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20 Questions About.....TobyJoey.

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  1. So, right before Meta made his miraculous trek into immortality, teenage Prototyper TobyJoey was the newest one to do so in the current Prototype. He was always in amongst the Top 20, even when *I* first arrived on the first page; he just didn't have the time and motivation to do so.
  3. So, imagine how surprised Boss and Tails and Doc and I were when we found him boosting up past Phantom Man [now StupidStudiosN], and also collecting Star Force like crazy, too. Less than 3 weeks later, he ends up making us the 'Big 5', and he also becomes Member #10 of the 1024 Club in relatively short order. He's currently one of the top 4; over 800 billion BP to his name.
  5. He's also pretty awesome to chat up and shoot the breeze with, too, and the Community can attest to this; people who are part of the Community end up noticing who Meta, ThatOneEnderMan, Rhythm_BCA, ZeroDXZ, TailsMK4 and TheDoc are at SOME point; T.J.'s in that list, too.
  7. ...so, he was a prime candidate to annoy with 20 questions. :P
  9. Community Q's:
  11. Q1. Why is your avatar Snake Man? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  12. T.J.: "Allow me to go on a small tangent: Compared to other robot masters, I am not terribly fond of Snake Man. I use to be Ring Man on here, but then this Ender Man showed up, and I decided there shouldn't be two on the 1st Leaderboard page.
  13. I was going to be a few others, but they have already been associated with people. If I felt comfortable doing so, I would change my profile to Spark Man, but I am afraid people associate me with Snake at this point."
  15. Q2. Is your Ratta the top % of rattas? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  16. T.J.: "Ratta? I don't know what that is, but my Rattata is. It's like my RATTATA is in the top percentage of all RATTATA."
  18. Q3. Favorite RMs 1-10 and MM&B :D [ThatOneEnderMan]
  19. T.J.: "1: Fire Man 2: Crash Man 3: Gemini Man 4: Ring Man 5: Gravity Man 6: Tomahawk Man 7: Shade Man 8: Sword Man & Bass: Dynamo Man 9: Tornado Man 10: Strike Man"
  21. Q4. What is your favorite game? [Meta, StupidStudiosN]
  22. T.J.: "If you ask me again tomorrow, I will probably have a different answer, but for now, probably Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Is it the best Sonic game? No. Is it a perfect way? Of course not. Do I have any reason besides nostalgia and that awesome 2 Player mode? Yes: I actually like the Treasure Hunting stages."
  24. Q5. What Mega Man games have you completed (Counting X Series, Zero Series, etc.)? [StupidStudiosN]
  25. T.J.: My list is nowhere as impressive as others', but I have done:
  26. Classic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Gotten to Wily Castles on 8, Bass, and 9)
  27. X: 1, 2, 3 (Have 4, but only about halfway through)
  28. Zero: Tried 1
  29. ZX: None
  30. Battle Network: Have tried 1, 2, and 3.
  31. Starforce: None (Mikey please don't kill me like Ender)"
  33. Q6. Are you poisonous? [BtMan]
  34. T.J.: "To everyone's brain cells, maybe."
  36. Q7. What do you think of Snake Man in Day in the Limelight 3? (If you played it or seen it) [BtMan]
  37. T.J.: "He is probably my 2nd favorite, Hard being my first. If Riverroad ever returns from the grave, I am stoked to try Spark and Gemini."
  39. Q8. MM3 RMs: Light-bots or Wily-bots? [BtMan]
  40. T.J.: "It's kinda split in the middle for me. Spark, Gemini, Hard, and Top are Light, while Magnet, Shadow, Needle, and Snake are Wily."
  42. Q9. Bass, Proto, or Mega? [Meta]
  43. T.J.: "Gotta go with the original." *The Mega's "I'm not the Break Man" is heard being sung in the background.*
  45. Q10. What Made you grind up to first (I Grinded up because you did... I didn't want to be left out)? [Meta]
  46. T.J.: "At the point I was at, I had nothing going on in real life, and I was getting bored with the same-old same-old I was experiencing here, so I wanted to go for the gold."
  48. Mike's Q's:
  50. Q11. I remember how I was one of the first on Prototype to call you 'T.J.'; is that a common nickname for you, in general?
  51. T.J.: "No, not at all. In real life, my name has next to nothing to do with the initials T.J., so it would kinda weird to hear that."
  53. Q12. Was it hard to obtain your Star of Immortality?
  54. T.J.: "As tempting as it may be, hard is not the way to describe it. Hard implies it provides a challenge or requires brain power. Monotonous is the way to describe it."
  56. Q13. What's the best thing about Prototype, in your opinion?
  57. T.J." "This might sound like a kiss-up answer, but probably the community. This has been, without a doubt, the kindest one I have seen. Amazing job Adrian and everybody else who partakes in it!"
  59. Q14. What's the WORST official MM game you've ever played?
  60. T.J.: Probably the lowest hanging fruit of an answer here, but do the DOS games count? If so, the 1st one. If not, probably & Bass, but that is a bit of a stretch. It's not bad, it is just the least good.
  62. Q15. ...and the BEST?
  63. T.J.: *rips off his shirt, revealing a "I love Mega Man 4" tattoo.*
  65. Q16. ...Tell me, have you seen Freeze Man in Prototype, yet [and if so; what's he like; I can't find him]?
  66. T.J.: "You and me both. I have found Galaxy and Tomahawk, but Freeze and Strike still elude me. However, I will not give up! I WANT TO BELIEVE!"
  68. Q17. Who would you like to see me interview next [even if they've already been done]?
  69. T.J.: "I would personally enjoy seeing either Spinstrike, Phantom Man/StupidStudiosN, or Adrian himself next."
  71. Q18. How did you come up with the name 'TobyJoey'?
  72. T.J.: "Ah, the question everyone asks on every site. Who is the man behind the username? Are they First/Middle/Last names? Are they characters? Are they the meaning of life itself ... they are the names of my two dogs. I have two rescues, one is named Toby, who is a possible beagle-collie mix, and the other is Joey, a pug-beagle-bulldog."
  74. Q19. I've had a couple of "20 Questions" subjects explain about how College is a good thing, but, is VERY expensive. Do you plan on going?
  75. T.J.: "To me, college seems like a necessary evil to being successful in life. Ever since I was little, "Go to college" has been drilled into my head from schools, but I think after high school, I am going to take a year of just working. Take a break from the studies. However, I have already started taking AP classes and hopefully will pass my recently taken AP English and Language Composition so I can have that credit for college."
  77. Q20. Watch any 'Recess', lately?
  78. T.J.: "Eh, I never got into that show as a kid. That teacher does share too many resemblances to Calvin and Hobbes' Ms. Wormwood for it to be coincidence, however."
  81. Special thanks to Tobyjoey for being such a great "20 Questions" subject. Additional thanks to BtMan, Meta, StupidStudiosN and ThatOneEnderMan for giving these very good suggestions.
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