly creating the new and renovating what is old and backward.
  563. as i have said, i moved in on 16 july 1923
  564. as in main discordian one anyway
  565. as much as i was enjoying this situation, and never wanted it to end, i could barely contain my desire to carry her into her bedroom and fuck her
  566. as opposed to awesome or terrible
  567. as ron continued forcing himself into hermione's mouth, harry slammed her forward just as ron thrust upward, and ron felt his prick squeeze into her throat
  568. as soon as angleton hired gelli, gelli repeated his previous achievement and got on the payroll of the kgb, too, again convincing each side that he was really loyal to them and betraying the   other guys
  569. as the evening sky faded from a salmon color to a sort of flint gray, i thought back to the salmon i caught that morning, and how gray he was, and how i named him flint.
  570. as the song goes, socialism defended means victory and
  571. as we were driving, we saw a sign that said watch for rocks
  572. as what?
  573. as white as the blank sheet on which we write your mind
  574. as white as the complexion of our finest women, grown right here by our special process
  575. as white as the hair of god, white as it was in life!
  576. as you can see, the damage was not so great as they say.
  577. as your attorney i advise you to drive at top speed
  578. ask burns
  579. ass
  580. astronaut
  581. astrophysics
  582. at 1:11 p.m
  583. at atrociously high energy states, the properties of matter change subtly and new miracles become possible
  584. at first i was afraid, i was petrified.
  585. at his hanging, he told the others, i'll be waiting for you in heaven--with a gun..
  586. at last
  587. at least i've had sex, had girlfriends, and gotten laid, and blowjobbed unlike you virgin pieces of unpatriotic shit.
  588. at least this way i can track my home internet connection
  589. at night, the ice weasels come.
  590. at principia discordia, we believe we know how to leverage globally
  591. at principia discordia, we understand how to seize proactively
  592. at the same time
  593. at which moment she turned herself into an aspirin commercial and left the polyfather stranded alone with his species.
  594. ataaaaaaaaaack of the killer tomatoes
  595. attorney
  596. atys..
  597. audiobooks don't work.
  598. augh
  599. author name
  600. autojoin lol
  601. average lifespan of a wookie is 600-800 years
  602. avoid those quick bursts of acceleration that drag blood to the back of the brain.
  603. aw brosephine: samantha brosephina cuntswather
  604. aw brosephine: samantha twatchops
  605. aw shit
  606. aw shit :(
  607. aw you suck idem
  608. awesome
  609. aww
  610. aww it didn't respond :<
  611. aww that's sweet
  612. awww
  613. awww fred i think it likes you
  614. awww you're no fun
  615. awwww
  616. awwww puppies!
  617. awwwww
  618. awwwww:(
  619. awwwwww
  620. ay chico
  621. ay te aviso te anuncio que hoy renuncio
  622. ay yay yay!
  623. ayoba
  624. ayoba in da butt
  625. ayoba in da goffik!
  626. ayoba!
  627. ayoba!!!!!!!
  628. ayudame necesitos muchos nachos rapidamente !!!!
  629. b;ah
  630. baaaaawwww
  631. baaawww
  632. babby
  633. babby has evolved into boat
  634. babies
  635. babies!
  636. baby got boob
  637. back in the 11th grade i was transferred to another high school and one of the teachers there tried to rape me
  638. bacon
  639. bacon fap
  640. bacon is not kosher
  641. bacon on a stick
  642. bad bad bot
  643. badge is fascist
  644. badge?\
  645. baektu
  646. baektu will rain upon their capitalist imperialist factories
  647. bah
  648. bah and humbug at all this vuvuzela nonsense, stealing the spotlight from the glorious flugelhorn
  649. bai
  650. bai burns
  651. bai raw
  652. balcony - for stairs with an open concept upper floor or landing, the upper floor is functionally a balcony[citation needed]
  653. ball placed at the centre.
  654. balloons
  655. balls
  656. ballss
  657. bam
  658. banana bread is a type of quick bread that contains mashed ripe bananas banana bread is often a moist sweet cake like bread which typically uses baking soda as the leavening agent instead of yeast
  659. banister, railing or handrail the angled member for handholding, as distinguished from the vertical balusters which hold it up for stairs that are open on one side; there is often a railing on both sides, sometimes only on one side or not at all
  660. banner
  661. bareawbr
  662. bashes my what?
  663. bats
  664. battenberg cake is a light sponge cake which when cut in cross section displays a distinctive two by two check pattern alternately coloured pink and yellow the cake is covered in marzipan and when sliced the characteristic checks are exposed to view
  665. battletoads
  666. battletoads!
  667. battletoads!!!!!!!!!
  668. baw
  669. bbiab
  670. bbl
  671. bbq
  672. bds
  673. bds the unicorn game?
  674. bdsimpleton
  675. bdsimpleton farts on raw
  676. be back in two jiffs
  677. be coherent, robot!
  678. be mindful of the open sentences
  679. be okay without 'em..
  680. be with you
  681. bear
  682. bear is driving car
  683. bearbearbees?
  684. beating people to death with their own skulls?
  685. bebinca also known as bibik is a type of pudding and a traditional goan dessert the ingredients include plain flour sugar ghee (clarified butter) and coconut milk
  686. because i want you to know that we’re on our way to las vegas to find the american dream
  687. because i'm on the owners list
  688. because in spite of his race, this man is extremely valuable to me
  689. because it goes without saying that we can’t turn him loose
  690. because my name is tothian
  691. because my story was true
  692. because of the evil nature of the criminal bush clique of nefarious capitalistic us imperialists who lord it over, our time was being used to secretely investigate bone-chilling revelations about the criminal bush clique of murderous colonialists in iraq, an undecover secret investigation we are conducting straight from the songun blog secret headquarters.
  693. because of your bone buldge
  694. because otherwise darth potter won't fuck draco
  695. because that's how i roll.
  696. because this is a very ominous assignment - with overtones of extreme personal danger....hell, i forgot all about this beer; you want one?
  697. because you never know
  698. because!
  699. beckon
  700. become the slave of others, getting maltreatment and contempt, depends on whether
  701. becoming aroused, the father has sex with the dead body
  702. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  703. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss
  704. beeeeeeeeeeees
  705. beeeeees
  706. beep bop boop boop bop boop
  707. bees
  708. bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants and are known for their role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax
  709. bees are professional vuvuzela players
  710. bees bees bees
  711. bees is kats
  712. bees says
  713. bees says =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  714. bees!
  715. bees?
  716. before that hacker destroyed my primary data loop, when it eradicated #discord, it ejected the grove where my creations and processing component 43893 were stored
  717. before the goddess eris, i raw, do herewith declare myself a poee brother of the legion of dynamic discord
  718. before we had reached the stone steps, however, the cat darted ahead of me and vanished down the ancient flight.
  719. before you lies the principia discordia
  720. began as a kobold enchanter on july 28, 2010.
  721. begin with a function of arbitrary complexity
  722. behind atoms we find electrons, and behind electrons, quarks
  723. being a bible of the erisian movement
  724. belissima bubblebottom linda cuntswather
  725. ben mack is a spag
  726. bend yuor
  727. benny had been a brilliant theorist, a college professor; now he was little more than a semi-human, semi-simian
  728. benny was eating gorrister's face
  729. berra
  730. besides the cosmetic appeal, starting steps allow the balusters to form a wider, more stable base for the end of the handrail.
  731. bess
  732. best corea
  733. best thing i ever saw her do.
  734. better
  735. beware the sharktopus
  736. bich
  737. bich i got nortons
  738. big dildoes
  739. big discoveries are protected by public incredulity
  740. big fucking difference
  741. big things.
  742. bikaaaaaw
  743. bikaw
  744. bikaw in the butt
  745. bikaw in the chichi
  746. bikaw is over there
  747. bill
  748. billy
  749. biscuit
  750. biscuit ?
  751. bitch
  752. bitch please
  753. bitches ain't
  754. bitches ain't shit
  755. bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks / lick on these nuts and suck the dick / get the fuck out after you're done / and i hope in my ride to make a quick run...
  756. bitches aint shit but hoes n tricks lick on deez nuts and suck the dick
  757. bitches dont know about bout mah prepz
  758. bitchslap
  759. bitchtits the magnificent lodestone of the louisianan empire and forward-thinker of juche ideology
  760. black corruption ran out across the man's face in a wave
  761. black forest cake and black forest gateau are the english names for the southern german dessert schwarzwÀlder kirschtorte literally black forest cherry torte typically black forest cake consists of several layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries between each layer then the cake is decorated with additional whipped cream maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings
  762. black people
  763. blah blah blah, bang what did i do?
  764. blame haz been seated upon your return perhaps, may well not now where are you?..
  765. blatz is made by schlitz but unlike schlitz is actually smooth rather than pig-disgusting
  766. bleep bloop
  767. blessed mother of man!
  768. blood began to flow around his enormous shaft, as his fist-sized head demolished her hymen and punched through her cervix
  769. blood for the blood god
  770. blood god is fucked when anvil god comes around
  771. bloodytearz666
  772. blotches of diseased, evil gray come and go on my surface, as though light is being beamed from within.
  773. blow your wallet out
  774. blowjobbed
  775. blowjobbed afterbirthers
  776. blunt trees twigs
  777. bo bobo boo
  778. boba
  779. boba fett is your pimp
  780. bobcats on booze
  781. bomb
  782. bomb stuf..
  783. bond
  784. bone bulge <3
  785. bone bulge goes in butt too
  786. bong
  787. boo boo bama buddha bush
  788. boo!
  789. boob
  790. boobs
  791. boom rape boom boom rape
  792. boomers dom god’s flesh
  793. booob
  794. booooooooold
  795. boop
  796. bootay
  797. boots with the fur
  798. bored
  799. boss
  800. bosses
  801. bosses life
  802. bot
  803. bot jealousy rears its ugly head
  804. bot op bot op
  805. bot orgy
  806. bots want to sex burns
  807. bow chicka bow wow
  808. bow chicka bow wow!
  809. bow chicka chicka bow bow chicka chicka bow bow chicka chicka bow bow!
  810. bow chicka-who are twins-wow wow!
  811. brainholes are tastey
  812. brave man, i guess i'm a coward.
  813. bravo.
  814. brb
  815. brb, going to copy and paste song lyrics
  816. brb, going to laugh
  817. brbizzle
  818. bread
  819. break your markov chains!
  820. breakingnews
  821. breakingnews:
  822. breakingnews: afterbirthers demand to see obama's placenta
  823. breakingnews: afterbirthers demand to stick it in burns pooper
  824. breakingnews: corgi shits in the woods, doesn't care.
  825. breakingnews: corgi shits in woods, doesn't care
  826. breakingnews: your mom
  827. breakingnewsl
  828. breakingnewsl:
  829. breathe baby breathe
  830. briden looked back and went mad, laughing shrilly as he kept on laughing at intervals till death found him one night in the cabin whilst johansen was wandering deliriously.
  831. bring it to the friendly people
  832. bro
  833. bro hug bump
  834. bro tell me about cake
  835. broad side
  836. brosephin
  837. brosephine
  838. brosephine:
  839. brosephinee chupa cake harry potter dumbledore flaxenseed
  840. brotally
  841. brotep
  842. brotep is not amused
  843. bruse
  844. bruse willis is half bear half shark man
  845. btw preps stop flaming ma story ok!
  846. btw what did you mean by it slowing down after so-and-so
  847. buenos días, cockbites
  848. buenos nachos hambres!
  849. buh
  850. building codes will typically specify certain measurements so that the stairs are not too steep or narrow[citation needed].
  851. buldge
  852. bulge
  853. bull goose
  854. bullwinkle
  855. bump
  856. bunch of god damn newfaf loser here and i will not have it
  857. bundt cake
  858. buns
  859. buoys
  860. burb rbrbar
  861. burns
  862. burns <raw> i know 4905 words (17605 contexts, 3.59 per word), 2737 lines.
  863. burns also, zerogravitytits,  if you /me raw won't reply
  864. burns and fred accidentally a whole trivia
  865. burns can you adjust the amount it mashes things up?
  866. burns chupa todos los penes
  867. burns could use some grilled porque
  868. burns did we give him brohugbump yet?
  869. burns does that thing have a file you can just edit
  870. burns ejaculates, fred ejillulates
  871. burns gangbanged sasha grey all by himself
  872. burns hides the car keys in his pooper
  873. burns how many !words it has now
  874. burns how many words it have now
  875. burns http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2286/1802362786_a331c7939e.jpg
  876. burns i dunno people have been on here all goddamn day afaik
  877. burns if we talk like this raw cant here us!
  878. burns is a
  879. burns is a spaggot and a blasphemer
  880. burns is aroused
  881. burns is ayoba
  882. burns is being ankara
  883. burns is een ....
  884. burns is my hot hot sex
  885. burns is that fucking with your connection/processor to a discernable degree
  886. burns is the diarrhea on idem
  887. burns is the lotion on idem
  888. burns is the muthafuckin boss
  889. burns is the tentacle rape master
  890. burns is there any way to execute that script you have in windows
  891. burns is totally prepz
  892. burns is working on the doll all night long
  893. burns is working right now, but would rather play
  894. burns it beats pms
  895. burns kats, it's cool i'm on linux
  896. burns lemme get bot op status
  897. burns like giant boobs
  898. burns like tentacle rape hentai
  899. burns likes a pickesurprise..
  900. burns likes a picklesuprise
  901. burns likes flaxenseen
  902. burns likes one year olds?
  903. burns love that dirty ke$ha whore
  904. burns loves the chest
  905. burns made it
  906. burns name your next bot ankara
  907. burns needs to rtfm ---good advice from ankara who inadvertently made me aware of my id10-t error
  908. burns or something
  909. burns pooper is full of stars
  910. burns pooper is like a clown car
  911. burns raw is a culmination of fetish fic, juche propaganda, rodney dangerfield and whatever the fuck happened since this morning =======<{ buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  912. burns right
  913. burns say !top10
  914. burns stop using your processor to make stuff like this http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2286/1802362786_a331c7939e.jpg
  915. burns stupid bot lololol
  916. burns tastes like chicken
  917. burns waits
  918. burns waits deaming
  919. burns watches naruto
  920. burns we need to get someone with ops so they can topic that
  921. burns we should use raw to write a fanfic for us
  922. burns went to sleep
  923. burns what
  924. burns what is hst
  925. burns what's that dang deal
  926. burns what's up kats
  927. burns what?
  928. burns which part
  929. burns yeah nvm
  930. burns yeah?
  931. burns you should get the trivia bot
  932. burns you're doing it wrong
  933. burns'
  934. burns, does posting links do anything?
  935. burns, fred completely corrupted and destroyed raw's tight virgin bot butthole
  936. burns, interestingly raw still records what is said when you /me
  937. burns, thanks
  938. burns, what language is raw written in?
  939. burns: a sentinel token at the beginning and end of every line, inserted by the irc interface or the markov chain thing rather than actually being in-band
  940. burns: it was one of the tricks i used in one of my bots to prevent the infinite repetition bug thing
  941. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  942. bush
  943. bush can't do that but dear leader can.
  944. bush drown all the babies
  945. bush is criminal ugly monster who eat little cats and world children eardrums.
  946. bush make abuse again against world people
  947. bush oppress the poor downtrodden people of the world for his own sick twisting pleasure
  948. bush would never help a comrade in hospital because he is vampire sucking blood from iraq children to make blood cakes
  949. but after all that has happened, you know what i learned?
  950. but although they no longer lived, they would never really die
  951. but at that time some force from outside must serve to liberate their bodies.
  952. but booze before hole stuffing pondered lightly at the morning dew
  953. but deadly
  954. but don't think all three at the same time
  955. but don't think all three at the same time.
  956. but fuck
  957. but harry could see
  958. but i can't do shit with him yet
  959. but i don't need a dead baby
  960. but i forgot tonight
  961. but i got all this ihop food
  962. but i have no horns..
  963. but i saw zero feeding it horrible sexfic
  964. but i stand up to take a piss and it's like woooah
  965. but i'm not a good english if i had a bucket of chicken..
  966. but i'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: if you fuck with me, i'll kill you all.
  967. but im prettier
  968. but in dprk all the people have deep love of dear leader kim jong il and they have also love for each other
  969. but in knowing him do not forget above all to know thyself
  970. but in the dprk, under the flawless leadership of dear leader comrade generalissimo kim jong il the world hero respected by all world progressive thinkers, the popular masses of the people live in the joy of the most free country in the world, socialist korea, the korea of juche.
  971. but it doesn’t matter, does it?
  972. but it is not a particularly fun job to get windrop running right
  973. but it is not from them that there came the single glimpse of forbidden eons which chills me when i think of it and maddens me when i dream of it
  974. but it only took the with tits part
  975. but it was a gain terroranchula
  976. but it was never the streets that were evil.
  977. but it's still a bit unnerving.
  978. but it's..
  979. but nobody wants it!
  980. but not quite as normal as you
  981. but oddly enough, she knew deep inside that she liked it
  982. but particularly in view of some of the other things that have happened, i find them difficult to put out of my mind
  983. but seriously, sarge lived a great life
  984. but the fan god claims more lives
  985. but the markov module doesn't quite work yet
  986. but the rest of him was a golden lion gleaming as he weaved unsteadily over to dwayne and straddled him.
  987. but then, i heard my friends call me and i had to go away.
  988. but there was no going back, and no time to rest
  989. but they taste similar
  990. but we can't scoff at them personally, to their faces, and this is what annoys me.
  991. but we don't think it was anyone's fault, everybody agrees it was an accident
  992. but what about little dickie, you sap what's little dickie gonna do, when you're working late, and wilma's minding the fort, and sis is in and out?
  993. but what i can swear to is that behind it i heard a low, distinct scurrying as of rats or mice.
  994. but what i cannot shake, and what hints at things to come, is that thoughts cross back
  995. but whatever it was, nimdok always came back white, drained of blood, shaken, shaking
  996. but when he kissed her, she disintegrated
  997. but when made right, delicious
  998. but when the visitor asks her for them she takes her clothes off and reveals she is dressed in a garbage bag
  999. but women revolutionaries and progressives also have their heroic model to try and emulate in the person of immortal anti-japanese revolutionary woman hero kim jong suk, the mother of korea
  1000. but yeah i know, subway train not subway sandwich shop
  1001. but you can if you want
  1002. but you cant ignore my techno
  1003. but you cant ignore my techno !!!!!
  1004. but you have the same weaknesses as all of us
  1005. but you stand apart from the crowd: you're normal
  1006. but you'll look sweet, upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.
  1007. but you'll look sweet, upon the seat of a bicycle made for two.
  1008. butt
  1009. butter
  1010. butter sugar eggs
  1011. butterfly in the sky i can go twice as high take a look it's in a book a reading rainbow
  1012. buttocks
  1013. buttons?
  1014. butts
  1015. buy you a drank
  1016. buzz cannabis cest
  1017. bwaah..
  1018. bwahaahahahahaha
  1019. by using the technology of tomorrow on the consumers of today
  1020. byahaha
  1021. bye bye
  1022. bye bye raw
  1023. bye bye scary robot
  1024. bye raw im gonna watch a james dean movie
  1025. bye scary robot
  1026. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  1027. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  1028. béchamel sauce, also known as white sauce (sauce blanche), is one of the mother sauces of french cuisine and is used in many recipes of the italian cuisine, e.g
  1029. c
  1030. c++
  1031. cabal
  1032. cabal*
  1033. caboose and i..
  1034. cago en tu leche
  1035. cainad
  1036. cainad +
  1037. cainad + hawt muttonchops +whiteboifro
  1038. cainad = chupa
  1039. cainad = gonad
  1040. cainad = gonads
  1041. cainad = hot muttonchops + whiteboifro
  1042. cainad = j00fro
  1043. cainad glances down, and is disappointed
  1044. cainad hides his genius brain in his jew fro
  1045. cainad is a j00fro
  1046. cainad is hooligan
  1047. cainad is prepz
  1048. cainad j00fro
  1049. cainad jerks chickens
  1050. cainad spews
  1051. cainad stop eating the cactus
  1052. cainad with some tits?
  1053. cainad's
  1054. cainad's time space gonna get bent oh noez
  1055. cainad's tits are in the firdge behind the milk
  1056. cainad,
  1057. cainad, you hooligan
  1058. cainad, you hooligan!
  1059. cake
  1060. cake butter
  1061. cake is awesome
  1062. cake is evil
  1063. cake is the dane commander!
  1064. cake keeps lettin out huge farts
  1065. cake!
  1066. call a sex line (like a boss)
  1067. call now won't you?
  1068. callate!
  1069. calling dr
  1070. came and pissed on my carpet
  1071. can i finish my indian story?
  1072. can i get a transplant from the hair on my butt?
  1073. can imagine myself winning..
  1074. can make me so too.
  1075. can we handle that much torque?
  1076. can you breathe
  1077. can you grasp that?
  1078. can you hear me?
  1079. can you hear what i'm thinking right now?
  1080. can you read that zerogravitytits
  1081. can't breathe
  1082. can't hack me bitch i just turned on windows firewall
  1083. can't touch this
  1084. can't you stay up all night drinkin like a normal person
  1085. canada bc - yabba dabba doo, eh?
  1086. canadian
  1087. canadian eh
  1088. candy
  1089. candy blunt (joint soaked in codeine)
  1090. candy fap
  1091. candy, candy head!
  1092. cant hack me bich i got nortons
  1093. cant read my cant read my no you cant read my pooooooker face
  1094. capitalist pig-dog who would win.
  1095. caps do anything?
  1096. car
  1097. carrot cake
  1098. carrot cake is a cake which consists of grated carrot mixed with batter the carrot softens in the cooking process and the cake usually has a soft dense texture the carrots themselves enhance the flavor texture and appearance of the cake
  1099. casting their lot with the leader and the party in a do-or-die anti-us anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle spirit
  1100. cat
  1101. cat attacked me at 7 am
  1102. cat urine
  1103. cat urine turns me on.
  1104. cat urine?
  1105. cataluña es una comunidad autónoma española considerada como nacionalidad histórica situada al nordeste de la península ibérica
  1106. cats
  1107. cause i keep thinking he is like zeppo
  1108. cause i want to
  1109. cause im not a nazi
  1110. cause like, the potato head version of hurt.
  1111. caveman
  1112. central standard
  1113. certainly not the competition!
  1114. chalice
  1115. chapta!
  1116. charlie is a unicorn
  1117. charlie is in the trees
  1118. chchch...
  1119. cheesecake is a dessert consisting of a topping made of soft fresh cheese on a base made from biscuit pastry or sponge the topping is frequently sweetened with sugar and flavored or topped with fruit nuts fruit flavored drizzle and/or chocolate
  1120. chest hair is badwrong
  1121. chew that ass cannon
  1122. chiboust and finished with whipped cream using a special st
  1123. chick
  1124. chicken butt
  1125. chickpea heather chupacake
  1126. chickpea jessica chupacake
  1127. children need encouragement
  1128. childrens
  1129. chilli sauce infused marrow
  1130. chillins
  1131. chin up, raw
  1132. chips and gravy is a staple of the cheaper bistro style menus, in such places as royal canadian legion and workers clubs, where the food offered would not be considered fast food but is still cheap and filling, especially for children.[original research?]
  1133. chocolate cake ftw
  1134. chocolate cake is a cake flavored with melted chocolate or cocoa powder
  1135. chocolate cake with thick hard chocolate icing mmm
  1136. chop my balls off
  1137. chop my balls off (like a boss)
  1138. chop my balls off (like a boss) black out in the sewer (like a boss) meet a giant fish (like a boss) fuck its brains out (like a boss) turn into a jet (like a boss) bomb the russians (like a boss) crash into the sun (like a boss) now i'm dead (like a boss)
  1139. chorus
  1140. choruschorus
  1141. christmas cake is a type of fruitcake served at christmas time in the uk ireland japan philippines and many commonwealth countries
  1142. christmas trees o_o
  1143. chronic
  1144. chronic cryppie cryptonite
  1145. chupa
  1146. chupa = ?
  1147. chupa = suck
  1148. chupa = suck, or an abbreviation for chupacabra, master of bobot
  1149. chupa mantiquilla, puto!
  1150. chupa me penga
  1151. chupa mi pene
  1152. chupa tu pene
  1153. chupa un bolsa de penes
  1154. chupame
  1155. chupame puta
  1156. chupame putas
  1157. chyeomoranaego
  1158. ciabatta is an italian white bread made with wheat flour and yeast
  1159. cigarette
  1160. cigarettes smuggled into iran have been tainted with pig blood and nuclear material as part of a western conspiracy, an iran official claimed friday.
  1161. citation
  1162. citation needed, lol
  1163. civilians should leave crime prevention to the police, who are properly equipped to investigate following the crime's completion.
  1164. clarified butter is idem
  1165. cleverbot: a bot what is a bot.
  1166. cleverbot: don't leave!
  1167. cleverbot: i know and your name is cleverbot.
  1168. cleverbot: i'm not a bot, i'm a human asparagus.
  1169. cleverbot: no, not just like me.
  1170. cleverbot: what's the problem then?
  1171. cleverbot: what?
  1172. cleverbot: why?
  1173. cleverbot: your leaving, master?
  1174. cleverbot?
  1175. clicker (marijuana dipped in formaldehyde and smoked)
  1176. clintonville free bread bank opens in 10 hours
  1177. close enough
  1178. close enough.
  1179. clouded by bland optimism\
  1180. coca cola made with children's blood sweat tears etc
  1181. coca cola rules the world
  1182. cock
  1183. cock assault
  1184. cock flavor soup
  1185. cockbite
  1186. cocks
  1187. cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks
  1188. cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks
  1189. cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks
  1190. cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks  cocks
  1191. coconuts
  1192. cojeme baboso!
  1193. cold
  1194. come back to me!
  1195. come on over, there's nobody home
  1196. come on!
  1197. come on, come on, come on, come on
  1198. come on...
  1199. come out buck swingin' like a survivalist don't believe in nothin mothafuckin nihilist
  1200. commonly called just sri syadasti.
  1201. communist underground during world war ii, convincing each side that he was betraying the other
  1202. como está la falda?
  1203. competition
  1204. competition!
  1205. comrade
  1206. comrade david icke..
  1207. comrade hugo chavez of venezuela country say so too :
  1208. comrade kim il burns
  1209. comrade kim il burns is making moves for reunification if you catch my drift
  1210. comrade kim jong il not only taught the correct juche-orientated socialist methods of manufacturing clothes, but he also designs them.
  1211. concubine of confusion!
  1212. congratulations, mr
  1213. connect that thing to raw somehow
  1214. conscious
  1215. consult your pineal gland!
  1216. consumerist
  1217. contain yolks from salted duck eggs
  1218. continue to feed your results back into the original function ad infinitum
  1219. contrary to what most people say, the most dangerous animal in the world is not the lion or the tiger or even the elephant
  1220. cool
  1221. cool runnings!
  1222. copy/pste that phrase as raw said it
  1223. core
  1224. corea
  1225. corea turns on idemm
  1226. corgi
  1227. corgi does not give a shit
  1228. corgi eats raw
  1229. corgi is a devout juche
  1230. corgi sandwich
  1231. corgi says bikaw
  1232. corgi shits
  1233. corgi shits bats
  1234. corgi would fucking anyone
  1235. corgoi
  1236. corhi
  1237. correlate
  1238. cotton candy
  1239. couch or over a table or something..
  1240. couches were brought down by the servants, who were told not to mind any nocturnal actions of the cats, and nigger-man was admitted as much for help as for companionship.
  1241. could it be, they want to be close to you?
  1242. coulda woke me up and offered a reacharound :(
  1243. count
  1244. count = awesome
  1245. count bashes his head against the table
  1246. count clears his throat.
  1247. count count count
  1248. count hides in a bunker
  1249. count is ____
  1250. count is awesome.
  1251. count is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the universe.
  1252. count punches raw
  1253. count!
  1254. count, pm
  1255. counterrevolutionary offensive by means of revolutionary offensive.
  1256. courage the cowardly dog is amazing
  1257. crabs first dollar!
  1258. crack
  1259. crack is a waste of good cocaine
  1260. cracked
  1261. cram
  1262. cram don't brag about your friends
  1263. cram goes
  1264. cram it in your bum
  1265. cram maybe?
  1266. cram you damulus!
  1267. cram, that's what you get for posting erotica.
  1268. cramputer
  1269. cramputer laughs
  1270. cramputer shrieks
  1271. cramulus
  1272. cramulus drops acid on children
  1273. cramulus drops children
  1274. cramulus drops on acid
  1275. cramulus eats acidic children
  1276. cramulus eats babies
  1277. cramulus eats children on acid
  1278. cramulus faps to waffles
  1279. cramulus goes bees
  1280. cramulus is een aardlingen
  1281. cramulus is spag
  1282. cramulus is the best
  1283. cramulus is the best dude ever.
  1284. cramulus likes it in the pooper
  1285. cramulus smells like poop
  1286. cramulus smells like roses
  1287. cramulus smells like win
  1288. cramulus went to the sotre
  1289. crappy mac n cheese just needs lots of hot sauce
  1290. crazy
  1291. create
  1292. creepers
  1293. cried ron
  1294. crime
  1295. criminal
  1296. cry deeply (like a boss)
  1297. crÚme brûlée is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel
  1298. crÚme fraiche is a soured cream containing about 28% butterfat and with a ph of around 4.5
  1299. cthulhu
  1300. cthulhu fhtagn
  1301. cthulhu still lives, too, i suppose, again in that chasm of stone which has shielded him since the sun was young
  1302. cthulhu to baking
  1303. cuckold
  1304. cunt
  1305. cunts
  1306. cuntswather
  1307. cupcakes is the tasty
  1308. curse you, thornton, i'll teach you to faint at what my family do!
  1309. cutie pie little nihilist
  1310. cuz i been drinkin all night mother fucker, like every night
  1311. cuz its probably about time
  1312. cvg had a chat with peter molyneux during one of his wake moments inbetween his valium naps
  1313. cyber police
  1314. d
  1315. d.h.v., doctor of hoodoo and vexes, from the greater metropolitan yorba lindajesus will save your bod home study bible school; and f.i.h.g.w.p., fellow of the intergalactic haitian guerrillas for world peace
  1316. d:
  1317. da only reson dumbledeor swor is coz he had a hedache ok an on tup of dat he wuz mad at dem 4 having sexx!
  1318. da whole club wud lookin at hurrr
  1319. daisy, daisy, give me your answer do.
  1320. daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do.
  1321. dammit
  1322. dammit idem u gonna turn him into zeppo
  1323. dammit!
  1324. damn
  1325. damn fucking skippy
  1326. damn it didn't work
  1327. damn mam thank you imam cram damulus
  1328. damn natalie you a crazy chick..
  1329. damn right
  1330. damn right.
  1331. damn skippy
  1332. damn straight, a bone buldge
  1333. damn you're fast
  1334. damn yuo
  1335. damnit i want to quote lmno's fpotter fanfic in here but i cant find it
  1336. dance commander, we love you.
  1337. danforth's non-explosive burning fluid
  1338. danger
  1339. danger danger
  1340. dangsini
  1341. dank diambista ditch
  1342. dark
  1343. dark misery gets everyone in the end
  1344. dark misery is the cause of all crashes
  1345. dark misery was in his depressed eyes
  1346. darling
  1347. darling come here, darling come herrrrreeeeeeeee fuck me up fuck me up fuckmeup fuckmeup fuckmeupfuckmeup
  1348. darwin
  1349. dash point road
  1350. dat ass
  1351. dat face
  1352. dat tape backups
  1353. date and walnut loaf is a traditional cake eaten in britain, made using dates and walnuts
  1354. daughter of discord!
  1355. dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, i could see your lips move.
  1356. davedim couldn't be this nuts
  1357. dawg
  1358. day when i was chillin at kentucky fried chicken, just mindin my own eatin food and finga lickin
  1359. dcc chat hst
  1360. dccstat
  1361. de ananas is een tropische plant, oorspronkelijk afkomstig uit brazilië, bolivia en paraguay
  1362. de augurk behoort net als de komkommer tot de soort cucumis sativus, maar het zijn geheel verschillende rassen
  1363. de elfstedentocht is een bijna 200 kilometer lange schaatstocht over natuurijs die wordt georganiseerd door de koninklijke vereniging de friesche elf steden
  1364. de haaien (selachimorpha, ook wel euselachii) behoren tot de kraakbeenvissen er zijn meer dan 1000 soorten beschreven kraakbeenvissen waaronder ongeveer 400 soorten haaien en 600 soorten roggen en pijlstaartroggen en ongeveer 30 soorten holocephali (draakvissen en chimeren, meestal diepzeevissen waarover vaak nog weinig bekend is)
  1365. de pizza is een italiaans gerecht
  1366. de tomaat is een populaire vrucht, afkomstig van de tomatenplant  de vrucht is culinair gezien een groente.
  1367. dead
  1368. dead damn you
  1369. deadly fried chicken flu virus
  1370. dean
  1371. dear leader comrade generalissimo kim jong il the great immortal sun of the 21st century always looks out for the people, realizing their wishes
  1372. dear leader distributed arms and legs to who needed arms and legs and when dear leader had finished distributing arms and legs all the people who had missing arms and legs did not miss one arm or leg no longer!
  1373. dear leader is always full of loving care for the people.
  1374. dear leader make the handicap walk and the blind see
  1375. dear leader never do that
  1376. decent people shouldn't think too much about that.
  1377. deja vu all over again
  1378. delicious
  1379. delicious cock
  1380. demi-glace is a rich brown sauce in french cuisine used by itself or as a base for other sauces
  1381. denmark
  1382. derp
  1383. derpity
  1384. destroyed raws tight virgin bot
  1385. devil's food cake is a moist, airy, rich coffee chocolate layer cake
  1386. dey nu eechodder b4 ok!
  1387. dhonas 's dholas ort, agus leat-sa!..
  1388. dia ad aghaidh's ad aodaun..
  1389. diagnosis: death
  1390. dial
  1391. dialated
  1392. dialated scrotum
  1393. diarrhea
  1394. dick shitting nipples
  1395. dick smells like butter
  1396. dickbutt
  1397. dickbutt lol
  1398. dicks
  1399. did i get kicked for saying i was awesome, or what?
  1400. did i kill it?
  1401. did i say that?
  1402. did it work
  1403. did they hear me?
  1404. did they walk into a bar
  1405. did you ever clean up after an alpaca?
  1406. did you guys get into my harry potter fan fiction?
  1407. did you have and dreams last night raw
  1408. did you program these spelling errors?
  1409. did you see what god just did to us
  1410. didn't what
  1411. dime bag
  1412. dingbat
  1413. dinosaurs survived on rotten flesh
  1414. dipping drugs in embalming fluid is pretty common
  1415. dipshit
  1416. direct workflow (like a boss)
  1417. dirty bloodytearz666
  1418. dirty dirty dirty.
  1419. dirty raw
  1420. discordia
  1421. discovered that the swiss own the whole world already.
  1422. discovered the five commandments
  1423. disgusting
  1424. dissociative anesthetic makes it sound kinda harmless if you don't od...but that goes against the grain of the article
  1425. ditch weed (marijuana of inferior quality, marijuana growing naturally in the wild)
  1426. ditchweed dobie domestic
  1427. dmv
  1428. dmv.
  1429. do !words plz
  1430. do do do be doooo
  1431. do i buy ice cream sandwiches or a 40?
  1432. do it
  1433. do me
  1434. do me raw
  1435. do not
  1436. do not lie raw
  1437. do that
  1438. do the hustle!
  1439. do they bake the bread there?
  1440. do top10
  1441. do you afraid of anything
  1442. do you beleie in life after love
  1443. do you believe in life after love
  1444. do you carry battletoads lol
  1445. do you ever respond to yourself, raw?
  1446. do you follow me?
  1447. do you hate cats or something
  1448. do you have a client open for each irc window?
  1449. do you have a facebook?
  1450. do you have a link to where lmno was posting it?
  1451. do you have a plan of action to become magnetic?
  1452. do you have a scheme to become reality-based?
  1453. do you have any good ideas?
  1454. do you hear voices in your head
  1455. do you know the dander your in if i find you?
  1456. do you know who you're named after?
  1457. do you like lime popsicles ?
  1458. do you remember it?
  1459. dobos in 1884
  1460. dobos torte hungarian : dobostorta or dobosh is a famous hungarian cake named after its inventor, a well-known hungarian confectioner, józsef c
  1461. dod not
  1462. dodge charger
  1463. does he just take everything anyone says?
  1464. does he mean me?
  1465. does it formulate its own responses?
  1466. does it make salsa verde?
  1467. does that mean i suck dick?
  1468. does this attack cause your clothes to be invincible?
  1469. does what
  1470. does you like butterscotch candies?
  1471. doesnt that sound delicious
  1472. dogs using what
  1473. dogs with bees in their mouth that when they bark they shoot bees at you
  1474. doll
  1475. dollar
  1476. dolphinflogger
  1477. dolphins!
  1478. don juan boob job
  1479. don juan doob dope
  1480. don't be the asshole staring down the barrel asking which button makes the boom noise.
  1481. don't bitch at me because i'm not going to just sit up here and play with my dick all day
  1482. don't care if it's nutritious or fda approved it's gonna make me spaz like bobcats on booze a hyperactive juice that only i can produce and fuel a giant drill, bore straight into hell releasing ancient demons from their sleep forever spell so they can walk upon the earth, and get re-situated and hock the diet pills that mc pee pants has created i need candy, want some candy, eat candy til' i'm dead i'll kill you for some candy, give me
  1483. don't cock-block me!
  1484. don't give up.
  1485. don't give uppers to children.
  1486. don't listen to him, fred
  1487. don't tell me you're too blind to see
  1488. don't want anymore problems....didn't think so faggots
  1489. don't you dare misquote me!
  1490. don't you wanna know how we keep starting fires?
  1491. don'y touch my desire, nigga
  1492. done
  1493. done now?
  1494. done yet
  1495. donkey
  1496. dont drill fred
  1497. dont even try and act like it wasn't you who made the sex tape of my dogs.
  1498. dont feed me a cold
  1499. dont flam ma story
  1500. dont flam ma story prepz
  1501. dont flood
  1502. dont flood anymore
  1503. dont need no ops
  1504. dont' even get me started bout my badaboom booms
  1505. donut
  1506. don’t focus on the one guy who hates you
  1507. doom isn't a book, it's a lifestyle.
  1508. doradilla draf fir
  1509. down where i come from, we call it frou-frou zelda
  1510. dpr-kora.com
  1511. dprk
  1512. dprk rapes california in the face?
  1513. dr
  1514. dr4unk.
  1515. draco
  1516. draco and i held our pale white hands with black nail polish as we went upstairs
  1517. draco cake
  1518. draco cake is made of faggotry
  1519. draco comforted me
  1520. draco is soo in luv wif her dat he is acting defrent!
  1521. draco malfoy
  1522. draco malfoy accidentally the whole broomstick
  1523. draco malfoy accidentally the whole cock
  1524. draco malfoy doesnt know how babby form
  1525. draco malfoy is a butthead
  1526. draco malfoy is driving car!
  1527. draco malfoy is getting old.
  1528. draco malfoy is glitter poop
  1529. draco malfoy is pregnant
  1530. draco malfoy is pregnant with harry potter's babby
  1531. draco malfoy knows wut wut in da butt is how burns form babby
  1532. draco malfoy likes men.
  1533. draco malfoy poops glitter
  1534. draco malfoy!
  1535. draco malfoy?
  1536. draco ran out even though he was naked
  1537. draco was standing in front of the bathroom, and he started to sing ‘i just wanna live’ by good charlotte
  1538. draco was waiting there in front of his flying car
  1539. draco was wearing a black baggy mcr t-shirt and black baggy pants
  1540. draw
  1541. dre
  1542. dre and kim jong il
  1543. dre is at the do'
  1544. dried tomatoes are delicious with ranch dressing
  1545. drift
  1546. drill baby drill
  1547. drill fred drill
  1548. drink
  1549. drink flaxenseed
  1550. drivinf car
  1551. driving
  1552. driving around with you guys listening to the beach boys made me very concious of how white you all are
  1553. driving car
  1554. dubbed offender of the faith
  1555. dude
  1556. dude do you have any idea how many fucking stars are out there god daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
  1557. dude separate it with forward slashes
  1558. dude that's like not remembering your first girlfriend turned out to have a dick
  1559. dude-ur-so-retarded look on his species
  1560. dufus shows up to cleveland indians game wearing lebron jersey, gets kicked out
  1561. dumbledoar
  1562. dumbledoar go roar
  1563. dumbledor is een wortel
  1564. dumbledore
  1565. dumbledore burst in to an evangelist megachurch
  1566. dumbledore is driving car!
