Double Fine Game Club: Beneath A Steel Sky (part 1)

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  1. (04:55:00 AM) yama: w00t! I remembered about the GC!
  2. (04:55:04 AM) yama: Hi, everyone. :)
  3. (04:55:05 AM) Cheeseness: Yay :)
  4. (04:55:06 AM) lrasinen [] entered the room.
  5. (04:55:08 AM) Cheeseness: Hey yama
  6. (04:55:15 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Syd
  7. (04:55:19 AM) Syd: Hey
  8. (04:55:25 AM) Gamnos: Hello all (new here)
  9. (04:55:32 AM) yama: As for the timer, I haven't seen it work in Opera since before the page was on Github.
  10. (04:55:39 AM) Cheeseness: Hi Gamnos (and welcome
  11. (04:56:02 AM) yama: I'm super excited to watch this session.
  12. (04:56:18 AM) yama: I've been intending to play BaSS since like 1996.
  13. (04:56:19 AM) secular: I've started this game 3 times but haven't finished due to time issues. I'm excited as well.
  14. (04:56:27 AM) lietu: who uses opera anyways? ;) .. I doubt the issue is very large
  15. (04:56:31 AM) Syd: I haven't played BaSS before. It's been on the list of adventures that I need to play, yet I never get around to.
  16. (04:56:33 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Hmm, thanks for letting us know about the timer, yama. We'll work something out
  17. (04:56:57 AM) yama: When my family got the first computer, a friend came over with "a monkey game" on a bunch of floppies.
  18. (04:57:20 AM) yama: Turns out it was Monkey Island 2, and I was in love with the adventure game genre of games. :)
  19. (04:57:25 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :)
  20. (04:57:33 AM) yama: He also had BaSS but I never got that one.
  21. (04:57:54 AM) yama: (I later got a retail copy of the MI games. ^_^)
  22. (04:58:27 AM) Gamnos: Hi Cheeseness as newby: how does one proceed? Playing the game at the same time?(sorry to ask)
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  24. (04:58:46 AM) Syd: However you want. You can play it if you want or just watch the stream if you don't want to play.
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  26. (04:59:03 AM) Ivan [] entered the room.
  27. (04:59:11 AM) lietu: everyone proceeds how they want to .. some, like me, often just watch the stream .. others, just play the game at their own pace and chat about it .. and there are probably other variations too
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  29. (04:59:40 AM) zorch [] entered the room.
  30. (04:59:44 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gamnos: Play the game at your own pace or watch the stream with us. Game Club is more about talking about what we're playing and sharing that experience with everybody else :)
  31. (04:59:59 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Also, we should be live now :)
  32. (05:00:07 AM) Gamnos: OK thanks!
  33. (05:00:09 AM) secular: Watching the intro! :)
  34. (05:01:02 AM) Gamnos: This is great, never done this before!
  35. (05:01:04 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's a fairly lengthy intro. Something that I noticed  after hearing Tim talk about the Full Throttle intro being considered long
  36. (05:01:24 AM) secular: There is a LOT of exposition here.
  37. (05:01:33 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: The original game was distributed with a comic, which I believe makes up the stills that you see in the intro
  38. (05:01:38 AM) yama: I don't mind long cutscenes because adventure games are like animated stories in a way anyway. :)
  39. (05:02:00 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: If you make an account on, Beneath A Steel Sky is added to every account, along with a copy of the comic
  40. (05:02:17 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: (or so I've read - I haven't checked it out yet myself)
  41. (05:02:17 AM) Ivan left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  42. (05:02:21 AM) Gamnos: It was shorter in the CD-Rom version (no comic book intro)
  43. (05:02:35 AM) Syd: Yeah, BaSS is free on GoG. Just need an account to download it
  44. (05:02:43 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: This is apparently the CD-Rom version (I downloaded it from the ScummVM site)
  45. (05:02:57 AM) Syd: The GoG version uses DOSbox, like a lot of their older stuff
  46. (05:03:49 AM) Gamnos: Cheesebook Yes I was wrong. The disk version is shorter, with beautiful music.
