DF Game Club: The Last Express (part 1)

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  1. (07:11:18 AM) Cheeseness: Hey guys, we're still running slightly behind
  2. (07:11:20 AM) Cheeseness: Bare with us ^_^
  3. (07:11:25 AM) GameClubFan_162960 [] entered the room.
  4. (07:11:30 AM) Ron: and i'm also eating a salad, so i don't have to feel guilty about the donut
  5. (07:11:32 AM) Cheeseness: Or bear with us
  6. (07:11:38 AM) Cheeseness: Whatever tickles your fancy
  7. (07:11:42 AM) Meeps: hahaha
  8. (07:11:54 AM) GameClubFan_888896: Beer!
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  10. (07:12:06 AM) Ron: can we pedo bear with you?
  11. (07:12:30 AM) ***jfrisby choooo-chooooo, adventure train
  12. jassemon jfrisby jimtwo
  13. (07:12:41 AM) Cheeseness: Hey jfrisby
  14. (07:12:47 AM) jfrisby: Hey there :P
  15. (07:13:19 AM) Ron:
  16. (07:13:33 AM) RJS [] entered the room.
  17. (07:13:38 AM) jfrisby: Thought these trains always ran on time?  :D
  18. (07:13:44 AM) Syd: Hah
  19. (07:13:50 AM) Cheeseness: ^_^
  20. (07:13:57 AM) Cheeseness: These things happen
  21. (07:14:00 AM) Syd: ALPHATT's having some technical difficulties, so hang tight.
  22. (07:14:01 AM) GameClubFan_341418 [] entered the room.
  23. (07:14:07 AM) Ron: this train don't stop here anymore
  24. (07:14:19 AM) RJS: Well their timing is way better than the MGX
  25. (07:14:35 AM) jfrisby: I've actually never played this one...  debating whether to track down a copy, or just watch a bit....  
  26. (07:14:39 AM) Syd:
  27. (07:14:51 AM) jfrisby: haha
  28. (07:14:54 AM) Cheeseness: jfrisby: I was hoping to have time to play during the week, but I've been crazy busy :(
  29. (07:14:54 AM) Syd: I've never played TLE either. It's on GOG, though.
  30. (07:15:12 AM) Ron: what's with all the abbreviations tonight
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  32. (07:15:19 AM) jfrisby: Have any of the backers at Jensen's open house spilled what MGX is yet?
  33. (07:15:28 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: You can never have enough TLAs
  34. (07:15:33 AM) RJS: noup haven't heard of the MGX yet
  35. (07:15:40 AM) Ron: WTF
  36. (07:16:09 AM) RJS: i've lost hope. i fear it's going tho come after Moebius
  37. (07:16:10 AM) Ron: texas library association?
  38. (07:16:39 AM) Cheeseness: Three letter acronym
  39. (07:16:53 AM) Ron: ah
  40. (07:17:15 AM) Ron: i feel good about backing Broken Age
  41. (07:17:23 AM) jfrisby: I'm not so worried about MGX yet, I'm still not convinced it isn't King's Quest and she's working with Telltale.  But I'm insane.
  42. (07:17:23 AM) RJS: Mystery Game X to those who don't know it
  43. (07:17:42 AM) Ron: i hope you have enough money to finish it on tim's vision
  44. (07:17:56 AM) Cheeseness: Does anybody else think that Sam's hands look weird in the leaked Poker Night 2 screenshots?
  45. (07:18:00 AM) Ron: i'm thinking about donating more
  46. (07:18:13 AM) RJS: I'm backin 4 gamer currently : Broken Age, Moebius, Wasteland 2 and Dreamfall:Chapters
  47. (07:18:41 AM) Syd: Sam's knuckles are a bit more defined in the comic strips. Telltale might be trying to go for that look. I do think he looks strangely desaturated, though.
  48. (07:18:46 AM) jfrisby: Game club is back to competing with my Doctor Who schedule :D
  49. (07:19:33 AM) Ron: i could never get the fascination with doctor who... can anyone enlighten me?
  50. (07:19:45 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Why change their season 3 models though?
  51. (07:19:52 AM) yama: I'm just watching the Gametrailers videos on the forums while waiting. ^^
  52. (07:19:58 AM) Cheeseness: Hey yama
  53. (07:20:06 AM) Ron: cheesy effects, overacting... what's there to love?
  54. (07:20:06 AM) RJS: It seems like a dull series, but start from the 2005 doctor and you just get sucked in
  55. (07:20:07 AM) yama: Heyas, Cheeseness.
  56. (07:20:16 AM) Syd: I'm not sure. Telltale works on moon logic sometimes.
  57. (07:20:25 AM) Ron: i love dexter
  58. (07:20:30 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: It's all Hugh Bliss' fault
  59. (07:20:39 AM) Syd: Hehe
  60. (07:20:56 AM) Syd: "Hi, I'm Hugh Bliss!" *ding*
  61. (07:21:11 AM) Fireflower: did you back this?
  62. (07:21:17 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  63. (07:21:28 AM) Ron: is backing the new thing?
  64. (07:21:49 AM) RJS: Season 3 in sam&max had little too much to conclude. Still, I liked the ending
  65. (07:22:02 AM) Ron: are there, like, hipsters who go "i backed before it was cool"?
  66. (07:22:05 AM) Fireflower: i'm backed up
  67. (07:22:43 AM) Cheeseness: I loved season 3
  68. (07:22:48 AM) Ron: backing up is important
  69. (07:22:59 AM) RJS: To me backing is just the best way to get to see the games beeing developed and have maybe a minor way to affect on the outcome
  70. (07:23:53 AM) Ron: agreed
  71. (07:24:03 AM) yama: Don't back too far or you will dent your rear bumper like me. ;_;
  72. (07:24:14 AM) RJS: Still laughing for the predicted death of the point&click -genre
  73. (07:24:43 AM) Fingerthing [] entered the room.
  74. (07:24:55 AM) Fingerthing: Hey, did I miss it?
  75. (07:25:00 AM) Fireflower: every genre probably goes "dead" once in a while
  76. (07:25:01 AM) Ron: i'm waiting for an adventure with the unreal 4 engine
  77. (07:25:06 AM) RJS: hasn't even started yet
  78. (07:25:12 AM) Fingerthing: oooh.
  79. (07:25:18 AM) Syd: ALPHATT's having some sort of problems getting it going
  80. (07:25:33 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, sorry about the delay, guys
  81. (07:25:40 AM) RJS: It's nice what indie-developers have done with unity engine
  82. (07:25:50 AM) Ron: there was a monkey island demo with the unreal engine
  83. (07:25:57 AM) Ron: i thought it was pretty cool
  84. (07:26:05 AM) Fireflower: monkey island with cryengine -
  85. (07:26:13 AM) Ron: ah
  86. (07:26:15 AM) Fingerthing: Wow
  87. (07:26:15 AM) Syd: I remember seeing that, Fireflower
  88. (07:26:23 AM) jfrisby: Anti-Chamber would be a good Portal-like stream..   Great puzzles :D
  89. (07:26:39 AM) Syd: Also, here's where you can get TLE if anyone is interested in checking it out themselves.
  90. (07:26:39 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, I'm hoping that goes cross platform soon
  91. (07:26:40 AM) Fireflower: looks pretty cool
  92. (07:26:57 AM) Fingerthing: I have TLE. It's kinda hard.
  93. (07:27:16 AM) Syd: I imagine it is, with the realtime elements
  94. (07:27:26 AM) RJS: But antichamber had really many faults. like having ten puzzles open just 'cause you didn't have the right tools to complete them
  95. (07:27:26 AM) BigJKO [] entered the room.
  96. (07:27:34 AM) Fingerthing: Sometimes there is very little to guide you so you kind of just end up aimlessly walking around the train.
  97. (07:27:52 AM) jfrisby: hadn't seen this MI2 cryengine.. beautiful!
  98. (07:27:53 AM) Ron: i recently played baphomet's curse on the iphone
  99. (07:28:04 AM) Syd: TLE is on my ever-growing list of games I need to play someday
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  101. (07:28:34 AM) BigJKO [] entered the room.
  102. (07:28:37 AM) Fireflower: i agree, jfrisby :)
  103. (07:28:40 AM) RJS: I have to promote The Cat Lady. one of the best indiegames ever
  104. (07:28:46 AM) jfrisby: Now if only there was a modern music handling system as good as iMuse.. however that would work without midi..
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  106. (07:28:57 AM) Cheeseness: So, is there anybody amongst us who has actually played The Last Express?
  107. (07:29:11 AM) Fingerthing: moi
  108. (07:29:29 AM) RJS: Iltaa
  109. (07:29:36 AM) Fireflower: RJS, yeah The Cat Lady is pretty cool. I'm actually selling it in my store :)
  110. (07:29:44 AM) jfrisby: The Cat Lady is in my giant folder of AGS games I'm slowly working through...  
  111. (07:29:56 AM) Ron: i'd clean ron gilbert's house for a year if he did monkey island 3 in the unreal 4 engine
  112. (07:30:20 AM) jimtwo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  113. (07:30:26 AM) RJS: monkey 3 is good as it is. the 4th one is the one that rally needs to be updated
  114. (07:31:15 AM) Ron: i just want to live in the world of monkey island
  115. (07:31:22 AM) Ron: basically
  116. (07:31:44 AM) Cheeseness: Ron said that that was one of the reasons he made Monkey Island
  117. (07:32:04 AM) Cheeseness: (because he wanted to live in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride ^_^ )
  118. (07:32:10 AM) ALPHATT left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  119. (07:32:13 AM) Syd: Ron Gilbert has said that his Monkey 3 would be 2D, if he gets to make it.
  120. (07:32:39 AM) RJS: If there is more Monkey Island, I just hope that the doesn't happen to it as what happened to Simon the Sorcerer : main character turning to a dick
  121. (07:32:40 AM) Ron: how about a monkey island mmorpg
  122. (07:32:43 AM) Fireflower: The Cat Lady will actually be 50% on FireFlower Games next week :)
  123. (07:32:56 AM) Syd: As for the other Monkey Island games, I would like to see a "remastered" Curse, if LucasArts still had original uncompressed art assets lying around. Curse looked great, but it's held back by the low resolution.
