Anti-social Anon

Feb 15th, 2016
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  1. >"Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?"
  2. >"I don't know Sunset, I think it's because he is... well, very different then everyone else here."
  3. >"So he's retarded?"
  4. >"No no, he's just so...different."
  5. >"Why? Has anyone even talked to him?"
  6. >"Yes, I believe that in kindergarten he and Applejack used to play together."
  7. >Applejack blushes.
  8. >"Yeah uh, ah used to play cowboys and indians with him all the time ya know?"
  9. >"And what? Ever since kindergarten nobody has even spoken to him."
  10. >"No, there was the... incident..."
  11. >"What incident?"
  12. >"That's right, you weren't at the school then."
  13. >"What happened?"
  14. >"To be honest, there are ah lotta stories 'bout what happened."
  15. >Rarity moves around uncomfortably in her seat.
  16. >"Well, he is the only person at the school I haven't talked to, and since I haven't really seen him at al since I came here, I wondered who he was."
  17. >"He never smiles either! It always makes me sad."
  18. >"What do you know about him Pinkie?"
  19. >"I remember that when school started he was always doing something rather odd, and he didn't have a lot of friends, except me of course!"
  20. >"Are you still friends with him?"
  21. >"No sadly, I haven't spoken to him at all since the incident..."
  22. >"Well I am going to talk to him."
  23. >Rarity almost jumps out of her seat.
  24. >"Hahah. Dearest I don't think that is a great idea."
  25. >"Yeah! He's like the only person who never plays a sport!"
  26. >"I don't play any sport Rainbow Dash."
  27. >"You are always doing some science thing Twilight! He doesn't have an excuse."
  28. >"Ladies I am quite certain that he has a perfectly valid reason, I don't play any sport either!"
  29. >"That's because you're bad at sport Rarity."
  30. >Sunset looks puzzled.
  31. >"Rarity, you have been awfully quiet this entire time, and you are constantly trying to change the subject, is there something you're trying to hide?"
  32. >Rarity blushes even harder than Applejack did.
  33. >"N-nn-noooo..."
  34. >"You're very bad at lying Rarity."
  35. >"Yeah Rarity! Spill the beans!"
  36. >"I am sorry ladies but I refuse to 'spill the beans'. I would rather keep that information private!"
  37. >"But Rarity! Ya always rub it in our faces when ya like someone!"
  38. >"Like!?! I DO NOT LIKE ANON!!!"
  39. >Rarity shouted way too loud.
  40. >Everyone stares at her.
  41. >Anon looks up from his laptop
  42. >Everyone that was present at the 'incident' was looking very nervous.
  43. >Anon stood up and left.
  44. >Rarity is embarrassed.
  45. >After many seconds of awkward silence, everyone goes back to eating.
  46. >"Rarity, that was quite rude."
  47. >"I know Sunset, but if Applejack could keep her mouth shut, I wouldn't have reacted in such a way."
  48. >"Hey! Don't blame me! It's not my fault that you...hahaha... like Anon!"
  49. >Rarity is furious, but then starts to laugh as well.
  50. >"At least I didn't play a game like... cowboy's and indians with him!"
  51. >Everyone starts to laugh.
  52. >"I'm glad that everyone was able to settle their differences so quickly."
  53. >Meanwhile, Anon is back at his underground bunker.
  54. "Jesus Christ why can't these fucking lunatics leave me alone."
  55. >All Anon ever wanted was to complete a Counter-Strike game during lunch break without the internet cutting out, something distracting him, or his... well, I can't spoil it for you.
  56. >Even worse was that of all people to intrude his game was Rarity.
  57. >Anon was pissed.
  58. "Oh well, I guess that means I have more time to conduct my research."
  59. >Anon closed the game and opened up his internet browser.
  60. >He opens up his most used tab, and scrolls down the page.
  61. "Damn, there is nothing good today."
  62. >Anon stares at his computer for a long time, thinking about his life choices.
  63. >They were all pretty shit.
  64. >If only he was smart enough when he was younger, everything would be much better.
  65. >After what seems to be half an hour, Anon sparks back into reality, and opens his research document.
  66. >It was full of complicated diagrams and formulas. Anon spent many years trying to perfect his new-found profession.
  67. >Anon pulled down his painting of the last supper. Behind it was a 'thought web' of events that were all connected since the 'incident'.
  68. "I can't believe I have come this far, but I think my research is almost complete."
  69. >Anon pins down Sunset's school photo on the board.
  70. "All the leads lead to her. What makes her so special? What does she have to do with my...
  71. condition."
  72. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  73. >Be next day.
  74. >Life was turning out great for you.
  75. >Everyone has forgiven you, and you have a great group of friends.
  76. >You have been studying hard, I mean, even though Equestria had magic, Science and Math here in the human world was much more advanced than it was in Equestria.
  77. >And it's histories always intrigued you.
  78. >However, you and your friends had recently been in the middle of an argument about this mysterious Anon character.
  79. >He seems to be very anti-social, which could probably explain why he gets such good grades.
  80. >Everybody also hates him, for some reason you don't know about. You feel sorry for him, probably because everyone treated you the same way after you turned into a she-demon.
  81. >That gave you an excellent idea!
  82. >Since Princess Twilight has also been giving you friendship lessons, maybe you could help Anon become likeable!
  83. >You decide to share your plan with Sci Twilight, when HE shows up.
  84. >"Hey, Your name is Sunset, right?"
  85. "Ummm hahahaha.... Yeah I'm ah...Sunset yes..."
  86. >"Okay... Anyway, I have never really talked to you ever, since you're fairly new and all."
  87. >There is an awkward silence, until the bell rings.
  88. "Oh well, I guess we gotta go."
  89. >"Yeah, I'll talk to you at recess all right, there's something important I need to tell you."
  90. "Okay then, see ya."
  91. >That was awkward.
  92. >You sit down in your Homegroup next to Applejack.
  93. "Hey Applejack, I gotta tell you the most weird thing ever."
  94. >"Sure Sunset, what is it?"
  95. "I just talked to Anon just now."
  96. >"You WHAT!?!"
  97. "Shh, calm down. He wanted to meet me for some reason."
  98. >"Well, whatever he wants, it must be really important."
  99. "Why would you say that?"
  100. >"Well, he's not the very social type, I'm actually surprised he even managed to talk to you at all!"
  101. "Well, umm, anyway. I figured that, maybe I should try to... well..."
  102. >"Try and make him more friendly to others?"
  103. "Yeah!.. Something like that..."
  104. >"Well forget it"
  105. >"Anon will never become friends with anyone ever again, especially about after what happened back in kindergarten."
  106. "What happened?"
  107. >"It's uhh, kinda personal, but ah suppose you deserve to know."
  108. "Okay what is it? PTSD? Homicide?"
  109. >"No, umm... he kinda was dishonest to me."
  110. "It couldn't really be that bad?"
  111. >"Sunset, me and Anon's relationship was based on trust. Whenever one of us got in trouble the other was sure to get em out of it. Anon betrayed me harshly, I thought he was mah friends but he..."
  112. >Applejack started to shed tears.
  113. >Sunset hugged her gently.
  114. "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it."
  115. >"No, I promised I would tell ya the whole story. One time in kindergarten, Anon and I were playing cowboy's and indians. Anon was the cowboy. However instead of using pretend guns using his fingers, he threw tiny stones at me."
  116. "You're mad at him because he threw stones at you?"
  117. >"No, I was fine with it. I started throwing stones too. It made the game a lot more serious since there was a small punishment if you got shot. Anyways I eventually got a big stone... and I threw it at him."
  118. "That's not cool."
  119. >"I know, I tried to say sorry to him but he was too stubborn."
  120. "Well, he was in kindergarten after all."
  121. >"Yeah but, on this particular day a whole bunch of kids were playing cowboys and indians, with stones."
  122. "I think I know where this is heading."
  123. >"Yeah, basically a bunch of people got hurt, and the teachers started questioning everyone, when they saw the giant bruise Anon had gotten, they asked who did it."
  124. "And so the teachers got you in trouble because they assumed you started the game."
  125. >"Yeah."
  126. "Well, I know what your problem is, you hold a pointless grudge."
  127. >"WHAT?"
  128. "Come one Applejack, you can't tell me that ever since then, you have never talked to him since."
  129. >"Well, yeah I haven't. Mostly because I found new friends with the rest of the gang."
