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  1. >Sunset didn’t want to get up, but she knew she’d have to eventually
  2. >she cracked an eye open to the sight of her digital clock
  3. >10:02 am
  4. >with a groan, she reached up and scratched one of her bare breasts
  5. >said breast decided to take that as the perfect excuse to start leaking on her palm
  6. >she looked down at the offending fluid, she also noted the source of all this
  7. >her belly was now something comparable to an orange beach ball
  8. >grumbling still, she rolled her legs to the side and brought herself up to a sitting position
  9. >”Ok. One, two-HNGH!”
  10. >With a mighty heave, she hoisted herself to her feet
  11. >her belly and boobs jiggling a bit before settling
  12. >still, the movement was just enough to cause her other breast to join the other in the leakage
  13. >knowing already that any attempt to staunch to flow would be useless, she rummaged through her closet and procured an extra-large undershirt
  14. >To say it was the last thing that still fit her would be a tad generous
  15. >it was the only thing left in the house that still covered 2/3rds of her breasts
  16. >covering her belly having become a lost cause a long time ago
  17. >she slipped on the large garment
  18. >two dark splotches immediately forming on the cloth around her chest
  19. >Sunset looked down and sighed
  20. >it was gonna be a long day
  21. >But first, something else needed to be taken care of
  22. >breakfast
  23. >slowly waddling into the kitchen, she reached for the coffee maker but stopped
  25. >”Right, bad for the babies” she mumbled
  26. >so she turned and sat at the table for a moment
  27. >staring blankly at the wood like if she did so for long enough food would just manifest on the table
  28. >with such a dream impossible, Sunset once again hoisted herself back up
  29. >when she opened the fridge, she was greeted to the sight of a jug of milk and an empty pizza box on the main shelf
  30. >over the course of the past few weeks, her babies had caused her to eat herself almost entirely out of her own home
  32. >”Cereal it is”
  33. >grabbing a box of cornflakes, she poured them into a bowl and sloshed some milk in
  34. >sitting back down, she silently munched away at the crunchy meal
  35. >after a minute or so, she finished the bowl
  36. >only there was one problem
  37. >she was still hungry
  38. >and so she poured another bowl and scarfed it down
  39. >after she was hungry still!
  40. >she went to pour another bowl-
  41. >-only to find the box was now empty
  42. >she wanted a sandwich, but the fridge was picked clean
  43. >desperate, she rummaged through the cabinets
  44. >but all she could find was a jar of peanut butter
  45. >so there she was
  46. >Half asleep, barefoot, pregnant, sitting in a damp shirt that barely fit her, eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon
  47. >Life, wasn’t great
  48. >then, someone on the top of her dog-pile of a womb gave a thump
  49. >she jumped with a start before placing her hand where the bump originated
  51. >”You’re up early. I’m used to you guys sleeping in”
  52. >she rubbed the top of her belly for a moment in silence
  53. >”Listen, I know things are rough right now…I know Mommy’s been kinda cranky lately. These last few months haven’t really gone the way I planned.”
  55. >”Just…know this. Not matter what happens, not matter how bad things get, even if I yell a bit…I’ll always love you.”
  56. >for a moment, stillness
  57. >then, her early riser gave a strong kick
  58. >She stroked her belly with a smile
  59. >”Thanks for listening” she whispered
  60. >With breakfast more or less done, Sunest hoisted herself to her feet and plodded over to the living room
  61. >it was time to move on to the next item of the day
  62. >Nothing
  63. >with the expected finesse of someone with an exercise ball filled to the brim with lead pudding strapped to their middle, Sunset flopped over the armrest and onto the couch
  64. >Her oversized belly bobbed a bit before settling
  65. >Unfortunately, the move jolted awake anyone within still sleeping
  66. >who in turn asserted what little movement their limbs had in her confined womb to punch and kick
  68. >”Aw come on” she groaned as she rubbed the side of her belly in a failed attempt to calm her unborn
  70. >”It’s too early for that!”
  71. >Her six payed her no mind as they continued their in-utero mosh pit
  72. >the golden dome quivering before her
  73. >she groaned
  74. >she focused her attention to the TV remote on the coffee table in front of her
  75. >Grabbing the device she flipped on the TV and started browsing through Netflix
  76. >But as she did, she began to note the great weight of her abdomen bearing down her
  77. >she tried her best to ignore it, but her back was taking the full brunt of the burden despite the cushioning of the couch
  79. >”Couldn’t be easy, could it?”