  47. (05:04:09 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: So far as I'm aware, BASS was originally released for free on and then later added to GOG
  48. (05:04:21 AM) yama: The comic is included with the game on
  49. (05:04:28 AM) ***yama just checked.
  50. (05:04:35 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gamnos: Oh, interesting. Maybe we'll have a look at the floppy version (which is also downloadable from the ScummVM site) at some stage :)
  51. (05:04:59 AM) secular: Have you played this before, cheeseness?
  52. (05:05:21 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I played it yesterday
  53. (05:05:28 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: But prior to that, not at all
  54. (05:05:48 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Would somebody mind posting in the forum thread that we're live?
  55. (05:05:50 AM) GameClubFan_604595 [] entered the room.
  56. (05:06:09 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: This bit reminds me of Quest For GLory 1
  57. (05:06:44 AM) yama: The music brings back memories of MI2. :D
  58. (05:07:04 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It reminds me of Fate of Atlantis
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  60. (05:07:20 AM) Gamnos: Past the first death scene here...
  61. (05:07:25 AM) yama: Never played the Indiana Jones games.
  62. (05:07:27 AM) lietu: made the post
  63. (05:07:38 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, for the sake of keeping things moving, I'm going to avoid dying
  64. (05:07:44 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: (as much as I can)
  65. (05:07:48 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Thanks lietu :)
  66. (05:07:54 AM) zorch: fate of atlantis was the indy movie they SHOULD have nade
  67. (05:08:01 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I know, right
  68. (05:08:15 AM) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  69. (05:08:15 AM) secular: oh their are deaths in this game?
  70. (05:08:23 AM) Syd [] entered the room.
  71. (05:08:24 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, there are
  72. (05:08:26 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: So save often :)
  73. (05:08:28 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Hey Syd
  74. (05:09:01 AM) Gamnos: How to put one of your screen names in front of a message (sorry)?
  75. (05:09:10 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Just type it :)
  76. (05:09:41 AM) Gamnos: Yes, thought I could click somewhere at the chat box.
  77. (05:09:48 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I'm not certain
  78. (05:10:07 AM) lietu: mjeah, I don't use the webchat either
  79. (05:10:31 AM) secular: joey's got some attitude
  80. (05:10:34 AM) lietu: but I would assume it supports tab-complete like most IRC clients, e.g. write the first few letters of a nickname, then press tab to cycle through possible options
  81. (05:10:37 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: There are interesting variations between the subtitles and the recordings
  82. (05:10:54 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Joey's great :D
  83. (05:10:55 AM) yama: Gamnos, try typing the first letter of a name and press tab. It should auto-complete the name.
  84. (05:11:12 AM) Gamnos: Joey is Australian I believe for kangoroo baby. Thanks yama
  85. (05:11:53 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gamnos: It is. I've actually lived in Hobart, so it's amusing for me when people in the game talk about crazy people from Hobart
  86. (05:11:55 AM) GameClubFan_39013 [] entered the room.
  87. (05:12:02 AM) Gamnos: C
  88. (05:12:26 AM) Gamnos: That went wrong. Living in Hobart, wow! Cheeseness_netbook
  89. (05:12:41 AM) lrasinen: slightly expository dialogue there
  90. (05:12:49 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah
  91. (05:13:10 AM) secular: Is this a typical amount of dialog per person?
  92. (05:13:13 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: There are a few bits that are a bit blatantly expository
  93. (05:13:21 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Nah, this is a bit more
  94. (05:13:36 AM) Gamnos: Yes, but it is perfect script:-)
  95. (05:14:25 AM) secular: its neat to see joey roaming around randomly during conversation
  96. (05:14:34 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah
  97. (05:14:42 AM) secular: and some of the subtitles are different
  98. (05:14:45 AM) yama: Voice and caption didn't match up.
  99. (05:14:45 AM) secular: oh cheeseness already said that
  100. (05:14:45 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Most characters move around and do their own thing
  101. (05:15:10 AM) Syd: Nice to see NPCs that are a bit more dynamic and move around.