  130. "I think maybe you should come with me to sort things out."
  131. >"Sure, I guess ah will."
  132. >Sunset's first class of the day was English.
  133. >She shared it with Pinkie Pie.
  134. >Sunset always wondered why the human world spoke the same language as the one in Equestria.
  135. >At least it made it a lot easier to settle in.
  136. >Pinkie Pie was being extremely annoying.
  137. >"oooh, I heard that you're going on a date with Anon!"
  138. "WHAT?!?"
  139. >"Sunset Shimmer! Is there something you want to share with the class?"
  140. "No Miss."
  141. >"I expect you to keep your voice down next time."
  142. "Yes Miss."
  143. >Sunset slowly hunches over in her chair and her head falls into her hands.
  144. >"So you are dating Anon?"
  145. >Sunset groans.
  146. "No Pinkie, he wants to talk to me about something, and I want to try and get him to make some friends."
  147. >"Hey, I remember when I used to be friends with Anon, we had sooo much fun!"
  148. "Tell me about it."
  149. >"Weelllll... I know everything about everyone, except Anon, so I made it my goal in grade 3 to know every single detail about him."
  150. "What happened?"
  151. >"Well, Anon was very stubborn, he was always playing video games, and it was very hard to distract him. I eventually got his attention and it blossomed into one of my very best friendships."
  152. "You were best friends?"
  153. >"Yes! We did everything together! Video games, studies, parties! The list goes on and on."
  154. >Pinkie Pie pulls out a very large list and starts listing all the things she did with Anon."
  155. "That's impressive Pinkie, but what caused the friendship to break?"
  156. >"Well, it really ended in at the beginning of Grade 6."
  157. "What happened then? Was it the year of 'the incident'?"
  158. >"No silly, the incident happened in Grade 7!"
  159. "7? That would have been the year I..."
  160. >"In grade 6, Anon started to become more anti-social."
  161. "Why?"
  162. >"I don't know, it was rather sad really, he just started talking to me less and less. It didn't matter to me though, I still had plenty of friends!"
  163. "Do you want to know why he stopped talking to you?"
  164. >Pinkie gasps.
  166. >Miss Pie and Miss Shimmer, if I hear another word out of any of you, you're both going to detention.
  167. >Sunset nods her head before she starts to whisper to Pinkie.
  168. "It's not actually a date, it's just me and Applejack talking to Anon at recess."
  169. >"Oh okay, sure I'll go!"
  170. "Great... Who told that I was going out with Anon anyway?"
  171. >"Oh, that was Rarity!"
  172. >Sunset was a little pissed, but then she smirked as she realised she had physical education with her next.
  173. >Be in soccer field.
  174. >Be half an hour later.
  175. >Sunset's gym class is splitting up into two teams, Sunset made sure that she went into the same team as Rarity.
  176. >Rarity of course decides to be a defender, so that she can sit out for most of the game.
  177. >Sunset follows her.
  178. "Hey Rarity, how's it going?"
  179. >"It's going great Sunset! How has... your day been, heh heh?"
  180. "Well I don't know, but I'll know for sure after I ask you a few questions."
  181. >Rarity starts to sweat.
  183. "Wow, calm down, it's really okay, but you did you really have to start it with Pinkie Pie of all the people."
  184. >"Well, I thought that it would be best to choose someone very reliable and social..."
  185. "Never mind that, obviously it seems that something happened during 'the incident' between you and Anon, and they only thing I know about it was it was during Grade 7, which was the year I arrived here, and that they are multiple stories about what happened that nobody knows the truth, however I suspect you know the true story."
  186. >Rarity falls down onto the grass.
  187. >"It all started at the end of Grade 6..."
  188. >"I always held myself in high regard, I dressed perfectly and always acted as lady-like as perfectly, however that all changed when I met...him. He was the sweetest thing I had ever met. He made me realise that there was more than looking pretty. Anon was never the most handsome man, his back has...scars... he never told me where he got them. We started out as a small friendship at the end of Grade 6. It was also the first time we met.
  189. >Be Flashback.
  190. >Be Rarity
  191. >Rarity was on her way home from school.
  192. >Rarity was walking with her fashion friends.
  193. >She notices a boy around her age sitting alone with his laptop underneath a tree.
  194. "Hey Photo Finish, who is that?"
  195. >"That is Anon, he is in our grade. He used to be great friends with Pinkie Pie for a while earlier this year, however I have noticed that he has become more and more lonesome since.
  196. "Why would Pinkie Pie stop being friends with him?"
  197. >"I do not know, but I don't think it was Pinkie Pie that abandoned him."
  198. "I'm intrigued by his suit, it looks"
  199. >"Rarity, I wouldn't go near him if I were you."
  200. "It's really okay Sapphire, besides, what's the harm?"
  201. >"Alright then, are you okay to walk home alone?"
  202. "Yes, I am positive."
  203. >Rarity breaks away from her group and walks over to Anon.
  204. >Be Anon
  205. >Anon was playing The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, his favourite game of all time.
  206. >He knew almost all the secrets, and was playing his favourite mod, which made him jump really, really high.
  207. >He was listening to [Embed] as well.
  208. >Anon was trying his hardest to cheer himself up.
  209. >Ever since he stop being friends with Pinkie, things have been going downhill.
  210. >His mother died in a car accident, and his father was still missing, but at least his high paying job was keeping Anon alive.
  211. >In fact, Anon received so much money, he probably doesn't even need to work when school finishes, his money from his father would be sustainable enough to afford a whole family.
  212. >However, today would be the day Anon's life changed forever.
  213. >Rarity walked up to Anon.
  214. >Anon didn't take any notice.
  215. >"ahem."
  216. "Sorry, I don't think we have met."
  217. >"I am Rarity, and you must be Anon."
  218. "Yeah, what do you want?"
  219. >"I couldn't help but notice your suit, it is fantastic, I wonder where you can afford to wear such formal clothes for something as silly as high school."
  220. "I have rich parents."
  221. >"And you go to school like CHS? I am surprised."
  222. "It's the best school in the area."
  223. >"Well that's, true. Anyway I know that you used to be great friends with my friend Pinkie Pie, may I ask why you don't umm... hang out with her anymore?"
  224. "I'd like to keep that private."
  225. >"Alright then, isn't there anything else you can tell me about yourself?"
  226. >Anon closes his laptop.
  227. "What's so important about me?"
  228. >"Well, you just look like a very interesting person, and I have never really known that much about you."
  229. "Okay, what would you like to know?"
  230. >"Who are you friends with?"
  231. "Nobody."
  232. >"What's you're favourite hobby?"
  233. "Video games."
  234. >"Video games are not a hobby!"
  235. "Neither is fashion then."
  236. >Rarity gasps.
  237. >"HOW DARE YOU! Fashion IS a hobby. Wait a minute, how did you know that I'm a fashionista?"
  238. "Well, when you sit by yourself for a while, you notice a lot things about other people a lot more than if you actually talked to them."
  239. >"Surely there is more than that."
  240. "Yeah there is, I used to be friends with Pinkie Pie remember, she used to tell me stuff about everybody."
  241. >"Wow, so do you know about that embarrassing story about Rainbow Dash and Soarin?"
  242. "Yeah, that was pretty funny."
  243. >They both laugh.
  244. >"We really must talk again sometime."
  245. "Yeah, I enjoyed it."
  246. >"C-can you walk me home Anon?"
  247. "Sure, I've got no problem with that."
  248. >"Yeah and next time you talk to someone, make sure you make eye contact with them and that you're not looking at your computer games.
  249. >Anon blushes.
  250. >End Flashback
  251. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  252. >"The next year, or Grade 7, we continued being friends, hanging out at the same tree. Eventually we became... more than friends."
  253. "You were boyfriend and girlfriend?"
  254. >"Yes, however that ended during... the incident."
  255. "What was the incident?"
  256. >"It was a day exactly like today. It was recess and Anon and I were umm, having some fun at our tree. A bunch of jocks showed up and that is when things got bad.
  257. >Be Flashback
  258. >Be Anon
  259. >He was making out with Rarity at their tree, he was really lucky to have someone like her.
  260. >However a bunch of jocks came over and decided to ruin his life forever.
  261. >"Look what we have here, the freak and the slut."
  262. >Anon stopped kissing and looks towards the jocks.
  263. "You will gain nothing from bullying us, move along."
  264. >The jocks started laughing.
