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  2. >Late afternoon, hammered out of your mind... again
  3. >You stare out the window of the shelter that you and twilight put together. She was the only one that reached out when you first arrived.
  4. >Doesn't even seem that long ago, home one minute, here the next.
  5. >You still remember the screams of those common ponies when you 'appeared' in the center of town
  6. >It was supposed to be so simple. "They'll get used to me". "I'll be friends with all my favorites".
  8. >"It'll be paradise"
  10. >You deserve this
  11. >How naive to even THINK that you deserved any kind of paradise after the life you led back home.
  12. >As if the universe would let you off so easy
  13. >No, this was no paradise. More akin to a personal hell.
  14. >If it hadn't been for Twilight, the town would have unanimously voted for you to be exiled.
  15. >A danger to society. An unpredictable beast. A monster.
  16. >But even with the opposition, it was still Twilight's duty as the princess of whatever, to extend hospitality to all.
  17. >Thinking of it now, it probably would have been better to have been exiled.
  19. >Most of the towns folk rarely looked in your direction in public.
  20. >Mother's held their filly's a little closer when you walked by.
  21. >They tolerated you because they had no choice. It was obvious they hated every moment.
  22. >You can remember one instance you saw a light yellow mare sat alone on a park bench. Reading.
  23. >You needed directions, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to attempt interacting with what you idolized for so long.
  24. >You were barely anywhere near when she noticed you approaching, and promptly started going into a panic.
  26. >"OH my celes- .. H-hello?"
  27. "Hi, I was wondering if you could-"
  28. >"HERE"
  29. >The mare tossed some bits onto the ground
  30. >"It's all I have, please just don't hurt me!"
  31. "Hey, calm down I'm not g-"
  33. >It was then she let out a small yelp, turned and ran.
  34. >The standard for what was to come
  36. >Then there was the main 6
  37. >The ponies you adored and fantasized about for so long.
  38. >Partying with Pinkie
  39. >Watching Dash dive into a sonic rainboom
  40. >Drinking Cider with Applejack
  41. >Attend a lecture with Twilight
  42. >Getting in touch with nature with Fluttershy
  43. >Trying on interesting outfits with Rarity
  45. >What a complete moron you were.
  46. >And are.
  48. >Pinkie was always so friendly to everyone, and gave you the same courtesy. But you knew it was a burden on her.
  49. >You recall one night, Sugarcube Corner. Music and lights emanating from within the bakery where Pinkie held such lively parties.
  50. >Feeling bold, you waltzed in. After all, this is what you wanted to be here for.
  51. >As soon as you entered, one by one, each technicolor pony looked in your direction and stared. Conversation began dying down until the room was silent, save for the music still keeping the beat.
  52. >You froze. Unsure what to do or say
  54. "Hi there..."
  55. >You manage to choke out
  56. "I .. uh. I'm Anon"
  57. >You say, as you give a nervous little wave
  59. >You receive a cough and some whispers in response.
  60. >It's at this point you see Pinkie pushing her way through the crowd, Trotting toward you
  62. >"ANON! Hi, listen... you mind talking in ehm, private for a secoruni?"
  63. >She reaches you and begins pushing you out the front door
  64. >After a few feet outside she stops. You feel your heart sink.
  66. >"Anon, um. I didn't know you were coming tonight. Eheh"
  67. >She gives a half hearted smile
  68. "Well, to be honest I didn't know there was a party tonight. But I was around, and thought maybe it would be a good opportunity to pop in and get to know some ponies ya know?"
  69. >Looking at the ground she clears her throat
  70. >"Right totally. Uhm. About that. Its just that.... well."
  71. >She trails off
  72. "Yea?"
  73. >"Well.. you see Anon. I'm not super duper sure that ponies are uhm. Ready to party with you. Or uh. Be around you. Really... at all. YET! Ahem, yet yeah..."
  75. "What do you mean?"
  76. >"Well, uhm. Most ponies I know are kinda shy see?"
  77. >"And they don't know what to do when they see somepon-...uh..when they see something. Like you.."
  78. >You stay silent
  79. >"oh..but don't worry Anon! I'll throw a party for you. A uh, a small one. It'll be great. I swear! Next time. Promise!"
  80. >She stares nervously for a few moments. And begins to back up toward the bakery.
  81. "...Do you Pinkie promi-"
  82. >"ANYWAY I really should be getting back now, you know how it is heheh, talk to ya later BYE!"
  83. >SLAM
  85. >You stand there in the moonlight dazed at what you just experienced. Not even her. You didn't want to believe it.
  87. >Next time never came.
  90. >Dash wasn't any better, no matter how many times Twilight scolded her.
  91. >She was perfectly keen on making sure you knew she hated you.
  92. >No matter what the situation, she'd make it her goal to taunt and torture
  94. >something about loyalty to "the ponies that already live here" and that there "wasn't any room for weirdos"
  96. >One particular afternoon you remember sitting under a tall tree just outside of town. Trying to be optimistic about the future of living here.
  97. >If you could just change the way they see you, present yourself in some manner that would be pleasant to be around, something that-
  99. >SPLASH
  100. >The fuck? Something half-solid, half-liquid has just covered you entirely
  101. >It reeks, an unholy smell making you gag.
  102. >you wipe your face and look at yourself.
  103. >Brown.. lots of brown chunks.. mixed with grass?
  104. >You turn hearing snickers grow into laughter behind you
  106. "What in the fuck?"
  107. >"Fresh from Sweet Apple Acres!"
  108. "Rainbow?"
  110. >Rainbow tread air above you, a metal bucket in her hooves, along with some ponies you weren't familiar with
  112. >"Figured you could use a bath loser!"
  113. "Fuck you"
  114. >"Aw, did I make the little hairless monkey upset? If you don't like it, GET OUT"
  115. >With that she threw the bucket straight at you
  116. >You still have the scar
  118. >After the world came back into focus you forced yourself to look up
  119. >All you could do was stare, looking into her eyes, and nothing but contempt looking back
  120. >This pony you once adored and admired not only didn't care for you, but hated your very existence.
  121. >You could hear Twilight shouting in the distance
  122. >With a snort, she and her newly formed gang were off in a matter of seconds
  124. >You didn't go outside much after that.
  126. >You walked across the room to pour another glass of cider.
  127. >From a bottle you stole
  128. >Out the window you can hear laughter
  129. >You see a red ball bounce and roll into view
  130. >A small filly comes chasing after it
  131. >She's about to nudge it in the other direction when she sees you
  132. >You lock eyes for a little bit
  133. >Her friends start shouting for her to hurry up
  134. >She shakes her head as if to combat a chill. and pushes the ball away.
  135. >It was unfortunately still adorable
  137. >You had the chance to talk to a filly once
  139. >Sweet Apple Acres
  140. >Twilight had to see to it that you had some form of income to keep you going.
  141. >She tried so hard, even though everyone . . .or pony was against her.
  143. >It was arranged that you would work on the farm. AppleJack hesitant and resistant to the Idea from the beginning.
  144. >The conversation still vivid in your memory
  146. >"You want me to take that thing here? What about the rest of the family?"
  147. >"Please Applejack the princ-"
  148. >"To hell with the princess! What if it goes rabid and tries to hurt somepony?! You're gonna put that on me?"
  149. >"Applejack please. For me? Just for a little while. I promise he won't do anything wrong."
  150. >"Right Anon?"
  151. >Twilight turned to you flashing a painfully forced smile
  153. "Yeah, of course. I won't hurt anyone."
  154. >"Anyone what?" Applejack replied raising an eyebrow
  155. "Uh anypony I mean..yea"
  157. >Applejack looked at you, back at the farm, then you again.
  158. >she sighed
  159. >"Ahlright. But only for a little while. And if I catch you schemin' anything, these hooves are gonna cave your skull understand?"
  160. >"Applejack dont-"
  161. >"UNDERSTAND?"
  163. "y..yes ma'am"
  165. >And thus begun your short-lived farmhand career
  167. >At times it was difficult, other times simple
  168. >Still the optimist in you shined
  169. >Once they got to know you it wouldn't be so bad you thought
  170. >Not so bad at all
  172. >Applejack only really ever gave orders and avoided conversation like the plague
  173. >Most times when you attempted anything further than "Yes ma'am" you were met with a
  174. >"Yea whatever just do what I'm tellin' ya."
  176. >She made sure that everyone else on the farm worked far away from you
  177. >Just in case you turn rabid of course
  178. >Sometimes you could see Big Mac and Apple Bloom on the far side of the field
  179. >Applejack caught you looking once and pointed to what you were supposed to be working on with a stern look on her face
  181. >You suppose it had been a month or two when it came to pass the straw that broke the camel's back
  182. >It was later in the afternoon when you were loading baskets of apples from today's haul into a cart.
  183. >You could only fill the cart with so many, otherwise it'd be impossible to pull
  184. >Thus, always putting you below Applejack's standards.