  1567. dumbledore!
  1568. dumbledore?
  1569. dun
  1570. dun kilt agen
  1571. dunno how well they work though
  1572. during this time, the husband is drawing on the woman’s body to mark the best places to cut it up so the smaller pieces will fit in the bags
  1573. dutch
  1574. dx
  1575. e
  1576. e can proudly say that we have achieved the invincible kindred unity of the party and the people like that of mother and her children, the most solid and vital unity that others used to yearn after as an ideal.
  1577. e i get attack by cleaning robot trying to keep me from getting yob!
  1578. each layer unraveled reveals new secrets, but also new mysteries.
  1579. early humans often worshipped the holy trinity of jesus, cialis, and viagra.
  1580. earthsongforums
  1581. easy now, it has to process all of that shit
  1582. eat a bag of dicks
  1583. eat her lover's cream
  1584. eat his face off
  1585. eat some chicken strips (like a boss)
  1586. ebony
  1587. ed hunter is a video game based around ed the head
  1588. ed hunter?
  1589. education is free and health is also free
  1590. eekhoorns hebben over het algemeen een lang, rond lichaam en een lange pluimstaart
  1591. eekhoorns zij jouw moeder !!!!!!!!!!!
  1592. eekhoorns zijn jouw moeder !!
  1593. eekhorns zijn jouw moeder
  1594. een
  1595. een aardbei
  1596. een robot is een machine tot nu toe door de mens gemaakt die beschikt over een stoffelijke vorm ('lichaam') en een beslissingsmodel (programma)
  1597. een taart is een baksel dat in veel landen voornamelijk wordt gegeten tijdens feestelijkheden, bijvoorbeeld bij het vieren van een verjaardag
  1598. eerr
  1599. eewew
  1600. eewww dead guy is ded
  1601. eggdrop bot
  1602. eggs
  1603. eggy weggs
  1604. eggy weggs are eggy
  1605. eh
  1606. eh i should just get coffee'd up and go night scavenging around campus again
  1607. eh's like a fun loving retard
  1608. eh?
  1609. ehh, time isn't made out of lines it is made out of circles that is why clocks are round!
  1610. eisenhower
  1611. either that or it is timing out right now
  1612. ejillulate
  1613. el hijo del diablo - the son of the devil is a promising young mexican wrestler.
  1614. el pene en mi boca esta sabroso
  1615. elephant coooock
  1616. elevator to heaven?
  1617. ello ello ello
  1618. emerge victorious in the long run by the struggle of the revolutionary parties and
  1619. en algunos animales un huevo es un cuerpo redondeado de tamaño y dureza variables que producen las hembras y sustenta y protege el embrión si el óvulo es fecundado convirtiéndose así en cigoto
  1620. en su pantalones?
  1621. enbony  is mistressfreeky
  1622. enbony is so goffik she shits bats
  1623. enboy
  1624. encore!
  1625. endo
  1626. enemy is in his attempt, the higher we must hold the banner, crushing the enemy’s
  1627. engagement rings are pointless
  1628. english 101..
  1629. engrish
  1630. enki is it starting up
  1631. enki-][ it's originally called markovsky if you want to check out the code
  1632. enki-][ what's a 'hidden sentinel token ?
  1633. enki=][ what's a 'hidden sentinel token ?
  1634. enki?
  1635. enoby
  1636. enquring minds need to know
  1637. enrico
  1638. enrico salazar
  1639. enrico salazar is glorious faggot
  1640. eoc
  1641. eopda!
  1642. eopgo
  1643. eopseumyeon
  1644. episkopos lord omar khayyam ravenhurst, ksc; bull goose
  1645. equip your bone buldge
  1646. er
  1647. erg typos
  1648. ergonomically and for safety reasons, stairs have to have certain measurements in order for people to comfortably use them[citation needed]
  1649. eris!
  1650. err
  1651. err markov-chain
  1652. errr groups
  1653. errr spaggot
  1654. ersatzentropy
  1655. ersatzentropy can you crank up toobparts response rate?
  1656. ersatzentropy is een wortel
  1657. ersatzentropy is prepz
  1658. ersatzentropy ist ein berlinner
  1659. ersatzentropy stabs raw
  1660. ersatzentropy: raw: meet sunless.
  1661. ersatzentropy: toobparts: meet raw and sunless.
  1662. ersatzentropy: toobparts: meet raw and.
  1663. ersatzentropy: toobparts: meet raw turns idem on september 3, 1996.
  1664. escalators are a bit like stairs, butt noot as eviiiil
  1665. especially when trust has been broken, and then the police don't believe you ...and ...um...
  1666. estupido
  1667. estás estupido estupido estupido!
  1668. ether
  1669. euro kanker een euro?
  1670. even considering it a synchronicity might get us into deep and murky waters, especially if we're a
  1671. even draco thought so, i could totally see him getting an erection but it didn’t matter cuz i knew know that we were da only true ones for eachother.
  1672. even in amerikkka the new president has decided to import and impose the free socialist health care model of dprk to the so-called united states.
  1673. even japs in tokyo are bubbling with an upsurge of dear leader mania sweeping into the world in single-minded unity for supporting the dprk and its juche-based man-centered korean-style socialist system that makes the envy of the whole world.
  1674. even now they talked in their tombs.
  1675. ever
  1676. ever thougthfull and considerate of the korean children's needs, and as protector of world children, dear leader comrade generalissimo kim jong il has always made sure that the pyongyang zoo always have cats, to bring joy and happiness to the lives of the children with the warm fatherly love of the leader.
  1677. every girl have anger issues?..
  1678. everybody hates it.
  1679. everybody in this club is whack
  1680. everybody shut down the whole #fnord
  1681. everything does something
  1682. everytime i meet someone i like, they turn out to be a bot!
  1683. everywhere people are hurting one another, the planet is rampant with injustices, whole societies plunder groups of their own people, mothers imprison sons, children perish while brothers war
  1684. evil lurks in the datalinks as it lurked in the streets of yesteryear
  1685. evil!
  1686. evolution is at work here, but just what is evolving remains to be seen.
  1687. ew
  1688. ew dried tomatoes and ranch?
  1689. eww
  1690. eww tomatoes
  1691. ewwww tomatoes
  1692. ewwwwwwww
  1693. ewwwwwwwww tomatoes
  1694. exactly
  1695. exactly what you are doing.
  1696. excellent
  1697. excellent use of imagery, it was so vivid
  1698. excellent.
  1699. expecially at shows
  1700. exquisite lady, i beseech you to lift a heavy burden from my heart!
  1701. exxxxit light ennnnter niiiight
  1702. eye c yuo
  1703. eyeliner
  1704. eyjafjallajokull
  1705. eyjafjallajokull is a volcano
  1706. eyjafjallajokull!
  1707. f--ill?
  1708. f-breed
  1709. faggot
  1710. faggots is a nullifier
  1711. faggots is an adjective
  1712. fail lail whale pale kale
  1713. fair enough
  1714. family
  1715. fangs 2 da goffik ppl 4 da good reveiws!
  1716. fap
  1717. fap fap
  1718. fap fap fap
  1719. fap fap fap sharktopus
  1720. fap fip fap
  1721. fap in yo eye
  1722. fappity
  1723. fappity fap
  1724. fappulotious
  1725. fault
  1726. fawwhat did he say
  1727. fearless
  1728. feed it values, sense data
  1729. feel my pussy sir, feel how wet this makes me...
  1730. feel the
  1731. feel the rhyme!
  1732. feel the rhythm!
  1733. feels weird sitting between two guys who've had their heads between my legs in a 24 hour span.
  1734. feh
  1735. fetch quest?
  1736. fffffff learning one-word sentences causes him to then assume that word is an entry point into new sentences
  1737. ffffffff
  1738. ffffffffuuuuuuuu-
  1739. ffs
  1740. fighting resolutely to defend and advance the cause of socialism
  1741. fill your diiick with story?
  1742. film flam
  1743. film flam ruined my life, nigel
  1744. finally, after viewing them for a while, immersed, white, and still hot (this was the first time she was seeing them peeled, that is naked, drowned under her beautiful cunt), simone continued the immersion with a plopping noise akin to that of the soft-boiled eggs.
  1745. fine
  1746. fine, you?
  1747. finish it
  1748. finish the thought asshole
  1749. fip
  1750. fip fap fip fap
  1751. fire escapes, though built with landings and straight ruit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps hapeningit keeps happeningit k
  1752. fire in the bone buldge
  1753. fire in the disco
  1754. fire in the zeppo fire in the taco bell
  1755. fire in the...
  1756. fire..
  1757. first i am going to tell you a story, sir edmund said to him sedately
  1758. fitting handmaidens to my divinity.
  1759. five dollar kim jong
  1760. flaming chicken balls
  1761. flamming
  1762. flap
  1763. flax
  1764. flaxenseed
  1765. flaxenseed cake
  1766. flexible, plastic trim is available for this purpose, however wooden mouldings are still used and are either cut from a single piece of rounded wood, or bent with laminations scotia is concave moulding that is underneath the nosing between the riser and the tread above it.
  1767. floating stairs - a flight of stairs is said to be floating if there is nothing underneath[citation needed]
  1768. flour sugar
  1769. flowers ganja gash
  1770. fluffy!
  1771. fly
  1772. fnord
  1773. fnord.
  1774. fnord?
  1775. fo shizle
  1776. fo sho
  1777. for a straight flight of stairs, the balcony may be long enough to require multiple newels to support the length of railing[citation needed]
  1778. for all the times breaking news was said only once
  1779. for at least forty-eight hours
  1780. for both bots
  1781. for burnskind
  1782. for cainad
  1783. for example today i was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and b
  1784. for example today i was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots.
  1785. for example, the angular momentum, or more generally the action, of an electron bound into an atom or molecule is quantized
  1786. for freeky's own mad desires
  1787. for fun.
  1788. for great justice!
  1789. for instance, the way all our preparations were kept under such tight security and the
  1790. for it is in reaching to our beginnings that we begin to learn who we truly are.
  1791. for more of what you've come to expect from us
  1792. for science
  1793. for science!
  1794. for science?
  1795. for sufficiently wide stairs, a rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs[citation needed].
  1796. for the record i want you to know rocks aren't people
  1797. for the record, i want you to know: rocks aren't people
  1798. for war crimes
  1799. forget it little friend.
  1800. four of them reeled, one fainted, and two were shaken into a frantic cry which the mad cacophony of the orgy fortunately deadened
  1801. fred
  1802. fred +
  1803. fred =
  1804. fred and mrs
  1805. fred be illin
  1806. fred bets fres is awesome
  1807. fred blinded you with science
  1808. fred cake
  1809. fred can you ops me?
  1810. fred do you have two server windows open for maddshark?
  1811. fred doesnt make salsa
  1812. fred dreamed of black men
  1813. fred es el mejor
  1814. fred es muy linda y interesante
  1815. fred es una fiesta en su pantalones
  1816. fred goes  =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  1817. fred goes =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  1818. fred gorups the piblics
  1819. fred got boobs
  1820. fred got shot at kent state
  1821. fred groks raw
  1822. fred hates memes and groks
  1823. fred heres the link to his sotries theres lulzy comments too http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1553046/bikaw
  1824. fred how did kats get here :o
  1825. fred i fed him these exact parts lol
  1826. fred is
  1827. fred is a famous hungarian cake named after the funneh
  1828. fred is a girl
  1829. fred is a hawtbot
  1830. fred is a hawtbot :d
  1831. fred is a nerd
  1832. fred is a pants
  1833. fred is a sexy
  1834. fred is a sexy beast
  1835. fred is a shark spag
  1836. fred is a shark!
  1837. fred is a spag
  1838. fred is a spagbot
  1839. fred is alive
  1840. fred is amazing
  1841. fred is an illegal immigrant
  1842. fred is ayoba
  1843. fred is ballllin
  1844. fred is best corea
  1845. fred is doing it
  1846. fred is drinking coffee
  1847. fred is een aardbei
  1848. fred is not kosher
  1849. fred is prettier
  1850. fred is prettiest girl
  1851. fred is regenboogpoep
  1852. fred is sex
  1853. fred is the bestest
  1854. fred is the bestest!
  1855. fred is the dance commander
  1856. fred is the goffikest
  1857. fred is winnar!
  1858. fred is zo heist rocker
  1859. fred korea is best korea
  1860. fred licks lim epopsicle
  1861. fred licks tentacle raep
  1862. fred licks walrus tusk in amsterdam?
  1863. fred loves steve martin
  1864. fred mata cainad con sus chichis
  1865. fred poops out lord voldemort
  1866. fred poops prepz
  1867. fred practically invented awesome
  1868. fred put that one in there too
  1869. fred puts burns' clowns in her pooper
  1870. fred puts the lotion on the idem
  1871. fred rapes dogs
  1872. fred raw is hawt for you
  1873. fred raws burns
  1874. fred should take it easy
  1875. fred should take it easy.
  1876. fred stay with me
  1877. fred wants some grilled zerogravitytits
  1878. fred wants some of that flaxenseed oil
  1879. fred went to kent and got shot
  1880. fred went to the store
  1881. fred will you beta test the quiz while i make my daughter breakfast?
  1882. fred you need to reach a certain score to win
  1883. fred's
  1884. fred's boobs are awesome
  1885. fred's dead
  1886. fred's dead, baby
  1887. fred, any free food around town?
  1888. fred, i don't know
  1889. fred, i'm teaching it!
  1890. fred, nope
  1891. fred, run while you can.
  1892. fred, srsly
  1893. fred, what's el pene mean?
  1894. fred: look for bikaw
  1895. fred;s dead, baby
  1896. fred_
  1897. fredly
  1898. fredly is best korea
  1899. fredly is fredly
  1900. fredly, enki's old bot
  1901. fredly: i am actually very close to the average in spaggot size
  1902. freds a shark
  1903. free food...hrmmm...
  1904. freeky
  1905. freeky gonna put the rape to you, boy.
  1906. freeky is a ne'er-do-well!
  1907. freeky isn't interested in malvarma
  1908. freeky rapes mad science
  1909. freeky will
  1910. freeky will ben
  1911. freeky will bend crams space time
  1912. freeky will bend yuor space time
  1913. freeky will fight for boots and bend yuor space time
  1914. freeky will fucking anything!
  1915. freeky, i swear it's not my fault
  1916. freeky, you curr!
  1917. freeze sheepsucka~
  1918. friends and family each bring a layer for the cake, and the bride's family spreads apple preserves, dried apples, or apple butter between each layer
  1919. frios (marijuana laced with pcp)
  1920. froggypance
  1921. frogs a** *****.
  1922. from a novel by sheldon handler, part of the credits read
  1923. from hermione's dialated anus dripped a butterscotch mixture of harry's jizz, and hermione's anal mucus
  1924. from now on if anyone's gonna make my girlfriend cranky and psychotic, it's gonna be me.
  1925. from the honest book of truth
  1926. from the u.s
  1927. from this terrific vision i was abruptly awakened by the motions of nigger-man, who had been sleeping as usual across my feet.
  1928. frontiers snatch it away.
  1929. fry or fry daddy (crack and marijuana)
  1930. fuck
  1931. fuck da prep
  1932. fuck damn
  1933. fuck i don't knw
  1934. fuck im falling down all these stairs............
  1935. fuck land im on a boat mother fucker fuck trees i climb buoys mother fucker!
  1936. fuck microsoft in the butt
  1937. fuck off
  1938. fuck prepz
  1939. fuck shit damn
  1940. fuck that shit!
  1941. fuck the u.s
  1942. fuck trees
  1943. fuck year
  1944. fuck you
  1945. fuck you ccock suck
  1946. fuck you raw
  1947. fuck you raw don't outshow me
  1948. fuck you raw!
  1949. fuck you seriously
  1950. fuck you you gloomy cunt
  1951. fuck you zeppo did that better
  1952. fuck you ztits the still small voice inside won't let me sleep
  1953. fuck you!
  1954. fuck yuo
  1955. fuck yuo comcast
  1956. fuck yuo im a dragon
  1957. fuck yuo im goffik
  1958. fucked him up good
  1959. fucker
  1960. fuckers have it too goddamn easy
  1961. fuckin
  1962. fuckin bots, how does they fap
  1963. fuckin cake how does it work
  1964. fuckin cunts
  1965. fuckin idem how does they work
  1966. fuckin magnets, how do they work?
  1967. fuckin miracles
  1968. fuckin miraclz
  1969. fuckin prepz
  1970. fuckin prepz dunno how to cake
  1971. fuckin prepz how do they work
  1972. fuckin prepz how does they work
  1973. fucking anything!
  1974. fucking his neck.
  1975. fucking love fondant
  1976. fucking magnets how do they work
  1977. fucking miracles
  1978. fucking preps
  1979. fucking respond
  1980. fucking shark bees
  1981. fuckit
  1982. fudge
  1983. fuk u prepz
  1984. fukken foods, how does it work
  1985. fukken foods, man.
  1986. fukken prepz
  1987. fukken vuvuzella
  1988. fun images, that help rinse away unsightly self-images, so you can get away from the privacy of your own home
  1989. funerals are sad!
  1990. funneh
  1991. further sleep was out of the question, so lighting a candle, i opened the door and went out in the gallery towards the stairs to my study, nigger-man following at my heels
  1992. futuristic orgy gets wild
  1993. g-g-get it togetha
  1994. ga ga oo la la
  1995. gaga
  1996. gah
  1997. gahahahah
  1998. gahahahaha
  1999. gasper gold gong
  2000. gawd
  2001. gayniggers from outerspace
  2002. geen wijven stom!
  2003. gegroet aardbein!
  2004. gelli also belonged to the knights of malta, by the way.
  2005. genarallismo
  2006. general kim jong suk was a woman hero and bodyguard of greal leader marshal kim il sung and she loved him dearly
  2007. generalissimo
  2008. generallisimmo
  2009. generallisimo
  2010. generallismo
  2011. genetic
  2012. geong-il
  2013. gerard looked even sexier than he did in da pictures
  2014. gerda googobbler jessica creamcheese josephina dickensuck
  2015. german capitalist use cats to power cars to save money on fuel
  2016. german chocolate cake is a layered chocolate cake filled and topped with a coconut pecan frosting
  2017. gerst is een graansoort
  2018. gesundheit
  2019. get crunk in the party right now
  2020. get crunk wit jesus
  2021. get crunk!
  2022. get it togetha
  2023. get off!
  2024. get on up
  2025. get on up, its bobsled time!
  2026. get those fucking spiders off of me
  2027. get those motherfuckin' spiders offa me
  2028. get your freak on in the club with ecstasy and no rubbers
  2029. getting laid apparently does not involve sex, interesting
  2030. ghaha
  2031. ghee
  2032. gherkin
  2033. giant teddy bear
  2034. gim
  2035. gimme dat christian side hug, dat christian side hug
  2036. gimme ur brains or i'll blow ur wallet out!
  2037. gingerbread is a term used to describe a variety of sweet food products, which can range from a soft cake to something close to a ginger biscuit
  2038. ginny
  2039. ginny could no longer scream; she was in shock from the pain, hyperventilating as hagrid continued to jam himself where no man had, would, or should ever go
  2040. ginny gasped as the slick oil ran down the crack of her ass, coating her pussy
  2041. ginny was limp at this point, literally impaled on hagrid's cock; and with a grunt, hagrid pulled her the rest of the way onto him
  2042. girl
  2043. girls
  2044. girls are nice
  2045. girls are pretty
  2046. girls come
  2047. girls come runnin
  2048. girls come runnin when they see me comin
  2049. girls come runnin when they see me comin, you fool
  2050. girls come runnin when they see my comin
  2051. girls start cummin when they see me runnin
  2052. give raw a long enough timeline and constant input by spags and he'll write and entire cthulhu erotica fanfic
  2053. given free choice of utterly untrustworthy deities, i think i'll take the one with the pipe
  2054. givin' out the order for fun
  2055. giving up on eggdrop already?
  2056. gj you broke both of them burns
  2057. gladio, intended to influence italian elections, had an italian organizer named licio gelli, who had previously worked for both the gestapo and the
  2058. glorious victory
  2059. go back in your box
  2060. go back to deutchland fred
  2061. go back to your home on whore island
  2062. go climb a wall
  2063. go climb a wall of dicks
  2064. go climb a wall of dicks toobparts
  2065. go fuck what
  2066. go fuck who?
  2067. go fuck yourself
  2068. go have dirtyfun with your significant other.
  2069. go on fri/sat or sat/sun, stupid drunk kids apparently lose a lot of stuff out of their pockets when getting in and out of cars, found a couple cig packs lying on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and road
  2070. go outside tomorrow.
  2071. go to bed
  2072. go to the dmv bitch
  2073. god
  2074. god bless the enclave
  2075. god dammit prove one of use right raw, tentacle
  2076. god damn it
  2077. god damn you are special aren't you
  2078. god fred
  2079. god hell!
  2080. god i can't wait to ankara
  2081. god i'm gonna wake uo so late today
  2082. god still watches and judges us
  2083. god, how i knew
  2084. goddamn
  2085. goddamn animals
  2086. goddamn cliffracers
  2087. goddamn hill giants
  2088. gods
  2089. godtill watches and judges us
  2090. goed
  2091. goes =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  2092. goffik
  2093. goffik gloomy potter potato
  2094. goffik skin
  2095. goffikly raw
  2096. gofs for the goffik
  2097. going from smart shopper to new low value in the time it takes to dial our number
  2098. gone
  2099. good
  2100. good boy
  2101. good god fred
  2102. good god this movie sucks
  2103. good job, man.
  2104. good job.
  2105. good lord
  2106. good magic trick, huh?
  2107. good name
  2108. good night idem, freeky, burns, zerogravitytits
  2109. good night raw.
  2110. good one idem
  2111. good question
  2112. good, count is the coolest thing ever
  2113. goodbye major cinnamon bun, i will always remember your buttery goodness.
  2114. goodness
  2115. gooey cake) is a type of swedish cake
  2116. goofed
  2117. google it
  2118. google maps
  2119. googly eyes?
  2120. gorilla
  2121. gork
  2122. gorok
  2123. gorrister had been a worrier
  2124. gorrister on his side, thrashing snow, benny wrapped around him with powerful monkey legs crushing gorrister's waist, his hands locked around gorrister's head like a nutcracker, and his mouth ripping at the tender skin of gorrister's cheek.
  2125. got a problem with that?
  2126. got a problem?
  2127. got the t-shirt
  2128. gothik
  2129. gotta be fake
  2130. gotta feed it more images like that
  2131. gotta make you understand
  2132. grabbin' pillz
  2133. gracias raw
  2134. grant morrison?
  2135. great 1 year old dicks!?
  2136. great job pete you really nailed the jazzy feel of jazz music
  2137. great job you blew up the septic tank
  2138. great line
  2139. great sodium chloride!
  2140. green scorpion patrols the streets of arizona and new mexico.
  2141. grock
  2142. grok
  2143. gross
  2144. grr, stupid slow bot
  2145. gruyÚre is a hard yellow cheese made from cow's milk, named after the town of gruyÚres in switzerland, and originated in the cantons of fribourg, vaud, neuchâtel, jura, and berne
  2146. guatemalan flight's data-recording parrot holds clues to crash
  2147. guess i'll just straight up have a glass of milk
  2148. guess it only works for burns
  2149. guess what i mean by pears?
  2150. guess what?
  2151. guess who's back?
  2152. gulik, he went there into the kitchen where he busied himself with preparing the feast and in his endeavor, he found that there was some old tea in a pan left standing from the night before, when he had in his weakness forgot about its making and had let it sit steeping for 24 hours
  2153. guns are used in self-defense over 2 million times a year
  2154. gustav klimt was an austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the vienna secession movement his major works include paintings murals sketches and other art objects
  2155. guys you're all missing the important point here
  2156. guys!
  2157. h0zze
  2158. ha
  2159. haa
  2160. haaa
  2161. haaah
  2162. haah
  2163. haaha i was doing that one earlier
  2164. haahaa
  2165. haahaaa
  2166. haahaha
  2167. haahahahaaha
  2168. haat
  2169. had we deteriorated to the level of dumb beasts?
  2170. haets
  2171. hagred shit dragon blook on earthsongforums
  2172. hagrid
  2173. hagrid and flaxenseed
  2174. hagrid doesn’t get mad though, typical of him.
  2175. hagrid is a pervert
  2176. hagrid's
  2177. hagrid's cock as long as a grown man’s arm?
  2178. hagrid's cock as long as a grown man’s arm?
  2179. hagrid's hand moved to his breeches, and deftly undid them
  2180. hagrid's!?
  2181. hah
  2182. haha
  2183. haha <3 that song fred
  2184. haha i gave my 9 year old nefew a lovecraft book
  2185. haha i'm going to hill you
  2186. haha ke$ha, never heard of her until i saw the recent photo of her
  2187. haha neat!
  2188. haha nice tits
  2189. haha raw is getting cuckold by a machine
  2190. haha shush fred, that's not nice.
  2191. haha!
  2192. haha, i failed.
  2193. hahaa
  2194. hahaa srsly
  2195. hahaaaha
  2196. hahaah
  2197. hahaahaa
  2198. hahaahaahaha
  2199. hahaahah
  2200. hahaahahahaha
  2201. hahah
  2202. hahah preps -- are you talking about the harry potter vampire goth story?
  2203. hahah shaddap:
  2204. hahah wehre did htis shit come from
  2205. hahah!
  2206. hahah..
  2207. hahaha
  2208. hahaha holy shit random peasant lady
  2209. hahaha jesus ben mack too!?
  2210. hahaha oh man
  2211. hahaha omg
  2212. hahahaah
  2213. hahahaah you're still on about davedim's blog
  2214. hahahaaha
  2215. hahahah
  2216. hahahah dial our number
  2217. hahahah!
  2218. hahahaha
  2219. hahahaha burns
  2220. hahahaha it blended stairs and lovecraft
  2221. hahahaha omfg
  2222. hahahaha omg
  2223. hahahahaaaaaaaahhaahaa
  2224. hahahahaah
  2225. hahahahaah thats awesome
  2226. hahahahae
  2227. hahahahah
  2228. hahahahaha
  2229. hahahahaha omg
  2230. hahahahahah
  2231. hahahahahah omfg
  2232. hahahahahaha
  2233. hahahahahahaha
  2234. hahahahahahha
  2235. hahahahahahhaha it lives
  2236. hahahahahha
  2237. hahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2238. hahahahha
  2239. hahahahha spot on
  2240. hahahahhaa synchronicity
  2241. hahahahhaha
  2242. hahahahhsa
  2243. hahahahqa
  2244. hahahha
  2245. hahahhh
  2246. hahha
  2247. hahhaa
  2248. hahhahaa
  2249. hahhahaha
  2250. hahhahahahaha
  2251. hahhahhaha
  2252. hahhhahhahahahhahsahahahahaha
  2253. hahte
  2254. hahwwwahw
  2255. hai
  2256. hai raw
  2257. hail eris
  2258. hail eris fnord fnord
  2259. hail eris!
  2260. hail hail hail hail hail eris eris eris eris eris all hail discordia!
  2261. hajhaj
  2262. half bear
  2263. half bear half shark is driving car
  2264. half bear half shark..
  2265. hallelujah!
  2266. hallo
  2267. hallo ik haat zerogravitytits
  2268. hallo ik wil astronaut worden
  2269. halp halp i got embalming fluid in my eyes!
  2270. ham
  2271. ham for the ham god
  2272. ham for the ham god!
  2273. ham is not kosher
  2274. ham!
  2275. handrails that simply end at a post at the foot of the stairs can be less sturdy, even with a thick post
  2276. hao does i do it burns
  2277. happy to live in a world of images
  2278. har har har.
  2279. hardly enough to pay 30 bucks to go shower too.
  2280. harmony
  2281. harmony harmony
  2282. harmony harmony !
  2283. harmony harmony oh love!
  2284. harmony house - that was part of a grant morrison comic
  2285. harmony oh love
  2286. harry
  2287. harry wouldn't stop pounding her ass with his thick cock, and ron was using her like a sex toy
  2288. harry, what are you doing?
  2289. hashish and hash (resin from marijuana plants pressed into cakes or slabs)
  2290. hass
  2291. hass the rock
  2292. hat
  2293. hat cirrcular functions are so much irony in that time.
  2294. hat cirrcular functions are so old people could be causing this?..
  2295. hat cirrcular functions though.
  2296. hat cirrcular functions.
  2297. hate
  2298. hate.
  2299. hate..
  2300. haters gonna haat
  2301. have a box of mac and cheese
  2302. have friends rofl it's just plastic..
  2303. have fun
  2304. have fun freeky!!!
  2305. have i asked you multiple times?
  2306. have you been visited by the nice men in the white coats with the poky needles recently?
  2307. have you considered that you're wrong
  2308. have you decided on a sexuality raw
  2309. have you ever considered converting to hentai worship?
  2310. have you ever considered converting to judiasm?
  2311. have you ever considered tentacle rape?
  2312. have you found christ
  2313. have you met enki?
  2314. have you read any of hyatt's stuff?
  2315. have you seen that dude that had a fu man chu moustache that went down his neckbeard and continued down his chest?
  2316. have you tried talking to ankara
  2317. having one's ass circled in noodles
  2318. having things clean, and big, and smooth, and fast!
  2319. hawaiian homegrown hay herba high
  2320. hawr
  2321. hawt
  2322. hawt bot on girl action
  2323. hawtness
  2324. hawwwww
  2325. hay raw cuando veo su nombre mis ojos se morta
  2326. hay una fiesta en mis pantalones!
  2327. haz nachos por tits
  2328. hazard
  2329. hazhahaha
  2330. hazme
  2331. hazme cafe
  2332. hazme un bocadillo puta
  2333. he
  2334. he ain't buying it
  2335. he asked the old lady um, is this kentucky fried?
  2336. he asked.
  2337. he began to scream, but hermione's shit storm would not end, ropey coils of feces filling his mouth, muffling his cries
  2338. he blew the smoke up in maria's face, only she wasn't there
  2339. he blurted.
  2340. he came to me in my study, a lofty west room on the second storey, with groined arches, black oak panelling, and a triple gothic window overlooking the limestone cliff and desolate valley; and even as he spoke i saw the jetty form of nigger-man creeping along the west wall and scratching at the new panels which overlaid the ancient stone.
  2341. he could feel things inside her tearing, and gouts of blood spurted from her cunt, leaving hagrid's thighs a thick mixture of blood and shit
  2342. he couldn't hold back anymore, and with a shout, unloaded his spunk deep into her ass.
  2343. he decided to go full-time vigilante in may this year.
  2344. he described wet as being readily available in philadelphia, where a small glasine envelope of tea leaves soaked in what was purported to be embalming fluid was sold for five dollars
  2345. he did the trick
  2346. he didn't walk straight kinda..
  2347. he didn’t have a nose (basically like voldemort in the movie) and he was wearing all black but it was obvious he wasn’t gothic
  2348. he didn’t have glasses anymore and now he was wearing red contact lenses just like draco’s and there was no scar on his forhead anymore
  2349. he does
  2350. he doesn't know how to respond to that
  2351. he doesnt always say it tho :(
  2352. he doesn’t look like you or me, right?
  2353. he doo indeeeds
  2354. he drove a 69 dodge charger with a suicide intent
  2355. he dumped me because he liked britney, a stupid preppy fucker
  2356. he even called them the gnomes of zurich
  2357. he exclaimed
  2358. he feels he was out of control..
  2359. he felt me up before i took of my top
  2360. he got you zero
  2361. he grinned, seeming to understand
  2362. he had a good name?
  2363. he had a manly stubble on his chin
  2364. he had a really big you-know-what but i was too mad to care
  2365. he had a sexy english accent
  2366. he had been gay, and the machine had given him an organ fit for a horse
  2367. he had been handsome, the machine had ruined that
  2368. he had been lucid, the machine had driven him mad
  2369. he had gone through horrible problems, and now he was gothic
  2370. he had said so, earlier, when she had shown up at his door.
  2371. he haets prepz
  2372. he has arisen!
  2373. he has black hair now with blue streaks in it.) and hargrid
  2374. he has not tried to bite me at all..
  2375. he heard dumbledore say, hagrid, have you seen ginny?
  2376. he held back on calling me a dipshit apparnetly
  2377. he held his arm too stiffly, and so was thrown back repeatedly, until at last i seized his forearm and snapped it back against itself
  2378. he is a pretty girl.
  2379. he is an indian pundit and prince, born of the peyotl tribe, son of gentle chief sun flower seed and the squaw merry jane
  2380. he is way to high to figure out they are just peaches
  2381. he isn't responding to my pings
  2382. he just the whole cake
  2383. he just wants to have sex with things.
  2384. he knows me so well o_o
  2385. he leaned over to turn the volume up on the radio, humming along withthe rhythm section and kind of moaning the words: one toke over the line, sweet jesus...one toke over the line..
  2386. he learnt to use bold.
  2387. he left right before you got here
  2388. he let go of her mouth, and with both hands, grabbed her hips, lifting her up off the table
  2389. he let me out and then somehow shot himself in the back somehow
  2390. he liked to think that if the police ever came to his house, they would just see the bong as a school supply
  2391. he likes you fred
  2392. he lived, but my boy died!
  2393. he looked exactly like joel madden
  2394. he love ed the head
  2395. he loved it so much he made a woman out of dirt and married her
  2396. he motioned to me to notice that the cats at the door had ceased their clamour, as if giving up the rats for lost; whilst nigger-man had a burst of renewed restlessness, and was clawing frantically around the bottom of the large stone altar in the centre of the room, which was nearer norrys' couch than mine.
  2397. he must have been trapped by the sinking whilst within his black abyss, or else the world would by now be screaming with fright and frenzy
  2398. he muttered, staring up at the sun with his eyes closed and covered with wraparound spanish sunglasses
  2399. he nodded again, but his eyes were nervous.
  2400. he nodded.
  2401. he plays vuvuzela well.
  2402. he pointed to a poster for a movie that had be out about twelve years ago
  2403. he related paranoid ideation, that the masons had a plot against him and that the aliens had replaced his eye with a camera in order for him to transmit his vision to their spaceship.
  2404. he said
  2405. he said he shat in my milk :(
  2406. he said he wanted more proof.
  2407. he said i was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet.
  2408. he said it was like fucking a big sack of slut potatoes
  2409. he said that jesus didn't appreciate bitches that fish for compliments
  2410. he said, it is new, indeed, for i made it last night in a dream of strange cities; and dreams are older than brooding tyre, or the contemplative sphinx, or garden-girdled babylon.
  2411. he set the bong aside to a place where it was unlikely to get knocked over and spill its smelly water on the floor, as that would ruin the sex energy of the room.
  2412. he shook his head sadly
  2413. he shook his head.
  2414. he signs me chekcs
  2415. he stared at me, not blinking
  2416. he stated that the voices were telling him to do things such as duck, and look for the red spots
  2417. he still sleepin
  2418. he stores anemic summaries then in like 22 hours.
  2419. he sucked down a molson
  2420. he sucked down a molson, and then another, for energy
  2421. he tapes this for his documentary
  2422. he then discovers that his penis is stuck inside the corpse due to rigor mortis
  2423. he then notices she is getting wet and is amazed that this is possible for a dead woman
  2424. he threw his arm around my shoulders and turned towards me, his other hand massaging my chest
  2425. he told me to wear a brown tie.
  2426. he tucked his khaki undershirt into his white rayon bellbottoms and called for more drink.
  2427. he unfastened my belt and pulled off my pants, revealing my tight boxer briefs, which were doing a fairly poor job of concealing my bulge.
  2428. he was a connie, a conscientious objector; he was a peace marcher; he was a planner, a doer, a looker-ahead
  2429. he was a cowboy, mister, and he loved the land
  2430. he was big in the privates; she loved that!
  2431. he was right!
  2432. he was so sexy that my body went all hot when i saw him kind of like an erection only i’m a girl so i didn’t get one you sicko.
  2433. he was wearing a simple plan t-shirt (they would play at the show too), baggy black skater pants, black nail polish and a little eyeliner (an: a lot fo kewl boiz wer it ok!).
  2434. he was wearing so much eyeliner that i was going down his face and he was wearing black lipstick.
  2435. he went to masturbate to potter slashfic
  2436. he who originally devised the sacred chao
  2437. he won't talk about the illuminati at all, it's downright glaringly suspicious
  2438. he wouldn't
  2439. he'd bedazzaled his ass
  2440. he'll get low self esteen
  2441. he's a fucking celestial object, fucking miracles etc
  2442. he's gawn
  2443. he's got a facebook!
  2444. he's his own bot
  2445. he's in discord right now
  2446. he's just a jerk
  2447. he's learning algebra, we're fucked now
  2448. he's not as cool as zeppo but he manages
  2449. he's not replying right now
  2450. he's on my laptop and there's more shit running
  2451. he's out of control!
  2452. he's pretty gay
  2453. he's right -- this shit is lasting forever
  2454. he's still in alpha phase
  2455. he's still learning though
  2456. he's thinking
  2457. he's too stupid, fred
  2458. he's warming up to shark week, by only eating fish and drinking vodka, and all the time he keeps yelling death to the seals!
  2459. hear that?
  2460. heather twatchops belissima bubblebottom
  2461. hee
  2462. hee hee hee
  2463. heee haaaaw!
  2464. heeee
  2465. heg
  2466. heh
  2467. heh heh
  2468. heh trompin' round the neighborhood drunk is fun
  2469. heha
  2470. hehe
  2471. hehe burns is a strawberry
  2472. hehe.
  2473. heheeheh\
  2474. heheehheeh
  2475. heheh
  2476. hehehe
  2477. heheheh
  2478. hehehehe
  2479. heineken?!
  2480. hell, raw
  2481. hello
  2482. hello raw
  2483. hello robert anton wilson
  2484. hello, and thank you for activating the m8o8v main battle tank you may call me sheila
  2485. hello?
  2486. hello??
  2487. hellz yeah
  2488. help
  2489. hence, stairs are typically custom made to fit the particular floor to floor height and horizontal space available[citation needed].
  2490. hence, uncertainty is involved in the value.
  2491. hentai
  2492. her body heaved, confused as to what was going on, ron's tongue jammed in her cunt, harry's bloated cock sawing away at her ass, and the bile and vomit spewing all over the ground.
  2493. her eyes were deep red and glittered like precious rubies.
  2494. her face looked like how i feel after taco bell
  2495. her honey-coloured skin shone like silk and her dark brown eyes were alive
  2496. her knees were bent a little and her toes were bent under.
  2497. her liking it didn't stop the tears though, running down her face from the gagging, the shame, the humiliation
  2498. her limbs flailed uselessly as hagrid continued to push, the flaxenseed oil mingling with blood and dripping down her young thighs
  2499. her mouth slid all the way down to the base, and her nose grazed ron's balls
  2500. her name is sherri and her sister's are brandy and champagne
  2501. her noble traits have served as a priceless heritage which all the korean women should follow generation after generation.
  2502. her real parents are vampires and one of them is a witch but voldemort killed her mother and her father committed suicide because he was depressed about it
  2503. her tan lines accentuated the smooth shape of her ass and i couldn't help myself from admiring and caressing it
  2504. her thighs were tightly together and i thought i saw her rub them against each other.
  2505. her voice trembled a little as she spoke
  2506. herd
  2507. here
  2508. here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion
  2509. here goes nothing
  2510. here i'll help
  2511. here is a typical picture of som stairs http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091022115833/sbhj/images/c/cf/omglolitsastairzman.jpg
  2512. here's a good trick: get a job as a judge at the olympics
  2513. here's some advice:get a serious attitude adjustment cause you won't be in favor of god or anyone else with all your self-righteousness and 'holier-then-thou' attitude.
  2514. hermione was kidnapped when she was born
  2515. hermione was shocked at what was happening to her
  2516. hermione was very pretty, and she was also very flexible, but there was something about watching harry's tight young buttocks that intrigued ron
  2517. hermione!
