Beach Bikini Cheat

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  1. [Script Offer] [F4M] Cheating On The Beach [Bikini] [SPF] [Everyone else is playing volleyball] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Creampie] [Non-Con for the flirting, VERY Con for the sex] [You’re such a jerk]
  3. Stop staring at my ass, you jerk. I don’t care if my boyfriend and your girlfriend are out of sight at the other end of the beach, or how skimpy this bikini is, or how perfect my ass is, or how I asked you to rub suntan lotion on me. No, I am not blushing!
  5. I know it’s winter but fuck it, bikinis are hot and I’m not sorry.
  8. Heyyy! Why are you all the way over here? I think the boys were all going to play volleyball.
  10. Oh. Good book? What about? Bonobos! Huh. I guess that does sound interesting, sure.
  12. The girls? Oh, they’re walking the beach. A few are playing volleyball too. I think they’re a little tanned out.
  14. Yeah, she said she was going to go snorkeling with them later.
  16. Me? Nah, summer is almost over and I’ve barely gotten outside all month. I’ll be sitting right here cooking for a bit. I mean, this suit isn’t exactly meant for, um, physical activity, you know?
  18. Haha, yeah, it’s a bit, um, well, a bit daring. I just wanted to make the most of a sunny day, I guess.
  20. Hmmm, this is nice.
  22. Hey, thanks for coming with us. I, uh, I know it meant a lot to him to have some friends at the beach today. I think he misses summers back home. It’s a big family, and they’re all water people, you know?
  24. Me? Noo, I’m a land girl. The beaches here are crazy to me. There’s so much room. It’s so easy to lose sight of people. I used to worry I’d get lost.
  26. Oh? Nobody would lose me? Hah, you must think you’re pretty smooth. Does she actually respond to those lines?
  28. What? Blushing? N-no, it’s the sun, you arrogant weirdo. It’s August! It’s boiling hot out here, of course I’m a little flushed.
  30. Whoa, cowboy, laying it on a bit thick there, huh? A bit th- JEEZ, you’re too much, dude!
  32. Hah, no wonder she wandered off and left your horny ass here. You must be losing your mind, with the amount of skin your skanky girlfriend was showing! Goat.
  34. Hey, I can say skanky! She’s my friend. She’s said the same about me!
  36. Hah, no, I guess he doesn’t get to hear that kind of talk. But he’s not really that kind of guy, either.
  38. Besides, you’re not exactly afraid to show off yourself, ace. I bet more of the girls would have played volleyball if you were over there running around! ‘Giggle.’
  40. Oh, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Liar.
  42. Hey, can you do me a favor? Yeah, the back. The spf is over there. Thanks.
  44. Mmmf, yeah, just a bit stiff in the shoulders. The sand is a bit harder over here. Mmm, okay. No, I can untie it myself, thank you. Perv.
  46. Okay. So, um. Would you mind?
  48. Hmm, thank you. Wow, you’ve got some big hands. Yeah, all over. Gotta be safe.
  50. Hmm, yeah, that does feel good. Mmmm. Dude, if your career doesn’t work out you should go into massage stuff. O-OH, whoo, yea, that feels great. Mmmmmf.
  52. Hmm? Lower? Don’t you want to go back to reading your book? Well, if you’re offering.
  54. Hmm, yeah. Wait, what? What kind of thing is that to say to a woman? My thighs are not that thick!
  56. Huh? Oh. Oh, you like it?
  58. Well, I guess you two have different tastes or something. Oh, that? Yeah, he likes my ass plenty. He’s just less interested in the other parts of the body that feed into it, you know?
  60. Well, yeah. I mean, putting aside how personal a comment that is, dude, sure, he picked the suite. Yes, I know it hugs my ass. I think he wanted to show me off a bit. He is the new kid on the block or whatever.
  62. Oh, Oh! Oh, you’re putting lotion on the backs of my thighs too! Hmm. Well, oka-haaaay, since you’re ba-hah-aaack there…
  64. Mmmm..
  66. Yeah… wow, under my knees too.. You’re a very ‘ah!’ thorough man..
  68. Nnnn... What are you.. No, I’m not mad, but you shouldn’t have your hand on my ass like that… what if they come back for something?