  185. >You see, they could pull more because they were fucking horses
  186. >You digress
  188. >You were finishing up when suddenly the last basket slipped from your grip
  189. >Apples tumbled and rolled all over the ground
  190. "Shit"
  191. >One by one you begin picking up each apple, your back in pain from lifting all day
  192. >"Here"
  193. >A little voice says, as two apples roll your way
  194. >You turn to see a small yellow pony with a red mane at knee level looking up at you
  196. >You reach down to retrieve the apples
  197. "Uh, thanks."
  198. >Into the basket they go
  199. "...You know if Applejack catches you here she'll-"
  200. >"Ah don't care, you need help and ahm helping"
  201. >She picks up an apple with her mouth and gently places it into the basket
  202. >You could see she appeared annoyed at something
  203. "You really don't have to its fine, I-"
  204. >"Applejack always told me to help anypony in need."
  205. >"But ah guess now I know she only meant to help PONIES."
  206. >She closes her eyes
  207. >"Well ahm not gonna be like her anymore. It ain't right"
  209. "..well.. thanks. But I really don't want you getting in trouble-"
  210. >"I'm Apple Bloom, whats your name?"
  211. "..Anon..."
  212. >You say almost in a whisper
  213. "My name is, *ehm* Anon. I really shouldn't-"
  214. >"Where ya from anyway?"
  215. >She's a stubborn little one isn't she?
  216. >You clear your throat and sigh
  217. "I'm from a different world...from yours.. and in that world there's Called Earth"
  218. >"Whats it like?"
  219. "well, it kinda looks like this place. There's grass and trees...and lots of uh.. things. Like me"
  220. >"Now ya can't just be a thing. Don't they call y'all somethin?"
  221. "Humans. We're called Humans."
  222. >"Well from one Pony to a Human, it's mighty nice to meetcha!"
  223. >She extends a hoof, smiling
  224. >Slowly, you reach out. And gently grasp it.
  225. >It's the softest thing you have ever felt.
  226. >She giggles as you both shake
  228. >You smile
  230. >"APPLE BLOOM!"
  231. >Shit
  232. >You see applejack in a full gallop coming towards you
  233. >In a matter of seconds she snatches Apple Bloom out of the way, turns and bucks you square in the chest
  234. >You fumble to the ground, head spinning, air completely knocked out of you
  235. >"Ah knew it, nothin but trouble!"
  236. >"APPLEJACK! He didn' do anythin-!"
  237. >"Go to your room, we'll talk bout this later."
  238. >"BUT APP-"
  239. >"ROOM. NOW. GO."
  240. >Applejack shouted louder than previously thought possible
  241. >Apple Bloom reluctantly begins her way toward the farm house, only to look back and mouth "Sorry" to you before trotting away. Tears in her eyes.
  243. >You struggled to get the air back into your lungs
  244. >"Now what did I tell ya about breakin' rules?!"
  245. "..I.."
  246. >You try speaking but it mostly comes out as a wheeze as you lay on the ground, trying to prop yourself up with your elbow
  247. >"We'll I've justa bout had it! I'm done! Twilight'll have ta figure out somethin' else."
  248. >"I don't ever wanna see your slimy face round' her again! YA HEAR?!"
  249. >She slowly begins backing up
  250. >"You can drag yourself out..." She remarks completely monotone.
  252. >The memory stings as you sip the overly fermented cider
  253. >How could they be wrong? You knew who you were. It only made sense they acted this way.
  255. >The sun still shined outside, everything and everyone seemed to carry on in spite of you.
  256. >All the common ponies, smiling away, the flowers, the animals.
  258. >The animals...
  260. >There wasn't much of a story with Fluttershy.
  261. >The one and only encounter you had with her was.
  262. >Strange.
  264. >One afternoon Twilight had given you the task of retrieving some books from Fluttershy's place.
  265. >Said it would be a good opportunity to introduce yourself. Though the way she said it, it was as if she had already excepted what she was saying was a lie. How could you blame her?
  266. >You arrived at the cottage, it was beautiful. Just like you imagined. Although something seemed out of place.
  267. >Maybe the birds. In the show you recall the place being lively with wildlife. Especially birds, which were supposed to be merrily chirping away.
  268. >But there were none. Empty birdhouses swayed from trees.
  269. >Come to think of it there wasn't any kind of life anywhere, no squirrels, rabbits, rodents, nothing.
  270. >Eerily quiet as well.
  272. >You approached the door and knocked twice
  273. >Some kind of muffled ruckus emanated from within
  274. >Something that sounded like a porcelain dish smashing on the floor, followed by an audible "SSHHH!"
  275. >Suddenly you could hear a number of bolts and locks being undone
  276. >The door cracked open, and there stood Fluttershy, her long pink mane slightly frizzed
  277. >She stared at you... rather intensely
  278. >"y-yes?" she stammered
  279. "..ehm..Twilight said you had some books to return to her?"
  280. >Behind her you could see... what looked like a dozen tiny shapes under a table cloth..
  281. >Is that.. Is that a bear with a lamp shade on it's head?
  282. >"Wait here" she said quietly, never breaking eye contact
  283. >The door closed and all ten or so locks and bolts were locked once more
  284. >After a few moments, the door suddenly opened
  285. >Four books stacked on top of each other slid out onto the ground
  286. "Uh, thanks."
  287. >You reach down to pick them up
  288. >You hear a quick squeak from Fultters as the door slams shut.
  289. >Sighing, you take two books under each arm and head back to Twi's
  291. >Hey, at least you didn't get injured this time.
  293. >The bottle of cider was beginning to dwindle to below half.
  294. >Maybe this lovely trip down memory lane would be better in the easy chair on the other side of your one room shack. Something you had found rummaging around the town dump.
  295. >You move to take a step and unknowingly a nail catches the underside of your pant leg
  296. >This unfortunately (or fortunately) causes you to face plant on the hard wooden floor
  297. "Fucking Christ"
  298. >You mutter to yourself, the pain is numbed by the intoxication you've given yourself
  299. >Sitting up you examine your pants. You are now the proud owner of a large tear in your left pant leg. You take each side of the tear in your fingers.
  301. >Rarity, Rarity, Rarity
  302. >She made these clothes for you, once again at the decree of Twilight Sparkle.
  303. >And once again met with an obvious resistance.
  305. >"Twilight, dear, please reconsider. Think of the customers I'm going to lose! I simply must keep up my appearances! What would critics think?! I would be shunned! Ruined! Expelled! I would-"
  306. >"Just do it." Twilight said bluntly, apparently friendship mode was off today
  307. >"But Twilight I-"
  308. >FLASH
  309. >With one teleportation spell, you were left alone with Rarity outside the Carousel Boutique
  310. >A moment of silence passes as the both of you nervously look at anything but each-other
  311. >At this point you had known better than to break the ice first. Seeing how well it worked in the past
  313. >"Anon is it?" She said surprisingly calm
  314. "Yes, .. nice to meet you."
  315. >"Hm" she remarked nonchalantly
  316. >"Follow me please." She opened the door to the Boutique with her magic
  317. >You promptly followed as you were told
  319. >As the both of you enter you watch as the open sign is flipped to closed with a blue magic aura
  320. >The boutique itself is pristine, fabrics, tassels, gems all neatly arranged in an upright wooden organizer shelf. Dresses on display on each side of the room with memorizing patterns and details
  321. >Your thoughts are interrupted as Rarity beings to speak
  323. >"I will be making three outfits for you, they will be simple, staunch, and practical. Much better than what you have on now. I will have complete creative control over the design and you will except them as they are, yes?"
  324. "Yes ma'am"
  325. >"You should thank Twilight heavily for this, I'll be losing a day of business because of you. I couldn't possibly have customers here whilst someone of your... stature is present. No offense"
  326. "None ta-"
  327. >"Or maybe offense I'm not sure yet."
  328. >She says with a pout as she whips around and disappears into a back room
  329. >Suddenly, different colored fabrics, a set of needles and various types of left over materials begin flying into the air.
  330. >The magic blue aura sets them all down neatly, each in it what seems to be its own preferred spot in the workshop.
  332. >It was hard not to be impressed, you had always seen these things in the show, but in person there was an entirely new sense of wonderment
  334. >"Let us begin shall we?"
  335. >"First are the measurements, please, the ehm.. whatever you call them.. top legs?"
  336. "Arms"
  337. >"Right, arms up then please."
  338. >You comply, holding up your arms into a T-pose
  339. >"Good, hold still"
  341. >A roll of measuring tape floats around you, stretching and moving to each part of you
  342. >"...dear Celestia ..." She mutters under her breath
  343. "I hope this won't be too much of a challenge for you."
  344. >What in the holy mother of fuck possessed you to say that?
  345. >You cringe waiting for a response
  347. >She looks up at you first with contempt, then cracking a small smile.
  348. >"Nothing is a challenge for me, darling"
  350. >Her face scrunches and she quickly looks to the ground looking flustered
  351. >"ehm, moving on. Let me just.."
  352. >She trots over to a desk in the corner of the room
  353. >One of the drawers opens and a pen and paper float out onto the desk
  354. >"This will only take a moment"
  355. >A few moments go by as you stand in the middle of the room watching her scribble away at her plans.