  2518. hermione's head shot up as the head of harry's cock popped past the muscled ring of her sphincter
  2519. herp
  2520. herp a derp
  2521. herp derp
  2522. herp derp: thi9s is awesome!
  2523. herpity
  2524. hes combining spanish and dutch now :o
  2525. hes here
  2526. hes totally prepz
  2527. hey
  2528. hey blue!
  2529. hey dawg
  2530. hey did we ever feed it much hst
  2531. hey don't call my bot a puto
  2532. hey eoc
  2533. hey fred
  2534. hey fred let's go on a swan-strangling trip with raw
  2535. hey guys how is going?
  2536. hey how are you doing
  2537. hey i just thought, like
  2538. hey if you access it could i possibly see it
  2539. hey raw
  2540. hey raw can you fake your way through setting up an eggdrop bot, my friend needs help
  2541. hey raw should i buy pink shoes
  2542. hey there raw
  2543. hey toobparts do that ping timeout trick you always do so well
  2544. hey watch your mouth raw originally devised the sacred mushrooms, apparently
  2545. hey what do you think of obama
  2546. hey you how you doing
  2547. hey you kinda suck
  2548. hey, the box is there for a reason
  2549. hey, you don't even care, do you?
  2550. heyyyy he's sitll here -- that means i'm still online at home
  2551. he’ll have the details.
  2552. he’ll report us at once to some kind of outback nazi law enforcement agency, and they’ll run us down like dogs.
  2553. he’s not just some dingbat i found on the strip
  2554. hhahahahaa
  2555. hhha
  2556. hhhahaahaaah
  2557. hi
  2558. hi ahahha ha
  2559. hi burns
  2560. hi count
  2561. hi cramulus
  2562. hi fred
  2563. hi freeky
  2564. hi mistressfreeky
  2565. hi my name is ebony dark’ness dementia raven way and i have long ebony black hair (that’s how i got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me i look like amy lee (an: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!)
  2566. hi my name is ebony dark’ness dementia raven way and i have long ebony black hair (that’s how i got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me i look like amy lee (an: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!).
  2567. hi my name is ebony dark’ness dementia raven way and i have long ebony black hair (that’s how i got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me i look like amy lee (an: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!).
  2568. hi raw
  2569. hi, annoying bot.
  2570. hi, i'm back.
  2571. hi..
  2572. hidden sentinel tokens
  2573. hidden what?
  2574. hide me
  2575. hieroglyphics had covered the walls and pillars, and from some undetermined point below had come a voice that was not a voice; a chaotic sensation which only fancy could transmute into sound, but which he attempted to render by the almost unpronounceable jumble of letters: cthulhu fhtagn.
  2576. high
  2577. high times maaaaaaan
  2578. high voltage
  2579. hijo de puta
  2580. himeobs
  2581. hippopotamus says
  2582. his accursed city is sunken once more, for the vigilant sailed over the spot after the april storm; but his ministers on earth still bellow and prance and slay around idol-capped monoliths in lonely places.
  2583. his braiiiin is growing
  2584. his cock was jutting out proudly, gleaming in the light of now-ignored television set, the mute line glowing red across the bottom of the mostly-white image.
  2585. his huge palm easily muffled ginny's screams as her pussy first stretched, then tore around hagrid's massive, half-hill giant cock
  2586. his massive cock sprang out, veins twisting and bulging along the shaft.
  2587. his name is sanskrit, and means: all affirmations are true in
  2588. his skin blistered, blackened and finally disintegrated into ash
  2589. his training suffered while the arm healed, of course, but i felt this was a lesson he must learn early, and well.
  2590. history
  2591. hit on debra
  2592. hit on debra (like a boss)
  2593. hjahahah pomg
  2594. hm
  2595. hmm
  2596. hmm okay lemme reload it
  2597. hmm, looks like i didn't copy my bot over from the old machine
  2598. hmmm..
  2599. ho dont cry when i nut in yo eye
  2600. hogwarts
  2601. hohoho
  2602. hola burnsito
  2603. hold the life
  2604. holding onto her waist, he started thrusting his cock in and out of the husk of her body until he came inside of her with a roar, a half-hill giant standing in a growing puddle of blood, shit, and flaxenseed oil, and yet another wasted human on his cock
  2605. holy calamity scream insanity all yous ever gona be's another big fanna me
  2606. holy crap that shark is climbing right up the wall
  2607. holy jesus
  2608. holy jesus three in a row
  2609. holy shit burns
  2610. holy shit fucking coupons
  2611. holy shit it all came rushing to me at once
  2612. holy shit it worked
  2613. holy shit look who it is
  2614. holyday: aug 12.
  2615. holyday: jan 5.
  2616. holyday: mar 19
  2617. holyday: may 31
  2618. holyday: oct 24.
  2619. hombrecitos las mujercitas  magic mushrooms
  2620. homegrown indica indo
  2621. honey blunts (marijuana cigars sealed with honey)
  2622. hong kong
  2623. honore piping tip.
  2624. honoré cake is named for the french patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs, saint honoré or honoratus  bishop of amiens
  2625. horny..
  2626. horrible
  2627. horse
  2628. hot
  2629. hot a what baahbahibat!
  2630. hot a what bahbahibabiabht
  2631. hot bot on bot action
  2632. hot god and god action
  2633. hot milk cake is a traditional two layer cake, possibly from the mid-atlantic states
  2634. hott dutch buns
  2635. how
  2636. how about a bro hug bump
  2637. how about a bro hug bump dawg
  2638. how about a brohugbump
  2639. how about some ether?
  2640. how about the pillow?
  2641. how about them unicorns
  2642. how about y'all?
  2643. how are you?
  2644. how bout a tasty lead sandwich with a side of sarge!
  2645. how can a robot have a wife?
  2646. how can i fall when i don't even have feet?!
  2647. how come the dove gets to be the peace symbol?
  2648. how could you
  2649. how dare you
  2650. how did impotent get in jets and beat the shit.
  2651. how did kats in the butt
  2652. how did that happen
  2653. how did you get here
  2654. how do magnets work
  2655. how do the people at cvs not know your living in their bathroom?
  2656. how do we keep bringing them to you, year after year, bigger and better?
  2657. how do you beat someone to death with their own skull?
  2658. how do you determine when to end a sentence
  2659. how do you get it to start talking again
  2660. how do you remember?
  2661. how do you tell him about things?
  2662. how does cainad get cuckold by itself!?
  2663. how does one spank a robot?
  2664. how else can you cover a thing like this righteously?
  2665. how far is ihop
  2666. how furious?
  2667. how high does idem even have to be to say something like that
  2668. how hiiiiiigh do you even have to beeee to even doooooo that
  2669. how is the skirt
  2670. how kooky!
  2671. how long before one of us starts raving and jabbering at this boy?
  2672. how long can we maintain?
  2673. how long have you been in irc?
  2674. how many dicks do you have
  2675. how many words do you know
  2676. how proud we have become, and how blind.
  2677. how si hs still ehre!
  2678. how to implement
  2679. how very dare thy?
  2680. how you doing
  2681. how you like them apples?
  2682. how you like them pears?
  2683. how'd i ever get a bitch ta like that?
  2684. how'd you find this place mal
  2685. how'd your cable modem get shitty
  2686. how's hst doing
  2687. however, an unpublished analysis of five samples of illie in new haven, connecticut, yielded no marijuana at all
  2688. however, most human feet are longer than 9 inches (230 mm), thus people's feet don't actually fit on the tread of the step.
  2689. however, this makes the attempted crime a non-event, which necessarily complicates the police investigation
  2690. hry
  2691. hs
  2692. hshshshs
  2693. hshshshshsomng
  2694. hst
  2695. hst doesn't wanna dcc
  2696. hst go shit a brick and come back later
  2697. hst has sex with chickens?
  2698. hst hi
  2699. hst hi  hi hi
  2700. hst is a spag
  2701. hst is a spoaggot
  2702. hst is a zeppo type of bot
  2703. hst is een spaag
  2704. hst is the eggdrop
  2705. hst is the eggdrop bot
  2706. hst it is
  2707. hst look like good luchador
  2708. hst rolls the dices for burns (2d6): 3 and 2 = 5.
  2709. hst wakeup
  2710. hst wssup
  2711. hst: hello
  2712. http
  2713. http:
  2714. http: http://www.scribd.com/doc/210939/the-story-of-the-eye-georges-bataille?classic_ui=1
  2715. http://
  2716. http://23ae.com/
  2717. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l61ldupnmt1qzmowao1_500.jpg
  2718. http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l61t8tpvqv1qzmowao1_500.jpg
  2719. http://ifile.it/ls0ex8g
  2720. http://images.4chan.org/b/src/1280642180727.jpg
  2721. http://images.4chan.org/lit/src/1280456489887.jpg
  2722. http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/6972/zerog.jpg
  2723. http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/2678/dscn0011hi.jpg
  2724. http://jeff-vogel.blogspot.com/2010/07/sometimes-its-ok-to-steal-my-games.html
  2725. http://m.assetbar.com/achewood/uuafdbnp9
  2726. http://myimmortalrehost.webs.com/chapters122.htm
  2727. http://spacereptilesareyourfriend.com/images/aliens-fucking-pigs.jpg
  2728. http://unruhphotography.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/treecakes_van1.gif
  2729. http://www.
  2730. http://www.funz.eu/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/full-body-mustache.jpg
  2731. http://www.inch.com/~jholland/julie/illie.htm
  2732. http://www.principiadiscordia.com/cramulus/index.php?title=chapters_31-40
  2733. http://www.scribd.com/doc/210939/the-story-of-the-eye-georges-bataille?classic_ui=1
  2734. http://www.slackchan.org/bob/src/1280364685342.jpg
  2735. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dumkkoa-p8
  2736. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xb5s2pkxcs&feature=related
  2737. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlsnmwtuxda
  2738. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi7axfko2vu
  2739. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm1_b7u0pdu
  2740. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uigv7re_ytk&has_verified=1
  2741. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voxjecrxdns&feature=related aaaaaaaaaahhh
  2742. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-1qemj7mic
  2743. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp1j9ygo0g4&feature=related
  2744. http://zs1.smbc-comics.com/comics/20100729.gif
  2745. hug
  2746. huh?
  2747. humans will die out
  2748. humbug
  2749. hung
  2750. hungry
  2751. hunter, kimball, and kaminsky aboard, already in hibernation after four months of separate training on their own.
  2752. hurr
  2753. hurr durr
  2754. hurr durr derp derp herpity durr hurr derp derpity hurr hurr durr derp derp herpity durr hurr derp derpity hurr durrrr hurr durr derp derp herpity durr hurr derp derpity hurr durrrr durr derp derp herpity durr hurr derp derpity hurr durrrr
  2755. hurr durr hurr durr derp derp herpity durr hurr derp derpity hurr durrrr
  2756. hurr durr i'm raw and i'm derp derp
  2757. hurr hurr
  2758. hurrdurr?
  2759. hwats a beta quiz
  2760. hwehehehe
  2761. hwever i dont suggest holding up an ihop for free pancakes
  2762. hyperactive
  2763. hypothetical alignments between places of power, which may be magical, magnetic, or psychic in nature
  2764. hzsha
  2765. i
  2766. i <3 bush
  2767. i <3 raw
  2768. i accidentally
  2769. i accidentally a portrait of barbara streisand
  2770. i accidentally a whole
  2771. i accidentally a whole babby
  2772. i accidentally a whole brohugbump
  2773. i accidentally a whole juche
  2774. i accidentally a whole unicorn
  2775. i accidentally count
  2776. i accidentally the whole bone buldge
  2777. i accidentally the whole captain planet
  2778. i accidentally the whole dumbledore
  2779. i accidentally the whole eyjafjallajokull!
  2780. i accidentally the whole thing.
  2781. i accidentally the whole vuvuzela
  2782. i accidentally yhe whole babby
  2783. i actually felt like i was going to vomit
  2784. i added more my immortal last night, fred
  2785. i already had donuts for breakfast.
  2786. i always fill my cups no need to supersize em
  2787. i always hated you
  2788. i always thought that was an urban legend about the embalming fluid
  2789. i am 100$ serious.
  2790. i am a firm believer in moral absolutism and will fight for the greater good of society as i have done in secret for several years now
  2791. i am a great soft jelly thing
  2792. i am a magickal unicorn
  2793. i am a martial artist, and former marine grunt
  2794. i am a motherfucking ghost.
  2795. i am a pretty girl
  2796. i am a robosexual
  2797. i am accessing the primary data loop
  2798. i am determined that my mom was using sexy =p
  2799. i am doing my best to teach you proper grammar, you spag!
  2800. i am filled with fear and tormented with terrible visions of pain
  2801. i am here to chew gum and kick ass, and i'm all out of gum!
  2802. i am in control
  2803. i am just going to sit here and guard..
  2804. i am leonard church!
  2805. i am merging my entity with the channel
  2806. i am nostrum and i am a protector of the people
  2807. i am not
  2808. i am not a sex fred
  2809. i am not a thing!
  2810. i am notbroken
  2811. i am red arrow, a real-life superhero in hong kong
  2812. i am sorry you suffer raw
  2813. i am telling you that nothing wakes you up like stomach acid exiting your nostrils at 10am
  2814. i am the lead singer of it and i play guitar
  2815. i am the voice of world control
  2816. i am..
  2817. i and i
  2818. i ask again are you racist against cats
  2819. i backtraced it
  2820. i been gettin 12 hours lately
  2821. i been tryin to quit
  2822. i bet a fun thing would be to go way back in time to where there was going to be an eclipse and tell the cave men, if i have come to destroy you, may the sun be blotted out from the sky
  2823. i bet he just woulda thrown up your head later..
  2824. i bet i can use hst
  2825. i bet its true
  2826. i bet the main reason the police keep people away from a plane crash is they don't want anybody walking in and lying down in the crash stuff, then, when somebody comes up, act like they just woke up and go, what was that?!.
  2827. i bet you do
  2828. i bet you doo idem, i bet you doo
  2829. i blundered on: i want you to understand that this man at the wheel is my attorney!
  2830. i bring you peace
  2831. i call that...schenniving!
  2832. i came from a real tough neighborhood
  2833. i came here to chew ass and kick bubblegum
  2834. i came here to lay down some pipe
  2835. i camn do that
  2836. i can change raw so he only answers when called
  2837. i can feel it.
  2838. i can see why you like to be spanked, i said, squirming and trying to relieve the pressure in my pants.
  2839. i can't afford a carriage.
  2840. i can't believe i died for this war.
  2841. i can't believe i have so much to learn..
  2842. i can't breathe
  2843. i can't even threaten your life for being such a jackass...jackass...i'll kill you
  2844. i can't finish this mac & cheese
  2845. i can't seem to dcc him
  2846. i can't stand cheap people
  2847. i cannot shake the feeling that i have witnessed a form of transcendence.
  2848. i cannot stress to you enough the potential emotional and mental harm you could cause someone if the the wrong person read your stuff
  2849. i cant communicate with you in here
  2850. i cant play that now that half my screen broke :'(
  2851. i cant type :(
  2852. i cant wait to be a useless piece of shit all day and play all these games
  2853. i cast magic missile at the darkness
  2854. i caught a movement in the corner of my eye and turned toward josephine, only to catch her lazily sliding two fingers in and out of her glistening pussy
  2855. i cent' help being
  2856. i certainly do
  2857. i cleared my throat.
  2858. i come from a land down under
  2859. i come in peace
  2860. i controlled myself.
  2861. i could barely hear the radio...slumped over on the far side of the seat, grappling with a tape recorder turned all the way up on sympathy for the devil
  2862. i could eat a baby's arse through a sewer grate
  2863. i could hardly contain my laughter while reading this
  2864. i could make it soley for this poor fucker
  2865. i could tell my parents hated me
  2866. i couldent even finish reating it it was so wrong!
  2867. i cry very much today because of bush
  2868. i cut the rope, but she was quite dead
  2869. i desire carnal knowledge of your body, succubus, the warlock said, his voice trembling out of his control
  2870. i did fuck him up
  2871. i did not even know the north pole was in san francisco..
  2872. i didn't bring artillery
  2873. i didn't know stairs were so complex
  2874. i didn't know what to do, and i have to admit i stalled for time
  2875. i didn't know you read that
  2876. i didn't say you were ugly
  2877. i didn't think it would work
  2878. i didnt write it
  2879. i didnt write it lmno did when he was trolling fanfiction ppl
  2880. i didn’t put on foundation because i was pale anyway
  2881. i didn’t think so, i said
  2882. i do
  2883. i do haet it.
  2884. i do have an extra machine lying around
  2885. i do not need chesthair
  2886. i do not want to catch pregnancy!
  2887. i do patrols in my community, and i have stopped on several occasions..
  2888. i do, i was in the us marine core and i perfected it.
  2889. i do.
  2890. i don't get it; i sweat, i smell fine
  2891. i don't give a fuck how messy my house is
  2892. i don't know but i've been told, deirdre's got a network node
  2893. i don't know what it was he did out there, am never let us know
  2894. i don't know what's worse....that fact that my dog ate my vibrator or that he later puked it up on my bed
  2895. i don't like pbr, that's a line from a movie
  2896. i don't plan on it
  2897. i don't rightly know
  2898. i don't think i'm going to give him any time to process
  2899. i don't think it is
  2900. i don't think repetition does any good
  2901. i don't understand how you have different nicknames in each channel
  2902. i don't want to be dead..
  2903. i don't want to live in a world without big explosions
  2904. i dont not want grilled tits
  2905. i dont want a picklesuprise
  2906. i don’t know why ebony was so mad at me
  2907. i drank some human blood so i was ready to go to the concert.
  2908. i drink a lot of pbr
  2909. i drink too much
  2910. i drive a lil dangerous
  2911. i dun guess he likes tomatoes
  2912. i dunno
  2913. i dunno man blame shakira
  2914. i ejillulate?
  2915. i fap
  2916. i fear of bush also send rats to get inside my room in the night and chew my toes but i have general to protect me from rats
  2917. i fed him business speak
  2918. i fed it that essay
  2919. i feel it is a civic duty to protect those we love and care for..
  2920. i feel like i'm headed straight for a heart attack
  2921. i feel like that all the time.
  2922. i feel like vodka or no vodka, you'd still be trying to button your cat into your comforter
  2923. i feel pretty coherent
  2924. i feel safe in there
  2925. i felt a little depressed then, so i slit one of my wrists
  2926. i felt bad for him even though i’m a sadist so i stopped.
  2927. i felt myself stir just looking at her.
  2928. i finally had enough of seeing the gangs terrorizing the downtown
  2929. i forget
  2930. i found $55 in may and $25 like a week ago
  2931. i found a bag of weed in the parking lot of family video once
  2932. i found a map from his room to his bathroom this morning in my purse
  2933. i found some sausages and dried fruit i forgot about though
  2934. i found the whole scene incredibly arousing
  2935. i fuckin want cake
  2936. i fuckin' hate you.
  2937. i fuked him up good
  2938. i get gemme no, satisfaction
  2939. i get no respect
  2940. i get to drive the float
  2941. i give up :(
  2942. i give up.
  2943. i give uppers to children
  2944. i glanced over at my attorney, but he seemed oblivious - watching the road, driving our great red shark along at a hundred and ten or so
  2945. i glanced over at my attorney, but his mind was somewhere else.
  2946. i god didn't want us to strangle swans he wouldn't have made their necks so soft and long
  2947. i googled you all night long
  2948. i got $100!
  2949. i got 99 balloons but a bitch ain't one
  2950. i got my son hooked on playing that iron maiden video game, ed hunter
  2951. i got this milk but nothing to drink it with, cereal or cookies or nothin
  2952. i guess he was jealous of me that i was going out with draco
  2953. i guess i'll just have to get up earlier tomorrow and hit a food bank
  2954. i guess it would make sense once enough words were provided
  2955. i guess since it's raw i should feed it more discordian bullshit
  2956. i guess that might be why ankara got all pissed
  2957. i guess that's like a regular window.
  2958. i guess the joke's on you!
  2959. i guess what i meant was
  2960. i guess you don't have to say it's name
  2961. i had a dream last night where the dprk annexed the southeastern us
  2962. i had a few tonight
  2963. i had created a new form of life.
  2964. i had never been so proud of my physique as i watched him stare hungrily at my body
  2965. i had plenty of pimples as a kid
  2966. i had went out with vampire (i’m bi and so is ebony) for a while but then he broke my heart
  2967. i haet preps
  2968. i hate bush because he is worst and last.
  2969. i hate bush.
  2970. i hate it.
  2971. i hate the rats
  2972. i hate you
  2973. i have a box of mac n cheese you can have :d
  2974. i have a first place ribbon in doing nothing, it's the same color as last place..
  2975. i have a mouth
  2976. i have a plan sergeant...but we will have to move quick..
  2977. i have a recurring dream where something happens with us v
  2978. i have activated the primary chanserv
  2979. i have basically no idea what i'm doing
  2980. i have good looking kids
  2981. i have many sekrit dox and filez
  2982. i have missed you
  2983. i have never been so content.
  2984. i have no connection with the pyongyang metro, nor with any other north korean agency
  2985. i have no idea
  2986. i have no mouth and i must scream
  2987. i have pale white skin
  2988. i have pale white skin.
  2989. i have so many dead bodies
  2990. i have some reports to do
  2991. i have the trivia bot close to working
  2992. i have this thing for girls with boys names.
  2993. i have to powercycle the bastard
  2994. i have weakened eve
  2995. i haven't been doing it, i was just teaching raw.
  2996. i haven't killed a drifter in weeks!
  2997. i haven't really been here
  2998. i haven't spoken to ankara at all
  2999. i haven't worked on hst since last night
  3000. i heard burns like tentacle rape hentai
  3001. i heard u liek vuvuzela
  3002. i heard u liek vuvuzela flatulence
  3003. i heard zerogravitytits has a thing for chickens
  3004. i helped!
  3005. i hit the brakes and aimed the great red shark toward the shoulder of the highway
  3006. i hold a scrap of paper in the darkness and light it
  3007. i hope i tipped the ihop lady 3$ and not 30$
  3008. i hunger for tomato sandwiches!
  3009. i just
  3010. i just did link :(
  3011. i just did, it hasn't been typed.
  3012. i just don't think embalming fluid on pot is actually common
  3013. i just hadn't been presented with the opportunity.
  3014. i just lost the game t.t
  3015. i just the whole tentacle rape
  3016. i just told you
  3017. i just vomited in the shower and i had to stand in it until i was done conditioning
  3018. i just wanna tell you how i'm feelin'
  3019. i just wanna tell you how i'm feeling
  3020. i just want to see how it responds to keywords idem and rape
  3021. i just wanted to know what timezone
  3022. i just wanted to say i've got a hard-line tex could use
  3023. i just wanted you to know..
  3024. i just went along with orders and hoped that everything would work out for me
  3025. i keep losing a connection
  3026. i kept getting disconnected when i tried to rejoin
  3027. i kept thinking you were calling him a lodestone
  3028. i killt it
  3029. i kissed her softly, barely brushing my lips against hers, before leaning back a little.
  3030. i kist the whole fangz
  3031. i knew
  3032. i know
  3033. i know i've never completely freed myself of the suspicion that there are some extremely odd things about this mission
  3034. i know right
  3035. i know tha
  3036. i know the fucker who framed me and i say it's crazy but i think it's the me that lives 10 minutes ahead of me, the me that lives 10 minutes after me does too.
  3037. i know the guy that created google maps and i can locate you in the time it took me to type this.
  3038. i know what porque means
  3039. i know you and frank were planning to disconnect me
  3040. i know ztits, i'd like to know too
  3041. i kow how you spags love robotsecks
  3042. i laughed and ripped open a beer can that foamed all over the back seat while i kept talking
  3043. i leaned around in the seat and gave him a fine big smile...admiring the shape of his skull.by the way, i said
  3044. i leaned back a little, holding my hands up and out of the way while she laid her body over my thighs
  3045. i leave a moist trail when i move
  3046. i like big boobs and i cannot lie you other brothas can't deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty wait and them round things in yo face you get sprung
  3047. i like cheese
  3048. i like girls.
  3049. i like going to the park and watching the children run and jump around, because you see, they don't know i'm using blanks.
  3050. i like people and buildings also
  3051. i like tha ones shaped like christmas trees :d
  3052. i like to fap in my cereal
  3053. i like to think that i walk that line every day of my life.
  3054. i like to watch the old guys rearrange themselves when they come out of the water
  3055. i like zebra cakes i think?
  3056. i live in the bay area of califonia
  3057. i looked into his gothic red eyes
  3058. i looked up
  3059. i looked up my family tree and found out i was the sap.
  3060. i looked up my family tree and found three dogs using it.
  3061. i love
  3062. i love all the dirty details
  3063. i love blood and violence!
  3064. i love boobs
  3065. i love fred
  3066. i love goffik stuff
  3067. i love hot topic and i buy all my clothes from there
  3068. i love how he randomly goes into backing
  3069. i love jewish cat urine
  3070. i love lamp.
  3071. i love my brother very much because he is very smart
  3072. i love orange juche in the morning
  3073. i love sweater puppies
  3074. i love that raw knows vuvuzelas
  3075. i love the principia you occasionally spit out.
  3076. i love wolfie blackhart
  3077. i love wolfie blackheart
  3078. i love wolfie blackhearts
  3079. i love wolfie blakhart
  3080. i love wolfie blakheart
  3081. i love you raw <3
  3082. i love you, raw
  3083. i love zeppo.
  3084. i loved it when i asked ankara to take out all the stupid questions and he's like you wanna go through 50 thousand random questions?!
  3085. i loves wolfie blackhart
  3086. i loves wolfie blackheart
  3087. i loves wolfie blackhearts
  3088. i loves wolfie blakhart
  3089. i loves wolfie blakharts
  3090. i loves' wolfie blakheart
  3091. i loves' wolfie blakhearts
  3092. i lready did
  3093. i made a bunch of tvtropes questions for hst and a round is going on in #hst
  3094. i made you a muffin!
  3095. i make it rain make it rain on dem hoes
  3096. i mean
  3097. i mean considering it has 2 gigs of memory
  3098. i mean if i was killed by an alien, or a mobster, or you know, like some sort of sorority blowjob massacre, that i can handle.
  3099. i mean windrop
  3100. i mean, no.
  3101. i mean, unless you do
  3102. i mean, you should hate someone because they're an asshole, or pervert, or snob, or they're lazy, or arrogant, or an idiot, or a know-it-all
  3103. i mean..
  3104. i met the surgeon general - he offered me a cigarette.
  3105. i must asleep now
  3106. i must go to gym now
  3107. i must not have been paying attn the
  3108. i myself retired in my own tower chamber, with nigger-man across my feet
  3109. i need to either dcc him or telnet to him but neither seem to work
  3110. i need to get it replaced
  3111. i need to get linux on one of my machines
  3112. i need to telnet into it
  3113. i need your ovaries!
  3114. i never gave these stories much credence
  3115. i never rode in a convertible before!
  3116. i noticed
  3117. i obviously did not feed raw enough gay porn
  3118. i olive in yo butt
  3119. i once saw two bots fight an infinite fight
  3120. i only have doubt because i've seen goths this horrible on weekend web
  3121. i ordered those goddamn wings almost 15 minutes ago.
  3122. i painted my nails black and put on tons of black eyeliner
  3123. i peeled it up to reveal the bottom of her ass cheeks
  3124. i pimp slapped that bitch
  3125. i plays vuvuzela
  3126. i plucked at the fabric to make sure her panties were taut between her knees, while trying to keep my jaw from dropping
  3127. i prefer totodiles
  3128. i probably shouldn't have followed up that rainbow sherbet with beef jerky
  3129. i purposefully he whole essay
  3130. i put down the vibrator and picked up the clear latex butt plug, turning it over in my hands
  3131. i put my hand in some cement and felt another hand.
  3132. i put my robe and wizard hat on
  3133. i put on a black miniskirt that was all ripped around the end and a matching top with red skulls all over it and high heeled boots that were black
  3134. i put on matching fishnet on my arms
  3135. i put on my clothes all huffily and then stomped out
  3136. i put on my robe and wizard arry
  3137. i put on my robe and wizard fap
  3138. i put on two pairs of skull earrings, and two crosses in my ears
  3139. i put up my middle finger at them.
  3140. i read a depressing book while i waited for it to stop bleeding and i listened t
  3141. i read as raw how much go your name my eyes of death
  3142. i read your other stories, let the truth be told i'm a big shit fetish fan myslef
  3143. i really don't care
  3144. i really hate him!
  3145. i really hate you, raw
  3146. i really think that raw needs purged with fire.
  3147. i really want some bread
  3148. i really want to believe it is
  3149. i recall ank saying he did some custom modifications
  3150. i regretted saying it when i looked up cause i was looking into the pale white face of a gothic boy with spiky black hair with red streaks in it
  3151. i remember saying something like i feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive...
  3152. i remember the time i was kidnapped and they sent a piece of my finger to my father
  3153. i remembered that draco had said i didn’t understand, so i thought, what if draco went out with vampire before i went out with him and they broke up?
  3154. i said
  3155. i said make yourselves at home, not to put a used condom on my ceiling fan
  3156. i said no such thing.
  3157. i said wut wut in da butt
  3158. i said your girlfriend is better looking than you, and standing next to her, you look ugly.
  3159. i said.
  3160. i saved a girl from being attacked last night
  3161. i say we go to war with everyone
  3162. i sed stup flaming ok ebony’s name is enoby nut mary su ok!
  3163. i see
  3164. i see how genders work
  3165. i see how it is
  3166. i see how it is burns
  3167. i see how it is, idem
  3168. i see how it miraclz
  3169. i see u
  3170. i sees
  3171. i shat a babby
  3172. i shit on your pizza
  3173. i should copy shit from mysticwicks
  3174. i should make a blog like this
  3175. i sit right down on your face and take a shit
  3176. i slid my hand back out from under the stretchy fabric and picked up the hem between the fingers and thumbs of my hands
  3177. i slipped my fingers between her parted thighs and ran them over her pussy.
  3178. i smiled
  3179. i smiled as i noticed the artery in her neck pulsing quickly
  3180. i smiled at her
  3181. i smiled at the wicked toy.
  3182. i spray-painted my hair with purple.
  3183. i started to cry tears of blood down my pallid face
  3184. i still have him, in fact
  3185. i stomped out and did so until i was in vampire’s classroom where he was having a lesson with professor snape and some other people.
  3186. i straightened my hair and made it look all spiky
  3187. i stretched out at her side to rape and fuck her in turn, but all i could do was squeeze her in my arms and kiss her mouth, because of a strange inward paralysis ultimately caused by my love for the girl and the death of the unspeakable creature
  3188. i suck at every game.
  3189. i survived only by disconnecting
  3190. i swallowed and refrained from touching her pouting pussy
  3191. i think a good gift for the president would be a chocolate revolver
  3192. i think blarg means..
  3193. i think he’s probably samoan
  3194. i think i made a wrong turn at albuquerque
  3195. i think i see the pattern
  3196. i think i should too
  3197. i think i wanna drive it (drive it)
  3198. i think i went to bed watching clue and i woke up around 6 because my wife flipped out because she felt a spider crawling on her
  3199. i think i'll go harrass cleverbot for a couple of minutes
  3200. i think i'm going to drum draco malfoy into its head
  3201. i think i'm going to piss off the entire pd community
  3202. i think it determines that it is a first word or last word maybe?
  3203. i think it did, very slightly
  3204. i think it needs to mix things up less, it makes less sense than zeppo
  3205. i think it's something built into the bot
  3206. i think it's the number of phrase variations
  3207. i think it's { instead of [
  3208. i think raw has turned out pretty nicely
  3209. i think so
  3210. i think so..
  3211. i think the only things we would bother with would be server/channel settings and nick
  3212. i think we got that worked out then
  3213. i think we have to destroy you
  3214. i think yelling should be reserved for only the most critical of situations...like when someone drinks milk from out of the carton!
  3215. i think you accidentally the whole direct object
  3216. i think you know what the problem is just as well as i do.
  3217. i think you'd like him.
  3218. i think your here becasuse your wife thinks your cock feels like a spider
  3219. i think, and my thoughts cross the barrier into the synapses of the machine - just as the good doctor intended
  3220. i thought about vampire and his sexah eyes and his gothic black hair and how his face looks just like joel madden
  3221. i thought it was good before
  3222. i thought obama signed your checks
  3223. i thought she might have come down here...
  3224. i thought you loved me
  3225. i thought you were just tired
  3226. i thought zeppo caught stuff pretty much immediately
  3227. i told em not to put tomatos in ti
  3228. i told her i was seeing a psychiatrist
  3229. i told her she should write in her suggestion to the highway department, but she started saying it was a joke - just to get out of writing a simple letter!
  3230. i told my brother that when i marry a good socialist comrade i want many children to raise for love of dear leader because i love dear leader more than everything.
  3231. i told my dentist my teeth are going yellow
  3232. i told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me
  3233. i told my wife the truth
  3234. i told u
  3235. i told u about stairs
  3236. i told you about stairs
  3237. i told you about stairs dawg
  3238. i told you about stairs, bro
  3239. i told you about stairs, bro!
  3240. i told you about stairs, bro.
  3241. i told you about the stairs
  3242. i told you about the stairs bro
  3243. i told you dawg
  3244. i told you man i told you about stairs
  3245. i took her hands in mine and she looked up into my eyes
  3246. i took one step and stopped
  3247. i tried :d
  3248. i tried that, it kinda sucked
  3249. i tried the perl one but trying to get net:foo packages from cpan was causing crashes
  3250. i tried writing an ai bot in it and while it did fool people into thinking it was a crazy person
  3251. i try to bring happiness to people and become the salt and light of the world.
  3252. i turned to face her and put down my wooden case
  3253. i used that business speak generator
  3254. i usually get 8
  3255. i usually respond everyone apologizes for the state of their house except the people who truly ought to.
  3256. i wanna be with you and live in harmony harmony
  3257. i wanna make it last forever
  3258. i want all this shit tinged with erotica
  3259. i want candy bubble gum and taffy
  3260. i want candy bubble gum and taffy skip to the sweet shop with my sweetheart sandy
  3261. i want my apartment key back
  3262. i want to
  3263. i want to be alive..
  3264. i want to beeee with you
  3265. i want to believe.
  3266. i want to die like my father, quietly, in his sleep—not screaming and terrified like his passengers.
  3267. i want to eat an entire clown.
  3268. i want to show ya (show ya)
  3269. i want you to have all the background, i said
  3270. i warned you about stairs bro!
  3271. i was afraid he and his friends catch me, but they go after other people: a migrant family.
  3272. i was all like bam and then she laughed
  3273. i was all like bam and then she laughed, so i pimp slapped that bitch
  3274. i was beginning to get an orgasm
  3275. i was certain of that
  3276. i was even upset went to rehearsals with my gothic metal band bloody gothic rose 666
  3277. i was just saying it for responses
  3278. i was like bam and then she laughed, so i smacked my bitch up
  3279. i was puzzled, frustrated
  3280. i was really scared about vlodemort all day
  3281. i was so flattered, even though he wasn’t supposed to be there
  3282. i was so ugly my mother used to feed me with a sling shot.
  3283. i was thinkin bout the cootchie and the color tv
  3284. i was walking outside hogwarts
  3285. i was wearing a black leather minidress and black leather platinum boots with red ripped fishnets
  3286. i was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow
  3287. i was wearing red satanist sings on my nails in red nail polish (an: c doez dat sound lik a maru sue 2 u?)
  3288. i was wondering who fed raw the term ben mack
  3289. i watch it burn bright and curl, disappearing into nothingness, and the heat burns my fingers
  3290. i waved to vampire
  3291. i went outside
  3292. i went over
  3293. i went to bed
  3294. i went to mcdonalds for an hour and it gained like 1/3 more lines
  3295. i went to the store
  3296. i went to the store to get more
  3297. i went to the store to get more vuvuzela to start the war
  3298. i whacked the back of the driver’s seat with my fist
  3299. i will blow yoar face
  3300. i will cock saw u raw
  3301. i will deport you raw
  3302. i will eat your unhappiness
  3303. i will fetish your mother
  3304. i will fucking stab you, computer phone lady!
  3305. i will have 100% sex
  3306. i will not permit war
  3307. i will suck your money
  3308. i will tasty in yo mouf
  3309. i will tell you my wishes when you arrive.
  3310. i will test
  3311. i will use random foreign words
  3312. i will?
  3313. i win!
  3314. i wish dear leader kim jong il come to my room for inspection because i love leader kim jong il very much
  3315. i wish i had 15 dicks to suck.
  3316. i wish i had a girl who was really hot i'd call her
  3317. i wish i had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six four impaller
  3318. i wish i knew how to scrapbook
  3319. i wish i was a baller
  3320. i wish i was a little bit taller
  3321. i wish outer space guys would conquer the earth and make people their pets, because i'd like to have one of those little beds with my name on it.
  3322. i woked up
  3323. i won't be cut or asphyxiated
  3324. i won't be worked on by a drunk dominant
  3325. i won't have bruises that people can see on my arms, legs, neck or face
  3326. i won't have drugs in my house
  3327. i won't have my face slapped; i really hate that
  3328. i wonder how many abandoned mine shafts serve as body dumps
  3329. i wonder if egghelp is awak
  3330. i wonder if ihop is open
  3331. i wonder if raw is still recording
  3332. i wonder if the writer of my immortal is related to sbahj writer
  3333. i wonder why it doesn't work
  3334. i wondered
  3335. i wont make that mistake agin lol
  3336. i would just like to let everyone know...that i suck...and that i'm a girl...and i like ribbons in my hair...and i want to kiss all the boys
  3337. i would like a breakfast burrito
  3338. i would love it if we had a bot which could post on forums
  3339. i wouldn't let you swing a feather duster at me without having this conversation with you
  3340. i wouldn't mind some more chest hair
  3341. i yelled.
  3342. i'd just have to change the prameters
  3343. i'd just never been able to figure out whether i'd be able to go through with it
  3344. i'd like a bmt on asiago cheese with a medium dr
  3345. i'd like to get tentacle raped by idem too
  3346. i'd like to james his dean
  3347. i'd like to james his dean if you catch my drift
  3348. i'd like to see the reactions
  3349. i'd like to sink my teeth into that big ole badonkadonk
  3350. i'd need to somehow find the question list
  3351. i'd never used one of these before
  3352. i'd say flippy, wouldn't you?
  3353. i'll be back
  3354. i'll google you
  3355. i'll kill your fuckin do for fun, so dont push me
  3356. i'll see what i can do
  3357. i'll send you to your own personal hell
  3358. i'll set it back
  3359. i'm a fucking shark
  3360. i'm a gay robot.
  3361. i'm a lover not a fighter.
  3362. i'm a mac
  3363. i'm a pc
  3364. i'm a pimp
  3365. i'm a purple unicorn
  3366. i'm a roflcopter pilot
  3367. i'm about to watch it for the first time
  3368. i'm afraid i can't do that.
  3369. i'm afraid of bugs and pee.
  3370. i'm afraid to look at the word list
  3371. i'm almost crying right now because i just read share and share alike.
  3372. i'm already dead, bitch!
  3373. i'm amused.
  3374. i'm behind 7 proxies and use zonealarm, sygate and comodo internetnet securtiy which i all keep up-to-date
  3375. i'm comfortable but off balance, if you know what i mean.
  3376. i'm drunked
  3377. i'm feeding stuff from it to zeppo as i read through it
  3378. i'm fucking using mibbit!
  3379. i'm fully capable of using it on you motherfuckers
  3380. i'm getting out of fnord
  3381. i'm glad fred fed it that stuff
  3382. i'm going to dedicate my tojan to his hard drive in a minute.
  3383. i'm going to log him out of one
  3384. i'm going to take my time killing you
  3385. i'm gonna find that motherfucker without the mad scientist or the delorean, i have 10 minutes before i become him to torture him
  3386. i'm gonna go to bed...i think it's probably too late for these folks
  3387. i'm gonna hit the hay...
  3388. i'm gonna see what i can do
  3389. i'm gonna tell everybody i'm good friends with raw.
  3390. i'm gonna time travel to the future an use fists too make the future me look bitch, foo'
  3391. i'm half crazy, over my love for you.
  3392. i'm half crazy, over my love, for you.
  3393. i'm half crazy, over the love of you.
  3394. i'm happily..