  124. (07:32:57 AM) Fireflower: *50% off
  125. (07:33:11 AM) Cheeseness: Fireflower: That's also 50%
  126. (07:33:22 AM) Fireflower: yeah :)
  127. (07:33:27 AM) Ron: thanks for the commercial break, fireflower
  128. (07:33:43 AM) Fireflower: you're welcome, Ron :)
  129. (07:33:52 AM) jfrisby: Luckily most of the sequels after MI2 just basically re-tread the same plot without changing anything... Sort of leaves the door open for Ron to do a proper MI game, without necessarily calling it Proper MI3
  130. (07:34:27 AM) Syd: Ron said that the only major thing he'd have to un-do is Guybrush marrying Elaine, and he said he had a plan for it, and it didn't involve "It was all a dream" or something similar.
  131. (07:34:46 AM) kineticMastermind left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  132. (07:35:04 AM) Ron: maybe she divorces guybrush and gets with lechuck
  133. (07:35:14 AM) RJS: Still, telltale did a really good job on the MI -series
  134. (07:35:22 AM) Fingerthing: Guys... I... I haven't played Monkey Island.
  135. (07:35:25 AM) Ron: yeah...
  136. (07:35:31 AM) ***jfrisby cries
  137. (07:35:31 AM) Syd: You should do that, Fingerthing
  138. (07:35:37 AM) Ron: shame on you
  139. (07:35:49 AM) Ron: your parents have failed you
  140. (07:35:52 AM) Fingerthing: but there's like
  141. (07:35:57 AM) Fingerthing: all these other gams.
  142. (07:36:17 AM) Fingerthing: too many gams.
  143. (07:36:20 AM) Ron: there's no game like monkey island...
  144. (07:36:25 AM) Ron: except grim fandango
  145. (07:36:26 AM) Syd: You can either hunt down the original or just grab the HD remakes of the first two on Steam to start off.
  146. (07:36:29 AM) jfrisby: so many gams
  147. (07:36:33 AM) Ron: that's also a favorite of mine
  148. (07:36:39 AM) BigJKO [] entered the room.
  149. (07:36:51 AM) Ron: i think touch lends itself really well to adventures
  150. (07:37:02 AM) RJS: I'm happy that i got into point&click games as i was 6, in 96, so i've played almost everyone after that :)
  151. (07:37:06 AM) Ron: i replayed monkey island 1&2 on ios
  152. (07:37:09 AM) Fireflower: possible to get them anywhere else but Steam, Syd?
  153. (07:37:13 AM) jfrisby: Just let your computer get really old, so all you can run is adventure games.... that's my trick :D
  154. (07:37:31 AM) jfrisby: I'm getting really caught up on all games pre-2008
  155. (07:37:32 AM) Syd: I think the Secret HD remake is on the Telltale store. I'm honestly not sure about any others.
  156. (07:37:34 AM) Ron: Fireflower, you can get them on iOS
  157. (07:37:44 AM) Fingerthing: I managed to get a pirated copy of Grim, but never got it to work properly.
  158. (07:37:44 AM) Syd: Oh yeah, that too.
  159. (07:37:47 AM) Fireflower: ok
  160. (07:37:49 AM) Meeps left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  161. (07:37:51 AM) Fingerthing: Shame too, it looked really promising
  162. (07:37:55 AM) Syd: It also got a physical release in Europe
  163. (07:38:18 AM) Fireflower: don't own an iOS device unfortunately
  164. (07:38:19 AM) RJS: gamersgate has it
  165. (07:38:20 AM) Ron: i'd like to play grim fandango again, is there a way on mac os x 10.8?
  166. (07:38:44 AM) Ron: i had the grim fandango box with the cd
  167. (07:38:44 AM) Fireflower: cool, RJS
  168. (07:38:46 AM) jfrisby: Man, I'm sure glad I'm not awkwardly hanging out with Jane Jensen right now.
  169. (07:38:48 AM) Syd: ResidualVM
  170. (07:39:17 AM) Ron: cool, thanks syd
  171. (07:39:21 AM) Syd: Best way to play Grim in just about any PC platform now
  172. (07:39:26 AM) RJS: c'mmon. i'd like to see the stream afterall
  173. (07:39:31 AM) Fireflower: jfrisby, why?
  174. (07:40:07 AM) Ron: yeah, what's going on
  175. (07:40:09 AM) bookwyrm [] entered the room.
  176. (07:40:23 AM) Ron: the masses are brooding with uproar
  177. (07:40:25 AM) Syd: Alphatt apparently can't get his streaming client to capture the game.
  178. (07:40:33 AM) jfrisby: Mostly because I'm afraid to leave the house these days.  
  179. (07:40:35 AM) RJS: same thing with the brütal :/
  180. (07:40:50 AM) ReverendGumby [] entered the room.
  181. (07:41:09 AM) Ron: can't they, like, prepare?
  182. (07:41:23 AM) Ron: instead of letting us all wait
  183. (07:41:38 AM) jfrisby: It's a pretty casual group, Ron :D
  184. (07:41:46 AM) BigJKO left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  185. (07:42:02 AM) Ron: this would never fly at work
  186. (07:42:09 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: We normally do a bit of testing beforehand
  187. (07:42:14 AM) ReverendGumby: Hey, all! Guess I haven't missed much.
  188. (07:42:25 AM) Ron: alphatt would be shown the door alrEADY
  189. (07:42:31 AM) Syd: Alphatt's our newest streamer. He hasn't had much time to get used to things.
  190. (07:42:31 AM) RJS: some good chating for once
  191. (07:42:34 AM) jfrisby: This will be reflected in Alphatt's paycheck, though.
  192. (07:42:47 AM) RJS: muahahah
  193. (07:42:49 AM) Fireflower: Hey ReverendGumby
  194. (07:43:17 AM) Syd: I always try to test before I stream, though, especially if it's an older problematic game.
  195. (07:43:28 AM) Fireflower: Alphatt is paid by the hour so it doesn't matter much ;)
  196. (07:43:42 AM) RJS: If you liked Journey you should try Bientôt l’été too
  197. (07:43:53 AM) Ron: yes, it does... he's being paid to set it up
  198. (07:44:25 AM) Syd: We have something
  199. (07:44:46 AM) jfrisby: dat red background
  200. (07:44:48 AM) Syd: Tiny game window and loads of red, lol
  201. (07:45:01 AM) Fireflower: actually we aren't paid at all for streaming
  202. (07:45:14 AM) jfrisby: I should put my start menu on the left side of the screen...  
  203. (07:45:16 AM) Syd: It's a labor of love
  204. (07:45:18 AM) jfrisby: that looks handy
  205. (07:45:20 AM) Ron: oh ok
  206. (07:45:21 AM) ReverendGumby: Ooh, a window within a window within a window...
  207. (07:45:38 AM) Ron: quick, alphatt, hide the porn!
  208. (07:45:40 AM) RJS: it
  209. (07:45:43 AM) RJS: is
  210. (07:45:52 AM) RJS: beautiful
  211. (07:46:18 AM) jfrisby: I'd open the game first, then make the region the whole dosbox...  
  212. (07:46:18 AM) RJS: icenption like
  213. (07:46:18 AM) Ron: who uses windows anyway, amirite
  214. (07:46:30 AM) Fireflower: i use dos
  215. (07:46:56 AM) ReverendGumby: Fireflower, are you using Novell's network drivers?
  216. (07:47:02 AM) Ron: i think at this point alphatt is just trolling us
  217. (07:47:16 AM) jfrisby: Things got a lot easier then I realized you could drag any game folder onto my dosbox icon for auto-folder mounting..
  218. (07:47:20 AM) Fireflower: ReverendGumby, don't know what that is :)
  219. (07:47:20 AM) Ron: he's having a laugh
  220. (07:47:34 AM) RJS: it's kinda shame if it's just the softwares fault :/
  221. (07:47:36 AM) GameClubFan_9806611213512358 [] entered the room.
  222. (07:47:44 AM) BigJKO [] entered the room.
  223. (07:47:57 AM) Cheeseness: You've got to remember that we're working with combinations of software here
  224. (07:48:08 AM) Syd: I have an unofficial Windows theme that doesn't work too well if it's on the side, so I just keep it on the bottom.
  225. (07:48:16 AM) Cheeseness: Not only does the streaming software need to behave as well, but the games themselves all do different stuff
  226. (07:48:21 AM) ReverendGumby: Have I mentioned that I really like the customized splash screen logo?
  227. (07:48:28 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks, ReverendGumby :D
  228. (07:48:36 AM) jfrisby: voice chat, awesome :D  Hey Alphatt
  229. (07:49:15 AM) jfrisby: 12 hour marathon
  230. (07:49:17 AM) Cheeseness: ReverendGumby: Were you here for the first couple of sessions where I streamed making it?
  231. (07:49:17 AM) jfrisby: go
  232. (07:49:32 AM) ReverendGumby: Cheeseness, no, I missed that. :(
  233. (07:49:49 AM) Fireflower: oh, it's a 12 hour marathon?
  234. (07:49:49 AM) Cheeseness: I didn't save the archive :(
  235. (07:50:00 AM) Cheeseness: Fireflower: The game itself lasts for 12 hours
  236. (07:50:12 AM) Fireflower: cool, i don't mind staying up
  237. (07:50:21 AM) Cheeseness: We're not expecting everbody to have played it through over the past week
  238. (07:50:22 AM) Ron: what
  239. (07:50:32 AM) GameClubFan_9806611213512358 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  240. (07:50:37 AM) Ron: 12 hours straight?
  241. (07:50:40 AM) Cheeseness: So we we'll only do an hour or two here
  242. (07:50:51 AM) GameClubFan_682879 [] entered the room.
  243. (07:50:53 AM) Fireflower: :)
  244. (07:50:55 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it happens in simulated real time
  245. (07:51:18 AM) BigJKO left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  246. (07:51:22 AM) jfrisby: Hope those dosbox cpu cycles are tuned correctly
  247. (07:51:38 AM) Ron: Cool
  248. (07:51:42 AM) Ron: I like that concept
  249. (07:51:56 AM) Fingerthing: Actually, it's not quite in real time.
  250. (07:52:05 AM) Fireflower: The First Express
  251. (07:52:08 AM) Fingerthing: It's going at a slightly quicker pace, so I think 10 minutes is one hour.
  252. (07:52:09 AM) Ron: what happens if you do nothing for 12 hours?
