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  2. GM Hello
  3. Named after the color of the walls, the black room was a long rectangular room filled variously with cushions and tables and a surprising number of unopened boxes. Wrapped in silk paper and stacked up against the walls the piles covered a little more than a third of the room making moving around a matter of navigating teetering piles of something that smelled a lot like old mothballs.
  5. Those who were invited were given large letters with the stamp of their lord (even those whose lords are many miles away on the Isle) and told to come wearing their best clothes and bring their best manners.
  6. (Post here. It is going to be a lot of fun.)
  7. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  8. Yashiro showed up, dressed in his best Kimono, at least as far as he saw it. Yellow and black stripes. It was garish, it had a oddly Yoritomo feel in its audacity, but it was definitely Tsuruchi coloured. His best manners were not good so He would likely be keeping his mouth shut.
  9. Asahina Kairi
  10. There was one kimono that Kairi kept for special occasions.  Those were few and far between these days, but she kept said kimono in perfect condition just in case.  Her hair was pulled back into a maiden's foxtail, and her sky blue and silver kimono sat on her frame perfectly.
  11. Kitsuki Shion
  12. Some years ago Shion was given a nice kimono. It was certainly now well out of style, but that didn't exactly matter now did it? It was in the traditional Dragon colors and somehow managed to still fit her. Though, this one had a high collar, hiding the burned flesh that peeked out from underneath the collar of her regular kimono. As always, there wasn't much she could do with her short hair, so that was just brushed down, and on her hands were green silken gloves. At this point, perhaps they were part of her, since she never was seen to take them off.
  13. Kuni Akane
  14. Seeing as she received a letter, Akane decided to show up, even if she grudgingly had to put her research away for a while. She chose her best kimono, which looked extraordinarily like her regular kimono, and all other kimonos she owned for that matter. In truth, she did not have that many kimonos. It was a simple one, although made to last, all in a dark shade of blue and without any patterns. Her school, clan, and family mons were clearly on display. Her long black hair was loose, as always, and she wore the usual war paint. Assuming no one would stop her, the Kuni would walk in quietly and start to study the room without interrupting anyone else who might have arrived before she did.
  15. Doji Sachio
  16. <assuming he’s allowed to participate>
  17. Sachio arrived in his best outfit (a resplendent one in his clan colors that he hadn’t had real occasion to wear in ages), his bleached hair pulled back in a messy topknot. The middle-aged Crane man held his letter, still unsure what it was about. He politely bowed to the others there, including the one familiar face in the room, and waited to hear more from the Wasp.
  18. GM Hello
  19. Three older samurai sat at a table in the middle of the long room and looked around placidly at the gathering in front of them. One wore the mon of the Mantis in absolutely terribly awful green and golden colors. One would suspect he had found a clown and stolen their clothes. The one in the middle was wearing the Doji mon, and wore conservative yet sharply cut clothes, looking like he had three more layers than anyone else in the room. The last one had a small Shiba mon on her shoulder and a large red banner behind her with five elements in a circle.
  21. "Welcome minna-san. Please have a seat and wait to be called. The food is for you. The tea will be along shortly."
  23. There was cups and plates with rice and nothing else arrayed on the tables.
  24. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  25. Yashiro finds a seat and wonders what all this is about. He liked that Mantis' outfit though. Real class there.
  26. Asahina Kairi
  27. Of course she was nervous, but she didn't let it show.  This want the hospital, or the children's classroom, she was out of her element.  But she remembered all of her etiquette, much to her suprise.
  28. GM Hello
  29. "Tsuruchi Yashiro. Please come up."
  31. The Doji in the middle called up the Tsuruchi with a slight hand gesture towards the samurai still slowly walking into the room. His face looked slightly disdainful at the idea of talking to them.
  32. Doji Sachio
  33. Sachio bowed to those at the head of the gathering as they were indicated and again in gratitude for the bounty, then took his seat with a glance toward his kin in the room.
  34. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  35. Yashiro having just sat down internally grumbles, but then approaches.