  80. >She rolled over to the outside of the couch
  81. >But unfortunately, the furniture was too small to support both her and her midsection, which in turn surged over the edge of the couch and nearly pulled Sunset down with it
  82. >Fortunately, she was able to catch herself with her hands on the coffee table and the couch
  83. >After a few minutes of unladylike grunting and straining, she finally hoisted herself up between the furniture pieces and stagger back onto the couch-
  84. >-and once again, sandwiched herself under her belly
  85. >back to square one
  86. >she scooted towards one end of the couch
  87. >her legs dangling over the arm rest
  88. >sure, the weight was off her back, but all it really did was shift the weight into her shoulders
  89. >and made her belly bulge jut out to its extended glory
  90. >she leered at towering swell for a moment before shuffling into another position
  91. >she brought herself to a plain sitting position before propping her back against the arm rest
  92. >She couldn’t bring her legs up close, but it was about as good a compromise as she was going to get
  94. >”This’ll work” she said dismissively scratched her belly button and went back to Netflix
  95. >She didn’t know how much time had passed, a few hours, maybe more
  96. >her babies had finally slowed to their normal routine with only the occasional nudge every now and then
  97. >But she was snapped back to reality by an audible gurgle from her belly
  98. >which in turn sent babies back into a frenzy
  100. >”Aw come on! It’s barely even lunch time!”
  101. >But it was already silently decided
  102. >her belly was going to continue to stir and tremble until she fed them
  104. >”So…pizza?”
  105. >she heaved herself off the couch and back onto her feet
  106. >waddling into the kitchen she grabbed the phone
  107. >”Hello? I’d like to place an order….I need a large thick crust with uhhh, sausage, red peppers, annnnd cheese, lots of cheese. Oh! And spinach! And bacon, lots of bacon! Maybe chicken on it too! And jalapenos!”
  108. >Despite the weird combination, the person on the other end of the line didn’t question it, much to her relief
  109. >However, the pizza delivery guy wasn’t ready for what was on the other side of the door when he rang the bell.
  110. >Initially, he was looking at the ticket as the door opened
  112. >”Hi, I’ve got a large, thick crust sausage and red peppers with cheese and-Ahh!”
  113. >his brain switched off as he got an eyeful he wasn’t expecting
  114. >a barefoot, overly pregnant girl, in a damp shirt two sizes too small.
  115. >Shimmer was trying to hide her embarrassment as she gave a nod
  117. >”Uhh, total’s, uh, $15.49, please.”
  118. >She pulled out her purse and tried to fish out a twenty
  119. >The delivery boy was doing his best not to let his eyes hold on her prominent leaky chest
  120. >And he was failing, miserably
  121. >finally, she dug out a $20 and handed off to him without looking up
  122. >He handed her the box and began to get her change
  123. >As she waited, she took in the aroma of cooked pizza dough and seasonings wafting in her hands
  124. >the babies, sensing the impending food, doubled their antics, kicking and thrashing
  125. >enough so that even Sunset was taken by surprise, having to brace a hand on her belly as it visibly quaked
  127. >”Here you gooooo-“ he said as he noted her now trembling belly
  128. >She hastily took the change with a quiet “thank you”
  129. >”Have a good night!” he said sheepishly as he turned to walk away, trying to process what he had just witnessed
  130. >Once she had the door shut, she breathed a sigh of relief
  131. >But the pause was short lived as she felt a partially sharp kick to the ribs
  133. >”Right! Right! I know! Food!”
  134. >She waddled over to the table and set the box down
  135. >Taking a peek inside, her mouth instantly watered
  136. >The amalgamation pizza, while maybe disgusting to anyone else, looked like divine gift in Sunset’s eyes.
  137. >Still she wanted to pace herself
  139. >”I’ll just eat two or three pieces and save the rest for dinner!”
  140. >One whole pizza box later
  141. >Sunset leaned back in her chair, patting a now tauter belly
  143. >”And once again, you turn my own body against me” she said addressing the orange orb
  144. >Without warning, she let out a guttural belch, prompting her to stop in shock for a moment
  146. >”Not that I can complain too much this time”
  147. >With her binge done, Sunset found herself back on the couch
  148. >for a few hours, she just sat and watched TV
  149. >Until a familiar dampness drew her attention down to her chest
  150. >Her breasts had decided it was time again to start leaking as indicated by the return of the large dark splotches on her shirt
  151. >She was able to ignore the first leak, but this one didn’t seem to be letting up
  152. >she also saw a few pizza crumbs stuck on her shirt
  154. >”Fine, time for a shower.”
  155. >She slowly dragged herself to her feet, shuffling towards the bedroom
  156. >About half way there, she felt a stomach cramp
  158. >”Damn pizza” she mumbled, rubbing the side of her belly
  159. >Once in the bedroom, she stripped down and entered the bathroom
  160. >After she locked the door, the turned to spot herself in the mirror
  161. >Her body had changed so much over the months
  162. >her breasts had become heavy orbs
  163. >engorged and ready to feed her babies
  164. >the once light areola flesh now dark, glistening from the leaking milk
  165. >her belly now a great orange orb of life
  166. >the skin taut, but unstrained, remained unscarred despite her extreme growth
  167. >her once humble innie was now a glorious outtie for all the world to see
  168. >she rested a hand on its side and slowly rubbed circles across it
  169. >her children seemingly having settled for the evening after receiving their copious helping of pizza
  170. >She silently admired her form in the mirror for a moment
  172. >”I’ve gotten big…”
  173. >her contemplation was cut off by another stomach cramp
  174. >with her self-inspection done, Sunset Shimmer hopped into the shower and flipped on the water
  175. >she let out a moan as the warm water hit her tiered and sore muscles
  176. >her skin glistening slightly in the light
  177. >taking the soap, she began to work on the area that demanded attention first, her breasts
  178. >the slippery orbs jiggling as she fondled and rubbed them
  179. >she winced a little at their sensitivity, heightened by the water making them slick
  180. >in a moment of morbid curiosity, she gave one a squeeze-
  181. >and almost screamed as a few small jets of milk shot out
  182. >despite the soreness, the sudden expression left a bit…aroused
  184. >”One thing at a time” she muttered to herself
  185. >grabbing the soap once again, she got to work on the real chore, her belly
  186. >she made slow circles across its great expanse
  187. >truth be told, she hadn’t planned for all this to happen
  188. >she thought she had her world under control and life just pulled the rug out from under
  189. >if she had known what she did know, would she go back and change it?