  356. >She suddenly looks up from the desk and then turns to face you
  357. >"Oh, um.."
  358. >A chair covered in the same blue aura scoots over to you
  359. >"You can sit there if you prefer, this will only take a moment longer"
  360. "Thank you"
  361. >"mhmm" she mutters quietly
  363. >More time passes as you watch her begin the process of making what would be your clothes for the rest of your days in Equestria
  364. >Mistakes on paper crumbled up and discarded floating through the air into the waste bin
  365. >The sound of a sewing machine whirring ingrained into your memory, along with Rarity's quiet mutters of thinking aloud
  366. >"hmm, yes ...ok"
  367. >"....oh no no no, ghastly....that wont do"
  369. >Eventually the first piece is completed. It looks like a pair of regular old 'earthling' jeans
  370. >Except they are a tasteful light brown in color, complete with a gold zipper and button.
  372. >"Well, lets see how we did yes? Try these on please"
  373. >The trousers are floated over to you
  374. >You examine them a bit, soft to the touch, but sturdy. Just like she said.
  375. "um... Is there a changing room?"
  376. >"What in Equestria do you mean? There's plenty of room right here"
  377. >It hadn't occurred to you the concept of indecency was lost on equestrians. Seeing as they didn't wear clothes normally anyway.
  379. >Welp, when in Rome..
  380. >You remove the jeans your already wearing, stripping down to your boxers
  381. >"I must admit, I may have copied a small portion of the design from those ghastly things you already have, such a stale blue colo-"
  382. >You've already put one leg in when you stop to see her face turn to puzzlement
  385. >"Now this simply won't do, does your kind usually where another pair of short pants underneath?"
  386. >She says pointing at your boxers
  387. "well.. yea"
  388. >She scoffs at you
  389. >"Wonderful, if I had known those were there I would have changed those measurements."
  390. >She sighs putting her face in her hooves
  391. "I'm sorry, I should have said someth-"
  392. >"Off with them please." she says without looking up, waving a hoof at you
  393. >Does everything offbeat and awkward have to happen to you?
  394. "Really its fine I'm sure they'll fit"
  395. >"I will not be doing this a second time, now stop wasting mine and do as I say."
  396. >She looks pissed. Whatever lets just get this over with.
  397. >You remove the boxers and begin putting on the pants
  398. >You watch her do a double take looking at you, and then switching her gaze toward the wall.
  400. >They fit great, comfy. You walk over to the floor mirror to get a better view.
  401. >You have to admit. She is very good at what she does
  402. >She trots next to you also looking into the mirror
  403. >"hmm, It's a start. Let us continue, yes?"
  405. >As the hours go by, each ensemble is completed
  406. >Leaving you with two outfits for the summer, and one for the winter.
  407. >Each with its own personal details, even for someone she didn't care for she couldn't help but be creative.
  408. >There wasn't much conversation during the process
  409. >After that "challenge" comment, you were happy just to stay silent while she worked.
  411. >So there you stood, holding the clothes in a bag she was kind enough to give you.
  412. >"Alright then, Mr. Anon. I have done what has been requested, so if you don't mind I would like to get back to my OWN work thank you."
  413. >She remarked, walking you toward the door
  414. >You stepped outside and turned around
  415. >surprisingly the door was still open, and she stood looking at you with an unsure expression
  416. "Thanks, I do appreciate you taking the time"
  417. >"Hmf well yes. uhm, right. Good day"
  418. >The door closed.
  419. >It didn't slam, but closed
  421. >A cold breeze flowed through the air as you made your way home.
  423. >You pull your legs in close sitting on the ground and wrap your arms around them
  424. >Your chin resting on your knees
  426. >The sun was going down.
  427. >Perhaps tonight you'll go down with it.
  429. >Though, there's still cider left. You lift yourself up
  430. >Walking over to the table where it resides, along with your single glass.
  431. >You pick up the glass and stare at it.
  432. >Then throw it against the wall
  433. >It shatters into a thousand pieces
  434. >You take the bottle and begin taking a slug
  435. >Finally, you stumble into your easy chair, the rusted springs whining under you as you sit down.
  437. >Twilight...
  438. >I only meant to stay a while...
  439. >Twilight...
  441. >When you first arrived she made it her duty to make sure that you would be welcomed and integrated as a valued member of their society.
  442. >To show you kindness and hospitality, as the Princess of Friendship.
  443. >To prove that no matter your differences, it was possible to become a friend to all
  445. >And it was killing her.
  447. >You know she tried so hard, but at every turn she was met with the obstacle that you simply were incompatible with what was already established here
  448. >A new political party against foreign creatures was formed because of your arrival.
  449. >Celestia wouldn't take no for an answer, asking for weekly reports on your progress.
  450. >Twilight would schedule meetings with you, each with less and less enthusiasm.
  452. >Because of you, Twilight's REAL life had to be put on hold. A friendship problem with no solution
  453. >An episode with no ending
  454. >She wasn't herself, on more than one occasion you caught her yelling at spike, or snapping on her friends
  455. >And her friends, blamed YOU for her behavior
  456. >But they were right, everyone had a great thing going and then you had to show up
  457. >It became painfully apparent at the last meeting
  459. >"So, Anon. I know the um. Past few weeks have been... A challenge"
  460. >She sat across from you in your shack. The wooden chair creaking under her as she adjusted herself, looking at the clipboard floating in front of her
  461. >"It seems we are not meeting our requirements for this week...or any..but uhm."
  462. >She flips open a page on her clipboard
  463. >"Yes, I'll. *sigh* Just have to come up with a new plan. Again."
  464. "Twilight I'm sorry you-"
  465. >"NO, no. That's fine, we just have to change our strategy is all."
  466. >She gives you a weak smile
  467. >"Tell me, how has pony to human interaction been this week?"
  469. >Reluctantly, you tell her about the encounter you had with Rainbow Dash not too long ago
  470. >Each word draining the color from her face
  471. >When you finish, she just sits there staring
  472. >Her clipboard slowly lowers to the ground
  474. >"You said there was more than one pony with her?"
  475. "Yes"
  476. >She puts a hoof on her head
  477. >"Were any of these ponies wearing an orange leg band?"
  478. >Thinking about it, you could clearly recall seeing one of them wearing a band just above their hoof, bright orange with some kind of symbol on it
  479. "Now that you mention it, I think I saw something like that on one of them yes"
  480. >She let out a deep sigh
  481. "So whats that about exactly?"
  482. >"It's the display of being a member of the PFFE"
  483. "You mean the-"
  484. >"Protection From Foreign Enemies party yes"
  485. "oh"
  486. >You both sat there staring at each other.
  487. >Twilight then spoke.. barely above a whisper
  488. >"Was....was Rainbow Dash wearing one?"
  489. >You couldn't remember
  490. "I uh...didn't really see. She could have.. I don't know"
  492. >It was then Twilight began to weep
  493. >You wanted nothing as badly as you wanted to embrace Twilight right then
  494. >But you knew it wasn't your place.
  495. >You were a monster after all.
  496. >The very thing that was causing this pain
  498. "Twilight I'm sorry I-"
  499. >"NO, Its not your fault Anon. It's mine"
  500. >"I failed you. I failed Celestiaaa..."
  501. >Her voice turned to whispering sobs
  502. >What could you do?
  504. >After a while she eventually composed herself and continued the meeting
  505. >You both went over some strategies that could possibly change public opinion
  506. >Random acts of kindness, A formal visit with Princess Celestia
  507. >At one point Twilight even considered staging a fake event to win ponies over in your favor
  509. >You knew it was all fruitless, meaningless, impractical
  511. >The hours passed and the meeting was wrapping up
  512. >You promised Twi that you would attempt the things discussed as best you could
  513. >You thanked her for trying so hard
  515. >"We'll make this work Anon. I know we can. I promise."
  516. >Still giving you that same week smile
  517. >You opened the door for her
  518. >She exited and looked back at you with those big lavender eyes
  519. >"Just hang in there a little longer Anon, ok?"
  520. "Sure Twilight. I'll try"
  521. >And with that she was on her way home
  523. >So here you were.
  524. >You still haven't left this place since that meeting
  526. >you take one more slug out of your cider bottle, finishing it
  527. >It was night now and the moon was shining in the sky
  528. >Time to go
  530. >Maybe the next life would be paradise.
  531. >Or the hell you deserved.
  532. >In which case you'd just end up back here
  533. >You chuckle at the thought
  534. >No this has to happen. For Equestria
  535. >At the very least you could save them from you.
  537. >But how?
  538. >You drunkenly waltz over to wear the glass you threw shattered
  539. >Moving the pieces around with your feet, you discover a nice large... sharp.. shard
  540. >picking it up in your hands you run your fingers across it
  541. >No point in waiting anymore
  542. "For Equestria"
  543. >You slur to yourself as you hold the shard up in the air, then toward your neck
  544. >You close your eyes and press the glass hard into your neck, making a swift motion from left to right
  545. >The first go is a just scratch
  546. >You slash again
  547. >The pain begins to creep into your senses until its the only feeling present, sharp stinging pain
  548. >Slash
  549. >You look down as blood spills onto the floor
  550. >The shard drops from your hand as the room spins
  552. >The sun rises in Equestria
  554. >It didn't take long for a random pony to tip off authorities of a red substance leaking out from a small shack on the far side of town
  556. >Twilight was the first to know.