  36. Kuni Akane
  37. Akane takes a seat somewhere where she stood when the samurai spoke. She looked at the food but didn't touch it. The Kuni tilted her head to her right and nodded a couple of times to apparently no one in particular while she waited.
  38. Kitsuki Shion
  39. Without any hassle, Shion sat down and waited as told. She didn't know what was going on, but this would be a decent enough mystery.
  40. Jirozame Shinkai
  41. A letter from his lord when he was still a Crane? What the bloody hell did he want, especially after all these years...and why did he think he could call on him again, especially after discharging his duty just two months prior? Shinkai was mildly annoyed, but he managed to dig out a rarely used kimono about a decade out of fashion. Thankfully, moths hadn't gotten to it. The kimono was a deep sea blue-green, depicting an ocean scene, with many sharks swimming in the water. Making his way to the room, he noticed it full of people and paused, unsure if he should enter.
  42. GM Hello
  43. "Please follow me into the Green room." The Yoritomo with aged face and stupidly bright clothes took a few moments to rise. His age was on display it seemed but he did eventually get upright from seiza and walk to the left.
  45. The other two sat and watched the rest of the crowd. The Shiba hid a small yawn behind a fan while the Doji took a few seconds to shuffle the scrolls around in front of him before going back to watching the samurai.
  46. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  47. Yashiro followed, maybe he would have a chance to ask about his tailor.
  48. Asahina Kairi
  49. Ooh, colorful rooms. She wondered what the next color would be when she was called.
  50. GM Hello
  51. A few moments passed before the Shiba leaned in. "Kitsuki Shion? A Dragon?" Her voice carried, a deep tone given her look.
  52. Kitsuki Shion
  53. She had not expected anyone to know her name here. This was odd. She turned to look at the woman and nodded. "Hai. This one is Kitsuki Shion, of the Dragon." It hurt her to say, since her clan was in shambles internally due to what was going on, but she was idealistic and hoped to see the clan back to its better days.
  54. GM Hello
  55. The Doji frowned at the Shiba. How terribly rude.
  57. "I think the tea is here." And it was. A bunch of servants came in with tea pots and began to set them down on the tables.
  58. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  59. (man, i didn't even get tea)
  60. Kuni Akane
  61. "Mhm..." She would utter while looking at a seemingly random spot of the room, but once she heard that there was a Kitsuki in the same room with her, Akane frowned. She turned to look at who the Dragon might be, watching the samurai for a moment while wondering if the Dragon could still be considered samurai after what Hitomi did. However, she turned her attention to the tea and forgot about Shion for the moment, taking a cup when possible.
  62. GM Hello
  63. "Will everyone take a moment to turn to their neighbor and serve them?" The Doji 'asked' to the room now looking at people like a hawk.
  65. The Shiba raised an eyebrow to look over the Kitsuki slowly. "Well...I guess you will do. Follow me please."
  66. Kitsuki Shion
  67. This didn't feel right, but she wasn't exactly in a position to say no. So she nodded and stood up. "Hai, Shiba-sama." Then followed her, almost excited to see what was going to happen.
  68. Asahina Kairi
  69. And serve the person next to her she did. She poured a cup for the Kuni that was now next to her after the two samurai had been called out. She handed it over with a seated bow. "Please enjoy."
  70. Jirozame Shinkai
  71. Still looking into the room, the Shark was attempting to puzzle out what was going on. After a few moments, something seems to dawn on him and he immediately turns around and starts walking away. That wily old bastard, almost got him.
  72. Kuni Akane
  73. Akane had already filled a cup with as little finesse, in the eyes of a Crane, as it was likely possible and was about to take it when she heard the Doji speak. Akane's head tilted to the left as she refrained from taking the cup while she observed the Doji with a puzzled expression when she heard Kairi speak and bowed as a response, even if the bow also could not be considered anything gracious. She did try though. She then took the cup she had already filled and offered it to Shinkai, bowing once again in silence.