  253. (07:52:10 AM) e6r6i6c [] entered the room.
  254. (07:52:12 AM) Syd: It's real time-ish.
  255. (07:52:33 AM) Syd: I imagine you die or get arrested somehow, or something like that, if you just sit around and do nothing. I've never played it, though.
  256. (07:52:34 AM) Cheeseness: Fingerthing: I thought it was 2x (half hour = 1 hour) with the game itself being 24 hours in total
  257. (07:52:45 AM) jfrisby: what year was this released?
  258. (07:52:48 AM) jfrisby: 94?
  259. (07:52:53 AM) GameClubFan_682879 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  260. (07:52:56 AM) Fingerthing: It was a long time since I played it Cheeseness, so that might be true.
  261. (07:52:58 AM) Ron: and can you take a break to pee?
  262. (07:53:02 AM) Cheeseness: 1997
  263. (07:53:12 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: You can pause and save
  264. (07:53:13 AM) Fingerthing: I just remember it not running in normal time
  265. (07:53:14 AM) GameClubFan_599667 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  266. (07:53:15 AM) Fireflower: have to have a bottle handy, Ron
  267. (07:53:25 AM) ReverendGumby: Who's the developer?
  268. (07:53:34 AM) Syd: It was a fairly ambitious game, but it released when adventure game popularity was beginning to dwindle, so it sold very poorly.
  269. (07:53:37 AM) Ron: ah, the Randy Marsh way
  270. (07:53:56 AM) Fingerthing: Yeah, it had a massive budget too and absolutely tanked
  271. (07:54:10 AM) Fingerthing: And the studio was called...
  272. (07:54:12 AM) Syd: Jordan Mechner created it, and Smoking Car Productions was the developer.
  273. (07:54:15 AM) GameClubFan_888896 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  274. (07:54:20 AM) RJS: to my shame, i've never played myst or riven. just arent' my styled games
  275. (07:54:22 AM) Fingerthing: Smoking Car, yeah
  276. (07:54:27 AM) jfrisby: I think I played a demo from pcgamer way back when...
  277. (07:54:40 AM) Ron: myst and riven are great
  278. (07:54:52 AM) Ron: myst introduced me to adventures
  279. (07:54:59 AM) jfrisby: and didn't dig the key-frame animation thing...  But that doesn't bother me these days..
  280. (07:55:02 AM) Fireflower: The Witness - a new Myst-like game
  281. (07:55:07 AM) Syd: There was also apparently almost no advertising for this game, which probably didn't help things much.
  282. (07:55:27 AM) ReverendGumby: Fireflower, I wonder how Blow feels about that comparison.
  283. (07:55:34 AM) Ron: some movies with insane budgets also tank
  284. (07:55:36 AM) GameClubFan_351090 [] entered the room.
  285. (07:55:56 AM) Ron: but then become cult hits and sell very well on dvd
  286. (07:56:00 AM) Ron: like fight club¨
  287. (07:56:10 AM) Fireflower: dunno ReverendGumby but I've heard that comparison by others
  288. (07:56:13 AM) RJS: well alien colonial marines was shit and so is the new walking dead -instinct or what ever it's called
  289. (07:56:15 AM) Ron: it did poorly at the box office
  290. (07:56:34 AM) Fireflower: isn't The Witness a Myst-like game?
  291. (07:56:54 AM) GameClubFan_117330 [] entered the room.
  292. (07:57:31 AM) Cheeseness: Fireflower: I didn't think it was
  293. (07:57:41 AM) Cheeseness: But then I might have a narrow definition of a "Myst-like" game
  294. (07:58:43 AM) Ron: blood!
  295. (07:58:44 AM) ReverendGumby: The website says "An exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island." Sounds like Myst to me.
  296. (07:58:45 AM) Fireflower: pretty sure I've heard some game magazine or something say that if i didn't get it mixed up
  297. (07:58:46 AM) Cheeseness: Whoops!
  298. (07:58:49 AM) Ron: the horror... the horror...
  299. (07:58:58 AM) Fingerthing left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  300. (07:59:04 AM) ChooChoo [] entered the room.
  301. (07:59:06 AM) Cheeseness: ReverendGumby: Are we talking about setting or gameplay?
  302. (07:59:32 AM) ReverendGumby: Cheeseness: Both.
  303. (08:00:09 AM) Cheeseness: Goodbye dead guy!
  304. (08:00:14 AM) RJS: I don't know if I'm just odd, but i liked the Phantasmagoria 2 - which i played for the first time about 2 weeks ago, the ending is shit, but 90% of it's good still
  305. (08:00:15 AM) ReverendGumby: Nooooo! Hehe
  306. (08:00:23 AM) Ron: these were the games i grew up with and that influenced me in some way: myst, riven, monkey island(s), grim fandango and system shock 2
  307. (08:00:37 AM) RJS: Trying to get a copy of Harvester somewhere...
  308. (08:00:46 AM) Ron: "somewhere"
  309. (08:00:51 AM) Ron: lol
  310. (08:01:08 AM) Fireflower: Pirate Bay?
  311. (08:01:16 AM) Ron: shhhh!
  312. (08:01:25 AM) Cheeseness: The blend of 3D rendered stuff with 2D rotoscoped artwork is interesting
  313. (08:01:36 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, let's not talk about that sort of thing, Fireflower
  314. (08:01:51 AM) Cheeseness: Best to assume that teh Double Fine forums usage policy holds here too :)
  315. (08:02:02 AM) RJS: noup the real one. i even found the original disket version of doom 2 with manual from a second-hand store for 2$
  316. (08:02:23 AM) swordfischer: was that nicholas cage?
  317. (08:02:25 AM) BigJKO [] entered the room.
  318. (08:02:30 AM) Ron: i think it was
  319. (08:02:40 AM) swordfischer: nice of him to serve
  320. (08:03:28 AM) Ron: stereotypical germans, how refreshing
  321. (08:03:29 AM) jfrisby: Seems like they did a lot with available technology...  except KQ7 came out in 1994...
  322. (08:03:49 AM) Cheeseness: jfrisby: It seems like the rotoscoping would have required a lot of work
  323. (08:04:19 AM) Ron: i hope broken age makes a lot of money on release
  324. (08:04:34 AM) Ron: but i'm worried about them releasing it drm free
  325. (08:04:41 AM) Cheeseness: What?
  326. (08:04:42 AM) Cheeseness: >_<
  327. (08:05:03 AM) yama: If people want to pirat a game, they will pirate it, DRM-free or not.
  328. (08:05:04 AM) RJS: but the people who like point&click games will buy it, don't worry
  329. (08:05:08 AM) Cheeseness: Also, a large portion of its target market backed the project, so it's *already* sold well
  330. (08:05:11 AM) yama: pirate, event
  331. (08:05:19 AM) ReverendGumby: I helped! :)
  332. (08:05:20 AM) Syd: If it had DRM, it'd get cracked nearly instantly. I think it'd do better DRM free. Even EA admits that DRM doesn't work.
  333. (08:05:36 AM) Ron: it's funded, it hasn't sold yet
  334. (08:05:47 AM) Ron: there are more gamers out there
  335. (08:05:48 AM) ad_hominem [] entered the room.
  336. (08:05:59 AM) Fireflower: unless you use a Sim City DRM? :)
  337. (08:06:04 AM) RJS: :D
  338. (08:06:04 AM) ad_hominem left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  339. (08:06:17 AM) jfrisby: My memory of trains in eastern Europe is more like starving to death, being afraid to leave the train to buy food or it might speed away... I did like 40 hours from Munich to Istanbul thinking there'd be a damned dining car like this.
  340. (08:06:21 AM) jfrisby: starving..
  341. (08:06:26 AM) Syd: Yeah, after EA said that DRM didn't work, they then tried to spin what they did with SimCity as not being DRM.
  342. (08:06:27 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: For sure, but again, most of the target market has already secured a copy. The game is already a success.
  343. (08:06:45 AM) Syd: I think EA had a stupidity quota they had to fill, and had to balance out the "DRM doesn't work" statement with something like that.
  344. (08:07:21 AM) RJS: it's ridiculous to demand a internet connection for single player
  345. (08:07:31 AM) Syd: This is what I'm referring to, by the way
  346. (08:07:33 AM) ReverendGumby: My goodness, there's a lot of information in this game.
  347. (08:07:44 AM) Ron: Cheeseness: soo... if they have a zero balance that's called a success?
  348. (08:07:48 AM) BigJKO left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  349. (08:08:02 AM) jfrisby: Ooh.. Paul Verhoeven is working on a film adaptation of this??  neat.
  350. (08:08:04 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: Given that for most titles they operate in the red for a long time, yes
  351. (08:08:25 AM) Ron: hmm
  352. (08:08:28 AM) Cheeseness: RJS: It's ridiculous to impose forced multiplayer on a game that could otherwise be a comfortable single player title
  353. (08:08:53 AM) Syd: Double Fine has already broken even on Broken Age before it was even released, so it's already a success. Everything afterwards is profit.
  354. (08:08:58 AM) Fireflower: do you guys know about this site?
  355. (08:09:08 AM) Ron: yes, and profit is important for a company
  356. (08:09:25 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: With the publisher model, devs don't usually see a cent from their games until the publisher has made back the money they invested back. It can take years for that to happen.
  357. (08:09:44 AM) ReverendGumby: Ron, it's a luxury for small private companies.
  358. (08:09:44 AM) Grimhound [] entered the room.
  359. (08:09:56 AM) swordfischer: I'm more interested in how much money are being spent on anti-piracy (always on-drm etc), and if it theoretically even benefits the company in the long end
  360. (08:10:46 AM) Ron: i backed broken age and will also buy it on the mac app store and ios, just to help out double fine make games
  361. (08:10:48 AM) Cheeseness: There seems to be a huge amount of content in this game
  362. (08:10:53 AM) Syd: I think most DRM at this point is either implemented out of ignorance or to please shareholders (who demand it out of ignorance).
  363. (08:11:05 AM) ReverendGumby: How many floppies did this game come on? :)
  364. (08:11:23 AM) Cheeseness: ReverendGumby: I think it was released on CD?
  365. (08:11:34 AM) ReverendGumby: Cheeseness: I would hope so.
