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  1. (7:30:59 PM) Sequence: SHUT THE FUCK UP
  2. (7:31:03 PM) Sequence: NO MORE OOC.
  3. (7:34:15 PM) padri [] entered the room.
  4. (7:35:09 PM) Scantron: Spencer rushes into the sub bay!
  5. (7:35:22 PM) PresidentEvil: Even though he was just ordered to the conference room?
  6. (7:35:53 PM) Halvors: Randy walks in, kitted up- such as it is.
  7. (7:36:22 PM) Scantron: Well I typed that before he was ordered there! Spencer's in the conference rom actually.
  8. (7:36:24 PM) PetraCore: Lori walks in, nervously snapping her fingers and utterly unarmed. Welp.
  9. (7:36:26 PM) Mere_Observer [] entered the room.
  10. (7:36:54 PM) Halvors: Randolph is doing some last checks on his carbine. He touches the wood lightly and then slings it in a carry position again. The stock's unfolded.
  11. (7:36:58 PM) Vol: Danzig arrives at the conference room, hair still damp after having recently showered. He is wearing a new pair of jeans. He waves at everyone. "Hey, guys." He turns to Lori and nods. "Newbie."
  12. (7:37:33 PM) DrSavage: Adam arrives, clad in his work gear.
  13. (7:37:35 PM) Halvors: Randy notices Lori now. "Newbie? Don't think we've met."
  14. (7:37:40 PM) PresidentEvil: Okay, so those among you who can follow instructions see the conference room is full of activity. Dr. Corbette and Director Cunningham are poring over some data on a laptop. Assistants bustle about giving or taking papers from them.
  15. (7:37:47 PM) PresidentEvil: Someone's just wheeled in a coffee machine.
  16. (7:38:03 PM) PresidentEvil: Corbette doesn't look up. He motions for you five to have a seat.
  17. (7:38:04 PM) Halvors: Randolph chuckles a bit. "Ooh boy, looks like it's gonna be a long shift."
  18. (7:38:12 PM) PetraCore: Lori introduces herelf quietly. "Doctor Lorelei O'Neal. Geologist."
  19. (7:38:16 PM) PetraCore: She sits.
  20. (7:38:21 PM) Scantron: Spencer has a seat.
  21. (7:38:22 PM) Halvors: He unshoulders the rifle and lays it on the table so he can sit.
  22. (7:38:41 PM) Scantron: "Nice to meet you, Lorelei. Spencer Smith, architect."
  23. (7:38:56 PM) Halvors: "Randolph. Researcher." He nods at Lori.
  24. (7:39:10 PM) Scantron is now known as Scandinner
  25. (7:39:52 PM) Vol: Danzig sits of the edge of the chair.
  26. (7:39:54 PM) Halvors: Randolph keeps running his fingers over the sigle carved into the wooden handguard of the carbine.
  27. (7:40:46 PM) PetraCore: Lori starts to whistle.
  28. (7:41:21 PM) PresidentEvil: When you've all settled in, Corbette still doesn't acknowledge you. He hits a button on his laptop, and an odd, staticky screeching sound permeates the conference room, punctuated by occasional pings. After a few seconds he asks "Do you know what that is, Agents?"
  29. (7:41:49 PM) Halvors: "Uh. No."
  30. (7:41:53 PM) PetraCore: She shakes her head, shutting up and fidgeting.
  31. (7:41:58 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to them. "Not really."
  32. (7:42:15 PM) Vol: Danzig thinks a moment. "Pool interference?"
  33. (7:42:37 PM) PresidentEvil: "That... is the cosmic background. Microwave radiation, gamma and cosmic rays... We detected it radiating from the pool just a few minutes ago."
  34. (7:42:49 PM) PetraCore: "Space?"
  35. (7:43:04 PM) Halvors: "Sooo.... what, Cthulhu is in the pool?"
  36. (7:43:13 PM) PresidentEvil: "Deep space. And unlike any emergence signature we've ever detected."
  37. (7:43:23 PM) PresidentEvil: "Quite exciting."
  38. (7:43:38 PM) Vol: Danzig shakes his head. "Is this the first time the pool has extended into space?"
  39. (7:43:55 PM) Halvors: "I'm betting 50 bucks that it's got something to do with Cthulhu."
  40. (7:44:24 PM) PetraCore: "Is Cthulhu actually...?"
  41. (7:44:31 PM) Halvors: "Wouldn't be surprised."
  42. (7:44:37 PM) PetraCore: "God."
  43. (7:44:48 PM) Vol: He makes a face at them. ~Shut up and listen.~
  44. (7:44:59 PM) PresidentEvil: "Not the first time, but this is very rare. You should consider yourself privileged to undertake this mission"
  45. (7:45:19 PM) Halvors: Randolph sighs a bit. "Hail Caesar. We who are about to die salute you."
  46. (7:45:28 PM) PetraCore: "I do."
  47. (7:45:53 PM) Halvors: "But I'll do what I have to. This is for more than me. I get it."
  48. (7:46:05 PM) Vol: Danzig smiles. "I'm assuming you want us to bring some specimens back?"
  49. (7:46:13 PM) PresidentEvil: Jillian checks her phone, nods to Dr. Corbette. He speaks. "And I've been told the submarine is, in fact, vacuum-safe for a limited period of time. So we're go for this mission. Descend into the pool, collect as much data as you can, return it to us. Dismissed."
  50. (7:46:40 PM) Halvors: Randy stands and shoulders the carbine. He proceeds to exit silently. "Will do."
  51. (7:46:45 PM) Halvors: -silently. derp.
  52. (7:46:57 PM) PetraCore: Lori nods and follows.
  53. (7:47:06 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to the directors. "I need to know, is this a collapse event?"
  54. (7:47:21 PM) Halvors: Randy stops abruptly. "A what?"
  55. (7:47:30 PM) PresidentEvil: "You'll know quite quickly if it is, I'm afraid."
  56. (7:47:37 PM) PetraCore: Lori spins around almost as quickly.
  57. (7:47:43 PM) Vol: Danzig gets up and checks his bags one more time. ~Yup, all the ammo is still there, and I've since replaced my other supplies.~ He nods and heads to the sub bay.
  58. (7:47:52 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs. ~Don't need to know.~ "Well then." He continues out towards the Sub.
  59. (7:48:19 PM) PetraCore: Looking from the director to the others, she reluctantly heads to the sub. ~What's a collapse event?~
  60. (7:48:34 PM) DrSavage: Adam nods and heads out toward the sub. ~As long as it's not like the last one I was on.~
  61. (7:48:43 PM) PresidentEvil: As usual, the engineers and technicians are scurrying around, checking telemetry and making minor adjustments. Hatch is open.
  62. (7:48:48 PM) Halvors: Randolph enters the sub bay and hops in the open hatch.
  63. (7:49:00 PM) PetraCore: Lori climbs down more carefully, looking around.
  64. (7:49:01 PM) Halvors: He takes a seat, buckles in, and gets cozy.
  65. (7:49:53 PM) Vol: Danzig steps inside and grins. He quickly finds the helm and straps himself in. "Just give the word."
  66. (7:49:56 PM) PetraCore: Buckling in, she starts to whistle, shrill.
  67. (7:50:15 PM) Halvors: Randy flinches a bit. "Geez. New person."
  68. (7:50:23 PM) Halvors: "Uhhh... Laura? Lori?"
  69. (7:50:31 PM) PetraCore: "Erm."
  70. (7:50:36 PM) PetraCore: "Sorry."
  71. (7:50:57 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. "Not a problem."
  72. (7:51:39 PM) DrSavage: Adam climbs in.
  73. (7:53:51 PM) PresidentEvil: When everyone (including spencer) is inside and the hatch is sealed, the sub starts to descend through the red haze of the pool.
  74. (7:54:35 PM) Vol: Danzig shrugs. "I see they installed an AI on this one."
  75. (7:55:13 PM) Halvors: "Oh great. Should I expect it to go all 'I'm sorry Randy, I can't do that?' "
  76. (7:55:14 PM) PetraCore: "Have you all done this before?"
  77. (7:55:23 PM) Halvors: "Yeah."
  78. (7:55:29 PM) PetraCore: "First time."
  79. (7:55:50 PM) Vol: "This is my...3rd? 4th Op?"
  80. (7:56:11 PM) Halvors: "Huh. Well then Lori, if you flip a shit, I will do my best to drag you to safety. I've been there before."
  81. (7:56:24 PM) Halvors: ~No promises though.~
  82. (7:56:40 PM) PetraCore: "I'll try not to flip."
  83. (7:57:13 PM) Halvors: Randy smiles. He's trying to be reassuring. "Good." ~Not that it'll help.~
  84. (7:57:23 PM) PetraCore: "Besides..."
  85. (7:57:31 PM) PetraCore: "If the sub is breached, we're all dead."
  86. (7:57:31 PM) PresidentEvil: Roll perception, everyone.
  87. (7:57:34 PM) PetraCore: She smiles back.
  88. (7:57:45 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 percep
  89. (7:57:46 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: percep: 5 (6df+6=-, +, +, 0, -, -)
  90. (7:57:57 PM) Halvors: 6df+5 Huh?
  91. (7:57:57 PM) Glacon: Halvors: Huh?: 3 (6df+5=0, -, -, 0, -, +)
  92. (7:58:08 PM) DrSavage: 6df+8 What?
  93. (7:58:09 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: What?: 7 (6df+8=-, 0, +, +, -, -)
  94. (7:58:51 PM) Vol: 6df+5 Who?
  95. (7:58:51 PM) Glacon: Vol: Who?: 5 (6df+5=0, +, -, -, 0, +)
  96. (8:00:00 PM) PresidentEvil: Adam, you notice the submarine shudder slightly. You can't be certain, but it feels like your descent has sped up slightly...
  97. (8:01:27 PM) PresidentEvil: Everyone else, you are oblivious.
  98. (8:01:48 PM) DrSavage: "Hmmmm...I think we're moving faster..." Adam looks concerned, but not worried.
  99. (8:02:02 PM) PetraCore: Lori snaps her fingers.
  100. (8:02:11 PM) Halvors: Randolph shrugs. "Whatever. If the sub starts buckling in on itself, then I'll worry."
  101. (8:02:14 PM) PresidentEvil: There! Another tremor. Lori and Danzig feel it too.
  102. (8:02:20 PM) Halvors: ~Ohshittemptingfate~
  103. (8:02:31 PM) PetraCore: "Did you...?"
  104. (8:02:39 PM) PresidentEvil: Adam, the sub is definitely accelerating.
  105. (8:02:47 PM) Vol: Danzig looks around. "I think we might've come out in the middle of an asteroid field...if that's the case this is gonna be a short trip..."
  106. (8:02:59 PM) PetraCore: "But productive."
  107. (8:03:04 PM) Halvors: Randolph gives a mocking cheer. "Momma, I'm in space!'
  108. (8:03:08 PM) PetraCore: "If we can nab one..."
  109. (8:03:13 PM) DrSavage: "We're picking up speed!" Adam looks for a visual on why this is happening.
  110. (8:03:54 PM) PresidentEvil: Another tremor! Although you can only see pool water, you all definitely feel the fall this time.
  111. (8:04:22 PM) PetraCore: Lori clutches to her seat arms, steeling herself.
  112. (8:04:25 PM) Halvors: "Huh. I was debating whether to get buried or cremated. Floating in space works too."
  113. (8:04:32 PM) Halvors: "Or maybe getting eaten by Cthulhu."
  114. (8:04:33 PM) PetraCore: ~There's no down in space, there's no down in space...~
  115. (8:05:02 PM) Vol: Danzig grins. "Or eaten by space worms?"
  116. (8:05:05 PM) PetraCore: "No down in space."
  117. (8:05:13 PM) PetraCore: "Can't fall."
  118. (8:05:16 PM) Vol: He turns to Lori. "What?"