  74. GM Hello
  75. (Please roll for tea ceremony.)
  76. Doji Sachio
  77. Sachio dutifully obliged. With the Wasp and the Dragon off in another room, he went for whoever was around and hadn't yet been served. (14 on tea ceremony)
  78. Asahina Kairi
  79. (22 on Tea Ceremony roll)
  80. Kuni Akane
  81. (12)
  82. GM Hello
  83. The Doji smiled at everyone. "What a dazzling display. I am Doji Atsune, the head nakado for the Crane. I hope everyone is having a great time today, and take a moment to get to know their neighbors."
  84. Kuni Akane
  85. She listened to the Doji, looked at the cups, and then thought that pouring tea probably wasn't as hard as the Crane made it sound. The Doji said it had been dazzling after all. Now that she was finally able to drink tea, she did so and looked around. She figured that she should introduce herself for no other reason than to be practical and stood up, offering a general bow to everyone and speaking quietly, barely above a whisper. "I am Kuni Akane."
  87. The Kuni retook her seat and drank some more tea now.
  88. GM Hello
  89. There was another long moment while he grandfatherly watched everyone and then turned around to call a man who had been blocked by the boxes. "Natsue-san, please speak with Asahina-san first please."
  91. A Crane in light blue stepped forward to speak with Kairi. "Please follow me, Asahina-sama."
  92. Doji Sachio
  93. He bowed deeply, using the moment to allow himself a small frown. He only hoped the arrangements being made were advantageous to his kin. He gave Kairi a sympathetic look as her name was called.
  94. Asahina Kairi
  95. She didn't show the suprise she felt.  Instead she bowed and stood to follow. "I am Asahina Kairi by the way.  Pleasure to meet all of you." She said, stopping to bow to everyone before following again.
  96. Doji Sachio
  97. As she left, he turned to those of higher status and then to the Kuni still in the room with him, noting how awkward this had all become. "Doji Sachio. A, ah, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Have you, ah, been at the castle long, Kuni-san?"
  98. GM Hello
  99. The Doji noticed the pair in front of him were talking and smiled. Everything was settling into place it seemed.
  100. Kuni Akane
  101. She was about to drink again when Sachio spoke and stopped herself, setting the cup down. "Hmmm..." She tapped her lower lips a couple of times before speaking. "It's been more than six months since I arrived.... what?" Akane turned her attention briefly to Sachio's right, nodded once, and spoke again. "I see, yes. It has been nine , months, I believe. I tend to be quite busy and do not know most people in the castle."
  102. Doji Sachio
  103. He glanced over at the nakodo as the Kuni seemed distracted by... something. That... he didn't remember that being a good smile. "Ah... I have no doubts you will soon enough. You begin to see the same faces over and over, and, well, ah... not like people get out much."
  104. Kuni Akane
  105. "I imagine they don't. Everyone has a reason to be here, and it doesn't tend to be something they would like to share, or entrust, to others." She spoke thoughtfully and sipped from her cup of tea. It would be a while before Akane spoke again. She was not used to interact with people. "Still, those who are here are fortunate to have found a safe haven."
  106. GM Hello
  107. The Mantis walked back into the room with his amazingly bad clothes. He looked quite happy not bothering to hide a smile as he strode back in like a king before sitting down next to the Crane. The Crane on the other hand looked like something disgusting had just been found on the floor.
  108. Doji Sachio
  109. He scratched the back of his head in that long pause, studying the Kuni, and not feeling particularly thirsty. "Yes, we're... most fortunate to be in here and not," he gestured to where he assumed west was, "out there. Have... have you been back out since arriving?"
  110. GM Hello
  111. The Mantis picked up one of the scrolls with a jaunty movement and opened it. "Ah...Doji, Doji Sachio?"
  112. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  113. A few moments after the old Mantis leaves the room, Yashiro follows suit. a Bottle of sake in his hand. He glances around the room hurriedly then makes for an exit.