  102. (05:15:31 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It makes the game feel more alive, but it's also a bit awkward when you need to talk to a character and don't know where they are
  103. (05:16:04 AM) Gamnos: Syd: remains from Lure (move around). Was too hard to program for all characters.
  104. (05:16:36 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Lure?
  105. (05:16:42 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Oh, Lure of the Temptress?
  106. (05:16:47 AM) secular: There seems to be a lot of red herrings in this game as well?
  107. (05:16:49 AM) GameClubFan_226953 [] entered the room.
  108. (05:16:54 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, heaps, secular
  109. (05:16:57 AM) GameClubFan_39013 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  110. (05:17:26 AM) Gamnos: Yes Temptress. Took me some time, back then, getting the stuff here.
  111. (05:17:28 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: (compared to most adventure games that I've played, that is)
  112. (05:17:37 AM) lrasinen: timing puzzles are the worst
  113. (05:18:17 AM) Syd: Yeah, it's frustrating when your timing is just a split-second off
  114. (05:18:18 AM) lrasinen: (so I'm just following the stream since it's 22:20 here and I need to be heading to bed anyway)
  115. (05:18:22 AM) yama: Yeah, I don't like them either.
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  117. (05:18:51 AM) lrasinen: Knopfler :D
  118. (05:18:55 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: No worries lrasinen. An archive of the stream will be available as well :)
  119. (05:18:59 AM) lrasinen: so didn't get that the last time I plaed
  120. (05:19:00 AM) lrasinen: +y
  121. (05:19:30 AM) Gamnos: Putting the player under pressure. Don't like it as well, but brings some variety into the puzzle design, I guess.
  122. (05:19:43 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's definitely interesting
  123. (05:19:49 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: But potentially frustrating
  124. (05:20:04 AM) lrasinen: Broken Sword had really frustrating ones
  125. (05:20:21 AM) lrasinen: especially the ones coupled with death
  126. (05:20:39 AM) secular: Doesn't really belong in adventure games, but I like when the characters can run.
  127. (05:20:44 AM) Syd: I don't mind most timing puzzles if the timing isn't too strict. It's just annoying when you know what the solution is but can't pull it off because your timing is just a bit off.
  128. (05:20:47 AM) Gamnos: ion: but not too hard? Some nice death animations were added.
  129. (05:22:04 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: The voices often sound like they say "Obermann"
  130. (05:22:44 AM) Gamnos: They should have done more with the surveillance cameras. ha "Obermann!"
  131. (05:23:20 AM) secular: He doesn't seem panicked at all, l,ol
  132. (05:23:50 AM) GameClubFan_497104 [] entered the room.
  133. (05:24:06 AM) Syd: v's sounding like b's, the mark of low bitrate audio
  134. (05:24:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah
  135. (05:24:38 AM) Syd: Also hisses with s sounds.
  136. (05:24:48 AM) GameClubFan_497104 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  137. (05:24:52 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gah
  138. (05:25:00 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I should have spread this stuff out >_<
  139. (05:25:09 AM) Gamnos: Copy protection here, I believe (once).
  140. (05:25:26 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Oh?
  141. (05:25:45 AM) Gamnos: Yes, codes were in the booklet.
  142. (05:26:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Neat. That's pretty cool to allow players to have a taste of the game before proving that they own it
  143. (05:26:51 AM) Gamnos: Haha there's a story about that in Temptress (copy protection).
  144. (05:26:51 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Not living anymore!
  145. (05:26:57 AM) Syd: If they did have an illegitimate copy, they might be hooked enough by that point to go buy one so they could keep playing
  146. (05:27:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Right
  147. (05:28:11 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's interesting how Joey's character changes with each "shell" he has
  148. (05:28:39 AM) lietu: cheeseness, your microtime2.php is returning a broken 301 page
  149. (05:28:46 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :/
  150. (05:28:50 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I'll check it out in a bit
  151. (05:28:54 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: (after the stream)
  152. (05:29:16 AM) lietu: also I now know why it doesn't work on opera, it's just weird
  153. (05:29:24 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah :/
  154. (05:29:38 AM) lietu: either opera's javascript really sucks, or there's something broken in the html
  155. (05:29:46 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: Character AND costume development!