  119. (8:05:24 PM) DrSavage: "Brace for impact. We don't know how or what we'll hit."
  120. (8:05:25 PM) PresidentEvil: An instrument panel goes *bong* and an alarm lights up. Okay, this is definitely fast enough for vertigo to start setting in
  121. (8:05:28 PM) Halvors: Randolph chuckles. "Lori, sweetie. You can't fall, but you-"
  122. (8:05:35 PM) PetraCore: "Down is the enemy's-
  123. (8:05:37 PM) Halvors: Randolph gulps. "Oh joy."
  124. (8:05:41 PM) PetraCore: "erp."
  125. (8:05:56 PM) PresidentEvil: Anyone who's been in the sub before, you think it's the exterior pressure alarm.
  126. (8:05:59 PM) Halvors: "Cthuulhuuuuuuuuu" Randy starts laughing a bit. "Ohhh Cthuuuluuuu..."
  127. (8:06:15 PM) Vol: Danzig's head snaps towards the panel. "Well, this isn't good. It went from 'Doing okay' to 'Oh shit' fast..."
  128. (8:06:18 PM) Halvors: "Tasty canned human souls. Get 'em while their hearts are still beating."
  129. (8:06:39 PM) DrSavage: "I do /not/ know to pilot this. Someone slow our descent!"
  130. (8:06:42 PM) PetraCore: "Randy."
  131. (8:06:45 PM) PetraCore: "Shush."
  132. (8:07:05 PM) Halvors: "Aww, you're no fun Lori. Adam, that probably isn't possible."
  133. (8:07:11 PM) Halvors: "Just strap in and chill out."
  134. (8:07:24 PM) PetraCore: "Maybe..."
  135. (8:07:24 PM) Vol: Danzig glares at Adam. "Don't you think that's what I'm trying to do? This tin can wasn't designed to safely reverse thrust with no medium!"
  136. (8:07:32 PM) PetraCore: ~Are we being sucked in by the vaccuum?~
  137. (8:07:38 PM) PetraCore: ~Instead of falling?~
  138. (8:07:58 PM) PetraCore: ~Or...~
  139. (8:08:00 PM) PresidentEvil: The alarm *bongs* again, louder and more insistantly, before you suddenly feel yourselves lurch into freefall! Before you can do anything, the sub groans and smashes into some surface, metal shrieking on metal!
  140. (8:08:08 PM) PetraCore: " ho-"
  141. (8:08:16 PM) PetraCore: ~Oh, thank god, seems that's not so.~
  142. (8:08:29 PM) Halvors: "A-woooooo-wooo!" Randy's cheering. ~This is FUN.~
  143. (8:08:30 PM) Vol: Danzig doesn't have time to brace for impact, let alone make a witty remark.
  144. (8:08:57 PM) Halvors: And then the sub hits. Randy is jolted kinda badly. "NNNNNGh shi-"
  145. (8:09:14 PM) Halvors: He tries to catch his breath for a moment. "iiit."
  146. (8:09:19 PM) PresidentEvil: As the dust settles, you realize there's a half-dozen more alarms playing up, and the dull red emergency lighting is now on.
  147. (8:09:27 PM) PresidentEvil: That means you're probably not dead.
  148. (8:09:34 PM) PresidentEvil: Sequence, if you will?
  149. (8:09:40 PM) Halvors: "Nnngh. Do we get the fuck out of this death-trap now?"
  150. (8:09:52 PM) PetraCore: "Can't."
  151. (8:09:57 PM) PetraCore: "Not unless..."
  152. (8:09:59 PM) Vol: Danzig winces, realizing he's not dead yet. "Well, there's bad news and there's worse news."
  153. (8:09:59 PM) Sequence: There's a steady /plink, plink/ from above the submarine.
  154. (8:10:03 PM) PetraCore: She mimes breathing.
  155. (8:10:19 PM) Halvors: "Someone's trying to get in. It /is/ Cthulhu. Prolly a cultist."
  156. (8:10:27 PM) Sequence: The sub groans a little, sagging a bit under it's own weight, but while even more alarms are going off, the external pressure alarm is mercifully off.
  157. (8:10:46 PM) Halvors: Randolph is obviously screwing around. "Gee whiz ma. I was in a submarine! And, well, it killed us all."
  158. (8:10:50 PM) PetraCore: "Or we're on a planet with no atmosphere."
  159. (8:10:58 PM) Sequence: /Plink, plink/
  160. (8:11:02 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. "Weell. Better quick than slow."
  161. (8:11:11 PM) Halvors: Randy points at the top of the sub. "and there's that."
  162. (8:11:15 PM) Vol: Danzig examines the instruments. Can he tell what the atmosphere is like?
  163. (8:11:21 PM) Sequence: It sounds like water, dripping onto the sub.
  164. (8:11:33 PM) Sequence: It seems breathable, Danzig.
  165. (8:11:38 PM) PetraCore: Lori rubs her head.
  166. (8:11:48 PM) Halvors: Randy looks over at Dan. "So?"
  167. (8:12:37 PM) Vol: "Well, according to this, it's breathable. Doesn't mean it won't kill us, but it's not what I was expecting."
  168. (8:12:51 PM) Halvors: "Well. How much air we have in this here tin can?"
  169. (8:12:54 PM) Halvors: "Can't last forever."
  170. (8:12:56 PM) PetraCore: She unbuckles, standing up.
  171. (8:13:04 PM) PetraCore: "Visual?"
  172. (8:13:36 PM) PetraCore: She goes over to a window, peering out.
  173. (8:13:38 PM) Vol: Danzig is a little overwhelmed. "Guys, shut up and give me a second."
  174. (8:14:01 PM) PetraCore: "Windows."
  175. (8:14:05 PM) Halvors: Randolph shrugs.
  176. (8:14:21 PM) Sequence: Lori, your view is obscured by a large, red object, but in the rest of your field of vision is...
  177. (8:14:41 PM) PetraCore: "Pool..."
  178. (8:14:48 PM) PetraCore: ~And?~
  179. (8:14:51 PM) Sequence: A hanger bay, or a large metal warehouse, with a high, soaring ceiling, filled with old V2-shaped rockets.
  180. (8:15:03 PM) PetraCore: "Shit!"
  181. (8:15:15 PM) Sequence: Bright enamel red, with rusting silver fins and big glass cockpits, smothered in dust and mold.
  182. (8:15:21 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to them, then the window again. "I get a feeling this is collapse event."
  183. (8:15:29 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say we've stumbled into the Naziverse."
  184. (8:15:31 PM) PetraCore: "What the fuck is a collapse event?"
  185. (8:15:37 PM) Halvors: "Naziis! Yay!"
  186. (8:15:46 PM) PetraCore: Lori's going pale.
  187. (8:15:50 PM) Halvors: "Time to go and shoot some oberschutzen."
  188. (8:15:59 PM) PetraCore: "What is this?"
  189. (8:16:07 PM) PetraCore: "Earth?"
  190. (8:16:14 PM) Sequence: There's dust falling from the ceiling, and the walls are covered with splotchy areas of strange mildew.
  191. (8:16:20 PM) Halvors: "Oooh! Nazis on the moon!"
  192. (8:16:37 PM) Scandinner is now known as Scantron
  193. (8:16:38 PM) Halvors: "Nazi moon-base here we come. I wonder if Die Glocke was real."
  194. (8:16:42 PM) PetraCore: "...You know..."
  195. (8:16:46 PM) DrSavage: "Well, it might not be called that, but usually we have to close these places off so it's not connected anymore. I've just started calling it that."
  196. (8:16:51 PM) Vol: Danzig looks around. "Everyone, put on a breathing aparatus, gloves, and goggles."
  197. (8:16:51 PM) PetraCore: "If we find something that can take us back up..."
  198. (8:17:10 PM) Halvors: Randolph obeys Danzig's orders. "Jawohl herr kommandant!"
  199. (8:17:19 PM) PetraCore: Lori puts on her safety equipment, still looking shaky. Almost like her entire world was rocked. Gosh.
  200. (8:17:45 PM) Halvors: "Ve vill go and shoot der schweinhunds, nicht wahr?" Randy chuckles at his own joke.
  201. (8:18:02 PM) PetraCore: "...i
  202. (8:18:04 PM) DrSavage: Adam dons the gear, quiet.
  203. (8:18:08 PM) PetraCore: "Unarmed."
  204. (8:18:31 PM) Sequence: The water from above seems to have tapered off.
  205. (8:18:42 PM) Halvors: Randy's got his gear on. "I go first? I have der best german accent kommandant."
  206. (8:19:01 PM) Halvors: "Ist Wunderbar, nicht wahr?"
  207. (8:19:08 PM) PetraCore: ~There can't really be nazi universes, can there be?~
  208. (8:19:11 PM) Vol: Danzig puts on his gear (salvaged from the sub's scuba equipment) and smirks behind his aparatus. "Sure. But if anything out there, you were never there."
  209. (8:19:12 PM) Scantron: "Does anyone else speak German?"
  210. (8:19:17 PM) PetraCore: ~Well, correction. This is the foundation.~
  211. (8:19:27 PM) PetraCore: Lori shakes her head.
  212. (8:19:34 PM) PetraCore: "Erm...concern."
  213. (8:19:44 PM) Halvors: "Nein. Aub Naturlich Nein. Such a rough language."
  214. (8:19:58 PM) DrSavage: "Shall I open the top up? What's our readout?"
  215. (8:20:03 PM) Vol: [I speak it plenty fine, guys.]
  216. (8:20:25 PM) Halvors: Randolph gives a thumb up. "You mentioned Ruhr Dan, I assume you've got us covered."
  217. (8:21:04 PM) Vol: Danzig looks to Spencer. "You're the sec here, what do you think we should do?"
  218. (8:21:33 PM) PetraCore: "Have a concern."
  219. (8:21:43 PM) Halvors: "Ja? I mean, yeah?"
  220. (8:21:57 PM) PetraCore: "Nazis. I'm black."
  221. (8:22:05 PM) PetraCore: "Shoot for me first?"
  222. (8:22:10 PM) Halvors: "And I'm faaaabuloooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuus."
  223. (8:22:25 PM) Scantron: "If we're hostile, they'll shoot for all of us. Danzig, what do you mean?"
  224. (8:22:30 PM) Halvors: "Sweetie, you'll be fine. Ve vill kill der 'master racers'."
  225. (8:22:45 PM) PetraCore: "No objection, then."
  226. (8:22:51 PM) PetraCore: She gives a shaky smile.
  227. (8:22:58 PM) Vol: "I mean you have more tactical expertise than the rest of us."
  228. (8:23:49 PM) Vol: Danzig shrugs and opens the hatch from the helm controls.
  229. (8:23:52 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs. "Ve vill open der sub der, Ja?"
  230. (8:23:54 PM) Scantron: "...I'm an architect. Ask Greg."
  231. (8:24:04 PM) Scantron: Redact.
  232. (8:24:09 PM) Scantron: "...I'm an architect."
  233. (8:24:29 PM) Sequence: The hatch creaks open and pauses for a moment at it's widest- and falls off, the circle of metal ringing loudly on the metal floor.
  234. (8:24:31 PM) PetraCore: Lori heads toward the hatch, sticking her head out.
  235. (8:24:39 PM) PetraCore: "There goes surprise."
  236. (8:24:49 PM) PetraCore: "Wait. Crashed."
  237. (8:24:50 PM) Halvors: "Mein lieben fur der freihart!" Randy chuckles again.
  238. (8:24:51 PM) PetraCore: "Nevermind."
  239. (8:25:01 PM) Vol: Danzig takes a few steps out and circumspects the room.
  240. (8:25:02 PM) PetraCore: She climbs out all the way.
  241. (8:25:08 PM) Sequence: Lori, the hanger is empty, dust rising from the fallen hatch, billowing in large clouds up around you.
  242. (8:25:11 PM) Halvors: Randy follows behind Lori.