  366. (08:11:35 AM) Syd: I think this was released on CD only
  367. (08:11:46 AM) Fireflower: yeah, shareholders without a clue of how the game market probably have a part in it
  368. (08:11:55 AM) Cheeseness: ReverendGumby: 3 CDs :D
  369. (08:11:59 AM) ReverendGumby: Wow!
  370. (08:12:04 AM) yama: I think I'd feel a bit stressed out playing a timed game like this. Especially with all content there seems to be.
  371. (08:12:16 AM) Cheeseness: Sam here
  372. (08:12:19 AM) Cheeseness: Same here
  373. (08:12:32 AM) Cheeseness: Although I suspect the idea is that you'd play it through several times
  374. (08:12:34 AM) Fireflower: monster in there?
  375. (08:13:01 AM) ReverendGumby: Fireflower: sounded like a bear.
  376. (08:13:05 AM) Cheeseness: A dog, I suspect
  377. (08:13:11 AM) Fireflower: ok :)
  378. (08:13:12 AM) yama: Ahah. The time when games came on several CDs...
  379. (08:13:24 AM) swordfischer: yama: Baldurs Gate :)
  380. (08:13:26 AM) yama: I've got the 4-CD version of The Longest Journey.
  381. (08:13:29 AM) Ron: this reminds me a lot of broken sword
  382. (08:13:44 AM) Fireflower: Xbox games still come on several discs...
  383. (08:13:52 AM) Ron: will bluray be the last physical medium?
  384. (08:14:18 AM) GameClubFan_751239 [] entered the room.
  385. (08:14:19 AM) jfrisby: I have the cd versions of psychonauts and GK2...  those were pretty insane
  386. (08:14:23 AM) ReverendGumby: Ron, not likely. We have yet to fully explore the benefits of holographic media.
  387. (08:14:25 AM) swordfischer: Cronos has no time.. ironic :P
  388. (08:14:32 AM) yama: Samsung once said they believe Blu-ray won't be along for so long.
  389. (08:14:56 AM) Grimhound: The early 2000s was a weird period for games.
  390. (08:15:02 AM) Ron: holographic?
  391. (08:15:05 AM) yama: I'm still waiting to see if they were right or not.
  392. (08:15:08 AM) Cheeseness: It's interesting to see USB drives used as a physical distribution medium for many crowd funded games
  393. (08:15:15 AM) Fireflower: soon we will implant a chip in the head and play the games in our heads :)
  394. (08:15:15 AM) Ron: i think it will all be in the cloud in the future
  395. (08:15:17 AM) GameClubFan_351090 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  396. (08:15:36 AM) Ron: i hope not
  397. (08:15:41 AM) ReverendGumby: Ron, in the sense of having multiple layers of data visible in a plane. DVDs and Blu-rays exploit this and have up to two layers.
  398. (08:15:46 AM) swordfischer: Cheeseness: some do that for special editions with the 'special content'  *shakes fist*
  399. (08:16:07 AM) Cheeseness: swordfischer: What's wrong with that? I'm excited to be getting my Planetary Annihilation commander shaped USB thingy
  400. (08:16:39 AM) Ron: what if you format the usb stick?
  401. (08:16:45 AM) Cheeseness: Why would I do that?
  402. (08:16:47 AM) swordfischer: I'd prefer an artbook over a pdf they could easily bundle with the game
  403. (08:16:49 AM) RJS: netflix is really a working service and i like it. but i think steam will be the one who will start to sell movies
  404. (08:17:10 AM) Cheeseness: I thought PA was going to have a physical artbook as well
  405. (08:17:17 AM) Grimhound: I hope the cloud doesn't take over. The personal ownership of media has actually preserved some things in the past. I'd hate to think of what could happen in the future if such a factor were removed.
  406. (08:17:45 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, I think "the cloud" is a trap
  407. (08:17:52 AM) Fireflower: Grimhound, yeah that might be a problem
  408. (08:17:52 AM) RJS: but if you think about in enviromental point of view, the cloud is the best thing to come
  409. (08:17:54 AM) jfrisby: The Netflix codecs are pretty lossy, even in their "HD"...
  410. (08:17:58 AM) Ron: It's a trap!
  411. (08:18:09 AM) yama: I'm not a cloud person, either. Despite often having my head in the clouds. ^^:
  412. (08:18:30 AM) ReverendGumby: jfrisby: Yeah, I've seen some poor Netflix video, and some excellent Netflix video. Seems to vary by media backend supplier.
  413. (08:18:33 AM) Atomskyu690 [] entered the room.
  414. (08:18:41 AM) Fireflower: i'm using the cloud
  415. (08:18:46 AM) Cheeseness: Oooh,a fight scene!
  416. (08:18:52 AM) Ron: fight!
  417. (08:19:04 AM) Syd: Fight fight fight!
  418. (08:19:05 AM) Grimhound: Then again, I'm the sort of commie who believes in the Public Domain.
  419. (08:19:06 AM) Ron: first rule is... don't talk about it
  420. (08:19:06 AM) Atomskyu690: woot
  421. (08:19:08 AM) swordfischer: Cheeseness: When I buy a Special Edition of something, I expect it to be special.. Like Guildwars 1, you had a box, with pins, maps, cloths and in-game vanity items, and other stuff... not just a USB key with some data..
  422. (08:19:09 AM) jfrisby: woooo
  423. (08:19:31 AM) Cheeseness: swordfischer: I've not seen any kickstarter campaigns that didn't offer a USB thingy in addition to other physical items...
  424. (08:19:33 AM) Fireflower: are you actually able to interact in the fight?
  425. (08:19:35 AM) jfrisby: That would have taken me 3 tries.
  426. (08:19:38 AM) Ron: well, that was a disappointing fight
  427. (08:20:04 AM) swordfischer: Cheeseness: I was more thinking of USB storage in trade of the physical goodies
  428. (08:20:04 AM) Atomskyu690: when you click you just make a dodging move
  429. (08:20:10 AM) jfrisby: I love half-broken action sequence mini-games in old adventures :D
  430. (08:20:12 AM) Cheeseness: swordfischer: Does that happen though?
  431. (08:20:16 AM) Fireflower: ok
  432. (08:20:32 AM) Cheeseness: Atomskyu690: So you have to actively dodge?
  433. (08:20:33 AM) swordfischer: Cheeseness: yeah it does. Trying to remember which game it was last
  434. (08:20:59 AM) Ron: the knocking is driving me crazy
  435. (08:21:03 AM) Cheeseness: heh
  436. (08:21:13 AM) Fireflower: i was thinking the same Ron :)
  437. (08:21:17 AM) Atomskyu690: well kind of you just have to watch the animation & click at the right moment that's all
  438. (08:21:17 AM) Ron: and i'm getting paranoid about these conductors
  439. (08:21:26 AM) jfrisby: Knocking, the game
  440. (08:21:31 AM) Atomskyu690: oh nice hat
  441. (08:21:41 AM) Fireflower: a fez?
  442. (08:22:00 AM) Ron: is fez available on mac?
  443. (08:22:18 AM) Cheeseness: Atomskyu690: Yeah, that's what I was getting at. It almost looked like dodging was automatic
  444. (08:22:23 AM) ReverendGumby: Ron, it'll be on Steam soon, not sure about platform.
  445. (08:22:43 AM) RJS: I knock wherever i want monsieur!
  446. (08:22:48 AM) Atomskyu690: you can die though if do nothing or hit at the wrong mmt so better be careful
  447. (08:22:51 AM) Fireflower: fez is a hat :)
  448. (08:22:51 AM) jfrisby: monsieur pls
  449. (08:22:55 AM) Cheeseness: lol
  450. (08:23:24 AM) Cheeseness: Are we looking for somebody in particular's compartment, or just exploring?
  451. (08:23:25 AM) Atomskyu690: The last express should be called Knock on door the game
  452. (08:23:26 AM) Fireflower:
  453. (08:23:26 AM) Syd: Leave no door un-knocked.
  454. (08:23:31 AM) jfrisby: chooo-chooooo
  455. (08:23:57 AM) RJS: wow. a line of people
  456. (08:24:04 AM) Ron: how do i run grim fandango with residualvm?
  457. (08:24:16 AM) Cheeseness: Oh, whoops
  458. (08:24:18 AM) Atomskyu690: Come on I want to go to the wagon restaurant & have a nice meal on the name on my dead friend.
  459. (08:24:20 AM) Fireflower: where're just knocking around i think :)
  460. (08:24:27 AM) Syd: Extract the data from both discs to a folder, and point ResidualVM to that folder
  461. (08:24:28 AM) Fireflower: *we're
  462. (08:24:34 AM) jfrisby: Was that a restore?
  463. (08:24:46 AM) Cheeseness: jfrisby: I think so
  464. (08:24:55 AM) Syd: Also put the patch .exe in the same directory as the rest of the data. ResidualVM will automatically take care of it.
  465. (08:25:21 AM) RJS: it 00.25 am here -.- still, not gonna go to sleep
  466. (08:25:41 AM) Cheeseness: Where are you from, RJS?
  467. (08:25:42 AM) Ron: so, i have two folders from the 2 cds, where do i put the update .exe?
  468. (08:25:55 AM) Syd: In the same folder you're extracting all the data to
  469. (08:25:57 AM) Ron: it's 23.26 here
  470. (08:26:01 AM) RJS: Finland
  471. (08:26:06 AM) Ron: but there are two folders now
  472. (08:26:10 AM) Ron: switzerland here
  473. (08:26:34 AM) ReverendGumby: Not far from Double Fine headquarters here
  474. (08:26:56 AM) Cheeseness: It's 8:26am by my clocks ^_^
  475. (08:26:59 AM) Syd: You should have a bunch of DATA00X.LAB files, MOVIE0X.LAB files, some other things, and gfupdate.exe in the same folder.
  476. (08:27:01 AM) RJS: Dem sound levels
  477. (08:27:09 AM) Ron: ok
  478. (08:27:25 AM) Syd: If you point ResidualVM to that folder, it should automatically detect the game, as long as everything that's necessary is there
  479. (08:27:33 AM) jfrisby: Can't believe they go looking for you in the bathroom
  480. (08:27:34 AM) GameClubFan_566861 [] entered the room.