  156. (05:30:06 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I haven't tried to validate it in a while, lietu
  157. (05:30:16 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I love his jumper >_<
  158. (05:30:33 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I love their little dialogue prelude dances
  159. (05:30:53 AM) constantine [] entered the room.
  160. (05:31:13 AM) secular: phew, these conversations are quite length.
  161. (05:31:18 AM) secular: lengthy*
  162. (05:31:23 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Oh, whoops
  163. (05:31:26 AM) yama: For real. Haha. :)
  164. (05:31:40 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I'll slow down on the dialogue as we progress
  165. (05:31:57 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Or speed up ^_^
  166. (05:32:01 AM) yama: It's still nice with all the information and stories available.
  167. (05:32:03 AM) secular: nah its ok, i'm glad i'm getting the full picture
  168. (05:32:16 AM) secular: if i was playing i would be a completionist as well, haha
  169. (05:32:21 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :)
  170. (05:32:53 AM) secular: all these characters are really stupid though, hah
  171. (05:32:56 AM) GameClubFan_143299 [] entered the room.
  172. (05:33:09 AM) Gamnos: The dialogues are fun in this game!
  173. (05:33:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, but that's the point isn't it?
  174. (05:33:34 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: That all the characters in the city are diminished by their controlled lifestyle
  175. (05:33:43 AM) lrasinen: secular: Somehow reminds me of 70s british comedy, that
  176. (05:33:45 AM) GameClubFan_532173 [] entered the room.
  177. (05:33:59 AM) secular: yea, I haven't gotten any further than this, but I cam getting that idea.
  178. (05:34:12 AM) Gamnos: I read somewhere they were based on real persons (acquaintances) hehe.
  179. (05:34:21 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Nice :D
  180. (05:34:47 AM) GameClubFan_532173 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  181. (05:34:57 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: There's a surprising lack of Aussie accents for a game set in Australia ^_^
  182. (05:35:21 AM) Gamnos: Yes, but officially it wasn't said to play there.
  183. (05:35:35 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I knew people who had it
  184. (05:35:54 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And the subtitles say stuff like "jumper" instead of "sweater"
  185. (05:35:59 AM) zorch: LOL!   Nice
  186. (05:36:40 AM) Syd: Maybe there's a lot of immigration to Australia in this dystopian future. :P
  187. (05:36:53 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Australia's built on immigration anyway ^_^
  188. (05:36:55 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: Limited time to produce the cd-rom version.
  189. (05:37:34 AM) yama: We've got WD40 at work. ^^
  190. (05:37:37 AM) Gamnos: Syd: There may be no Australians left in the future (in Australia that is). ;-)
  191. (05:38:14 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Robert was meant to be living with an indigenous Australian tribe in the intro. THey didn't sound that Australian either :b
  192. (05:38:29 AM) Gamnos: This was one of the peeking scenes (through window), like it was done in Temptress. More in Bellevue episode (one level down).
  193. (05:38:50 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: They're really nice
  194. (05:39:04 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And help the real-time character movement in other rooms be a little less boring :)
  195. (05:39:20 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: No, I don't think Australia was ever mentioned (Cecil even put some UK train stations name into the game).
  196. (05:39:28 AM) Syd: I'm always amused by NPCs making funny remarks on the sorts of things the protagonist is carrying around
  197. (05:39:44 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gamnos: The Gap is meant to be the Outback
  198. (05:40:27 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: It's the same issue with book locations/characters and real life.
  199. (05:41:05 AM) Gamnos: Next death scene ;-)
  200. (05:41:39 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Oh? I didn't die here ^_^
  201. (05:42:22 AM) Gamnos: Beautiful character, falling asleep each time. Death scene: putty explodes when the switch is used to soon.
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  203. (05:42:45 AM) zorch [] entered the room.
