(DEFUNCT) Brendan Keogh and Multiple (In Overland)

Apr 27th, 2015
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  12. Subject: Brendan Keogh and Multiple
  13. Sources: Twitter, Overland, Patreon, Press Select.
  14. Date Compiled: April 27th, 2015.
  15. Credits: rawr_im_a_monster who posted that Keogh co-founded "Press Select" with Dan Golding on Reddit. The deleted user that posted the link.
  17. **************************************
  19. Brendan Keogh's Patreon:
  20. ------ Cameron Kunzelman 01.07.14
  21. ------ Aevee Bee 10.22.13
  22. ------ Liz Ryerson 01.03.14
  23. ------ Cara Ellison 01.06.14
  24. ------ Critical Distance 03.06.14
  26. NOTE: Cameron Kunzelman was ALSO donating to Keogh's patreon as well, since 07.29.14
  28. Cara Ellison
  29. Nov 25, 2012: @Carachan1 Oh, it's really not a problem. I wasn't trying to subtweet-sulk my way in, really!
  30. Dec 31, 2012: @Carachan1 Cara your Games of the Year poem's March verse doesn't mention you became my 1000th follower in a food court and we high fived.
  31. Dec 31, 2012: @Carachan1 Don't sweat it! The poem is perfect and I wouldn't have it changed in any way :)
  32. Mar 24, 2013: @Carachan1 @xMattieBrice @jennatar @nickbreckon How far away is The Mission? I should be down for this.
  33. Mar 30, 2013: @Carachan1 Cara let's go to Eddies for brunch
  34. Sep 27, 2013: @Carachan1 Happy birthday!
  35. Jan 19, 2014: @Carachan1 Hey we’re in yr town. Assume you’re still a way off so we’re gonna go exploring and will ping you in a bit!
  36. Jan 19, 2014: @Carachan1 helloooo. You around if we head in your direction? Want us to grab anything?
  38. Aevee Bee
  39. Oct 21, 2013: @MammonMachine I just patreoned you but i've never patreoned anything so it is currently a piddly amount, sorry, but I might change that!
  40. Nov 06, 2013: @MammonMachine happy birthday!
  41. Feb 06, 2014: @MammonMachine if i had a podcast i would invite you
  43. Liz Ryerson
  44. Mar 21, 2014: @ellaguro hey can you meet outside South right now? If so, sure
  46. Cameron Kunzelman
  47. Dec 04, 2013: "@10rdBen we should be psn friends ben i think my thing is just kunzelman" @ckunzelman @10rdben are we friends cam cam? I am 'baswert'
  48. Jun 14, 2014: @ckunzelman @brianmtaylor hey guys add meeee (brkeogh)
  49. Jun 17, 2014: @ckunzelman @teg5511 geez, more like Cameron Jerkzelman
  50. Jun 23, 2014: @ckunzelman Hey so, purely hypothetically, if I were to ask for any EGM scan you have with FF7 discussed in it, would that be a huge task?
  51. Jun 25, 2014: @jennatar I didn’t get them until I was at @ckunzelman & @kmnightingale’s place and started wanting to instagram their cats.
  52. Jun 26, 2014: @ckunzelman So U have a WiiYou? Are we friends? Did that happen? I'm brkeogh there
  53. Jul 20, 2014: @ckunzelman we could play together and you could be all "this is shit" and i'd be all "no you don't get it. see here this thing represents-"
  55. Jenn Frank
  56. May 17, 2013: @jennatar Great! Need to ask a quick request!
  57. Jun 04, 2013: @jennatar I am the same as I am here add me plz
  58. Jun 12, 2013: @jennatar hey jenn yr awesome fyi
  59. Mar 15, 2014: @jennatar @taylorcocke jenn where are you? This house is big
  60. Jun 24, 2014: @jennatar hi jenn you're great sorry life is shit :(
  62. Dan Golding
  63. Feb 21, 2014: @dangolding oh good, at least i'm not just filling up your phone with never opened snaps. i often wonder this
  64. Mar 21, 2014: @dangolding @brainygamer @danbruno i felt really bad you weren’t here while they were hugging
  65. May 09, 2014: @dangolding Hey Dan want to learn how to play Netrunner?
  66. May 26, 2014: @dangolding wanna do my final tutes tomorrow? I think I’m pretty done
  67. Jul 07, 2014: @dangolding @pdstafford I'm brkeogh on wiiu but whatever no one ever asks me
  68. Jul 30, 2014: @dangolding I got to Morton in that AV Club article and instantly wondered what you'd have to say about it
  70. Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  71. Keogh namedrops Critical Distance, Cara Ellison, Aevee Bee, Cameron Kunzelman, Liz Ryerson.
  72. Keogh was ALSO recieving patreon funding via Cameron Kunzelman.
  73. This article was published in Autumn 2014. Long after he had begun donating to each of their patreons.
  75. Keogh also co-founded "Press Select" with Dan Golding.
  76. On Press Select, they state they are working with Tim Rogers and Jenn Frank.
  78. Articles with Potential Disclosure Issues:
  79. On video game criticism (Overland) (Autumn 14)
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