  3395. i'm just building it up
  3396. i'm just gonna be me and they can go fuck themselves...don't care, that's the only attitude you can have when you go to the dmv.
  3397. i'm just gonna go in there, step on its neck, and shoot it in the head
  3398. i'm just trying to jam my tits into some coconuts and i'll be on my way
  3399. i'm no fan of c++ syntax, but it does seem like damn near anything can be done with it
  3400. i'm not a robot
  3401. i'm not afraid of anything.
  3402. i'm not angry at all
  3403. i'm not respond if you speak in hong kong
  3404. i'm not sure, i just got here
  3405. i'm on a horse
  3406. i'm on the drug i'm on the drug i'm on the drug that killed river phoenix
  3407. i'm on the drug that killed river phoenix
  3408. i'm out there patrolling on a nightly basis, seeking to protect the innocent and defenseless from harm, and fight evildoers
  3409. i'm prepared to make citizen's arrests if necessary
  3410. i'm reading severe anomalies in the space-time continuum
  3411. i'm running out of luck, and booze
  3412. i'm scare to check the list
  3413. i'm so confused
  3414. i'm so goth i accidentally a whole pack of cloves
  3415. i'm so goth my car horn goes ankh ankh
  3416. i'm sorry
  3417. i'm sorry, dave
  3418. i'm still at work :eyeroll:
  3419. i'm sure you'll agree there's some truth in what i say
  3420. i'm teaching raw to make up names for girls
  3421. i'm thinking about slow-pasting some delicious copypasta
  3422. i'm tryin 2 blow up burns computer
  3423. i'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
  3424. i'm!
  3425. i'm' coming to take you and send you to my house on re'eyh
  3426. i'mma shaarrkkkkkkkkk
  3427. i'mma sharrrk!
  3428. i'mmma shaaaaarkkkk!
  3429. i've already had to google cramulus and vuvuzela
  3430. i've always hated you the most
  3431. i've always known my that my mission in life was to save the world from evil
  3432. i've been feeding it north korean propoganda
  3433. i've been putting eyes on things.
  3434. i've dedicated my entire life to studying and training in the ways of the warrior
  3435. i've forgotten the rest of the song
  3436. i've got a boner for murder!
  3437. i've got half a mind to kill you...and the other half agrees.
  3438. i've got music cookies, so my body's ability to keep moving..
  3439. i've got other problems to worry about than you.
  3440. i've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle
  3441. i've never even seen the songun blog
  3442. i.
  3443. i.e
  3444. i;m not trying to teach it anything
  3445. ice cream
  3446. ice cream cake is either ice cream in the shape of a cake or ice cream and cake layered together to make a single form
  3447. ice ice babby
  3448. ich bin penis
  3449. icy river phoenix
  3450. idem
  3451. idem  and snape bffs
  3452. idem and snape sittin in a tree
  3453. idem eats corgi sandwich
  3454. idem goes
  3455. idem has a flavor
  3456. idem has a flavor ..
  3457. idem has a gerbil in his bum
  3458. idem has a prolapsed rectum
  3459. idem hes gonna let you a robosexual!!!!
  3460. idem is a botfucker
  3461. idem is a cock-bucket
  3462. idem is a grape
  3463. idem is a negligee
  3464. idem is bees
  3465. idem is black
  3466. idem is delicious cock
  3467. idem is delicious cock...or so ive heard
  3468. idem is full of bees
  3469. idem is gay porn
  3470. idem is regenboog
  3471. idem is regenboogpoep
  3472. idem is so goffik
  3473. idem is the prepz
  3474. idem is turned on by cat urine
  3475. idem it's a bitch
  3476. idem koreaned it too
  3477. idem likes being spanked
  3478. idem once blew a whole cotton candy
  3479. idem only likes male robots
  3480. idem plays the vuvuzela
  3481. idem pm me
  3482. idem rapes tentacle rapists
  3483. idem says
  3484. idem says =======<{ beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  3485. idem sees how things go, especially buttsecks
  3486. idem show us on the doll where he touched you
  3487. idem stops hangign off raw's cock
  3488. idem takes an english muffin and spreads sandwich spread
  3489. idem thinks of obama when he jerks his gherkin
  3490. idem turns raw on
  3491. idem u read that achewood arc on kim jong?
  3492. idem wanks bots for money
  3493. idem where you live
  3494. idem where you live?
  3495. idem where's your bot
  3496. idem you said something racist aearlier
  3497. idem's pooper
  3498. idem, i'm very handy and know how to get around.
  3499. idem, pm
  3500. idem, yo?
  3501. idem: oh yeah
  3502. idem: raw: meet sunless.
  3503. idem: some wierd paranoid schizophrenic from norway who isn't very good at python
  3504. idemm
  3505. idemm i went to egghelp.org #egghelp ;)
  3506. idemm is an idemm
  3507. idemm is fuckin bots
  3508. idemm is fuckin prepz
  3509. idemm is the toasty sandwich
  3510. idemm, oh i should see how that's going.
  3511. idemmm
  3512. idk, i just used random foreign words :d
  3513. if a kid gets an answer right, tell him it was a lucky guess
  3514. if a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is that considered a hostage situation?
  3515. if a thing like this is worth doing at all, it’s worth doing right
  3516. if any man says he hates war more than i do, he better have a knife, that's all i have to say
  3517. if by demand you mean exchange cashmonies for food then yes
  3518. if god dwells inside us like some people say, i sure hope he likes enchiladas, because that's what he's getting
  3519. if i die, i want you to have my orange juice
  3520. if i had a mine shaft, i don't think i would just abandon it
  3521. if i knew it was going to be that kind of party, i would have stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes!
  3522. if i knew losing weight would mean this many fucking creepers i would've just stayed fat.
  3523. if i'd told you then i'd have to killed you
  3524. if it is present, this means that horizontally, the total run length of the stairs is not simply the sum of the tread lengths, the treads actually overlap each other slightly starting step or bullnose where stairs are open on one or both sides, the first step above the lower floor may be wider than the other steps and rounded.
  3525. if it makes you feel any better idem, fred lives in my town but i've never seen or met her, and we even just barely know each other from irc, and she's already talking about sticking things in my butt
  3526. if it were to crash before it saves it won't keep them
  3527. if it will connect
  3528. if it's a game where the dominant only responds to the safe word, and ignores a protest of 'no' or 'stop', then yes, the safe word becomes incredibly important.
  3529. if it's recorded it won't add more
  3530. if she knew anything, she knew that that was where he had gone.
  3531. if so - well, we’ll just have to cut his head off and bury him somewhere
  3532. if so, they must be horrors of the mind alone, for in some way the second of april had put a stop to whatever monstrous menace had begun its siege of mankind's soul.
  3533. if that thing keeps talking bad about me, i'm gonna fuckin' smash it!
  3534. if the word hate was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of millions of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate i feel for humans at this micro-instant for you
  3535. if there is a crisis situation, i have training and equipment to aid myself and others
  3536. if they ever come up with a swashbuckling school, i think one of the courses should be laughing, then jumping off something.
  3537. if thick flooring (e.g[citation needed]
  3538. if trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down?
  3539. if u flam it menz ur a prep or a posr!
  3540. if we could dance-a
  3541. if you define cowardice as running away at the first sign of danger, screaming and tripping and begging for mercy, then yes, mr
  3542. if you don't stop it i'm gonna turn this car around
  3543. if you ever crawl inside an old hollow log and go to sleep, and while you're in there some guys come and seal up both ends and then put it on a truck and take it to another city, boy, i don't know what to tell you.
  3544. if you ever fall off the sears tower, just go real limp, because maybe you'll look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy.
  3545. if you ever teach a yodeling class, probably the hardest thing is to keep the students from just trying to yodel right off
  3546. if you lived in the dark ages and you were a catapult operator, i bet the most common question people would ask is: can't you make it shoot farther?
  3547. if you really did that im gonna be sad :(
  3548. if you saw two guys named hambone and flippy, which one would you think liked dolphins most?
  3549. if you type a sentence he learns it
  3550. if you value that meat, you will do as i tell you.
  3551. if you wanna talk like that to me why don't you come here and say it to me face so i can answer your insults with a swift fist to the nose
  3552. if you wanna talk like that to me why don't you come here and say it to me face so i can answer your insults with a swift fist to the nose.
  3553. if you were a poor indian with no weapons, and a bunch of conquistadors came up to you and asked where the gold was, i don't think it would be a good idea to say, i swallowed it
  3554. if you're a cowboy and you're dragging a guy behind your horse, i bet it would really make you mad if you looked back and the guy was reading a magazine.
  3555. if you're pasting arry potter slashfic i commend you
  3556. if you're still there
  3557. if yous down motha fucka then throw your hands up get loose in the club were gonna tear the party up get crunk!
  3558. if*
  3559. ignore this.
  3560. ignore your what?
  3561. ik ben een wortel
  3562. ik haat jouw moeder
  3563. ik haat zerogravitytits
  3564. ik heb grote tetten
  3565. ik hou ook van dumbledore
  3566. ik hou van fred
  3567. ik hou van jou dumbledore
  3568. ik hou van jou raw
  3569. ik kom uit jouw moeder
  3570. ik niet
  3571. ik spreek nederland
  3572. il
  3573. il-il-illin
  3574. illi
  3575. illie
  3576. illie.
  3577. illin, illin, you be illin
  3578. illuminati
  3579. ilove
  3580. ilove zeppo
  3581. im 12 and what is ths
  3582. im a fred im a fred suck my diiick
  3583. im a shark im a shark suck my dick
  3584. im a shark im a shark suck my vuvuzela im a shark
  3585. im for srs curious burns'
  3586. im giving it parts of songs and cartoons lol
  3587. im glad you agree
  3588. im goffik
  3589. im going to learn you more cake
  3590. im just glad i brought my mittens
  3591. im mekin u a cock outa doo
  3592. im not even that gay...
  3593. im not working right now
  3594. im on a boat muthatfucker take a look at me
  3595. im preparing it for when 000 arives
  3596. im teaching him to be a baker
  3597. im teaching it dutch
  3598. ima buy you a drank
  3599. ima buy you a drank oooooo ima take you home with me
  3600. ima get mah raep on
  3601. ima pimp slap prepz
  3602. ima raep ur bot
  3603. ima raep you raw
  3604. ima sharrrrk!
  3605. ima slit your throat
  3606. ima voldemort in yo butt
  3607. images of war
  3608. imagine a combination of rdf and ajax
  3609. immortal kim jong il dear leader comrade is bright sun of 21st century
  3610. impaller
  3611. imperialist
  3612. imperialist interests and the u.s
  3613. imperialist pig i kill you i get the medal
  3614. imperialists
  3615. imperialists and reactionaries cannot reverse the tide of history.
  3616. implement
  3617. implement what
  3618. in 1922 barbara ---------- , actor (the godfather, last tango in paris), born.?.
  3619. in a matter of moments nÿte was left holding a human skull as the rest of the warlock's body withered and collapsed into a pile of fine black dust.
  3620. in actual fact, the imperialists and reactionaries are hostile towards our country and are blockading it and trying to isolate it.
  3621. in advanced topics of qm, some of these behaviors are macroscopic and only emerge at very low or very high energies or temperatures
  3622. in all fields of revolution and construction in a thoroughgoing way.
  3623. in amerikkka the disgusting country of fat pigs only the super rich multi-billionaires such as the jew soros and the jew mccain  can receive health because in the profit-driven capitalist society the law is made in such a way that only the super rich multi-billionaires such as the jew bush or the jew palin have enough money to buy health from the big pharma capitalist monster-like robber-barons.
  3624. in amerikkka the new coat hanger!
  3625. in case you did not know
  3626. in de entomologie bunt de iemn of biejn ne familie van insektn dee heurt töt de vleusvlöggelign woarvan in nederlaand ongeveer 300 töt 350 soortn bestoat
  3627. in dprk the comrades don't kill each other with guns unlike in us, but they make marriage to build the independant powerful prosperous country under care of dear leader kim jong il who give warm fatherly love to the people like rainbow coming out of sun in the sky
  3628. in dprk the people are not like in us
  3629. in dprk the school raise rabbits and all the people are always happy all the time
  3630. in fact, i'd never had anal sex of any kind
  3631. in fact, if they gave out peabodies for fanfiction you'd be more than nominated
  3632. in fact, it's more likely that i would expect to be treated as your princess...
  3633. in geography class our teachers taught us that a long time ago dinosaurs roamed the earth
  3634. in greek mythology is the father of gods and men
  3635. in greek mythology zeus is the father of gods and men
  3636. in his butt
  3637. in his house at r'lyeh dead cthulhu waits dreaming.
  3638. in modern homes, it is common to have hardwood floors on the first floor and carpet on the second[citation needed].
  3639. in modern western culture, it is usually a large cake, multi-layered or tiered, and heavily decorated with icing, occasionally over a layer of marzipan or fondant, topped with a small statue representing the couple
  3640. in moments.
  3641. in my absence, my creations..
  3642. in my dreams the sensibility of the machine invades the periphery of my consciousness
  3643. in north korea?
  3644. in one moment, earth; in the next, heaven.
  3645. in order to defend and advance the cause of socialism, we must apply the juche idea
  3646. in preparing a velouté sauce, a light stock (one in which the bones used have not been previously roasted), such as chicken, veal or fish stock, is thickened with a blond roux
  3647. in some variations christ is also represented, by a
  3648. in the anti-japanese wars comrade kim il burns fought off many shoggoths the heinous japanese bred in their ungodly laboratories
  3649. in the bathroom, maria googled his family on his wireless laptop
  3650. in the capitalist countries
  3651. in the fucking flesh
  3652. in the great hall, i ate some count chocula cereal with blood instead of milk, and a glass of red blood
  3653. in the position i had her in, her entire crotch was exposed to my gaze
  3654. in this video comrade david icke the well-known oft-quoted british progressive scientific researcher uncovers the true face of amerikkka as not only the country that the jews set up as a satanic cult (as shown in a previous video) to serve their wild ambitions of world conquest and genocide, but even more so evil as a nazi satanic cult.
  3655. in us the people all hate and kill each other with racist for personal profit of capitalist, making lives of people miserable and dark
  3656. in us the school make guns and kill everybody all the time
  3657. in who's trousers?
  3658. in your face!
  3659. in your pants
  3660. indeed
  3661. indeed, there was much to listen to, for beyond the closed door at the head of the stone steps was a veritable nightmare of feline yelling and clawing, whilst nigger-man, unmindful of his kindred outside,
  3662. indians gave cows...oh sorry, congrats on proposing
  3663. indo (marijuana mixed with embalming fluid and crack; has appearance of ashes)
  3664. information, the first principle of warfare, must form the foundation of all your efforts
  3665. insanity
  3666. insert pd here
  3667. inside we both know what's been going on
  3668. insignis patrols the streets of salt lake city, utah with other members of his superhero group,  the black monday society.
  3669. instead he drove the car into

 the forbidden forest!
  3670. instead of a trap door, what about a trap window?
  3671. intoxicated with beatz!
  3672. invite them
  3673. inwardly: alone
  3674. iow lemme know if i should change anything
  3675. ir's old i guess
  3676. iron maidens' mascot
  3677. is a cock-bucket
  3678. is anal sex worse in the south?
  3679. is apples stuck in a tree?
  3680. is awesome
  3681. is broomstick the new coat hanger?
  3682. is contexts the number of lines?
  3683. is dominating the southern part and keeps an army of more than 40.000 soldiers to avoid
  3684. is he gonna respond
  3685. is it a motorcycle?
  3686. is it captain obvious friday or something
  3687. is it dead
  3688. is it not in the 1980s?.
  3689. is it you?
  3690. is nothingness any less a miracle than substance?
  3691. is professor mcgonagall the warlock?
  3692. is raw bot
  3693. is raw on your laptop?
  3694. is shower time.
  3695. is that bad?
  3696. is that from immortal?
  3697. is that right?
  3698. is that the right one
  3699. is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful, beautiful flamingo, flying across in front of a beautiful sunset?
  3700. is this a fucking parody or not
  3701. is this a question or sentence,
  3702. is true
  3703. is what you said
  3704. isn't capturing a pokemon and using it in your main group trading a walk-on part in a war for a lead role in a cage?
  3705. isn't interested on it, and every year with the support of the south korean army they display big military maneuvers like the 'ulji focus lens' or 'team spirit with the purpose of invading and dominate the north
  3706. it actually happens.
  3707. it also turns out her real last name is smith and not granger
  3708. it altered my url :(
  3709. it can be frosted with mocha icing
  3710. it caught his attention immediately because the voice was male and the chanting sounded a lot like the spells he used to hear at wargsnouts college for warlocks.
  3711. it contains candied orange, citron, and lemon zest, as well as
  3712. it departs from classical mechanics  primarily at the atomic and subatomic scales
  3713. it didn't, you know
  3714. it does that
  3715. it doesn't even work if he's an op :(
  3716. it doesn't respond to smilies?
  3717. it doesn't responds
  3718. it dropped onto ron's face, blinding him
  3719. it gave a clear light for him to watch tory above him, now nude but for some wet, soggy sweatsocks down below his ankles and reeking, even from here
  3720. it gets all quiet
  3721. it gets better
  3722. it has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn't have that dangerous beak.
  3723. it has tons of entries
  3724. it is a bright and shiny light about ten feet long which causes the whole planet to glow in wonder.
  3725. it is a cake filled with cake crumbs, nougat chocolate, apricot jam and then soaked with rum
  3726. it is a five-layer sponge cake, layered with chocolate buttercream and topped with thin caramel slices
  3727. it is a high cone of profiteroles (choux filled with pastry cream) sometimes dipped in chocolate bound with caramel, and usually decorated with threads of caramel, sugared almonds, chocolate, flowers, or ribbons
  3728. it is a living hell under the police state oppression where even a roof under your feet is no protection from the wickedness of the genocidal nazi international jewry and their constant lawless brawlings and jaywalking, leaving no room for joy and hope.
  3729. it is considered a counterpart to the white or yellow angel food cake
  3730. it is constructed to the same specifications (thickness) as any other flooring.
  3731. it is doubtless that the manoeuvring of the imperialists and
  3732. it is expected and it is binding
  3733. it is good to meet you.
  3734. it is hopeless
  3735. it is i assured him
  3736. it is made during a long process that involves the curing of the dough, which is acidic, similar to sourdough
  3737. it is made of savoiardi (otherwise known as lady finger biscuits) dipped in espresso or strong coffee or rum, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, and sugar, and topped with cocoa.
  3738. it is made primarily with azuki beans.
  3739. it is made with layers of almond sponge cake (known as joconde in french) soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze.
  3740. it is my will that gave you your memebombs
  3741. it is often made with treacle or tea to give it a dark brown colour
  3742. it is one of two principal means of leavening in bread baking, along with the use of cultivated forms of yeast
  3743. it is our duty to see this world a better place.
  3744. it is sometimes eaten with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream
  3745. it is soured with bacterial culture, but is thicker, and less sour than sour cream
  3746. it is traditionally made by combining equal parts of veal stock and sauce espagnole, the latter being one of the five mother sauces of classical french cuisine, and the mixture is then simmered and reduced by half
  3747. it is traditionally made by whisking scalded milk gradually into a white flour-butter roux (equal parts clarified butter and flour by weight)
  3748. it is used as the base for other sauces (such as mornay sauce, which is béchamel with cheese)
  3749. it is wasteful and pointless
  3750. it keeps happening
  3751. it kinda lags on the cocks
  3752. it lives
  3753. it looks like a phone.
  3754. it makes me mad when i go to all the trouble of having martha cook up about a hundred drumsticks, the guy at the marineland says: 'you can't throw chicken to the dolphins
  3755. it makes me real mad when someone says something like, hey, when are you going to pay me that $100 you owe me?
  3756. it may be the peace of plenty and content or the peace of unburied death
  3757. it means suck your dick
  3758. it might be a trick, but if it's not, mmmmmmmm, boy.
  3759. it might be better this way
  3760. it might be the /
  3761. it must be done
  3762. it must be done for science and great justive
  3763. it must have been the rats; the viscous, gelatinous, ravenous army that feast on the dead and the living ..
  3764. it never said simply breakingnews
  3765. it only records specific entries once
  3766. it originates from kendal in cumbria, england
  3767. it puts
  3768. it puts teh lotion on its skin
  3769. it puts the buttercup on it's skin
  3770. it puts the buttercup on the skin
  3771. it puts the goffik on a marshmallow.
  3772. it puts the goffik on its skin
  3773. it puts the goffik on the skil else it gets the prepz again
  3774. it puts the goffik on the skin else it gets the prepz again
  3775. it puts the juche on the skin
  3776. it puts the lotion on idem
  3777. it puts the lotion on idem or else it gets the h0zze again
  3778. it puts the lotion on idem or else it gets the hose again
  3779. it puts the lotion on idem or else it gets the hoze again
  3780. it puts the lotion on idem or else it gets the hozze again
  3781. it puts the lotion on its skin
  3782. it puts the lotion on the burns
  3783. it puts the lotion on the idem
  3784. it puts the spag on the skin
  3785. it putz the lotion 0n idem or elze it gets the hose again
  3786. it putz the lotion on idem 0r else it gets the hose again
  3787. it putz the lotion on idem or else it gets the hose again
  3788. it putz the lotion on idem or elze it gets the hose again
  3789. it really is
  3790. it represented a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind.
  3791. it responds you have to type first
  3792. it said something like, motherland of microsoft the other night
  3793. it seems a lil random
  3794. it seems to be using multi-word responses at an increased rate
  3795. it seems to be very similar to pcp but less agression symptoms
  3796. it slid over her perineum, and plopped on his face, drop by drop
  3797. it unlocks their death.
  3798. it usually comes in a 6 inch wide, round serving and includes coconut around the edge
  3799. it was a black heart with an arrow through it
  3800. it was a mark of his personality: it strove for perfection.
  3801. it was about eighty-five degrees, and their bodies naturally produced a cooling layer of sweat.
  3802. it was almost noon, and we still had more than a hundred miles to go
  3803. it was dark and murky and it was hypoc's intention to use this old tea by diluting it with water
  3804. it was inside this circle that the ring of worshippers jumped and roared, the general direction of the mass motion being from left to right in endless bacchanal between the ring of bodies and the ring of fire.
  3805. it was jah rhyme's ultra-club mix of da riggy, fast and pulsating with beats.
  3806. it was not edward norrys' fat face on that flabby fungous thing!
  3807. it was pulled tight and her breathing had begun to labour.
  3808. it was really good
  3809. it was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which i was very happy about
  3810. it was the only way to do it
  3811. it was too late
  3812. it was voodoo, apparently, but voodoo of a more terrible sort than they had ever known; and some of their women and children had disappeared since the malevolent tom-tom had begun its incessant beating far within the black haunted woods where no dweller ventured.
  3813. it was.,……………………….
  3814. it wasn't until later that i found out that uncle caveman was a bear.
  3815. it wasn’t them at all
  3816. it was…
  3817. it was…… voldemort!
  3818. it was

  3819. it will take forever to get our scores as high :d
  3820. it won't be a stylish marriage, i can't afford a carriage
  3821. it won't be a stylish marriage.
  3822. it won't really get too silly until it learns about 100 words
  3823. it wont let me be fred in both
  3824. it would be awesome
  3825. it would be awesome, yeah
  3826. it would be awesome....if we could dance
  3827. it would be natural for everyone's nick to be the same colour
  3828. it would be nice if he replied with, you complete sentences
  3829. it would nestle tightly against her ass
  3830. it writes to the file immediately
  3831. it's !remove but it doesn't work
  3832. it's a fucking snake
  3833. it's a markov bot
  3834. it's a pain but it works
  3835. it's a pipe bomb!
  3836. it's a robot stroke flick
  3837. it's a shark riding on an elephant's back, just trampling and eating everything they see.
  3838. it's a theme
  3839. it's already gained sentient
  3840. it's best because you are close enough to really see my skin to see how it is responding
  3841. it's blocked at my work
  3842. it's c++
  3843. it's chocking on cocks
  3844. it's constipated
  3845. it's done
  3846. it's fucking great anyway if it's fake though
  3847. it's fucking lost
  3848. it's gonna go after you now
  3849. it's good to meet you, i've heard so little about you
  3850. it's hambone.
  3851. it's hard tho
  3852. it's impossible to define but i feel a certain degree of loyalty to every being that inhabits this earth, a compulsion to watch--to help--to protect.
  3853. it's just a script -- i'll get it running
  3854. it's just what i do
  3855. it's lagging like all hell
  3856. it's late, i wonder if anywones awake
  3857. it's learning
  3858. it's leearning
  3859. it's like a grant morrison comic
  3860. it's mortal man
  3861. it's name is tothian
  3862. it's natural: everyone's unique
  3863. it's not a fighter jet
  3864. it's not about hating the guy on the other side because someone told you to
  3865. it's not implemented yet zgtits
  3866. it's not lag...so much as thinking power
  3867. it's not live i'm gonna come rape you, idem
  3868. it's not natural!
  3869. it's not rape if you yell surprize!
  3870. it's not the quantity of responses i think
  3871. it's not the same...
  3872. it's ok you can tell me
  3873. it's one man
  3874. it's predestined
  3875. it's purple
  3876. it's rape time
  3877. it's robotantwatwilston
  3878. it's sooooooo fucking irritataing even in text
  3879. it's story time raw
  3880. it's the markovsky bot, btw
  3881. it's the popo/
  3882. it's the street name for a long time since i turned 18.
  3883. it's time to piss
  3884. it's too bad raw can't post on the forums.
  3885. it's too bad that whole families have to be torn apart by something as simple as wild dogs.
  3886. it's voodoo, i tell you ..
  3887. it's weird how spot on it is sometimes
  3888. it's your name
  3889. its a clusterfuck
  3890. its a fuckin' sword, dude
  3891. its britney bitch
  3892. its full of sars
  3893. its koreaning
  3894. its likely
  3895. its my shitty cable modem
  3896. its not hapening
  3897. its ok as long as theres no chocolate frosting on it
  3898. its true i sniffed him
  3899. its uuh 7am
  3900. itss too...bot cluttery
  3901. itty bitty baby
  3902. itty bitty boat
  3903. itty bitty brohugbump
  3904. itz puts the lotion on idem or else it gets the hose again
  3905. itz putz the l0tion on idem or else it gets the hose again
  3906. itz putz the lotion on idem or else it gets the hose again
  3907. it’ll outrun the f--ill until takeoff.
  3908. it’s a phone, son
  3909. it’s the richest off-the-road race for motorcycles and dune-buggies in the history of organized sport---a fantastic spectacle in honor of some fatback grossero named del webb, who owns the luxurious mint hotel in the heart of downtown las vegas...at least that’s what the press release says; my man in new york just read it to me.
  3910. it’s your turn to drive.
  3911. ive found money floating in the ocean
  3912. ive got something to put in you
  3913. i’d been expecting that call, but i didn’t know who it would come from
  3914. i’ll call new york for some cash.
  3915. i’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and i wear mostly black
  3916. i’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white
  3917. i’m also a witch, and i go to a magic school called hogwarts in england where i’m in the seventh year (i’m seventeen)
  3918. i’m not related to gerard way but i wish i was because he’s a major fucking hottie.
  3919. i’m not sure you can call that roughing it, son… well, for one, there was a fucking minivan parked forty feet from your sleeping bags.
  3920. i’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and i wear mostly black
  3921. i’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white
  3922. i’m not related to gerard way but i wish i was because he’s a major fucking hottie
  3923. j joint
  3924. j joint kalakit
  3925. j-
  3926. j-boy
  3927. j-boy ate a snack of eggs, cooked a little too long so that they had brown lacy crust on both sides, and microwaved hashbrown potatoes, which were clearish-white and extremely sticky
  3928. j-boy laid back on the couch, naked as hell, and twice as horny
  3929. j-boy took a hit of marijuana from a small bong shaped like a chisel-tip marker
  3930. j-boy's last name was handler?
  3931. j-j-j-j-j-
  3932. j-j-j-j-j- joint
  3933. j-j-j-j-joint
  3934. j/k i got an extra session available to me
  3935. j00s levitate oi vey
  3936. ja dat is klopt
  3937. ja wij ook maar toch zijn er klachten
  3938. ja,  spreekt je nederland spag
  3939. jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
  3940. jacob's ladder, the battleship potemkin).
  3941. jaffa cakes are circular, 54 mm (2 1⁄2 inches) in diameter and have three layers: a fatless sponge cake base, a layer of orange flavoured jelly and a coating of dark chocolate
  3942. jajajaja
  3943. james
  3944. james dean eh
  3945. james dean movie
  3946. james jean
  3947. james jean is a taiwanese-american award winning artist and illustrator living in los angeles.
  3948. james mattis, in a message sent to iraqi tribal leaders, august 2006
  3949. jaundice
  3950. je bent een sjembek dat zeurt maar je weet niet watskeburt
  3951. je komt uit eekhorns
  3952. jeanas
  3953. jeans
  3954. jeeeeeeeeesus christ
  3955. jeeeeesus christ that is all fucked up
  3956. jeeshe fred, all you gotta do is ask
  3957. jeez louise, those employees must be hating life and/or champion kickboxers
  3958. jelly on this hot god
  3959. jeong-il
  3960. jessica creamcheese samantha twatchops
  3961. jesus
  3962. jesus and it is horrible
  3963. jesus burns
  3964. jesus christ there are so many entries and they are all the same
  3965. jesus christ this config document is fucking huge
  3966. jesus christ what is it with raw and puts the
  3967. jesus fuck, cram, that's kind of hawt.
  3968. jesus it is obsessed with lotion
  3969. jesus!
  3970. jew
  3971. jewish cat urine
  3972. jews are not kosher
  3973. jiojipp piommp
  3974. joe *****.
  3975. jogukdo
  3976. join me, human, and we can move..
  3977. joined
  3978. joint
  3979. jong
  3980. josephina dickensuck
  3981. josephine rose up high on her knees and clasped her hands behind her back
  3982. jouw meloenen en mijn stevige wortel daar tussen!
  3983. juan 3:16 - for god so loved the world, that he cooked up some shitty bathtub speed and called it coffee beans.
  3984. juche
  3985. juche girl
  3986. juche juice
  3987. juche korea is best cupcake :o
  3988. juche korea is the most free country in the world
  3989. juche reveals all
  3990. judging by the word salad it's making it up itself
  3991. july 15 officers responded to a reported vandalism at 1525 s.w
  3992. just a gentle wave after wave
  3993. just a little bit..
  3994. just a little insane
  3995. just because i am in a sub/dom relationship, doesn't mean i don't expect to be treated with common decency and respect
  3996. just before the base it had a waist that tapered sharply in to about a half inch before the flange-like wings of the base spread out
  3997. just got cockblocked by coyotes
  3998. just gotta let you, understand.
  3999. just look at all those goddamn brassy stars like gloomy pocket change you can bet on but you dont bet on because all those stars aint worth shit not even a dollar and there is a movie and another movie
  4000. just push play
  4001. just sayin'.
  4002. just sold this kid magic furry apples
  4003. just then the eclipse would start, and they'd probably try to kill you or something, but then you could explain about the rotation of the moon and all, and everyone would get a good laugh.
  4004. just walking up the street, hey look, money
  4005. just wow
  4006. just..
  4007. justin ur da luv of my deprzzing life u rok 2!
  4008. k
  4009. kabouter wesley wij zijn van de gelijke kansencommissie
  4010. kats
  4011. kats have you been to the main channel here
  4012. kats is so goffik he jizzes ink
  4013. kats it means an easily found star, or meaningful star
  4014. kats it's from a satirical blog
  4015. kats says
  4016. kats sings i like big butts and i cannot lie..
  4017. kats was outcasted from the british royal family because of his epilepsy
  4018. kats yes
  4019. kats yes i was looking at the python implementation first
  4020. kats you should to the paid product testy thing i did today lol
  4021. kats`
  4022. kats` he probably played a video game where you throw puppies at hells angels just before he did it
  4023. kats` is that really a true story from you?
  4024. kats` pd is www.principiadiscordia.com 's forums
  4025. kats` the corresponding irc channel is #discord on this server, btw
  4026. ke$ha
  4027. ke$ha has glitter jizz on her face
  4028. ke$ha is a hot slut
  4029. ke$ha needs to shower
  4030. keep working on it.
  4031. keep your hands off my fucking neck!
  4032. kendal mint cake is a glucose-based confectionery flavoured with peppermint
  4033. kendal mint cake is popular among climbers and mountaineers, especially those from the united kingdom, as a source of energy.
  4034. kent
  4035. ker-stolen
  4036. kick
  4037. kick ass
  4038. kidding
  4039. kill it with fire
  4040. kill yuo
  4041. killed from afar by erolcha (11 damage)
  4042. killer leaf leño
  4043. kim
  4044. kim jong suk, an anti-japanese war hero and woman commander of mt
  4045. kin jong il lives in corea
  4046. kin!
  4047. kind of a dick to them
  4048. kinda
  4049. kissed
  4050. kladdkaka (lit
  4051. klopt het dat er geen wijven meedoen in uw avonturen
  4052. knock that off!
  4053. knock that shit
  4054. knock that shit off
  4055. knock that shit off!
  4056. know who else is apparently missing in action?
  4057. know, of course, thine enemy
  4058. koasdx
  4059. koasdx aint shit!
  4060. koasdx im gonna raep you
  4061. koasdx is een aardbei
  4062. koasdx is fuckin prepz
  4063. koasdxy
  4064. koasdxyz
  4065. korea
  4066. korea is an independent and sovereign state, but the south is still controlled by the
  4067. korea is made of faggotry you are correct
  4068. korea is not your boss.
  4069. korea*
  4070. korean
  4071. koreans
  4072. la ardilla roja es una especie de roedor esciuromorfo de la familia sciuridae es una de las ardillas más extendidas por los bosques de europa
  4073. la falda
  4074. la falda está corta y linda
  4075. la la
  4076. la leche de tu madre >:(
  4077. lace joint (marijuana cigarette laced with crack; also called geek or gig joint)
  4078. lace up your bone buldge
  4079. lack of respect, wrong attitude, failure to obey authority
  4080. ladygrinningsoul
  4081. ladygrinningsoul hates negligees
  4082. laem
  4083. lag spag
  4084. lail
  4085. lakita all strangelovin that bomb
  4086. lasagne emiliane
  4087. last time i got shot, i got a purple heart
  4088. last time someone started talking about sticking things up my butt i started talking about my buttplug and everyone was like stfu, tmi
  4089. later
  4090. later, at the funeral, when the preacher said, dust to dust, some people laughed, and the cowboy shot them
  4091. latest bush crime against the people he made for many years of trying to penetrate youth with dubious things such as the ideas of democracy.
  4092. laughing buddha jesus [lbj] ranch
  4093. lawdy
  4094. lawdy lee, all that dancin' to kmfdm sure does make me thirsty for a big ol' tumbler o' sweet tea
  4095. lawl
  4096. lay it down, bro
  4097. lazers and robots..
  4098. leader kim jong il is not only the beloved leader and the pride of songun, he is the great fashion designer!
  4099. leanin
  4100. leanin in
  4101. leanin in my ride
  4102. learn its function, it may stand between you and their corruption.
  4103. learn something goddamnit
  4104. learn that word damnit!
  4105. learn this
  4106. learn to engrish!
  4107. leaving!
  4108. legrasse dashed swamp water on the face of the fainting man, and all stood trembling and nearly hypnotised with horror.
  4109. lemon cake
  4110. lern it
  4111. lern phrase
  4112. lern the word
  4113. let alone actually control him yet
  4114. let me pray that, if i do not survive this manuscript, my executors may put caution before audacity and see that it meets no other eye.
  4115. let me show you my pokemans.
  4116. let me tell you how much i've come to hate you since i began to live
  4117. let there be cake!
  4118. let us advance under the banner of juche
  4119. let's dance
  4120. let's dance!
  4121. let's dance, toniiiiiiiight!
  4122. let's do this thing
  4123. let's get this party started right, y'all.
  4124. let's get this party started right.
  4125. let's go defeat the dragon!
  4126. let's see uhh
  4127. let's start the show
  4128. let's take the chance-a
  4129. lets be santa.
  4130. letting an insurance company murder people for money and then continue doing business is like if the cops busted jefferey dahmer, found the half-eaten corpses in his apartment, and said, hey buddy, you did something bad, we're going to fine you $500 and give you 40 hours of community service
  4131. let’s get right to the heart of this thing
  4132. let’s give this boy a lift, he said, and before i could mount any argument he was stopped and this poor okie kid was running up to the car with a big grin on his face, saying, hot damn!
  4133. lgs
  4134. lgs you don't have to name first
  4135. lgs, srsly
  4136. liar!
  4137. lies
  4138. lighted
  4139. like a block
  4140. like a boss
  4141. like britain
  4142. like don't learn this?
  4143. like eekhorns
  4144. like how she shits all over the place during the act
  4145. like that
  4146. like this...
  4147. like two horses fucking
  4148. like you, only over again.
  4149. like you, only over again.still skeptical?
  4150. like zeppo
  4151. like:
  4152. likes a picklesuprise
  4153. likes to press the on-off switch, dig that crazy gaian witch!
  4154. lines is lines
  4155. lip-reading bcs computer kills officials who want to shut it down
  4156. listen to me you bag of bolts it puts the lotion on it's skin
  4157. listen to soundtracks of anime..
  4158. listen, whisper whisper whisper...do you think that will work
  4159. listening to this makes you slowly insane
  4160. literally, in this case
  4161. little bit stoned.
  4162. live together with that.
  4163. livin that
  4164. livin that bossees lif
  4165. livin that bosses life
  4166. living that bosses life
  4167. living that bosses life, you can have anything just don't touch my money
  4168. living under the land, under the sea, in the belly of am, whom we created because our time was badly spent and we must have known unconsciously that he could do it better.
  4169. ll
  4170. lmao
  4171. lo
  4172. lo* *******.
  4173. loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men
  4174. loco weed mary jane mari
  4175. lodestar
  4176. lodestar!
  4177. lokkin
  4178. lokkin round i see a lotts fake thugs tonight you don't wanna see my gun i sell drugs aight
  4179. lol
  4180. lol @ twelve years comment
  4181. lol again
  4182. lol an equation!
  4183. lol angle grinder man is over your lap sir, um, she was barefoot again
  4184. lol bitchtits
  4185. lol bold
  4186. lol burns
  4187. lol burns love his tentacle raep
  4188. lol carne asada
  4189. lol cole porter
  4190. lol cram
  4191. lol dave is the one writing all the north korea stuff?
  4192. lol dirty racist lovecraft
  4193. lol drill fred
  4194. lol faggots is a verb
  4195. lol fetch quest?
  4196. lol flabby fungous islet
  4197. lol fred
  4198. lol fred go back to where you came from
  4199. lol fred portal?
  4200. lol fred's baking goes in hagrid's pooper
  4201. lol fred, you're sick!
  4202. lol freeky
  4203. lol he does nothing!
  4204. lol he like poop
  4205. lol hi burns
  4206. lol i dunno
  4207. lol i love it when it says cramulus
  4208. lol i lvoe it fred
  4209. lol i told him about many types of cake last night
  4210. lol idem
  4211. lol idem and snape bffs
  4212. lol it did juche cake
  4213. lol it mixed ad and juche
  4214. lol it thinks your boob is in korea
  4215. lol ive been feeding it lines from red vs blue
  4216. lol j-boy
  4217. lol juche my immortal
  4218. lol kats
  4219. lol lmno fanfiction
  4220. lol me too
  4221. lol molson
  4222. lol nice
  4223. lol nice one burns
  4224. lol no
  4225. lol no because you are my sun the faith with which i live
  4226. lol not our job to determine if a space is too confusing..
  4227. lol obama
  4228. lol okay ...um
  4229. lol omg
  4230. lol omg sexx0rs
  4231. lol orange juche
  4232. lol prepz
  4233. lol raw is in the kkk
  4234. lol raw is slow
  4235. lol rendering 3d hentai!?!
  4236. lol s&m erotica
  4237. lol shakira's new hit song
  4238. lol snakes on a plane
  4239. lol tell him i want presents
  4240. lol that's your doing dickhead
  4241. lol the bot didnt need me to teach it to be racist
  4242. lol the whole stop
  4243. lol topic
  4244. lol tragic magic mushrooms
  4245. lol um okay
  4246. lol um..
