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  1. [color=orange]Evangeline nodded, as the demon of the pesedjet finally stood up, her bikini sliding down and away so that the breasts exposed themselves. Evangeline pressed forward, wrapping her chocolate arms around the hot, pale skin, and pulling her right in. They were both 'clad' in clothes, even as the demon's thick, ass-ruining, slut-making fuckmeat pressed and bulged against the back of Arabella's cheeks. Her hands slid upwards, sliding against the skin towards the breast and squeezed in, just manhandling Arabella with ease. Her lips leaned in, finding the nape of her neck and just giving it a kiss, the golden lips sealing over the flesh as the hot, warm tongue dripped out to trail atop. It slid against her skin, going up and up and up, until it found her cheek to press. She gave it another smooch, before just gently pushing her forward. "Then, come, darling. I think we should get this over with. I'll make sure it's enjoyable tothe both of us. Bend over that table, and spread your cheeks."[/color]
  3. [color=cyan]Arabella Moira shivered and arched her neck back as Eva's tongue traced up it, exposing more of her neck to the demon's lips in the process. She grinned. "You make it sound like such an unpleasant task..." she said, standing up. Her own impressive shaft was held against her stomach by the waistband of her bikini, the thin cloth that pressed into the soft flesh of her hips. Around its base, covered by the bikini at the moment, was a golden cock ring of her own creation, a second ring joined to it, squeezing around the top her her balls, forcing them down into an even tighter sack than her already taut skin provided. It prevented the goddess from actually cumming under any circumstances. Arabella turned around slowly, giving Eva a good look at her large breasts from the side, her nipples plainly visible through the thin cloth, and faced the table, leaning forward at the waist, arching her back and pushing her ass into the air, until her face was just above the tabletop. She reached behind her with both hands, hooking the fingers of one through her bikini, pulling it to the side as the parted her cheeks, revealing her bound balls and tight asshole[/color]
  5. [color=orange]Evangeline let her panties slide down, until it dropped away between her thighs and that brown, girthy cockflesh launched itself forward. It [b]slapped[/b] against that perfect, rounded goddess cheek, giving a resounding little clap with the blow. Evangeline just hummed, giving a chuckle to Arabella's comment before finally moving up behind her. Her main hand slid forward, trailing over the pale, smooth skin and grinding over the spine. Index and middle trailed upwards, almost bending her down to prepare her, until she finally found the long lengths of hair. Her hand slipped around the knots and roughly pulled back, as the other hand dripped down to grab the base of that flaccid shaft. "Of course not, it's beautiful. Not everyday you get to see how tight a goddess is, and enjoy her... backside." Evangeline finally offered, as she lined herself up right. The heavy, hanging, cum-filled balls churned out a small amount of thick prenut, being the only coating of lubrication she needed. Evangeline pushed herself forward, until the cockhead [b]pierced[/b] the tight asshole, forcing the pucker to spread and stretch. Her fingers grasped against the hair, as  her lips pursed. "Fuuckkkk...." Evangeline whispered out, enjoying the pressure of the dry intrusion, until she heard that welcoming, whalloping [b]pop[/b]. The cockhead SLAMMED inside, claiming the dry fucksleeve as her own, and beginning to grind in. Her hand released her own shaft and moved up to grab Arabella's hip.  "I broke the gates of Babylon, now to intrude ♥"[/color]
  7. [color=cyan]Arabella Moira wasn't just going to lie there and take it, of course. She arched her back further as Eva lined herself up against her ass, pushing her head into Eva's hand as she tilted her neck back, arching her body in a languorous C shape. As Eva actually penetrated her ass, stretching it, but not particularly hurting the largely invulnerable goddess's divine flesh, she pushed her ass backwards, grinding her tight, twitching ring down Eva's thick cock pushing back on the intrusion, forcing more of it inside her as she slowly helped impale herself on that thick, god-destroying cock. She gave a low, rich moan, a thoroughly satisfied sound as Eva swore. "Sweetheart, you ain't broken nothing yet~" she laughed, her tone sultry and voice like silk - smooth and rich. "And is it really an intrusion when you're invited?" she teased, gyrating her hips in a long, slow, languid motion as emphasis, grinding them against Eva's hand, dragging her tight asshole up and down Eva's cock, in time with the Demon's own thrusting.[/color]