  70. Here, take your hand off… mmm, okay, I know that’s technically off my ass, but rubbing along my spine like that is still a littleeee…-ahh...
  72. God, I thought you were just playing around. You should stop, we’re both with people. This is bad..
  74. Oh, your big hand on the back of my neck like that.. Yeah, I mean, it just feels good having you manhandle me.. Haha, yeah, I guess it is kind of like petting somethinggggg… mmmmm…
  76. FFfff, you know this isn’t going anywhere, right? In a minute I’m going to stop you, and one of us is going to have to leave, and we’re never going to talk about this again..
  78.  MMM. What are you doing? Just shifting your weight? What does that meannn- OH.
  80. Oh. Um, yeah, I guess people doing massages do sit on the backs of their, um, patients or whatever, sometimes, but I think the ones that do are usually smaller than the client, and I don’t think they’re putting their weight there….
  82. Oh. Ooooh. Oh, god.
  84. What’s that?
  86. I feel that. That’s bad. That’s so bad. What’s that lump I feel on my butt? Nooooo, oh god, it’s so- no, I’m not saying that. Stop asking me to say that…
  88. Nnnn… This is terrible. If they come around the corner, there’s no way you’ll be able to hide that, that, dammit you know what..
  90. Noo, I don’t want to say it…
  92. Okay, okay, if I say it, will you stop? Alright..
  94. Alright, your cock. Your cockkk is getting hard against my ass. You jerk.
  96. Say what? Mmmnn, your big cock. Yes, it’s big, okay? Jesus, why do men always- AH! Noo, don’t press harder, you said you’d stop...  
  98. You lied? That’s not- AH!- Not funny-- nnnn, yes, of course it feels good when you touch me like that, but you have to- mmm…
  100. Oooh, yes, I admit it, your hands feel great on my skin, I already said that.. Noo, don’t.. Yes, I wanted you to take your hips off me, but not so you could squeee-EEEEze, mmmmnnn.. Bad boy…
  102. Yes, I already said they feel goodOH! Oh, nooo, I know, I know it’s wet, of course it’s wet, you keep teasing me, asshole, but you can’t AH! Oh, okay, okay, fine, you win, do it, okay? I admit it, just put another finger innn…
  104. NNNNg- what? What? Why did you stop?
  106. Ov- over there? Ohhh, but what if they come bacckkkk...
  108. Yes, he’ll be worried! Of course he’ll be worried.
  110. Why? Because- no, I don’t want to talk about it. Nooo, please, just finish what you started, and I’ll, like, give you a handy or something, and we can say this never happened, okay?
  112. God, don’t hold your finger up like that, jerk! I know I’m wet- oh. Oh, yes. I have to be quiet…
  114. You- this is the only way you’ll finish it?
  116. Okay. Okay. Tie my top up for me?
  118. No?!
  120. Oh, you asshole… fine.
  122. You like this, you fucking pervert? Making me skulk topless with you off behind a rock so you can get me off? Where your girlfriend can’t see us? You’re such a jerk. We’re never talking after this.
  124. What do you mean, they always say th-MMPH! ‘Kiss.’ Mmmmmmmm ‘slurp.’ Oh, you fuc-mmmmmmmm ‘kiss.’ I- Mmmmm ‘suck’ -okay, okay, I’ll, okay, on my knees?
  126. Okay, I’ll, yeah, fine, and, ‘zip’ Oh! Oh, wow, that’s, um, wow. I, um. For you to, uh, finish me, I have to ‘ah’ um ‘sniff’ I have, um, take care of ‘heavy breathing’ this, uh…
  128. … ‘kiss.’
  130. ‘Gasp.’ Hahhhh. ‘Whimper.’
  132. ‘Kiss.’
  134. ‘Licking, moaning sounds.’
  136. God, you’re lucky you have such a ‘mwah’ impressive thing to work with, because ‘kiss’ you’ve got the personality of a randy dog ‘sniff’ (whisper) ohhh, it smells good, all sweaty…
  138. Mmmm, okay, okay, I’ll, aaaaaahhhhhgllllluuuuuuck
  140. Gluck
  142. Hmmmmm
  144. Sluuuuurp
  146. Haaaaah (heavy breathing)
  148. Mmmm, god, you’re delicious… oh, you know? You’re such a jerk. Hmm, oh, your balls are feeling sticky? Asshole.
  150. Fine, I’ll pull them off your… GOD DAMMIT, these things are like sweaty baseballs. Fuck.
  152. God dammit, fine, I’ll li ‘lick’ ck them… hmmmmm, they smell so muskyyyy.. Slurp.. ‘Kiss’ (low voice) fuuuuck, they feel so full, jesus..
