Tits of Utea Grace Review v1.0

Jul 11th, 2016
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  1. Tits of Utea Grace/魔獣浄化少女ウテア ウテア・グレースおっぱい Review, v1.0
  2. by l a i n
  5. ====
  6. General Info:
  7. Intercourse Simulated - Paizuri
  8. Producer - KMP
  9. Purchased from - NLS for 125 GBP
  11. Toy Bag Size - Very big.
  13. ====
  14. Variables:
  15. Lube - Onatsuyu, spit and some home-made Xanthan gum lube.
  16. Warmed - Warmed in shower.
  17. Penis - 8.2” Length, 6.2” Girth, uncut.
  18. ====
  19. The Review:
  21. Box:
  23. No comment on original box (accidentally opted to remove it). All I can say is that the NLS packaging was more than suitable for the UG, with multiple layers of bubble wrap encasing a very soft and thick foam layer surrounding the Oppai, which had been sitting flat facing up. No damage even to the UK routed through china, so hopefully that says enough. Original packaging should make this experience even better (and is very much recommended for storage, these are heavy and WILL require being stored flat or in the correct original casing. Otherwise they will crease and deform due to weight.)
  26. Onaho:
  28. Okay, first of all I will start off with weight, as this is probably the first thing you will notice when you get this delivered. It’s heavy. at 4kg, you need to be prepared to fashion some ways to use it effectively (I will talk about this further down). This may make storage a problem for those in cramped environments, it requires two hands to move it without risking deformation and needs to be stored flat otherwise the sheer weight of the breasts will deform it over time. However, this weight certainly has its benefits for Paizuri, and I find that although it does not quite represent the huge size of Utea Grace’s original bust size, it comes as close as it could before it would seriously become more hassle to use than anything. You can really push and pull the breasts apart from the nicely weighted base, allowing for a whole lot of pressure on your dick. With two hands you can very easily adjust how much pressure you want at that moment in time, and the Oppai will even wear bras and bikinis perfectly fine given you set it atop of a pillow etc.
  30. I find that the size is absolutely perfect for my girth/length. Paired with the very realistic weight I find that my penis can entirely disappear between the breasts on the UG. The inclusion of the neck portion of the torso is also very nice, and makes putting a bra on it seem very natural, with the well sculpted ‘bones’ (these are only casted protrusions, not a different material). This also makes cleanup a little bit easier, as the extra material at the top has a tendency to catch semen, just like a real pair of breasts would.
  32. The texture is nice, however I have read many reviews praising the Ai-chan as being super-soft, where these seem more like a slightly peach-fuzz-ish rubbery material at the beginning. It is however great for paizuri as an uncut man, as with minimal lubricant it has a nice medium grip on your penis as the breasts move up and down the shaft, giving an utterly heavenly soft, pressured feeling. After a few cleanings and powderings, I find that the skin develops more of a realistic feel (powdering with talcum). It’s low friction until you put more pressure on it, just like real skin.
  34. The colour is also quite nice, this was one of my major worries upon dropping this much on Oppai (as one of the most expensive on the market) but as soon as I had opened it my fears were calmed. It is much less saturated and unnatural in real life than the product photos make it out to be, following more of a yellow-ish skin tone not unlike that of a faded tan.
  36. If you’re worried about leaking/smell, I do not think you have much to worry about with UG. Being built from a single material the whole way through, there is no fear of ‘deflation’ of the sorts seen from Magic Eyes Oppai with Gel inserts (due to shoddy QC). Initially the skin will leak some plasticiser and smell fairly pungent, but after a few washes I have found that this has almost entirely vanished, leaving no traces of wetness on paper when left on for some hours. The smell remains (and as far as I know will always remain) if you get right up to it and take a deep breath; I mask this with talcum or a perfume. From a standing/sitting position I can’t smell it at all.
  40. Positions and Use:
  42. As the Utea Grace Oppai are fairly heavy, your options for where you can use them is somewhat limited (at least vs. a conventional onahole).
  43. For standing use, I have an adjustable table that I cut holes in to route bra straps through. This ends up giving a perfectly (optionally, of course) hands-free experience. However if your housing situation is more limited, another option is to set it on to a pillow. From there you can strap it up with a conventional belt (how lewd!) or a bra/bikini. Like this you even have the option of laying on your back and pulling it up and down as if a woman were doing all the work for you; Or using it in much the same way, sitting on your knees and simply thrusting manually.
  44. For each individual experience I will say that you will have to do some experimentation to find what’s right for you. If you’re as mad about Paizuri as I am this will be more fun than anything.
  46. Because this is an inherently low-stimulus toy (objectively speaking), reaching climax may take longer than usual relative to other Onahole toys. Personally I have no problem with this, the adjustable pressure using my hands or bra straps makes for an excellent edging experience. But if you prefer quick sessions, perhaps starting with an onahole and finishing with these (or vice versa) may be more to your liking.
  48. Notes:
  50. As these are largely an aesthetic pleasure, you may want to keep extra care of these. Be careful how tight you strap things on to it, how hard you squeeze and be sure to never use unsuitable oils, this will result in the TPE balling up and degrading eventually.
  51. Personally I have not seen any damage from squeezing them (and thank god, it really is a pleasure) but it is always a possibility. Use your head and it will be fine.
  53. Washing and powdering will take a while. I use bar soap and warm water to later and rinse off, then I pat dry (dragging will make these ripple, I’ve tested it on the back side). Powdering will be messy, but perhaps more simple than with a hole due to, well, the lack of a hole. I suggest powdering them before use again, even lightly, as squeezing and pulling on the unpowdered material has the potential to create unsightly ripples.
  58. Conclusion:
  60. When I initially purchased these on a horny high, I felt regret right up until I got my first squeeze as I opened the box. Right there was when I knew I had made no mistake.
  61. If you love paizuri, I will whole-heartedly recommend these to you. They are as real as it gets for general shape, and as big as it gets until you step up to the Chicufueta from Hotpowers, which on the flipside is incredibly hard to obtain in the first place, with preorder waiting lists spanning right the way in to Feb 2017 (this review being written in July 2016), and lacks the neck portion and square base (I will buy and review these when I can, however).
  63. At the price I think they are very much worth it. Of course, the conventional option of Busty Ai-chan exists, but those are not nearly as huge as these are. If you love big breasts, these are worth every penny.
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