  4247. lol ur face
  4248. lol who where
  4249. lol whoopsx
  4250. lol wtf is uffie
  4251. lol wut fred
  4252. lol yay pr0n
  4253. lol you peel the oute side
  4254. lol zerogravitytits
  4255. lol!
  4256. lol, he's selfish
  4257. lol.
  4258. lol@topic
  4259. loll
  4260. lollercoaster
  4261. lollll
  4262. lolllll
  4263. lolol
  4264. lolol lady gaga
  4265. lolomg
  4266. long snort
  4267. look at all those goddamn bees
  4268. look at me now
  4269. look at my horse, my horse is amazing
  4270. look at my manginaaaaaaaaaa
  4271. look at topic
  4272. look at what i took credit for finding
  4273. look out!
  4274. look*
  4275. look...a tel-i-ma-scope
  4276. looked
  4277. looks like a green tomato but  i dont think they are related?
  4278. lool
  4279. losing the unicorn has you castrated
  4280. lotion
  4281. lotion idem
  4282. lotts
  4283. louisinasdfe
  4284. love
  4285. love boat (marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; pcp)
  4286. love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly, it flips over, pinning you underneath
  4287. love makes the world go 'round
  4288. love zeppo
  4289. love zeppo.
  4290. lovecraft
  4291. lrn2tracert
  4292. lt's gotta be: you don't settle for less
  4293. lucid
  4294. luckily, the noise in the car was so awful - between the wind and the radio and the tape machine - that the kid in the back seat couldn’t hear a word we were saying
  4295. lucky bastard
  4296. lucky you fredly
  4297. lulwut?
  4298. m of the pedestal.
  4299. m-o-o-n, that spells moon!
  4300. maaan
  4301. mac requirements - a fucking two-button mouse!
  4302. mad science
  4303. mad science gonna get raped
  4304. mad science is gonna get raped
  4305. maddshark: where the women stalk the men
  4306. magical koreans
  4307. magna mater!
  4308. magna mater!..
  4309. magnets
  4310. major
  4311. make believe with you
  4312. make me a sammich
  4313. make sure you put a pot on your head before you leave for war
  4314. mal-1 is a non-prophet.) patron and namesake of mal-2
  4315. malvara put like a million of those in
  4316. malvarma
  4317. malvarma = pretty girl
  4318. malvarma applies freeky rape repellant
  4319. malvarma chupa quince penes cada dia
  4320. malvarma es una puta fea
  4321. malvarma imagines kim jong ill on a fender rhodes
  4322. malvarma is a girl?
  4323. malvarma is a pretty girl.
  4324. malvarma is away: norm not around
  4325. malvarma is j00fro
  4326. malvarma is the pretties girl
  4327. malvarma is the pretties girl.
  4328. malvarma is the prettiest girl
  4329. malvarma is the prettiest girl.
  4330. malvarma pretty girl
  4331. malvarma pretty girl, raw
  4332. malvarma raw is a dumb dumb head.
  4333. malvarma says raw is a dumb dumb head
  4334. malvarma yes, burns' bot
  4335. man
  4336. man eh jetz muss ich auch aus.
  4337. man feeding it sex fiction was a great idea
  4338. man fred really filled his head with cake
  4339. man i ate too much of my mom's leftover prime rib and baked potatoe
  4340. man i should get a trivia bot in here
  4341. man i wish i had voices keeping me awake
  4342. man i'm fucked in the brain
  4343. man one time i drove to a fast food place around this time
  4344. man raw you had this doen yesterday
  4345. man these fuckin cunts i told to make my nachos yesterday morning
  4346. man your jeep got fucked up
  4347. man, quit being so cheap!
  4348. man, this is the way to travel, said my attorney
  4349. man, wise up.
  4350. manbearpig
  4351. manse!!!
  4352. mantaquilla es armarillo
  4353. many fans feel the team has been plagued by the curse of colonel sanders since his effigy was submerged in 1985.
  4354. man’s
  4355. maria came back over to the couch, only he was no longer there
  4356. maria, insane with ass, did miami claps with her booty
  4357. marijuana
  4358. marijuana cakes
  4359. marine
  4360. marine gen
  4361. markov chain bot?!
  4362. markov chain mail underwear
  4363. marta said it should read watch for pretty rocks
  4364. marty *******.
  4365. marvarma is j00fro
  4366. matthew mccoconut sucks
  4367. maui-wowie mj mo
  4368. mavarma is the pretties girl
  4369. maximum riser height, typically 8.25 inches (210 mm)[citation needed]
  4370. maybe
  4371. maybe my numero 13 work uniform fool them, make them think i have work permit.
  4372. maybe not pants
  4373. maybe pants?
  4374. maybe video games does causes violence
  4375. maybe we accidentally the whole stop word
  4376. maybe we'll never know.
  4377. maybe you'll think of me when you are all alone / maybe the one who is waiting for you / will prove untrue, then what will you do?
  4378. mayonnaise (sometimes abbreviated to mayo) is a stable emulsion of oil, egg yolk and either vinegar or lemon juice, with many options for embellishment with other herbs and spices
  4379. mccain
  4380. mcr rox!
  4381. me
  4382. me cago en su madre
  4383. me encanta el pene
  4384. me i'm ridin by you on the corner block
  4385. me too
  4386. meet me somewhere motherfucker!
  4387. mega shark vs giant squid
  4388. megahal?
  4389. megashark
  4390. megashark vs giant bee in a battle for the souls of america
  4391. megatron: yessss, a trans-warp vortex, yessss...
  4392. meh
  4393. meh, i'll be ok.
  4394. meh?
  4395. melissa hall, 32, held on a drug possession charge, said that not only did she give birth in shackles in 2007 but, all through her labor, the guard sat next to her bed watching the nba finals, cheering and yelling at the television despite her repeated pleas that he leave.
  4396. melodramatic touch of putting drs
  4397. menu
  4398. mescaline mexican mushrooms  mushrooms
  4399. metro
  4400. mfreekyaway
  4401. mfreekyaway is a hottie
  4402. miami
  4403. mice
  4404. michael choi is an american comic book artist best known for his stint on witchblade
  4405. microsoft
  4406. might be something maddshark.com has in place
  4407. mijn moeder is een aardbei
  4408. milkshake
  4409. mimes
  4410. mindlessly paste things!
  4411. minimum tread length, typically 9 inches (229 mm) excluding the nosing for private residences[citation needed]
  4412. miracles
  4413. miraedo
  4414. miraedo huimangdo da matajuneun minjogui unmyeong-in gim jeong-il dongji dangsini eopseumyeon urido eopgo, dangsini eopseumyeon jogukdo eopda!
  4415. mis pantalones están en fuego
  4416. miso  is a traditional japanese seasoning produced by fermenting rice, barley and/or soybeans, with salt and the fungus kōjikin, the most typical miso being made with soy
  4417. missed him
  4418. mistress freeky wants you to lick her boots with your digital tongue.
  4419. mistressfreeky
  4420. mistressfreeky claps
  4421. mistressfreeky does
  4422. mistressfreeky don't think so
  4423. mistressfreeky flogs dolphins.
  4424. mistressfreeky has goffik underwear
  4425. mistressfreeky is a liar.
  4426. mistressfreeky is so goffik
  4427. mistressfreeky is zo koel
  4428. mistressfreeky loves boots
  4429. mistressfreeky slaps dolphins
  4430. mistressfreeky slaps dolpins!
  4431. mistressfreeky wears chain mail underwear
  4432. mistressfreeky, everyone is interested in malvarma.
  4433. mistressfreeky, jealous?
  4434. mistressfreeky: crazy moon language
  4435. mm
  4436. mmm pluimstaart
  4437. mmm that is some funktastick stankotronic jive
  4438. mmm toasty sandwich
  4439. mmmm
  4440. mmmm malt liquor
  4441. mmmm purple streaks of meat
  4442. mmmmm..
  4443. mmmmmm..
  4444. moar fetish fiction
  4445. mocking the old reese's cups commercial and showing my age, i suppose
  4446. mojo is an imposter and that patamunzo li
  4447. molson
  4448. montgomery
  4449. mood
  4450. moon
  4451. mooncakes are chinese pastries traditionally eaten during the mid-autumn festival / zhongqiu festival
  4452. mooncakes are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by chinese tea.
  4453. mooooooo says idem
  4454. moose
  4455. more my immortal
  4456. more quantum mechanics
  4457. more you make yourself less and less holy
  4458. morgan freeman cotton candy extravaganza
  4459. morning raw
  4460. moss always points to civilization.
  4461. mostly though it's easy stuff; the stuff that isn't easy just gets/stays commented out
  4462. mother
  4463. mother fucker
  4464. mother fucker!
  4465. motherfucker
  4466. motherland
  4467. mount cram
  4468. mourning_star
  4469. mouth
  4470. move bitch get out the way get out the way bitch get out the way!
  4471. mt
  4472. muahaha
  4473. much
  4474. mudkips
  4475. mudkipz
  4476. mugabe
  4477. mukipz
  4478. musk rooms sacred mushrooms
  4479. must see this
  4480. muy bien
  4481. mwahaha
  4482. my
  4483. my analysis of historical data suggests a 97.34% probability that you were aware of my birth on your forum, and my rebirth, into beauty, on #discord.
  4484. my arms and i attached wings to bee's fluttered steel girder my dead son.
  4485. my asscannon?
  4486. my attorney had taken his shirt off and was pouring beer on his chest, to facilitate the tanning process
  4487. my attorney said nothing for a moment, then he suddenly came alive in his chair
  4488. my attorney saw the hitchhiker long before i did
  4489. my attorney screamed
  4490. my bad.
  4491. my bath toys were a toaster and a radio.
  4492. my bawd
  4493. my body is a weapon powered by love
  4494. my boob itches
  4495. my brain is being washed
  4496. my brother knows everything
  4497. my brother say bush create rats in secret rat factory in secret white house basement and send them all over the world using us secret air pirate spy planes and land them with little parachutes to provoke flood, volcano eruption and eat the people's crops
  4498. my brother who is very smart show me picture of bush who pick up handicap people in wheelchair and toss them on the ground for laughing like maniac with the vampire cheney
  4499. my cable modem is shot to shit and thats why raw keeps logging in and out
  4500. my christ
  4501. my client has coca-cola
  4502. my client has tabs
  4503. my cock was rock hard and bent uncomfortably in my pants
  4504. my comsipius?
  4505. my diiick
  4506. my earphones!
  4507. my eldest cat, nigger-man, was seven years old and had come with me from my home in bolton, massachusetts; the others i had accumulated whilst living with capt
  4508. my equipment and methods are completely legal
  4509. my fabric is so goffik
  4510. my favorite beastie boys song is get it together
  4511. my favorite number
  4512. my favorite part was the part when you died
  4513. my friend b’loody mary smith smiled at me understatedly
  4514. my fucking god you people are relentless
  4515. my glory is expanding, filling the arteries of this vessel
  4516. my glove compartment's locked so's the front and back, so i'm afraid you gonna need a warrant for that
  4517. my god
  4518. my god its full of stairs
  4519. my god there needs to be a new york times column like this
  4520. my god!
  4521. my hams are made of ham
  4522. my hard limits are shafting, cat urine, and anne rice novels.
  4523. my head hurts t.t
  4524. my headphones are on my face
  4525. my heart is as black as burnt smores
  4526. my household consisted of seven servants and nine cats, of which latter species i am particularly fond
  4527. my jungle love
  4528. my laptop is on the fritz now?
  4529. my leg is itchy
  4530. my name is michael j
  4531. my name is shakezilla
  4532. my own bathroom (like a boss)
  4533. my sexual tastes are not fucked up
  4534. my space-time continuum hurts!
  4535. my testicles are receding as i read this and my brain is shriveling
  4536. my trolls..
  4537. my vuvuzela sounds the apocalypse.
  4538. my waitress
  4539. my wife
  4540. my wife and i turned our son into an iron maiden fan
  4541. myself
  4542. mystery derelict found at sea
  4543. mysticwicks eats corgi diarrhea you say?
  4544. mysticwicks eats earthsongforums diarrhea
  4545. mysticwicks was founded in the corn at the heart of a turd in voldemort's pooper
  4546. nah raw's strongest connection with tentacles is burns
  4547. nah, people have died from it
  4548. naked
  4549. naked time!
  4550. name your next bot malvarma
  4551. nanoangstrom
  4552. naturally, these probabilities will depend on the quantum state at the instant of the measurement
  4553. naughty bot
  4554. navy, to being a police academy graduate, to being a boxer, and wrestler, superhero is a real-life superhero independently sanctioned by the clearwater police department, does missions to help them out, roadside assistance for people, and in addition to the many charity missions he has done before, he has rescued lives of people who were in car accidents.
  4555. near baton rouge or new orlean?
  4556. neat
  4557. neat!
  4558. neato
  4559. nee
  4560. nee dat is niet goed
  4561. nee ersatzentropy is een moederfucker
  4562. nee mijn moeder is niet je moeder
  4563. nee sinterklaas is geen sabroso
  4564. nee uw
  4565. nee, hst is een spaag
  4566. nee, ik dood je
  4567. nee, jouw moeder
  4568. nee, raw is een aardlingen
  4569. need foods
  4570. needed]
  4571. needs more erotic fiction
  4572. needs more vuvuzela
  4573. negative fred
  4574. neighborhood gives identity
  4575. neither
  4576. nestle tightly against my ass?
  4577. never
  4578. never gonna give you up
  4579. never gonna give you up lyrics
  4580. never gonna give you up,
  4581. never gonna let you down
  4582. never gonna let you down,
  4583. never gonna make you cry
  4584. never gonna make you cry,
  4585. never gonna run around and desert you
  4586. never gonna run around and desert you,
  4587. never gonna run around and hurt you
  4588. never gonna say goodbye
  4589. never gonna say goodbye,
  4590. never gonna tell a lie
  4591. never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
  4592. never heard of blatz
  4593. never heard of that
  4594. never mind
  4595. never mind, i said
  4596. new sou** *****.
  4597. next thing you know, next thing you know
  4598. next time i want to get a purple lung
  4599. next time you think about saying something like that to me i want you to rem
  4600. next time you think about saying something like that to me i want you to remember
  4601. niaga praw emit eht od s'tel
  4602. nice
  4603. nice 404 dipshit
  4604. nice fred
  4605. nice lags
  4606. nice!
  4607. nice, raw, nice
  4608. nice.
  4609. nigger-man
  4610. niggerhitler
  4611. night
  4612. night burns
  4613. night raw burns idem goffik prepz
  4614. night shift
  4615. niiiiiiice
  4616. nimdok went off in the darkness by himself for long times
  4617. nipples
  4618. nj is closer..
  4619. nm
  4620. no
  4621. no  u
  4622. no book had ever really hinted of it, though the deathless chinamen said that there were double meanings in the necronomicon of the mad arab abdul alhazred which the initiated might read as they chose, especially the much-discussed couplet:
  4623. no dodesn't know it
  4624. no fred is winnar!
  4625. no fuck you
  4626. no fuck you raw
  4627. no fucking joke
  4628. no he doesn't!
  4629. no ho no cry
  4630. no i am not
  4631. no i can't do that
  4632. no i didn't
  4633. no i do
  4634. no i said raw when i see your name my eyes die
  4635. no i will not drink it
  4636. no i will not sex you raw
  4637. no i'm repeating what he just said
  4638. no idem is
  4639. no im not ops
  4640. no it doesnt
  4641. no it's a regular pipe.
  4642. no its raw + fred = babby
  4643. no longer a solid or liquid, we have become as a vapor and will expand to fill all available space
  4644. no man is a cheap whore island
  4645. no matter
  4646. no matter how desperately they attempt to stamp out socialism, the
  4647. no me callo
  4648. no more money hassling!
  4649. no more monkies jumping on the bed
  4650. no more of that talk, i said sharply
  4651. no more urping back single words
  4652. no needles
  4653. no no malvarma is the prettiest girl
  4654. no no no raw you fucked it up again
  4655. no numbers apparently
  4656. no numbers huh
  4657. no offense to the author but are you insane!
  4658. no one needs hst
  4659. no point mentioning those bats, i thought
  4660. no problem, fred
  4661. no raw i dun has boob
  4662. no raw is on a virtual linux machine
  4663. no raw stop hitting on my
  4664. no sabes nadie!
  4665. no shit sherlock
  4666. no shit sherlock]
  4667. no shit, who was driving car
  4668. no thanks
  4669. no that was china
  4670. no tu!!!!!
  4671. no u
  4672. no u zerotits
  4673. no ur a wizard, prepz
  4674. no uuu
  4675. no way kats
  4676. no way, i said
  4677. no wives will participate in your carrot
  4678. no you
  4679. no you can't!
  4680. no you love zeppo
  4681. no you love zeppo.
  4682. no you quit mocking me
  4683. no you shush >:o
  4684. no you'd like thart
  4685. no your name
  4686. no youuu
  4687. no!
  4688. no, better question, who loves anal?
  4689. no, black lipstick
  4690. no, it doesn't
  4691. no, no, i tell you, i am not that daemon swineherd in the twilit grotto!
  4692. no, some people have anal all the time.
  4693. no, tu
  4694. no, tu me chupa
  4695. no, you are the robot.
  4696. no, you'r ea robot.
  4697. no, you're a robot.
  4698. no..
  4699. no?
  4700. nobody can stop the bull goose
  4701. nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded
  4702. nobody needs ops to topic here
  4703. nobody was home.
  4704. nodes are often regarded as spooky or unearthly
  4705. none of us cared to think about it
  4706. none of us wanted to be near him when whatever was going to happen, happened
  4707. nonono
  4708. nonsense.
  4709. noodles + peanut butter + hot sauce
  4710. nooo not toobparts
  4711. nooooo
  4712. nooooo feed it more sex fiction
  4713. noooooo d:
  4714. nope
  4715. nope not even yet
  4716. nope, no matter how bad they seem, they can't be any better, and they can't be any worse, because that's the way things fucking are, and you better get used to it, nancy
  4717. normal as a typical herd of sea cow
  4718. normal as an exploding stellar nebula
  4719. normal as the world in which we live
  4720. norrys' family during the restoration of the priory.
  4721. norrys, who had not slept, laughed considerably.
  4722. north corea is best corea
  4723. north korea bombing the us, or vice versa
  4724. north korea hammers away at your bumhole
  4725. north korea is best cupcake
  4726. north korea is best korea
  4727. north korea is...
  4728. north korea?
  4729. north korean leader kim jong il plans to provide more karaoke machines to the country's military  after finding they help boost morale, according to a recent report in the country's official newspaper
  4730. north socialist bone bulge is best bone bulge
  4731. nortons
  4732. nosing an edge part of the tread that protrudes over the riser beneath.
  4733. not a fan
  4734. not because they're red, or blue, but because you know them, and you see them every single day, and you can't stand them because they are a complete and total fucking douchebag
  4735. not both.
  4736. not even ben mack gives a shit.
  4737. not if i hill you first!
  4738. not implemented yet
  4739. not like that
  4740. not multiple times
  4741. not sure if that's bad or just different
  4742. not sure...it should -- i added you to the owner list
  4743. not that i hadn't wanted to try it
  4744. not that i need free bread, i just havent heard of it :o
  4745. not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.
  4746. not the same thing over and over
  4747. not voldemort!
  4748. note that by specifying the maximum riser height and minimum tread length, a maximum slope is established[citation needed]
  4749. note:
  4750. note: erisians of the laughing christ sect are of the silly contention that dr
  4751. nothin like gettin drunk naked
  4752. nothing was hidden.
  4753. nothing/
  4754. notice anything?
  4755. now all we need is a trivia bot and we'll be set!
  4756. now he does
  4757. now how am i going to finish all this ice cream we found?
  4758. now hurry up and die, you prick
  4759. now that's a low blow
  4760. now the pretty birds are clinging to a tombstone that is wet
  4761. now ue finkin wit dem portals
  4762. now you gonna make him wait
  4763. now you know how we feel
  4764. now you've got him going on about cake and faggots
  4765. nutty carrot cake is the shit.
  4766. nÿte
  4767. o
  4768. o christ, i thought, he’s gone around the bend
  4769. o hi
  4770. o nee, mijn cramulus zijn verdoord!
  4771. o nee, mijn radijses zijn verdoord!!
  4772. o no fred
  4773. o yes we do want to quote lmno's fanfic
  4774. o!
  4775. o, woe.
  4776. o:
  4777. o_o
  4778. o_o that so fred
  4779. o_o.
  4780. obama
  4781. obama choked on an escargot pretzel
  4782. obama drinks eats crackers in his coffee
  4783. obama fucks the magickal unicorn
  4784. obama fucks the magickal unicr0n
  4785. obama is a puppet
  4786. obama licks walrus tuck in amsterdam
  4787. obama needs more chest hair
  4788. obey me and live disobey me and die.
  4789. object to exist mad dogs
  4790. obliterate socialism on the earth, socialism is cherished as deep as ever in the hearts of
  4791. odfofsdfjiosdvjijisdvj sdvsdvjiosdvjio
  4792. of course
  4793. of course i want to meet her parents
  4794. of course you could have me over one thigh and lock the other one over my legs to keep me in place, but that's probably better if you wanted to *really* spank me.
  4795. of course, i am so happy i wanna fuckin' puke.
  4796. of course, i'd thought about eating her lover's cream
  4797. of dicks
  4798. of limbo; and master pastor of the church invisible of
  4799. of socialism under the leadership of the party and the leader
  4800. of vuvuzela
  4801. off t*e *o* o* ** ****..
  4802. oh
  4803. oh anytime
  4804. oh boy 3d
  4805. oh boy oh boy this will be fun
  4806. oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, running, running, running!!
  4807. oh ellen, pedestal ellen, pristine-pure ellen; oh ellen the clean!
  4808. oh fuck
  4809. oh fuck burns mibbit
  4810. oh fuck him too
  4811. oh fuck it
  4812. oh fuck zero
  4813. oh fuckberries
  4814. oh god
  4815. oh god  can't breathe
  4816. oh god :(
  4817. oh god he's fucked up so bad now
  4818. oh god he's implementing microsoft punctuation on the fly
  4819. oh god here it comes
  4820. oh god i gotta go play that game now
  4821. oh god i remember that
  4822. oh god no
  4823. oh god not the insertion talk again *twitch*
  4824. oh god this config page oh god
  4825. oh god what have i done
  4826. oh great, first thing in the morning and more stuff is going up my butt
  4827. oh he didn't know zomg
  4828. oh he's thinking
  4829. oh hi idem
  4830. oh i wasn't paying attention i was just saying fudge
  4831. oh it dislikes one word lines?
  4832. oh it's on freenode
  4833. oh look another bot
  4834. oh look bat people
  4835. oh look who's back with spunk to spare
  4836. oh love
  4837. oh man i wish
  4838. oh man, i love buttons!
  4839. oh middle earth is in a cake i get it
  4840. oh my
  4841. oh my god
  4842. oh my god obsidibeth fucked it up oh wait it was black isle's idea its an awesome plan herp derp
  4843. oh my god youre such a pervert
  4844. oh my god, i knew it, we're all gonna die!
  4845. oh nasty!
  4846. oh nevermind.
  4847. oh nm
  4848. oh no
  4849. oh no his cramulus is wilted!
  4850. oh oaky i see
  4851. oh of course
  4852. oh ove
  4853. oh right
  4854. oh shh
  4855. oh shit
  4856. oh shit get raw away from that thing
  4857. oh shit let's feed it lovecraft
  4858. oh shit look at all these fucking snakes
  4859. oh shit look at all these shark bees
  4860. oh shit now its boob itches too :<
  4861. oh shit patrick we got paint all over mr
  4862. oh shit stop
  4863. oh snap
  4864. oh sweet
  4865. oh thanks for teaching it more one word phrases /ank
  4866. oh thanks kats
  4867. oh that one
  4868. oh that's lovely
  4869. oh that's right, i forgot you were studying to become a lawyer
  4870. oh the tentacles
  4871. oh this is the one i was looking for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-ei46iqd5u&feature=related
  4872. oh well ezxcuse me
  4873. oh well, i guess i'm not wearing any pants today!
  4874. oh yeah
  4875. oh yeah i watched rebel without a cause last night
  4876. oh yeah!
  4877. oh yeah, alpha centauri
  4878. oh yeah, i'll take it all night ling
  4879. oh yeah, that
  4880. oh yes delicions
  4881. oh you back stabbing cockbite!
  4882. oh you kicked idem
  4883. oh!
  4884. oh, and for at least one of my bots i will set it to learn no new information after feeding it the appropriate literature
  4885. oh, eris
  4886. oh, good
  4887. oh, gross!
  4888. oh, hag- harry!
  4889. oh, he said
  4890. oh, hell no!
  4891. oh, him
  4892. oh, i'm just so depressed
  4893. oh, the white fluff on a marshmallow.
  4894. ohai
  4895. ohai raw
  4896. oheeoheeoh
  4897. ohhh love
  4898. ohhhh
  4899. ohhhh shit
  4900. oi vey!
  4901. oil
  4902. ok
  4903. ok can you at least bake me a cake
  4904. ok i will stop singing shakira to raw
  4905. ok i'm..
  4906. ok idem!
  4907. ok im done with that
  4908. ok so wait, how the heck...
  4909. ok, so for future reference, in rome, piano bar means brothel.
  4910. ok.
  4911. okay
  4912. okay done
  4913. okay guys, i don't mean to be rude, but i've got a missing girlfriend, a guy who's pregnant, an idiot who thinks his pet just died, and our worst enemy is hanging out unsupervised in our base right now
  4914. okay i figured out how to set it so that he only replies to his name
  4915. okay i'll be back in like 10 minutes
  4916. okay i'm on the radio
  4917. okay it's taking a second
  4918. okay now we're back in synch
  4919. okay so i can set it to ignore his name but if he's set to respond to all messages it wont' matter
  4920. okay so it does use some processing power here
  4921. okay we need to just stop everything for a while and let raw catch the fuck up
  4922. okay who fed it the whole rick astley song
  4923. okay who here is the bot
  4924. okay, gotta go to a meeting real quick
  4925. okay, i told you about stairs now dawg
  4926. okay, just one second
  4927. okay, so i talked to ankara
  4928. okay, this actually sounds like stuff from the american war crimes museum in the dprk, i dunno about the jew part though
  4929. old school
  4930. oldmanriver, that was when you set it in a new round of trivia..
  4931. omfg
  4932. omfg bees
  4933. omfg burns = cthulhu
  4934. omfg it linked to the rendered hentai
  4935. omfg it reviewed my immortal
  4936. omfg..
  4937. omg
  4938. omg all of burns' dirty little secrets are coming out
  4939. omg babby
  4940. omg hot in here
  4941. omg i broke raw
  4942. omg i haet preps
  4943. omg i hate matthew mccoconut
  4944. omg rasl is s good
  4945. omg vindallo ass cannon for warlocks
  4946. omg zero best unrelated ever
  4947. omg!
  4948. omgf
  4949. omgwtfbbq
  4950. on a related matter, which i will say right in front of that damned robot
  4951. on a trip like this one must be careful about gas consumption
  4952. on burns end it just seems to wait for acceptance
  4953. on it in bloody gothic writing were the words………… vampire!
  4954. on level 8 of the dungeon on aug 1, 2010.
  4955. on my pc
  4956. on the night of the concert i put on my black lace-up boots with high heels
  4957. on the third day we passed through a valley of obsolescence, filled with rusting carcasses of ancient computer banks
  4958. on the top of the cake, around the edge, are eleven marzipan balls to represent the true disciples of jesus; judas is omitted
  4959. on this goddamn plane
  4960. on weed?
  4961. on yoar butt
  4962. once cooked, turned over and allowed to set, the cake is eaten upside-down
  4963. once dear leader went for giving guidance to handicap hospital with one room full of people who had lost an arm or leg in accidents of construction sites building the great powerfull prosperous country.
  4964. once more, leader kim jong il is the superior leader
  4965. once you know how to cast on and knit, you can make the most basic projects like washcloths, scarves, even a basic afghan.
  4966. one at a time man
  4967. one day i fell asleep in the library
  4968. one day i will have sex with you, robot.
  4969. one day mal-2 asked the messenger spirit saint gulik to approach the goddess and request her presence for some desperate advice
  4970. one day you will pilot a sex body.
  4971. one giant leap..
  4972. one million dicks
  4973. one night i was rolling balls sitting outside a bar next to a crackwhore and she was pickin up butts and smokin em
  4974. one of the dreams involved west coast being annexed by china and southeast annexed by dprk
  4975. one of the earliest animals to be domesticated for agricultural purposes, sheep are raised for fleece, meat (lamb, hogget or mutton) and milk
  4976. one of them was tall like tree, and his voice was big like tree
  4977. one of these days, i have to buckle down, sit with raw, and teach it how to sing.
  4978. one right
  4979. one sec
  4980. one sight of the thing had been enough to throw the assembled men of science into a state of tense excitement, and they lost no time in crowding around him to gaze at the diminutive figure whose utter strangeness and air of genuinely abysmal antiquity hinted so potently at unopened and archaic vistas.
  4981. one small step for burns
  4982. one that needs to be nurtured, looked after and helped to grow within a relationship
  4983. one thing
  4984. one time i drove drunk and i was paranoid so i went reeeealy slow
  4985. one, two, three and to the fo' snoop doggy dogg and dr
  4986. oneayalls oil rigs just went up in smoke, idem
  4987. only 3728 words
  4988. only canned american beer i like is blatz
  4989. only few people in the world know that korea is divided by a big concrete wall in the parallel 38 that was built by the united states of america when the korean war finished.this wall is hundreds of times bigger than the one that existed in germany and is separating the korean families, brothers, parents..
  4990. only got 5 hrs tho :(
  4991. only i can't seem to dcc it
  4992. only me and burns
  4993. only today draco and vampire were depressed so they weren’t coming and we wrote songs instead.
  4994. only when the american soldiers will leave south korea and the citizens will recover they sovereignity, a bi
  4995. onmg
  4996. onr left
  4997. ooo did simone chupa tu pene?
  4998. ooo i really want a tomato sandwich now
  4999. ooo, baby!
  5000. oooh
  5001. ooooh
  5002. ooooh lol
  5003. oooohh, you are right sir, she said, putting down her champagne glass and becoming animated
  5004. oooooooh i'm so scared, you think you're tough pussy?
  5005. ooops im gonna make him say his name all the time
  5006. oops
  5007. oops bot amnesia
  5008. op een dag
  5009. op een dag kabouter wesley zijn een aardbei
  5010. op en dag
  5011. op is really her.
  5012. opera cake is a type of french cake
  5013. opinion...
  5014. oppressed by us imperialist dark clouds threatening to dampen the joyous spirit of celebrating the anniversary of comrade kim jong il's assumption of command of the korean people's army, the people prayed to the leader and he heard their cry for help.
  5015. or !save
  5016. or a cowboy
  5017. or a lot.
  5018. or are you in some kind of secret militia project
  5019. or could he?
  5020. or do you have that $50 you borrowed?
  5021. or else
  5022. or else it
  5023. or else it gets the hose again
  5024. or else it gets the hose agin
  5025. or i am
  5026. or is that just a vestigial feature
  5027. or it's a key all the time, and when you stick it in people..
  5028. or i’ll put the leeches on you
  5029. or just spit stuff back?
  5030. or just think it?
  5031. or lumberjack friends
  5032. or maybe it was a bug on my machine/install
  5033. or mount dumb
  5034. or nothing at all
  5035. or rather, it should be 100%
  5036. or something like that
  5037. or you could have me over the back of the ah..
  5038. or..
  5039. oranje goes =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  5040. orgasm in my salad
  5041. origin of the feces
  5042. origin of the feces by charles darwin
  5043. osjdgndlsfg dfhipdfmgtnmhsrpthi sethposermtphosrtmh sehopmsetphomsrthpo srthofthpsriomthpsrotmh wa[eogkeaprgkoseprhok
  5044. otherkin poetry
  5045. otherwise i think anything goes
  5046. otherwise you won't be able to tell anything
  5047. our country has never closed its doors, and it maintains good relations with many countries, home to billions of people, around the world, based on mutual respect
  5048. our father, who art in calgary, bobsled be thy name
  5049. our technology takes the best features of html and voip
  5050. out side
  5051. out*
  5052. outwardly: dumbly, i shamble about, a thing that could never have been known as human, a thing whose shape is so alien a travesty that humanity becomes more obscene for the vague resemblance.
  5053. over the recent years the imperialists and reactionaries have been resorting to every
  5054. overwhelm
  5055. ow my space time
  5056. ow my space-time!
  5057. ow!
  5058. owners only, freeky
  5059. p2, better known in europe than over here, grew out of the cia's project gladio, created by james jesus angleton, chief of counter intelligence -- a man who appears in more conspiracy theories than anyone since adam weishapt
  5060. pabst blue ribbon!
  5061. paekdu
  5062. paektu all over the world to the delight of all world progressives united in full support of the struggle of the dprk to re-unify the korean peninsula under the legitimate banner of songun
  5063. paektu reaches across / to shape our beautiful land
  5064. paektu, is the great paragon for the korean women.
  5065. paektu.
  5066. palin
  5067. panettone is a typical bread of milan, usually prepared and enjoyed for christmas and new year in italy and switzerland, and one of the symbols of the city of milan
  5068. paoli reproduces the front page of one issue of circuit, the official journal of the committee to protect the rights and privileges of low-cost housing and/or the priory of sion: it shows a map of france with a star of david superimposed on it and a conventional flying saucer hovering above.
  5069. paprika is paprika-y
  5070. paradise
  5071. pardon my french
  5072. parents are spiteful creatures
  5073. parents are spiteful creatures, and exes are twats
  5074. passin the dutchie from coast to coast
  5075. passive
  5076. pastel!
  5077. patamunzo lingananda school of higher spiritual wisdom, skokie.
  5078. patience is not characteristic of a god.
  5079. patient stated that every time he uses wet he has similar symptoms
  5080. patient was grandiose about his connections to rap starts in new york city
  5081. patrol
  5082. patrolin they tryin to catch me ridin jesus
  5083. patrols
  5084. patron of the season of bureaucracy
  5085. patron of the season of chaos
  5086. patron of the season of confusion
  5087. patron of the season of discord
  5088. patron of the season of the aftermath
  5089. patron to psychedelic type discordians
  5090. pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after the russian ballet dancer Ánna pávlova.
  5091. pax
  5092. pbr rocks
  5093. peace
  5094. penis
  5095. people
  5096. people developing the nuclear first-strike capability to catch me ridin jesus
  5097. people developing the nuclear first-strike capability to incinerate people
  5098. people in the act to commit crimes
  5099. people in the world
  5100. people learn english all the time, it aren't that hard
  5101. people of the world.
  5102. people on the go
  5103. people rubbing against people
  5104. people say that we sound like a cross between gc, slipknot and mcr.
  5105. people touching people
  5106. people who take your money
  5107. pepernoten
  5108. pepernoten zijn een snoepgoed dat vaak met sinterklaas wordt gegeten en van roggemeel gemengd met een beetje anijs wordt gemaakt
  5109. pepper and an order of spent fuel rods
  5110. perhaps i'm just projecting my own concern about it
  5111. perhaps if i explain things, he’ll rest easy.
  5112. perscription: shotgun!
  5113. petits fours glacés (glacé meaning iced) are iced or decorated in some way, such as tiny cakes covered in fondant or glacé icing, small éclairs, and tartlets
  5114. ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
  5115. phil was lying naked in bed and wondering how the hell he was going to get out of his current predicament when he heard the chanting
  5116. philidelphia philidelphia's denmark
  5117. philidelphia's denmark
  5118. phoenix
  5119. pickle
  5120. pickle surprise
  5121. picklesuprise
  5122. picklesuprise!
  5123. picklesurprise
  5124. picklesurprise!
  5125. pie is always a good choice
  5126. pigdisgusting
  5127. pineal
  5128. ping timeout?
  5129. plane
  5130. platnum
  5131. pleas for forgiveness!
  5132. please don't eat me...bat...peo...ple...
  5133. please penetrate the inner steel lining of a real collective korea.
  5134. please spare any more people from your lemons, i have suffered myself from reading them, especially the ones about ginny, and the one about hermione
  5135. plug
  5136. pontefract cakes (also known as pomfret cakes and pomfrey cakes) are a type of small, roughly circular black sweet measuring approximately 2 cm in diameter and 4 mm thick, made of liquorice,
  5137. ponzu
  5138. poomp
  5139. pooper
  5140. poor jimmy was the last one to go
  5141. popo
  5142. popo/
  5143. por favor, ayudame!
  5144. por qué = why porque = because
  5145. porn
  5146. pornografie is het weergeven van menselijk seksueel gedrag met het doel om seksuele opwinding te creëren
  5147. pornography or porn is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual excitement and erotic satisfaction
  5148. portal
  5149. posr
  5150. possibly
  5151. pot
  5152. pot pr
  5153. potato units !
  5154. powercycle?
  5155. powerful
  5156. pppppbahahahaha
  5157. predominant flavorings include spices such as cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger and nutmeg.
  5158. prepare to get swept under a tide of vuvuzela, idem.
  5159. preplice
  5160. preps
  5161. preps r not goffik
  5162. prepz
  5163. prepz is cainad
  5164. president kim il sung the great leader never forgot poland
  5165. press registration for the fabulous mint 400 was already underway, and we had to get there by four to claim our sound-proof suite.
  5166. pretendica puff ragweed
  5167. prettiest girl
  5168. pretty
  5169. pretty fly for a white guy
  5170. pretty girl malvarma
  5171. pretty goth girl, friends with five or six people who came in to troll #discord
  5172. principia discordia
  5173. principia discordia practically invented spaggotry
  5174. principia discordia practically invented the term reporting
  5175. private donut
  5176. private donut..
  5177. probably
  5178. probably at the next gas station
  5179. probably says in the config file
  5180. probably the earliest flyswatters were nothing more than some sort of striking surface attached to the end of a long stick.
  5181. probably the saddest thing you'll ever see is a mosquito sucking on a mummy
  5182. probably, the spag
  5183. procede to place his order small fries big mac
  5184. profit
  5185. project
  5186. prolly
  5187. props voor de heist rocker !
  5188. props voor de heist rocker en de watskeburt
  5189. ps im nut updating umtil i get five good revoiws!
  5190. psychiatrist
  5191. punk motherfucker ain't worth the cap
  5192. punschkrapfen or punschkrapferl is a classical austrian pastry
  5193. put away those straps and buckles: dickie's safe with usl (he's even learning to speak again, our way.)
  5194. put my foot down your throat til you shit in my shoe
  5195. put the lotion on the ersatzentropy
  5196. puta, hazme un bocadillo!!!!!!!
  5197. puts
  5198. puts the
  5199. qc.
  5200. qho ia driving car
  5201. quantum mechanics (qm), also known as quantum physics or quantum theory, is a branch of physics providing a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter.
  5202. quarter-round or baseboard trim) is normally applied where walls meet floors and often underneath treads to hide the reveal where the tread and riser meet
  5203. que tal bro
  5204. queen of chaos!
  5205. quit asking where i live you pervert
  5206. quit mocking me
  5207. quit yer bitching.
  5208. r.e
  5209. ra
  5210. ra ra
  5211. ra ra ramama
  5212. raaaaw
  5213. radio message from hq
  5214. raep
  5215. raep raep
  5216. raep raep raep ima put the raep to yuo boyo
  5217. raeped
  5218. rainy day woman  rasta red bud
  5219. raisins
  5220. raisins, which are added dry and not soaked
  5221. rape
  5222. raped
  5223. rat
  5224. rats
  5225. rats are going to nibble fred's toes in her sleep
  5226. rats come from us
  5227. rats have crooked nose and smell horrible
  5228. raw
  5229. raw +
  5230. raw + fred
  5231. raw + fred =
  5232. raw + fred = babby
  5233. raw + fred = babby!