  557. >She doesn't take it well
  558. >A discrete meeting is called
  560. >Rumors began spreading throughout the town as Royal authority blocks off the street
  561. >Later in the Afternoon Celestia arrives in Ponyville, only igniting the rumors further
  563. >After meeting with Twilight, Celestia begins the task of preparing a funeral. And a speech.
  564. >Spike keeps asking whats going on, neither answer him
  565. >Twilight paces back and forth for a time. Wishing today was a dream
  566. >Wiping away the tears Twilight tells Celestia to look after spike while she gathers her friends
  567. >Inside her is a depraved desire to have her friends attend the funeral
  568. >This time she wouldn't be asking, only telling
  570. >The first was Pinkie
  571. >She caught her at Sugarcube corner, blowing up balloons out in front of the bakery
  572. >"TWILIGHT! I'm so glad to see you! Ya know I was thinking, with this whole human thing living here and making the town go crazy I thought that we should-"
  573. >"Pinkie"
  574. >"By the way did you see they blocked off the street back there?! I hope the cops aren't bugging him too much! But I really think this party I planned is gonna fix-"
  575. >"PINKIE" Twilight shouted. staring at Pinkie
  576. >"Yea what is it?" Pinkie said her tongue sticking out playfully
  578. >A fluffy mane turned straight just then
  580. >The media began swarming Twilight's castle repeatedly asking for a statement on the recent commotion
  581. >The doors stayed closed
  583. >Applejack was next
  584. >Twilight made her way to the farm as Pinkie prepared herself to attend the one event full of ponies she 'didn't' want to be at.
  587. >"Hiya Twilight...oh listen, if this is about that Anon thing, I told ya I'm not doing it anymore"
  588. >"You won't have to Applejack" Twilight said completely monotone
  589. >Applejack gave a sigh of relief
  590. >"Oh thank Celestia, heh, made him somepony else's problem huh?"
  591. >"No, its still yours"
  592. >Applejack noticed the dark circles under her eyes. And that she wasn't blinking
  593. >"Uhm.. well what exactly do ya mean Twilight?"
  594. >"Anon's dead"
  595. >Applejack froze, a literal chill shot down her spine
  597. >"HE'S WHAT?!" a small voice shouted from behind Applejack
  599. >Twilight had failed to notice Apple Bloom eavesdropping behind a tree a few feet away
  600. >Applejack turned around with a panicked expression
  601. >"A-apple bloo. ." Applejack couldn't find any words
  602. >Fresh tears began to fill the filly's eyes as she started to breath heavier
  603. >It was then she turned galloped away toward the barn
  604. >Applejack wanted to call out to her but knew it wouldn't help anything
  605. >so instead, she turned back to twilight
  606. >"Twi, what are you talking abou-"
  607. >"The funeral is tomorrow. If you don't attend I don't know you anymore."
  609. >Twilight turned and calmly began a slow trot to her next destination
  610. >She felt nothing
  612. >As she headed for the Carousel Boutique, Applejack sat down against the fence and contemplated what she would say to Apple Bloom. It was one thing honesty couldn't cure this time
  614. >"Twilight! Just the mare I was looking for. Come in, please!"
  615. >Twilight walked into the boutique, mentally preparing herself to deliver the news for the third time today
  616. >"I wanted to apologize" Rarity said avoiding eye contact
  618. >"Apologize?" Twilight asked quietly
  619. >"Yes, I shouldn't have made such a fuss the other week. About that Anon fellow"
  620. >"Really?" Twilight said, perfectly content with listening to Rarity speak a little longer
  621. >Just to delay the inevitable
  622. >"Of course dear, you know... he was actually quite well mannered... charming even"
  623. >"To be completely honest I thought he was going to act like some kind of brute"
  624. >"oh" Twilight breathed, perhaps she'd take her time with this one
  625. >"What I'm saying is.. If Anon needs any more clothing done, I would be glad to help."
  627. >Twilight just stared at the floor. She wanted to wait as long as she could
  628. >"Twilight, you look like you've seen a ghost, whats the matter?"
  629. >She thought she was out of tears at this point. And yet, here they were again
  630. >"Rarity... Anon's...gone"
  631. >"What!? He left?"
  632. >"No.."
  633. >"...You mean hes!?...."
  634. >Twilight gave a small nod
  635. >"Oh dear Celestia....but he was just here, how could-?! I mean how did this happen? The PFFE?"
  636. >"He did it to himself..."
  637. >Rarity wished she had never heard those words
  638. >"why?"
  639. >Joining in the sorrow, Rarity's eye liner began to run down her face
  640. >The two embraced each other, without giving any thought
  642. >They stayed together a while until Twilight broke the silence. Whispering
  643. >"Thank you for caring"
  644. >"Of course" Rarity said between a shaking sniffle
  646. >Still holding onto Rarity, Twilight backed out of the hug a little to face her
  647. >"Fluttershy and ...Rainbow...still dont know yet. I have to go"
  648. >"Please dear, let me go with you"
  649. >"No I'd rather... it would be easier if it was just me"
  651. >With that Twilight said her goodbye's
  652. >"I'll see you tomorrow?"
  653. >"Yes" Rarity said with a caring expression
  655. >Twilight once again, set off. This time for a cottage.
  657. >Twilight reluctantly Knocked twice on the door
  658. >"Who is it?" a muffled voice called from inside
  659. >"Its me Fluttershy, just open the door please"
  660. >" you?"
  661. >Twilight sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time today
  662. >"No, he's not. Can I come in now please?"
  664. >A plethora of locks and bolts being unlocked sounded through the door
  665. >The door cracked open and there stood the mare looking at twilight through those long pink locks
  666. >"Uhm so...what brings you here?"
  667. >Twilight thought of a way she could get the news across with as soft a landing as possible
  668. >She knew it was impossible
  669. >"I have to tell you something. Can we sit down?"
  670. >"Always Twilight, come in." The meek pony stepped out of the way letting Twilight enter
  672. >The two sat next to one and other on Flutters' living room couch
  673. >"Would you like some tea, coffee maybe?"
  674. >"No Fluttershy, that's okay"
  675. >Twilight caught herself staring again. It never got any easier. But it had to be done
  676. >"okay...well, what is it you wanted to tell me?"
  677. >"Something...bad.."
  678. >"Oh no, don't tell me. Did Rainbow try to-"
  679. >"PLEASE, don't...don't try to guess, just let me tell you"
  680. >"...o-okay" Fluttershy said quieter than normal. Bracing for impact
  681. >"Its about Anon"
  682. >"OH no, did he finally go rabid and hurt somepony!? Applejack told me-"
  683. >"NO no... well.. it's half true."
  684. >"W-what do you mean?"
  685. >"He hurt himself"
  686. >"Oh.." Fluttershy said with confusion in her voice
  687. >"Why would he do that?"
  689. >It was questions like these that brought the tears back, no matter how many times Twilight thought the pain was over, it came rushing back. Another wave of hurt and regret.
  690. >But it was only because she knew the answer, she just didn't want to admit it.
  692. >"I...I don't know..." She stammered, fresh tears streaming down her face once more
  693. >"Fluttershy....Anon...isn't with us anymore."
  694. >Fluttershy sat silent, with an expression akin to deer in headlights
  696. >Twilight placed a hoof on Flutters shoulder
  697. >She continues to stare blankly
  698. >"...are you-"
  699. >"Excuse me" She yelped and galloped out of sight
  700. >Twilight's hoof hovered at the spot where Flutters shoulder was
  701. >As she lowered it, she could hear Fluttershy retching with the echo of bathroom walls
  702. >"..Celestia help me" Twi muttered to herself
  704. >It would be another two hours before Twilight could leave in any confidence that Fulttershy could keep composed until tomorrow
  705. >She knew she wouldn't
  706. >She never handled anything like this well, though Twilight couldn't imagine the thoughts going through her head.
  707. >Fluttershy was supposed to be in tune with nature, of course, fill her head with a story and her anxiety will do the rest. Even if it doesn't make sense.
  708. >Twilight wished she could have explained to her earlier that Anon wasn't exactly "a rabid, unpredictable monster"
  709. >She kept putting it off, placing at the bottom of her list of things to fix
  710. >She was out of time now. Too late, passed the point of no return
  711. >She didn't keep her schedule
  713. >She wondered if she could ever be in the presence of a mirror again
  715. >It didn't matter. There was still one more pony to tell
  716. >One who deserved hearing the news the most
  717. >A newfound anger was ignited inside Twilight
  718. >Every single variable in this tragedy was important.
  719. >And she knew this pony was a VERY important variable
  720. >One that even after the event, she felt, could still be corrected
  722. >And she knew just where to find her.