  265. >"Was that supposed to be some sort of Jedi mind trick? hahhaha. Sorry freak, but we need to teach Rarity who she should really be getting along with."
  266. >Rarity's face was full of terror.
  267. "Leave her out of this."
  268. >"But she's the reason why we're here, what are you gonna do about it? Beat us up?"
  269. >The rest of the jocks crack up into laughter.
  270. "I'm not afraid of you."
  271. >"You should be little boy."
  272. >The ringleader went and grabbed Rarity by the wrists.
  273. >"Anon!"
  274. >Anon pulled the jocks arms off Rarity, and punched him in the face.
  275. >The ringleader started to go after Anon, but the other jocks held him back.
  276. >"Alright bastard, if you wanna play rough meet me at this spot after school."
  277. >The jocks stormed off.
  278. >"Anon they'll kill you!"
  279. "I know, but If I don't, I'll be labelled as coward.
  280. >"Promise me won't fight them."
  281. "Alright... Do you wanna come over to my place tonight?"
  282. >Rarity smirked.
  283. >"What are you up to?"
  284. >Anon smiled.
  285. "You'll have to wait and see."
  286. >Be Rarity.
  287. >It's now after school, and you are on your way to Anon's.
  288. >However the jocks are waiting by the statue.
  289. >"Hey Rarity, where's the freak?"
  290. >Before Rarity can react she is grabbed from behind.
  291. >"Now we wait for Anon to show up."
  292. >Be Anon
  293. >Be at Anon's house.
  294. >Where was Rarity? She should have been here by now.
  295. >Wait a minute.
  296. >Shit.
  297. >Anon grabs his knife and puts his suit on.
  298. >He opens his father's gun closet.
  299. "Fuck, I'm gonna get in so much trouble."
  300. >Be Rarity.
  301. >Be tied up to the tree.
  302. >The jocks were playing cards to decide who could have intercourse first.
  303. >Disgusting.
  304. >Rarity was about to start crying, as it was getting dark and it seemed like hope was lost.
  305. >However... It was Anon! at the Basketball court!
  306. >"Hey, faggots I'm here!"
  307. >The jocks jump up, and are surprised.
  308. >"Look who finally showed up."
  309. >"I'm ready to fight you."
  310. "No Anon please don't fight!"
  311. >"See Anon, she doesn't want you any more."
  312. >The jocks laughed.
  313. >Anon just stood the emotionless.
  314. >"Let her go, and I'll fight you."
  315. >"Alright let her go."
  316. >One of the jocks pulls out a knife and cuts the rope.
  317. "You sick bastards!"
  318. >"Run away slut."
  319. >Rarity just ran off, however she hid behind the bushes to see what was going to happen next.
  320. >The jock walked up to Anon.
  321. >"You know, I always wondered why an anti-social freak such as yourself got such a nice piece of ass."
  322. >Anon just stood there.
  323. >"Look at you, with your stupid suit, and would you call those weak arms muscles?"
  324. >"Would you call your brain functional?"
  325. >It started to rain.
  326. >The jock punched Anon, and he fell to the ground.
  327. >Anon's knife fell out of his pocket.
  328. >"WOW, looks like the autist has big boy weapons!"
  329. >Anon pulled out his pistol and fired into the air.
  330. >The jock instantly backed off.
  331. >"Looks like you aren't so brave now aren't ya punk?"
  332. >"Fuck you, fight me like a man."
  333. >Anon stood there, and the shower turned into a storm.
  334. >After what seemed a really long time, Anon dropped the pistol.
  335. >"You're such an idiot, why would you drop your gun?"
  336. >The jock went for the pistol, but Anon tackled him.
  337. >They started to wrestle, but when it looked like Anon was about to lose, there was a giant flash of lightning, and Rarity was knocked unconscious.
  338. >Rarity eventually woke up, still behind the bush, Anon was sitting next to her with a bottle of Alcohol.
  339. "I didn't know you drink!"
  340. >"I don't, but after what just happened I don't think I'll ever be the same again."
  341. "Why?"
  342. >"Look at the school."
  343. >Rarity peered over the bush.
  344. >The School was a wreck, the Basketball court was destroyed, most of the soccer field was on fire, and the statue was missing it's head.
  346. >Anon handed over the bottle, and Rarity drowned it down.
  347. "What the fuck happened."
  348. >"I don't know, I can hardly remember any of it."
  349. "What happened to the bullies?"
  350. >"After that lightning strike, I was standing underneath the tree, the ringleader was on the ground, also unconscious. I took him to the school's sick bay, and he's on a bed right now. The others seemed to run off in terror."
  351. >Rarity stopped drinking.
  352. "Anon, are you okay?"
  353. >Anon started shaking his hands.
  354. >"Rarity, I don't think we should go out any more."
  355. >They sat there for a while, Anon holding Rarity close.
  356. "I think you're right Anon, people are going to get suspicious about what happened today, who know's what those jocks will say about us. But I think we can go on one more date."
  357. >Anon smiled.
  358. >"Let's go home."
  359. >End Flashback.
  360. >Be Sunset.
  361. >"The next day the ringleader left the school for unknown reasons, the other jocks were blamed and had to clean up. Anon and I broke up, and rumours started spreading. Nobody talked to Anon ever again, and I still wish that we were back together."
  362. "Gosh that's some story."
  363. >"Yeah, I miss him..."
  364. "I'm going to talk to him at recess with Pinkie and Applejack, do you want to come with me?"
  365. >"Are you s-sure?"
  366. "Yeah, it'll be great! Anon might be able to have friends again!"
  367. >"Okay...."
  368. >Sunset and Rarity stood on the field, watching the game.
  369. >Be Anon.
  370. >Be at Anon's underground bunker.
  371. >Anon is looking at himself in the mirror.
  372. "Okay Anon, this is gonna be the first time you've spoken to a girl since..."
  373. >Anon stares at picture of him and Rarity at the beach.
  374. >He sighs.
  375. "It shouldn't be hard, just ask her what she knows and then get out of there."
  376. >Anon leaves his bunker through the school passage.
  377. >It's nicely hidden behind the same bush during the incident.
  378. >Anon walks over to the tree.
  379. >It's the first time he has been there in years, and poppies had grown around it.
  380. "The blood-stained flower."
  381. >Anon sat down and waited for Sunset.
  382. >He saw her approach, however there were three other very recognisable figures with her.
  383. >Anon was mad.
  384. "Why did you bring them?"
  385. >"I thought you would like to talk to your old friends?"
  386. "I don't okay."
  387. >Pinkie and Rarity frown.
  388. >Anon notices.
  389. "Sorry... I didn't mean that..."
  390. >"Anon you bastard! Ah thought you were better than that!"
  391. "Look Applejack... sigh, who wants to talk first?"
  392. >"Ah will, why did ya betray me Anon?"
  393. "I didn't tell on you, someone else did!"
  394. >"Why didn't you tell me!"
  395. "You wouldn't let me! So I thought you didn't want to be friends with me anymore!"
  396. >Applejack is silent.
  397. "I'm sorry, I wasn't a good enough friend."
  398. >"Don't be sorry Anon, I should be the one saying sorry, I jumped to a conclusion without any facts and held a pointless grudge for many years."
  399. >Anon hugged Applejack, who blushes.
  400. >Pinkie breaks them apart and starts bouncing up and down.
  401. >"Oooh! Oooh! My turn! Why did you stop being friends Anon?"
  402. >Anon looks at Pinkie and Smiles.
  403. "I didn't leave you because I didn't want to be friends anymore, I left because I noticed that you were hanging out with me more and more. As you know, I'm not a very social person, and I was afraid that I was stealing you away from your other friends."
  404. >"Oh Anon! You weren't keeping me away from my other friends! You really are not very good at friendships!"
  405. >"Yeah, ah always thought that it was pretty silly that the most social person on the planet was always hanging out with someone like Anon!"
  406. >They all laugh.
  407. >After they stop, Anon turns to Rarity.
  408. >"Anon-I"
  409. >Anon presses his lips to hers.
  410. >Sunset isn't surprised, but Applejack and Pinkie are completely shocked.
  411. >"What da hell?"
  413. >Anon pulls away.
  414. "You know where to meet after school."
  415. >Rarity blushes, and nods her head.
  416. >Sunset speaks up.
  417. >"Now, what is it that you want Anon?"
