Lohan shore adventure

Jan 30th, 2017
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  1. Ok, so it starts off the same, with Rohan (or as he is, Lohan shore) looking for his house, and being bothered at the map, but this time, he doesn't care about the alley; no, this time, he cares more about the pharmacy not being on the map. They're in the alley, yadda yadda, then Reimi comes up. Lohan uses Heaven's Do- I mean, Heaven's Gate so that they don't have to give up talking to her. Lohan says he looks like a picture and gripes about Joe Suko, who doesn't like comics. But Re- Suzumi isn't a stent user. Lohan learns that boys open their mouth to kiss and the light one asks Lohan (who he calls Stone Ocean) to seize a secret and to keep reading her. Lohan decides not to, and lets her forget. This somehow haywires Suzumi and makes her flirty and speak gibberish. She thinks it's neat that she's talking to them, and Lohan wants to do... something. I dunno. He knows whether two people know one thing, so he uses that to... apologize. And then Lohan and Suzumi keep apologizing, while the light one calls them both ridiculous. Lohan finds out that the murder took place when he went home 15 years ago. Suzumi doesn't understand, and after asking about Murder Night, wants to go to breakfast. She cannot wait to see... one of them, but she reminds them there's always other girls. She tells the two she has a bed for her hand, but she is adamant about going to breakfast, as she makes a reservation. It's also apparently her birthday. Under her hand's bed is ladd for linux, who tells her he killed someone's parents. Then she apologizes. Again. Lohan wants to know if he's a true story, and no one knows. Suzumi wants to have one of something, and then she says that she has a problem - she died 15 years ago. She apologizes for not seeing... one of them, and reveals she's not only dead, she's a time traveller as well.
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