  481. (08:27:39 AM) Cheeseness: Ah, we're hiding in the toilet of the sleeping guy
  482. (08:27:55 AM) jfrisby: Quick, shave your head
  483. (08:28:23 AM) Grimhound: Press X to Shaun
  484. (08:28:23 AM) Atomskyu690: hahaha will it work?
  485. (08:28:32 AM) GameClubFan_566861 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  486. (08:28:37 AM) RJS: :D oh the heavy rain clitch <3
  487. (08:29:07 AM) Grimhound: Watching that game provided me so much unintended comedy.
  488. (08:29:13 AM) bookwyrm2 [] entered the room.
  489. (08:29:20 AM) jfrisby: It was pretty hilarious
  490. (08:29:48 AM) jfrisby: Can you flush the toliet and give yourself away accidentally?
  491. (08:29:50 AM) Syd: Oh, you mean the glitch where they could keep yelling Shaun throughout an entire cutscene?
  492. (08:29:53 AM) Atomskyu690: wth?
  493. (08:30:00 AM) Cheeseness: There are only 23 passengers onboard the train?
  494. (08:30:06 AM) Syd: It was hilarious to hear him yelling it in the distance while other stuff was going on
  495. (08:30:17 AM) Grimhound: I mean the entire game, Syd
  496. (08:30:29 AM) RJS: Its nice to have people like Cry and CinnamonToastKen and Pewdiepie playing games on consoloes, 'cause i'd never have the money to but a console and the game prices are insane
  497. (08:30:39 AM) jfrisby: We dont get to see the entire train, do we?  There's other cars presumably?
  498. (08:30:45 AM) Atomskyu690: oh hello you sleepy fellow "kiss on the cheek"
  499. (08:30:47 AM) Syd: I haven't been able to play it, since I don't have any consoles to run it on. I just know what the internet has shown me, and it has shown me funny glitches.
  500. (08:30:48 AM) GameClubFan_098687: The first time I played TLE, I didn't even see the policemen. I think whether or not they appear depend on where you dumped the dead body.
  501. (08:30:56 AM) Grimhound: It was in a weird area of the Uncanny Valley where it was just hilarious to me.
  502. (08:30:58 AM) Fireflower: Cheeseness, must be expensive tickets
  503. (08:31:09 AM) Ron: what a snooty bitch
  504. GameClubFan_098687 GameClubFan_117330 GameClubFan_751239
  505. (08:31:25 AM) Cheeseness: GameClubFan_098687: Ooh. What other options did we have for body disposal?
  506. (08:31:57 AM) Fireflower: Toliet?
  507. (08:32:03 AM) jfrisby: smooth
  508. (08:32:11 AM) GameClubFan_098687: Cheeseness: I think you have to dump it through the window, but if you wait long enough the police won't find it.
  509. (08:32:23 AM) Cheeseness: jfrisby: Some serious moves there
  510. (08:32:23 AM) RJS: this game actually looks pretty good
  511. GameClubFan_098687 GameClubFan_117330 GameClubFan_751239
  512. (08:32:32 AM) Cheeseness: GameClubFan_098687: Ah, I see.
  513. (08:32:38 AM) Ron: don't touch that girl with a tenfoot stick, she's high maintenance
  514. (08:32:41 AM) Ron: i can tell
  515. (08:32:50 AM) GameClubFan_098687: Cheeseness: You can hide it in the bed (in which case, you'd better make sure to tell them you want to make the bed yourself :-)
  516. (08:33:11 AM) Cheeseness: heh
  517. (08:33:20 AM) GameClubFan_098687: But I think that's just a delay tactic, and you have to dump it eventually.
  518. (08:34:00 AM) Syd: Quick little fun fact for those that may not know, the guy that created this game, Jordan Mechner, is the creator of the Prince of Persia series.
  519. (08:34:07 AM) Atomskyu690: I think you have to do somthing else because if you left the body under the bed it'll be discovered in munich or smthing
  520. (08:34:08 AM) Cheeseness: Yep
  521. (08:34:16 AM) Cheeseness: We also worked on the Prince of Persia movies
  522. (08:34:19 AM) Cheeseness: And Karateka
  523. (08:34:23 AM) Cheeseness: He^
  524. (08:34:52 AM) jfrisby: lol
  525. (08:34:56 AM) Ron: oh you worked on it too, cheeseness?
  526. (08:35:04 AM) Cheeseness: No no, a typo ^_^
  527. (08:35:19 AM) Cheeseness: I wasn't doing game dev stuff in the 90s :D
  528. (08:35:28 AM) Fireflower: :)
  529. (08:35:35 AM) Ron: ok, now i don't like you anymore
  530. (08:35:46 AM) Cheeseness: Well, not beyond making a platformer from examples in computer magazines
  531. (08:35:57 AM) Ron: ok, now i like you again
  532. (08:36:04 AM) GameClubFan_098687: He managed to recover the source code for the original Prince of Persia recently, so that's publicly available somewhere, I forget exactly where.
  533. (08:36:19 AM) Atomskyu690: so at one point do people know if robert cath get some superpowers in the game?
  534. (08:36:34 AM) Syd: Yeah, I had heard of that. Wasn't the source code from an old Macintosh version that someone came across?
  535. (08:36:40 AM) Cheeseness:
  536. (08:36:50 AM) Cheeseness: He had someone help him recover it from floppies that he found
  537. (08:36:55 AM) ReverendGumby: I remember hacking PoP PC in Borland C's debugger so that I didn't have to die.
  538. (08:37:09 AM) jfrisby: ahhhhhhh
  539. (08:37:17 AM) Cheeseness: Whoops!
  540. (08:37:17 AM) GameClubFan_098687: Syd: I think he wrote that his dad sent him a box of Apple II floppies.
  541. (08:37:18 AM) GameClubFan_990651 [] entered the room.
  542. (08:37:23 AM) Atomskyu690: here goes a marshamallow ...want some?
  543. GameClubFan_098687 GameClubFan_117330 GameClubFan_751239 GameClubFan_990651
  544. (08:37:31 AM) Cheeseness: GameClubFan_098687: Yeah, that rings a bell
  545. (08:37:47 AM) GameClubFan_751239 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  546. (08:39:36 AM) Fireflower: do you remember an old game where you were on a ship and solving murder(s)?
  547. (08:39:44 AM) Grimhound: Since this joke is a bit mandatory for me: Wow. Ken Levine was right. The new Bioshock is nothing like it was advertised to be.
  548. (08:40:07 AM) Fireflower: monster dog
  549. (08:40:10 AM) RJS: don't spoil it by accident, please
  550. (08:40:18 AM) Grimhound: RJS: I am referring to this,'
  551. (08:40:32 AM) Atomskyu690: get inside,my dear you'll be a nice snack to my dog.
  552. (08:41:13 AM) Cheeseness: He's using hypnotism!
  553. (08:41:27 AM) Syd: I still need to get the new BioShock. I've been trying to avoid spoilers.
  554. (08:41:50 AM) Ron: the girl dies at the end
  555. (08:41:54 AM) Atomskyu690: ...
  556. (08:42:09 AM) RJS: I'm still playing far cry 3. the ammount of side missions.....
  557. (08:42:39 AM) ReverendGumby: I never finished BioShock 2. Why would I want another one?
  558. (08:42:43 AM) Ron: yay! i have grim fandango working on mac!
  559. (08:42:46 AM) Fireflower: her name is wolf and she got a wold
  560. (08:42:48 AM) Fireflower: *wolf
  561. (08:42:57 AM) Cheeseness: Good stuff, Ron
  562. (08:43:11 AM) Ron: it's just a bit small, the window
  563. (08:43:16 AM) Syd: BioShock 2 was made by a different developer. Infinite is the same developer as the first BioShock.
  564. (08:43:16 AM) GameClubFan_840274 [] entered the room.
  565. (08:43:34 AM) ReverendGumby: Syd, that's a good reason.
  566. (08:43:49 AM) Syd: Ron: I don't think much can be done about the small window at the moment. ResidualVM is still under development.
  567. (08:44:24 AM) Ron: Syd, luckily mac os x has a zoom in function
  568. (08:44:28 AM) Syd: So the game runs at default resolution. You can blow it up to fullscreen but it'll probably stretch things out and make it look weird, or you can run it in a tiny window.
  569. (08:44:43 AM) Syd: Or you can use that, lol
  570. (08:45:00 AM) Syd: There's still a few straggling bugs, so save often.
  571. (08:45:16 AM) Syd: But you should be able to play it to completion
  572. (08:45:20 AM) Cheeseness: Ah, some exposition now?
  573. (08:45:22 AM) Ron: ok thanks for the heads up
  574. (08:45:39 AM) Ron: what was the budget for grim fandango?
  575. (08:45:45 AM) Ron: 4 million?
  576. (08:45:52 AM) Cheeseness: Adjusted for inflation?
  577. (08:46:00 AM) e6r6i6c left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  578. (08:46:03 AM) jfrisby: I like the voice acting in this, actually...
  579. (08:46:14 AM) Ron: without inflation
  580. (08:46:25 AM) Cheeseness: It definitely wasn't $4m without inflation
  581. (08:46:34 AM) Syd: Tim said Grim was made on a $3m budget at the time, not counting inflation.
  582. (08:46:36 AM) Ron: was it less?
  583. (08:46:40 AM) Cheeseness: I think Tim said that adjusted for the modern economy, it would have been $3m
  584. (08:46:41 AM) Ron: wow
  585. (08:46:56 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Are you sure? I recall it being the other way around
  586. (08:47:02 AM) Ron: so i have high hopes for broken age
  587. (08:47:25 AM) RJS: grim is one of the longest game i've played, and it kept the momentum and meaninfulness through out the game. on top 3 of my games
  588. (08:47:46 AM) Syd: Broken Age is being made off of a $2.something million budget, since a good chunk of that Kickstarter money had to go to the documentary and rewards.
  589. (08:48:17 AM) Ron: huh, i should donate some more then
  590. (08:48:36 AM) yama: Send them a million or two more. :D
  591. (08:48:41 AM) Syd: It was initially 2.2mil, I think, but they've since gotten some more money through other means, so I'm not sure what it is now.
  592. (08:48:48 AM) Fireflower: how many hours is Grim?
  593. (08:48:51 AM) GameClubFan_098687: I like how TLE handles foreign languages: If it's a language you're supposed to understand, it's subtitled. Otherwise, it's not.
  594. (08:48:59 AM) jfrisby: Those mysterious Korean licensing deals.
