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  1. FAT president Somyot sacks secretary-general Pisan over differences, claims report
  3. Pol Lt Gen Pisan Jundilok has been sacked as Football Association of Thailand (FAT) secretary-general, a media report said yesterday.
  5. FAT president Pol Gen Somyot Poompunmuang confirmed the end of Pisan's tenure at the national governing body for football in an interview with the Thai-language Daily News.
  7. The rumours about a rift between the two top officials of the FAT had been doing the rounds for some time but the news of Pisan's departure was only confirmed yesterday by Somyot.
  9. The Daily News report said Pisan will be holding a press conference to give his version of the circumstances that led to his sacking a year before the completion of a four-year term in the office.
  11. Somyot claimed that the main reason for terminating Pisan from the post was that the FAT executive committee and its member clubs were unhappy with his performance.
  13. The FAT president added that all those concerned unanimously agreed that there was a need to bring in a new secretary-general.
  15. He said besides the executive committee and the FAT member clubs, parents of players selected for the national U16 team were also unhappy since Pisan had alleged some members of the squad took drugs.
  17. Meanwhile, Pisan, who was previously seen a former close associate of Somyot, said: "Everything the FAT chief has said about my sacking to the media is correct.
  19. "The differences between us have existed for a long time and I will give the details of everything in a press conference on Wednesday, Oct 24.
  21. "The main reason that I have been told to go comes from the internal problems that have persisted over the past three years in the FAT."
  23. "I want the people to know the facts and decide who is right and who is wrong. These issues include financial problems as well."
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