  114. Doji Sachio
  115. He looked to the Yoritomo, bowed hurriedly to the Kuni by way of farewell, and rose. "Present, Yoritomo-sama."
  116. GM Hello
  117. The Doji sitting in the middle of the room notices the Tsuruchi and waves. "Tsuruchi-san, please, I think you have another appointment."
  118. Kuni Akane
  119. She shook her head and was about to reply when someone called Sachio. She looked at him with some curiosity about what they were doing there and a sinking feeling that she might not like to find out. The presence of the nakado in particular did not seem to be encouraging in her opinion.
  120. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  121. (is he waving at me? also that mantis is a Yoritomo, Tsuruchi arent mantis in this setting)
  122. GM Hello
  123. (Yeah he is.)
  124. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  125. Yashiro stops, "Ah forgive me, another meeting?" he screams internally. "Very well."
  126. GM Hello
  127. The Mantis stands up very very slowly and slightly painfully. "Well lets go then!" And the clownish Yoritomo leads the Doji to the right.
  128. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  129. Yashiro finds a wall to lean against that is not paper, until his name is called again.
  130. Kuni Akane
  131. (Although it would have been far more entertaining if he had chosen a paper one.)
  132. GM Hello
  133. The Shiba with the back banner still behind her cushion returns and scoops up another scroll curtly. "Kuni, Kuni Akane." The Shiba looks around for any shifty eyed paranoid freaks.
  134. Kuni Akane
  135. Akane closes her eyes, finishes her cup, takes a deep breath, and finally stands up. She observes the Shiba with open curiosity before making her way to the Phoenix. She glanced to her right as she walked, shook her head, and said. "Not now..."
  136. GM Hello
  137. This way. Said the Kuni as she walked briskly to the back.
  138. Kitsuki Shion
  139. Shion left the room shortly after, her face unreadable as she stood by a wall, waiting to see what she needed to do next.
  140. GM Hello
  141. The Doji in the middle of the room smiled at the two who had come back. "Kitsuki-san, Tsuruchi-san, would you please sit with me." He waves to a couple of cushions in front of him.
  142. Suzume Kenki
  143. After a patrol, Kenki was press ganged  requested to join the yea ceremony/meet and greet, and after getting into his best clothes (which were still rough somewhat) and with his loose high ponytail, he made his way to this meeting.
  144. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  145. Yashiro eyed the Kitsuki warily. He almost shot her once. He could probably do it again, if his hand was forced... He walked up to the cushion and took a seat. His face was expressionless by the time he finished sitting. He set the bottle of sake down on the table.
  146. Kitsuki Shion
  147. She returned the look. He had almost shot her and could probably hit her next time, but she could also probably haunt him afterwards and make the rest of his life miserable. Still, she showed no emotion and sat down where instructed.
  148. GM Hello
  149. The Doji noticed the Suzume and smiled even brighter. It was slightly rude but there was just so many candidates.
  150. Suzume Kenki
  151. He'd bow to the Doji, and say with a warriors On, "Doji-sama. I was encouraged to come see you?"
  152. GM Hello
  153. "Indeed, Suzume-san. Please sit next to Kitsuki-san here."
  154. The Doji turns to the three of them and picks up a pot of tea set in front of him. The scrolls to his side are ignored for now. "I will play mother." And then he starts a tea ceremony.
  155. The ceremony is not perfect, probably given the space and venue, but definitely above everyone elses who had tried it. (I don't think anyone needed a void.)
  156. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  157. (I burned a void to make that roll :P)
  158. Kitsuki Shion
  159. She nodded her thanks to the Doji.
  160. Agasha Aiko
  161. Aiko enters the black room, staring at a rather large. She is garbed in a rather plain green kimono, accented with hints of orange, with the a gold Dragon mon on the back.  Her sleeves are bunched up at the elbows, rather unceremoniously, and her face and hands have some ink smudges.
  162. "And one more..." she looks up to notice the proceedings, and double checks the map, and looks back up. "Old thing must have its labels wrong." She says, mostly to herself.