  595. (08:49:06 AM) Fireflower: North Korean?
  596. (08:49:07 AM) Syd: Grim's a pretty long game, but I'm not sure how long.
  597. (08:49:14 AM) Cheeseness: I don't think that Gim's budget can really be used as an indicator of how Broken Age will turn out
  598. (08:49:21 AM) Cheeseness: DF is a very different company to LA
  599. (08:49:30 AM) Ron: Korean's will get a version of broken age with a k-pop soundtrack
  600. (08:49:30 AM) Cheeseness: And they're not cutting the bleeding edge here
  601. (08:50:16 AM) Fireflower: Syd, ok
  602. (08:50:20 AM) Syd: Though they are trying interesting things, like clever uses of 3D geometry while still keeping the presentation 2D
  603. (08:50:28 AM) RJS: 20-50h in one forum someone said. id say like 10h if you really are a gamer
  604. (08:50:47 AM) GameClubFan_990651 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  605. (08:50:54 AM) yama: Probably depends on what kind of gamer plays the game.
  606. (08:50:55 AM) Fireflower: RJS, 10 doesn't sound that long
  607. (08:50:56 AM) Syd: I think my first run through Grim probably took me 15-20 hours. I didn't time it, so I can only guess.
  608. (08:50:58 AM) jfrisby: GF speedruns.
  609. (08:51:20 AM) yama: Where's the enjoyment in speeding through an adventure game?
  610. (08:51:25 AM) Fireflower: what's the longest adventure game?
  611. (08:51:27 AM) Ron: speedruns, what a waste of time...
  612. (08:51:34 AM) jfrisby: To be the fastest, Yama :D
  613. (08:51:40 AM) Ron: why?
  614. (08:51:43 AM) Ron: whats
  615. (08:51:48 AM) Ron: the point?
  616. (08:51:57 AM) yama: I suppose there's that after you've finished the game at your own pace.
  617. (08:52:09 AM) Syd: It's difficult to really say how long an adventure game is, since everyone will go through it at a different pace.
  618. (08:52:19 AM) RJS: well if you play denopia on droggeljug, you just want to get it thru
  619. (08:52:46 AM) Fireflower: i meant in centimetres ;)
  620. (08:52:47 AM) jfrisby: It's pretty hard to say these days... Since there's always that "maybe I'll look up a walkthrough" moment..  
  621. (08:52:58 AM) Syd: I've thought about giving Deponia a try, but I find the protagonist to be a bit irritating.
  622. (08:53:14 AM) GameClubFan_840274 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  623. (08:53:20 AM) Ron: speeding through an adventure game is like swallowing a cup of caviar in one go
  624. (08:53:21 AM) jfrisby: Deponia irritates me in every way ;P
  625. (08:53:24 AM) Fireflower: i've played a bit of Deponia, kind of liked it. grows on you
  626. (08:53:35 AM) Syd: It's like they tried to write him as a likeable jerk, but forgot the "likeable" part.
  627. (08:53:47 AM) jfrisby: It must be way funnier in the original language, or something
  628. (08:53:48 AM) RJS: well rufus is like guybrush and manny combined
  629. (08:53:50 AM) Fireflower: but i agree he's a bit unlikeable
  630. (08:53:59 AM) GameClubFan_098687: Fireflower: I remember there was a text adventure called "Snowball" where the box boasted "over 7000 locations", but apparently most of them were part of a gigantic maze that you didn't have to map out. I never played it myself though.
  631. (08:54:05 AM) Ron: is there a jerk that's likeable?
  632. (08:54:21 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: Almost every character that Bill Murray plays?
  633. (08:54:22 AM) Syd: Guybrush is a bit of an asshole at times, but he's still lovable.
  634. (08:54:23 AM) RJS: stan?
  635. (08:54:27 AM) Fireflower: GameClubFan_098687, ok :)
  636. (08:54:39 AM) Ron: oh yeah, stan
  637. (08:54:47 AM) Ron: right right
  638. (08:55:05 AM) Syd: Likeable jerk characters walk a fine line in characterization.
  639. (08:55:38 AM) Syd: Rufus kind of reminds me of Simon in Simon the Sorcerer 2, and not in a good way. >.>
  640. (08:55:49 AM) Ron: it strikes me that game development has become much like the film or music industry
  641. (08:55:59 AM) jfrisby: Deponia just has that sort of monotone dialog delivery thing that kinda bugs me about TT's S&M..   There's just so much dialogue and it's all delivered in this even tone, with endless little jokes..
  642. (08:56:33 AM) Ron: there are the big studios and the small independent ones
  643. (08:56:47 AM) Ron: commercial vs. artistic
  644. (08:56:55 AM) Syd: I liked Simon in the first Simon the Sorcerer, but his character just went downhill from there.
  645. (08:57:00 AM) Ron: so i'd say games are close to becoming a respected art form
  646. (08:57:04 AM) Cheeseness: Aww, Telltale's S&M cast isn't that bad, jfrisby
  647. (08:57:31 AM) Fireflower: the scary dog again
  648. (08:57:32 AM) RJS: well the walking dead and journey have done a big service to make games art. and also minecraft
  649. (08:57:55 AM) jfrisby: It's more of a stylistic thing...  It just makes me tune-out...  But I sleep with the BBC news world report on in the background, too..
  650. (08:58:00 AM) Ron: and eventually they'll get game auteurs like tim schafer to do big budget games again...
  651. (08:58:19 AM) Ron: like christopher nolan, independent filmmaker who turned the batman franchise around
  652. (08:58:39 AM) Fireflower: jfrisby, why do you do that? :)
  653. (08:58:51 AM) RJS: but it's hard to please everyone. the fuss around broken age coming to tablets was soooo huge
  654. (08:58:56 AM) jfrisby: It's sort of like white-noise for me?  Helps me sleep :D
  655. (08:59:01 AM) Fireflower: ok :)
  656. (08:59:20 AM) Fireflower: thought you didn't want to miss any news :)
  657. (08:59:21 AM) Cheeseness: The Walking Dead has helped make games art? >_<
  658. (08:59:23 AM) jfrisby: Those dull british voices... it's wonderful
  659. (09:00:06 AM) Fireflower: :)
  660. (09:00:11 AM) Atomskyu690: the same meeting... for ever & ever
  661. (09:00:12 AM) RJS: to people who are not playing so much have grabbed the walking dead and understood, that games arent just childsih passtime
  662. (09:00:36 AM) Cheeseness: I guess
  663. (09:00:52 AM) Ron: did you know that film and photography also were not respected art forms for a long time?
  664. (09:01:10 AM) Cheeseness: The games themselves are only mature in subject matter though
  665. (09:01:30 AM) Ron: every new medium takes its time to mature and be regarded as an independent art form
  666. (09:01:38 AM) Cheeseness: (and even then, it's the immature kind of "mature" :b
  667. (09:02:13 AM) RJS: but games like manhunt shouldn't exist
  668. (09:02:17 AM) Ron: i've read that the game industry makes more revenue now than the film industry
  669. (09:02:21 AM) Fireflower: games will be considered art in 50 years perhaps
  670. (09:02:30 AM) Fireflower: it does Ron
  671. (09:02:50 AM) Ron: 50 years seems too much
  672. (09:02:55 AM) Ron: i think 20 max
  673. (09:02:58 AM) Cheeseness: Games are already considered art
  674. (09:03:10 AM) Fireflower: don't know about that Cheese :)
  675. (09:03:14 AM) jfrisby: I think it's pretty clear that games are art...  But Tim Schafer always seemed like he wanted to be the Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam of games...  
  676. (09:03:33 AM) Ron: which is good
  677. (09:03:34 AM) Atomskyu690: He doesn't need to be
  678. (09:03:46 AM) Atomskyu690: he's tim schafer & that's good to me
  679. (09:03:58 AM) Ron: absolutely
  680. (09:04:40 AM) Ron: and i prefer a tim schafer over a cliff bleszinski any day
  681. (09:04:40 AM) Fireflower: is Tim Schafer a bit over hyped?
  682. (09:04:46 AM) Ron: nope
  683. (09:04:50 AM) Ron: underrated
  684. (09:05:07 AM) Cheeseness: Fireflower: I don't think so. He's well appreciated by the people who care about his work, and perhaps not hugely known outside of that.
  685. (09:05:41 AM) Fireflower: ok
  686. (09:05:41 AM) Ron: does tim still do programming?
  687. (09:05:57 AM) Syd: No, he just writes/designs.
  688. (09:05:59 AM) Cheeseness: I don't think so (at least, nothing significant)
  689. (09:06:02 AM) Syd: He doesn't do programming anymore.
  690. (09:06:06 AM) jfrisby: I think the image that he projects, lets get filmed... Is a bit of an act....  There's a huge amount of money, and his whole studio, tied up in him being an "auteur" that fans adore....  It's stressful I imagine.
  691. (09:06:10 AM) Ron: interesting
  692. (09:06:35 AM) RJS: but why should he, if he's not capable of using the new techniques?
  693. (09:06:44 AM) Cheeseness: jfrisby: Yeah, I find the notion of "auteur" for team projects to be unhealthy
  694. (09:06:48 AM) Cheeseness: (even if it has helped DF)
  695. (09:07:01 AM) Atomskyu690: oh claude boutarest.Never his voice until now...Funny.
  696. (09:07:13 AM) Cheeseness: RJS: Perhaps he just prefers project management and game design over programming?
  697. (09:07:22 AM) Ron: auteurs can still work in a team
  698. (09:07:35 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: That's not really my point ^_^
  699. (09:07:53 AM) jfrisby: I think he's probably crazy busy.... I'm pretty sure it's seemed like Lee Petty & Greg are actually handling a lot of the project lead duties..
  700. (09:07:55 AM) RJS: 'cause in the end the theme and look of the game is important. no one remembers the actual makers of modern games. the ones who make the visions come alive
  701. (09:08:04 AM) Fireflower: when will they throw that dog of the train?