  418. >Anon turns to Sunset, and frowns."
  419. "Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you brought me my old friends back, but when I said I wanted to talk to you, I meant in private."
  420. >Anon sighs.
  421. "I guess I'll have to tell the truth now."
  422. >"What truth? Have ya been keeping secrets from us Anon?"
  423. "Yes I have been Applejack, but trust me, it was for the entire school's good. I assume that Rarity told you the truth about the incident Sunset?"
  424. >"Yes she did."
  425. >"Wait? Rarity and Anon were involved in the incident?"
  426. >"Yes Pinkie, should I tell them?"
  427. >Rarity and Anon both nod their heads.
  428. >Sunset retells the incident to Applejack and Pinkie, not missing any details.
  429. >"Wow..."
  430. >"Good one Anon, they had it comin."
  431. "Yes they did, but there is one detail left out."
  432. >Rarity frowns at Anon.
  433. >"What are you talking about Anon?"
  434. "I lied to you, but after what has happened these past few years with this magic stuff, I am pretty sure you'll believe me. Do you remember that lightning strike that knocked everyone unconscious? Well it hit me."
  435. >The girls gasp.
  436. "That jock was still awake as well, and he looked terrified. I turned my head to the side and I saw that I had wings, and electricity was jumping around my hands. However I couldn't control my body after what happend next. I started to electrocute the bastard, I didn't want to hurt him, but I couldn't control myself, it was like I was a puppet and somebody was pulling the strings. After I electrocuted him long enough he...died. I then went on a rampage destroying the school. Eventually the storm stopped and I transformed back into my old self."
  437. >The girls were shocked.
  438. "That's not the whole story, I started doing all these weird things. I was really thirsty after that and a bottle of alcohol just appeared like that! I started crying that I just murdered someone and boom! His heart started beating! I realised that I had gained some sort of magical powers, similar to what you guy's have, however I don't need to 'pony up' or whatever it is you do. I wished that the boy would return home and that he would never come back to the school again, and he vanished! I felt like a god, but I felt the presence of that evil being that controlled me during the storm."
  439. "I realised that the more I used my powers, the stronger that being became. So I decided to restrict the usage of my powers. I knew that the safest way to protect others was to be alone and not be by myself. I knew that to keep Rarity safe I had to break up with her. I regretted that day, as I had to become a loner."
  440. >tears were running down the
  441. "But one day I noticed that a new chick was in town, Sunset Shimmer. I noticed something that others didn't, there was something suspicious about her. My fears were confirmed during the Fall Formal, when Twilight Sparkle from the pony world showed up. I realised that somebody from a world full of magic would be able to fix my condition. So I spent the next 2 years trying to find out all I could about this world, and found nothing, except a portal in the School Statue. I never could get close to it, because wouldn't you know, Sunset Shimmer and the rest of Twilight's friends were always hanging around it. Eventually I discovered that Sunset-Shimmer was did not exist until the very same year of the incident. I'll admit that I spied on you and the rest of your friends, and I discovered that you too were from the pony world."
  442. >Sunset nods her head.
  443. "That's the whole story."
  444. >Anon lies back against the tree, and the girls join him.
  445. "So, can you fix me so that I can become normal again?"
  446. >"I'll try."
  447. >Be Sunset.
  448. >Be in Math class later that day.
  449. >You never knew what you were getting yourself into this morning.
  450. >At least that you were able to reunite Anon with his friends, and you hope to become friends with him as well.
  451. >You weren't paying attention in class though, you were too busy thinking of ways to remove magic.
  452. >But why would a human like Anon gain magical powers?
  453. >Was he hiding something else? Or was there something evil going on?
  454. >The bell rang, and the class went wild.
  455. >Picking up her books, she left the classroom and went to her locker.
  456. >"Hey Sunset, what are you doing after school?"
  457. "Hey Rainbow, listen, I think that I have been able to become friends with Anon!"
  458. >"What!?! That's crazy!"
  459. "Yeah, I've also reunited Anon with his old friends!"
  460. >"Who are they?"
  461. "Applejack, Pinkie and Rarity!"
  462. >"So, Rarity has met Anon before!"
  463. "Yes, you'll be quite shocked when you find out!"
  464. >"Find out what?"
  465. "Hahaha, you'll see."
  466. >Sunset grabs all her Equestrian books about magic, and sees her diary.
  467. "Should I bring it? Sure, guess I will."
  468. >Sunset goes outside the school, and sees Rarity and Anon making out underneath the tree.
  469. "Ahem..."
  470. >They break apart, both of them embarrassed.
  471. "Okay Anon, let's go to the Science Lab."
  472. >"Alright... Hey Rarity, I'll call you when I get home okay?"
  473. >"Okay Anon, see you soon!
  474. >Be in Science Lab.
  475. >You never really understood why the school let you use all these crazy machines.
  476. "Okay Anon, Before I analyse your magical potential I'm going to need a blood sample."
  477. >"Okay sure."
  478. >Sunset performs the blood test on Anon.
  479. >"Why do you need it?"
  480. "I just have a suspicion... Okay now please sit down in this chair over here.
  481. >Sunset points to a chair with lots of dangerous contraptions around it.
  482. >"Are you sure this thing is safe?"
  483. "Positive! I've done this test on my friends multiple times!"
  484. >"Okay..."
  485. >Anon sits down in the chair, and Sunset straps him to it.
  486. >Anon is looking very nervous.
  487. >Sunset enters the safety room.
  488. "Okay Anon, prepare yourself, I am about to trigger your magical potential, starting with 10%."
  489. >The lights in the room darken, and the machine starts to make a loud noise.
  490. >Anon's eyes light up, and random objects start materialising around the room.
  491. "Impressive! Increasing magical potential to 20%"
  492. >All the previous objects disappear and a bunch of paper starts flying around the room.
  493. >"Hey! I teleported next week's exam answers!"
  494. "Get rid of those!"
  495. >"Uhhh... fine."
  496. >The papers burn up in a blue flame.
  497. "Increasing to 50%."
  498. >A girl in a bikini teleports in, she screams in terror.
  499. "Did you have to teleport a swim suit model!"
  500. >"Sorry, hahahahah."
  501. >The bikini girl teleports away.
  502. "Increasing to 70%"
  503. >Electricity started to jump around Anon's arms.
  504. >"Hey, you might want to slow it down a bit."
  505. "Okay, Increasing to 75%"
  506. >Anon's wings sprouted out of his back.
  507. >"Look who's back, my little Anon."
  508. "What was that?"
  509. >"It's the voice in my head, the one that controlled me before!"
  510. >"Yes, and you have been trying to shut me out by not using your powers. Wouldn't you like to know what your full potential is?"
  511. >"SHUT IT OFF SUNSET, NOW!!!"
  512. "I'm trying!"
  513. >"Don't stop now Anon, I know everything about you, who you really are. I know what happened to your mother, and I know where your father is, but I will only tell if you continue."
  514. >"How do I know if you're telling the truth?"
  515. "Don't listen to him Anon!"
  516. >"Well, I guess that you won't be able to know, but I will leave you with one message, do not trust the one with the dog."
  517. >The machine turns off, and the lights turn back on.
  518. "Well, that was interesting."
  519. >"Yeah, what did you discover."
  520. "Nothing, I wasn't able to reach your full magical potential, so I guess that we will have to try again another day."
  521. >"Thanks for your help Sunset, I really appreciate it."
  522. >Sunset smiles, and then becomes embarrassed at Anon's embrace.
  523. >"Thank you so much."
  524. >Anon leaves the Science Lab.
  525. >Sunset grabs Anon's blood bag, and squeezes the blood out into a test tube.
  526. "Well Anon, let's see who you really are."
  527. >Sunset spent the entire night analysing Anon's DNA.
  528. >Around midnight, she fully decoded Anon's DNA.
  529. >His DNA was defiantly different than the average human.
  530. "I wonder if..."
  531. >Sunset performed a blood test on herself, and spent the second half of the night analysing her DNA.
  532. >By the crack of dawn, her research was complete.
  533. "Oh sweet Celestia, holy horses."
  534. >Be Anon.
  535. >Last night's date with Rarity was delightful.
  536. >You both went out to a fancy dinner, did some dancing.
  537. >Problem being that Anon was out of practice.
  538. >But it didn't matter, especially after the fun you had afterwards.
  539. >You look to your right to see your sleeping beauty.