  163. Suzume Kenki
  164. He'd sit, awkwardly, where indicated. "Pleasure, Kitsuki-sama. This one is Suzume Kenki."
  165. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  166. Yashiro, still sitting across from Shion would eye the sake bottle.
  167. GM Hello
  168. The Doji noticed the Agasha and let out a slight twitch of the eyebrow. What was this fellow doing here?
  169. Kitsuki Shion
  170. "This one is Kitsuki Shion." She replied to the man, her voice neutral. "It is good to meet you." Then she glanced over towards the Wasp, then to the sake bottle. "I doubt anyone is going to say anything if you drink, Tsuruchi-san."
  171. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  172. "I am not sure I want to." he already had a bit of a buzz after the first conversation. Needed to keep his wits about him. "Seems dangerous"
  173. Kitsuki Shion
  174. "Fair."
  175. GM Hello
  176. "Agasha-san...Namo, please see to Agasha-san." The heimin server nodded and went to up to the Agasha. "Doji-sama would like to know your purpose, samurai-sama." Deep bow of course.
  177. Suzume Kenki
  178. "I feel like I should still be in my armor." He'd mumble to no one in particular.
  179. Kitsuki Shion
  180. "If you believe words are something you need armor against, Suzume-san."
  181. Suzume Kenki
  182. "I'm not sure it'd be effective." He'd said plainly, a wisp of a smile, "Kitsuki-sama, but I would sure feel better."
  183. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  184. ( Yashiro stabs Kenki, to make his paranoia worth it)
  185. Agasha Aiko
  186. "Oh, uh, just making sure everything's ok around the castle. Uh, I could bless these... proceedings? if you'd like." Aiko is clearly unaware of what's going on here. The map had indicated that this was somewhere else in the past. People generally appreciated the offer of a blessing, though. Perhaps that would get her out of whatever this was.
  187. GM Hello
  188. "Namo, ask Agasha-san if she is married." The Doji calls out to the heimin who bows again. "Agasha-sama, are you married?"
  189. Kitsuki Shion
  190. "As you say, Suzume-san. Comfort is something that is good for one to have."
  191. Iori
  192. A surprise ronin appeared in this mysterious room of black. She's not sure why she is here... just that some Tsuruchi guards insisted it was important. And she was even dressed nice!.. for a ronin. Her red kimono was even clean!
  193. Agasha Aiko
  194. The question was almost laughable to Aiko, and she fought to contain a chuckle. "No, I'm not married. Why do you ask?"
  195. GM Hello
  196. "Please, join us then." The Doji points ahead and throws an arm out to an empty seat.
  197. A second man comes from the back wearing Crane blue and whispers something into the Doji's ear. "Oh...well take care of it, actually." The Doji stops for a moment and remembers the Suzume.
  199. "Suzume, Suzume Kenki? Please come with Tori-san." The named samurai in blue bows respectfully to the group of samurai and then once again to the Sparrow.
  200. Suzume Kenki
  201. He'd bow to the group. "Minna-san and -samas." And follow as indicated.
  202. Shinjo Kurosawa
  203. Boom. The party was here, right? Black room, or something like that. The letter from the resident Unicorn lord was specific but the white haired samurai's memory was anything but. The Shinjo slid the door wide open while trying not to slam it, wondering why it was so quiet inside for such an event. Not even any music or anything. He was still dressed in his kemari gear; his purple and gold kimono flowed long and elegantly. His hat tied to his head? Looked perfect. He didn't know why kemari and full court dress were the same, but he didn't invent the game. Very convenient though, for when you had to teach kids at one hour and then party right after. He would bow from the doorway, trying to show how well mannered and cultured he was, as per the letter. "Shinjo Kurosawa, of the Unicorn clan. Apologies for my tardiness, I had..." a class of kids to teach, but then again the other two involved in that showed up on time, "duties, to attend to." Which was a fancy way of saying he got lost on the way here.