  702. (09:08:13 AM) Cheeseness: jfrisby: For sure. In many ways, it's sad that they don't get as much recognition for that
  703. (09:08:14 AM) Fireflower: *off
  704. (09:08:51 AM) Atomskyu690: there is a tiger too i think so cath maybe can combine the dog & the tiger to make something happen
  705. (09:08:54 AM) Cheeseness: RJS: If you say so. My argument is that it's everybody but the "auteur" who makes the vision come alive
  706. (09:09:09 AM) Cheeseness: (the auteur provides the vision, but the real work is done by others)
  707. (09:09:31 AM) Ron: it's like wally pfister, chris nolan's dp, who will direct soon
  708. (09:09:40 AM) Ron: tj
  709. (09:09:47 AM) Ron: they will grow with time
  710. (09:09:53 AM) Cheeseness: I think people are caring more and more about who makes the stuff they like
  711. (09:11:52 AM) Cheeseness: Bloody poms. Always complaining about something
  712. (09:11:56 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  713. (09:11:59 AM) Atomskyu690: hahaahh
  714. (09:12:32 AM) Atomskyu690: finally a regular conversation in the game.
  715. (09:12:36 AM) Atomskyu690: crazy
  716. (09:12:49 AM) Cheeseness: He has business in the yeast?
  717. (09:13:04 AM) ReverendGumby: Dough.
  718. (09:13:07 AM) Ron: outch
  719. (09:13:09 AM) RJS: he's high
  720. (09:13:22 AM) Atomskyu690: seems to be.
  721. (09:13:40 AM) Cheeseness: "What a pleasant fellow"
  722. (09:13:40 AM) Cheeseness: lol
  723. (09:13:41 AM) Ron: on what?
  724. (09:14:10 AM) Atomskyu690: are you married ? how are your children? "awkward smile & go away cath"...
  725. (09:14:22 AM) RJS: that knife seemed to be covered on something really good smelling :P
  726. (09:14:24 AM) Cheeseness: So the footage for the game was shot in 22 days apparently
  727. (09:14:33 AM) bookwyrm2 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  728. (09:14:47 AM) Ron: real live footage?
  729. (09:14:48 AM) bookwyrm2 [] entered the room.
  730. (09:14:56 AM) Cheeseness: And then were scanned and alorithimically converted to line art which was then hand coloured
  731. (09:15:06 AM) Fireflower: gonna by some haschisch in Turkey
  732. (09:15:12 AM) Syd: Yep, live actors that were rotoscoped over.
  733. (09:15:18 AM) Ron: like a scanner darkly
  734. (09:15:31 AM) Cheeseness: Although with more hand done stuff
  735. (09:15:40 AM) Fireflower: Midnight Express
  736. (09:15:47 AM) Cheeseness: Scanner Darkly was almost entirely automated wasn't it?
  737. (09:15:54 AM) Syd: A Scanner Darkly was mostly rotoscoped automatically using computers, I think.
  738. (09:16:03 AM) Ron: right
  739. (09:16:14 AM) dsi1 left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  740. (09:16:56 AM) Ron: kill that dog
  741. (09:17:13 AM) Cheeseness: :(
  742. (09:17:34 AM) Ron: no animals were harmed in writing this comment
  743. (09:17:38 AM) Atomskyu690: Funny how the game throw at you a lot of exposition... & yet you don't know a damn thing of what to do in that train
  744. (09:17:47 AM) Cheeseness: You seem to comment on the dog a lot. Is there something you need to talk about?
  745. (09:18:03 AM) Cheeseness: Atomskyu690: It's kinda refreshing
  746. (09:18:07 AM) Ron: actually, it's the first time i mention the dog
  747. (09:18:10 AM) Syd: It may be a game that expected you to learn from trial and error
  748. (09:18:18 AM) Ron: you must confuse me with someone else
  749. (09:18:26 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: Oh, sorry
  750. (09:18:52 AM) Ron: whoa... creepy dude
  751. (09:18:54 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: It does seem that way
  752. (09:19:00 AM) Ron: smelling her hand
  753. (09:19:43 AM) Fireflower: Dogmeat
  754. (09:20:17 AM) Fireflower: i've commented on the dog a couple of times :)
  755. (09:20:21 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  756. (09:20:30 AM) Josh30 [] entered the room.
  757. (09:20:32 AM) Cheeseness: Is there something *you* need to talk about?
  758. (09:20:41 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  759. (09:20:57 AM) Ron: anyone speak french?
  760. (09:21:04 AM) Atomskyu690: i do
  761. (09:21:12 AM) Ron: moi aussi
  762. (09:21:16 AM) Josh30: yes cheese do you know the value set +f mode in a channel
  763. (09:21:41 AM) Cheeseness: Vaguely
  764. (09:21:53 AM) Fireflower: i like dogs but i think this dog need to be trained :)
  765. (09:22:04 AM) Cheeseness: (that was directed at Fireflower though)
  766. (09:22:54 AM) Ron: what's the difference between a pizza and a jew?
  767. (09:23:20 AM) Cheeseness: Ron: We probably don't need much of that, OK?
  768. (09:23:21 AM) Fireflower: pizza is made of bread and cheese?
  769. (09:23:29 AM) Ron: i'm a jew, so i can make these jokes
  770. (09:23:33 AM) Atomskyu690: hahahah
  771. (09:23:44 AM) Cheeseness: We're meant to be talking about The Last Express :b
  772. (09:23:53 AM) Ron: ok, cheeseness doesn't want me to finish the joke
  773. (09:24:05 AM) Cheeseness: Oh, I think we're done?
  774. (09:24:26 AM) Ron: the pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven
  775. (09:24:27 AM) Syd: I suppose we are
  776. (09:24:33 AM) Atomskyu690: ....
  777. (09:24:44 AM) Atomskyu690: well...
  778. (09:25:01 AM) Ron: well...
  779. (09:25:14 AM) Atomskyu690: (awkwaaaaaard...)
  780. (09:25:22 AM) Josh30: what is the value for +f cheese
  781. (09:25:28 AM) Ron: 132000
  782. (09:25:29 AM) Cheeseness: In this channel?
  783. (09:25:49 AM) Josh30: im trying to put +f in my channel
  784. (09:25:54 AM) ChooChoo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  785. (09:26:07 AM) Ron: this channel needs more +f
  786. (09:26:18 AM) GameClubFan_697003 [] entered the room.
  787. (09:26:19 AM) Cheeseness: Ah
  788. (09:26:27 AM) yama: Is that for more females?
  789. (09:26:28 AM) GameClubFan_697003: that's it for now folks
  790. (09:26:29 AM) Fireflower: i have to round up some instiable chimps now
  791. (09:26:39 AM) Ron: what's the difference between a pizza and a prostitute?
  792. (09:26:42 AM) GameClubFan_697003 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  793. (09:26:50 AM) Syd: Thanks for joining us, everyone!
  794. (09:26:50 AM) ALPHATT [] entered the room.
  795. (09:26:54 AM) bookwyrm2 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  796. (09:26:56 AM) yama: Thanks for the stream, ALPHATT. ^^
  797. (09:27:00 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for streaming :D
  798. (09:27:03 AM) Ron: anyone, no one?
  799. (09:27:05 AM) ReverendGumby: Thank you, ALPHATT
  800. (09:27:07 AM) ALPHATT: no problem, sorry for the tech issues
  801. (09:27:09 AM) Ron: ok, yeah thanks
  802. (09:27:10 AM) Cheeseness: Ron, you can stop now.
  803. (09:27:12 AM) Fireflower: thnks Alphatt
  804. (09:27:13 AM) yama: Not quite my cup of tea but I still enjoyed the stream.
  805. (09:27:16 AM) ALPHATT: TLE is a very peculiar game
  806. (09:27:25 AM) Ron: ok cheeseness
  807. (09:27:25 AM) dsi1 [dsi1@9FF72EF8.3227CCAD.98FF1417.IP] entered the room.
  808. (09:27:26 AM) Josh30 left the room.
  809. (09:27:28 AM) ALPHATT: by the way if anyone was confused
  810. (09:27:39 AM) ALPHATT: cath can speak russian, german and french
  811. (09:27:44 AM) ALPHATT: he cannot speak serbian and turkish
  812. (09:27:51 AM) ALPHATT: which is why there as no subtitle for those languages
  813. (09:27:55 AM) Cheeseness: Ahh, that explains that then
  814. (09:27:57 AM) ReverendGumby: Quite talented for an American.
  815. (09:28:02 AM) Ron: lol
  816. (09:28:07 AM) ALPHATT: He's an intellectual
  817. (09:28:08 AM) Atomskyu690: he's a smart one.
  818. (09:28:18 AM) Ron: "for an american"
  819. (09:28:26 AM) Atomskyu690: hohoho
  820. (09:28:32 AM) ALPHATT: Little bit more context
  821. (09:28:42 AM) RJS: Well i'm off to bed. Thanks for the stream and all that game with iy
  822. (09:28:45 AM) RJS: *it
  823. (09:28:50 AM) ALPHATT: the game is set days before world war 1 breaking out
  824. (09:28:52 AM) Fireflower: cu RJS
  825. (09:29:03 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for joining us, RJS
  826. (09:29:05 AM) ReverendGumby: ALPHATT: Interesting.
  827. (09:29:06 AM) Ron: ah, that's why it's an old train
  828. (09:29:07 AM) ALPHATT: and the game is basically a microcosm of all those dynamics
  829. (09:29:20 AM) RJS left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  830. (09:29:35 AM) ALPHATT: the serbians that the orignal tyler whitney conspired with are the guys I was talking to about buying guns from herr schmitt
  831. (09:29:54 AM) Ron: herr schmitt ist ein böser mann, jaja
  832. (09:29:55 AM) ALPHATT: those guys are serbian, therefore i can't udnerstand their banter
  833. (09:30:46 AM) Fireflower: WW1 started after a serb killed an austrian guy?
  834. (09:30:58 AM) Ron: more or less
  835. (09:31:04 AM) Atomskyu690: wow they're seems to be happening an awful lot of things in the train.
  836. (09:31:08 AM) ALPHATT: Fräulein Wolf is austrian and also I'm not gonna reveal what her spiel is because that's important to the story later on
  837. (09:31:17 AM) bookwyrm left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  838. (09:31:31 AM) Ron: Fräulein Wolf hat was böses im Schilde
  839. (09:31:38 AM) ALPHATT: the young russian guy is an anarchist
  840. (09:32:02 AM) ALPHATT: and the russian woman is the granddaughter of a count, part of the tzar's elite
  841. (09:32:07 AM) GameClubFan_117330 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  842. (09:32:08 AM) Fireflower: Fräulein Wolf owns a wolf
  843. (09:32:28 AM) ALPHATT: he represents the dying system that they have there
  844. (09:32:33 AM) ReverendGumby: Who does the wolf represent?