  726. >Exiting Fluttershy's cottage Twilight noticed clouds had began to gather
  727. >She began her trot, at a steady, brisk pace
  728. >Her posture confident, but not from pride
  729. >There was no need for teleportation
  730. >She wanted to hold on to this depravity, this fire inside, as long as she could.
  732. >Raindrops began to tap the ground as she made it to the first cobble street of Ponyville
  734. >'A monster?' She thought to herself
  735. >'where?'
  736. >'I did know a human named Anon, a troubled soul, begging for acceptance'
  737. >'No, I KNOW what a monster is'
  738. >'I've seen it'
  740. >As she made her way through Ponyville, more and more of the common ponies noticed that the literal Princess of Friendship was walking through their town
  741. >At this point with all the nauseating rumors already spread, they wanted answers.
  743. >"Hey...HEY.. THATS TWILIGHT BUCKIN' SPARKLE" An older stallion called out
  744. >Small mutters from the town quickly turned to shouts as they began to gallop towards her
  745. >"Hey princess! Why'd the block off Iron street?"
  746. >"Is it true that creature is a serial killer? Did they catch it?"
  747. >"PRINCESS!, when are these buckin' taxes gettin fixed?"
  748. >"TWI, is it true that thing turns into a timberwolf at night? I know I saw it!"
  750. >The rain began to grow into a storm
  751. >It was only a matter of time until the press turned their attention away from Twilight's castle to follow her
  752. >A large crowd began to form around her, to the point where they block her path. Completely surrounding her.
  753. >Cameras flashed, as the press and common ponies all shouted over each other
  755. >'I have seen it'
  756. >Twilight's thoughts enveloped her mind
  757. >'It's all around me right now'
  758. >'Monsters... All of them'
  759. >'Putrid, disgusting creatures... lowly filth that I have to INSTRUCT to care about one and other'
  760. >'They are incapable of any sort of menial decency, let alone friendship'
  762. >Twilight felt like her heart was about to burst
  764. >"MOVE" She shouted, it didn't even sound like the word, more like a primal scream
  765. >An aura of purple magic floated in the air, turning itself into a transparent wall
  766. >It lowered in front of her, and she marched forward
  767. >The front of the crowd began to be involuntarily pushed
  768. >The entire crowd quickly reacted and moved away in a hurry
  770. >Thunder cracked as the crown began to fall silent
  771. >She continued to march until the road was clear of any ponies
  772. >The transparent wall faded to nothingness
  773. >Ponies whispered among themselves following behind, but at a distance
  774. >Royal guards begin to attempt to disperse the crowd
  776. >It was only a little farther now, a secluded patch of land on the outskirts of town
  777. >It's where they'd sometimes meet back when they were friends
  778. >It seemed completely inconceivable now
  780. >She arrived in the small patch of forest looking up at an abnormally low cloud
  781. >A black silhouette of a mare in its gray center
  782. >it was snoring
  783. >She could hear herself breath as she stared
  784. >"Rainbow Dash" she said firmly
  785. >The silhouette turns over grunting
  786. >"hua- wha? Who's that?" Dash's voice still asleep
  787. >Rainbow turned onto her stomach, and crawled toward the edge of the cloud to see who had woke her
  788. >Her eyes focused onto a rather intense looking purple mare
  790. >"Twiiilight! What are you doing here? I thought you said ya hadda a busy schedule with your pet monkey today?"
  791. >"Come down. Now." Twilight said, her tone coarse as sandpaper
  792. >"Alright alright, don't get your mane into a bunch" Rainbow said as she stretched her wings
  793. >She yawned
  794. >"It's glad you woke me up when you did, I didn't know rain was scheduled today"
  795. >Eventually, she floated down to the ground with a couple lazy flaps of her wings
  797. >Twilight gazed at her locking eye contact
  798. >Dash snorted
  799. >"Wow you look like you were hit by a train, I told ya this whole monster lovin' peace rally thing is just gonna wear you down" Dash said smugly
  801. >Twilight seethed
  802. >"You did this." she said, in a guttural tone
  803. >"What, are you talking about?" Dash remarked unimpressed
  804. >Twilight was about to answer when she was interrupted
  805. >"NO wait, don't tell me! You heard about the prank we did?" She began to snicker
  806. >"So it's a tattle-tale too? HA!" Rainbow chuckled
  807. >Twilight took a step forward
  808. >"How many times do I have to explain this Twilight, you can't even trust it!"
  809. >Twilight let Dash make her case as to why she deserved what she was unknowingly about to receive
  810. >"Twi, trust me. You'd feel a lot better if you just saw things how they REALLY are!"
  811. >"Listen, how bout' you and me head to the PFFE headquarters, I can put in a good word for you"
  812. >She just couldn't stop
  813. >"All we gotta do is run this thing outa to-"
  815. >FLASH
  816. >Dash feels a wave of energy abruptly push and lift her through the air
  817. >Before she can realize whats happening she feels her back slam into a tree
  818. >Dazed and in newly found pain, Dash picks herself up and looks completely surprised at Twilight
  819. >"What the buck is wrong with you?!" She shouts
  820. >"Anon is Dead" Twilight said with malice
  821. >Rainbow chokes on her own spit
  822. >"What? What are you talking about"
  823. >"He cut open his throat last night" She growled, her eyes narrowing
  824. >Dash just stared wide eyed and confused, eyes shifting back and forth between Twilight's pupils
  825. >"Wha... .. well why d-did d-d...I didn't.. he..." She rambled only succeeding in making noise as her voice cracked
  826. >"Tell me," Twilight leaned in
  827. >"Do you feel very 'protected' right now?"
  828. >Dash's eyes begin to water, as her breath shakes
  830. >"....h-hiym...I'm ..sorry....I'm sorry" she whispered through sobs
  832. >Twilight breathed heavily, her mind was clouded with corrupted thoughts. Her old self nowhere to be found
  833. >A voice inside her head begged her to remember who she was, what she was doing
  834. >Twilight closed her eyes as she fought with herself internally
  836. >Twilight opens her eyes, returning her gaze upon Dash
  837. >Who was cowering and sobbing at the moment
  838. >Twilight's horn begins to glow, and spark
  839. >She slowly begins walking backward
  840. >Dash watching through burning watery eyes
  842. >"T-twi? ....Please...don't" Rainbow squeaks
  844. >Twilight's eyes glow slightly as she suddenly stops
  845. >Dash puts her hooves over her head, crying aloud
  846. >"No no no no" She whispers over and over
  848. >Suddenly a sound like the crack of thunder pounded dash's ears
  849. >She was still for a moment, then opened her eyes
  850. >She was unharmed
  851. >Looking at Twilight, Rainbow saw a trail of smoke emanating from Twilight's horn
  853. >She followed the trail upward to the sky, where she spotted a ball of purple light, still climbing into the heavens
  854. >She exhaled
  856. >BANG
  857. >The ball explodes expanding into a single ring of light, sparkling in the cloudy sky.
  858. >A draft of wind covers the two of them as the ring expands further
  860. >Rainbow Dash watches, completely mesmerized. Then slowly looks at twilight
  861. >She stands motionless with her eyes closed
  862. >The light rain gradually became heavier
  864. >"Twilight?" Rainbow quietly spoke
  866. >Just then, Dash saw two Royal guards gallop into view from behind Twilight
  867. >They stop
  868. >"Princess! We got your signal, what's-"
  869. >"Arrest that Pony" Twilight said blankly, pointing at Dash
  870. >The guard hesitated, recognizing the pony in question was Rainbow Dash
  871. >"Now" Twilight said, again without emotion
  872. >"..yes your majesty."
  873. >The guards approached Dash, who also stood motionless, staring at Twilight
  874. >Cuffs and chains were place on her hooves, she put up no resistance
  875. >The guards looked at each other, then at Twilight. Who still hadn't moved
  876. >"Lets go" one guard coughed
  877. >Calmly the two of them escorted the blue mare out of view
  879. >Dash followed with her head down the whole time
  881. >For a while Twilight just stood there, soaking in the rain
  882. >Her soul was still in there. Somewhere.