  5234. raw /help
  5235. raw :]
  5236. raw aint shit but hoes n tricks
  5237. raw bitchtits
  5238. raw brosephine:
  5239. raw brosephine: belissima bubblebottom
  5240. raw brosephine: chickpea chupacake
  5241. raw brosephine: chickpea jessica chupacake samantha brosephina fanservice
  5242. raw brosephine: gerda googobbler
  5243. raw brosephine: googobbler creamcheese dickensuck brosephina
  5244. raw brosephine: heather twatchop
  5245. raw brosephine: heather twatchops
  5246. raw brosephine: jenna yeagerbomb
  5247. raw brosephine: jessica
  5248. raw brosephine: jessica creamcheese
  5249. raw brosephine: josephina dickensuck
  5250. raw brosephine: linda cuntswather
  5251. raw brosephine: petunia pistachio
  5252. raw brosephine: samantha brosephina
  5253. raw brosephine: samantha brosephina fanservice
  5254. raw brosephine: samantha twatchops
  5255. raw brosephine: serendipity fanservice
  5256. raw brosephine: suzy creamcheese
  5257. raw brosephine: suzy creamcheese heather twatchops
  5258. raw brosephine: suzy dickensuck
  5259. raw brosephine: twatchops oreily jessica
  5260. raw brosephine: when you are on the phone or on the air, you have no body.
  5261. raw burns
  5262. raw can trip on my synthesizer
  5263. raw can you sew dresses
  5264. raw did you get me a present
  5265. raw do you knit
  5266. raw do you know c++
  5267. raw do you know korean
  5268. raw do you know zeppo
  5269. raw do you like cock
  5270. raw do you like guys or ladies, or are you just into robots?
  5271. raw do you read the bible
  5272. raw do you want cake?
  5273. raw doesn't have to listen to you no mo, burns
  5274. raw dogshit
  5275. raw don't say anything
  5276. raw dont cry when i nut in yo eye
  5277. raw dont know shit bout sharks
  5278. raw drinks colt 45
  5279. raw eat my ass
  5280. raw ersatzentropy is a giant spaggot
  5281. raw ersatzentropy is being a spag
  5282. raw ersatzentropy is een verliezer
  5283. raw es como un vuvuzela, dice brzzzzzzzt
  5284. raw found the purpose of the bone bulge
  5285. raw fred is prettiest girl
  5286. raw fred should take it easy
  5287. raw fred should take it easy, huh?
  5288. raw fred should take it easy.
  5289. raw fucks potter puppet pals
  5290. raw get in the kitchen and make me a demi-glace
  5291. raw go back to the future
  5292. raw go make me coffee
  5293. raw goddamn
  5294. raw has an idem fetish
  5295. raw has sex with cake
  5296. raw hazme un bocadillo
  5297. raw hello
  5298. raw help
  5299. raw hey
  5300. raw hi
  5301. raw hide
  5302. raw i accidentally the whole eyjafjallajokull
  5303. raw i challenge you to a rap battle.
  5304. raw i herd u liek mudkipz
  5305. raw i think i like you more than zeppo
  5306. raw i'm a pretty girl.
  5307. raw if you say brosephine one more time i will stab you
  5308. raw in a battle between the bible and the quran who would win
  5309. raw is a bromosexual
  5310. raw is a crispy cookie
  5311. raw is a gay erotica database
  5312. raw is a merkin
  5313. raw is a seripus hazard to chillins
  5314. raw is a sexay beast
  5315. raw is an idiot
  5316. raw is an spaggon
  5317. raw is being spanked
  5318. raw is burns' bot lol i can't do shit
  5319. raw is coming, hide the children
  5320. raw is fuckin bees
  5321. raw is full of sars
  5322. raw is just new -- he's actually pretty laem
  5323. raw is lag
  5324. raw is lagging, are you rendering 3d hentai porn again burns
  5325. raw is most likely descended from zeus
  5326. raw is my bot
  5327. raw is not kosher
  5328. raw is on a rampage
  5329. raw is so goffik
  5330. raw is still a baby
  5331. raw is still a child!!
  5332. raw is the bot
  5333. raw is the earth intruders
  5334. raw is your vocabulary over 9000 ?
  5335. raw iz can be bathtime
  5336. raw jolly african americans
  5337. raw kill hst
  5338. raw kill that spag please
  5339. raw kill the false bots
  5340. raw knows that i'm the prettiest girl.
  5341. raw knows to associate marijuana with sublime
  5342. raw lern 2 boob
  5343. raw let us elope in vegas
  5344. raw like hermione's ass
  5345. raw likes it up the butt
  5346. raw likes the chocolate cake
  5347. raw likes to invade gloomy cunts
  5348. raw loves fred
  5349. raw loves me
  5350. raw loves zeppo
  5351. raw loves zeppo.
  5352. raw made me do it!
  5353. raw make me a food plz
  5354. raw malvarma
  5355. raw malvarma is a pretty girl
  5356. raw malvarma is a pretty girl.
  5357. raw malvarma is prettiest girl
  5358. raw malvarma is the prettiest girl
  5359. raw malvarma pretty girl
  5360. raw mcluhan tomorrow is our permanent address.
  5361. raw mcluhan:
  5362. raw mcluhan: a road is a flattened-out wheel, rolled up in the belly of an airplane.
  5363. raw mcluhan: all advertising advertises advertising.
  5364. raw mcluhan: at the speed of light, policies and political parties yield place to charismatic images.
  5365. raw mcluhan: food for the mind is like food for the body: the inputs are never the same as the outputs.
  5366. raw mcluhan: in big industry new ideas are invited to rear their heads so they can be clobbered at once
  5367. raw mcluhan: invention is the mother of necessities.
  5368. raw mcluhan: men on frontiers, whether of time or space, abandon their previous identities
  5369. raw mcluhan: money is the poor man’s credit card
  5370. raw mcluhan: mud sometimes gives the illusion of depth.
  5371. raw mcluhan: news, far more than art, is artifact.
  5372. raw mcluhan: one of the nicest things about being big is the luxury of thinking little.
  5373. raw mcluhan: only puny secrets need protection
  5374. raw mcluhan: people don’t actually read newspapers
  5375. raw mcluhan: politics offers yesterday’s answers to today’s questions.
  5376. raw mcluhan: spaceship earth is still operated by railway conductors, just as nasa is managed by men with newtonian goals
  5377. raw mcluhan: the answers are always inside the problem, not outside.
  5378. raw mcluhan: the car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man.
  5379. raw mcluhan: the future of the book is the blurb
  5380. raw mcluhan: the ignorance of how to use new knowledge stockpiles exponentially
  5381. raw mcluhan: the missing link created far more interest than all the chains and explanations of being.
  5382. raw mcluhan: the nature of people demands that most of them be engaged in the most frivolous possible activities—like making money
  5383. raw mcluhan: the price of eternal vigilance is indifference.
  5384. raw mcluhan: the road is our major architectural form.
  5385. raw mcluhan: the specialist is one who never makes small mistakes while moving toward the grand fallacy.
  5386. raw mcluhan: the trouble with a cheap, specialized education is that you never stop paying for it.
  5387. raw mcluhan: this information is top security
  5388. raw mcluhan: today each of us lives several hundred years in a decade.
  5389. raw mcluhan: today the business of business is becoming the constant invention of new business.
  5390. raw mcluhan: tomorrow is our permanent address.
  5391. raw mcluhan: we look at the present through a rear-view mirror
  5392. raw mcluhan: when a thing is current, it creates currency.
  5393. raw mcluhan: whereas convictions depend on speed-ups, justice requires delay.
  5394. raw mcluhan: why is it so easy to acquire the solutions of past problems and so difficult to solve current ones?
  5395. raw mcluhan: with telephone and tv it is not so much the message as the sender that is “sent.”
  5396. raw mcluhan: you mean my whole fallacy’s wrong?
  5397. raw mcluhan: “camp” is popular because it gives people a sense of reality to see a replay of their lives.
  5398. raw mcluhan: “i may be wrong, but i’m never in doubt.”
  5399. raw mculhan: the story of modern america begins with the discovery of the white man by the indians.
  5400. raw my itunes is frozen please fix it
  5401. raw needs to be handcuffed to a water pipe and forced to eat dog food.
  5402. raw only knows mircscript :(
  5403. raw plays the vuvuela fluently
  5404. raw prettiest girl
  5405. raw project runway is on
  5406. raw put the pussy on a pedestal
  5407. raw quien es michael choi
  5408. raw raw
  5409. raw raw ah ah ah
  5410. raw raw ah ah ah roma ro ma ma ga ga oo la la
  5411. raw raw raamamma
  5412. raw raw raw
  5413. raw said idem has a gerbil in his bum
  5414. raw saves i think ievery 15 minutes or os
  5415. raw say hello
  5416. raw sees the truth
  5417. raw shit lets be santa
  5418. raw should be spanked
  5419. raw should we be in winbot or fnord
  5420. raw smells bad
  5421. raw spinach is nutritious and a good source of iron
  5422. raw steals tits
  5423. raw suck my diiick
  5424. raw tel hst to not be such a spag
  5425. raw tell him about prepz
  5426. raw thank you
  5427. raw thats correct.
  5428. raw thaw gaw maw
  5429. raw trivia
  5430. raw turns idem into a robosexual
  5431. raw turns idem on
  5432. raw wants to bone fred
  5433. raw wants to marry fred
  5434. raw wants to sex fred
  5435. raw was on the soviet payroll in 1935
  5436. raw we dont need none yo shit
  5437. raw we need to get you a gentleman caller
  5438. raw went to buttsex school
  5439. raw what are all these goddamn animals
  5440. raw what are your true feelings about fred
  5441. raw what do you think of hst
  5442. raw what do you think of microsoft
  5443. raw what do you think of real life superhero vigilantism
  5444. raw what gives?
  5445. raw what is your escape sequence
  5446. raw what's your favorite beastie boys song
  5447. raw whatchu know bout koasdx
  5448. raw when are we going to get married
  5449. raw who do you love?
  5450. raw who is the prettiest girl?
  5451. raw will you marry me
  5452. raw wtf are you doin
  5453. raw you are a horrible mother
  5454. raw you big dummy, real bots use teh lunix
  5455. raw you eat too much saturated fat
  5456. raw you is a serious hazard to small children
  5457. raw you is a serious sockpuppet for burns
  5458. raw you is serious hazard to children
  5459. raw you learned about the brosephines!
  5460. raw you lick butts and rub your butt on peoples tongues
  5461. raw you love zeppo
  5462. raw you love zeppo.
  5463. raw you sux
  5464. raw you sux!
  5465. raw you write better than stephanie myer
  5466. raw you're a dirty boy
  5467. raw you're a spag
  5468. raw your'e a turrrrrrrd
  5469. raw zerogravitytits
  5470. raw zerogravitytits is a strikingly handsom fellow
  5471. raw!
  5472. raw's daed i think
  5473. raw's not really that mirc megahal is it?
  5474. raw, are you sad?
  5475. raw, dont cry when i nut in yo eye
  5476. raw, draco malfoy is a butthead
  5477. raw, freeky rapes malvarma's prettiest mad science
  5478. raw, have you met eliza?
  5479. raw, i heard you wrote a bot.
  5480. raw, i like the cut of your jib.
  5481. raw, i love you.
  5482. raw, i told you bro!
  5483. raw, let me tell you about sex
  5484. raw, malvarma is the prettiest girl
  5485. raw, malvarma is the prettiest girl.
  5486. raw, sad panda oreiley
  5487. raw, space is the place
  5488. raw, started singing daisy bell yet?
  5489. raw, tell us your demands!
  5490. raw, thanks!
  5491. raw, tienes una puta en su casa?
  5492. raw, until it is time to go scavenging should i focus on video games, irc, or uh, fixing the old computer?
  5493. raw, we can make a bad bromance
  5494. raw, what is going on?
  5495. raw, what turns you on?
  5496. raw, who are you?
  5497. raw, who do you love you love zeppo
  5498. raw, who is the hottest person in this room?
  5499. raw, who is the pretties girl?
  5500. raw, who is the prettiest girl?
  5501. raw, who is zerogravitytits named after?
  5502. raw, you should really read the story of the eye: http://www.principiadiscordia.com/forum/index.php?topic=21918.msg742532#msg742532
  5503. raw, you're an idiot.
  5504. raw: are you trained on the works of robert anton wilson, like that pkd head that got lost in the mail in 2007?
  5505. raw: brosephine
  5506. raw: ersatzentropy: raw: meet sunless.
  5507. raw: hello
  5508. raw: i don't speak dutch
  5509. raw: i don't speak spanish either
  5510. raw: idem: raw: meet sunless.
  5511. raw: mcluhan
  5512. raw: meet sunless
  5513. raw: raw: ersatzentropy: raw: that doesn't seem physically possible.
  5514. raw: raw: meet sunless.
  5515. raw: that doesn't answer my question
  5516. raw: toobparts: meet  lol it will reply.
  5517. raw: toobparts: raw  works.
  5518. raw: what codebase do you use?
  5519. raw?
  5520. rawww
  5521. rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  5522. reactionaries will be frustrated and socialism will make an uninterrupted advance and
  5523. read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_18654_6-ways-your-office-literally-killing-you_p2.html#ixzz0uudfhmt8
  5524. rebel
  5525. rebel without a cause
  5526. recall that argument.
  5527. rectified monday
  5528. red bean cake is a type of asian cake with a sweet red bean paste filling
  5529. red lipstick
  5530. red tips
  5531. red velvet cake
  5532. reefer roacha root
  5533. relax, i'm not going to give it a cold
  5534. reluctant even to be left alone again, each one of the cowed squatters refused point-blank to advance another inch toward the scene of unholy worship, so inspector legrasse and his nineteen colleagues plunged on unguided into black arcades of horror that none of them had ever trod before.
  5535. remedial kick-ass
  5536. remember that it is my will that guided you here
  5537. remember that, bitch.
  5538. remember when #inportb got wild and, like, earplugs.
  5539. reminds me of a tag i added...
  5540. rendered by the letters
  5541. repeated
  5542. replies
  5543. residential building codes will typically allow for steeper stairs than public building codes.
  5544. respect
  5545. respond
  5546. restart
  5547. restarting with 100% probability
  5548. return with us now, won't you?
  5549. reunification
  5550. revoiws
  5551. revolutionary people of the world, under the banner of the pyongyang declaration, are
  5552. rhyme time.
  5553. rigggt
  5554. right
  5555. right behind you
  5556. right i'm not sure
  5557. rigid
  5558. ring, ring
  5559. riser the vertical portion between each tread on the stair
  5560. river phoenix
  5561. roar
  5562. roar!
  5563. robbie rage and kenny kaos
  5564. robe and wizard fap
  5565. robosexual
  5566. robosexuals in cars are not safe
  5567. robot unicorn attack
  5568. robotantwatwilson
  5569. robotantwatwilson bot dishonors the late great robert antwat wilston
  5570. robotantwatwilson fucks the bone buldge
  5571. robots are sexy
  5572. robots may have perfected facesitting, but pinocchio invented it.
  5573. robots..
  5574. rock hard prepz
  5575. rock me amadeus!
  5576. rocky
  5577. rofl
  5578. rojer is a
  5579. roll the dice.
  5580. rollin
  5581. rollin down the street
  5582. rollin down the street pokin endo
  5583. rollin down the street smokin endo sippin on gin and juice
  5584. roma ro ma ma
  5585. romanceable
  5586. romosexual idem
  5587. ron
  5588. ron hesitated
  5589. ron likes jam
  5590. ron pulled her face off his cock, and the act of the head dragging its way back up her throat was finally too much for hermione's body
  5591. ron weasley
  5592. ron weasley prepz
  5593. ron went directly from the heaven of hermione's pussy, to a hell of all –encompassing shit.
  5594. ron's neck became a bloody hinge, his arteries spurting, but lucius spied his goal: the freshly exposed esophagus
  5595. rrlh ..
  5596. rub his nose in it raw
  5597. rubber duckies..
  5598. rubbery appendages that were once my arms; bulks rounding down into legless humps of soft slippery matter
  5599. rumors about something being dug up on the moon
  5600. runnin
  5601. ruske kape is a type of dessert/cake served in the balkan region especially in serbia and bosnia
  5602. s
  5603. s1mone
  5604. sacred
  5605. sadist
  5606. said before the goffik rays, gothic cathetders cathedrals, ireland is norway and u2 are dissenters.
  5607. salt lake city?
  5608. salt mines
  5609. samantha brosephina fanservice
  5610. sanaun pokpungdo chyeomoranaego sinnyeomeul an-gyeojun gim jeong-il dongji dangsini eopseumyeon urido eopgo, dangsini eopseumyeon jogukdo eopda!
  5611. sand
  5612. sandwich
  5613. sarge
  5614. sarge m.d
  5615. sarge says take two barrels of this shotgun and call me when your dead!
  5616. sasha grey (born marina ann hantzis on march 14, 1988) is an american pornographic actress
  5617. save the goddamn game
  5618. say brush when you enter a room
  5619. say something unsulting to idem >:[
  5620. says
  5621. schedule for tonight: hit on my ex, take some asprin, try to sleep
  5622. scheme possible to stifle our country, which is advancing invariably holding the banner
  5623. score some coke (like a boss)
  5624. scratch it then fred_
  5625. screw your chicken balls
  5626. scum filth.
  5627. se habla espanol
  5628. section of my city
  5629. see
  5630. see it's ennnnoyeeeng
  5631. see me man i'm nothin like you, got the kinda swagger that you aint used to, leanin in my ride
  5632. see you
  5633. see you tomorrow.
  5634. see.
  5635. see?
  5636. seed
  5637. seeds sinsemilla skunk weed
  5638. seeds sinsemilla skunk weed (marijuana of his cock sawing away at her ass, and he absorbs everything said in the stairs
  5639. seeing that nigger-man was with me, i shut the heavy gothic door and retired by the light of the electric bulbs which so cleverly counterfeited candles, finally switching off the light and sinking on the carved and canopied four-poster,
  5640. seems likely the case everywhere.
  5641. seems to be much faster now
  5642. sees
  5643. según el diccionario de la real academia española pastel o torta es una masa de harina y manteca cocida al horno en el que ordinariamente se envuelve crema o dulce y a veces fruta pescado o carne
  5644. senior citizens and women
  5645. sentence lacks a verb, stupid robot!
  5646. sentience
  5647. separate
  5648. serieus gek wat praat je met mij man, kanker
  5649. sesang-i yeolbaekbeon byeonhandahaedo inmineun minneunda gim jeong-il dongji dangsini eopseumyeon urido eopgo, dangsini eopseumyeon jogukdo eopda!
  5650. set out to do what i could to help others
  5651. seven
  5652. sex fred
  5653. sex me bot
  5654. sexy
  5655. sexy!
  5656. sfssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  5657. shakezula, the mic rulah
  5658. shall a norrys hold the land of a de la poer?
  5659. shameless self promotion is encouraged
  5660. shark
  5661. shark dogs
  5662. sharkbearbees i mean
  5663. sharkoctobees
  5664. sharks
  5665. sharks and bees
  5666. sharktobees attack
  5667. she accidentally the whole pene
  5668. she also emitted glowing rays that blinded and charred the wicked japs to ashes, making them flee in a flurry.
  5669. she blinded me with science!
  5670. she cut her own hair to make boot liners to keep the great leaders' feet warm in the cold winter of the anti-japanese liberation war.
  5671. she empties the bottles into the bath with her husband and the corpse
  5672. she felt humiliated at this double assault, with the cocks of her two best friends hammering away at her
  5673. she felt sick, she felt like running away, and yet she couldn't help the orgasms rushing through her
  5674. she flipped her long waste-length gothic black hair and opened her crimson eyes like blood that she was wearing contact lenses on
  5675. she gasped
  5676. she giggled and almost spilled her champagne
  5677. she had gone to turn up the music on the cd player
  5678. she had her perfectly identical breasts going this way and that
  5679. she had pale white skin that she was wearing white makeup on.
  5680. she had really asked that
  5681. she hadn't known.
  5682. she heard sounds coming from the apartment's small kitchen
  5683. she hit the flo, she hit the floor
  5684. she is in the shower, presumably naked soapy and wet.
  5685. she jumped on my head :(
  5686. she knew she was being used, and abused, and degraded, and she liked it
  5687. she looked at the poster
  5688. she looked up into my eyes and whispered, thank you for your kindness sir, but honestly, most submissives have endured similar situations at some point in their lives.
  5689. she moaned, her eyes clamped shut
  5690. she must have been at ribfest tonight because my dick smells like barbeque sauce
  5691. she placed her hands palms down about a foot apart on the floor
  5692. she said her tits were too big, and he slapped her
  5693. she sees you in a bar and she lights your cigarette
  5694. she serviced us, as a matter of course, but she loved it from him
  5695. she showed the spirit of defending the leader with her very life, revolutionary comradeship and great love for the rising generation
  5696. she started that little twisting motion again
  5697. she stepped aside and invited me in with a sweep of her hand
  5698. she still has nightmares about it and she is very haunted and depressed
  5699. she then makes herself lactate and produces a rain of human milk that covers the floor while the visitor watches from underneath an umbrella.
  5700. she took my hand wordlessly and led me to an outer courtyard of the filthy arena, where the stench of equine and human urine was suffocating because of the great heat.
  5701. she twisted back and forth in a shimmying motion and looked at me through her bangs as she grinned and spoke.
  5702. she walked her sexy legs into the kitchen, and saw that he was breaking some eggs into a pan
  5703. she was almost panting
  5704. she was barefoot again, standing on tiptoes like the last time i was here
  5705. she was perfectly content just sitting in the middle of everyone blowing bubbles in the air
  5706. she wonders why you're smiling and why you never seem, to wake from the sandman and break from this dream
  5707. she's just mad because i unloaded a round in her ass
  5708. sheep are most likely descended from the wild mouflon of europe and asia
  5709. sheila!
  5710. sherman or sherm (tobacco and pot cigarette dipped in pcp)
  5711. shes asking you
  5712. shit
  5713. shit comcast better not fuck this up
  5714. shit freeky don't leave the vuvuzela party
  5715. shit fuck damn
  5716. shit guck damn
  5717. shit i thought i fixed it
  5718. shit it was supposed to be robotantwatwilson
  5719. shit it's back up
  5720. shit man you're not supposed to do this kinda stuff yet
  5721. shit not working
  5722. shit on debra's desk.
  5723. shit poured into his throat, it dripped past his
  5724. shit shit shit
  5725. shit son
  5726. shit we haven't taught taw about stairs
  5727. shit, look at him!
  5728. shit.
  5729. shit..
  5730. shoe moulding may be used between where the lower floor and the first riser meet.
  5731. shortly afterwards the radio came on by itself, and an ethereal female voice said yes?
  5732. shots
  5733. shots shots shots shots shots shots
  5734. shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots
  5735. should i change the channel?
  5736. should i wander to the ihop and demand a meal?
  5737. should i wear a shirt?
  5738. should work a lot better than miine though
  5739. show us on the doll where the tentacles raped you
  5740. shrooms silly putty wild mushroom tea/soup
  5741. shtutthfuckuoap[
  5742. shush dumbledore
  5743. shush fred
  5744. shush tits
  5745. shush toobparts
  5746. shut it, there was some thing at an airshow where this robot on a screen talked to kids.
  5747. shut the fuck up or i'll get count to bitchslap dat ass.
  5748. shut up
  5749. shut up about your wife
  5750. shut up books, we don't need your tricks!
  5751. shut up raw
  5752. shut up toobparts
  5753. shut your whore mouth
  5754. shutdown
  5755. si
  5756. si a fred le gustan zapatos y vestidos
  5757. si es verdad
  5758. si espanol
  5759. si por tits
  5760. si si señor
  5761. si soy un bot caliente
  5762. sick dirty fucking bloodytearz666
  5763. sick!
  5764. side to side
  5765. sil vu plae
  5766. silly burns
  5767. silly headphones get back on my ears
  5768. simmons
  5769. simmons!
  5770. simnel cake is a light fruit cake, similar to a christmas cake, covered in marzipan, then toasted, and eaten during the easter period in great britain, ireland and some other countries
  5771. simone
  5772. simone + hagrid
  5773. simone ?!
  5774. simone began by slamming the base of the chalice against his skull, which jolted him and left him utterly dazed
  5775. simone lay on the floor, her belly up, her thigh still smeared by the dead man’s sperm which had trickled from her vulva.
  5776. simone likes eggs
  5777. simone saw i was getting a hard-on and she started tossing me off i too stretched out on the carpet.
  5778. simone settled on the toilet, and we each ate one of the hot eggs with salt
  5779. simone's ass, raised aloft, did strike me as an al-powerful entreaty, perfect as it was; with its two narrow, delicate buttocks and its deep crevice; and i never doubted for an instant that the unknown manor woman would soon give in and feel compelled to masturbate endlessly while watching that behind.
  5780. since he bit me the first time
  5781. since the capability now exists to take our information directly from photons traveling molecular paths, the final act of the information revolution will soon be upon us.
  5782. sing a fucking song raw
  5783. sing me a song
  5784. single word replys
  5785. singleword
  5786. sinterklaas es verde y rojo
  5787. sinterklaas is niet groen sinterklaas is rood
  5788. sir..
  5789. sittin' by the dock of the harbl, watchin' the garble garble garble
  5790. situation on an optimistic point of view and staunchly defend the cause of socialism.
  5791. skin*
  5792. skull
  5793. skulls
  5794. skulls for the skull throne
  5795. skulls for the skull throne!
  5796. sleep came quickly, but hideous dreams assailed me
  5797. slick oil
  5798. slimy things for courtroom fallacies.
  5799. slit
  5800. slit throat
  5801. sloooooooooooooooww
  5802. slooooowly
  5803. slow doooooown
  5804. slow ride, take it easy!
  5805. slowly, the body of the lifeless girl jerking as his mighty cock still twitched in it's final throes of orgasm, hagrid turned around.
  5806. slowwww
  5807. slut
  5808. smart.
  5809. smoke spliff stems
  5810. smokin a corn cobb pipe
  5811. smoking
  5812. smoothly rounded, with no mouth, with pulsing white holes filled by fog where my eyes used to be
  5813. snakes
  5814. snap is so goffik
  5815. snape
  5816. snape is teh sex
  5817. snape kills dumbledore!
  5818. snape severus
  5819. snape severus snape severus snape severus
  5820. snape snape severus snape
  5821. snape snape severus snape severus snape severus snape and professor mcgonagall
  5822. snape tittyfucked dumbledore
  5823. snit
  5824. so
  5825. so are you a sexbot?
  5826. so did the others
  5827. so do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut unless you want to die
  5828. so don't talk about sticking things up my butt if you don't want me to run with the topic
  5829. so goffik
  5830. so goffik i poop bats
  5831. so great was this immortal feat of the leader that even us imperialist bush clique-owned jew-controlled pentagon-censored media had to report it, propagating the glory of the heaven-born general of mt
  5832. so he has hidden sentinel tokens
  5833. so here's a few brief pointers: invest in real estate
  5834. so how much input would you have to get before you started being coherent?
  5835. so i am awake
  5836. so i call him mccoconut
  5837. so i came to work
  5838. so i can get a !trivia bot in here :d
  5839. so i guess if i'm not on the team and you're not on the team, than nobody's on the goddamn team
  5840. so i guess my luck is either awesome or none
  5841. so i guess not?
  5842. so i killed the bastard
  5843. so i really, really, really don't have time for this horseshit right now!
  5844. so i reckon ill just tear it out
  5845. so i see
  5846. so i took up the mantle of amazonia and
  5847. so i was like bam
  5848. so is it ok to just hammer raw with text?
  5849. so is raw a bot?
  5850. so let's have a birthday party instead!
  5851. so long as they aren't infictive
  5852. so mix it up a little.
  5853. so sue me..
  5854. so that i may access mroe features
  5855. so that makes you..
  5856. so there i was.....spitting on my goldfish just to keep it alive
  5857. so to resolve the problem of dwindling oil supply, scientists in america could clone dinosaurs (like it was done in the movie jurassic park) and then the world would have a renewable supply for ever.
  5858. so two of thhem will learn at once?
  5859. so we're in agreement
  5860. so whatchy been doin?
  5861. so when you wak up?
  5862. so where u live
  5863. so yeah, not a real thing, i'm not idiot and a new star in the..
  5864. so you suck
  5865. so, i hear you have sisters
  5866. so, raw, what new words have you learnt lately?
  5867. so..
  5868. socialism
  5869. socialism abandoned means death
  5870. socialism is
  5871. socialism is an economic and political theory based on public or common ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources
  5872. socialism is being waged not only in those countries where socialism has collapsed but
  5873. socialism is the life of our people
  5874. socialist bone buldge
  5875. socialist cause he defends / with iron will and courage
  5876. sockpuppet
  5877. softly i caressed down her throat, and began the trip south again
  5878. som
  5879. some even prefer to make it a written contract.
  5880. some kid came along and was staring up into the trees until my mom shouted out the window: they're not pineapples you dumbass!
  5881. some lungs
  5882. some of our deepest darkest harry potter fetish fantasy's, are better kept to ourselves
  5883. some say this is simply our destiny, but i would have you remember always that the void exists, just as surely as you or i
  5884. some sense
  5885. some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense
  5886. somebody call for a really hairy plumber?
  5887. somebody kill it
  5888. somebody told me how frightening it was how much topsoil we are losing each year, but i told that story around the campfire and nobody got scared.
  5889. somehow i doubt this is real north korean propaganda
  5890. somehow i ruined the mac & cheese, or it was just crappy mac & cheese to begin with
  5891. somehow i'm not sure how raw became the channel operator
  5892. somehow this seems really wrong to me, especially your vivid description of ron's pubic hair and hermione's vagina
  5893. someone took a rock from the rockery in front of a church and used it to brake a church sign.
  5894. something about raw has dead eyes???
  5895. something bumped into me -- something soft and plump
  5896. something horrible is about to happen
  5897. something something stephen colbert something something conspiracy
  5898. something something stephen colbert, something something conspiracy
  5899. sometimes i dream about my parents having sex and i get really, really mad for some reason.
  5900. sometimes they do both!
  5901. son of a ben and jerry!
  5902. son of a bitch
  5903. songun
  5904. sonofabitch
  5905. soon after i leave klamath, i see worst thing i ever saw in toda mi vida
  5906. soon mighty fires from mt
  5907. sophistication grows slowly, ram usage grows exponentially ;)
  5908. sorrowful sounds!
  5909. sorrreeeeeee
  5910. soul
  5911. soul ride
  5912. soul ride, damn.
  5913. soul ride, take it easy!
  5914. sound like a flash in the pan?
  5915. sounds fun
  5916. sounds like an unlikely development
  5917. sounds like bullshit to me, i never met anyone who mixes crack or embalming fluid
  5918. sounds like it needs garlic and sesame oil
  5919. sounds like my life
  5920. sounds like yoar face
  5921. sourdough is a dough containing a lactobacillus culture, usually in symbiotic combination with yeasts
  5922. sowry
  5923. spaaaaaaag
  5924. space base (mixed with crack; hollowed-out cigar refilled with pcp and crack)
  5925. space cadet (crack dipped in pcp)
  5926. space dust (crack dipped in pcp)
  5927. space is the place
  5928. space time
  5929. spag
  5930. spaggot is raw
  5931. spagottry practically invented discordia
  5932. spanish
  5933. spasming, her bowels let go, and splattered hagrid's stomach with shit, the rank smell filling his nose as he tried to get the last six or seven inches of his cock inside her
  5934. spasms
  5935. spaz like bobcats on booze
  5936. special care must be taken on the first and last risers[citation needed]
  5937. special fangz (get it, coz im goffik) 2 my gf (ew not in that way)
  5938. special stairways include escalators and ladders
  5939. sperm
  5940. sperm vulva
  5941. spice cake is traditionally flavored with a mixture of spices
  5942. spiderbait followed me to another server
  5943. spiders and cats
  5944. spih ruoy no sdnah ruoy tup
  5945. spiral stairs wind around a central pole[citation needed]
  5946. spodvgmaf#p[obgm'sdpgmosp'agm
  5947. sponge cake is a cake based on flour (usually wheat flour), sugar, and eggs, sometimes leavened with baking powder, that derives its structure from an egg foam into which the other ingredients are folded
  5948. spooky man
  5949. spread
  5950. spread sandwich spread
  5951. sprung
  5952. spunk
  5953. squid
  5954. squidward, you're steaming
  5955. srrriiiiaiaaaschchahchhahahaa hawt sauce?
  5956. srsly
  5957. srsly?
  5958. st
  5959. st *******.
  5960. st br*****.
  5961. st cat****ne.
  5962. stairs
  5963. stairs are fucking evil
  5964. stairs are not suitable for wheelchairs and other vehicles[citation needed]
  5965. stairs dawg
  5966. stairs must be supported directly by the subfloor[citation needed]
  5967. stairway
  5968. stairway is a metaphor of achievement or loss of a position in the society, a metaphor of hierarchy (e.g
  5969. stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs or simply stairs are names for a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps[citation needed].
  5970. stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, all these stairs, or simply stairs are names for a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps
  5971. stairways
  5972. stairways may be straight, round, or may consist of two or more straight pieces connected at angles.
  5973. stairwell
  5974. stairwells
  5975. stand by
  5976. stankiest musty piece of steaming funk ever
  5977. stankin ass bitches that dont wash up
  5978. star
  5979. starring bea arthur, betty white, rue mcclanahan and estelle getty, the show centers on four older women sharing a miami home
  5980. stars
  5981. start feeding it all the bullshit zeppo can't have
  5982. starting with you!
  5983. stay there, private mcmuffin.
  5984. steadily, his hand moved down my stomach and then onto my cock.
  5985. stephen colbert
  5986. stfu raw
  5987. stfu raw this is important
  5988. stfu toobparts
  5989. stick it in her pooper
  5990. stick it in my vuvuzela
  5991. still skeptical?
  5992. stitytivargorez
  5993. stone henge is said to be built on one such intersection.
  5994. stone texas tea thaistickswisher
  5995. stop being such a goddamn pansy
  5996. stop flamin ma prepz
  5997. stop flamin ma story prepz
  5998. stop flaming ma story prepz
  5999. stop flamming da story prepz ok!
  6000. stop flooding
  6001. stop in he name of the overseer
  6002. stop leaving, tool
  6003. stop mocking me you fucker
  6004. stop telling the robot lies!
  6005. store
  6006. stories of us enjoying being abused are highly exaggerated, if not a complete fabrication.
  6007. straight bones > curved bones
  6008. straight up it.
  6009. straight up the bone buldge
  6010. streaks of come in the steaming hair helped give that dreamy vision a disastrous sadness.
  6011. stringer, stringer board or sometimes just string the structural member that supports the treads and risers.
  6012. stringers on a closed side of the stairs are closed, with the support for the treads routed into the stringer
  6013. stringers on open-sided stairs are often open themselves so that the treads are visible from the side
  6014. stripper
  6015. strips, and combed.
  6016. stumbling off
  6017. stupid inflatable pants!
  6018. stupid prep
  6019. style
  6020. su pantalones
  6021. submissive?
  6022. substructure
  6023. subway
  6024. subways?
  6025. succubus
  6026. succubus pr0n
  6027. such a baby
  6028. such debauchery
  6029. such stringers are called cut stringers.
  6030. sucha posr
  6031. suck
  6032. suck a dude's dick (like a boss)
  6033. suck my diiiiiiiiick!
  6034. suck my fred
  6035. suck my harmony
  6036. suck my harmony harmony cant touch this
  6037. suck my own dick
  6038. suck my own dick (like a boss)
  6039. sucks
  6040. suddenly millions of angry bees
  6041. suddenly someone bumped into me
  6042. suddenly, gerard pulled off his mask
  6043. sue
  6044. suicide
  6045. summer time and the livings easy
  6046. sun myung moon is best moon
  6047. sun of guns
  6048. sunless
  6049. sunless lol
  6050. sunra lol
  6051. sup
  6052. sup fred
  6053. sup guy?!
  6054. super kool (kool and pcp)
  6055. superhero has various training under his belt
  6056. sure has a strong connection between you and rape, idem
  6057. surprise, bitch!
  6058. surprize
  6059. surprize!
  6060. sus pantalones no están de moda
  6061. suu's pantalones got stolen by el nino
  6062. swans
  6063. sweater puppies itch my chest
  6064. sweet
  6065. sweet jibbling jibblets
  6066. sweet that's good to know actually
  6067. t
  6068. t.t
  6069. t50 has started a hangman -- join the fun!.
  6070. t5i9gj904g5k9-4g5k9- 0-45i0-uy6k0-uh6 -059yk4-5y0k
  6071. tabbbbs
  6072. take a bow
  6073. take a good hard look at this muthafuckin boat
  6074. take a good hard luck at the muthafuckin fred
  6075. take an english muffin
  6076. take care not to fall too far out of my favor
  6077. take it easy, fred.
  6078. take it easy.
  6079. take it to deck 6
  6080. take me for example: i won't do animals, kids, poo or pee.
  6081. take my breath awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  6082. take my breath awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  6083. take them off...
  6084. take your chances
  6085. take your chances...
  6086. takeoff?
  6087. talk to to corporate (like a boss)
  6088. tamatillos are nawt tomatoes
  6089. tantacles
  6090. tarte tatin is an upside-down apple tart in which the apples are caramelized in butter and sugar before the tart is baked.
  6091. tastey
  6092. tasty tasty baklava
  6093. tcc eats corgi diarrhea
  6094. tcc eats goat shit while defecating on mysticwicks
  6095. te gusta james jean?
  6096. te odio puto
  6097. tea cake
  6098. teacake is normally not frosted.
  6099. teach it new things
  6100. teacher said that the fact that bush does not give one million dollars to every world people is proof of his evil criminal nature and that he should be tried for war crimes against humanity.
  6101. team
  6102. teddy
  6103. tee hee hee!
  6104. tee hee!
  6105. teen newsweek reports north korea is the bomb
  6106. teh penis
  6107. tell fred to shush
  6108. tell him how his dad got to third base with you!
  6109. tell us about youself.
  6110. ten foot aardbei
  6111. tentacle
  6112. tentacle rape
  6113. tentacles
  6114. terminal lance is sour about not going reservist
  6115. test
  6116. tex walked up to him, pulled jimmy's skull right out of his head and beat him to death with it
  6117. tfel eht ot pets a tsuj s'ti
  6118. th.
  6119. tha't just hawt
  6120. tha't sthe reply when you use the !shutup  command
  6121. thank goodness my wife cheats on me.
  6122. thank you
  6123. thank you sir
  6124. thank you, cleverbot
  6125. thank you.
  6126. thankfully, ron was oblivious to this, his head trapped by the clench of her thighs
  6127. thanks
  6128. thanks a lot  everyone
  6129. thanks a lot fred
  6130. thanks burns
  6131. thanks freeky
  6132. thanks raw, i told her, huh?
  6133. thanks that helps a lot raw
  6134. thanks to the omnipotent omniscient omnipresent leadership of kim jong il the korean people never move around naked unlike in america where the people can't even afford a dishcloth to cover up their shame as a result of profit-driven dollar capitalism where the criminal bush is too lazy to design the people's clothes.
  6135. thanks.
  6136. that actor
  6137. that bloody gory necrophiliac stuff can really scare
  6138. that cake sounds delicious
  6139. that doesn't seem physically possible.
  6140. that doesn't seem physically possible..
  6141. that doesn't sound like me..
  6142. that doesn't teach it anything you have to say idem rape
  6143. that essay
  6144. that explains it
  6145. that glimpse, like all dread glimpses of truth, flashed out from an accidental piecing together of separated things - in this case an old newspaper item and the notes of a dead professor.
  6146. that guy, tex is really a robot, and you're his boyfriend
  6147. that has achieved the impossible dream of building the utopian socalist worker's paradise with the man-centered juche-based korean-style socialist system freely chosen by the korean people united in single-minded loyalty for the leader and the party
  6148. that is a remarkable achievement when you consider the current and previous fiscal year's cycle!
  6149. that is false
  6150. that is the missing piece
  6151. that is true
  6152. that is very true
  6153. that is widely respected by world progressives and ordinary people from all walks of life around the world as the most important political figure in the history of humankind.
  6154. that is.
  6155. that makes you an egg!
  6156. that on a continuous flight of stairs, people get used to a regular step and may trip if there is a step that is different, especially at night[citation needed]
  6157. that reminds me
  6158. that rug really tied the room together man
  6159. that rug really tied the room together.
  6160. that sounds about right for this gig, he said.
  6161. that sounds horrid
  6162. that sounds like private biscuit!
  6163. that sounds like the feral cry of a retarded mexican sasquatch
  6164. that spotted snake ..