  154. (Licking, moaning)
  156. Oh, here, I’ll get in between your balls and your legs, ‘llaaaaaahhhh’ hmmmm, so naaaassssty…
  158. Hmmmm, back to your coooockslurrrrp yeah, just all the way up under the side, fuck, it’s so heavy on my face… hmmmmm, so good- what? Oh, nothing.. Fuck..
  160. Kiss, kiss, kiss, lick… just little kisses… kiss… assholes like you just get little kissssmmmmphhhgluuccckkkkk-! ‘Hmmmmmmmm succccck succcckkk slurrrpp’ goooooddddddd….
  162. Huh? Oh, um, are you sure you don’t want me to finish you? Later? What, you think once I’m done I’ll… okay, okay, I’ll do it…
  164. Oh, you like how I look down here? How about as I stand up? Hmm? You like watching these thighs and this ass swell as I move?
  166. Yeah, you’re a perv- huh? Oh, no, he never tells me how good they look.. Hmmm, yeah, I guess I do like hearing it, but, well, don’t let it go to your head, dude. Hmm...
  168. Ah-!
  170. Oh, you pulled me up so quickly… yeah, down, I want you to.. Hmm, over the ‘huff’ suit? Hmm.. mmmm, your fingers are so big but you’re being so gentle… please, don’t be gentle, I want to feel some pressSSSUUUURE NNNGGGhhffffff
  172. Gotta be quiet, gotta be quiet.. Fff, yeah, take it to the side… ohhh, yeah, yeah, she’s wet, we’ve established that, asshole… dammit, don’t ask me that… Fuckk, no, okay? No, he doesn’t get me this drenched.. Yeah, taste it OH yeah, fuuuck…
  174. ...Oh my god, you’re so fucking filthy. You like how my soaking cunt tastes? Yeah, reach up inside me with your tongue, yes, HOLY SHIT.
  176. Oh my god, it’s like my clit’s on fire…. Mmmm (whimper) you’re such a bad friend, getting my poor little pussy all worked up like this…
  178. fffmmmmnnnhhhh teasing me, cheating on your girlfriend, god, you’re such a selfish jerk… OH. OH. Yeah. Okay, yeah. More of that, please?
  180. Oh-kay, I admit it. Yeah, YEAH, I like it when you’re selfish… fuck, I like how much of an arrogant prick you are, I admit it, okay? Just keep- fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK…
  182. Hungry boy… oh, yeah, got those sweet lips all over your face, you look like you’ve been swimming ‘giggle’ fuck, I love how your nose presses into me while you taste me… yeah, stop being gentle...
  184. pull me close, grab that ass you keep ogling, get a fucking handful and just -MASH- your mouth into my pussy, come on… come on… I’m gonna cum all over your mouthhhhh---fffffff-nnnn-!
  188. MMMmnoooooh gooood, that was so good…
  190. Yeah. Yeah, Okay. Thank you.
  192. MMnn. Okay. Thank you, SIR. ‘giggle.’
  194. Fuck, okay, I did not just giggle! Stoooop ittt… yeah, get up here- ‘kiss’
  196. Hmmm, yeah, I know, you still need to cum, I know, just… Oh, okay, just rub against me for a minute, I’m so senSITIVE… yeahhh..
  198. Hmm, that’s so hot, how much your cock is drooling. It’s hard to tell whether it’s me or you dripping down my thighs. ‘Giggle.’
  200. Hmm, okay, okay, I’m ready. No, I know you don’t have a condom, but we’ve come this far.
  202. Yeah, you’ve, fuck, I don’t know how long this will last, but that orgasm just left me feeling much more, hah, agreeable? Yeah. Go ahead. I know you want to.
  204. (Whispering) I know you want to split my pussy open and use me, here, behind these rocks, while our friends and dates are out there wondering where we are. Yeah? Don’t you want to?