  883. >Night falls, as she makes her way home
  885. >Celestia sat in the main foyer of Twilight's castle, using the map in the center of the room as a desk
  886. >A yellow aura followed a pen writing on its own
  887. >She had already put spike to bed, he was fine with going early, after listening to her explain what was going on
  888. >The pen falls mid sentence
  889. >The Princess let out a long sigh
  891. >What sounds like a lock turning echos across the room
  892. >Followed by a loud creak as the main door to the castle opens in front of Celestia
  893. >Twilight enters, the door closing on its own as she slowly trotted toward the center of the room, tracking mud behind her
  894. >"Twilight?" Celestia's voice echoed as she watched Twilight walk around the table
  895. >She passed Celestia without even glancing in her direction, heading into the hallway behind her
  896. >"Twilight...Twilight STOP" Celestia called
  898. >She stopped
  899. >Cold and wet she stood, still facing away from Celestia
  901. >The tall goddess rose from the table and walked over to her, stopping in front of her
  902. >She sat, still towering over twilight
  903. >"Come here" Celestia tapped a hoof on the ground in front of her
  905. >Twilight slowly walked forward, until she was pressing her face into Celestia's chest
  906. >Celestia draped her wings around her, and lowered her head closer to Twilight's
  907. >Twilight inhaled shakily, her body almost convulsing as she began to sob
  908. >Celestia held her tighter
  909. >Rain tapped the windows as they embraced
  911. >It would soon be morning
  913. >Celestia rose the sun while Twilight slept
  914. >Its rays, shining through the blinds of her bedroom
  915. >She rolled onto her side, away from the window, and yawned underneath the covers
  916. >She felt numb
  917. >Her eyes still closed, but her mind awake
  918. >She listened to herself breath
  920. >There was a small knock at the door
  921. >Twilight opened her eyes slightly to peak
  922. >She saw the door open, but no figure enter
  923. >Until she heard tapping on the floor which made her look downward
  926. >There was spike, carrying a tray holding pancakes, toast and a glass of orange juice
  927. >"Good morning Twilight. I made you breakfast"
  928. >He set the tray on the bedside table
  929. >" you feeling?"
  930. >Twilight exhaled in response
  931. >"It hurts" she said, muffled under the covers
  932. >"...I know...It does"
  933. >Spike examined his foot for a moment
  934. >", you wanna hug?" Spike said quietly
  935. >For some reason, twilight found herself smiling a little.
  936. >Nobody could ask for a better assistant
  937. >"Yes, I do"
  938. >Twilight inched over to the edge of the bed and the two embraced each other
  940. >Today was the funeral.
  941. >She and the mares, or rather most of them, would get together and say their goodbyes
  942. >She stepped out of her room, her mane, unkept and frizzy
  943. >As she began making her way down the hall she heard-
  944. >"Twilight" Celestia spoke from the guest bedroom
  945. >Looking in the direction of the voice, Twilight saw Celestia looking back at her through the doorway to the guest bedroom
  946. >"May I speak with you?" her tone soft
  947. >"Yes Princess" Twilight replied entering the room
  948. >"close the door please"
  949. >Twilight sheepishly looked toward the door, and it closed on its own
  950. >"One of my captains, has informed me that Rainbow Dash is residing in Canterlot Prison."
  951. >Twilight swallowed
  952. >"...Yes"
  953. >"...would you please explain why you've done this?"
  955. >Twilight hesitated
  956. >"...She....I think I made the correct judgement Princess"
  957. >"I see...And you are absolutely sure she is capable of a crime at this level? Beyond reformation?" Celestia said firmly
  958. >"I...I'm..not sure" Twilight avoided eye contact
  959. >Celestia sighed
  960. >"We will discuss this further...after today's gathering"
  961. >"Yes Princess" Twilight replied in a whisper, her eyes closed
  962. >Twilight slowly turned to exit the room
  964. >Over the course of the morning, the official statement from Celestia informed the public of what had taken place just one day ago
  965. >The crowd had mixed reactions, naturally
  966. >Some pitied Anon, saying no creature, pony or not, should ever feel the need to take such an option
  967. >And some held steadfast to their beliefs, saying good riddance...
  968. >The press continued digging like rats
  970. >A plot of land had been prepared in the cemetery on the outskirts of town
  971. >Folding chairs, and a podium had been placed uniformly
  972. >Among it all was a custom brown wooden casket. Open.
  973. >By order of the Princess
  974. >Inside laid Anons body.
  975. >Ponyville's Morticians had never worked on a specimen like this one. But they did their best, also by order of the Princess
  976. >The skin on his neck had been sewn, and slightly covered by his shirt
  977. >He wore the same clothes, the blood carefully washed from them.
  978. >his face, molded into an expression of peace
  980. >The time came, and Celestia, Twilight, and spike exited the castle
  981. >Walking only to step into a a private carriage
  982. >Escorted by Royal guards the entire distance
  983. >The press snapped any pictures they could, all shouting questions and general nonsense
  985. >The door closed behind them as they were seated
  986. >The noise of the crowd thankfully muffled by the walls
  987. >Twilight sat next to Celestia, while spike was seated across from them
  988. >The carriage jerked, and began to move
  989. >Whilst they rode, they stayed silent
  990. >Twilight stared out the window, watching the scenery go by
  991. >She felt a hoof touch hers
  993. >Twilight turned to see Celestia who was also looking out the window
  994. >Looking closer she noticed Celestia was blinking rather frequently, her face in a permanent concerned expression
  995. >Celestia's hoof wrapped around Twilight's a little tighter
  996. >Twilight scooted closer to her, returning the gesture of affection
  998. >'I guess these things don't get easier, no matter how many you've been too' Twilight thought to herself
  999. >Spike twiddled his claws
  1001. >The carriage stopped, a moment later the door opened
  1002. >Bright sunlight blinded twilight as she exited
  1003. >Royal guards were quick to escort the group to the burial site
  1005. >As they approached she noticed 3 familiar ponies conversing with one and other
  1006. >"Twilight.." Rarity was the first to trot over to them
  1007. >She was dressed all in black
  1008. >Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie followed
  1009. >Pinkie's mane still lay straight, covering half her face
  1010. >Fluttershy just stared at the ground sniffling
  1011. >"Oh, Princess.." Rarity said, as she knelt down in front of Celestia
  1012. >Flutters and Pinkie followed Rarity's example, also kneeling down
  1013. >The goddess sighed
  1014. >"Girls please, no formalities today" She said smiling slightly, placing a hoof on Rarity's cheek
  1015. >"Forgive me, but I must prepare my speech. I'll leave you to get acquainted" Celestia stated calmly, excusing herself from the group as she made her way to the podium
  1017. >Rarity immediately embraced Twilight
  1018. >Followed by Fluttershy, then Pinkie
  1019. >Spiked stared at the ground until he too was pulled into a hug from Rarity
  1020. >Her friends looked weathered and tired.
  1022. >She noticed a lack of orange in her vision
  1024. >"Where's Applejack?" Twilight asked softly
  1025. >"I'm not sure dear" Rarity replied giving a sympathetic look
  1026. >"She'll be here soon" Pinkie stated flatly, as if it were fact
  1027. >Her straight mane hiding her face
  1028. >Fluttershy still stood motionless, sniffling quietly
  1029. >"..Thank you all so much... for being here. It means a lot" Twilight said, again just above a whisper
  1030. >Rarity and Pinkie nodded, as Fluttershy just slowly walked into twilight, once again wrapping her hooves around her
  1031. >Twilight was happy to oblige
  1033. >She heard hoof steps behind her
  1034. >After letting fluttershy go, she turned to face
  1035. >Applejack
  1036. >She wasn't wearing her stetson.
  1037. >The sunlight beating down on her face, it looked like she hadn't slept in years
  1038. >Beside her was Apple Bloom, a small black bow tied into her mane.
  1039. >Before any of them spoke, Apple Bloom trotted over to the casket. stopping just before, then sitting in front of it
  1040. >Celestia looked up from her pages sitting on the podium, and directed her eyes toward Apple Bloom.
  1041. >She stepped down from the podium and joined Apple Bloom sitting beside her.
  1043. >"Twilight."
  1044. >She took a step toward the purple mare
  1045. >"....b-Big mac and Granny would have been here but...Granny's not feeling well, so Mac is stayin' behind to..take care of her" Applejack's voice was quiet and hoarse
  1046. >Twilight found herself staring at her
  1047. >She remembered how she felt yesterday.
  1048. >Recalling the anger she didn't hide when she met with her that cloudy afternoon
  1050. >Today the feeling was absent
  1051. >She knew it logically made sense to feel angry, and betrayed
  1052. >But she also saw the pain on Applejack's face
  1053. >The longer she stared, she noticed more and more tears falling from Applejack's eyes
  1054. >It didn't appear she was crying, but every time she blinked, another tear fell
  1055. >Applejack broke the silence
  1056. >"Twilight....I...know...I did wrong....and..."
  1057. >She inhaled and exhaled deeply
  1059. >Pinkie, Rarity and Fluttershy watched from behind Twilight. Knowing full well Applejack's role in today's events
  1060. >"...and I understand that...after this....Ifin' you don't wanna know me anymore...I won't-"
  1061. >Twilight interrupted her by quickly marching up to her, eyes narrowing
  1062. >Closing the distance until they were inches away from each other's face
  1064. >Applejack stared wide eyed at Twilight
  1065. >In her mind, Twilight unwillingly made the comparison to how Applejack looked now. And how similar Dash looked in that moment, yesterday, in the rain
  1066. >She felt a heaviness in her chest
  1068. >Before Applejack could say anything
  1069. >Twilight threw her hooves around her, and brought her in close
  1070. >Applejack sharply inhaled
  1071. >The girls watched from a distance, surprised at what was taking place in front of them
  1073. >"!" Applejack cried in between gasps
  1074. >Twilight only held her tighter
  1075. >Applejack weakly returned the embrace
  1076. >She lost all composure, practically howling in front of the group
  1077. >Pinkie, Flutters, Rarity and spike all watched in astonishment.