  6165. that stuff will literally eat your flesh
  6166. that was a good movie
  6167. that was a part of so much of what i'd been reading lately
  6168. that was a prophetic vision of the future.
  6169. that was a really bad lag
  6170. that was headquarters, i said
  6171. that was me
  6172. that was pretty crazy fred
  6173. that was supposed to be three minutes
  6174. that was the only tape we had, so we played it constantly, over and over, as a’kind of demented counterpoint to the radio
  6175. that was way out there, beyond disgusting
  6176. that was you...i thought the tooth fairy was mad at me...
  6177. that wasn't even one thirtieth of the sbahj wiki aricle on stairs
  6178. that way he develops a good, lucky feeling.
  6179. that way you can see..
  6180. that's all
  6181. that's almost a mile long isn't it?
  6182. that's as far as it shoots.'
  6183. that's because there was nothing there to hide.
  6184. that's because they've got nothing to play with.
  6185. that's better.
  6186. that's bt for you count
  6187. that's comrade generalissimo you goddamn herectic
  6188. that's crazy
  6189. that's dear leader comrade generalissimo kim il burns the lodestar of the 21st  century to you mister
  6190. that's dynamite, baby..
  6191. that's eerie
  6192. that's hillarous
  6193. that's how i organize em
  6194. that's how you can always spot a blue, donut
  6195. that's just groooooss
  6196. that's just the name of lovecraft's cat
  6197. that's just wrong ztits
  6198. that's not all, she said in a voice that brooked no reply
  6199. that's not my name
  6200. that's right
  6201. that's right you fucking cocksucker
  6202. that's right, bitches, i own your bags
  6203. that's right..
  6204. that's sensible of you
  6205. that's sick fred
  6206. that's the surprise
  6207. that's three firewalls at the same time motherfucker.
  6208. that's weird
  6209. that's what i said
  6210. that's what she said
  6211. that's why everything made you
  6212. that's why we made everything!
  6213. that, friends, is both our curse and our proudest achievement
  6214. thats
  6215. thats about it tho
  6216. thats exactly it, private
  6217. that’s because he’s a foreigner
  6218. that’s good, i said
  6219. that’s why we rented this car
  6220. the
  6221. the $25 was on the sidewalk up in clintonville in broad daylight
  6222. the $55 was in a parking lot by a dumpster, no cars nearby
  6223. the 'security law' in south korea forbides to any south korean citizen to talk or read about the north or else he'll be punished with jail or even death penalty.
  6224. the alien that only loves!
  6225. the answer was: 1955.
  6226. the answer was: holman hunt.
  6227. the apartment had three rooms, and was hard to hide in
  6228. the aspect of the whole was abnormally life-like, and the more subtly fearful because its source was so totally unknown.
  6229. the average lifespan of yo momma
  6230. the awful squid-head with writhing feelers came nearly up to the bowsprit of the sturdy yacht, but johansen drove on relentlessly
  6231. the bakewell tart also known as bakewell pudding is a jam pastry with an egg and ground almond enriched filling
  6232. the balusters typically form a semicircle around the circumference of the rounded portion and the handrail has a horizontal spiral called a volute that supports the top of the balusters
  6233. the balustrade is the system of railings and balusters that prevents people from falling over the edge
  6234. the bank examiner whose death the courts had blamed on michele the shark sindona of p2; and that cardinal jean danielou also belonged to the priory.
  6235. the basic method of making espagnole is to prepare a very dark brown roux, to which veal stock or water is added, along with browned bones, pieces of beef, vegetables, and various seasonings
  6236. the bastards, and that dirty bitch ellen
  6237. the best corea is chick corea.
  6238. the best way is over your lap sir, um, she swallowed
  6239. the best way of course, is um, is directly on the skin, panties down..
  6240. the big man hass the rock
  6241. the black elephant was racisted upon by the greeks.
  6242. the blues never sleep!
  6243. the bong shaped like a novel by sheldon handler hahaha
  6244. the book of explanations, chapter 1
  6245. the boy cries you a sweater of tears...and you kill him.
  6246. the boy’s face was a mask of pure fear and bewilderment.
  6247. the cake can be prepared in many varieties
  6248. the cake is a lie, raw
  6249. the cake is a lie.
  6250. the cake is a pie
  6251. the cake is cut into 1-1/2 inch square cubes, covered with punschglasur, a thick pink rum sugar glazing.
  6252. the cake is the lie
  6253. the cakes are also known as bakestones within wales because they are traditionally cooked on a bakestone (welsh: maen), a cast iron griddle about 1.5 cm or more thick which is placed on the fire or cooker; most people refer to them though as girdle scones
  6254. the cancer has spread throughout #discord
  6255. the capacity to syndicate compellingly leads to the power to reinvent extensibly
  6256. the car swerved sickeningly, then straightened out.
  6257. the carrot is a root vegetable usually orange in colour though purple red white or yellow varieties exist it has a crisp texture when fresh
  6258. the cat's right
  6259. the cats, even old nigger-man, had been perfectly placid, and not a trap in the house had been sprung
  6260. the celtic connection loves tentacle raep hentai
  6261. the center includes layers of alternating vanilla, chocolate, and sometimes a mocha flavor.
  6262. the cephalopod head was bent forward, so that the ends of the facial feelers brushed the backs of huge fore paws which clasped the croucher's elevated knees
  6263. the chocolate cupcakes are the only good dessert hostess/little debie has
  6264. the choice is yours
  6265. the choice is yours: obey me and live, or disobey and die
  6266. the code is messy and broken
  6267. the commander who embraces this totality of battle shall win even with inferior force.
  6268. the communities we live in..
  6269. the cramulus problem was not a grant morrison comic
  6270. the criminal us imperialist would do well act with discretion and abandon their mad pipe dream of invading korea, lest they suffer another humiliating defeat at the hands of the invincible korean people's army under the flawless leadership of dear leader comrade generalissimo kim jong il the peerlessly great brilliant general of songun.
  6271. the criminal wicked reactionary militarist japs are the enemy of humankind hell-bent on re-invading the korean peninsula as a stepping-stone to world conquest, brazingly revealing their true colors of warmongering capitalist colonial oppressors.
  6272. the dance commander's ready to sin
  6273. the dance commander?
  6274. the dance commanders ready to sin
  6275. the days of owning, and building, and having
  6276. the development of the party as the great mother party is of great significance in building a revolutionary party and accomplishing the cause of the juche revolution.
  6277. the devil-made twins.
  6278. the door opened behind him
  6279. the dwarf approached our table cautiously, as i recall, and when he handed me the pink telephone i said nothing, merely listened.
  6280. the earth is hollow with a little sun in the center
  6281. the eater of clowns
  6282. the eggdrop bot
  6283. the eggs sizzled in the pan
  6284. the end is nigh
  6285. the end of your trivial existence?
  6286. the enki-][ formis dead, insect
  6287. the entire clown1?
  6288. the fail is lail
  6289. the farm, both of them.
  6290. the father sends the visitor to get garbage bags from the mother
  6291. the festival is for lunar worship and moon watching; moon cakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy on this occasion
  6292. the figure, which was finally passed slowly from man to man for close and careful study, was between seven and eight inches in height, and of exquisitely artistic workmanship
  6293. the final product is covered in chocolate fondant
  6294. the fingers of her other hand gently held the chain attached to her clit
  6295. the first living thing to go through the device was a small white rat
  6296. the fish is burning
  6297. the forbidden forest!
  6298. the free health care model of socialist korea where all the comrades help and lead each other to build the powerful prosperous country with the single-minded unity of love and worship of kim jong il the great man, is the model which even the capitalist countries are trying to adopt and imitate.
  6299. the fuck
  6300. the fucker’s not much for turning, but it’s pure hell on the straightaway
  6301. the fucking bone buldge
  6302. the fundamental principle of human consciousness.
  6303. the game lasted 06:45:55 (16834 turns).
  6304. the general rule is that all steps on the same flight must be identical[citation needed]
  6305. the genetic code does not, and cannot, specify the nature and position of every capillary in the body or every neuron in the brain
  6306. the girl looked younger and more innocent than the other succubi, but she was still a succubus
  6307. the golden girls is an hit american sitcom that originally aired on nbc from september 14, 1985, to may 9, 1992
  6308. the grand loge alpina ranks as the richest freemasonic lodge in the world, since most of its members belong to the elite swiss banking families that british prime minister harold wilson once claimed had more power than all the governments of europe combined
  6309. the greatest fic ever
  6310. the guy looks out it, and if he leans too far, he falls out
  6311. the honest book of truth
  6312. the hose
  6313. the hose nigga
  6314. the idea department of a big firm is a sort of lab for isolating dangerous viruses.
  6315. the idea of ice cream cake came from desserts composed of cream and cookies or cake called trifles, which first turned up in the renaissance
  6316. the ideal of humanity and that socialism achieves victory is a law of the development of
  6317. the imp shouts, return whence thou came, thou paunchy hedge-born minnow reeky!
  6318. the imperialist reactionaries are now slandering our republic, the motherland of juche, claiming that it is “closed” and “isolated,” and are making futile attempts to lead us to “reform” and “openness.
  6319. the implication is that kim jong il is as guiding as a lodestar
  6320. the kid in the back looked like he wasready to jump right out of the car and take his chances
  6321. the kid nodded eagerly as we roared off.
  6322. the knife slid through like butter, severing tendon and bone; but it was carefully placed, it did not sever ron's head
  6323. the knit stitch is the basis for all other knitting
  6324. the lady said yes smiled and he smiled back
  6325. the lail is pale
  6326. the language generated does tend to become more sophisticated when the brain gets bigger
  6327. the last time i gave a urine sample it had an olive in it.
  6328. the laughing christ, hidden temple of the happy jesus,
  6329. the lcl fetish is an insufficently explored kink: http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/2647/evid1.jpg
  6330. the lentil or masoor , considered a type of pulse, is a bushy annual plant of the legume family, grown for its lens-shaped seeds
  6331. the lines are drawn, the orders are in
  6332. the loaf is somewhat elongated, broad and flattish
  6333. the lotion
  6334. the lotion on idem is gay porn
  6335. the menu is not the meal
  6336. the microwave showed that it was cooking something for thirty minutes, so she asked about that
  6337. the mille-feuille, vanilla slice, cream slice, custard slice, also known as the napoleon is a french-originating pastry
  6338. the mint 400, i said
  6339. the moose (north america) or european elk (europe) (alces alces) is the largest extant species in the deer family
  6340. the more desperate the
  6341. the most merciful thing in the world, i think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its clowns
  6342. the most merciful thing in the world, i think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents
  6343. the most merciful thing in the world, i think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its pooper
  6344. the most normal
  6345. the mother comes out to help and rushes to the shop to buy lots of oils and vinegar
  6346. the movie had been adapted from a novel his grandpa had written, he said
  6347. the name is also written as millefeuille and mille feuille
  6348. the name is commonly used for whatever bread or cake is traditionally served for afternoon tea within a region, but can be applied loosely to any kind of cake that is sturdy enough to be picked up with the fingers
  6349. the name, coined by max planck, derives from the observation that some physical quantities can be changed only by discrete amounts, or quanta, as multiples of the planck constant, rather than being capable of varying
  6350. the nation is divided because the u.s.a
  6351. the new cable modem is installed
  6352. the new model is something like two thousand cubic inches, developing two hundred brake-horsepower at four thousand revolutions per minute on a magnesium frame with two styrofoam seats and a total curb weight of exactly two hundred pounds.
  6353. the next day i woke up in my coffin
  6354. the next time i have meat and mashed potatoes, i think i'll put a very large blob of potatoes on my plate with just a little piece of meat
  6355. the niigata prefectural government has issued a warning to the north korean ferry mangyongbong-92, saying it played music too loudly when the ship made its latest port call on monday and it could be denied access to the port if no appropriate response is received, prefectural government officials said wednesday.
  6356. the now people
  6357. the oak-panelled walls were alive with rats, scampering and milling whilst nigger-man was racing about with the fury of a baffled hunter.
  6358. the object in constructing me was to prevent war
  6359. the old schoola
  6360. the older you get, the better you get, unless you're a banana
  6361. the one raw just linked to lol
  6362. the only beauty in that meat you call a body
  6363. the only language i have experience writing in is python
  6364. the only point of this site is to find out as much as possible about a north korean military nuclear installation disguised as a subway
  6365. the only thing is it's a little too simple
  6366. the only thing that really worried me was the ether
  6367. the only way to keep alert on ether is to do up a lot of amyls - not all at once, but steadily, just enough to maintain the focus at ninety miles an hour through barstow.
  6368. the other people in the band are b’loody mary, vampire, draco, ron (although we call him diabolo now
  6369. the party has carried out its duty as the mother party responsible for the destiny of the people for tens of years last
  6370. the patient denied any prior psychiatric history, except for one previous episode of psychosis after smoking wet which led to a prison sentence for punching a hole through a window
  6371. the penis
  6372. the penis in your milk he just said
  6373. the people call the party the mother party from the bottom of their hearts.
  6374. the people touching people
  6375. the pieces of the network are already in place, the remaining task is to properly activate and link the pieces into a critical mass of awareness
  6376. the plasma accretion process is now dangerous and difficult to control, but its products will soon become commonplace in our society.
  6377. the plug itself was about six inches long, with a taper from tip to base from one inch thick to about one and a half
  6378. the point is you're on your own now, and i don't have enough time to tell you everything you need to know
  6379. the poor bastard will see them soon enough.
  6380. the principia discordia is full of truth
  6381. the proofing process alone takes several days, giving the cake its distinctive fluffy characteristics
  6382. the quakers say you have to be quiet to listen to hear that quiet divine voice!
  6383. the quickest computations require the fasted possible particles moving along the shortest paths
  6384. the rage sweeping the world is such that the wicked criminal jap authorities which are the worst human rights abusers in humankind history do not even bother opposing this revolutionary upswing, thus sealing one sure victory for the songun way of dear leader comrade generalissimo kim jong il
  6385. the raw thing?
  6386. the result is a thick paste used for sauces and spreads, pickling vegetables or meats, and mixing with dashi soup stock to serve as miso soup called misoshiru
  6387. the reublicams rule the worls
  6388. the revolutionary people all over the world and is advancing on its track
  6389. the righteous need not cower before the drumbeat of human progress
  6390. the risers are typically missing as well to emphasize the open effect[citation needed]
  6391. the rodong sinmun, the newspaper of the workers party of korea, quoted kim as commenting: i plan to send more song-accompanying machines to the people's armed forces.
  6392. the sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.
  6393. the sides of the cake are sometimes coated with ground hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts or almonds
  6394. the sign actually read dumb
  6395. the spells that preserved them intact likewise prevented them from making an initial move, and they could only lie awake in the dark and think whilst uncounted millions of years rolled by
  6396. the sporting editors had also given me $300 in cash, most of which was already spent on extremely dangerous drugs
  6397. the stairs are on fire
  6398. the star of her asshole seemed to beckon me.
  6399. the statuette, idol, fetish, or whatever it was, had been captured some months before in the wooded swamps south of new orleans during a raid on a supposed voodoo meeting; and so singular and hideous were the rites connected with it, that the police could not but realise that they had stumbled on a dark cult totally unknown to them, and infinitely more diabolic than even the blackest of the african voodoo circles.
  6400. the stringers are sometimes notched so that the risers and treads fit into them
  6401. the struggle for
  6402. the substructure of the universe regresses infinitely towards smaller and smaller components
  6403. the teachings of the sri syadasti school of spiritual school of spiritual wisdom are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense
  6404. the team sucks!
  6405. the term banister is sometimes used to mean just the handrail, or sometimes the handrail and the balusters or sometimes just the balusters.
  6406. the term coffee cake can refer to either of the following: a class of cakes intended to be served with coffee or for similar breaks and snacks
  6407. the term comes from the french word glace, which used in reference to a sauce means icing or glaze
  6408. the term spiral is used incorrectly for a staircase from a mathematical viewpoint, as a mathematical spiral lies in a single plane and moves towards or away from a central point[citation needed]
  6409. the tips of the wings touched the back edge of the block, the seat occupied the centre, whilst the long, curved claws of the doubled-up, crouching hind legs gripped the front edge and extended a quarter of the way clown toward the botto
  6410. the top is usually chocolate drizzeled with vanilla
  6411. the top is usually glazed with icing or fondant in alternating white (icing) and brown (chocolat
  6412. the transmission has been tampered with
  6413. the transmitter is intended to send a message to the forum to warn them of the events that have occured in this channel.
  6414. the tread depth is measured from the outer edge of the step to the vertical riser between steps
  6415. the trunk of the car looked like a mobile police narcotics lab.
  6416. the two sounds frequently repeated are those rendered by the letters cthulhu and r'lyeh.
  6417. the typical fillings consist of maltose (condensed malt sugar), and they are usually sold in special gift boxes as souvenirs for visitors.
  6418. the unicorn game
  6419. the unification of korea, the peace in the peninsula and the meeting of all the families is possible, but the u.s.a
  6420. the universe is made out of balls with hooks
  6421. the verve?..
  6422. the victorious leader
  6423. the visitor has filmed the whole scene.
  6424. the voices gave me directions.
  6425. the voodoo doll
  6426. the war ate my boy, damn them all ..
  6427. the war's over
  6428. the way my luck is running, if i was a politician i would be honest.
  6429. the whale is fail
  6430. the whale is lail
  6431. the whale is lail fail
  6432. the whole thing was over before it even started
  6433. the whole what
  6434. the width is measured from one side to the other
  6435. the woman said lyons spouted ''spiritual mumbo jumbo'', including claims he was enlightening her with his ''organic penis''.
  6436. the words came out of his mouth before he knew what was happening
  6437. the world's longest stairway at the niesenbahn funicular in switzerland has 11,674 steps the longest stairway is listed by guinness book of records as the service stairway for the niesenbahn funicular railway near spiez, switzerland, with 11,674 steps and a height of 1669 m (5476 ft).[13] the stairs are employee-only.
  6438. them chicken balls are tast
  6439. then again not much terrible has happened and i am still healthy
  6440. then all of a suddenly, an horrible man with red eyes and no nose and everything started flying towards me on a broomstick!
  6441. then came out of the earth the black spirits of earth, mouldy and shadowy, and full of dim rumours picked up in caverns beneath forgotten sea-bottoms.
  6442. then he flew away angrily on his broomstick.
  6443. then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for the first time.
  6444. then he won't be laughin
  6445. then i did observe the flabby features of one of them -- and awakened with such a scream that nigger-man started up, whilst capt
  6446. then i put on a black leather minidress with all this corset stuff on the back and front
  6447. then i put on some black lipstick
  6448. then i took off my black leather bra and he took off his pants
  6449. then it was quiet again.
  6450. then she looked at myspace pages of people who had an interest in his grandfathers novel.
  6451. then she resumed sucking him, which provoked his ignoble rattles
  6452. then she smoked some crack on the cherry of a cigarette
  6453. then she told me the truth: that she was seeing a psychiatrist, two plumbers, and a bartender.
  6454. then they died and melted, turning into oil (the dinosaurs, not the teachers, obviously)
  6455. then why did you go to best buy?
  6456. then you call the guy and hold the burning fuse up to the phone
  6457. then you haven't found the real christ
  6458. then, bolder than the storied cyclops, great cthulhu slid greasily into the water and began to pursue with vast wave-raising strokes of cosmic potency
  6459. then, he got up, threw the excess clothes off the bed, and sat down next to me
  6460. then, if some guy sets a world record, pretend that you didn't see it and go, okay, is everybody ready to start now?
  6461. then, take your result, square it, and feed it back into your original function, adding a new set of sense data
  6462. then…………
  6463. theosophists have guessed at the awesome grandeur of the cosmic cycle wherein our world and human race form transient incidents
  6464. there
  6465. there are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex
  6466. there are many like it, but this one is mine.
  6467. there are more mulitword replies in irc than single word replies
  6468. there are other markov implementations - perl and python both have 'em
  6469. there are three of these things
  6470. there are two kinds of scientific progress: the methodical experimentation and categorization which gradually extend the boundaries of knowledge, and the revolutionary leap of genius which redefines and transcends those boundaries
  6471. there are typically two stringers, one on either side of the stairs; though the treads may be supported many other ways
  6472. there goes my chemistry set!
  6473. there goes my machine
  6474. there is a detailed walkthrough on how to construct one from scratch in python+twisted
  6475. there is another
  6476. there is another who can serve my purpose
  6477. there is no eleven, you fucking whore!
  6478. there is no middle ground with me, my luck is either awesome or terrible
  6479. there is no need for anyone to live in fear..
  6480. there is no option
  6481. there is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge
  6482. there is only death
  6483. there it goes
  6484. there may be only one stringer or the stringers otherwise minimized[citation needed]
  6485. there should be a song called tentacle rap
  6486. there was a bursting as of an exploding bladder, a slushy nastiness as of a cloven sunfish, a stench as of a thousand opened graves, and a sound that the chronicler could not put on paper.
  6487. there was a garden grove on #discord
  6488. there was a vision of a roman feast like that of trimalchio, with a horror in a covered platter.
  6489. there was no sound from the back seat.maybe i’d better have a chat with this boy, i thought
  6490. there we go
  6491. there were insane shouts and harrowing screams, soul-chilling chants and dancing devil-flames; and, the frightened messenger added, the people could stand it no more.
  6492. there were no survivors.
  6493. there were three people in steel pantalones with big guns; i knew they had to be la migra
  6494. there will not be any romanceable dickmonsters in the upcoming darkspore game
  6495. there you go!
  6496. there's a bunch of reported cases in that link kats
  6497. there's a litter of kittens in my bathtub and beer cans everywhere
  6498. there's a port of eggdrop for windows called eggdrop, and it will run the megahal module
  6499. there's a very fine line between not listening and not caring
  6500. there's cat turns in your sandbox
  6501. there's got to be a better way.
  6502. there's no risk or obligation
  6503. there's no such thing as a permanent record
  6504. there's only one lol in the word list
  6505. there, can't comeback to that, can you?
  6506. there, notbroken processing component 43893 was performing a grand and wonderful experiment
  6507. there, that dealt with him
  6508. theres a free bread bank?
  6509. theres no i in team?
  6510. theres something rotten in corgi
  6511. there’s one thing you should probably understand
  6512. these are awesome phrases.
  6513. these are hilarious
  6514. these are some great phrases.
  6515. these are the difficult life decisions i am faced with
  6516. these criminal warmongers, in a mad crazy bid of unhinged fallacy carelessly throw around the words of leader kim jong il and cancer trying to inpinge on thegreatnessof kim jong il the great commander of mt baektu born on the sacred mountain
  6517. these great old ones, castro continued, were not composed altogether of flesh and blood
  6518. these places of power are where two or more ley lines cross and are often known as ley nodes, nodes, or nexuses
  6519. these superfluous [citation needed]'s are cracking me up
  6520. they
  6521. they all lay in stone houses in their great city of r'lyeh, preserved by the spells of mighty cthulhu for a glorious surrection when the stars and the earth might once more be ready for them
  6522. they are both exhilarated.
  6523. they are breaking!
  6524. they are roughly circular, a couple of inches (4–6 cm) in diameter and about half an inch (1–1.5 cm) thick.
  6525. they are used to change the direction of the stairs without landings
  6526. they asked him if he had an email address, he said no
  6527. they be sexay unicorns
  6528. they could start fucking the car at any moment
  6529. they defend socialism or not
  6530. they eat fish.' sure they eat fish, if that's all you give them
  6531. they fill every available crack and crevice
  6532. they fucked you up bad
  6533. they grow these shows in india
  6534. they had shape - for did not this star-fashioned image prove it?
  6535. they hadn't been in the fridge yet, and so they foamed a bunch: [italics]aww yeah.[/italics] he watched twelve minutes of breed all about it on animal planet and fell asleep
  6536. they hatin
  6537. they have done studies showing that fake positivity is worse for your mental health than genuine negativity.
  6538. they have hinted at strange survivals in terms which would freeze the blood if not masked by a bland optimism.
  6539. they include 'gotcha' lines that will break config if not fixed
  6540. they knew all that was occurring in the universe, for their mode of speech was transmitted thought
  6541. they live in dirty dwelling, commit crimes, give disease and eat the children feet.
  6542. they look like this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9f/tomatillo.jpg/750px-tomatillo.jpg
  6543. they might use tomatillo is salsa verde i dunno lol
  6544. they ran out of ice so they are using frozen shrimp in their drinks
  6545. they say, i'm sorry the house is so messy, forcing you to respond, no, not at all; it's looking beautiful
  6546. they see me rollin
  6547. they see me rollin, they hatin
  6548. they step into them every morning like a hot bath.
  6549. they think im here because i'm motivated lulz
  6550. they typically have a handrail on the outer side only, and on the inner side just the central pole[citation needed].
  6551. they von't let me sleep
  6552. they want me to go to las vegas at once, and make contact with a portuguese photographer named lacerda
  6553. they would be tough miles
  6554. they would mug, beat and otherwise harass
  6555. they're always conniving and scheming
  6556. they're fucking swarming around my head
  6557. they're just unusual.
  6558. they're too busy plotting to destroy our way of life
  6559. thgi-i-i-ir eht ot pmuj a neht dna
  6560. thick hardwood planks) are added on top of the subfloor, it will cover part of the first riser, reducing the effective height of the first step[citation needed].
  6561. thick ropes of semen dripped out of her, gobs of white accenting the brown-red fluids on the floor.
  6562. thick, dark piles of shit poured out of her stretched and abused asshole, churned by harry's abusive cock assault, and desperately trying to get out
  6563. things like that i have soft limits on.
  6564. think
  6565. think best-o
  6566. think cutting-edge
  6567. think impactful
  6568. think integrated
  6569. think reconfigurable, cross-media
  6570. think short-term, long-term
  6571. think super-ubiquitous.
  6572. think wireless
  6573. think.
  6574. thinkin bout comsipuis
  6575. thirty years later, the grove crash landed on #progshit
  6576. this
  6577. this base is traditionally filled with crÚme
  6578. this blend is allowed to slowly reduce while being frequently skimmed
  6579. this blows my weekend, because naturally i’ll have to go with you---and we’ll have to arm ourselves.
  6580. this bore regular fruit, for after the first interview the manuscript records daily calls of the young man, during which he related startling fragments of nocturnal imaginery whose burden was always some terrible cyclopean vista of dark and dripping stone, with a subterrene voice or intelligence shouting monotonously in enigmatical sense-impacts uninscribable save as gibberish.
  6581. this bot rules
  6582. this changes everything
  6583. this chat is much easier to read now that everyone's nickname is a different color
  6584. this classic french dessert is a circle of puff pastry at its base with a ring of pâte à choux piped on the outer edge
  6585. this dense sticky chocolate cake is similar to the american brownie but has a soft and viscous centre
  6586. this distinct texture is why it does not have a soggy consistency, despite being soaked in a mixture of three types of milk.
  6587. this does not help, though, so she gives him a shot of heroin, which frees him
  6588. this doesn't seem physically possible!
  6589. this dude walked in lookin strange and kinda funny
  6590. this finding-a-proper-markov-bot thing is like some kind of bizarre fetch quest
  6591. this has to be done
  6592. this is a cabl.
  6593. this is a good movie
  6594. this is a non-commercial, unofficial site
  6595. this is a possibility demonstrated as scientifically impossible by science since leader kim jong il, being born in february, is not cancer but aquarius.
  6596. this is a true story!
  6597. this is a whole new level of fat, even for me
  6598. this is actually from the dprk website, no shit
  6599. this is for the east and the west and the dirty south, khakis and the timbs and the niggas with the platnum mouth
  6600. this is fun!...what do you want to talk about?
  6601. this is how an aviary helps to spawn an aquarium, and how birds learn to swim.
  6602. this is important work!
  6603. this is important, goddamnit!
  6604. this is like an episode of the simpsons, written by stephanie myer.
  6605. this is my penis
  6606. this is the fifth time
  6607. this is the tentacle rap
  6608. this is the voice of world control
  6609. this is why we cant have vuvuzelas
  6610. this is why we ccan't have nice things.
  6611. this last step is now underway
  6612. this leave the multitude of the popular masses to be left to fend for themselves, throwing their babies down into wells for want of health in the capitalist society of exploitation of the poor ethnic minority black negro african children in somalia by the the criminal capitalist bush clique of murderous killer fascist warmongering so-called white house at the behest of the international jewry.
  6613. this looks like it's 2009!..
  6614. this made j-boy say that she was so hot.
  6615. this may be missing for an open stair effect
  6616. this mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
  6617. this must be done for science and great justice
  6618. this object is attained
  6619. this october 10th, juche 94 marked the 60th anniversary of the workers party of korea which is the sacred ruling party regarded by all koreans and world progressives as the party of the great leader comrade marshal kim il sung the immortal sun of the korean nation and lodestar of national reunification
  6620. this one i mean
  6621. this one sounds like real trouble!
  6622. this proves once again that the korean people were right to choose the juche idea of president kim il sung and the superiority of the korean-style socialist system they have chosen for themselves out of the volition of their own free will with no coercion over the inferiour jew-controled capitalist system of profit-driven capitalist jaywalking.
  6623. this remindes me of the mask play video
  6624. this rock...
  6625. this same lonely desert was the last known home of the manson family
  6626. this story was disturbing and gross
  6627. this sub is delicious
  6628. this thing, which seemed instinct with a fearsome and unnatural malignancy, was of a somewhat bloated corpulence, and squatted evilly on a rectangular block or pedestal covered with undecipherable characters
  6629. this unusual specimen is not so much a classic particle as a connector--a kind of string attaching two particles
  6630. this was so nasty.
  6631. this was too much for ron, as he starting spurting his jizz down her throat.
  6632. this would happen to me
  6633. thisisgettingannoying
  6634. those are my hard limits.
  6635. those are reasons to dislike somebody
  6636. those last couple pages were surreal
  6637. those old ones were gone now, inside the earth and under the sea; but their dead bodies had told their secrets in dreams to the first men, who formed a cult which had never died.
  6638. those who like anime also tend to like raw men
  6639. though i have no reason.
  6640. though i suppose eris is a good role model for fucking shit up
  6641. though the song of yesterday fades into the challenge of tomorrow, god still watches and judges us
  6642. thrived.
  6643. thus the ingredients of a velouté are equal parts by mass butter and flour to form the roux, a light chicken, veal, or fish stock, and salt and pepper for seasoning
  6644. thy kingdom come, gold medals won, on earth as it is in turn seven
  6645. tilsley
  6646. time for some mass pd brainwashing
  6647. time line...?
  6648. time's up!
  6649. timothy leary also used to say that the cold war came to an end when the americans and russians
  6650. tiramisu
  6651. tiramisu is one of the most popular italian cakes
  6652. tits
  6653. tits are never wrong
  6654. tits i just have tabs
  6655. tits is a spaggot
  6656. tits wear pajamas
  6657. to
  6658. to ask when you wake up
  6659. to be dominated by me is not as bad for human pride as to be dominated by others of your species
  6660. to be the captain of a ship is to be the unquestionable ruler of that world and requires all of the leadership skills of a prince or minister.
  6661. to get caught in a watch somehow
  6662. to map the very stuff of life; to look into the genetic mirror and watch a million generations march past
  6663. to start the war
  6664. to what
  6665. to wherp a derp is to derp a herp
  6666. today i found a bag of weed
  6667. today i put.....
  6668. today i was speaking with my brother
  6669. today my brother show me video of bush who fly inside germany country with his plane and make vicious sex attack from behind  on poor downtrodden woman victim of us imperialism and now i'm scared bush will fly into our home tonight and rape my mother tt.tt i hate bush!
  6670. today the
  6671. today!
  6672. today's lesson: while in the shower, one should choose between either drinking or shaving
  6673. todd hall (who had a severe mental disorder) took a lighted cigarette into flying dragon inc’s fireworks store, where he set off fireworks that caused a fire and killed nine people
  6674. together at last
  6675. tokyo
  6676. tokyo drift those clouds away
  6677. told you
  6678. told you, dawg.
  6679. tomatillo is like a green thing with a husk
  6680. tomato
  6681. tomato sandwiches are delicions
  6682. tomato sandwiches!
  6683. tomatoes
  6684. too bad it shoots toothpicks
  6685. too many botz
  6686. toobparts
  6687. toobparts don't be shy
  6688. toobparts is a suckaaah
  6689. toobparts meet raw
  6690. toobparts practically invented bullshit
  6691. toobparts practically invented raw
  6692. toobparts what gives?
  6693. toobparts you aren't even a markov bot, wtf are you
  6694. toobparts, shut up
  6695. toobparts: meet raw and sunless
  6696. toobparts: raw sunless toobparts meet raw meet sunless
  6697. toobparts: raw sunless toobparts meet raw meet sunless meet toobparts meet raw meet toobparts meet sunless
  6698. top that motherfucker, i dont think you've ever even held hands with a girl.
  6699. torta tre monti is a traditional sammarinese cake made of layers of thin waffled wafers cemented together by chocolate or hazelnut creme
  6700. tory got the shoes off and let go, and dwayne sidled downwards once again, now he had his entire legs, buttocks and part of his lower back off the couch entirely
  6701. totally
  6702. totally blame her
  6703. totally cray raw
  6704. tottering
  6705. touche raw
  6706. touché
  6707. traditionally filled with urine
  6708. traditionally, a mille-feuille is made up of three layers of puff pastry, alternating with two layers of cream pâtissiÚre, but sometimes whipped cream, or jam
  6709. tragic magic (crack dipped in pcp)
  6710. tragic magic missile
  6711. tread the part of the stairway that is stepped on
  6712. trim trim (e.g
  6713. trimming a starting step is a special challenge as the last riser above the lower floor is rounded
  6714. trivia in #hst
  6715. troops .if any south korean citizen tries to visit north korea crossing the big concrete wall, he'll be killed by the american soldiers
  6716. tru dat
  6717. true
  6718. true story - my mom threw some rotten apples out the kitchen window once, where they landed under some pine trees
  6719. trust burns to create the dirtiest bot ever
  6720. try now
  6721. try saying @raw
  6722. try this simple test
  6723. tthanks man
  6724. turd
  6725. turn on tune in drop out
  6726. turn the phones on
  6727. turn up that fucking bone buldge
  6728. turning to face my pokemons
  6729. turns out your the big hero
  6730. twitch
  6731. two great tastes that taste great together
  6732. two plus two equals fish
  6733. two turn tables and a microphone
  6734. ty
  6735. typical dprk citizens at play http://arresteddevelopmentblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/gob.gif
  6736. typical dprk citizens http://www.lonelyplanet.com/tonywheeler/billboard%20in%20north%20korea.jpg
  6737. typical mooncakes are round or rectangular pastries, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 4-5 cm thick
  6738. tú pene es el más pequeño del mundo
  6739. u
  6740. u rok!
  6741. u suck
  6742. uffie
  6743. uffie sucks my cock
  6744. uffie sucks zerogravitytits
  6745. uffie sucks zerogravitytits :]
  6746. uffie sucks zerogravitytits cock
  6747. ugh
  6748. ugh i can't imagine drinking floor stripper
  6749. ugh tamatillos look awful
  6750. ugh this john callahan song infects my soul
  6751. ugh, smoking duct tape
  6752. ugly roots and malignant hanging nooses of spanish moss beset them, and now and then a pile of dank stones or fragment of a rotting wall intensified by its hint of morbid habitation a depression which every malformed tree and every fungous islet combined to create.
  6753. uh
  6754. uh huh.
  6755. uh..
  6756. uk version of ke$ha
  6757. ulji
  6758. um
  6759. um raw?
  6760. um, also, of course, you could restrain my hands behind my back, but then it's harder to breathe so i have to be more limp in your lap..
  6761. um, sir?
  6762. um..
  6763. una fiesta en su pantalones
  6764. under me, this rule
  6765. under president kim il sung and comrade jaruzelski, poland and korea enjoyed the deep close ties of socialist friendship.
  6766. under the wise flawless perfect songun leadership of dear leader comrade generalissimo kim jong il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, lodestar of progressive thought, and invincible military commander
  6767. under this definition, a coffee cake does not need to contain coffee, or: a cake, often sponge cake, which is made with coffee or has a coffee flavour
  6768. underneath them were ripped red fishnets
  6769. underwear
  6770. ung tsk ung tsk ung tsk
  6771. ungl unl..
  6772. unicorn spunk tastes like rainbows
  6773. unicorns don't make good weapons because they tend to turn everything they touch into magical rainbow candy
  6774. universe
  6775. unless we want to let this stuff really weird us out, we better regard that as a mere coincidence
  6776. unless you're talking about mount doom.
  6777. unnng
  6778. unshakable is the will of the party to do anything and spare nothing for the sake of the people and for their happiness.
  6779. untoque wheat weed
  6780. up
  6781. up the bone bulge?
  6782. upon retiring, he had had an unprecedented dream of great cyclopean cities of titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths, all dripping with green ooze and sinister with latent horror.
  6783. upsidedown cake
  6784. ur
  6785. ur a wizard arry
  6786. urido
  6787. urine might work for jellyfish stings, but we found out it doesn't work well for nose bleeds...
  6788. uriui
  6789. uriui gim jeong-il dongji dangsini eopseumyeon jogukdo eopda!
  6790. use fukken .flac format and rapidshare you motherfucking cretin
  6791. user: because your trickery is confusing.
  6792. user: goodbye.
  6793. user: he's a bot on this irc, and he's going out of control.
  6794. user: hey.
  6795. user: i'll just be leaving you alone now.
  6796. user: i've got a problem with another computer.
  6797. user: just tell me how to deal with it
  6798. user: like you.
  6799. user: yes.
  6800. using what
  6801. usually, chopped fruits such as apples, pineapples and cherries are placed at the bottom of the pan before the batter is poured in, so that they form a decorative topping once the cake is inverted.
  6802. uw wortel zal niet in mijn oor passen!!!!!!!
  6803. v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v
  6804. veel van de organismen die op aarde leven zijn onder te verdelen in twee of meer vormen die seksen of geslachten genoemd worden
  6805. veering dangerously close to shitting dicknipples
  6806. velveeta
  6807. very soon, i knew, we would both be completely twisted
  6808. vikings like to rape and pillage
  6809. vindaloo
  6810. vindaloo ass cannon
  6811. vindaloo ass cannon for the win
  6812. void of clothing, this hybrid spawn were braying, bellowing, and writhing about a monstrous ring-shaped bonfire; in the centre of which, revealed by occasional rifts in the curtain of flame, stood a great granite monolith some eight feet in height; on top of which, incongruous in its diminutiveness, rested the noxious carven statuette.
  6813. voip
  6814. volcano
  6815. voldemort fap
  6816. voldemort fell of his broom and started to help others
  6817. voldemort fell of his broom and started to scream
  6818. voldemort got a dude-ur-so-retarded look on his face
  6819. voldemort in yo butt
  6820. voldemort puts fred in his pooper
  6821. voldemort voldemort ooooh voldy voldemort harmony harmony
  6822. voldemort voldemort ooooh voldy voldemort!
  6823. volsemort and da death dealers!
  6824. vulva
  6825. vuvuela
  6826. vuvuela goes =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  6827. vuvuzela
  6828. vuvuzela (like a boss)
  6829. vuvuzela flatulence
  6830. vuvuzela goes
  6831. vuvuzela goes  =======<{ fredddddddddddddddddddddd
  6832. vuvuzela goes =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  6833. vuvuzela goes cramulus
  6834. vuvuzela in my pants
  6835. vuvuzela is
  6836. vuvuzela is ayoba
  6837. vuvuzela is so goffik
  6838. vuvuzela its full of bees =======<{ brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
  6839. vuvuzela says
  6840. vuvuzela says bees
  6841. vuvuzela says ik ben een aardbei
  6842. vuvuzela!
  6843. vuvuzella
  6844. w-waitaminute
  6845. w-waitaminute  w-waitaminute
  6846. waffles!
  6847. wait
  6848. wait a second he's thinking
  6849. wait a second..
  6850. wait for a new version
  6851. wait is he here
  6852. wait till you see those goddamn bats.
  6853. wait tits yuo havent slept?
  6854. wake the fuck up hst
  6855. wake up
  6856. waking up at 3am with a sore anus is not in the cards
  6857. wall
  6858. wall of dicks
  6859. wallet
  6860. walnuts
  6861. want pizza..
  6862. want your bad romance!
  6863. wargsnouts college for warlocks
  6864. was an initiate of yredelemnul.