  204. (05:42:47 AM) secular: I wouldn't mind seeing ONE death scene...
  205. (05:43:10 AM) zorch: I'm sure youtube has a compilation of them
  206. (05:43:18 AM) GameClubFan_143299 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  207. (05:43:34 AM) yama: What's the purpose of death scenes anyway?
  208. (05:43:40 AM) GameClubFan_033617 [] entered the room.
  209. (05:43:53 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gamnos: The station names are all stations in Sydney...
  210. (05:43:54 AM) Cheeseness_netbook:
  211. (05:46:08 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook:  That Union City is intended to have been the once named Sydney was confirmed by Warriner, and according to Cecil names of key London underground stations such as King's Cross were added to try to throw people off the scent (added that to Wiki)
  212. (05:46:44 AM) Gamnos: But I guess he got that wrong!
  213. (05:46:55 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We've got a Kings Cross too ^_^
  214. (05:47:08 AM) GameClubFan_033617 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  215. (05:47:40 AM) yama: Heh heh. I'm liking some of these jokes too much. ^^:
  216. (05:47:57 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Ah, this is another problem with the game
  217. (05:48:11 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Characters who don't respond or get stuck :/
  218. (05:48:33 AM) Gamnos: yama: Liking his job because of his clipboard ("for starters")
  219. (05:48:49 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Mmm, beaver fur
  220. (05:49:05 AM) Gamnos: He is a bad guy!
  221. (05:49:56 AM) zorch: *snerksnerk*
  222. (05:49:59 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: heh
  223. (05:50:03 AM) Gamnos: Though he likes cats, so he must be a bit good as well!
  224. (05:50:16 AM) yama: Does the capitalisation of words matter for anything? >.>
  225. (05:50:26 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I'm not certain
  226. (05:50:32 AM) lrasinen: it's just emphasis
  227. (05:50:35 AM) lrasinen: think comics
  228. (05:50:39 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I think it's meant to be for some vague emphasis like in comic books
  229. (05:50:45 AM) Gamnos: yama: No, someone just suggested it. It's funny sometimes though.
  230. (05:50:53 AM) GameClubFan_718184 [] entered the room.
  231. (05:51:24 AM) Syd: The caps seem to either be for emphasis or to point out important details that the player should pay attention to
  232. (05:51:25 AM) yama: I see.
  233. (05:51:45 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I think it also highlights the subject of the line
  234. (05:51:59 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: This guy has huge teeth
  235. (05:52:06 AM) GameClubFan_718184 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  236. (05:52:11 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: And dirty words!
  237. (05:52:11 AM) lrasinen: the voice acting doesn't match the caps, which is slightly annoying
  238. (05:52:17 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: lol
  239. (05:52:42 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: lrasinen: Yeah, I found that a little disappointing
  240. (05:52:53 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Although I played the first hour or so without subtitles
  241. (05:53:23 AM) lrasinen: not being a native speaker, subtitles are really useful .)
  242. (05:53:28 AM) Gamnos: One could switch off the caps. Voice-overs where added later on, I guess there was some time limit to do it right.
  243. (05:53:37 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gee, Not Stand, that sounds interesting. Tell me more.
  244. (05:53:40 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Not Stan^
  245. (05:53:57 AM) Syd: No quicker way to communicate to the player that the NPC is a salesman than a big insincere smile.
  246. (05:54:03 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: lol
  247. (05:54:11 AM) lietu: yama, try the timer now?
  248. (05:54:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Except he's meant to be more than that
  249. (05:54:37 AM) Gamnos: Like that chart! Trustworthy ;-)
  250. (05:55:01 AM) lrasinen: "Can you please tell me confidential details about your customers?" "Sure thing"
  251. (05:55:11 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, lol
  252. (05:55:25 AM) yama: lietu, looks like it's working beacuse it tells me "Right now!".
  253. (05:55:49 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We can check it after the stream
  254. (05:55:51 AM) lietu: that should switch back to a countdown in ~35 minutes or so
  255. (05:56:16 AM) Gamnos: That "tip of my tongue" returns as joke in BS (Mrs Piermont).