  243. (8:25:17 PM) Scantron: Spencer climbs out as well. What does he see besides dust?
  244. (8:25:25 PM) Halvors: "Abandoned? awww. I wanted to kill some obermenschen."
  245. (8:25:32 PM) Sequence: It's almost eerily silent, the only noise the sound of your feet splashing in remnants of pool water.
  246. (8:25:45 PM) DrSavage: Adam climbs out too, looking to the sub.
  247. (8:25:46 PM) PetraCore: "Must be people."
  248. (8:25:52 PM) Sequence: Blossoms of mold and rust cover every surface in sight.
  249. (8:26:04 PM) PetraCore: "No dust without at least bodies, right?"
  250. (8:26:18 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks at the mold. Science to determine how long it would take to grow to this level in these conditions?
  251. (8:26:24 PM) Vol: Danzig unholsters his shotgun. "I already don't like this."
  252. (8:26:27 PM) Sequence: Sure.
  253. (8:26:33 PM) Scantron: 6df+5 Science?
  254. (8:26:33 PM) Glacon: Scantron: Science?: 5 (6df+5=-, 0, -, +, +, 0)
  255. (8:26:51 PM) Halvors: Randolph wants to science. He sciences better than Spencer.
  256. (8:27:00 PM) Halvors: He has the same thought and tries to find out himself.
  257. (8:27:03 PM) Halvors: 6df+8
  258. (8:27:03 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 6 (6df+8=-, 0, -, +, 0, -)
  259. (8:27:03 PM) Sequence: You can't quite tell, Scantron.
  260. (8:27:06 PM) Sequence: *SPENCER
  261. (8:27:11 PM) PetraCore: Lori examines the dust. Is it rock or organic?
  262. (8:27:20 PM) Sequence: Same for you, Randy.
  263. (8:27:38 PM) Sequence: It's dust, Lori. The fragments are too small to tell.
  264. (8:27:39 PM) Scantron: "Hm. Can't tell how long it's been abandoned without further study..."
  265. (8:27:44 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs. He goes to one of the rockets. How old is it? Is it rusty or anything?
  266. (8:28:30 PM) Halvors: Can he science it?
  267. (8:28:35 PM) PetraCore: Lori wanders around, looking for an exit while staying in sight of the group.
  268. (8:28:37 PM) Sequence: It's old, and while the red enamel is bright under it's thick, choking layer of dust, the once-bright silver fins are covered in a patchy patina of rust and mold.
  269. (8:28:41 PM) Sequence: Yes, he can.
  270. (8:28:46 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. "These aparati typically have about 2 hours of breathable air in them."
  271. (8:28:49 PM) Halvors: 6df+8 Oooh, big rockets.
  272. (8:28:50 PM) Glacon: Halvors: Oooh, big rockets.: 10 (6df+8=0, 0, +, 0, +, 0)
  273. (8:28:56 PM) Sequence: The cockpit has some strange fungus growing under the glass.
  274. (8:29:01 PM) DrSavage: "I'd rather not breathe in mold."
  275. (8:29:06 PM) Sequence: It's approximately.... 1940
  276. (8:29:11 PM) Sequence: 's, 1950's construction.
  277. (8:29:25 PM) Halvors: Randy looks at it. "Ja, ist der Nazi rocket here."
  278. (8:29:35 PM) Sequence: The cockpit is made of a thick glass canopy, and the metal is riveted together with big, rusty bolts.
  279. (8:29:36 PM) Halvors: "1950's. Late war."
  280. (8:29:40 PM) Scantron: Spencer walks over to Randy and the rocket.
  281. (8:30:03 PM) PetraCore: Lori goes over to the gathering group, looking at the cockpit. She examines the fungus as best she can.
  282. (8:30:09 PM) Sequence: It's a rocket of times past, when men were men and Nazis roamed the earth...
  283. (8:30:09 PM) Vol: Danzig does the same. "We should try to get inside."
  284. (8:30:11 PM) PetraCore: 6df+8 science
  285. (8:30:12 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: science: 7 (6df+8=+, 0, -, -, +, -)
  286. (8:30:24 PM) Sequence: It's fungi.
  287. (8:30:29 PM) DrSavage: "Don't do it unarmed. Who knows if something's /waiting/ in there."
  288. (8:30:37 PM) Sequence: Strange, though, and it makes flowery, spirally shapes.
  289. (8:30:39 PM) Halvors: Randy chuckles. "Nazi zombies?"
  290. (8:30:45 PM) Scantron: "That's just cliche."
  291. (8:30:48 PM) PetraCore: "I want to find an exit."
  292. (8:30:55 PM) Vol: He grins, though it's obscured by the aparatus. "Don't you see the shotgun here?"
  293. (8:31:04 PM) Halvors: Randy also takes a close look at the fungi. "Der Fuhers Fungi." He sciences it. He's a little pissy that Spencer is having all these ideas before he does.
  294. (8:31:07 PM) Halvors: 6df+8
  295. (8:31:07 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 6 (6df+8=-, -, 0, 0, +, -)
  296. (8:31:11 PM) PetraCore: She trails off, looking at the fungus.
  297. (8:31:14 PM) Sequence: IT'S FUNGI.
  298. (8:31:16 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks around the hangar and at the construction of it. Engineering to learn its stability? Academics to figure out who would have made something like this and when?
  299. (8:31:31 PM) Halvors: Randy pokes at it. Does it respond at all?
  300. (8:31:35 PM) Sequence: No, Spencer, but you do note a smallish, rusty door tucked against one wall.
  301. (8:31:36 PM) Halvors: With his gun.
  302. (8:31:37 PM) PetraCore: "Need a fungus sample? To take back?"
  303. (8:31:47 PM) Sequence: There's a toolbox by it, with a pile of vacuum tubes close as well.
  304. (8:31:53 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "Toss it in a specimen container."
  305. (8:31:59 PM) Sequence: Randy, the fungi is behind a thick layer of glass.
  306. (8:32:00 PM) PresidentEvil: Spencer, the architecture of the hangar is again late 1940s-1950s in nature.
  307. (8:32:08 PM) PetraCore: Lori steps back.
  308. (8:32:13 PM) PetraCore: "Shoot the cockpit?"
  309. (8:32:16 PM) Halvors: Randolph calls out. "I'm gonna break this cockpit, aight?"
  310. (8:32:24 PM) Halvors: He uses the stock of the carbine to smash it in.
  311. (8:32:31 PM) Vol: "Wait-"
  312. (8:32:36 PM) Sequence: Randy's voice echos loudly in the hanger, and-
  313. (8:32:42 PM) Vol: Danzig sighs. ~Too late.~
  314. (8:32:44 PM) Scantron: Spencer points to the door. "There's a door. I'm going to go ch-"
  315. (8:32:44 PM) PresidentEvil: A human sized figure tumbles from the cockpit!
  316. (8:32:55 PM) Halvors: Randolph jumps and almost falls. "SHIT."
  317. (8:32:56 PM) Scantron: Spencer spins and faces the figure!
  318. (8:33:09 PM) Vol: 6df+7 Danzig leaps away from the figure, pointing his shotgun at it.
  319. (8:33:09 PM) Glacon: Vol: Danzig leaps away from the figure, pointing his shotgun at it.: 3 (6df+7=-, -, -, +, -, -)
  320. (8:33:12 PM) Halvors: Randolph's got his knife out. "Ach."
  321. (8:33:12 PM) PetraCore: Lori stumbles back.
  322. (8:33:17 PM) Vol: He trips as he leaps.
  323. (8:33:20 PM) PresidentEvil: The figure sprawls out on the floor. Perception.
  324. (8:33:25 PM) Halvors: 6df+5
  325. (8:33:25 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 9 (6df+5=0, +, +, +, 0, +)
  326. (8:33:32 PM) Vol: 6df+5
  327. (8:33:32 PM) DrSavage: 6df+8
  328. (8:33:32 PM) Glacon: Vol: 8 (6df+5=+, 0, +, 0, +, 0)
  329. (8:33:32 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: 11 (6df+8=0, +, -, +, +, +)
  330. (8:33:33 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 percep
  331. (8:33:33 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: percep: 6 (6df+6=+, 0, 0, +, -, -)
  332. (8:33:51 PM) PresidentEvil: You're pretty sure, under all that mold and dust, is a spacesuit.
  333. (8:34:01 PM) Scantron: 6df+4 what
  334. (8:34:01 PM) Glacon: Scantron: what: 4 (6df+4=0, -, +, -, 0, +)
  335. (8:34:06 PM) Halvors: Randy goes down and looks at the corpse. "How did this guy die?"
  336. (8:34:18 PM) Halvors: "He just sit down in his rocket and... what, have a heart attack?"
  337. (8:34:18 PM) PresidentEvil: Specifically, one of those ones with the giant plastic bubble helmet, it's completely obscured by mold.
  338. (8:34:28 PM) Halvors: "Are the rest of these rockets full of dead men?"
  339. (8:34:32 PM) PresidentEvil: Sequence, back to you.
  340. (8:34:36 PM) PetraCore: Lori just steps back again, clutching her chest.
  341. (8:34:40 PM) Vol: Danzig kneels down after dusting himself off. "Something I didn't think about..."
  342. (8:34:54 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to Danzig. "Cover me, this is /my/ expertise." Adam attempts to remove the helmet.
  343. (8:34:55 PM) Scantron: "I don't particularly see the need to find out... I'm going to go check out that door over there." He heads towards the rusty old door mentioned earlier.
  344. (8:35:03 PM) Sequence: The body just lies there, more mold and dust billowing up from the floor.
  345. (8:35:04 PM) Vol: "What if this mold is dangerous?"
  346. (8:35:12 PM) PetraCore: Lori braces herself and approaches, attempting to gather a sample.
  347. (8:35:13 PM) Halvors: Randolph peers at the dead man. "Ehhh.... should I break the face-mask?"
  348. (8:35:16 PM) PetraCore: "Need sample..."
  349. (8:35:23 PM) Sequence: Spencer, there is a sign on the door, covered in a thick layer of dust.
  350. (8:35:41 PM) Halvors: Randolph pokes the body a few times with the carbine, gingerly.
  351. (8:35:57 PM) Scantron: Spencer wipes the dust off!
  352. (8:36:02 PM) Sequence: It rocks gently, Randolph.
  353. (8:36:02 PM) Halvors: "Should I just back away and shoot it up from a distance?"
  354. (8:36:10 PM) Vol: Danzig shakes his head. "Stop that, Randy, he's very dead. You don't need to make him any more dead."
  355. (8:36:17 PM) Halvors: "But /why/.
  356. (8:36:18 PM) Halvors: *"
  357. (8:36:23 PM) Halvors: "And will it kill us too?"
  358. (8:36:24 PM) PetraCore: Lori tugs at some of the fungus.
  359. (8:36:30 PM) Halvors: "That iz der question here."
  360. (8:36:45 PM) PresidentEvil: Spencer, it's a poster of a spacesuit. The helmet is occupied by a skeleton, leering at you from empty sockets, rictus grin frozen in place.
  361. (8:36:46 PM) Sequence: It is under the glass, Lori.
  362. (8:36:48 PM) Vol: Danzig rolls his eyes. "We won't know until we're dead now, will we?"
  363. (8:36:59 PM) Sequence: Lori, there is lots of fungus over by the door where Spencer is.
  364. (8:37:01 PM) PetraCore: Lori kicks at the glass.
  365. (8:37:04 PM) PresidentEvil: The caption: SPACE AIR KILLS: Maintain your suit, pilots!
  366. (8:37:05 PM) PetraCore: Redact.
  367. (8:37:08 PM) Sequence: Your foot hurts, Lori.
  368. (8:37:14 PM) Sequence: Redact.
  369. (8:37:20 PM) Halvors: Randy glares at Danzig. "What if it's killing us right now? Hmm? I'm breaking the damned mask and taking a look."