  1078. >Out of all the years together they had never seen Applejack in this state before
  1080. >As if on command, the four of them rushed toward Applejack
  1081. >Putting hooves around her where ever they could go
  1082. >"...I...I-I..." Applejack fighting to speak through her emotion
  1084. >Twilight's mind wrestled with her
  1085. >The logic was not adding up, the variables were set for anger, and revenge. Not this.
  1086. >But still against her minds supposedly higher judgement
  1087. >A part that had lay dormant inside her during this tragedy, had awakened once more
  1088. >The heaviness in her chest begging to be set free
  1089. >She had let her heart decide instead
  1091. >"...I forgive you...." Twilight whispered
  1093. >Celestia looked down at the small filly beside her
  1094. >Apple bloom looked up at the casket, she was too short to see up and into it's contents. Though she dared not to try.
  1095. >Celestia contemplated saying something to her. But she knew words were superficial in times such as this
  1097. >Even with all the commotion happening behind them, Apple Bloom didn't once turn her attention away from what was in front of her.
  1098. >Celestia extended a wing around the filly
  1099. >Apple Bloom leaned against her, eyes still locked on the casket, saying nothing.
  1101. >Applejack stood sniffling in the warmth of all her friends
  1102. >"....ah..I Love you much.." Applejack said her voice still quivering
  1103. >The group almost all instantly returned the sentiment speaking over each other
  1105. >Royal Guards had almost finishing setting up barriers for which the public was allowed to attend behind
  1106. >The sun reached its peak, the grass glittered, still damp from the day before
  1107. >A guard approached the group of grieving friends
  1109. >"Princess, the service will be beginning soon"
  1110. >Twilight nodded to the guard.
  1111. >She sighed, "Ready girls?" she said softly, looking upon her friends
  1112. >Fluttershy still stayed close to Applejack, her wing draped around her
  1113. >Applejack inhaled deeply
  1114. >"..I...reckon so" she whispered
  1115. >Rarity directed her attention to the casket that stood a short distance away
  1116. >"..I must confess...I still haven't found the nerve to see...him.." She said
  1117. >"We'll go together" Spike replied, holding out his claw
  1118. >Rarity exhaled quickly
  1119. >"..ok" she said almost inaudibly
  1121. >The two of them walked down the aisle, as Applejack and Fluttershy followed her wing still around her
  1122. >Twilight watched them go, standing for a moment, pinkie did the same at her side
  1123. >She thought to herself how lucky she was to know these ponies. Even with their flaws
  1124. >She stepped forward to join them when she heard Pinkie speak
  1126. >"Where is Rainbow Dash?"
  1129. >Twilight froze
  1130. >Pinkies stared blankly
  1131. >Twilight didn't turn to face her
  1132. >"...she ..said she wouldn't be here" Twilight said, her eyes closed
  1133. >Pinkie blinked
  1134. >"I know you're lying" she said, monotone as her expression
  1135. >Twilight stood there for a moment, unsure what to do next
  1136. >"I....I can't explain this now" she cringed
  1137. >Pinkie casually trotted past her
  1138. >"We'll discuss this later" Pinkie said, almost like her sister
  1140. >Twilight caught her breath and joined the rest of the group
  1141. >The crowd began filling in as quickly as access was allowed
  1142. >While they were seated, an announcement was made that the Princess would soon be giving a speech
  1143. >Apple Bloom sat much further from Applejack, opting to sit next to spike instead
  1144. >All were seated but one pony who still stood next to Anon
  1145. >A feeling of dread washed over her, as she stood next to the same creature she had been conversing with not long ago
  1146. >Rarity tried and failed to hold back her emotion
  1147. >She closed her eyes, and her horn began to glow
  1148. >a black designer saddle bag opened by itself
  1149. >A needle and thread float into the air
  1150. >The tear in the fabric by Anon's leg began to glow, as the needle and thread began sewing it together on their own
  1151. >When she had finished, she laid the needle and thread inside the casket, and returned to her seat
  1153. >Celestia approached the podium
  1154. >The crowd stirred
  1155. >She began to speak
  1157. >"Residents of Ponyville.." she paused
  1158. >The noise of the crowd hushed itself
  1159. >Nearly silent, they waited in anticipation for her to continue
  1161. >"I have come today, despite my Royal obligations and responsibilities."
  1162. >"Because I am afraid I can no longer continue leading if we don't address the current situation our society faces"
  1163. >Some quiet conversations suddenly manifested in the crowd
  1165. >"I understand that there are rumors circulating around, this human."
  1166. >"The one who lays inside this casket. No longer drawing breath"
  1167. >"His name was Anon. We know this because he told us."
  1168. >"Just as he told us of his world. What it looked like, who his kind were, what role he played in his society"
  1169. >"He was excited to share with us his thoughts, his feelings..."
  1170. >"Things monsters are incapable of.."
  1171. >"To dispel these rumors, let it be known that Anon, in complete factual legitimacy.."
  1172. >"Has never harmed any pony who resides in this land."
  1173. >"The truth instead, is that one day ago. Anon took his own life"
  1175. >"My pupil, Twilight Sparkle, told me wondrous accounts of Anons willingness to be a part of our lives. She told me he yearned to befriend the ponies around him."
  1176. >"Although In the short time he was with us, It is only now that I am informed that the consensus of my subjects thoughts regarding Anon..."
  1178. >Celestia paused, staring at the podium
  1179. >Using her magic she tossed the pages of her speech away
  1181. >"When Anon first arrived. I was elated."
  1182. >"Not only for the opportunity to learn of an entirely new species."
  1183. >"But to see how my subjects would embrace this creature, as one of their own."
  1184. >"I was confident in my assumption that my ponies understood..."
  1185. >Celestia seemed to be searching the crowd with her eyes
  1186. >"...understood...what it give..."
  1187. >"To love.."
  1189. >"But I was most confident.."
  1190. >"That my subjects understood what it meant to harm"
  1191. >"To ridicule"
  1192. >"To abuse"
  1193. >"...To hate"
  1195. >"I was wrong. And I have failed you, as leader"
  1197. >"Anon was also flawed"
  1198. >"Flawed.... as any pony is flawed"
  1199. >"Perhaps his most prominent flaw being, that he didn't find it necessary to ask for help when he needed it"
  1201. >"I recall Twilight, speaking of the time when Anon declined living in her castle, opting instead to live in an improvised
  1202. shelter..."
  1203. >"As not to burden to her..."
  1204. >"Though he was mindful of her, he failed to tell us... when he was burdened himself"
  1206. >"But flawed or not, Anon entered our world with an open heart"
  1207. >"While yours did not beat"
  1208. >"He came with an open mind"
  1209. >"While yours inert, corrupted"
  1211. >"We can not claim the principles our land stands for"
  1212. >"What our guard give their lives in battle for"
  1213. >"If this is the result of them.."
  1215. >"I would much rather Equestria fall into eternal darkness, than to continue in a future of chaos"
  1216. >"But there is no law that can be enacted, to correct a society that is it's own impairment"
  1217. >Celestia closed her eyes
  1218. >"So instead, for Anon. The first and only human to ever grace this land."
  1219. >"I ask for one moment of silence"
  1220. >The princess stood at the podium motionless
  1222. >Twilight, along with the rest of her friends. followed the command without hesitation
  1223. >Their heads lowered, their eyes closed
  1224. >The crowd lay silent. Save for one mare quietly sobbing within
  1225. >Celestia raised a hoof pointed toward the casket
  1226. >Royal guards began the process of lowering it into the ground
  1227. >A swift breeze swept around the grass and trees
  1228. >The sun had begun to set
  1230. >Though it was not yet time for it to do so
  1232. >Sunlight cast rays across the walls of a grand bedroom.
  1233. >A lone scroll resting on a nearby dresser, accompanied by a red ribbon and a golden seal
  1234. >Hoof steps echoed across the wooden floor
  1235. >Doors to the bedroom's balcony opened on their own
  1237. >The sun continued it's decent as the sky dimmed
  1238. >Princess Luna gazed across Canterlot, then, looking to the heavens
  1239. >Her mane waving to the wind's command
  1240. >It was then her horn began to produce a warm blue glow
  1241. >The citizens of Canterlot looked to the sky in confusion
  1243. >Stars became visible once more, the last of the sunlight creating twilight
  1244. >Now, just above the horizon, the moon began ascending to it's peak
  1245. >An enchantingly soft white glow shined from it's core
  1246. >Luna's beautiful night sky enveloped Equestira once more
  1247. >She inhaled gradually, regaining her strength
  1249. >"May you be remembered....Anon" She spoke to herself
  1251. >The crowd in Ponyville stirred, unsure of what was to come
  1252. >The 7 mares and drake looked at each other in the same state as the crowd
  1253. >Celestia spoke once more
  1255. >"On this day we remember Anon. We remember his struggle. And we remember our sin"
  1256. >"From now until the end....on this date the moon will rise at this hour. To remind us."
  1257. >"Not only of Anon. But of the consequences of hate."
