IKEA: The Theme!

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  1. IKEA: The Theme! (WIP)
  2. A Pokemon Showdown! Mafia user-created open setup by Jocus.
  4. -- Acknowledgments --
  5. Theme by Jocus.
  6. Credit to Joseph0617 for mistaking "Idea" for "IKEA" and ending up inspiring this theme.
  7. Credit to sporeisgayaf69 for major contributions.
  9. -- The Basic Concept --
  10. The basic concept of IKEA: The Theme! revolves around buying night actions using money.
  12. -- Mechanics --
  13. Every player starts with $1,000. At the start of each day, $500 more are added. During the night, players may take actions to buy products with money or do actions to earn money. Whereas only one action can be done each night, a (theoretically) infinite number of products can be bought. (ESun?)
  15. -- Money --
  16. Money is a certain balance in number of dollars for each player. It can change in four ways:
  17.     - Be added automatically each night (increased amount),
  18.     - Be spent on a product (decreased amount),
  19.     - Be given for a night action (increased amount),
  20.     - And be taken away for a night action (decreased amount).
  21. Money is measured in IKEAbits. Its formal notation is <amount> IKEAbits, although the dollar symbol can be used instead.
  23. -- Rolelists --
  24. Use current Mod.exe rolelists for now. (multiball? serial killer/werewolves?)
  26. -- Hosting Tips --
  27.     - You probably need staff permission and some assistance to host this, as this theme is extremely complicated.
  28.     - PM each player every start of day, end of day (and beginning of night), and end of night how much money they have.
  30. -- Products and Actions --
  33. All NS roles + nightkill + rob.
  35. IKEA FOOD: Get food poisoning. Die in 3 days.
  36. CREAM OF toxic mash_room SOUP: Die tonight (or get a lot of money if you're toxic mash_room)!
  37. IKEA FURNITURE: A hider won't die if you die while he hides in your closet!
  38. IKEA PROPERTY SQUATTER: Become hider for a night!
  39. IKEA BIRD: Become parrot for a night!
  40. IKEA SECURITY FORCE: Become doctor for a night!
  41. IKEA SECURITY GUARD: Become bodyguard for a night!
  42. IKEA CHILDCARE: Become babysitter for a night!
  43. GIVE MONEY: Give an amount money to someone.
  44. REQUEST MONEY: Request money from someone. They will be informed of who asked them and how much money you are asking for (if you choose to send an amount). They cannot act on their request on the current night. (Note: This may seem like a good action to spam, but remember that if you choose this, you have to pay a quarter of the requested money as part of your request.)
  45. BLASPHEME: Your choice to blaspheme is announced by the host to everyone.
  46. BLASPHEME AGAINST YHWH: Blaspheme + sell your soul to Satan tomorrow.
  47. BLASPHEME AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT: Blaspheme + immediately sell your soul to Satan (Matthew 12:31).
  48. BLASPHEME AGAINST SNAQUAZA THE GOD OF MAFIA: Blaspheme + get roombanned.
  49. BLASPHEME AGAINST SATAN: Sell your soul to YHWH when you die for whatever reason.
  50. SELL YOUR HEART: Get a lot of money but die in two days.
  51. SELL YOUR BRAIN: Get a lot of money, but you can't talk for two days or do night actions.
  52. COMMIT SUICIDE: You instantly die, and no one gets your money.
  53. SELL YOUR SOUL: You instantly die but give a player all of your money.
  54. SELL YOUR SOUL TO YHWH: You instantly die, but your money gets equally spread across the entire town.
  55. SELL YOUR SOUL TO SNAQUAZA THE GOD OF MAFIA: You instantly die but become voice by bribing Snaq.
  56. SELL YOUR SOUL TO SATAN: You instantly die, and your money gets equally spread to the Mafia.
  57. ROB A PLAYER: Get half of their money. They are informed that they got robbed, but not by who.
  58. MURDER A PLAYER: Nightkill. Mafia gets one for free each night.
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