  256. (05:56:21 AM) yama: I'll check it out later on then. :)
  257. (05:56:56 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gamnos: There were also kangaroos in the intro
  258. (05:57:24 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And there's a travel poster for the UK in this room ^_^
  259. (05:57:27 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: escaped from a London Zoo :-)
  260. (05:57:56 AM) Gamnos: Hey that's right!
  261. (05:58:02 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And the Aboriginal fellow?
  262. (05:58:45 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: This guy's eyes are crazy. I can't stop seeing them as pointing  in opposite directions >_<
  263. (05:59:13 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: His posture looks awfully comfortable as well :D
  264. (05:59:16 AM) zorch: You did hear what he said when he looked at the UK poster, right?  lol
  265. (05:59:45 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: Yes, bit inconsistent, but I disliked the criticism some made about the accents, for the reason stated.
  266. (06:00:08 AM) Gamnos: Here you can peek as well.Great feature!
  267. (06:00:17 AM) VirGnar [] entered the room.
  268. (06:00:18 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: You can?
  269. (06:00:29 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It wasn't criticism so much as commentary :b
  270. (06:00:30 AM) Gamnos: Yes, both windows.
  271. (06:00:36 AM) yama: Wow. That's one loud aquarium. o_o;
  272. (06:00:55 AM) Gamnos: Ch: wasn't referring to you, sorry, but to some reviews.
  273. (06:00:56 AM) secular left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  274. (06:01:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Ah, right
  275. (06:01:15 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Also, how is the fish tank making so much noise if the power is off?
  276. (06:01:42 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: THat's the same poster as in the travel place, right?
  277. (06:01:51 AM) yama: Yeah, just mirrored.
  278. (06:01:57 AM) Syd: Maybe it has its own power supply. :P
  279. (06:02:04 AM) Gamnos: Australian fish are quite noisy ;-)
  280. (06:02:06 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It must ^_^
  281. (06:02:40 AM) Gamnos: There you are!
  282. (06:02:53 AM) lrasinen: so Reich and Lamb are neighbors
  283. (06:02:54 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I didn't even realise they were windows on my first playthrough
  284. (06:02:56 AM) lrasinen: what a small world
  285. (06:03:01 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Were neighbours
  286. (06:03:12 AM) lrasinen: indeed
  287. (06:04:45 AM) Gamnos: It's a transgender cat (Big one).
  288. (06:05:17 AM) yama: Some of these songs sound too happy. ^^:
  289. (06:05:26 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, I think so
  290. (06:05:47 AM) Gamnos: yama: Better part of town
  291. (06:06:00 AM) yama: I always thought LucasArts were good with matching the songs with the locations in their games.
  292. (06:06:08 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It still doesn't fit the game's tone
  293. (06:06:20 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, LucasArts' soundtracks were excellent
  294. (06:06:52 AM) Gamnos: Ch Contrast perhaps? No Blade Runner.
  295. (06:07:39 AM) yama: 12 viewers for the stream. Is this a new record? :D
  296. (06:07:53 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Nah, we've had more, I think
  297. (06:08:03 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Didn't we have stacks for Gemini Rue?
  298. (06:08:26 AM) Gamnos: It's strange, 12 viewers, as this was mentioned at the KS for Broken Sword 5.
  299. (06:08:30 AM) yama: Oh, maybe we did.
  300. (06:08:55 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: CAPTAIN WELDER
  301. (06:09:00 AM) Syd: There was 13+ in my Monkey Island stream one day. Too bad my internet was sabotaging it.
  302. (06:09:10 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :(
  303. (06:09:15 AM) yama: Gamnos, I don't see why not more are participating.
  304. (06:09:29 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Perhaps it's not a good time for some ^_^
  305. (06:09:46 AM) Syd: Of course for the finale stream for Secret, only 3 viewers, but not a single hiccup from my internet.
  306. (06:10:04 AM) yama: There weren't an awful lot of people in the GC when Greg was hosting it either, AFAIK.