  845. (09:32:51 AM) ALPHATT: Russia basically had this system where tzars were regarded as near gods
  846. (09:32:52 AM) Ron: and what does the dog represent?
  847. (09:32:53 AM) Atomskyu690: what about the random frech people do they mean something?
  848. (09:33:12 AM) ALPHATT: anarchist and communist movements were a sign that their power over popular thought
  849. (09:33:15 AM) ALPHATT: is over
  850. (09:33:28 AM) ALPHATT: and in 1917 the bolshevik revolution will end their rule as we all know
  851. (09:33:34 AM) ALPHATT: so that's a bit of fun detail as well
  852. (09:33:37 AM) Ron: does the dog represent the unconscious animalistic part of the human, as discovered by freud?
  853. (09:33:43 AM) ALPHATT: no
  854. (09:33:57 AM) ALPHATT: the game's about history man
  855. (09:34:00 AM) Ron: so what does he mean?
  856. (09:34:23 AM) ALPHATT: nothing, it's a guard dog
  857. (09:34:29 AM) ALPHATT: the reason she has it is a small spoiler
  858. (09:34:29 AM) Atomskyu690: it's all about politics, don't you see the picture? :)
  859. (09:34:46 AM) ALPHATT: anyways the actual conflict on the train is unrelated to the war
  860. (09:34:50 AM) ALPHATT: it's about the firebird
  861. (09:35:00 AM) Fireflower: a car?
  862. (09:35:01 AM) ALPHATT: but it was supposed to be sold for guns etc
  863. (09:35:05 AM) Atomskyu690: too bad i wanted cath going in the trenches at some point
  864. (09:35:09 AM) Ron: yeah but i think the dog represents the animal in all of us, and how that can be annoying for others
  865. (09:35:11 AM) ALPHATT: so there's a lot of indirect connections to the war
  866. (09:35:37 AM) ALPHATT: car?
  867. (09:35:39 AM) Fireflower: firebird
  868. (09:35:49 AM) ALPHATT: no
  869. (09:36:18 AM) ReverendGumby: Fireflower: Do you mean Thunderbird?
  870. (09:36:25 AM) ALPHATT: the fire bird, a kind of artifact made out of gold, it's literally a bird, similar to the on in the russian fairy tale I had translated
  871. (09:36:25 AM) Fireflower: yeah, probly :)
  872. (09:36:36 AM) Fireflower: i see
  873. (09:36:37 AM) ALPHATT: the serbians gave it to whitney to sell for guns
  874. (09:36:38 AM) Ron: and the barking would be how we as a society express ourselves with language, even though we still have primitive animalistic instincts
  875. (09:36:42 AM) ALPHATT: kronos wants it
  876. (09:36:52 AM) ALPHATT: which is why he's trying to bargain for it/steal it
  877. (09:36:58 AM) Fireflower: didn't know the story was that complicated
  878. (09:37:09 AM) ALPHATT: well were you paying attention? :P
  879. (09:37:11 AM) ALPHATT: all this played out
  880. (09:37:21 AM) ALPHATT: in the 2 hours we've been playing
  881. (09:37:25 AM) Atomskyu690 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  882. (09:37:29 AM) Ron: the dog makes a cameo at the 11th hour
  883. (09:37:36 AM) ALPHATT: you just need to know a little bit of historical context and that's it
  884. (09:37:42 AM) Atomskyu690 [] entered the room.
  885. (09:37:58 AM) Ron: it's also a story within a story
  886. (09:38:03 AM) ALPHATT: did any of you guys play the game?
  887. (09:38:19 AM) Cheeseness: It seems not :(
  888. (09:38:21 AM) ReverendGumby: No sir.
  889. (09:38:32 AM) Syd: I'll try to get it someday soon.
  890. (09:38:32 AM) Ron: yes, but it seems we didn't have the same experience
  891. (09:38:34 AM) Grimhound left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  892. (09:38:45 AM) Fireflower: been doing other stuff on and off :$
  893. (09:38:48 AM) Atomskyu690: have the game,played a little of it & left it somewhere
  894. (09:38:50 AM) Ron: i was very focused on the dog
  895. (09:38:59 AM) Cheeseness: Ron! I knew it!
  896. (09:39:24 AM) Ron: you see, the dog explains it all for me, in a metaphorical way
  897. (09:39:24 AM) Fireflower: the dog's been taking up some of my mind too :)
  898. (09:39:57 AM) Ron: but i don't want to ruin the history lesson
  899. (09:40:47 AM) Ron: so thanks Alphatt for playing
  900. (09:40:54 AM) Ron: good night, and good luck
  901. (09:40:58 AM) ALPHATT: see ya
  902. (09:41:03 AM) Fireflower: i've round up the insatiable chimps now
  903. (09:41:20 AM) Atomskyu690: good night people.<3
  904. (09:41:22 AM) Atomskyu690 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  905. (09:41:24 AM) Fireflower: night
  906. (09:41:46 AM) ReverendGumby: When was this game released?
  907. (09:41:51 AM) ALPHATT: 1997
  908. (09:42:08 AM) ALPHATT: it was also pretty hard to make, if you guys noticed a lot of animations are just animatics
  909. (09:42:19 AM) ALPHATT: and others are traced animations running at 24 frames per second
  910. (09:42:25 AM) ReverendGumby: "Animatics"?
  911. (09:42:33 AM) ALPHATT: it's a bit jarring, but they had to make this compromise, because they didn'T have enough time
  912. (09:42:47 AM) ALPHATT: an animation that only has the extreme or storytelling poses drawn
  913. (09:42:56 AM) ALPHATT: to previsualize the action
  914. (09:42:59 AM) Ron left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  915. (09:43:02 AM) ReverendGumby: Ah, as in most of the dialog scenes.
  916. (09:43:05 AM) ALPHATT: in this case it had to be put in to the final product
  917. (09:43:07 AM) ALPHATT: yeah
  918. (09:43:18 AM) ALPHATT: also when they enter their cars etc
  919. (09:43:26 AM) Fireflower: yeah, figured the animations was drawn
  920. (09:43:29 AM) Cheeseness: The ray traced animation had a large portion of he frames to removed
  921. (09:43:37 AM) Cheeseness: (I don't believe it's 24 fps)
  922. (09:44:06 AM) ALPHATT: no that is 24fps it may have not shwon properly on the stream but the rotoscoped stuff is very fluid
  923. (09:44:19 AM) ALPHATT: they basically filmed all these characters in high contrast makeup
  924. (09:44:33 AM) ALPHATT: and then drew around them
  925. (09:44:38 AM) Cheeseness: The wikipedia article on the game says that half of the frames were removed
  926. (09:44:42 AM) ReverendGumby: I found the animation style visually attractive. It worked for me.
  927. (09:44:55 AM) ALPHATT: the art nouveau style lent itself well because that's relatively easy to color
  928. (09:45:01 AM) ALPHATT: and it also fits the era
  929. (09:45:07 AM) ALPHATT: hmm that maybe
  930. (09:45:32 AM) ALPHATT: maybe  because all the other animations are so basic, it seems more fluid than it is
  931. (09:45:40 AM) Cheeseness: Sadly, the behind the scenes video that Wikipedia cites appears to no longer be on youtube
  932. (09:45:53 AM) ALPHATT: it's in your folder if you purchased the game
  933. (09:46:04 AM) Cheeseness: Ah
  934. (09:46:08 AM) Cheeseness: I haven't purchased it yet ^_^
  935. (09:46:13 AM) ALPHATT: comes with the game
  936. (09:46:25 AM) ALPHATT: I assume they got a takedown notice
  937. (09:46:30 AM) Cheeseness: Mmm
  938. (09:46:31 AM) ALPHATT: since it's a purchase incentive
  939. (09:46:50 AM) ReverendGumby: And the game itself isn't?
  940. (09:47:04 AM) ALPHATT: it's very similar to the 1 that comes with gabriel knight or the 1 that comes with wing commander IV
  941. (09:47:35 AM) ALPHATT: anyhow I hope at least 1 of you liked it enough to want to play it
  942. (09:47:46 AM) ALPHATT: most of the game is about listening in and piecing together the story
  943. (09:47:50 AM) Cheeseness: It's still on my to-play list ^_^
  944. (09:47:58 AM) ALPHATT: but it's not super easy all the time
  945. (09:47:59 AM) Syd: Same
  946. (09:48:08 AM) ALPHATT: like when the police was after me, I hid in the counts bathroom
  947. (09:48:08 AM) ReverendGumby: Hehe; it looked like a real time investment. Is the payoff worth it?
  948. (09:48:17 AM) ALPHATT: because I knew they wouldn't try to harass him too much
  949. (09:48:26 AM) ALPHATT: they wrangle me out of my own bathroom no problem for example
  950. (09:48:40 AM) ALPHATT: depends
  951. (09:48:41 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, that was what you did first in the Stream, right?
  952. (09:48:47 AM) ALPHATT: the ride is honestly more interesting than the ending
  953. (09:48:56 AM) ALPHATT: with that said it's a decent one and it's slightly surreal as well
  954. (09:49:04 AM) ALPHATT: yeah
  955. (09:49:14 AM) ReverendGumby: I thought that might be the case. It was very interesting to watch all of the characters go about their lives.
  956. (09:49:43 AM) ALPHATT: It's a relaxing game for the most part except the end where there are crucial timed stuff
  957. (09:49:49 AM) ALPHATT: I mean everything is timed because it's real time
  958. (09:49:52 AM) ALPHATT: but mostly it's slow
  959. (09:50:17 AM) ALPHATT: also there's a bunch of stuff like the newspaper and the english translation of the fairy tale
  960. (09:50:18 AM) ALPHATT: etc
  961. (09:50:25 AM) ALPHATT: *stuff to read
  962. (09:50:36 AM) ReverendGumby: I was surprised by how chock full of information it is.
  963. (09:50:42 AM) Cheeseness: Does reading stuff like that pause the game?
  964. (09:50:54 AM) ALPHATT: no it does not
  965. (09:50:59 AM) ALPHATT: so be on your toes
  966. (09:51:11 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, cool
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