  1258. >"Though it can never truly be conquered, each one of us has the power within our souls to choose."
  1259. >"To choose to heal instead of harm"
  1260. >"To choose risk in the face of uncertainty"
  1261. >"To choose right over wrong"
  1263. >Celestia stepped away from the podium, and approached the crowd
  1264. >"In my heart...I believe you are all not irredeemable"
  1265. >"But it will take time before I can be proud of this land once more..."
  1266. >The mass of ponies stared at Celestia, ears drooped
  1267. >Celestia turned and slowly returned to Anon's final resting place
  1268. >Twilight and her friends watched intently
  1271. >Celestia stopped just before the opening in the ground
  1272. >A moment passed as she stood
  1273. >Until she laid, or rather collapsed close to the edge
  1274. >Twilight quickly hopped off her chair and hurried to Celestia's side
  1275. >Rarity gasped, and quickly joined her as well as the rest of the group
  1276. >All eyes fixed on Celestia, she spoke
  1278. >".....What have we done?"
  1280. >The words reverberated in each of their minds.
  1281. >Twilight found new meaning in them
  1282. >Each role ponies played in Anon's demise, was just an addition, not the final action
  1283. >'WE, each of us. Played a part in this abhorrent event'
  1284. >No single pony could cause such destruction on their own
  1285. >Not just one
  1287. >Apple Bloom made her way to the Princess's side and again embraced the goddess as she wept
  1288. >Celestia returned the sentiment
  1290. >All in a row they sat by the princess, whilst the moon light shinned upon them, as the wind howled
  1291. >Only their silhouettes visible from the view of the ponies inside the barriers
  1293. >As the last layer of soil was placed over his body..
  1294. >Anon's funeral had concluded
  1296. >The somber darkness of the night, carries on
  1299. >"This way Princess"
  1300. >A large gate was opened loudly via chain, pulled by a burly Royal guard
  1301. >Torches adorn the walls of stone, crackling away
  1302. >Their hoof steps echoed along the corridor
  1303. >Diamond dogs and other condemned growled at her through the bars of the cells as she passed
  1305. >Finally, they reached one lone cell at the end of the hall.
  1306. >"Leave us" Twilight spoke
  1307. >"As you wish" The guard said lowering his head, then returning to his post
  1309. >Inside the cell lay a mare on the floor with her back turned
  1310. >Her rainbow mane glistening with the flicker of the torch light
  1311. >Twilight sat in front of the cell door, looking at her through the bars
  1313. >"Rainb-"
  1314. >"What do you want?"
  1315. >"I...." Twilight wasn't even sure how to answer the question in her own mind
  1317. >"I want you to leave with me" She said softly
  1318. >Rainbow flicked her tail
  1319. >"No..."
  1320. >"This is where I belong now"
  1321. >"Forever..." she said weakly
  1322. >"Rainb-"
  1323. >"I'm a murderer" she interrupted
  1325. >Twilight contemplated for a moment
  1326. >She thought of the Rainbow Dash she once knew before Anon ever arrived, one who was full energy and laughter
  1327. >The one who always pulled through for her and her friend's most desperate times
  1328. >The one who vowed loyalty from now until the end of time...
  1329. >The one who now lay on the floor of cold cell, in a dungeon for Equestria's most dangerous, and irredeemable criminals
  1331. >Twilight knew Rainbow could be misled
  1332. >But she also understood that every decision Dash made, was in favor of her and her friends
  1333. >To protect and defend them
  1334. >Only this time, it had ended in disaster. Instead of a lesson.
  1336. >"Guard.... open this cell..." Twilight commanded blankly
  1337. >"Yes Princess" The guard called back from down the hall
  1338. >A key traveled through the air into the lock of the cell door
  1339. >The steel creaked as it opened
  1340. >Twilight entered and approached Rainbow, who had crawled further into the corner
  1342. >"Leave me" Rainbow said, her voice muffled as she burred her face in her hooves
  1344. >"I can't do that" Twilight said as she sat next to her
  1345. >Rainbow pushed herself against the wall as much as she could, her back still turned
  1346. >She wept softly
  1348. >"...I don't deserve to live"
  1350. >Twilight's body tensed as her heart sank indefinitely
  1351. >What purpose did this punishment serve?
  1352. >It solved nothing, it only furthered the pain, the suffering
  1353. >The hate wasn't defeated, it had only been passed on to another victim
  1354. >It was then Twilight experienced a realization her mind had neglected to explore
  1356. >With every wound Anon received, every ounce of distress
  1357. >He never once sought retribution for the actions against him
  1358. >Nor did he speak poorly of those who opposed him
  1359. >Instead he remained determined to befriend them, to love,
  1360. >Until...
  1362. >Twilight laid herself by Rainbow's side, wrapping her hooves, and draping her wings around her from behind.
  1363. >She knew the difference between Dash, and the ones who resided in the cells around her...
  1364. >Was that Rainbow could feel remorse for her actions
  1365. >"That is not true" She said
  1366. >Rainbow cried as if she were a filly once again
  1367. >" ca..h-h....can't....." she sobbed without control
  1368. >Twilight felt her quiver against her body
  1369. >"I'm not letting you stay here" Twilight spoke with care in her tone
  1370. >"I love you"
  1372. >Rainbow turned to face Twilight and forcibly pressed herself against her, wailing loudly
  1373. >The guard outside the cell stood awkwardly looking to the floor.
  1375. >Two mares left the dungeon that day
  1377. >As time passed, Equestria changed
  1379. >The PFFE eventually disbanded as public opinion changed.
  1380. >With a lack of members and funding, it was only a matter of time
  1382. >The event stirred a strong sense of community in the common ponies of the land
  1383. >The phrase "lest you be Anon" emerged, for use when ponies held a grudge against one an other
  1385. >Every year on that day when the sun set early, flowers were placed, and candles were lit by Anon's grave.
  1386. >As the ponies remembered the event that brought them together
  1387. >They mourned once more by Anon's side
  1389. >A certain 6 ponies had changed as well
  1391. >Rainbow Dash spent most of her time speaking at different schools, auditoriums, theaters across Equestria. Anywhere she could get the message out. She made it her goal to have every creature understand the meaning and consequence of unsubstantiated hate.
  1392. >She rarely performed stunts in the sky anymore
  1394. >Fluttershy also did much traveling. She became devoted to befriending and taming every wild creature Equestria had to offer. Most with success, and those with difficulties.
  1395. >Perhaps she did it to prove something to herself. The answer remained unknown
  1396. >Oddly she became more extroverted than before. A change that happened almost over night.
  1398. >Pinkie returned to her duties at Sugarcube Corner
  1399. >her mane still lay straight, but with personal style
  1400. >She now preferred small gatherings of friends, opposed to parties
  1401. >She still talked and showed interest in other ponies. But her bubbly personality had faded.
  1402. >For better or worse, she remained in this state
  1404. >Rarity was currently being interviewed for a biography on Anon's life
  1405. >She continued to run her business as usual.
  1406. >Although she no longer got into dramatics, or panicked over trivial things.
  1407. >Not getting a spot at a fashion show, or an opportunity to expand her business didn't seem to matter as much
  1408. >She was content working where she started
  1410. >Applejack remained on the farm
  1411. >Her relationship with Apple Bloom strained, but functioning
  1412. >When she wasn't working she spent most of her time inside, with a bottle of cider.
  1413. >Granny smith had passed away a few months after the funeral
  1414. >Applejack would go on to have multiple stays at the local rehabilitation center
  1415. >Big Mac continued to work
  1417. >Then there was Twilight
  1418. >She continued her duties as princess of friendship
  1419. >This time with a completely new understanding of mental health
  1420. >She filled her schedule with friendship problems big or small
  1421. >She offered a walk-in service, anytime of the day or night. If some pony needed someone to talk to
  1422. >Time was made for them
  1423. >Spike did his best to keep her strong, even during the nights the memories became too much for her
  1424. >Any free time she had was spent on visiting her friends. Doing everything she could to help them along for the coming years
  1425. >Only time would tell if they could ever truly heal
  1427. >It was night once more
  1428. >And twilight stayed awake late into the night, writing reply's to letters ponies had written to her
  1429. >Spike sleep soundly in his room inside the castle
  1430. >She sighed and lay the quill she was writing with on the desk neatly
  1431. >Stretching she walked toward the balcony of her bedroom.
  1432. >Looking toward Luna's beautiful night sky
  1434. >"Hi again." She spoke
  1435. >"This week has been so busy. But I think we've accomplished a lot."
  1436. >"Rainbow is speaking in Griffonstone this week. I'm curious how they'll react" she chuckled a little
  1437. >"Pinkies getting better too. Slowly, but better than before."
  1438. >"She still talks about you a lot."
  1440. >"Applejack doesn't seem like she's ready to forgive herself yet....I'll keep trying."
  1441. >"They're writing a book about you ya know? Rarity's interviewing for it! It's been a while since I've seen her excited like that"
  1442. >"Oh and get this... Fluttershy tamed an Ursa Major! Can you believe it? She really has talent..."
  1444. >"....I miss you.."
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