  540. >You're about to sleep in when your phone rings.
  541. "Jesus who could that be at this time of the morning."
  542. >"Hello it's Sunset."
  543. "Of course, what do you want?"
  544. >"I have... I have..."
  545. "Are you about to fall asleep?"
  546. >"Nnooo...Yawn..."
  547. "Get some rest, I'll meet you at school."
  548. >The phone call has woken Rarity up.
  549. >"Who was it?"
  550. "It was Sunset."
  551. >"Typical"
  552. "Do you want to have another go before school?"
  553. >"I don't see why we can't!"
  554. >Be at School
  555. >Anon and Rarity walked over to the Science Lab.
  556. >They see a sleeping Sunset lying on the floor.
  557. "Damn, what are we going to do?"
  558. >"I know, I'll go grab some coffee!"
  559. "No need."
  560. >Anon uses his powers to teleport some coffee onto a nearby bench.
  561. >"Wow! Next time I come over to your place you need to spawn in some...well, you know."
  562. "Don't worry, I'll spawn in all the sex toys in the world."
  563. >Rarity smirks seductively.
  564. "Hey Sunset, wake up, I got you some coffee."
  565. >Sunset mutters something comprehensible.
  566. "What was that?"
  567. >"You're not allowed to bring food or drink into a science lab Anon!"
  568. "But I didn't bring it in, I teleported it! So technically i did some sorta sciencey thing to get it!"
  569. >Rarity giggles and Sunset sighs.
  570. >Sunset starts to drink the coffee.
  571. "Now, what was so important that you had to ring me at 3:00 in the morning?"
  572. >Sunset drops the coffee.
  573. >"Holy Luna, that's right, I finished analysing your DNA!"
  574. "Really? That's cool, what did you find?"
  575. >"You're not going to believe this, but it makes total sense."
  576. "Okay, what is it?"
  577. >"You're half human."
  578. "Say what?"
  579. >"You're half human."
  580. >Anon's mouth dropped to the floor. [spoiler]literally[/spoiler]
  581. >"Half human?"
  582. >"Yes, and half...Pony."
  583. "HALF WHAT!?!"
  584. >"Half pony."
  585. "How is that possible?!?"
  586. >"No silly, not the ponies from your world, but the ones from mine."
  587. "How did you figure that out?"
  588. >"I simply compared your DNA to mine, since I'm a pony, and most of half of your DNA matched up to mine, while the other half was exactly the same as a normal human, except for some physical features of course."
  589. >Anon slumped down into a chair.
  590. "Half human...Half pony..."
  591. >"Sunset, you should ask Princess Twilight if she knows anything."
  592. >"Great Idea Rarity."
  593. >Sunset opens up her diary and starts writing to Twilight.
  594. >"Dear Princess Twilight, I have quite the story to tell you, I have met a very unique human called Anon, he is half human and half pony. He has been able to perform magic without having to 'pony up' and is extremely powerful. Please write soon."
  595. "Well, guess that means I'm a unicorn in Equestria."
  596. >"You should be proud Anon, I myself am... was a powerful unicorn back in Equestria, I can't wait to take you there!"
  597. "Wait a minute, who said I was going to Equestria! I don't wanna go there! I don't want any of this magic crap! I just want my old life back!"
  598. >"Darling, don't get so upset-"
  599. "Upset? How would you like to know that your mother or your father fucked a horse!"
  600. >"Hey, we aren't horses, we're ponies!"
  601. "Huge fucking difference, do you know what that makes me!?!"
  602. >"What-t Anon?"
  603. "That makes me a BASTARD, a REAL one! Jesus Christ, HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL."
  604. >Anon starts to tear up, and he summons some alcohol.
  605. >"Look Anon, why don't you talk to your father, he'll tell the truth."
  606. "My Father hasn't talked to me since the 3rd grade!"
  607. >The three of them a silent for a while.
  608. "Hey Sunset."
  609. >"Y-yes Anon?"
  610. "Are there ponies that can perform... Necromancy?"
  611. >Sunset immediately scorns Anon.
  612. >"No, Necromancy is evil! Don't do it Anon! You'll only make that voice take more control over you! Besides, I don't think even Twilight Sparkle has the magic to even perform such a spell!"
  613. "Well, I may not be a princess, but It's worth a try."
  614. >"Anon, don't do it."
  615. >"Darling I think you should listen to the more experienced magic user."
  616. >Anon's wings sprouted from his back.
  617. "I'm sorry, but I need to speak to her."
  618. >All the lights in the school turn off. cliché enough, right?
  619. >"Don't do this Anon."
  620. >"Anon, stop this at once before someone gets hurt."
  621. >Electricity starts jumping around Anon.
  622. >Anon does a short scream.
  623. >"Hello again Anon, just what do you think you're doing?"
  624. "F-f...fuck you."
  625. >"Anon stop this at once!"
  626. >"Well Anon, do you think you can reach your full potential? Raise someone from the dead?"
  627. "I can damn well try you bastard."
  628. >"Funny, I'm not the bastard child here."
  629. >Anon's face becomes full of anger.
  630. "I told you to fuck off, now do it!"
  631. >"Maybe if you ask politely, I might oblige."
  632. >Sunset and Rarity are in the safety room, and Sunset is looking at the magic reading device.
  633. >"Anon, your magic potential is at 85%!!!! I have never seen a pony with this much magic!"
  634. >"That's because he isn't a pony Sunset Shimmer, listen Anon, you'll be able to raise your mother soon, ask her whatever questions you want, but remember my warning, don't trust the one with the dog!"
  635. "What does that even mean!"
  636. >"You'll find out."
  637. >"89%!!!!"
  638. >There is a small flash of light, and Anon, Sunset and Rarity are standing in a graveyard.
  639. >Anon is flying above a gravestone which reads: Here Lies Mrs Anonymous.
  640. >"Anon! Don't do it!"
  641. >Anon pointed his index finger towards the gravestone, and lightning shot out and struck it.
  642. >A bunch of shovels appeared, and started digging.
  643. >"Anon!!!"
  644. >Rarity and Sunset try to grab the shovels.
  645. >"Please stop Anon! It's not natural!"
  646. "I don't care."
  647. >More shovels spawn in.
  648. >Eventually, despite the girl's efforts, the coffin is dug up.
  649. >Anon uses levitation lift the top off.
  650. >The skeleton is inside.
  651. >Anon shots the skeleton with a bolt of lightning, and a ghost appears from the skeleton.
  652. >the ghost is a beautiful woman, who looks very familiar to anon.
  653. >"Mr Anonymous! Necromancy! Just what in the world are you thinking!"
  654. "M-mother?"
  655. >"You should know better! I thought your father would have taught you better once you learned your powers!"
  656. "M-my father, he left me."
  657. >Mrs Anon frowns.
  658. >"Oh my poor boy, I'm so sorry."
  659. >Anon's mother tries to hug her son, but she of course passes through him.
  660. >Anon sighs.
  661. >His mother notices the girls for the first time.
  662. >"Who do we have here?"
  663. "This is my girlfriend Rarity, and my best friend Sunset Shimmer."
  664. >Sunset blushes when Anon calls her his best friend.
  665. >"You both look like beautiful girls, has Anon been up to trouble?"
  666. >Rarity blushes, and Sunset starts to laugh.
  667. >"We sure have had our share of adventures! We could be here days!"
  668. >"Well Sunset, I'm afraid we don't have that much time. Anon, I presume you summoned me to answer some questions?"
  669. "Yes."
  670. >"Okay, let's be quick before your magic runs out."
  671. "Alright, who was my father."
  672. >"Your father was a powerful Unicorn, he was very lovely."
  673. "Have I ever met him?"
  674. >"You did, ever since you were born you were always by his side."
  675. "But I don't remember him."
  676. >"True, he must of gotten some sort of carer to look after you and he left."
  677. "You mean Cadance?"
  678. >"Yeah, and what, when you started school she left and you looked after yourself?"
  679. "Yep, Dad's job or wherever he gets all that money from kept arriving at my door, I can afford a family to live for multiple lifetimes."
  680. >"It's good to know that you have become such and independant man."
  681. >Anon blushes.
  682. "Where is my father now?"
  683. >"Well, if he doesn't live with you anymore, than the only place he can be is-"
  684. >"Equestria, don't you see Anon! You've gotta come with me!"
  685. "Okay then, I guess I'll have to go there one day. This'll be the last question I'm starting to sweat."