  206. (Whining, encouraging.) You pulled me all the way back here and made me service that cock and you slurped an orgasm from my cheating pussy, but you don’t want to take me all the way?
  208. What’s the matter, you bad man? You want me to beg for it? Beg for you to use my pussy to drain your evil, sloshing nuts?
  210. (Begging) Please, sir? Please, will you fill my cunt? You might not get another chance. Who knows if I’ll be this agreeable the next time you try seducing me. This may be the only opportunity you have to get my tight, warm, slippery pussy to hug your fat dick.
  212. And I promise, it’ll feel sooooo gooood, sir. I’ll make sure you never forget how good it felt to fuck me. I promise, that prude you’re dating can’t grip your cock anything like my hole can.
  214. Hmmm! Oh, you’re getting even harder! Jesus, ssuch a bad boy. So hot against my clit. Mmm. Press your body against me, feel how sweaty and oily we are.
  216. Hmm, c’mere, I want to whisper a secret in your ear. Oh, the nape of your neck is hot too! So warm and sweating under my fingertips. You like me tickling you behind your ears? Come here, baby.
  218. (Whispering) I’m not on the pill.
  220. ‘Giggle.’ So shocked! You thought just because I let you convince me to be bad with you, that I was safe? Nooo, baby.
  222. But we’re here, and you’ve got me so hungry for it, and we’ve already been so bad. Don’t you want to fuck my fertile little pussy on this beach, while my boyfriend wonders where I am?
  224. OOooh, that really worked for you, huh? Come on, baby. Finish what you started.
  226. That’s it, riiiight up into that… fffffuucknnnnnghhh… Oh, oh god, you’ve got me so turned on that you just slotted right up in there. Mmmm.
  228. That’s it, you bad man. Look me in the eyes. Hold my hips while I wrap my legs around you. Feel that pussy on your beautiful cock.
  230. Okay, bad boy. Now, fuck me up against this rock.
  232. ‘Gasps and groans.’ Ooooh, god. Mmmm. Slow at first, slow at first. I want to look into your evil, cheating eyes while you fuck me.
  234. God, you’re such a man. Suuuuch a man, fuck. I bet you love this. I bet you love giving butterflies to all your friends girls, don’t you?
  236. You’re so fucking evil. God, it’s so hot how insatiable you are. I saw you looking. Not just at me, either, but you sure couldn’t take your eyes away from this ass for long, huh?
  238. Yeah, you’re dirty like that. You love the idea of scraping out the cunts of your friends girlfriend. You love having dirty little secrets.
  240. ‘Higher pitched, more rapid gasps.’ Mmm. Kiss me, baby. ‘Kissing noises.’ Hmmmm, fuck, hmmm. ‘Kissing.’ Oh god.. Yeah, faster. Smell my hair while I rest my face on your shoulder… MMMMNNNGHhh..
  242. ‘Hah’ isn’t it amazing- fuck- what the sun does? It’s like every part of our bodies is engorged-
  244. your skin is so warm, and my fat, juicy ass so hot under your fingers, and our lips were so full as we kisssed fuuuuuuuck so hard, that’s so hard, you’re going to bruise me, you’re going to bruise my poor little pussy lips you awful maaaaannnnnnn GODDDD…
  246. Hmmmm, you, you can’t stop now, huh? Haha, yeah, you’re helpless, you were so cocky and confident and now I’ve got you addicted to this pussy, got you craving this sweet little cunt, huh?
  248. Yeah, you can’t take it, this slutty hole is going to milk that cum out of you, I’m going to ruin you for your prissy little girlfriend, you asshole, you started this but I’m finishing it, I’m going to send you home with weak knees, baby, you won’t have anything left for her for days…
  250. yeaaaaaaahhhhhh ‘ah’ ‘ah’ ‘ah’ ‘ah’ YEAH…
  252. Nnnnffff… fuck, baby, why did you stop? Don’t you want to shoot that risky load into me? Please, I feel so empty now.
  254. Oh, you want me to turn around, huh? Yeah, we’ve had our intimate moment and now you just want to plow me? Use me cheap and send me back with my ass all red?
  256. Hmm, we’ll have to come up with an excuse, baby, everyone will see where you’ve been smacking into me.
  258. This big, jiggling booty and the backs of my thick thighs are going to be bright red when you’re done with me, right? Please?