  9. [color=orange]Evangeline wasn't actually aiming to hurt her just yet. Why would she? It was just the slowest little push, and just the first part of anything fun. But, she could feel that cock twitch down, and Arabella's cheeks to slowly descend on that bitch-breaking, ass-gaping rapemeat. No, not just yet, she slowly thought to herself, as she felt it bring in; forcing onther husky, deep breath to break out and a small gasp to be forced out of her throat. That caused a chain reaction, as the balls churned out thick, goopy prenut against her gut, and Evangeline knew she was ready. "Yes, of course it is. You need to test the gates." She began, leaning over Arabella's body, "Before you break it, darling." She commented, finally grabbing her hips together. No, she wasn't going to fuck her in the same position again, that was boring. Arabella loved Bondage and sex, and rough, abusive features, didn't she? She was glad she finally had magic to play with, as her arms looped underneath her straight legs and just picked her up. They folded Arabella upwards against her frame, pushing her ankles behind her neck in a very [url=]familiar[/url] position. Her hands trailed upwards, tying the ankles together so they were neatly pressed in, and her arms squeezed her hefty breasts. But Evangeline was nice, and one of her hands simply slid down to grab that flopping, goddess cock against her left hand. Her hand stroked it forward, giving it a gentle [b]fap[/b] and sliding it out, even as the rest of her asshole had to be explored. "Now, we break you." She commented, [b]slamming[/b] the goddess impenetrable fuckflesh down against the god-ruining rapemeat, inch by inch descending in quick shoves. The fuckmeat bulged against Arabella's sotmach, showing off the ascent, until it pressed right down against her thin, pale stomach; riding against her prostate, and letting those cum-filled royal orbs slap against the goddess pale ones. She leaned in, giving Arabella's cheek another kiss, and then bit against the ear. "Let's go bitch, it's been a promise I made to do." She so softly commented, giving that breast a squeeze and her floppy cock a gentle little stroke. She [b]FORCED[/b] her up, before dropping the bitch back down. Who knew how much a goddess ass could clap like that~
  11. [/color][color=cyan]Arabella Moira groaned as her legs were twisted behind her back and tied there. She pouted, a slight twist to her lips giving it an ironic cast. "Hey now, that doesn't seem fair~" she teased, chuckling. Her chuckle was cut off by a disappointed gasp as Eva pulled her cock out of Arabella's grasping ass, leaving her slightly gaping hole twitching needily. It was replaced by a loud moan as Eva rammed her down on that cock, followed by a series of breathless gasps as Eva's short thrusts drilled into her ass, pushing deeper and deeper, her taut, toned stomach bulging outward as Eva's fat meat pushed deeper into her guts, rubbing against Arabella's prostate on its way deeper, making her cock twitch helplessly, a little precum beading at the tip, the sweet beach scent of her musk drifting through the room like a pleasant perfume as Eva pushed deeper. It twitched again as Eva's balls slapped against the Goddess' bound ones with a smack. "See, this is - AAHHMMPH - more - fuck - like it - aaah" she managed, her sentence mutilated by the way the demon bounced her up and down, pulling her off, then impaling her again on that demonic bitchbreaking slab of fuckmeat[/color]
  13. [color=orange]Evangeline's hands tightened in, finally releasing her breasts and cock to flick forward to the moaning, panting face. One of Evangeline's hands released Arabella's skull, and even as the cock-impaled fucktoy of a goddess was slammed up and down over and over again, it didn't hurt to remind her. The palm opened, and just [b]slapped[/b] that bitch-face, striking Arabella's cheek with unneeded force. "Come on, you brain-dead fucksleeve." Evangeline panted out, leaning in and biting her neck. Her other hand just continued the blow, giving that already bruised face another [b]slap[/b]. "Cum for me, faggot. I want to see that limp-sissy dick spray your seed over those fucking dice of yours." She so calmly stated, even as she pounded more into the abused fuckhole. Evangeline's blows become rougher and rougher, as each of her slams found purpse. Her heavy, cum-filled fuckorbs [b]slapped[/b] against Arabella's, striking them repteadely as she was crumpled in again and again. Evangeline's hips moved with the blows, following in, making sure the fuck-sleeve was well used, that the 'invulvnerable' gates of the goddess' cockholster was going to gape, to stretch and just drip out the fucksludge that was promised to be released. More thick, goopyseed speared into the melding shaft, as her dickhead [b]punched[/b] her stomach, ramming and bulging the gut out with every blow, riding and grinding against her prostate with the slaps. "Im sure you missed this, Arabella. A goddess as a cumdumpster, a sissy little faggot draining her balls over and over again as she's used like a pathethic little fucktoy.  Clench your asshole, you little bitch, Daddy's going to make sure you can't sit ♥"[/color]
  15. [color=cyan]Arabella Moira winced as Eva slapped her, then met the demon's eyes and winked. "Slap me harder, you can do better than that~ You think I can't take a little slap? I'm ahhhfuck!" her sentence was cut off by a cry of pleasure as Eva slapped her again, her teeth biting down on the goddess's neck as the latest thrust slammed against her prostate. Combined with the urging of the demoness, the combination of sensations was enough to make her cock start to twitch frantically in its bonds, spurting heavy ropes of milky cum over her breasts, her own face, coating her lips, her cheeks, her cleavage, her collarbone with rope after rope of sweetly salty thick white cum. Her eyes clamped shut as she came, but they opened again shortly afterwards, making eye contact with the demoness, panting heavily, her cum-soaked breasts heaving with each gasping breath. "Come on Daddy, gut-fuck your sissy bitch until you milk my cock dry~" she managed to gasp out, grinning at Evangeline, her eyes quickly rolling up again, breaking the eyecontact as Eva forced another swift orgasm from the bound goddess, another twitching spurt, this one coating one of Arabella's eyes, making her vision blur. Even without the order, her ass was clenched tight, twitching frantically with each orgasm the goddess-destroying demon-dick forced out of her.[/color]
