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  1. Dear Mike and Taylor,
  3. Hi! You probably don’t know me, but my name is Jesse and I’ve been a huge PvZ fan since 2011 when I first played the original PvZ. I’ve played Heroes since launch day, and I even visit the subreddit every day, but I hadn’t ever listened to your podcast. One day in April of this year (2018), I was out on a walk and decided to give it a listen finally. I was instantly hooked: It was so cool to hear people talk in depth about a game I loved a ton! I listened to about five episodes a week, until disaster struck. You talked about Hearthstone, a game I had heard of but never tried, and I started playing it. I was instantly hooked, and I didn’t touch PvZ Heroes for a couple months.
  6. Recently, I decided to play again with the datamining of a balance update. And here I am: 60 episodes later, after hearing all the pleas for more listener mail, all the red socks cheering, all the R.I.P. Taylor’s internet, even 2 PvZ sets later. I just wanted to thank you for making the show. It’s made me so happy, you guys are amazing. Thank you!
  8. But, unfortunately, I’m awful at making decks so I probably won’t contribute much in that regard. Isn’t it weird, I’m good at playing the game, I even have almost every card, but I can’t construct my own decks at all. Oh well though. Hope the show continues strong, and again, thank you for making such an impact in my life. You’ve kept me company through so many times, I even listened to the show when I traveled to Texas, my first time traveling by myself. Boy am I glad you got me through that bad turbulence. Anyway sorry for rambling so much. You guys rock, thanks!
  10. -Jesse Pecan
  12. P.S. Odd Mage is really fun, good taste dude.
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