  370. (8:37:25 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks over the skull. Is it a fake one? If not, cause of death? Medical?
  371. (8:37:30 PM) PetraCore: She goes over to the door instead, dutifully collecting a sample.
  372. (8:37:33 PM) PetraCore: "Space are."
  373. (8:37:39 PM) Sequence: Adam, the glass is coverd in fungus.
  374. (8:37:40 PM) PetraCore: "Better leave before two hours."
  375. (8:37:44 PM) Halvors: Randy takes four steps back. "Boom~"
  376. (8:37:44 PM) Sequence: You can't even tell if someone is in there.
  377. (8:37:46 PM) Halvors: 6df+4
  378. (8:37:46 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 2 (6df+4=+, -, -, 0, -, 0)
  379. (8:37:52 PM) Scantron: Spencer frowns. He attempts to open the toolbox nearby.
  380. (8:37:57 PM) PresidentEvil: The skull in question is on a poster spencer saw.
  381. (8:38:10 PM) PetraCore: Lori grabs at the poster.
  382. (8:38:13 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. "Sounds like some of the silly old ideas about space. And how not-vacuumy it was."
  383. (8:38:13 PM) PetraCore: "Take this?"
  384. (8:38:22 PM) PetraCore: "Mold."
  385. (8:38:33 PM) PetraCore: "Could be anything."
  386. (8:38:43 PM) Sequence: Randy, your shot richochets off the helmet, leaving a thick white streak of broken and powdered glass.
  387. (8:38:48 PM) PetraCore: "Don't assume it's silly yet."
  388. (8:39:01 PM) Halvors: Randolph continues to back away. Are any gasses escaping from the mask?
  389. (8:39:06 PM) Sequence: No.
  390. (8:39:06 PM) PresidentEvil: Randy, perception.
  391. (8:39:08 PM) Vol: Danzig glares at Randy. "Randy, stop shooting things. You're bad at it."
  392. (8:39:09 PM) PetraCore: Lori decides to take the poster.
  393. (8:39:11 PM) Sequence: Or maybe.
  394. (8:39:11 PM) Halvors: 6df+5
  395. (8:39:11 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 9 (6df+5=+, +, 0, 0, +, +)
  396. (8:39:18 PM) Sequence: Spencer, the toolbox is rusted shut.
  397. (8:39:29 PM) Sequence: Lori, the poster fragments off in your hands.
  398. (8:39:30 PM) PresidentEvil: Randy, there's a locking collar that attaches the suit to the helmet.
  399. (8:39:41 PM) PresidentEvil: It appears you merely twist and lift to remove the helmet.
  400. (8:39:54 PM) Vol: He stands and walks over to Spencer. "Anything useful?"
  401. (8:39:54 PM) Sequence: The paper is /old/.
  402. (8:40:00 PM) PetraCore: ~Should have expected that.~
  403. (8:40:03 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs. "Well then." He goes and unlocks it quickly, flicking off the helmet. His carbine is trained on the corpse's head the entire time.
  404. (8:40:16 PM) Halvors: And he sees...
  405. (8:40:25 PM) PresidentEvil: Nothing, because the helmet is stuck.
  406. (8:40:35 PM) Scantron: "Possibly. Help me open this box." Spencer attempts to pry open the box.
  407. (8:40:41 PM) PresidentEvil: You wanna get this puppy off, you gotta grab it with both hands and /pull/
  408. (8:40:44 PM) PetraCore: Lori look around for something else to grab.
  409. (8:40:46 PM) Halvors: "Fuck it." Randy takes the knife and cuts the head off. "Theeere you go."
  410. (8:41:04 PM) Halvors: *his knife
  411. (8:41:16 PM) PetraCore: ~Maybe I should stick with the group...~
  412. (8:41:18 PM) Scantron: Spencer does so!
  413. (8:41:30 PM) Scantron: Assuming that PresidentEvil is referring to Spencer's attempts to open the box.
  414. (8:41:33 PM) PresidentEvil: ...Your knife can't get through the thick fabric or plastic.
  415. (8:41:43 PM) Halvors: "Motherfucking stubborn dead guy."
  416. (8:41:44 PM) Sequence: Spencer, you manage to get the box open maaaaaybe a centimeter.
  417. (8:41:46 PM) PresidentEvil: PresidentEvil is exclusively handling the spacesuit right now.
  418. (8:41:59 PM) Halvors: Randolph finally gives up. He goes to the others.
  419. (8:42:01 PM) PetraCore: "Need help?"
  420. (8:42:10 PM) Mr_Wilt left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  421. (8:42:13 PM) PetraCore: Lori attempts to help spencer open the box.
  422. (8:42:20 PM) Scantron: "Thanks."
  423. (8:42:40 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to the body and sighs. "Anyone got a way to remove the helmet, I need to see if these are /real/ bodies."
  424. (8:42:41 PM) Mr_Wilt [Mibbit@A0889ECE.1023C973.306722CC.IP] entered the room.
  425. (8:42:41 PM) mode (+ao Mr_Wilt Mr_Wilt) by ChanServ
  426. (8:43:00 PM) Sequence: No luck, Lori and Spencer.
  427. (8:43:12 PM) Sequence: That has years of rust, you aren't opening it.
  428. (8:43:24 PM) Vol: Danzig stands and walks back over. Can he athletics the helmet off?
  429. (8:43:29 PM) Halvors: Randy goes to the box. "Is /everything/ stuck closed? Such a tease, I wonder what's inside it."
  430. (8:43:30 PM) PetraCore: " time, bringing crowbar."
  431. (8:43:35 PM) PetraCore: Lori scowls.
  432. (8:43:37 PM) Halvors: "Good idea. Wait!"
  433. (8:43:48 PM) Halvors: He tries to use his knife to pry the thing open.
  434. (8:43:57 PM) PresidentEvil: No roll, Danz. You just gotta get both hands on and work it.
  435. (8:44:02 PM) Halvors: (It's one thick knife, it ain't breaking, but it might not fit.)
  436. (8:44:31 PM) Vol: Danzig kneels down and shooes Randy away. "Calm the fuck down, Randy, I got this."
  437. (8:44:55 PM) Halvors: Randolph gives up on the box. "Huh. Well then. This is /booooriiing/."
  438. (8:44:55 PM) PresidentEvil: Referring, again, to the astronaut whose probable corpse you are desecrating.
  439. (8:45:02 PM) Vol: Danzig then proceeds to rotate the helmet off, like a child-safety lock.
  440. (8:45:26 PM) Scantron: Spencer shrugs. he looks over to the vacuum tubes nearby. Do they look abnormal, or would he have to roll something to figure that out?
  441. (8:45:31 PM) Halvors: Randy goes over to the body. He's got his knife at hand for collecting some samples of flesh if need be.
  442. (8:45:44 PM) Sequence: No.
  443. (8:45:51 PM) PetraCore: Lori stands up and dusts off her hands.
  444. (8:45:51 PM) Sequence: They look like vacuum tbes.
  445. (8:45:55 PM) Sequence: They are also rusted to the ground.
  446. (8:45:59 PM) PresidentEvil: Danzig, the helmet refuses to turn at first, but then whatever crud is holding it gives way and the helmet comes off.
  447. (8:46:12 PM) Halvors: Randy looks in interest as the helmet comes off.
  448. (8:46:22 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks on, ready to discern things.
  449. (8:46:26 PM) Vol: "Alright, you said you wanted a little off the top, right, sir?"
  450. (8:46:31 PM) PresidentEvil: At first, a cloud of spores and dust rises from the inside due to your sudden disturbance, making you cough. As it settles, you see... a dessicated corpse.
  451. (8:46:33 PM) Vol: He lifs the helmet up.
  452. (8:46:42 PM) Scantron: Damn. He wanted one of those! Spencer looks at the door now. Is it obviously rusted shut, or is it worth a shot opening?
  453. (8:46:48 PM) Halvors: Randy goes and cuts the corpse's head off. "There. Sample."
  454. (8:46:54 PM) PetraCore: Lori heads back to the body, hesitatig a good distance away.
  455. (8:46:59 PM) PresidentEvil: Not till the GM is done describing it, he doesn't!
  456. (8:47:02 PM) Vol: Danzig stares at Randy. "...Randy, what the fuck?"
  457. (8:47:12 PM) Sequence: Randy, Danzig, that hasn't happened.
  458. (8:47:17 PM) Vol: redact
  459. (8:47:18 PM) Halvors: oh
  460. (8:47:21 PM) Halvors: redact
  461. (8:47:50 PM) PresidentEvil: The head is little more than scraps of flesh and hair clinging to the skull. Thick tufts of bizarre fungus are everywhere. Growing out the eye sockets, the mouth, in patches on the bare bone...
  462. (8:48:05 PM) Halvors: Randy shivers. "Ew."
  463. (8:48:27 PM) PresidentEvil: You're really glad you aren't this dude at the moment.
  464. (8:48:28 PM) PetraCore: Lori creeps closer.
  465. (8:48:33 PM) Sequence: Spencer, the door can be opened, by the way.
  466. (8:48:35 PM) Halvors: any clues as to how he died?
  467. (8:48:36 PM) PetraCore: "Ugh."
  468. (8:48:42 PM) Vol: Danzig sees Randy with the knife. "I think we should cut off a SMALL portion as a sample."
  469. (8:48:49 PM) PresidentEvil: The body is far too decomposed to tell.
  470. (8:48:52 PM) Scantron: Spencer opens the door!
  471. (8:49:00 PM) Sequence: Roll Ath, Spencer!
  472. (8:49:02 PM) PetraCore: ~Okay, turning away. Oh, the door's open!~
  473. (8:49:05 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. He goes ahead and slices off chunks of fungus and stows them away in little tubes.
  474. (8:49:09 PM) PetraCore: Lori runs over to Spencer.
  475. (8:49:18 PM) Scantron: 6df+5
  476. (8:49:18 PM) Glacon: Scantron: 5 (6df+5=0, 0, -, +, -, +)
  477. (8:49:36 PM) Sequence: The door creaks open slightly, fighting against it's own, rusted hinges.
  478. (8:49:38 PM) Halvors: Randy hears something and turns to look at the door.
  479. (8:49:48 PM) Tox|Laptop [] entered the room.
  480. (8:49:48 PM) mode (+o Tox|Laptop) by ChanServ
  481. (8:49:49 PM) PetraCore: Lori helps Spencer.
  482. (8:49:52 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 ath
  483. (8:49:53 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: ath: 7 (6df+6=+, 0, +, -, +, -)
  484. (8:49:57 PM) Sequence: PAUSE.
  485. (8:50:25 PM) mode (+v PresidentEvil) by Scantron
  486. (8:52:32 PM) Sequence: Randy, you are suddenly struck with a vision. Your body is a smooth, glowing blue, and your gait is strange, almost flowing, hips swinging widely as you walk down the bright steel corridor to the captain's chambers. You're excited- he doesn't accept just anyone's gifts- and you open the door slowly, moving to show off your assets.
  487. (8:52:35 PM) Sequence: Then the vision fades, and you are Randy again, holding your vials and your knife.
  488. (8:52:47 PM) Sequence: Unpause.
  489. (8:52:56 PM) Vol: Danzig waves Adam over. "You wanted to see this, correct, Smiles?"
  490. (8:52:59 PM) Halvors: "Wha- nngh... uh.."
  491. (8:53:20 PM) Halvors: "Did, uh... y'all just see.. the..."
  492. (8:53:36 PM) Halvors: ~What the fuck did /that/ mean?~
  493. (8:53:37 PM) Scantron: Spencer's in the process of opening the door with Lori's help!
  494. (8:53:38 PM) Sequence: Lori and Spencer get the door open.
  495. (8:53:42 PM) Vol: Danzig eyes Randy suspiciously. "See the what?"
  496. (8:53:52 PM) Sequence: It creaks widely, finally slamming against the wall.