  686. >"You don't need to ask it. Anon, whatever anger you hold against your father, be thankful, he has given you all that cash after all, and I believe that he has been by your side this entire time. I'm sorry I died, I prevented you from having a normal life, well, some what of a normal life."
  687. >The girls laugh.
  688. >"Anyways, back at our house your father built a secret compartment underneath our bed, which I hope you have been using appropriately."
  689. >Rarity blushes a deep shade of crimson.
  690. "Mum!!!"
  691. >"Never mind, inside that compartment was your father's journal, he might have some clues as to his whereabouts. I love you child."
  692. "I... I love you too."
  693. >Mrs Anon waves, and Anon slowly glides back to the ground. As soon as he touches the ground the ghost is sucked back into the grave.
  694. >The shovels dig the grave back up, before they disappear.
  695. >Sunset walks up to Anon, and slaps him in the face.
  696. >"Never EVER do necromancy AGAIN!!!"
  697. "Jeez I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!!"
  698. >Sunset pouts and turns away from Anon.
  699. >Rarity kisses Anon on the same cheek.
  700. "Thanks sweetheart. Well, what do we do now?"
  701. >Sunset scratches her chin, before she turns back around.
  702. >"We need to wait for Twilight's answer, and we need to gather up the gang."
  703. >Be in Music Room.
  704. >Sunset, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Sci Twi and Rainbow Dash were there, and of course Anon.
  705. >"Well, now that we are all here, I assume you all know the true story about the 'incident'?
  706. >Sci Twi and Fluttershy nod their heads.
  707. >Rainbow Dash wolf whistles at Rarity and Anon.
  708. >"Good."
  709. >Sunset pulls out her diary.
  710. >"I just got a message from Twilight: 'Dear Sunset, I'll be their soon'. Well, that's it,"
  711. >All the girls started talking amongst each other, while Anon just sat there.
  712. >Anon was thinking about his life.
  713. >He really wanted to get rid of his powers, but before he did, he wanted to talk to his father first.
  714. >After a while Anon got their attention.
  715. "Alright now, when did you get that message Sunset?"
  716. >"A few hours ago, why?"
  717. "Shouldn't she be here by now?"
  718. >The girls started talking amongst themselves again, and they slowly move out of the room and into the hall.
  719. >Anon rolls his eyes.
  720. "Girls."
  721. >Be at Statue.
  722. >Believe it or not, as soon as they reached the statue, Princess Twilight stepped out of the statue.
  723. >"Oh, I hope I'm intruding your class time."
  724. >Everyone laughed.
  725. >"Not at all, Twilight, this is Anon."
  726. >Anon clumsily walked up.
  727. "Uhh, hello your highness?"
  728. >"Hahhahaha, no need to call me that Anon, this is my greatest friend Spike the dragon."
  729. "I don't see any dragon."
  730. >"Ohh hahah, I forgot that he's a dog in this world."
  731. >"Hey, I told you to not call me that."
  732. >"Sorry Spike."
  733. "Wow, for some reason I have a serious case of deja vu."
  734. >"That must be because I look very familiar to my equivalent!"
  735. "No it's not that, I was expecting that."
  736. >"Oh well, speaking of my other self... how's Flash going?"
  737. >While the girls started to catch up with Twilight, Anon pulled Sunset away from the group.
  738. >"Oww Anon, what is it?"
  739. "Sorry to pull you away from socializing with your friends, but there's something at the back of my head telling me to not trust Twilight."
  740. >"Which one?"
  741. "I think it's the one from Equestria, there's something, different about her."
  742. >"What do you mean? She's my friend, she's gonna help you get rid of your powers, isn't that what you want?"
  743. "Yes, but..."
  744. >"Look Anon, I don't have time for this, okay?"
  745. "Alright..."
  746. >Sunset joins her friends, and Anon sits alone on the stairs.
  747. >Be after school.
  748. >Anon was bored.
  749. >Ever since 'princess' Twilight showed up, she's been stealing his friends away from him.
  750. >It was the end of the day and everyone had their face in their lockers.
  751. >Anon pushed through the crowd as he made his way to Rarity's locker.
  752. "Hey Rarity! Do you want to come over tonight!?"
  753. >"Sorry Anon! Everyone's invite over at Pinkie's!"
  754. "Oh, okay..."
  755. >Anon made his way to his bunker, it took him years to dig it out, but it went everywhere from Canterlot High, his parent's house, and even Sugarcube Corner...
  756. >Wait a minute, he could crash the party!
  757. >Perfect revenge for not being invited.
  758. >Anon spent the rest of the afternoon fucking around.
  759. >He started to browse the internet.
  760. >He opened up his bookmarked tabs.
  761. "Oh shit, better remove that one. Who knows might accidentally see some of that crap.
  762. >A few hours later Anon grew tired of the waifu threads, and retreated to his room.
  763. >He remembered what the ghost of his mother told him, and looked underneath the bed.
  764. >There was a combination lock on the floor.
  765. "Fuck me, this better not take 3 hours."
  766. >Be three hours later.
  767. "Fuck, finally did it."
  768. >The lock opened and Anon pulled the trapdoor open.
  769. >And right there underneath his bed was his father's journal.
  770. >Anon quickly flicked through the pages, as he didn't have time to read them.
  771. >He put the book on the desk, and put his shades on.
  772. "Alright, time to crash the party."
  773. >He went back down into his bunker, and went over his supplies.
  774. "Water ballons, check. Laptop, check. Knife, check. Four, check. Rope, Check. That's everything."
  775. >Be Sunset.
  776. >Be at sleepover.
  777. >Applejack and Rainbow were playing Call of Duty. [spoiler] console peasants[/spoiler]
  778. >Rarity, Sci Twilight and Fluttershy were talking about...something.
  779. >You were just discussing Anon with the Twilight.
  780. >"So, tell me about Anon."
  781. "He's well, if you remember my message he's half human and half pony."
  782. >"Interesting, who's the pony?"
  783. "We don't know, not even Anon knows his name. all we know is that his father was an unicorn."
  784. >"Strange, so he can perform magic in the human world without ponying up?"
  785. "Yes, I don't know if he has accidentally mastered some form of magic in this world, or him being half human has anything to do with it, all I know, is that even without any training, his magical potential is can go up to extremely high levels, he was able to raise his dead mother earlier today."
  786. >Twilight was shocked.
  787. >"This is definitely something I should tell Princess Celestia right away. I have a feeling he could be stronger than I ever was when I was just a unicorn."
  788. >Just a Unicorn?
  789. >She didn't have to rub it in.
  790. >"So, where is Anon? He was invited to this party right?"
  791. >As soon as Twilight said that Pinkie came bursting through the door.
  793. >Everyone started to get slices of cake.
  794. >The cake was delicious, as this was Sugarcube corner after all.
  795. >However, unbeknownst to the girls, someone was lurking around.
  796. >"Hey guys, do you have the feeling that we're being watched?"
  797. >"What do you mean Twilight? Who could be possibly be watching us? There are no places to hide."
  798. "I think Twilight's right, I think that there's somebody watching us."
  799. >"It's must be the Cakes!"
  800. "Umm, Pinkie, I don't think it would be the cake."
  801. >"No silly, Mr and Mrs Cake!"
  802. "Ohhh, hahaha nice one there Pinkie, but aren't they going out today?"
  803. >"You're right, but I don't know who else it could possibly be."
  804. >There is a brief silence before the girls start laughing.
  805. >Meanwhile, a shadow is seen jumping across the curtains.
  806. >Sunset decided to eat her cake later. a smart choice.
  807. >She sat over by the TV while her friends ate the cake at the dining table.
  808. >She heard a noise coming from the TV.
  809. >Applejack and Rainbow Dash's game had disappeared, instead was a message in the middle of the screen.
  810. "Hey, everyone, you might want to look at this."
  811. >Everyone came over to the TV.
  812. >The message was: 'Why wasn't I invited?'
  813. >"Wow, that's some crepypasta shit right there, maybe it's that guy who's running around the place!?! Nice joke Sunset."
  814. "I didn't do it Rainbow."
  815. >"You didn't?"
  816. "Yep."
  817. >"Then who did?"
  818. >"I did."
  819. >The girls turn around to see Anon standing there with some flour and water balloons.
  820. >The girls scream and run away, however they cannot outrun Anon's magic.