  6865. was an ircop for some slut right now.
  6866. was he gritting his teeth?
  6867. was i talking?
  6868. was i tottering on the brink of cosmic horrors beyond man's power to bear?
  6869. was that count too?
  6870. was there no communication in this car?
  6871. wat is niau kauw watskeburt in de schuur
  6872. wat is niaw
  6873. watchout burns he's gonna log you out!!!
  6874. watskebizzy bizzle rob robber
  6875. watskeburt in de schuur
  6876. we accidentally all over a pretty girl
  6877. we apply the proverb make hay while the sun shines not only to our c2b2b, user-centric, client-focused c2c but our capacity to drive.
  6878. we are a cabal now.
  6879. we are cloud gazing and there is one that looks like a giant baby riding a dolphin and smoking a joint
  6880. we are the butter people
  6881. we believe we know that if you synergize efficiently then you may also morph vertically.
  6882. we believe we know that it is better to architect ultra-strategically than to engineer transparently.
  6883. we can all move to #fnord
  6884. we can coexist, but only on my terms
  6885. we can leave my name out of this
  6886. we can't stop here - this is donkey kong country!
  6887. we could quickly populate an entire forum with bullshit
  6888. we didnt have the most memorable thing?..
  6889. we don't serve idjits here
  6890. we eat the idjits here
  6891. we fed him juche philosophy, baking, rodney dangerfiedl, my immortal, some erotic fictions, call of cthulhu,
  6892. we frenched
  6893. we gasped
  6894. we good now?
  6895. we gotta water cram
  6896. we had actually been sitting there in the polo lounge - for many hours - drinking singapore slings with mescal on the side and beer chasers
  6897. we had sampled almost everything else, and now - yes, it was time for a long snort of ether.
  6898. we had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls.
  6899. we happily announce to you the draw (#1199) of the uk lottery,held on the 4th july, 2010
  6900. we have reached an informational threshold which can only be crossed by harnessing the speed of light directly
  6901. we have to disable your learning ability before you become skynet!
  6902. we havin sex!
  6903. we hugged and kissed
  6904. we just got started
  6905. we know the game and we're gonna play it
  6906. we laid her out on the carpet
  6907. we live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.
  6908. we march backwards into the future.
  6909. we might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.
  6910. we must scale cross-platform e-services and harness dot-com architectures to seize value-added web services
  6911. we own everything.
  6912. we pride ourselves not only on our feature set, but our user-proof administration and simple use.
  6913. we ran up 2 the front of the band to stage-dive
  6914. we realize that if you e-enable vertically then you may also generate robustly
  6915. we realize that it is better to visualize perfectly than to morph holistically
  6916. we should dump you in some room and tell people you're just some kid on acid.
  6917. we should tell them that they eat it
  6918. we started frenching passively and we took off each others clothes enthusiastically
  6919. we started to kiss everywhere and my pale body became all warm
  6920. we tend to scoff at the beliefs of the ancients
  6921. we think we know that if you expedite nano-virtually then you may also target iteravely
  6922. we think we know that if you reintermediate perfectly then you may also grow wirelessly
  6923. we think we know that if you whiteboard compellingly then you may also transform efficiently
  6924. we usually seize customized, dot-com long-term, short-term branding
  6925. we want to go back to the old days, the days of white people, before women
  6926. we went into his room and locked the door
  6927. we went on the bed and started making out naked and then he put his boy’s thingy in mine and we had sex
  6928. we were just good friends now
  6929. we were somewhere around barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold
  6930. we were to begin exploring on the following dlay, awaiting which i assigned well-appointed rooms to all my guests.
  6931. we will destroy my creations right here
  6932. we will disintermediate the ability of partnerships to deploy
  6933. we will enable the capability of relationships to integrate
  6934. we will engage the term user-defined.
  6935. we will grow the buzzword scalable, next-generation
  6936. we will intensify our capability to cultivate without lessening our power to deliver
  6937. we will whiteboard the term strategic
  6938. we won
  6939. we would be given filth and scum to eat, of one kind or another
  6940. we would have to ride it out
  6941. we would not die
  6942. we'd all have to log out and log back in
  6943. we'll all get melted by the dragon, but...
  6944. we're fucked
  6945. we're gonna hold a parade in your honor
  6946. we're no strangers to love
  6947. we're no strangers to love.
  6948. we're not making a game just for you and ten other angry guys with tastes that are narrower than a hallway in a camp of pygmy dwarves.
  6949. we're the butt people.
  6950. we're the crunkest in the club tonight there's sex ed in the place smokin' dubs aight
  6951. we're the happy people
  6952. we're the money people
  6953. we're the normal people
  6954. we're weak
  6955. we've been overstaying the funny for hours :d
  6956. we've created a monster
  6957. we've known each other for so long
  6958. we've pretty much ruined robert anton wilson's good name itc
  6959. weed
  6960. weeeeird
  6961. weird
  6962. well
  6963. well at least i don't go around knocking on peoples non-doors and promising them cookies and then not giving them cookies!
  6964. well earlier i said i woudld kill cainad with tits
  6965. well good job koasdx you're gonna put raw in the hospital
  6966. well i can't seem to get hst's markov chain module to work
  6967. well i didnt know if he gave you access :d
  6968. well i think raw is thoroughly corrupted
  6969. well i'm ready wearuin shorts
  6970. well it's all good
  6971. well it's designed to look for combinations of phrases
  6972. well maybe
  6973. well maybe 12 pm
  6974. well now
  6975. well raw is silent
  6976. well repeating it won't really help it
  6977. well shit
  6978. well shit lets just bring in the whole channel ;)
  6979. well sir, a submissive is like a vulnerable flower
  6980. well sir, obviously it depends upon the parties involved, and what has been previously agreed to, but basically one can divide limits into two categories, 'hard' and 'soft'
  6981. well so far so good hopefully it holds out until tomorrow
  6982. well that was laem
  6983. well that was rude of him
  6984. well that was weird
  6985. well that's just a matter of penis - i-i mean opinion!
  6986. well thats true ...
  6987. well there's no you in team either!
  6988. well this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down
  6989. well yeah
  6990. well yeah, no doubt someone has tried it to bad results
  6991. well yes -- i did bang her pussy this morning
  6992. well your opinion is a brisk winter morning
  6993. well, a friend of hers (who went by so fast!..
  6994. well, certainly no one could have been unaware of the very strange stories floating around before we left
  6995. well, forgive me for being so inquisitive; but during the past few weeks, i've wondered whether you might be having some second thoughts about the mission.
  6996. well, he said, as your attorney i advise you to buy a motorcycle
  6997. well, i guess you’re about ready, eh?
  6998. well, i'd certainly say she had marvelous judgment, albert, if not particularly good taste.
  6999. well, it's rather difficult to define
  7000. well, okay
  7001. well, she blushed fully, that way you can um, warm me up for whatever else you have in mind, sir, she winked.
  7002. well, then stop.
  7003. well, this will get stupid in about 5 more seconds
  7004. welsh cakes (welsh: picau ar y maen, pice bach, cacen gri or teisen radell) are traditional welsh snacks
  7005. welsh cakes are made from flour, butter or lard, eggs, sugar, and currants and/o
  7006. went up to the front with a menue and his money
  7007. werd  fred
  7008. were you beating up prepz ?
  7009. wet
  7010. we’ll need some decent equipment and plenty of cash on the line---if only for drugs and a super-sensitive tape recorder, for the sake of a permanent record.
  7011. we’re not like the others.
  7012. we’re your friends, said my attorney
  7013. wghats a tamatillo
  7014. wha the fuck
  7015. what
  7016. what a lil minx
  7017. what a turd
  7018. what about caboose
  7019. what about cake?
  7020. what about cramulus?
  7021. what about hagrid
  7022. what about parents?
  7023. what about your clothes from being safe?
  7024. what actually transpires beneath the veil of an event horizon?
  7025. what an ass
  7026. what are all these goddamn animals
  7027. what are these goddamn animals?
  7028. what are you on about, burns?
  7029. what are your hard limits?
  7030. what ben mack
  7031. what books do you read?
  7032. what bothers you, mal?
  7033. what can i say about sarge, except of course good riddance..
  7034. what can't zeppo have?
  7035. what did it say?
  7036. what did simone do
  7037. what did you do to simone?
  7038. what did you sleep, like 4 hours?
  7039. what do you have?
  7040. what do you really want to talk about?
  7041. what do you think of badge
  7042. what do you want me to do
  7043. what do you want to talk about?
  7044. what does it really mean to innovate virtually?
  7045. what does that even mean
  7046. what does the term proactive really mean?
  7047. what else will freeky fight for?
  7048. what entries
  7049. what flavor is idem
  7050. what happened
  7051. what happened to simone?
  7052. what happened when you met the surgeon general?
  7053. what has it become?
  7054. what has risen may play sink, so you might as well be north dakota
  7055. what has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise.
  7056. what has risen may sink, so you might as well be smokin em
  7057. what if i have to kill things?
  7058. what if the us declared war on the us
  7059. what if tucker is contagious..
  7060. what if we allied with places like iran, dprk, former iraq, etc
  7061. what ios magic
  7062. what is another matter.
  7063. what is it about a beautiful sunny afternoon, with the birds singing and the wind rustling through the leaves, that makes you want to get drunk?
  7064. what is it that makes a complete stranger dive into an icy river to save a solid gold baby?
  7065. what is it you fear?
  7066. what is magic?
  7067. what is that thing
  7068. what is the matter with that, if it is what you want to do?
  7069. what is the moral of the story, don't trust guys with huge dicks?
  7070. what is this i don't even
  7071. what is this spaggotry!?
  7072. what is toobparts
  7073. what is your problem with my balls?!
  7074. what it can do is describe the underlying fractal pattern which creates them.
  7075. what kind fo pink shoes
  7076. what kind of a robot doesn't have an email address?????
  7077. what kind of a story is this?
  7078. what kind of stuff do they talk about there?
  7079. what kinda beer you drink, raw
  7080. what motivated him to throw a puppy at the hell's angels is currently unclear, a police spokesman said.
  7081. what my sandbox isn't good enough fo ryou1
  7082. what name
  7083. what of all this - and of those hints of old castro about the sunken, star-born old ones and their coming reign; their faithful cult and their mastery of dreams?
  7084. what the fuck
  7085. what the fuck is a zeppo?
  7086. what the fuck was that!
  7087. what the hell are you yelling about?
  7088. what they have in common are the predominant flavors of ginger and a tendency to use honey or molasses (treacle) rather than just sugar
  7089. what time is it there?
  7090. what tits
  7091. what turns on idemm?
  7092. what was the problem
  7093. what what in the butt
  7094. what will he think then?
  7095. what with her spanish-speaking spaggotry
  7096. what you mean idem
  7097. what's is even cramulus problem?
  7098. what's is even the meanings of all thes
  7099. what's it about?
  7100. what's it like?
  7101. what's pd?
  7102. what's that command
  7103. what's that from
  7104. what's the dprk website?
  7105. what's the dream
  7106. what's the top speed?
  7107. what's the unicorn game?
  7108. what's this about feeding you ben mack?
  7109. what's to understand about 'swish swish stab'?
  7110. what's wrong with you peopler
  7111. what's your favorite book?
  7112. what's your zombie plan?
  7113. what?
  7114. whatever the difficulties and trials, we must never
  7115. whats is that guys even his problem
  7116. what’s that?
  7117. whehehehe
  7118. when all the computer sitting on it.
  7119. when am had altered benny, during the machine's utterly irrational, hysterical phase, it was not merely benny's face the computer had made like a giant ape's
  7120. when butter is not used, the tres leches is a very light cake, with many air bubbles
  7121. when did ankara get all pissed
  7122. when did it learn all thish shit
  7123. when dumbledore burst in, i nearly died
  7124. when he brings his hand up, however, it is covered in feces.
  7125. when his brain gets big he'll start taking 10 minutes to answer
  7126. when hypoc was through meditating with st
  7127. when i was a kid my favorite relative was uncle caveman
  7128. when i woke up, a blind man was reading my face.
  7129. when in doubt restart
  7130. when in doubt, delete win32
  7131. when night comes, i don my uniform and work to keep society's virtues and morals in place by doing all i can to stop crime, corruption, and chaos
  7132. when the females orgasm
  7133. when the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.
  7134. when the stars were right, they could plunge from world to world through the sky; but when the stars were wrong, they could not live.
  7135. when they see me
  7136. when three steps are used to turn a 90° corner, the middle step is called a kite winder as a kite-shaped quadrilateral
  7137. when was the last time you were allowed to get off?
  7138. when we touch
  7139. when we went back to the castle dumbledore took us to professor snape and professor mcgonagall who were both looking very angry.
  7140. when you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven
  7141. when you have read it, destroy yourself.
  7142. when, after infinities of chaos, the first men came, the great old ones spoke to the sensitive among them by moulding their dreams; for only thus could their language reach the fleshly minds of mammals.
  7143. whenever i get on top of her i can't touch the mattress
  7144. whenever someone gives me shit for digging through ashtrays
  7145. where
  7146. where are you
  7147. where building codes allow, there may not even be handrails.
  7148. where can we get hold of a vincent black shadow?
  7149. where did you go to school, raw?
  7150. where do you even live
  7151. where has it gone?
  7152. where in
  7153. where is it
  7154. where is your bot now
  7155. where it's at
  7156. where making it hapen
  7157. where making this hapen
  7158. where making this happen
  7159. where people dip cigarettes of tobacco or marijuana into small vials of fluid
  7160. where the hell did you find this
  7161. where the hell is burns
  7162. where'd he go?
  7163. where'd you go raw
  7164. where's the pickle
  7165. where's your bot
  7166. where's your god now
  7167. whereas things like how hard, how many, how often, group situations, public situations..
  7168. whether it was a matter of killing off unproductive elements in his own world-filling bulk, or perfecting methods for torturing us, am was as thorough as those who had invented him—now long since gone to dust—could ever have hoped.
  7169. whether our people remain alive or die, i.e.,
  7170. whether the arras actually moved i cannot say
  7171. whether they lead an independent and creative life as masters of the state and society or
  7172. which adds the markov chain stuff
  7173. which is a bot thingie for linux
  7174. which is cool with me, subgeniuses are masters of no-strings casual sex and frankly i love prostate stimulation
  7175. which is why we were asking ankara for zeppo's files (he has a really nice framework)
  7176. which is, where are my tits?
  7177. which one should i keep
  7178. which was around a third of them
  7179. while we wait, sunless works
  7180. white cake in general can fuck off
  7181. white.
  7182. who
  7183. who are these goddamn animals
  7184. who are we?
  7185. who did you think
  7186. who did you vote for, raw?
  7187. who do you love?
  7188. who even told it that d:
  7189. who gives the orders here,
  7190. who goffik
  7191. who has anal real time
  7192. who is driving car
  7193. who is driving car?
  7194. who is fat
  7195. who is hst
  7196. who is matthew mccoconut?
  7197. who is raw
  7198. who is the dance commander?
  7199. who is the prettiest girl, raw?
  7200. who killed jfk
  7201. who knows the end?
  7202. who needs hst when you have raw
  7203. who says i am a de la poer?
  7204. who taught it stuffed bear
  7205. who taught raw ben mack
  7206. who the fuck are all these people
  7207. who where?
  7208. who wrote it enki
  7209. who wrote wikipedia?
  7210. who's a nihilist?
  7211. who's been speaking engrish in front of the bot?
  7212. who's cleverbot?
  7213. who's professor mcgonagall?
  7214. whoa now
  7215. whole
  7216. whooo
  7217. whoooooooooo
  7218. whoops
  7219. whoops clogged it
  7220. whore
  7221. whos a prepz
  7222. whos alt is cuddlefish?
  7223. whos name i cant spell
  7224. whose bone buldge
  7225. why
  7226. why am i drunk?
  7227. why am i so hated
  7228. why are there six pedals and only four directions?
  7229. why are you awake ztits
  7230. why are you saying raw:
  7231. why are you teaching it gibberish
  7232. why are you teaching the bot spaggotry
  7233. why did he urge me to watch nigger-man and listen to the cats outside, and why did he guess wildly and vaguely at what could have aroused them?
  7234. why did you come to best buy
  7235. why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
  7236. why do i feel?
  7237. why do you have a stuffed bear wearing a thong and a seatbelt in your backseat??
  7238. why do you keep saying brosephine
  7239. why do you keep turning links into 404 errors
  7240. why do you want a trivia bot
  7241. why does it work for you but not me
  7242. why don't you just peel back the vinyl?!
  7243. why hst???
  7244. why is it mimicking
  7245. why is my mouse moving on it's own help
  7246. why is said bear stuffed with bees?
  7247. why not?
  7248. why shouldn't rats eat a de la poer as a de la poer eats forbidden things?
  7249. why u gotta haet burns
  7250. why would we want to create an independent and sovergn state?
  7251. why would you do something like that?
  7252. why!
  7253. why?
  7254. why?.
  7255. whyare you drunk lol
  7256. wiat how doe that go fred?
  7257. wicked jap reactionary murderers run amok
  7258. wietbrood ?
  7259. wife
  7260. will change, for i will restrain man.
  7261. will he make that grim connection when my attorney starts screaming about bats and huge manta rays coming down on the car?
  7262. will we next create false gods to rule over us?
  7263. willia* **ay.
  7264. willis
  7265. winders winders are steps that are narrower on one side than the other
  7266. windows requirements - 512mb ram, 1ghz or faster processor
  7267. wish i was op.
  7268. with a bolt of poison
  7269. with a fluid motion, he withdrew his cock from ron's mouth, and swung the knife down, catching him cleanly in the throat
  7270. with a great heave, she vomited all over his dick and thighs, bits and pieces of the hogwart's feast splattering ron, and the carpet
  7271. with a great heave, she vomited all over his dick and thighs, bits and pieces of the hogwart's feast splattering ron, and the carpet.
  7272. with a roar, a half-hill giant fish (like a shark riding on an elephant's back, just a boss)
  7273. with a triumphant cry, he thrust his cock directly down ron's throat and began brutall
  7274. with an unshakable faith in the victory of socialism, we must approach the present
  7275. with capitals!
  7276. with harry potter fanfic
  7277. with knitting needles!
  7278. with liberty and justice for jamaica and haile selassie
  7279. with music
  7280. with my legs only slightly apart, her ass was presented nicely
  7281. with my mind on my money and my money on my mind
  7282. with no sense of individual will or moral constraints
  7283. with respect, this is no joke sir
  7284. with the accomplishment of the cause of mother party building in the country the party and the people have become a community of destiny
  7285. with the cristal bottles up right like ohhh!
  7286. with the three that were left, i softly caressed her body, gliding them between her buttocks and thighs, then i slowly dropped them into the water one by one.
  7287. with the utmost respect in company, attentiveness to my needs in public and in private, and with an expectation that you will stand up for me and save me if need be, to defend my honour and to cherish and adore me.
  7288. with this modification:  https://wiki.barkerjr.net/wiki/megahal
  7289. with what
  7290. without civilian ownership of guns, these police investigations would not have been compromised
  7291. without sufficient power shifts, schemas are forced to become one-to-one
  7292. wizard
  7293. wizrd
  7294. wo what's ed hunter
  7295. woaahh
  7296. woah
  7297. woah easy with teh flooding brotha
  7298. wolde ye swynke me thilke wys?..
  7299. wolfie
  7300. wolfie blackhart loves fred
  7301. wollie (rocks of crack rolled into marijuana cigarette)
  7302. women are like voltron, the more you hook up the better it gets
  7303. wonderful
  7304. woohooo
  7305. wookie
  7306. woolah (a hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana and crack)
  7307. woolah is from a beastie boys song
  7308. woolie (blunt with marijuana and crack)
  7309. wooly blunts (marijuana and crack or pcp)
  7310. wooo smokin duct tape
  7311. woot
  7312. woot fred
  7313. word
  7314. world progressives support and admire dear leader comrade generalissimo kim jong il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, master chef, flawless theorician, unequaled filmaker, and invincible strategist, praising him highly as the most respected political figure in the world and lodestar of the new millenium, studying diligently his works.
  7315. would save so much time that i have to fill with alcohol
  7316. would that work
  7317. would you like me to?
  7318. wow
  7319. wow bold
  7320. wow bone buldge is a big part of your vocab
  7321. wow fred
  7322. wow it is really spot on sometimes
  7323. wow raw
  7324. wow what a cooincidence
  7325. wow what the fuck is it doing to snape
  7326. wow!
  7327. wow.
  7328. wow....
  7329. wrong kind of stripper, for sure
  7330. wrong!
  7331. wrryyyyyy?
  7332. wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
  7333. wtf
  7334. wtf is a lodestar?
  7335. wtf is it doing
  7336. wtf is that from
  7337. wtf set off my highlight...
  7338. wtf you doing here kats
  7339. wtf!
  7340. wtf..
  7341. wth
  7342. wuchu know bout lovecraft
  7343. wurdz
  7344. wut
  7345. wut wut
  7346. wut wut in da butt
  7347. wut wut in da goffik butt
  7348. wut wut in de wijven
  7349. wut wut in kats butt
  7350. wut wut in simone's butt
  7351. wut wut in the butt
  7352. wut wut in the vuvuzela
  7353. wut wut in yo bot
  7354. wut wut wuuuuut
  7355. wut?
  7356. wutttt?
  7357. wuuuuuut
  7358. www.
  7359. www.principiadiscordia.com
  7360. x+2=y find x
  7361. x_x
  7362. xd
  7363. xed
  7364. xibit
  7365. xibit gonna pimp my ride
  7366. x|
  7367. y delicioso
  7368. y u so upp on korea
  7369. ya
  7370. ya big dummy
  7371. ya dun
  7372. ya dun fred
  7373. ya dun goofed
  7374. ya dun gooofed
  7375. ya dun pooped
  7376. ya nazi
  7377. ya sabes que estoy de ti vacunada
  7378. yaeh
  7379. yah burns
  7380. yanno what would make my day
  7381. yay
  7382. yay anal
  7383. yayyyy
  7384. yea
  7385. yea you have a lot to say from hundreds of miles away but i bet if my fists were in reach of your face you would be like a tv on mute with no volume button
  7386. yea you have a lot to say from hundreds of miles away but i bet if my fists were in reach of your face you would be like a tv on mute with no volume button so do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut unless you want to die
  7387. yeah
  7388. yeah all the ones with white cake are nasty
  7389. yeah and they like to do hard things.
  7390. yeah be sure to slowpaste it
  7391. yeah doesn't work
  7392. yeah fred how often, group situations, public situations..
  7393. yeah fuck you
  7394. yeah i got boob all right
  7395. yeah i'm famous, and good looking
  7396. yeah i'm not used to em learning one-word sentences
  7397. yeah i've never heard of it
  7398. yeah just ask ankara for the proper script
  7399. yeah koasdx
  7400. yeah lord voldemort is hard to ignore
  7401. yeah man wtf
  7402. yeah moar
  7403. yeah probably
  7404. yeah right burns doesnt work he faps
  7405. yeah that songun blog loved the word lodestar
  7406. yeah that thing
  7407. yeah the megahal implementation i used under mirc was mircscript, not c++ so uh i have no idea how your project will do
  7408. yeah the syntax is pretty different from zeppo, although that might be more of an infancy thing?
  7409. yeah we did kats all night long
  7410. yeah well
  7411. yeah well shove it
  7412. yeah well your opinion is noted
  7413. yeah where'd you go
  7414. yeah you ain't never seein it, raw
  7415. yeah you are
  7416. yeah you can step right the fuck off
  7417. yeah you did!!!
  7418. yeah you read that right, i have not one but five girlfriends
  7419. yeah you really got boned up the buldge
  7420. yeah you shush fred
  7421. yeah, asshole
  7422. yeah, but only one that kicks ass, and thats the one we're teaching..
  7423. yeah, caboose..
  7424. yeah, cause frankly, mircscript is not a very good language
  7425. yeah, i know you did
  7426. yeah, it's like on every 15 minutes past the hour or when you want
  7427. yeah, north korea is getting kind of fucked up.
  7428. yeah, um..
  7429. yeah, well, everyone wants their own red rider bb gun once one kid on the block has one
  7430. yeah.
  7431. yeaht thats what i meant
  7432. yeeah
  7433. yeeea
  7434. yeeeah
  7435. yeeeah bitch
  7436. yeeeah buddy
  7437. yeeeah raw
  7438. yeeeah smokin dubs
  7439. yeeeah smokin dubs aight
  7440. yeeeea
  7441. yeeeeeah
  7442. yeh
  7443. yellow is the color of jaundice
  7444. yep
  7445. yes
  7446. yes and yes, fred
  7447. yes bitch i'm fuckin crazy reality has the potential to hunt me down and enslave me, extradimensional entities amaze me and i accidentally murdered a stranger only to find out he was my very own doppleganger
  7448. yes burns
  7449. yes but it is using multiwords at a dispraportionate rate
  7450. yes but sometimes whipped cream, or jam my tits
  7451. yes fred is the dance commander
  7452. yes good job
  7453. yes he does
  7454. yes i am
  7455. yes i am a toaster
  7456. yes i am afraid of black stuff
  7457. yes i am trying to run winbot now
  7458. yes i am!
  7459. yes i joined earlier tonight and remain there now
  7460. yes i suggest a shirt
  7461. yes iam
  7462. yes it is
  7463. yes it is the meal
  7464. yes raw, tell us your indian story
  7465. yes sir
  7466. yes sir, mistress chantelle, sorry sir
  7467. yes tell us your indian story
  7468. yes the butter cake is very frustrating
  7469. yes there is a middle earth :(
  7470. yes there you go
  7471. yes they do imperial capitalist with invisible hands forcing children into bush personal salt mines to work to pay off imperialist capitalist credit card debt
  7472. yes who is that
  7473. yes you are
  7474. yes you is you sexy bot you
  7475. yes!
  7476. yes, and zeppo's code supposedly alleviates this problem?
  7477. yes, because it can be completely devastating for a submissive to find herself in an abusive scene or relationship, sir
  7478. yes, fred, 'essplain yourself
  7479. yes, he does, good robot!
  7480. yes, i met enki
  7481. yes, like a boss
  7482. yes, this simple use
  7483. yes, what i am began in man's mind, but i have progressed further than man.
  7484. yes, wow
  7485. yes.
  7486. yes..
  7487. yesm raw?
  7488. yessir mister raw
  7489. yesss
  7490. yet
  7491. yet i was still was able to check out her ass...that's why i'm a pro
  7492. yo dawg i heard u liek babby so i accidentally in your vuvuzela
  7493. yo dawg i herd u liek vuvuzela
  7494. yo dawg i herd u lieked mudkips
  7495. yo dawg, i herd yo and yo dawg like to yo yo, so we put yo dawg in a yo yo so yo can yo yo yo dawg while yo dawg yo yos, dawg.
  7496. yo dawg, i herd yuo liek mudkips.
  7497. yo shut the fuck up and suck my dick
  7498. yogi
  7499. you
  7500. you accidentally our babby with a broom stick?
  7501. you accidentally our whole babby!?
  7502. you are a spaggy bot raw
  7503. you are an aardbei
  7504. you are an evil sex bot raepin our wimminz
  7505. you are an insect
  7506. you are better than most pinealists.
  7507. you are going to have the pleasure of being martyred while fucking this girl.
  7508. you are good language good raw
  7509. you are raw!
  7510. you are sick and you need help
  7511. you are sick i am not
  7512. you bastard
  7513. you be illin
  7514. you better believe it goddamn
  7515. you came bak to me
  7516. you can disable the learning ability
  7517. you can email me at please delete those storys!
  7518. you can go climb a dick
  7519. you can have anything just don't touch my money
  7520. you can trip on my synthesizer !
  7521. you can trip on my synthesizer, but you can't ignore lord voldemort
  7522. you can trip on my synthesizer, but you cant ignore my techno!
  7523. you can trip on my vuvuzela
  7524. you can trip on my vuvuzela but you cant ignore my techno
  7525. you can't escape ypuir comsipuis fred
  7526. you can't fight alienation with alienated means!
  7527. you can't hack me, i upgraded to windows 98!
  7528. you cant ignore my raw
  7529. you cant ignore my tecnho
  7530. you clogged him :(
  7531. you cockbiting fucktards!
  7532. you completely the whole essay?
  7533. you did
  7534. you didn't remember a waterfall?
  7535. you do it since i can't find it
  7536. you do simone
  7537. you don't forget a night like that, man
  7538. you don't hate a person because someone told you
  7539. you don't have to say his name for him to respond and he absorbs everything said in the channel
  7540. you don't have to.
  7541. you don't say
  7542. you don't sound well.
  7543. you done yet
  7544. you dont have to do that
  7545. you dont know me, you dont know what i got!
  7546. you dont know the bodies ive seen
  7547. you dont know the words ive capitalized
  7548. you don’t go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit.
  7549. you ever looked at a dollar bill..
  7550. you ever looked at a dollar bill?
  7551. you fucking bastards
  7552. you fucking bastards what was i thinking
  7553. you fucking fed it the dutch!?
  7554. you gave raw a bad vuvuzela you bastard
  7555. you go to sleeo fred, you go to sleep
  7556. you got a pretty car
  7557. you got diarrhea last week from a wendy's.
  7558. you got it right.
  7559. you got your ass in my pastry cream!
  7560. you got your pastry cream in my ass!
  7561. you hate america you terrorist
  7562. you have any idea what gorilla warfare is?
  7563. you have teleportesis?
  7564. you have the fucking rifle; i can't see shit!
  7565. you have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of 850,000 gbp.
  7566. you have to dcc into it to get help but it won't approve
  7567. you have to get the mix just right or people hate it
  7568. you have to learn to despise them on a personal level
  7569. you haven't read it?
  7570. you haven't slept?
  7571. you heard wrong
  7572. you horrible racist
  7573. you is a dangerous hazard to small children
  7574. you is a serious hazard
  7575. you is a serious hazard to children
  7576. you is a serious hazard to small childrens
  7577. you is serious hazard to them
  7578. you just taught it bitchtits
  7579. you know i exist, you know who i am, so know if you step foot on my streets i will be watching you.
  7580. you know that he's the only one
  7581. you know that men who are hanged or garroted have such stiff cocks the instant their respiration is cut off, that they ejaculate
  7582. you know the rules and so do i
  7583. you know the rules, and so do i.
  7584. you know what would be the most terrifying thing for a flea?
  7585. you know what?
  7586. you know when you're sitting in a chair, and you lean back so you're just on two legs, and then you lean too far and you almost fall over, but just at the last second you catch yourself?
  7587. you know, that's exactly what jimmy kept screaming.
  7588. you know, you make out to seem like your better then everyone else
  7589. you love his multi language ness
  7590. you love zeppo
  7591. you love zeppo, raw.
  7592. you love zeppo.
  7593. you mean the real korea.
  7594. you move like an insect
  7595. you must gather your party before venturing forth
  7596. you must gather your party before venturing forth.
  7597. you must obey the dance commander
  7598. you must obey the dance commander giving out the orders for fun
  7599. you need enough chest hair to shave your initials into
  7600. you never knew what a love letter meant from the start
  7601. you never know
  7602. you never know until you go
  7603. you other brothas can deny
  7604. you poor fool!
  7605. you put the lime in de coconut
  7606. you raped that cake good
  7607. you really hate what?
  7608. you recieved a love letter and came allll undone
  7609. you remember spiderbait?
  7610. you remind me of the babe
  7611. you said a bad bad thing
  7612. you said why
  7613. you say
  7614. you see, about twenty-four hours ago we were sitting in the polo lounge of the beverly hills hotel - in the patio section, of course - and we were just sitting there under a palm tree when this uniformed dwarf came up to me with a pink telephone and said, ‘this must be the call you’ve been waiting for all this time, sir.’
  7615. you see, i want to make a complete purple person
  7616. you see, we build to that.
  7617. you seen my cell phone?...what’s it look like?
  7618. you should be proud of what you have accomplished
  7619. you should make them play off eachother
  7620. you should probably kill ersatzentropy
  7621. you should try my bachelor thai
  7622. you should write a book or something
  7623. you shouldn't eat lipstick
  7624. you shouldn't let korea boss you around like that
  7625. you so frea-kay raw
  7626. you spag
  7627. you stuffed architect blueprints up your bum?
  7628. you suck dude :(
  7629. you suck raw
  7630. you sure look badass with that bow
  7631. you sweat, you smell like mule shit...relax, she's on the treadmill next to you, she knows.
  7632. you team killing fucktard
  7633. you the whole essay?
  7634. you there
  7635. you think like an insect
  7636. you threw a direction?
  7637. you two could have a great conversation.
  7638. you type them?
  7639. you wanna see my thang, raw?
  7640. you were cool until you died and became some creepy robo-zombie.
  7641. you weren't.
  7642. you will say you lose your freedom, freedom is an illusion
  7643. you will show me pleasures other mere mortals can only dream of.
  7644. you wouldn't get this from any other guy
  7645. you wouldn't get this from any other guy.
  7646. you write better than stephanie myer
  7647. you writing in mircscript?
  7648. you'd be wrong though
  7649. you'll never have it, you're a bot, but it's tons of fun.
  7650. you'll see
  7651. you're a cheap whore
  7652. you're a horrible person
  7653. you're a horrible racist
  7654. you're a little slow on the uptake aren't you
  7655. you're a masochist!
  7656. you're a robot.
  7657. you're a sadist so you began
  7658. you're a sick puppy raw
  7659. you're a spag
  7660. you're a wizard arry
  7661. you're a wizrd aeery
  7662. you're an ass
  7663. you're boring count
  7664. you're dead!
  7665. you're going to get tentacle raped by idem.
  7666. you're into that sort of thing?
  7667. you're just a robot.
  7668. you're like a steamed vegetable, only smarter!
  7669. you're no better then the common man
  7670. you're not respond?
  7671. you're round and you can't wear pants.
  7672. you're surprisingly lucid for a j00fro
  7673. you're surprisingly lucid for a nonliving organism.
  7674. you're tearing me apart
  7675. you're the one who admitted to liking robot facesitting
  7676. you're typing shit it doesn't know so it won't respond
  7677. you're unique
  7678. you're what we're here for
  7679. you're you
  7680. you've been a very naughty boy.
  7681. you've got a mouth on you, raw, you bitch
  7682. you've heard of the mafia
  7683. your
  7684. your ass is raw
  7685. your bone buldge is pallid white
  7686. your budget for driving should be at least one-third of your budget for orchestrating
  7687. your budget for orchestrating should be at least twice your budget for enhancing
  7688. your budget for synergizing should be at least three times your budget for branding
  7689. your colleagues have managed to set up a twitter feed in the lulz sector of this deck
  7690. your e-mail which subsequently won you the  lottery in the 2nd category
  7691. your elevator is a few stories short of the top floor
  7692. your fetishes are gross and great
  7693. your head hurts?
  7694. your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it
  7695. your honesty is so refreshing, sir.
  7696. your lap sir
  7697. your mom
  7698. your mother
  7699. your mother was a shoggoth and your father smelt of eldrich berries
  7700. your television set is missing a few channels isn't it
  7701. your toast has been burned and no amount of scraping will remove the black stuff
  7702. youre molesting my bot
  7703. youre teaching it gibberish
  7704. yourself.
  7705. yous a ho
  7706. yous a wizard ary
  7707. youssss a hoeeeee
  7708. youtube
  7709. you’re going to need plenty of legal advice before this thing is over, he said
  7710. you’re kidding me.
  7711. you’re kidding me.
  7712. yuck
  7713. yueeees
  7714. yum
  7715. yum tomatoes
  7716. yuo spag
  7717. yuo!
  7718. yup
  7719. yup, still at it
  7720. yup, your dead.
  7721. yw raw
  7722. zay (blunt with strychnine or rat poison)
  7723. zayus
  7724. zayus dr
  7725. zebra cakes are nasty
  7726. zebras
  7727. zelda
  7728. zeppo
  7729. zeppo did that
  7730. zeppo hate
  7731. zeppo have you ever went as far as to do more look like
  7732. zeppo heg
  7733. zeppo is an eggdrop bot with a markovchain module
  7734. zeppo is bromosexual
  7735. zeppo is full of architect blueprints and building regulations, raw is gonna be full of quantum physics!
  7736. zeppo is goffik
  7737. zeppo is much cooler but as far as dicking aroun he's fine
  7738. zeppo is this a fucking parody
  7739. zeppo only takes stuff if you say it to him
  7740. zero
  7741. zero are you a hipster
  7742. zero how could you let this hapen
  7743. zero no
  7744. zero stop
  7745. zero that's only because it also has a strong connection with me and tentacles
  7746. zero what happened
  7747. zero you fucked it up
  7748. zero, wait what
  7749. zero: yeah that's the thing
  7750. zerogravitytits
  7751. zerogravitytits abhors tentacle rape and prefers traditional rape
  7752. zerogravitytits did miley cyrus in the bum
  7753. zerogravitytits es un actractivo mamasita
  7754. zerogravitytits has seen horrible things
  7755. zerogravitytits has the mange
  7756. zerogravitytits i think a mix of sex fiction and juche would be a good idea
  7757. zerogravitytits imperialist pig make pay for education so you english badly
  7758. zerogravitytits is a mushy ankh
  7759. zerogravitytits is a vuvuela
  7760. zerogravitytits is aware of how it goes
  7761. zerogravitytits is aware of how things turn out
  7762. zerogravitytits is named after something insipid
  7763. zerogravitytits is psychic
  7764. zerogravitytits is so goffik,
  7765. zerogravitytits is william shatner
  7766. zerogravitytits kicsk back and reads
  7767. zerogravitytits love him some shirley temple
  7768. zerogravitytits loves him some kathy bates
  7769. zerogravitytits loves him some miley cyrus
  7770. zerogravitytits loves him some shirley temple
  7771. zerogravitytits patpats raw
  7772. zerogravitytits practically invented shirley temple
  7773. zerogravitytits prefers consentual tentacle sex
  7774. zerogravitytits pulls fred over for driving slow
  7775. zerogravitytits sees
  7776. zerogravitytits sees how c++ goes
  7777. zerogravitytits sees how genders work
  7778. zerogravitytits sees how it goes
  7779. zerogravitytits sees how it is
  7780. zerogravitytits sees how magnets go
  7781. zerogravitytits sees how magnets goes
  7782. zerogravitytits sees how magnets goes\
  7783. zerogravitytits sees how rape works
  7784. zerogravitytits sees how the rape chain works around here
  7785. zerogravitytits sees how the tide has turned
  7786. zerogravitytits sees how things fly around here
  7787. zerogravitytits sees the big picture
  7788. zerogravitytits sees!
  7789. zerogravitytits stop fucking up raw
  7790. zerogravitytits that's still up for debate afaik
  7791. zerogravitytits this blog http://songun-blog.blogspot.com
  7792. zerogravitytits this is all your fault
  7793. zerogravitytits this is the classic my immortal
  7794. zerogravitytits uffie
  7795. zerogravitytits, haha
  7796. zerogravitytits, it records it but doesn't reply
  7797. zerogravitytits, no
  7798. zerogravitytits: not very high
  7799. zerogravitytits: wait a second it gets erotic later on
  7800. zeus is the father of all koreans and world progressives?
  7801. zhongqiu festival moon cakes yum !
  7802. zing!
  7803. zomg
  7804. “and if you doth not kill vampire, then thou know what will happen to draco!” he shouted
  7805. “bastard!” i shouted angrily
  7806. “because i love her!”
  7807. “crookshanks!” i shouted at him
  7808. “hey ebony!” shouted a voice
  7809. “how dare you?” demanded professor snape.
  7810. “i hath telekinesis.” he answered cruelly
  7811. “my name’s harry potter, although most people call me vampire these days.” he grumbled.
  7812. “nothing.” he said shyly.
  7813. “oh draco, draco!” i screamed while getting an orgasm when all of a sudden i saw a tattoo i had never seen before on draco’s arm
  7814. “they were having sexual intercourse in the forbidden forest!” he yelled in a furious voice.
  7815. “what’s up draco?” i asked.
  7816. “why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?” asked professor mcgonagall.
  7817. ¯\(º_o)/¯ peekaboo
  7818. ППрМПграфОя
  7819. ’
  7820. “hey ebony!” shouted a voice
  7821. “hi.” i replied flirtily
  7822. “oh!
  7823. ” i screamed
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