  204. Agasha Aiko
  205. She gave the tea a wary glance, unsure of what was going on. She was thirsty, though.
  206. "Well, itd be rude to refuse I suppose. Okay, maybe for a little while."
  207. Iori
  208. Iori raised an eyebrow to the ostentatiously dressed unicorn, but said nothing to him. Of course, now that when scanned the room, everyone was dressed up pretty well... did she accidentally end up in a court?
  209. Kitsuki Shion
  210. Shion's dark gaze flicked over towards the Shinjo, looking at him for a few moments before looking back to her tea and taking a sip.
  211. GM Hello
  212. The Doji smiled at everyone. "I am so glad everyone is here. At least...I think this is everyone." He seemed positively beaming at this point. So much love. So much Benten blessing.
  213. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  214. Yashiro also shot the shinjo a look. Then seeing Iori, tried to warn her away with his eyes.
  215. Iori
  216. Seeing Yashiro, she froze a moment. Her head tilted. Were they under attack? Pekkle no oni? She surreptitiously tapped her wakizashi and tilted her head at him.
  217. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  218. He shook his head slightly. Worse he mouthed. Careful to hide his face from the crane. nakado
  219. Shinjo Kurosawa
  220. The host seemed to be happy enough. He beamed back at the whole room, pleased as punch. Haters gonna hate. Oh hey that dragon was here. In an attempt to avoid some kind of social suicide, he chose one of the last floor pillows that happened to be a short distance away from the dragon. Just in case she was still mad or something silly like that. Quite an assortment of people here. The Wasp interrogator, the dragon, and.. some of them seemed worried. Maybe this wasn't a party after all. Damn it all to hell.
  221. Iori
  222. She froze at that moment. Eyes wider than dinner plates. And quietly started to shift for the door.
  223. GM Hello
  224. "Ronin-san!" The Doji noticed her.
  225. Iori
  226. She froze. Held her breath. Nakodo vision was based on movement, after all.
  227. Kitsuki Shion
  228. She glanced between everyone, though her eyes lingered on the Unicorn, still not really over what happened earlier, and then went back to her tea. There was nothing to enjoy. This was simply a battle that needed to be waited out.
  229. Agasha Aiko
  230. Aiko quietly sips her tea, and begins to space out.
  231. GM Hello
  232. The Doji from earlier returns and disappears after dropping off and bowing to the Asahina.
  233. (Who needs Nakadoing?)
  234. Asahina Kairi
  235. Kairi returned, taking care to make sure each step was steady.  The news was heavy, but she would took a deep breath and composed herself.  With a smile she bowed to the samurai that weren't there when she left.  "Minna-san, welcome."
  236. Shinjo Kurosawa
  237. ((need is such a strong term))
  238. GM Hello
  239. A moment later the garishly colored Mantis arrived looking red and slightly swaying on his feet. "Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright..." He said to no one in particular.
  240. Doji Sachio
  241. Sachio followed the Mantis out, looking positively bewildered for a moment before noticing the others in the room and composing himself.
  242. Iori
  243. ((Technically Iori...))
  244. Shinjo Kurosawa
  245. This definitely was not good. Did someone die? This was not proper mourning attire if it was. But both of the Crane came out looking some kind of way and when something ruffled a Crane's feathers, some disturbing news had just been told. It didn't help how uneasy everyone else looked. Except for the dragon, but she was pretty good at keeping her On for the most part, he had judged from earlier. He hopped to his feet and rubbed the back of his hair sheepishly. "Ahaha, my apologies, I forgot that I was needed... elsewhere." AND BEGAN BACKING TOWARDS THE DOOR.
  246. GM Hello
  247. (My hand hurts too much. Those who have already been hit with the nakado stick can slip out while old man Mantis bothers the Doji.)
  248. "You know, Mitsuhume-san, you look like a lot like an old ball of rice that was left out in the sun." The Mantis says to the elder Doji who stops smiling and goes very still.