  497. (8:53:53 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks to see what's on the other side!
  498. (8:53:57 PM) PetraCore: "Guys! Door open!"
  499. (8:53:58 PM) Halvors: "Uhh... this weird-ass... how the fuck do I explain..."
  500. (8:54:02 PM) Halvors: "I was blue."
  501. (8:54:10 PM) Sequence: It's a hallway! At the end there's a thick, wide mass of... roots.
  502. (8:54:13 PM) Halvors: "And, uh... I think I was fucking the CO."
  503. (8:54:30 PM) PetraCore: Lori steps through, heading toward the roots.
  504. (8:54:36 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. "Yeah."
  505. (8:54:41 PM) Sequence: Grown together to make a solid, sturdy wall at the end, with tendrils crawling down the wall and floors and ceilings.
  506. (8:54:44 PM) DrSavage: Adam walks over, looking down to it.
  507. (8:54:57 PM) PetraCore: "...sample time."
  508. (8:54:59 PM) Sequence: There's a door on each side of the hallway, and you pass them on your way to the wood.
  509. (8:55:10 PM) PetraCore: ~But you don't have anything to get a sample with!~
  510. (8:55:20 PM) PetraCore: "Uh...knife? Anyone?"
  511. (8:55:20 PM) Vol: Danzig rolls his eyes. "Lay off the memetics."
  512. (8:55:27 PM) Scantron: Spencer enters and goes forward. "You check out the roots, I'll check this door here." He opens a door on the right!
  513. (8:55:29 PM) Halvors: "What?"
  514. (8:55:42 PM) PetraCore: "Spencer, I need a knife!"
  515. (8:55:50 PM) Scantron: "Don't have one."
  516. (8:55:51 PM) PetraCore: Lori grabs a tendril and yanks it.
  517. (8:56:03 PM) Sequence: It's stuck firmly in the metal, Lori!~
  518. (8:56:04 PM) Sequence: -~
  519. (8:56:29 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries the left door, instead.
  520. (8:57:00 PM) PresidentEvil: The left door is a sliding one. You pry it open and emerge into what appears to be... a lounge of some sort.
  521. (8:57:08 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to the body. Is it real-looking? If so, cause of death? Medical.
  522. (8:57:16 PM) Sequence: It's a beautiful lounge in the retro style.
  523. (8:57:20 PM) PetraCore: Lori enters, staying by the door.
  524. (8:57:28 PM) PetraCore: "...guys?"
  525. (8:57:30 PM) PresidentEvil: Funky, art deco tables surrounded by tall, thin barstools.
  526. (8:57:40 PM) PresidentEvil: Adam, the body is way too badly decomposed.
  527. (8:57:50 PM) Scantron: Spencer's eyes go wide. "Ooh..." He enters and looks around. Anything in there besdies tables?
  528. (8:57:59 PM) PetraCore: Is there anything Lori can loot-er, sample?
  529. (8:58:00 PM) Sequence: Hidden lighting, and in the corner, a tucked in bar.
  530. (8:58:12 PM) DrSavage: It's real looking, though? Adam looks to the body, sighing.
  531. (8:58:16 PM) Sequence: A figure is slumped on the counter, a tall fin rising from his... metal head?
  532. (8:58:18 PM) PresidentEvil: You can't tell without a complete workup. You could try and guesstimate how many decades he's been in there. Roll Medical.
  533. (8:58:28 PM) PetraCore: Lori heads for the bar, peering behind it.
  534. (8:58:45 PM) DrSavage: 6df+8 Oh man
  535. (8:58:45 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: Oh man: 9 (6df+8=-, 0, +, 0, 0, +)
  536. (8:58:52 PM) Scantron: Spencer approaches the dead figure, carefully averting his eyes from any alcohol that might be there.
  537. (8:59:05 PM) Sequence: There's a clicking noise and the body shudders and lifts itself up.
  538. (8:59:14 PM) Sequence: It's a robot! Wearing a metal vest and a metal bowtie.
  539. (8:59:16 PM) PetraCore: Lori grabs a bottle for a weapon.
  540. (8:59:21 PM) Scantron: Spencer jumps up! "Oh god oh god oh god-"
  541. (8:59:25 PM) Sequence: His face is just two open dots and- Lori, no bottles around.
  542. (8:59:27 PM) PetraCore: "Aaaaaaugh!"
  543. (8:59:28 PM) Halvors: Randy stands and walks towards the door. He sees weird shit. "Whoa."
  544. (8:59:31 PM) PresidentEvil: Adam, assuming no artifical mummification, by human hands, this body is dessicated enough to have been dead for almost a century.
  545. (8:59:35 PM) Sequence: Two open dots and a thin, curing line for a smile.
  546. (8:59:39 PM) PetraCore: Lori grabs a barstool and brandishes it.
  547. (8:59:41 PM) Sequence: *curving
  548. (8:59:44 PM) Scantron: Spencer realizes that neither of his weapons are suitable for dealing with anything medical.
  549. (8:59:55 PM) Scantron: He backs up away from the robot.
  550. (9:00:02 PM) Halvors: He gets his carbine up and ready. He shouts at the robot. "Achtung!"
  551. (9:00:07 PM) PetraCore: "I-identify yourself!"
  552. (9:00:08 PM) PresidentEvil: Give or take 20 years.
  553. (9:00:11 PM) Sequence: "Welcome! To! The! Evening! Longue!" It stutters out, hands moving awkwardly and robotically.
  554. (9:00:20 PM) PetraCore: "...what year is it?"
  555. (9:00:36 PM) Scantron: "Fuck..." Spencer goes to the other end of the room and crouches behind a table.
  556. (9:00:39 PM) Halvors: Randolph hears the word longue. "Nazi Booze!" He rushes over to the door.
  557. (9:00:43 PM) Sequence: "Would you! Like a drink?"
  558. (9:00:44 PM) Vol: Danzig stands and nods. "We should regroup with the others."
  559. (9:00:45 PM) PetraCore: "Think it's a bartender."
  560. (9:00:49 PM) PetraCore: She lowers her chair.
  561. (9:00:51 PM) PetraCore: "Yes."
  562. (9:01:06 PM) Scantron: "Robot bartender. Fuck this shit." Spencer leaves the lounge and goes to the other door.
  563. (9:01:22 PM) Halvors: Randy shoulders the carbine. "Mein Herr, ein... uh... glass... of beer. Wait, he's speaking english."
  564. (9:01:27 PM) Sequence: It reaches for a seam at it's side, pulling hard on it until the metal bends open, revealing a vending machine.
  565. (9:01:32 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  566. (9:01:32 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 3 (1d7=3)
  567. (9:01:53 PM) Sequence: There's a chunking noise and it reaches into it's chest and pulls out a small, airline-sized tumbler of scotch.
  568. (9:01:57 PM) Vol: He heads down the hallway. Can he hear the others making a commotion?
  569. (9:01:59 PM) Sequence: It sets it on the counter.
  570. (9:02:06 PM) Sequence: Yes he can, Danzig.
  571. (9:02:07 PM) Scantron: Spencer opens the door that doesn't lead into the lounge. What's in there?
  572. (9:02:07 PM) Halvors: Randy snatches it and inspects it with SCIENCE
  573. (9:02:12 PM) Halvors: can he?
  574. (9:02:17 PM) Sequence: No, Spencer, we are not splitting up.
  575. (9:02:19 PM) Sequence: He can drink it.
  576. (9:02:28 PM) PetraCore: Lori peers into the chest of the robot.
  577. (9:02:32 PM) PetraCore: Can she science it?
  578. (9:02:37 PM) Vol: Danzig meets the others. "What's the-" He sees the Robot. "Oh...hello?"
  579. (9:02:39 PM) Sequence: Yes.
  580. (9:02:43 PM) Halvors: Randy raises the glass. "Guinea pig is me." He takes a delicate sip.
  581. (9:02:43 PM) Sequence: "Hell! Oh!"
  582. (9:02:48 PM) PetraCore: 6df+8 science
  583. (9:02:48 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: science: 7 (6df+8=+, -, -, +, 0, -)
  584. (9:02:49 PM) Scantron: Spencer just waits in the hall, then.
  585. (9:02:53 PM) Halvors: ~I'm gonna dieeee...~
  586. (9:03:20 PM) DrSavage: "These people have been dead for a centure at least."
  587. (9:03:22 PM) Halvors: ~Fungus scotch? Ooh.~
  588. (9:03:23 PM) Vol: Danzig smirks. "I've seen enough sci-fi flicks to know what to do. What is your designation?"
  589. (9:03:32 PM) DrSavage: OR maybe a little less."
  590. (9:03:37 PM) Sequence: "Designatiiiiiiooooon...."
  591. (9:03:39 PM) PresidentEvil: Randy, nothing happens for a few seconds. Then, almost imperceptibly, your vision blurs and your balance goes.
  592. (9:03:52 PM) PresidentEvil: Before you know it, you're almost blackout drunk.
  593. (9:03:52 PM) Halvors: Randy drops the glass. "Well, fuck."
  594. (9:04:01 PM) Halvors: "Thish shit is /aweshome/."
  595. (9:04:13 PM) Sequence: The robot trails off as the glass thumps on the soft, blocky-patterned carpet.
  596. (9:04:29 PM) PresidentEvil: It's not bad scotch, though. Little bite, but not bad.
  597. (9:04:38 PM) Halvors: Randolph stumbles a wee bit and, laughing, leans on Adam. "Man, ya gotta try... hic... thish. It is /amazing/ booze."
  598. (9:04:41 PM) Vol: Danzig frowns and lowers his brow. "Fuck, this guy's in pretty bad shape."
  599. (9:04:59 PM) Halvors: Randy giggles. "Besht day on the job /ever/."
  600. (9:05:01 PM) Scantron: Spencer shudders, hearing drunkenness in the hall. He closes his eyes and mutters to himself in Latin.
  601. (9:05:01 PM) PetraCore: "Gimme a minute..."
  602. (9:05:09 PM) Sequence: "Wwwwwould you- like som- coffffeeee?"
  603. (9:05:20 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "Black."
  604. (9:05:25 PM) Halvors: "Now I jusht need someone to bang." He giggles again.
  605. (9:05:26 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  606. (9:05:27 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 2 (1d7=2)
  607. (9:05:41 PM) DrSavage: Adam heads out to meet the rest. "I don't know if we should drink this stuff. How fresh is it?"
  608. (9:05:55 PM) Sequence: It dispenses another airline-tumbler of vodka.
  609. (9:05:58 PM) Halvors: "Adam! Thish shit'sh /amazinc/."
  610. (9:06:05 PM) PetraCore: Lori grabs it.
  611. (9:06:07 PM) Halvors: "Lesh all have a round."
  612. (9:06:13 PM) Sequence: "One!"
  613. (9:06:16 PM) PetraCore: She pours it into a sample container.
  614. (9:06:21 PM) Sequence: "Serving of! Venusian! Vodkahol!"
  615. (9:06:29 PM) PetraCore: "Venus."
  616. (9:06:30 PM) Halvors: "Ish good shitsh." He perks up.
  617. (9:06:35 PM) PetraCore: "We're on venus?"
  618. (9:06:36 PM) Halvors: "Venushian Vodkawhat?"
  619. (9:06:49 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. "I uh...sure, I guess vodka and coffee are the same thing."
  620. (9:06:49 PM) PetraCore: "Or it's from venus?"
  621. (9:06:54 PM) Halvors: Randy looks eagerly at the sample container. "Thass /mine/ when... hic... we get back."
  622. (9:07:03 PM) PresidentEvil: Randy, your drunkeness is just beginning to subside.
  623. (9:07:07 PM) Scantron: Spencer takes deep breaths to calm down. He sits on the floor, leaning against the wall.
  624. (9:07:12 PM) PetraCore: Lori heads back out to Spencer.
  625. (9:07:17 PM) PetraCore: "You okay?"