  307. (06:10:12 AM) Gamnos: yama: Die hard BS fans, bit reluctant I guess. Time may be a factor as well, indeed.
  308. (06:10:32 AM) Syd: I remember there being loads of people in the chat when we did DoTT, but I'm not sure how many people were viewing the stream once that was set up
  309. (06:10:55 AM) yama: I missed the first few sessions. :'(
  310. (06:11:23 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I missed everything before Sword & Sworcery too
  311. (06:11:32 AM) yama: What did he say about the maps posters?
  312. (06:11:52 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: THat he didn't want to go to the UK
  313. (06:11:53 AM) yama: I only caught the one about the female welder robot. :)
  314. (06:11:58 AM) yama: Oh. Hehe.
  315. (06:12:10 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And that the Statue of Liberty was a welder robot ^_^
  316. (06:12:50 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Ah, fruit. I forgot to get the ticket >_<
  317. (06:13:21 AM) yama: Is that fruit with eyes or not? ;)
  318. (06:13:28 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :D
  319. (06:13:36 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Did you see our honeydew?
  320. (06:13:53 AM) yama: I don't think I did. Is it on flickr?
  321. (06:14:04 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, it is
  322. (06:14:15 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Might be a page or two back on my photostream though
  323. (06:14:34 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Joey is so slow ^_^
  324. (06:15:01 AM) yama: Haha. It looks so happy. :D
  325. (06:15:22 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: So, we're waiting for Lamb to show up...
  326. (06:15:30 AM) lietu- [] entered the room.
  327. (06:15:36 AM) yama: This town in BaSS is so depressing. ^^:
  328. (06:15:48 AM) lietu left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  329. (06:15:59 AM) yama: Despite the happy music. ;)
  330. (06:16:12 AM) lietu- is now known as lietu
  331. (06:16:16 AM) mode (+qo lietu lietu) by ChanServ
  332. (06:17:07 AM) yama: Haha. Why must Foster stand to the left of people he talks to? ^^:
  333. (06:17:27 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: One of life's greatest mysteries
  334. (06:17:33 AM) yama: :D
  335. (06:18:55 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: lol, this machine isn't looking so good
  336. (06:19:01 AM) Gamnos: That use of the elevator - and level idea - was good (interactivity).
  337. (06:19:18 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It suffers in tedium though
  338. (06:19:37 AM) PurpleMoustache [] entered the room.
  339. (06:19:41 AM) yama: I so far don't see the point in using the ID card each time using the elevator.
  340. (06:20:14 AM) yama: Maybe the first time it might be worth it, but not after that. Unless they remove the card at some point to stop the player from accessing the elevator.
  341. (06:20:18 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, I wish that you used other people's IDs for something somewhere
  342. (06:20:24 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: (in terms of elevators)
  343. (06:21:08 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I love the hazmat guy just standing there listening to us conspire
  344. (06:21:59 AM) yama: Reich was 5, wasn't he?
  345. (06:22:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, I think that's what it said
  346. (06:22:14 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We can check
  347. (06:22:14 AM) yama: Ah-ha. We need 8!
  348. (06:22:30 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We get unlimited
  349. (06:22:43 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I think?
  350. (06:23:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We'll finish up soon, I reckob
  351. (06:23:08 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: reckon
  352. (06:23:46 AM) yama: Oh. I didn't keep track of the time. :o
  353. (06:24:10 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I probably should have left the Scriebmann port dialogue till next time >_<
  354. (06:24:53 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I reckon I'll get us into the doctor's office and then call that done for today
  355. (06:25:20 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Although I need Joey >_<
  356. (06:25:37 AM) yama: Where is that slowpoke anyway? ^^:
  357. (06:25:52 AM) Gamnos: Left you again ... there he is!
  358. (06:26:00 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's so easy to lose him. It took me ages to work out that I could actually get him in the lift
  359. (06:26:46 AM) yama: Ahaha. Those posters!
  360. (06:27:00 AM) yama: Now that's what I call a nose job! :D
  361. (06:27:04 AM) Gamnos: Nice scene (Burke's office). What he did to his wife, and  what he wants.