  260. I want them to see. I want to lie to them about it. Look at where you’re going to be pounding me.
  262. I’m presenting it to you, see? Here, I’ll stand on my tip toes for you, so you can slot that heavy dick back where it belongs.
  264. OH god, yeah, that’s it, stretch that pussy out from behind…
  266. fuuuuck, yeah, get balls deep, let that big cushiony ass cradle your hips, honey.
  268. Hmm, just sit there for a second, baby. Doesn’t that feel good? It’s like your cock just came home.
  270. Hey, hear that? Here, peek around the rock with me..
  272. (Whispering) Oh, they’re back! Fuck, they’re wondering where we are.
  274. (Still whispering) Mmm! Oh, your cock got harder. You like looking at them with your cock in me? Uh huh?
  276. Hmm, I know you do. I know you like taking me while he wonders where I am, you bastard. Fuck, okay, we have to be fast. They’re going to start looking for us soon. Pump into me.
  278. ‘Plop plop plop’ yeah, not too fast, if you make that ass clap they’re going to hear it. We’re going to have to grind that cum out of you, honey.
  280. We’re going to have to just /swivel/ and /jerk/ these hips on that dick until you let those nuts go.
  282. Here, put your hands on my titties and pull me back to you… yeah, I know, I know, you can titty fuck me another time, honey. Just squeeze them and ‘HM-!’ yeah, pinch my nipples, fuck,
  284. and I’ll wrap my arms behind your neck like this, and spread my legs like this, still on my tippy toes, yeah, and you hold me up while I work my pussy on your dick.
  286. I’ll jerk you off with my cunt soo goood, honey, I promise, I’m going to work so hard for that nut.
  288. See? See me shaking that booty on your hips? Feel how my cunt is squeezing and releasing you?
  290. Just in and out a little at a time, baby. I’ll do all the work.
  292. God, you feel so good like this.. You still watching them?
  294. Tell me what they’re doing, honey, I just want to focus on you right now. I just want to sit here and whisper to you while I make us both feel good.
  296. Yeah, they’re oblivious to how you turned me into your hungry cock slut, huh?
  298. They have no idea you’ve got me standing here (gasping) whispering filthy shit in your ear and working your dick out so my greedy cunt can suck in all that cum?
  300. Fuck, I can tell you’re close, stud. I can tell because your cock swelling and your breathing is getting shallow.
  302. Please, baby? This is hot for me too. If you come, I’ll come. I’ll gush and squeeze all over you if you just let me feel that hot, sticky cum in my hungry hole. Yeah? Yeah?
  304.  Yeahyeahyeahyeah YEAHHHHHH MMMMffffff
  306. (muffled, as if a hand is over her mouth) Yeah babbbbbyyyy let it go, let it all go, please, I want it so bad, I want to be your filthy secret so bad,
  308. you can have me any time, I promise, just send me walking over the beach back to my boyfriend with your cum dripping down my leg please please pleaseplease fuuuuuck NNNNNGH
  310. ‘Gasping’
  312. Oh god, yea, shoot it in me, all of it (whining) let it go babbbyyyy….
  314. Oooh yeaaahhh… fuck, okay. Okay. God, that was, jesus.
  316. Okay, just, uh huh, pull out sl-OW-ly.. damn...
  318. ‘Giggle’ Look at that.
  320. Oooo, it’s all dripping out of me, like you promised. Let me just.. Hmmm (lick) yeah.
  322. Hmm-hmm, okay, I know I said I’d walk back to him with your cum dripping out of me but, hah, that might be a little hard to explain. How about we, uh, swim out behind the rocks and then swim back? Yeah? Okay.
  324. Hmm? What are you doing? Don’t- Ah! Oh, yeah, she’s still a little sensitive.
  326. Oh, you’re going to make me eat that off your finger? Hmm? Oh, don’t swallow it? Okay- aaah….
  328. Hmm. Yeah, I’ll keep it under my tongue, but why?
  330. Oh? Ohhhhh. Oh, you bad mad. You want me to kiss my boyfriend with your cum in my mouth?
  332. Fuck. You’re such an asshole.
  334. ...Fine. Jerk.
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