  626. (9:07:21 PM) Halvors: Randy notices his wonderful buzz is already fading. "Oh shitsh. Hangover incoming."
  627. (9:07:24 PM) PetraCore: "Best not to be alone."
  628. (9:07:24 PM) PresidentEvil: Over the next 10 seconds, it fades, leaving you cottonmouthed and with a dull ache beneath your brow.
  629. (9:07:28 PM) PetraCore: She sits down.
  630. (9:07:38 PM) Scantron: Spencer shakes his head.
  631. (9:07:41 PM) Sequence: "Wwwwooould you li-li-like some mmmore cooffee?"
  632. (9:07:55 PM) PetraCore: "...don't like robots?"
  633. (9:07:55 PM) Halvors: Randy groans. "Gimme some hair of the dog."
  634. (9:08:02 PM) PetraCore: "Don't like art deco?"
  635. (9:08:07 PM) PetraCore: "Don't like Randy?"
  636. (9:08:11 PM) Scantron: "Robots. Alcohol."
  637. (9:08:14 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  638. (9:08:14 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 6 (1d7=6)
  639. (9:08:17 PM) Halvors: He taps on the robot. "Coffee. I mean /coffee/."
  640. (9:08:18 PM) PetraCore: "Ah."
  641. (9:08:18 PM) Scantron: "Randy's fine. Art deco is somewhat underrated."
  642. (9:08:28 PM) PetraCore: "Wait with you."
  643. (9:08:31 PM) PetraCore: She smiles.
  644. (9:08:33 PM) Scantron: "Thanks."
  645. (9:08:33 PM) Vol: Danzig shakes his head. "Randy, you should probably lay off of that."
  646. (9:08:35 PM) Halvors: Randy eagerly waits as the robot pulls out...
  647. (9:08:38 PM) Sequence: It slams a small, rocket-sized can onto the counter. "One! Spaceship Soda! Grrrrrrape Flavor!"
  648. (9:08:45 PM) Halvors: "Soda. Harmless."
  649. (9:08:54 PM) Halvors: He picks it up and sniffs it. ~Man, free drugs.~
  650. (9:09:08 PM) Sequence: It smells like grape soda.
  651. (9:09:12 PM) PresidentEvil: Grape, fizz, cane sugar.
  652. (9:09:20 PM) PresidentEvil: Just like the Coca-Cola Company used to make.
  653. (9:09:22 PM) Halvors: He takes a teensy teensy little sip. "If I die, it was drinking mystery martian booze and shit."
  654. (9:09:27 PM) Vol: Danzig circumspects this room as well. Anything else of note in the room?
  655. (9:09:29 PM) Sequence: I tastes like....
  656. (9:09:30 PM) Sequence: grape soda.
  657. (9:09:41 PM) PresidentEvil: It does not help your hangover any.
  658. (9:09:46 PM) Sequence: Not really, Danzig. A few posters on the walls, a few dusty art deco prints.
  659. (9:09:49 PM) Halvors: Randy pauses and gives it a minute. "Aaaand... no dice. It's tasty though."
  660. (9:09:52 PM) PetraCore: "Don't like this."
  661. (9:10:06 PM) Halvors: Randy perks up. "We should bring him back with us. For science, of course.
  662. (9:10:07 PM) Halvors: *"
  663. (9:10:09 PM) PresidentEvil: Danzig: Posters! Plenty of posters. Some are even readable!
  664. (9:10:15 PM) Scantron: Spencer shakes his head.
  665. (9:10:22 PM) Vol: Danzig reads a few of the posters. What do they say?
  666. (9:10:28 PM) Halvors: Randy peers at the robot. "Gimme a drink menu, please."
  667. (9:10:41 PM) PetraCore: "Me either. Still, doesn't seem dangerous..."
  668. (9:10:46 PM) PetraCore: "Too dangerous."
  669. (9:10:46 PM) Sequence: Defeat the Commie Scourge! Space Air Kills! Maintain your suit!
  670. (9:10:58 PM) Sequence: "Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" The robot begins to vibrate slightly.
  671. (9:11:02 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  672. (9:11:02 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 6 (1d7=6)
  673. (9:11:07 PM) PresidentEvil: Reroll.
  674. (9:11:16 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  675. (9:11:16 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 4 (1d7=4)
  676. (9:11:26 PM) Scantron: "Still." Spencer's eyes are still closed. "Could you check to see if the robot's still in there?"
  677. (9:11:27 PM) Halvors: Randy huffs a bit. "And the nazi scourge gets this epic booze."
  678. (9:11:38 PM) Halvors: "/So/ not fair."
  679. (9:11:40 PM) DrSavage: "I don't like this..."
  680. (9:11:58 PM) PresidentEvil: All the posters are in english, and incorporate a strong red, white, and blue motif.
  681. (9:11:59 PM) Vol: 6df+6 Academics
  682. (9:12:00 PM) Glacon: Vol: Academics: 6 (6df+6=+, +, -, +, -, -)
  683. (9:12:09 PM) Sequence: It /slams/ another spaceship soda on the counter./
  684. (9:12:15 PM) Sequence: "Spaceship! Soda! Urrrrrrreeeenaaaa!"
  685. (9:12:30 PM) Halvors: Randolph picks it up. "Urena? Sounds like urine." He sniffs it.
  686. (9:12:36 PM) Sequence: No smell!
  687. (9:12:47 PM) Vol: "This is eerily reminiscent of the Cold War. Perhaps we're in an alternative future where the Cold War became a live war?"
  688. (9:12:48 PM) PresidentEvil: By now, your hangover has subsided.
  689. (9:13:01 PM) Halvors: "Ah, and mein herr, is there a tab? Limit on drinks? Our valiant cosmonauts must not get too drunk." He adresses the bartending bot
  690. (9:13:20 PM) PetraCore: Lori peers in.
  691. (9:13:23 PM) PetraCore: "Still there."
  692. (9:13:24 PM) Halvors: Randy decides to lay off on the mystery drinks. He sets it down on the counter.
  693. (9:13:27 PM) PetraCore: "Tell you what."
  694. (9:13:32 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks to Lori.
  695. (9:13:41 PM) PetraCore: "When we're back, I'll show you my rock collection."
  696. (9:13:51 PM) PetraCore: "I've even got an iron meteorite!
  697. (9:14:02 PM) Scantron: He smiles weakly. "That'd be nice."
  698. (9:14:03 PM) PresidentEvil: SO nobody is going to drink the soda?
  699. (9:14:19 PM) PetraCore: "A lot of the fragile ones are gone already, alas."
  700. (9:14:21 PM) Sequence: That soda just sits on the counter.
  701. (9:14:29 PM) PetraCore: She's talking more openly now.
  702. (9:14:34 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs. "For mystery!" He takes another delicate sip.
  703. (9:14:41 PM) Halvors: *picks the soda up and
  704. (9:14:52 PM) Vol: Danzig leers at the can of soda. "Mind if I have a bit?"
  705. (9:14:57 PM) PresidentEvil: No taste, HOWEVER
  706. (9:15:01 PM) Halvors: ~How am I not dead yet?~ He passes it to danzig...
  707. (9:15:13 PM) PresidentEvil: You get a small, insistent throb at the back of your brain.
  708. (9:15:14 PM) Sequence: Randy, there's a dull ache in the center of your head.
  709. (9:15:16 PM) PetraCore: "So what are the odds they'll poison themselves, you think?"
  710. (9:15:18 PM) Sequence: *back of your head.
  711. (9:15:23 PM) PetraCore: "Why aren't they just taking samples?"
  712. (9:15:31 PM) Halvors: Randy grinds his teeth a little. "Dan, don't drink it. It just hurts your brain."
  713. (9:15:40 PM) Halvors: "And maybe kills you. We'll see about the latter."
  714. (9:15:47 PM) Scantron: "..."
  715. (9:15:54 PM) Halvors: "I /knew/ it sounded like urine."
  716. (9:15:54 PM) Scantron: "They're still drinking it?"
  717. (9:16:02 PM) PetraCore: "Drinking soda now."
  718. (9:16:04 PM) DrSavage: "Why're you drinking this stuff? Knock it off!" Adam looks a little bothered.
  719. (9:16:07 PM) Vol: Danzig is holding the can a centimeter from his lips. He looks from Randy to the can. Then back to Randy. Then back to the can. He grumbles and sets it down. "Fine."
  720. (9:16:11 PM) PetraCore: "Weird space alternate universe soda."
  721. (9:16:20 PM) Sequence: The robot sputters a bit and collapses again on the counter.
  722. (9:16:23 PM) Scantron: "Hm. It still doesn't seem entirely wise."
  723. (9:16:29 PM) Sequence: Arms sprawling just an inch away from the soda.
  724. (9:16:32 PM) PresidentEvil: Randy, drinkin' stuff for science. So, what're you guys doing now?
  725. (9:16:33 PM) PetraCore: "Well, apparently humans were here."
  726. (9:16:35 PM) Halvors: Randy turns to Adam. "I am the guinea pig here." He turns to the robot. "Fuck it, no more drinks."
  727. (9:16:40 PM) PetraCore: "So it probably knows what we can drink."
  728. (9:16:50 PM) Halvors: "That booze-buzz was epic, lemme tell you."
  729. (9:16:52 PM) PetraCore: "But if it's gone off in the meantime..."
  730. (9:17:01 PM) PetraCore: "Oh!"
  731. (9:17:02 PM) Scantron: "Still. How long has this place been abandoned..."
  732. (9:17:03 PM) Halvors: Randy tries to lift the robot. How heavy is it?
  733. (9:17:06 PM) PetraCore: "The robot's down."
  734. (9:17:10 PM) DrSavage: "Humans /were/ here. That body's been dead a long time. You should know better!"
  735. (9:17:24 PM) Sequence: It's attached to the counter, Randy.
  736. (9:17:24 PM) PresidentEvil: You can't budge it an inch, Randy.
  737. (9:17:30 PM) PresidentEvil: ^
  738. (9:17:35 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs. "Well then."
  739. (9:17:39 PM) PetraCore: "Guys!"
  740. (9:17:42 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "We should take samples of every liquid it has and bring them back."
  741. (9:17:45 PM) PetraCore: "Let's check out the other door."
  742. (9:17:47 PM) PetraCore: "And yes."
  743. (9:17:51 PM) PetraCore: "Sample everything."
  744. (9:17:53 PM) Halvors: He takes the urine-soda and hands it to Dan. "Be my guest."
  745. (9:17:56 PM) PetraCore: "That's our mission, right?"
  746. (9:17:58 PM) Scantron: Spencer gets up and peeks back into the room.
  747. (9:18:10 PM) Halvors: Randy spots Spencer. "Spence, where've you been?"
  748. (9:18:13 PM) BiggerJ [] entered the room.
  749. (9:18:13 PM) Vol: Danzig takes out his vials and pours a bit of each liquid into its own.
  750. (9:18:23 PM) Scantron: "In the hall. What's that?" He gestures to the urena soda.
  751. (9:18:24 PM) PetraCore: "You might wanna look away if they're pouring alcohol..."
  752. (9:18:27 PM) PresidentEvil: Each remaining liquid?
  753. (9:18:34 PM) PresidentEvil: That the robot vended?
  754. (9:18:38 PM) Halvors: Randy taps the soda. "Shitty soda."
  755. (9:18:42 PM) Halvors: "Makes your brain hurt."
  756. (9:18:47 PM) Halvors: Speaking of, has the headache subsided?
  757. (9:18:49 PM) Vol: only the ones that were drunk.
  758. (9:18:53 PM) Sequence: No.
  759. (9:19:07 PM) PetraCore: Lori snaps her fingers.
  760. (9:19:19 PM) Halvors: Randolph looks at Lori.
  761. (9:19:22 PM) Scantron: "I think they've stopped now." He goes over to the soda can and takes a look. Is it labeled?