  17. [color=orange]Evangeline wasn't going to care about releasing one spot of seed within this faggot's asshole; and as the cock clenched, her prostate spasmed and the bitchsleeve orgasmed, she could feel her own dick need to be milked out. The demon's orbs pushed out, releasing more and more flow of that potent fucksludge from the demon's cockflesh. The urethral slit opened, and the virile, silky, smooth dickbutter coated and pressed right against the flesh, coating the gut with that creamy, flow. Her hand released one edge of her face, and instead grabbed the divine dice, walking the fuck-bitch over. Pushing the dice against the mixture of cum dripping from her ass, and wiping Arabella's own wasted seed, she popped it up, pressing it right against her lips and [b]forcing[/b] it in. Her main hand kept her lips shut, as the other hand [b]slammed[/b] her palm against the bound goddess' face, letting it rattle. "You do owe me a roll today, cunt. So, suck your dice clean and spit out. I think that's a much better way to roll your punishments." She so casually stated, giving Arabella's neck another bite. "I wonder how often do I have to fuck your ass till you become a retarded sissy- cumdrian." She asked, as the dick [b]squelched[/b] so noisily as it pounded into the well used fleshlight of a dicksleeve. The sloppy, sperm-spreading cockmeat rammed against her prostate, before punching her gut over and over again. She wasn't just fucking the goddess ass, she was promising to [b]destroy[/b] it, even as the cum-filled orbs  wanted a second cumming. She just rattled Arabella's skull, keeping her hand over her mouth to mimic a washing machine, forcing her to suck the cum off the die. Finally, her fingers pressed against both sides of her cheek and [b]slapped[/b] her face again to force her to spit. Hopefully, a 10[/color]
  19. [color=cyan]Arabella Moira screamed in pleasure as she felt Evangaline start to cum inside her, her eyes rolling up as her cock twitched again, more powerfully that before, shooting cum over her head and coating her face with the white, sticky mess. The goddess moaned and panted heavily through her nose as the die was pushed between her plump lips. Her hair was messy, and stuck to her face by cum, spit, or sweat in places. She moved the dice around her tongue as her head rattled around, having to twist her tongue in an effort to get the dice again as the powerful slaps knocked her head around and around, the dice rattling against her teeth. She could feel the cum pouring out of her gaping, twitching ass and pooling below her, the hot demon-sludge trailing over her skin on its way down. The dice popped out of her mouth when Eva slapped her, rolling between her breasts, picking up another coating of cum, past her twitching cock, and plopping into the pile of cum pooling beneath Arabella's ass.[/color]
  21. [color=orange]Evangeline finally released her, as a second splurt of thick seed began to punch into her gut, already floating out and pooling outwards. But there was more of that thick cocksludge to drain out, flowing against her 'womb' as the second load of that potent nutbatter boarreled out to finish. This time however, it was clear it wasn't going to stay in, as Evangeline [b]unsheathed[/b] herself from that clenching, twitching, ruined fuckhole. The backed up sperm had nowhere to go but down, flooding out with the release. She herself just moved forward, grabbing the falling faggot and letting her collapse atop of her die and seed. Her hand just simply trailed after her, grabbing Arabella's face. Although the faggot didn't win another facefuck, it wasn't going to stop her from taking it, at least to wipe the cum-trails from her shaft. Evangeline just pushed the dick within her already bruised little face, and hilted inside. No pause, all fourteen inches disappearing within the wet hole to be spit-shined. With that, she popped out, letting her cleaned cock rest against her face. "So, rematch, later~?"[/color]
  23. [color=cyan]Arabella Moira groaned as Eva's cum drained from her ass, panting heavily as she was deposited in the pool of cum. She panted a few times, rolling over to look at Evangeline just as Eva grabbed her face, bending her neck back, head hanging over the edge of the table, the perfect angle for Eva to ram her entire fat cock straight down Arabella's throat. The goddess's tongue worked over the shaft enthusiastically, apparently not exhausted by the fucking she'd taken, and along with her tight throat squeezing down on the shaft, once Eva pulled out from between her lips and rested her cock on Arabella's face, it was entirely clean. Arabella gently kissed the brown balls hanging above her and said, slightly breathlessly, "Of course~ Why wouldn't I be up for round two?" she asked, grinning and arching her back languidly[/color]
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