  362. (06:27:34 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I find it a little irritating that conversation here automatically ends
  363. (06:27:43 AM) PurpleMoustache left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  364. (06:28:28 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Has anybody played the remastered edition?
  365. (06:28:51 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: Sadly no iPhone.
  366. (06:28:52 AM) yama: There's a remastered one?
  367. (06:29:03 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, it's iPhone only
  368. (06:29:17 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I'd be interested to know if there are gameplay differences
  369. (06:29:17 AM) yama: Ah. I won't be playing that then. :)
  370. (06:29:23 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: The source is available though
  371. (06:29:27 AM) Gamnos: There is NUDITY in the game.
  372. (06:29:54 AM) yama: I should start to RANDOMLY capitalise WORDS.
  373. (06:30:00 AM) Gamnos: Upcoming some other body parts ;-)
  374. (06:30:04 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: lol, Joey's subtle approach
  375. (06:30:52 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And now we get to see that I haven't bothered to give sensible names to any of my saved games
  376. (06:31:09 AM) Syd: adf and fss
  377. (06:31:15 AM) Gamnos: You can still talk to the patient.
  378. (06:31:26 AM) yama: Yay!
  379. (06:31:32 AM) ***yama claps its hands.
  380. (06:31:33 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Also, I completely forgot to record an intro!
  381. (06:31:41 AM) Gamnos: Thanks, great job. great pleasure!
  382. (06:31:42 AM) lietu: btw, does the timer not say "Next session: 6 days, 22:24:xx" for someone?
  383. (06:31:49 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: My pleasure :)
  384. (06:31:53 AM) yama: I was waiting for the intro but the game started right away. ;_;
  385. (06:32:09 AM) VirGnar left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  386. (06:32:11 AM) Syd: It's fine for me. I'm using Firefox 16
  387. (06:32:13 AM) yama: You've spoiled me too much, Mr. Cheeseness.
  388. (06:32:14 AM) lietu: yeah, thanks for the stream
  389. (06:32:23 AM) yama: Good job, indeed. :D
  390. (06:32:25 AM) zorch: Agreed! Thanks!
  391. (06:32:26 AM) lrasinen left the room (quit: Quit: leaving).
  392. (06:32:26 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Sorry, yama. I was a little short on time (I only went to bed two hours before we started)
  393. (06:32:27 AM) Syd: Thanks for streaming, Cheeseness
  394. (06:32:43 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: More than welcome, all ^_^
  395. (06:32:48 AM) zorch left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  396. (06:32:50 AM) yama: Hehe. Don't worry about it, Cheeseness. :)
  397. (06:33:01 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I'll do one for next week, I promise :)
  398. (06:33:23 AM) yama: Thanks to all new people who showed up, too.
  399. (06:33:42 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yes, many thanks to everybody who dropped in :)
  400. (06:33:44 AM) yama: Feel free to hang around and idle. We don't bite. :)
  401. (06:34:02 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Everybody here (except me) is nice ^_^
  402. (06:34:33 AM) yama: lietu, I don't get any timer in IE9 or Opera now.
  403. (06:34:44 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And discussion can also be continued in the Game Club forum thread or Beneath A Steel Sky
  404. (06:34:49 AM) lietu: woot?
  405. (06:35:02 AM) yama: (I'd be there's a newer IE, but I don't ever use it so I don't care for it.)
  406. (06:35:04 AM) Cheeseness:
  407. (06:35:25 AM) Cheeseness_netbook left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  408. (06:35:29 AM) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  409. (06:35:38 AM) Cheeseness: Ah, back to a nicer keyboard ^_^
  410. (06:35:41 AM) yama: You don't even need to be a backer of DFA to post in that topic.
  411. (06:35:55 AM) Gamnos: I'll put the link again at the KS page for BS5. Let's see some will come to visit next time.
  412. (06:36:00 AM) Cheeseness: You don't even need a forum account to read the thread :)
  413. (06:36:05 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks Gamnos!
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