  190. >…well-
  192. >”Hng!”
  193. >her trained of through screeched to a halt as a sharp pain tore her
  194. >almost tumbling over, she had to brace herself against the shower wall as she clutched her belly
  195. >Her middle tightening under her fingers
  196. >That’s when it hit her
  197. >It wasn’t stomach cramps from the pizza she was feeling
  198. >It was contractions
  199. >She was in labor!
  201. >”Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!” she chanted
  202. >fumbling with the water taps, she shut the water off
  203. >she was now on a timer
  204. >carefully stepping out of the shower, she hurried into the bedroom to grab a shirt
  206. >”Gotta call an ambulance! Gotta-“
  207. >She was cut off as another contraction ripped through her
  208. >Dropping the shirt, she leaned against the wall, gasping for air
  209. >But the air hitched in her throat as she felt something
  210. >Deep within her, something gave
  211. >A warm fluid flowing down her legs
  212. >she looked down
  213. >Her water broke
  214. >She wasn’t gonna make it
  215. >and she knew it
  217. >”Right…fine”
  218. >she spread her legs and waited, panting
  219. >finally, another contraction came and she pushed
  220. >she could feel the contents of her womb shift as more of her forewater began to release
  221. >a pressure building in her cervix
  222. >she grunted as she pushed again
  223. >she could feel a head beginning it’s descent into her birth canal
  225. >”Come on, baby! Hng!”
  226. >The pressure was reaching its climax
  228. >”It’s time to- gah! Meet you!”
  229. >she felt like she was being split
  230. >she screamed through gritted teeth as her body gave a mighty heave and she bore down as hard as she could
  231. >She suddenly gasped as the pressure released as something shot between her legs
  232. >She stopped, breath shallow
  233. >with shaking hands, she reached down
  234. >it was a head
  235. >her baby
  236. >her fingers traced over every detail
  237. >it’s hair, its ears, it’s nose
  238. >tears were welling up in her eyes
  239. >only one hurdle remained
  240. >squatting slightly, she gave one light push
  241. >prompting her child to slide free into her arms
  242. >carefully, she raised up the wailing thing to her chest
  243. >a girl
  244. >Sunset slowly slid down to her rump as she inspected her daughter
  245. >a million thoughts raced through her mind
  246. >But she only needed one
  248. >”Hello”
  249. >Brining her in close, her daughter almost immediately latched onto a nipple to nurse
  250. >Sunset just sat there, rocking her newborn back and forth
  251. >She may have been tired, but she didn’t care
  252. >As was well as far as she was concerned
  253. >But the moment of bliss was suddenly cut short as another
  254. >she looked down
  255. >behind her daughter, a belly still packed with her siblings remained
  257. >”Right, five more…”
  259. >After a minute, she carefully detached her daughter from her breast and carefully wrapped her in the spare shirt she had grabbed earlier
  260. >Fortunately her firstborn seemed sated as she merely yawned rather than cry at being torn from her nipple
  261. >Setting her just off to the side, Sunset braced her back against the wall and started to bare down from a squatting position
  262. >It was gonna be a long day
  263. >Many hours later
  264. >It was well into the night
  265. >amidst that dark, a girl was laboring in her bedroom
  266. >her body glistening with sweat in what little light that shown in through the window
  267. >around her, five infants were bundled up
  268. >some whining, others sleeping
  269. >her once massive belly now a humble bump
  270. >her chore was nearing its end
  271. >lifting her rear off the floor, she whined as she pushed
  272. >in what was now a practiced process, a bulge quickly began to form between her legs as her final child enter the world and dropped into her hands in a final gush of fluid
  273. >falling back against the wall, Sunset cradled her second and final son as he cried
  274. >she had did it
  275. >but it wasn’t completely over
  276. >she still needed to call
  277. >but at the moment she needed rest
  278. >she took a moment to examine her children
  279. >the question from earlier echoing in her mind
  280. >if she knew what she knew now, after what she had gone through, would she have gone back and change anything?
  281. >she looked down at her children, and then to her new son
  282. >she lightly stroked his head
  283. >No
  284. >She wouldn’t have changed a thing
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