  762. (9:19:39 PM) PetraCore: Lori snaps her fingers again.
  763. (9:19:43 PM) Vol: Danzig heads out the door, aiming his shotgun down the hall and then back to the unexplored door.
  764. (9:19:53 PM) Sequence: It's labeled in bright, flat, art-deco letters: Spaceship Soda! Drink Among The Stars! Urena Flavor!
  765. (9:19:58 PM) Halvors: "Are you snapping your fingers to get my attention, or...?"
  766. (9:20:03 PM) PetraCore: "Hrm?"
  767. (9:20:05 PM) PetraCore: "No."
  768. (9:20:06 PM) PresidentEvil: And on the back: A Taste Unknown To Science!
  769. (9:20:08 PM) PetraCore: Snap.
  770. (9:20:26 PM) Halvors: Randy hurrumphs a bit. He looks at Spencer. "What did the can say? I din't really look that much."
  771. (9:20:28 PM) Scantron: "Urena... hm." Academics to know what urena means?
  772. (9:20:35 PM) Sequence: No.
  773. (9:20:46 PM) Halvors: "Sounds like urine, doesn't it?"
  774. (9:20:49 PM) PetraCore: "Take can with."
  775. (9:20:52 PM) PresidentEvil: Obviously not. It's unknown to science, guy.
  776. (9:21:14 PM) DrSavage: "Do /not/ drink any more of that soda. Not /one/ drop."
  777. (9:21:15 PM) Scantron: "I think urena is a genus of plants..."
  778. (9:21:19 PM) Scantron: "Strange."
  779. (9:21:25 PM) PetraCore: Lori peeks over at the unknown door then follows Danzig.
  780. (9:21:39 PM) PetraCore: ~Urena sounds like a disease. Eesh.~
  781. (9:21:46 PM) Sequence: Well, Lori and Danzig are clustering around the door.
  782. (9:21:47 PM) Scantron: He shrugs and hands the soda back. He then leaves the room and goes to the other door with Danzig and Lori.
  783. (9:21:50 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs and follows Danzig.
  784. (9:22:05 PM) padri left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 12.0/20120420145725]).
  785. (9:22:10 PM) Sequence: Adam is left alone with the dead robot.
  786. (9:22:14 PM) PetraCore: "...wait."
  787. (9:22:18 PM) PetraCore: "Who has knife?"
  788. (9:22:21 PM) PetraCore: "Tree sample."
  789. (9:22:23 PM) Vol: Danzig grins. "Do we even have a botanist on-site?"
  790. (9:22:29 PM) Halvors: Randy holds his up and tosses it to Lori.
  791. (9:22:34 PM) Halvors: In sheath, derp.
  792. (9:22:37 PM) PetraCore: Lori goes and collects a sample.
  793. (9:22:51 PM) DrSavage: Adam follows the group out. He's a little shocked they'd be so irresponsible.
  794. (9:22:54 PM) PetraCore: She hands the knife back.
  795. (9:23:01 PM) PetraCore: "Thanks."
  796. (9:23:09 PM) Halvors: Randy takes the knife, cleans it, and tucks it away. "Not a problem at all."
  797. (9:23:27 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries to open the door.
  798. (9:23:30 PM) Sequence: The wood barely gave up a fragment of bark.
  799. (9:23:41 PM) Vol: Danzig examines the door and helps Lori.
  800. (9:23:42 PM) Sequence: The door slides open amazingly easily for it's pitted, rusted appearance.
  801. (9:24:02 PM) Scantron: ~I bet this one has Poppin.~
  802. (9:24:10 PM) Vol: Danzig takes a step forward with his shotgun. How's visibility?
  803. (9:24:17 PM) Sequence: Tucks itself into the wall, and beyond it are three areas. One on the left, middle, and right.
  804. (9:24:31 PM) PetraCore: "...split up?"
  805. (9:24:38 PM) Halvors: "nooooo way."
  806. (9:24:40 PM) Halvors: "Bad idea."
  807. (9:24:50 PM) Halvors: "I say..."
  808. (9:24:55 PM) PetraCore: "Left."
  809. (9:24:59 PM) Scantron: "Left works."
  810. (9:25:04 PM) Halvors: Randolph tries to remember the vision of the glowing and the officer. Can he?
  811. (9:25:12 PM) Halvors: Do any of the corridors look familiar?
  812. (9:25:23 PM) Sequence: Left is a recreation room!
  813. (9:25:25 PM) Sequence: No, Randy!
  814. (9:25:43 PM) PetraCore: Lori enters the rec room, looking around.
  815. (9:25:43 PM) Halvors: Randolph enters the rec room. "These amerinazis loved to party."
  816. (9:25:51 PM) Scantron: Spencer follows!
  817. (9:25:53 PM) Sequence: The floor has a... Twister pattern on it? And there are closets (rusted shut of course) with glass fronts, showing boxes of games.
  818. (9:26:05 PM) Sequence: There's a vending machine in the corner.
  819. (9:26:06 PM) PetraCore: "Looks fun."
  820. (9:26:17 PM) Halvors: Randolph goes to the vending machine. Is the food all funky like the bartenders drinks?
  821. (9:26:23 PM) Sequence: The walls are white, with retro-blocky patterns splashed randomly around.
  822. (9:26:38 PM) Sequence: No! It seems to be a generic item vending machine!
  823. (9:26:50 PM) Scantron: Spencer also checks out the vending machine.
  824. (9:26:53 PM) PetraCore: Lori examines the games.
  825. (9:27:00 PM) Sequence: There are 7 items in there, but you can't quite make out what they are...
  826. (9:27:04 PM) PetraCore: Through the glass.
  827. (9:27:07 PM) Sequence: It seems to be if you push a button, you get an object!
  828. (9:27:12 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. He fishes out some change. "Snacks, anyone? Just kidding, I'm gonna get some samples."
  829. (9:27:13 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks around, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.
  830. (9:27:18 PM) Halvors: He pushes a button.
  831. (9:27:22 PM) Sequence: Lori: Space Twister! Space Connect!
  832. (9:27:24 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  833. (9:27:25 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 6 (1d7=6)
  834. (9:27:30 PM) Scantron: Spencer pushes /all/ of the buttons.
  835. (9:27:32 PM) PetraCore: Lori laughs.
  836. (9:27:43 PM) Sequence: The vending machine rattles a bit and dispenses a...
  837. (9:27:46 PM) Vol: Danzig tries to stop Spencer, but is too late.
  838. (9:27:55 PM) Sequence: Spencer's doesn't happen.
  839. (9:28:03 PM) PetraCore: "Spencer, look!"
  840. (9:28:05 PM) Halvors: ~Amerinazi snacks.~
  841. (9:28:07 PM) Sequence: Replica of a V8 ship.
  842. (9:28:17 PM) Halvors: Randy picks it up. "cutesy."
  843. (9:28:23 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks over to Lori before the thing is dispensed! "What is it?"'
  844. (9:28:26 PM) Sequence: It's beautifully done and made! There's even a little reactor in there!
  845. (9:28:36 PM) PetraCore: "All have ~spacey~ names."
  846. (9:28:39 PM) Sequence: Adam!
  847. (9:28:44 PM) Halvors: "Awwww, it's so cute! Little model."
  848. (9:28:46 PM) Vol: Danzig smiles. "We should keep that for engineering."
  849. (9:28:48 PM) Halvors: He pockets it.
  850. (9:28:48 PM) DrSavage: Adam?
  851. (9:29:04 PM) Sequence: You spot a hole in the corner, a jagged-edged cavern covered in a shimmering, flickering light.
  852. (9:29:08 PM) Scantron: Spencer smiles a bit, and then looks to the model before is pocketed. "Interesting... wonder why that would be in a vending machine, though."
  853. (9:29:11 PM) Halvors: Randy looks at Danzig for a second. "Yeah, but for now it's mine."
  854. (9:29:18 PM) PetraCore: "Toys?"
  855. (9:29:19 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. "Morale, herr kamerat."
  856. (9:29:22 PM) Sequence: Spencer! You can now press buttons!
  857. (9:29:55 PM) Halvors: Randolph goes and paces about. He comes up to Adam.
  858. (9:30:01 PM) DrSavage: Adam walks over, sidearm out, looking at it more closely.
  859. (9:30:23 PM) Sequence: It's a hole in the wall. The light shimmers again.
  860. (9:30:26 PM) Halvors: Randy notices the... thing... too. "Adam, let me go first."
  861. (9:30:39 PM) Vol: Danzig notices Adam and cocks his head. "Hold on, I'm coming too."
  862. (9:30:53 PM) PetraCore: Lori goes over to the vending machine, pressing another button.
  863. (9:30:59 PM) Sequence: Lori!
  864. (9:31:01 PM) Scantron: Spencer presses a different button about the same time Lori does.
  865. (9:31:02 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  866. (9:31:02 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 3 (1d7=3)
  867. (9:31:06 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  868. (9:31:06 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 1 (1d7=1)
  869. (9:31:19 PM) PetraCore: Lori?
  870. (9:31:31 PM) Sequence: Lori! You get what looks like a ray gun! Spencer! You get... Intrepid Explorer Condoms!
  871. (9:31:47 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to Randy and shakes his head. "/Slow down/."
  872. (9:31:54 PM) Scantron: Spencer flatfaces. "I don't think I'll be needing these any time soon." He tosses them onto a nearby table. "What did you get?"
  873. (9:31:58 PM) PetraCore: Lori aims the ray gun at the floor and presses the trigger.
  874. (9:32:04 PM) PetraCore: "Gun."
  875. (9:32:12 PM) Vol: Danzig snatches up the condoms and puts them in his pocket.
  876. (9:32:19 PM) Sequence: A ray shoots out of the gun and makes a dark, smoking spot on the floor.
  877. (9:32:24 PM) Halvors: Randy looks over. He spots and hears the crinkle of condoms. "Dan, gimme some."
  878. (9:32:25 PM) Sequence: Danzig! The package reads:
  879. (9:32:29 PM) DrSavage: Science as to what this thing is?
  880. (9:32:37 PM) Sequence: Boldy Go with Intrepid Explorers! Ribbed, vibrating, and pulsing /for her space pleasure/
  881. (9:32:41 PM) Halvors: Randolph goes to the machine and mashes buttons until he gets some condoms.
  882. (9:32:46 PM) PetraCore: Lori examines the gun.
  883. (9:32:52 PM) PetraCore: 6df+8 science
  884. (9:32:52 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: science: 11 (6df+8=0, +, +, -, +, +)
  885. (9:32:56 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  886. (9:32:56 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 4 (1d7=4)
  887. (9:32:57 PM) Halvors: "Future condoms! What've they're self-lubricating and shit?
  888. (9:32:59 PM) Halvors: *:
  889. (9:33:00 PM) Halvors: *"
  890. (9:33:11 PM) Vol: Danzig chuckles a bit, then notices the hole in the floor. "What just happened?"
  891. (9:33:15 PM) Sequence: Randy, the vending machine vibrates and coughs up a pack of SPACE CIGARETTES.
  892. (9:33:21 PM) Scantron: "You... have fun with that." Spencer sees the hole!
  893. (9:33:29 PM) Halvors: Randy chuckles. "Yes."
  894. (9:33:29 PM) Scantron: Er, rather, the dark spot.
  895. (9:33:39 PM) Halvors: He continues punching buttons. "Gimme gimme gimme"
  896. (9:33:46 PM) Halvors: Meanwhile he glances at the cig packet.
  897. (9:34:05 PM) Sequence: Remember cadets: Smoking is fun and healthy! (Surgeon General’s Warning here.)
  898. (9:34:15 PM) PetraCore: "Sorry, I shot it."
  899. (9:34:15 PM) Halvors: Randy chuckles. "Fun, yes."
  900. (9:34:16 PM) Sequence: Lori! It's a ray gun!
  901. (9:34:19 PM) PetraCore: "Real gun."