  821. >Laughing maniacally. Anon throws the water balloons, creating a very sticky situation for the others.
  822. >Anon then runs outside, the girls are chasing after him.
  823. >Anon zips around a bunch of corners, thinking he is safe.
  824. >However, Sunset is just around the corner.
  825. >Be Anon.
  826. >You're pretty sure you're safe.
  827. >However, Sunset has discovered you.
  828. >She is pissed.
  829. "How's it going?"
  830. >She doesn't look like she wants to talk.
  831. >She tackles you, and you roll around the field.
  832. >Anon just laughs the entire time.
  833. >Eventually Anon pins Sunset to the ground.
  834. >Grass has gotten stuck in the dough.
  835. "You're looking very messy."
  836. >"Of course I am, are you going to help me clean myself up."
  837. >Sunset blushes as she realises what she said.
  838. >Anon smirks, and turns them both invisible.
  839. >Be next day.
  840. >Anon was back in his bedroom.
  841. >However, he wasn't alone.
  842. "Ohh, oh shit."
  843. >Sunset was laying in bed next to him.
  844. >Empty bottles of summoned alcohol was his desk.
  845. "Shit, Sunset, wake up god damn it."
  846. >"What... Anon? Oh fuck. What happened?"
  847. "Whatever happened last night, we need to pretend it never happened, alright? I don't want to get screwed over alright."
  848. >"I think it was rather interesting."
  849. >"Who the hell is that?"
  850. "Oh god, it's that voice isn't it?"
  851. >"Yes it is, I don't think you have anything to worry about, the rest of the girls don't and won't notice that Sunset was missing from their sleepover last night. In fact, I don't think they'll remember anything at all."
  852. >"What have you done to them?"
  853. >"I haven't done anything to harm them at all, I mean, there's nothing I could do anyway, they are all brainless vegetables, except for the two purple ones."
  854. "What's your deal anyway? Why are you messing around with my life?"
  855. >"Why are you so rude to me Anon? I've been trying to help you ever since you have discovered your powers."
  856. "You made me destroy the school. And now I have had sex with my best friend! And I have a girlfriend!"
  857. >"Are you telling me you didn't enjoy any of that? Maybe I should have disciplined you more..."
  858. >"Leave Anon alone! We only want what's best for him?"
  859. >"I do as well, however I can do it better, I know more about him than you or that princess ever will."
  860. >"You're just a coward! Hiding somewhere, I demand you to show yourself!"
  861. "Sunset... Don't make him angry."
  862. >"No Anon, it's quite alright. Very well, I will allow you to see my shadow, but only Anon can see who I look like, after he passes the test."
  863. "What test?"
  864. >"Your father... he has written down all his knowledge of spells in his journal. He also left a final test, an unwritten spell. He who is able to finish the spell shall be granted great power. A power that I need."
  865. "Whatever my father has given me, I won't give it to you!"
  866. >"We shall see about that."
  867. >"If you want to see my form, cast your eyes upon the curtains!"
  868. >A shadow of an old man appeared. He held a walking stick and wore a pointed hat.
  869. >"As you can see, I am very old, and my time is almost up, but you Anon, you can help me. Take up your father's test, return to the land of your birth, and complete the spell before it's too late! This is my final warning! Do NOT trust the Princess!"
  870. >The shadow disappeared.
  871. >Anon sat down on the bed, Sunset sat beside him.
  872. >"Anon? Are you alright?"
  873. "I don't know Sunset, I don't know what to do. I don't know who to trust any more."
  874. >"You can trust me."
  875. >Anon smiled and hugged her.
  876. "What are we going to do now."
  877. >"Well, I was thinking that we should get some clothes on first, and then we'll meet the others, apparently they won't remember last night."
  878. >Anon laughed.
  879. >Be at school.
  880. >Anon was reading his fathers journal, specifically anything that referenced him, his father, mother or anything personal.
  881. >He found out a lot of things, like how his father was from Canterlot, or something, and that he was an extremely powerful magic user or something. Anon never found his name though. He also learned that his father went on a trip to the far north of Equestria, and after that last entry was a page ripped in half.
  882. >It must be the spell the voice was telling him about.
  883. >The ripped page was written in a lettering Anon didn't understand, but he knew that Sunset or Princess Twilight probably understood what the letters meant.
  884. >Princess Twilight.
  885. >The voice said not to trust her.
  886. >You don't know why, but you actually trust him, he's the only lead you have besides this journal.
  887. >However you wouldn't dare tell anyone that, except for Sunset.
  888. >You've been thinking about what happened last night, as the memories had started to flood in.
  889. >You needed to talk to her after this "meeting".
  890. >You walked into the music room, the girls stopped there conversations and stared at you.
  891. "Well, let's get this show on the road."
  892. "Alright, as you know, my father-"
  893. >"Excuse me Anonymous."
  894. "Sorry, princess, but what could possibly be more important?"
  895. >"First of all, don't call me that, second I am superior to you, and you should talk to me in proper way."
  896. "Would you look at that, she gets mad at me for calling her princess but she still wants me to treat her like one."
  897. >"It was the way you called me it that made it inappropriate."
  898. "Whatever, just go ahead and say what you want."
  899. >"Thank you, I have received a message from Princess Celestia, I have to bring Anon to her at once."
  900. >The rest of the girls, except for Sunset, were immediately excited.
  901. "What if I don't want to."
  902. >"Sorry, what?"
  903. "I said, what if I don't want to see her."
  904. >"Too bad, you must listen to royalty, even if you disagree with them, especially ones with magic."
  905. "Well the way things are right now, I have the magic, you can't unless you turn into an anthropogenic pony or something."
  906. >"Anon, don't be so harsh on the Princess-"
  907. "I don't care, I just want to complete my father's test!"
  908. >"Anon, stop behaving like a child, I know you're better than this."
  909. "I'm sorry Rarity, but I just want to find my father, and then get rid of my powers. I don't expect you to understand."
  910. >"You don't need to find your father Anon, Celestia can remove them for you."
  911. "What, really?"
  912. >"Yes of course, she's one of the most powerful users of magic in this world and Equestria!"
  913. >Anon considers his options.
  914. "Alright, I'll go, but on ONE condition and ONE condition only, Sunset comes with me."
  915. >"W-what? Anon, I don't really want to go back to Equestria after what happened..."
  916. "Trust me, you're my best friend, and experienced in magic, I'll need you."
  917. >Twilight frowns.
  918. >"Alright Anon, I'll go, but it we'll be straight there and back right?"
  919. "Yes I promise."
  920. >"Okay then, I let's go."
  921. >Be outside School
  922. >You, Twilight and Sunset were standing outside the portal.
  923. >The others were behind you.
  924. >You looked back, and walked up to Rarity.
  925. >"Promise me that you'll be safe."
  926. "I promise."
  927. >Anon gave Rarity a quick kiss.
  928. "This is for the possibility that I can't come back."
  929. >"Anon! You'll come back silly!"
  930. "Sure, but will I be the same?"
  931. >"What do you mean Anon?"
  932. "I do not trust the princesses."
  933. >"Why, they'll help you! Twilight has done so many great things for us!"
  934. "I do not doubt that, but how can I know that she will help me?"
  935. >"Anon, whatever prejudice you have against Twilight I advise that you get rid of it, she only want's to help!"
  936. "Alright, I'll trust you..."
  937. >Anon turned away from the school, and jumped into the portal first. He didn't look back.
  938. >Anon was spinning around the portal.
  939. >He could see the others as well.
  940. >Twilight's form started to change.
  941. "What the hell."
  942. >"I'm transforming into my pony form!"
  943. >Sunset started to as well.
  944. >There was a light light at the end of spiral passage way.
  945. >"Here we go!!!"
  946. >There was a flash of light for a few seconds. Anon then was able to open his eyes.
  947. >He looked up and saw two multi coloured ponies.
  948. "What the hell are you."
  949. >"I'm a pony stupid, maybe you should look at yourself."
  950. >Anon looked down and saw his hooves.
  951. "Jesus please, this can't possibly be real."
  952. >"It is Anon, now come with me quickly, you need to see Celestia."
  953. >"Can it Twilight! He's just like a newborn foal, remember when you first cae to the human world?"
  954. >"Sigh, I suppose your right. Please stand up."
  955. >Anon stood on his hind hooves.
  956. >"No, no no. Just pretend that your walking on your hands and feet."
