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  1. Awaken my son
  5. Uriel give me another status update on the one. “Vitals seem normal sir, power levels steadily rising” said Uriel to Gideon. “There isn’t enough goddamn time for this, we need him to come out in full or we’re going to lose thousands of years of work because this cockless faggot let himself fall into this condition” siad Gideon. “Sir, the prophecy clearly states when he awakens, it will be the dawn of a new age” a confident Uriel said to Gideon. Gideons face turned a deep purple as he shook Uriel by his robe and attempted to rip the halo off floating atop Uriel’s head. “You little asshole how many times have I told you to stop talking about the fucking prophecy” screamed Gideon as he pulled his hand off Uriel’s halo which had seared the flesh off his right hand and filled the air with the smells of crispy flesh. “Yes sir, I’m sorry sir, I should have known sir, your hand, my Lord are you okay?” whimpered Uriel. “I’ll be just fine, as soon as he is awake, we don’t have much longer there’s a goddamn fire storm outside and I won’t be the one to explain to father just how much these people have eternally fucked themselves even with our help” said Gideon as he rubbed saliva onto his wounds and recovered himself. “Go ahead with the late stage plan and use the holy lance and see if that wakes him up” said Gideon while holding his head in his palms. A cold sweat began to form on Uriel’s upper lip as he floated over to an old beaten up chest. His hands slowly approached the top of the chest and a cool dark feeling came over him. “Sir are you sure we should be defying the prophecy like this?” said Uriel looking back to Gideon with a solemn face. His eyes now deep pools of black, “DO IT NOW” yelled Gideon in a monstrous tone that shook the hovel the two were in. Fear and doubt gripped Uriel as his hands lifted the top of the chest and began to see the lance in its form. The blade was weathered and tattered but the blood covering half the blade was still wet. The wood that held the blade looked freshly cut and its end was green with moisture. His angelic hand reached over and gripped the blade and once lifted, the room lost all essence of sound. Uriel’s vision was that of a tunnel and he was over taken by the essence of longinus’s lance and proceeded towards the casket that held him. The casket was decorated with carvings and engraving from hundreds of hands from over a dozen civilizations, all leaving their mark and spirits upon the ancient casket which held the one. Uriels hand lifted the casket as blood vessels popped in his eye balls making his vision go all red. The one lay in the casket which was almost too small for the large man who was almost frozen over for two hundred years. Uriel took the holy lance and stabbed the man in his side. The lance stuck into the man’s body and began to steam and simmer. The eyes of Faust open.
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