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  1. /alloys/ pastebin instructions, totally not ripped off Spring /3/, I swear.
  3. Use the home kit for the home matches and the black away kit for the away match
  4. Home pitch is the /u/ stadium (Sei Michael Joshi Gakuen).
  6. Start on PRESET 1
  7. Autolineup by ABILITY. Yes it's fine
  8. After that make sure LB is taking LEFT corner and RB is taking RIGHT corner
  9. TURN OFF Auto Change Preset Tactics
  11. Sub in fresh FULLBACKS and DMF at 65 (UNLESS they have really good conditions and stamina with CBs being tired, sub in CBs instead)
  12. If losing at 75 or later, or if DRAW isn't enough to survive in a GROUP STAGE*: TURN OFF Auto Change Attack/Defence Level and go to PRESET 3
  13. If still dying at 85 go +2 mentality
  14. If scores and resulting scoreline is enough for the team survival*, go to PRESET 2 and +1 mentality
  15. *Note: if survival depends on other teams, assume WIN is needed.
  17. In case of MEDAL SUSPENSIONS for a game (aka game where medals can't start): sub in best conditioned non medal player in their place after regular subs are done
  19. In case of >AET (implying making that far): at the start of it sub in fresh CB, go PRESET 2
  20. If at any point the team falls behind switch to PRESET 3
  22. Player order in case of >PENALTY SHOOTOUT:
  23. GOLD
  24. SILVER
  25. SILVER
  26. BRONZE
  27. BRONZE
  30. Rest by condition from high to low
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