  957. >Anon stood properly and slowly moved around.
  958. "Hey, I think I've got it!"
  959. >"Good job Anon!"
  960. >"Good, now let's go, Celestia has been waiting."
  961. >The girls trotted out of the room.
  962. >Anon looked back at the mirror they came out of.
  963. >It was the first time he saw his pony form.
  964. >Anon had green fur and a green mane. He he also had a unicorn's horn.
  965. "Wait a minute, didn't I had wings?"
  966. >Anon decided that he would have to ask a few questions with the princess.
  967. >He headed outside the storage room, and saw a large congregation.
  968. >A white Alicorn was standing in front of a throne, Twilight and a pink alicorn stood next to her.
  969. >"So you must be Anonymous."
  970. "I prefer to be called Anon."
  971. >"So Anon, I've heard that you have special powers."
  972. "Yes, however there's an annoying voice in my head. He sounds kinda like a man... I mean stallion or whatever."
  973. >"Yes I am quite aware of our worlds's differences. Can you describe his voice to me?"
  974. "Elderly."
  975. >"Hmm, I think I know who it is, or at least I sort of do."
  976. >"Princess Celestia are you implying that he-"
  977. >"Yes Twilight, please write the letter to him now."
  978. "So, can you get rid of my powers."
  979. >"Yes I can Anon, would you like me to remove them now?"
  980. "No, I know that my father is living here in Equestria, I want to meet him first."
  981. >Celestia looks angered by Anon's response, but she cools down.
  982. >"All right, I will help you find your father, I too would like to speak with him. But first we shall wait for... a visitor."
  983. >Twilight returns to the room.
  984. >"I have sent the letter, so he should be here any second-"
  985. >Twilight is cut off as a very strange looking creature enters the throne room.
  986. >"Good day Celestia, Twilight! What do you want with me?"
  987. >"Discord, do you know this pony?"
  988. >Discord stares at Anon. Making him uncomfortable.
  989. >"Well... He does look familiar, just can't put a name down..."
  990. >"His name is Anon."
  991. >"Oh Anon! Do you mean the very same Anon who has a pony father and a human mother? Who's destiny is written down in the ancient library of Star Swirl the Bearded himself? Never heard of him."
  992. >Discord disappears, and earthquake is heard in the distance.
  993. >"Discord come back!"
  994. >"It's too late Twilight, guards, go with the princess to investigate the earthquake."
  995. >"Yes your highness."
  996. >"Sunset, take Anon to Star Swirl's library, find this prophecy that Discord was talking about."
  997. >"What are you going to do Celestia?"
  998. >"I'm going to find Discord, it's obvious that he's behind all this."
  999. >Anon and Sunset enter Star Swirl’s library in the castle.
  1000. >The shelves are stacked full of scrolls and books.
  1001. “Who was Star Swirl the Bearded anyway?”
  1002. >”He was a powerful magic user who created over 200 spells. He taught Princess Celestia and Princess Luna everything they know.”
  1003. “Sounds like a busy guy.”
  1004. >”Yeah, he died decades before the time we were born.”
  1005. “So why does Celestia want us to visit his library?”
  1006. >”Well, when he died there was still a lot of unfinished spells he had created, which were often called prophecies. If Discord says that there is an unfinished spell concerning you, then it is damn well important.”
  1007. “How do we know which is the right spell?”
  1008. >Sunset opens a door to yet another corridor.
  1009. >”This is where all the unfinished spells are kept. If it isn’t here, it couldn’t be anywhere else.”
  1010. >Anon grumbles as Sunset grabs a box full of scrolls. A lot of the scrolls fall onto the floor.
  1011. >Be Twilight.
  1012. >You and your useless soldiers went to investigate the earthquake.
  1013. >It also had to happen right before Celestia was going to remove Anon’s powers.
  1014. >You had both planned for days without sleep for that moment, and then an earthquake just had to ruin it.
  1015. >You also wonder how Discord is involved in this, he better not mess things up again, you can’t wait to take those powers for yourself.
  1016. >”Princess, it seems the earthquake was caused by a crashing meteor, it's landed just over there."
  1017. >The guard points to a field near the Everfree forest. It's too far away to see the meteor or whatever it was, but you can see smoke.
  1018. "How come we didn't know the meteor was going to hit earlier?"
  1019. >"We don't know Princess. Maybe it was caused by-
  1020. "Magic, yes of course it is. Well, we better head off to the site."
  1021. >You hope that Discord isn't behind this.
  1022. >Be Discord.
  1023. >Be in Discord's house?
  1024. >You couldn't believe it.
  1025. >Anon was in Equestria.
  1026. >This could prove quite interesting.
  1027. >Discord realised that this would be the perfect time to perform some crazy antics.
  1028. "Hahaha! I know what to do, I will perform my long list of antics I've always wanted to do. With the Princesses occupied with the that earthquake, and Anon busy, I'm free to do whatever I want!"
  1029. >"I don't think you should do that Discord."
  1030. >A shady figure of a tall pony appears near the door.
  1031. "Oh, it's you. How long has it been my old friend? It's been Centuries at least."
  1032. >"I've been very busy, that's all I am gonna say."
  1033. "Oh yes of course you have been, no time to visit me."
  1034. >"You were stuck inside a statue."
  1035. "That's no excuse!"
  1036. >"And I I were you, I would keep you mouth shut and not leave your house. Celestia is coming here."
  1037. "She's coming here!"
  1038. >"Yes, and I still expect you to keep my se-
  1039. "Damn, I haven't cleaned up the place yet. Nice meeting you again, see you soon!"
  1040. >The shadow disappeared, and the door opened.
  1041. >"Discord! Just what do you think you are doing!"
  1042. >Discord was sitting at a table. He was drinking tea.
  1043. "Oh my Celestia what I surprise! I wasn't expecting you!"
  1044. >"Yeah right, why did you leave?"
  1045. "No reason, no reason at all."
  1046. >"Stop lying, you know something about Anon."
  1047. "Maybe I do, but I'm afraid I have been told to keep it a secret."
  1048. >"Why?"
  1049. "I don't know, honestly I think it would be better if I just told everyone. But that would ruin the surprise!"
  1050. >Celestia is angry.
  1051. >"Discord, we need to know."
  1052. "So you can take Anon's powers? I know what you are trying to do, but if I were you, I wouldn't try to take it."
  1053. >"He wants us to take it."
  1054. "What? Well, looks like I am now suddenly busy. See you later Celestia."
  1055. >Be Celestia.
  1056. >Discord teleported, leaving note on the floor.
  1057. >You pick up the note, and it reads:
  1058. "Dear Princess Celestia,
  1059. I know everything about Anon, his past and his future. However I am sworn to secrecy, I will tell you, if you are successful in taking Anon's powers.
  1060. From, Discord.
  1061. >Why would he write that when he could of just said it?
  1062. >You were about to leave when you heard a noise coming from the window sill.
  1063. >You pull the window back, and it seems like it a brick wall has been built so you can't see outside.
  1064. "Sigh, Discord and his stupid tricks."
  1065. >"Celestia, it's been a while."
  1066. "You... you should be dead."
  1067. >"Well that isn't the case isn't it?"
  1068. "We saw you die."
  1069. >"Obviously I didn't, did you think it would be that easy?"
  1070. >Celestia turns around to see a familiar shadow.
  1071. >"Well, I've seen how you have ruled, how you dealt with the punishment of your sister and Discord, and I have decided that you are unfit to rule, someone else will take your place."
  1072. "What gives you the right to rule me out? Haven't I helped move Equestria in the right direction?"
  1073. >"Yes you have, however I know that your hunger for power has outgrown your desire to help ponies. You didn't banish Luna to the moon because you wanted to protect ponies, you banished her because you were afraid that she would eventually become just as powerful as you."
  1074. "That's a lie!"
  1075. >"Then how come you and your student turned Alicorn are no trying to take Anon's powers?"
  1076. >You shoot a magic beam at the shadow.
  1077. >It just passes through it.
  1078. >"Luckily, you cannot harm me in this form, if you want me to change my mind, you must help Anon fufil his destiny. Otherwise, you could say that there will be a new resident on the sun."
  1079. >The shadow disappears.
  1080. >You can't let him interfere with your plans.
  1081. >Besides, you've defeated powerful ponies before.
  1082. >It should be a piece of cake.
  1083. >Mmm, Cake.
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