  249. While the Doji is very slowly turning to look at the Mantis, the Mantis appears to not give a shit and digs around on the scrolls before almost tripping and picking up another one. "Igyorigoi? Ioooooori? Ironloi? Iori?" He tries several times to speak while the words trip out of his mouth.
  250. Agasha Aiko
  251. That certainly snaps Aiko out of her ennui. She nearly spits out the tea she was sipping, but contains it.  She starts turning red, holding in the kaughter.
  252. "Ah, minna-san, it seems i am feeling unwell." She stands hurriedly, and quickly makes her way out before releasing her laughter.
  253. Kitsuki Shion
  254. Before the Unicorn had a chance to leave, Shion stood up and looked at him, her On still perfect. "Where are you going, Shinjo-san? You wouldn't dare ignore an invitation sent by such esteemed samurai, would you? Do, stay. Enjoy the tea and company here." She said, her words still rather plain. Then she walked closer and whispered to him, "It is your duty, after all. Would not wish to forget that. Oh, and have fun with the drunk Mantis." Perhaps.. just perhaps her perfect cool was broken with everything that had happened to her today. Too many deviations and not enough time to fully process any of them before the next one was thrown at her.
  255. Iori
  256. Fuck. Whoever told her the trick to hiding from nakodo lied. She sighed and approached. "Hai. I am Iori."
  257. GM Hello
  258. "Shit you are pretty." The Mantis says while the Doji is turning a shade of puce not seen above the coral bed. "If I was 50 years younger. Come on then." He ambles back towards the boxes in front of him and hits them slightly.
  259. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  260. Yashiro, seeing his exit, takes it, but not before slipping Iori the bottle of sake, "get him Talking about history" he whispers.
  261. Iori
  262. She nodded her head, taking the bottle, then bowing to the Mantis. "Mantis-sama is kind to speak well of a humble ronin." She found her way to the boxes, standing for now.
  263. GM Hello
  264. "Shinjo-san?" The Doji from before looks at the Shinjo while palming a scroll, trying to move out of the blast radius of the angry elder Doji. "This way please."
  265. Doji Sachio
  266. Sachio drained the dregs in his bottle, gave a sympathetic look to the other Doji in the room, and bowed to the others before departing, a hint of that bewildered look still on his face.
  267. GM Hello
  268. The Mantis lightly knocks against the boxes and looks confused. The elder Doji rises from the cushion and looks more red now. "Yoritomo-san, I think you are going the wrong way."
  269. "Oh yes...right right right. This way." And he walks backwards behind another thing of boxes signalling to Iori.
  270. Iori
  271. She followed, face kept as neutral as possible. She snuck a swig of the sake. She was gonna need it.
  272. Shinjo Kurosawa
  273. The damn dragon. After all he did to try to apologize, and now this. "N-no. Never." He let it out in a mumble as she passed. He did not sit, but he did not leave. Her whispers put his white hair on end, and his pale face paled even more. What was up with the Mantis exactly? What did these people know that he did not? He looked around for escape like a trapped animal, but socially, there was no move to make. Checkmate. At the Doji calling his name, he walked forth, keeping his chin and fancy hat up to follow the Crane to where he was summoned.
  274. Kitsuki Shion
  275. With nothing else to do in the room, she left and went off to hunt for whatever drink would get her completely drunk.
  276. Asahina Kairi
  277. Another disapproving look from Kairi to Kuro.  How many did that make now? "Don't be afraid cousin.  I survived after all."
  278. Kuni Akane
  279. Akane eventually made her way to to the strange room and carrying a scroll. She looked around with little curiosity and started to make her way out but slowly enough that anyone who expected her to remain would have time to say so.
  283. Shinjo Kurosawa
  284. The Unicorn practically floats out of the room, looking satisfied and SMUG as fuck. This turned out to be a delightful trip after all, everyone else was just dour. He had a GREAT time.
  285. Iori
  286. Iori eventually finds her way out as well, seeming surprisingly more cheery than she walked in.
  287. Kuni Eizen
  288. [I managed to not get ropped into Nakado again :stuck_out_tongue: ]
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