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  1. #Elhostio
  3. I'm sure its riddled with spelling and grammatical errors so good luck.
  5. I swear I have put some thought into this and it isn't just a "hurrdurr lemme host" type thing.
  7. I'm proposing a bunch of changes with the aim of making the tournament more competitive and interesting right till the end.
  9. 1. Managers Play
  10. Quite straight forward.
  11. With managers not being able to play it obviously limits the people who are signing up to manage, when people would much rather play. Alternatively you get good players signing up to manage and then a pretty shallow player pool.
  12. “B-but some teams will be too stronk”. Nah. The 8 managers would be the best 8 players who signed up and were happy to manage (I imagine everyone would be happy to manage because wynaut).
  13. “How would you pick the ‘best’ players?” Have them link brackets in there sign up, have the community weigh in by posting who they think are the best 8 sign ups. Ultimately the decision would be mine but would be based on these two things.
  15. 2. Snake Draft
  16. It is far more competitive than an auction. You usually have a pretty good idea of who will win and who will lose literally right after the draft. Some players literally give up before week 1 when they are drafted onto a shit team because the manager that bought them didn’t know what they are doing. Snake draft spreads the players more evenly and gives every team a decent chance.
  17. I don’t think we will be too top heavy because most of your top guys will already be managing. And even then no one is a guaranteed win, except of course me in SMLC but I won’t be playing.
  18. Draft order. Could be random, could do a tournament. Obviously no trading picks.
  20. 3. Tiers
  21. I wanted to jazz up the tiers. It was hard picking 8 when there are obviously a bunch to choose from. When I struck by the idea to let each manager pick a tier each from a pool of tiers. You would have OU, UU, NU, LC, DUBS, Team 1’s Tier, Team 2’s Tier. Where each manager could pick a tier out of OU, UU, NU, LC, DUBS, DPP, and SMOU. This brings a bit more strategy into line-ups each week and the team you draft to begin with. Managing being boring after the draft is something I wanted to change and manages playing and this picking tiers defo keeps it interesting.
  22. “But that’s only 7 tiers”. Yeah I couldn’t think of an 8th one. Honestly I wanted to BO3 Randoms. Mainly because it’s fun and who doesn’t like a good bit of fun.
  23. Obviously that pool of tiers is up for discussion but I probably wouldn’t go too far outside those listed though.
  25. 4. Playoffs and Prize
  26. The big problem with playoffs is people just stop caring, once there team is out there is nothing to play for. Because of this I wanted every team playing in playoffs but I didn’t want the league phase to mean nothing. Therefore 1-4 play for 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th. 1 plays 4. 2 plays 3. You get it. And 5-8 play for 5th. 5 plays 8, 6 plays 7. Winners play for 5th. Screw playing for 7th sucks to suck.
  27. “But why would they even bother playing for 5th” Split the pot to keep every team motivated to play. Winning team would get 50%. 2nd team would get 25%. 3rd team would get 12.5%. 4th team would get 6.25% and the 5th team would get 3.125%. I think this leaves 3.125% left over which I’ll probably just tack onto the winning team or giveaway as a prize for something a rather.
  28. On top of that, something I suggested a few seasons ago, splitting a team’s prize between players based on their wins. If you go undefeated and get 9 wins, and your team had a total of 45 wins. You would get a fifth (9/45) of the team’s prize. A player who only got 1 win would get a forty fifth (1/45) of the teams prize. Someone who didn’t play would get nothing.
  29. This will really motivate players to play their best even when they are on trash teams. If you complain about this you are bad, get good. Players throwing matches will obviously be banned.
  31. Hoping to get 150m+ in donations. I'll say I'll match every donation made up to 100m, in the hope to hit 200m. If I only get 50m from the community I'll still throw all 100m in. Will need at least 50m from the community before starting.
  34. 5. Coaching.
  35. No Coaching. GB is an idiot. Obviously difficult to prove, but if proven punishments will be a plenty. I’m talking bans, I’m talking removing points from teams. Bans probably only in the case of irrefutable proof. Suspensions in other cases. That extra 3.125% of the pot, or some of it, could be dangled as a reward for exposing coaching.
  37. 6. Other General stuff.
  38. Have people '@here' in the discord before they play. I thought i'd be able to think of more to put here but I can't.
  40. Everything else I think is fairly standard. If I missed something lemme know.
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