  902. (9:34:22 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  903. (9:34:23 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 1 (1d7=1)
  904. (9:34:34 PM) PetraCore: She puts it in a sample container.
  905. (9:34:46 PM) Scantron: "I may have to test that out at the range..."
  906. (9:34:48 PM) Halvors: "This thing has /guns/??? Ohhhh shit! I love this!"
  907. (9:34:50 PM) PetraCore: She presses yet another button.
  908. (9:34:51 PM) Sequence: A small package with a pill in it rattles out of the vending machine.
  909. (9:35:01 PM) Halvors: Randy picks it up and looks at it closely.
  910. (9:35:06 PM) Sequence: 1d7
  911. (9:35:07 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 2 (1d7=2)
  912. (9:35:15 PM) Halvors: He continues to mash buttons at the same time. "condomscondomscondoms
  913. (9:35:17 PM) Sequence: A small... first aid kit? Pops out.
  914. (9:35:22 PM) Vol: Danzig looks back to the shimmering cavern.
  915. (9:35:27 PM) PetraCore: She grabs it and opens it.
  916. (9:35:38 PM) Sequence: The vending machine explodes, covering Randy in a thick film of soot.
  917. (9:35:52 PM) Halvors: Randy jumps back. "Fuck!"
  918. (9:35:52 PM) Scantron: Spencer jumps back!
  919. (9:35:58 PM) PetraCore: Lori starts to cough, falling back.
  920. (9:35:59 PM) Sequence: The slot burps once, sending a puff of acrid smoke that seems to burn his nose hairs.
  921. (9:36:04 PM) Sequence: JUST Randy.
  922. (9:36:08 PM) Sequence: Spencer and Lori are okay.
  923. (9:36:13 PM) Halvors: Randolph coughs and spits a bit. "Damnit."
  924. (9:36:26 PM) Scantron: Spencer was still in the vicinity of an exploding vending machine! He waves away the smoke.
  925. (9:36:27 PM) Halvors: "Danzig, I /will/ get some of those space-condoms."
  926. (9:36:30 PM) Sequence: Wait.
  927. (9:36:32 PM) PetraCore: Lori jumps back in surprise, then looks where Danzig is looking.
  928. (9:36:33 PM) Sequence: Stop.
  929. (9:36:38 PM) ***Halvors pause
  930. (9:36:43 PM) mode (+m ) by Sequence
  931. (9:37:24 PM) Sequence: Sorry, I fucked up. Randy, instead of cigarettes, you get a piece of gum. Lori, it's a medical kit, and while the tools inside look strange and fucked-up, you think you could do something with it.
  932. (9:37:33 PM) mode (-m ) by Sequence
  933. (9:37:49 PM) Halvors: Randy coughs again. "Shit, no more free stuff?"
  934. (9:37:58 PM) Vol: Danzig rolls his eyes. "So fucking impulsive." He peers into the cavern. Can he see anything?
  935. (9:38:07 PM) PetraCore: Lori spills her new tools when she jumps back, and she leans over and gathers them up, closing the med pack.
  936. (9:38:12 PM) Sequence: Randy, you have a piece of gum.
  937. (9:38:12 PM) PetraCore: "I was gathering samples."
  938. (9:38:14 PM) PresidentEvil: Danzig, pause a moment for description.
  939. (9:38:17 PM) Sequence: EAT IT.
  940. (9:38:19 PM) Halvors: Randolph sighs a bit. He pockets his loot.
  941. (9:38:26 PM) Halvors: Randy also has a pill
  942. (9:38:27 PM) Halvors: right>
  943. (9:38:28 PM) Halvors: *?
  944. (9:38:36 PM) Scantron: "If you're not going to try that gum, may I?"
  945. (9:38:45 PM) Halvors: Randy tosses the gum to Spencer.
  946. (9:38:49 PM) Sequence: NO PILL.
  947. (9:39:09 PM) Scantron: Spencer takes the gum and sniffs it. What does he smell?
  948. (9:39:45 PM) PresidentEvil: Okay, so the cavern, on second glance, appears to be a jagged, violent hole in the bulkhead. Thin lines of light shimmer back and forth horizontally, giving the impression of a plane of light.
  949. (9:40:10 PM) Sequence: It smells like bubble gum!
  950. (9:40:19 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks at it, then back to them. "What do we do next?"
  951. (9:40:20 PM) Scantron: Spencer unwraps it and starts chewing.
  952. (9:40:21 PM) PresidentEvil: That is all, Danzig.
  953. (9:40:35 PM) PetraCore: Lori creeps over to the cavern.
  954. (9:40:38 PM) Scantron: "If this kills me, let it be known that I died doing something impulsive and not strictly necessary."
  955. (9:40:43 PM) PetraCore: Can someone go through?
  956. (9:40:51 PM) PresidentEvil: PAUSE
  957. (9:41:43 PM) PresidentEvil: Spencer this gum is delicious! So delicious, in fact, that you barely notice it becoming tough and rubbery.
  958. (9:42:02 PM) Scantron: "Mmm.... delishwis."
  959. (9:42:18 PM) PresidentEvil: By the time you realize it's like chewing on a boot, you also notice the gum has begun to expand outward, covering the area around your lips!
  960. (9:42:20 PM) PresidentEvil: Unpause
  961. (9:42:34 PM) Halvors: Randy notices this. "Spence."
  962. (9:42:34 PM) Sequence: Lori, you can try.
  963. (9:42:51 PM) Halvors: He goes over and watches Spencer closely.
  964. (9:42:59 PM) Halvors: "It might suffocate you."
  965. (9:43:05 PM) Sequence: It starts to move, crawling over Spencer's face.
  966. (9:43:12 PM) Halvors: "Oh fuck no."
  967. (9:43:17 PM) PresidentEvil: Spence, it's as hard as leather and has rapidly expanded to cover your nostrils!
  968. (9:43:17 PM) Scantron: "Mmph." Spencer tries to pull it off!
  969. (9:43:22 PM) Halvors: Randy tries to pull the gum off as well.
  970. (9:43:25 PM) Sequence: Roll ath!
  971. (9:43:31 PM) Scantron: 6df+5 muh dick
  972. (9:43:31 PM) Vol: Danzig creeps closer to the hole. " that...what is that? Is that outside?"
  973. (9:43:32 PM) Glacon: Scantron: muh dick: 5 (6df+5=0, -, +, -, +, 0)
  974. (9:43:52 PM) PetraCore: Lori doesn't notice what's going on, as fascinated as she is with the hole.
  975. (9:43:59 PM) PresidentEvil: No dice, Spencer. Not even a small piece comes off, as it fully encloses your face!
  976. (9:44:16 PM) Sequence: Through the glittering, shimmering light, you can see a vague outline of something tubular.
  977. (9:44:20 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to the gum, shocked. Adam pulls out a scalpel, attempting to cut through it.
  978. (9:44:27 PM) PresidentEvil: Roll Ath, Adam.
  979. (9:44:27 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries to go through the hole.
  980. (9:44:31 PM) Scantron: Spencer claws randomly at his head!
  981. (9:44:37 PM) Vol: Danzig stops her. "Hold on."
  982. (9:44:41 PM) Halvors: Randolph shouts out. "FUUUUUCK." He fishes out his knife. "Spence, if you can hear me, open our mouth."
  983. (9:44:45 PM) Halvors: *your
  984. (9:44:47 PM) Vol: "Might want to reattach your aparatus."
  985. (9:44:52 PM) PetraCore: "Hm?"
  986. (9:44:56 PM) PetraCore: "Ah!"
  987. (9:45:06 PM) PetraCore: She does so, then continue on.
  988. (9:45:10 PM) Sequence: No!
  989. (9:45:14 PM) Sequence: Wait!
  990. (9:45:17 PM) Sequence: Lori, you bounce harmlessly off the hole!
  991. (9:45:27 PM) PetraCore: "Oof!"
  992. (9:45:28 PM) Sequence: Your hair sticks a bit to it, though, like it's static.
  993. (9:45:33 PM) PetraCore: "Forcefield?"
  994. (9:45:34 PM) Scantron: Can Spencer hear Randy? If so, can he open his mouth?
  995. (9:45:39 PM) PetraCore: She pokes it.
  996. (9:45:45 PM) PresidentEvil: Any day now, Adam. That gum's not getting any less dangerous.
  997. (9:45:46 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. He takes a step forward and slowly places his hand against it.
  998. (9:45:47 PM) Sequence: Your finger tingles a bit, Lori.
  999. (9:45:47 PM) DrSavage: 6df+5 Ath
  1000. (9:45:47 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: Ath: 5 (6df+5=-, +, 0, +, -, 0)
  1001. (9:45:51 PM) Halvors: Randy delicately pokes a hole where Spencer's mouth is, or tries to.
  1002. (9:45:56 PM) Sequence: Danzig, your palm tingles.
  1003. (9:46:04 PM) PresidentEvil: Randy don't do shit. Adam;s in the way.
  1004. (9:46:12 PM) PetraCore: "Forcefield."
  1005. (9:46:14 PM) Halvors: redact.
  1006. (9:46:30 PM) PetraCore: "Guys, we-"
  1007. (9:46:37 PM) PetraCore: She turns, shutting up as she sees the scene.
  1008. (9:46:40 PM) PetraCore: "Spencer!"
  1009. (9:46:41 PM) PresidentEvil: Spencer, you can hear him. The gum hasn't covered your ears, yet. But Adam's scalpel doesn't do anything to cut the tough, delicious membrane.
  1010. (9:46:57 PM) Scantron: How long does Spencer have before he passes out?
  1011. (9:47:02 PM) Vol: Danzig grins. "Tingly."
  1012. (9:47:04 PM) Halvors: Randy shoves Adam aside. "Need a bigger knife." He tries to slice open a mouthhole
  1013. (9:47:13 PM) PresidentEvil: Strangely enough, he can get barely enough air, with great effort.
  1014. (9:47:14 PM) PresidentEvil: For now.
  1015. (9:47:15 PM) PetraCore: "Danzig, Spencer!"
  1016. (9:47:20 PM) PresidentEvil: Melee, Randy.
  1017. (9:47:23 PM) PetraCore: She grabs Danzig's arm.
  1018. (9:47:25 PM) Halvors: 6df+4
  1019. (9:47:25 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 4 (6df+4=-, 0, -, +, +, 0)
  1020. (9:47:49 PM) DrSavage: "What'd that gum wrapper say?"
  1021. (9:47:51 PM) Halvors: Randy sweats and struggles with the work.
  1022. (9:47:52 PM) Scantron: Spencer gestures to his chest and makes a show of making it go up and down.
  1023. (9:47:57 PM) Vol: Danzig turns and widens his eyes. "What? I'm a researcher, not a doctor!"
  1024. (9:48:11 PM) PresidentEvil: Spence, the gum appears to be speeding up. As the gum turns Randy's knife harmlessly, it sweeps over your ears. In a few seconds, your entire head is enclosed.
  1025. (9:48:14 PM) PetraCore: "Not a medical doctor."
  1026. (9:48:20 PM) PetraCore: "Oh god."
  1027. (9:48:22 PM) Halvors: "Shiiiit. Spence?"
  1028. (9:48:36 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs and stills. Can he try to slice a mouthpiece open again>
  1029. (9:48:52 PM) Vol: Danzig rushes over and kneels down. "Randy, get the fuck out of the way and let Smiles do his job."
  1030. (9:49:09 PM) Halvors: Randy tosses his knife to Adam. "This shit's tough."
  1031. (9:49:14 PM) Scantron: Spencer gestures around for something to lean against.
  1032. (9:49:14 PM) PresidentEvil: Spence, you can vaguely hear your teammates as the gum flows down your neck and over your collar. Randy can spend an AP to reroll, since he failed the last check.
  1033. (9:49:23 PM) PresidentEvil: Err, wait. No he doesn't have to.
  1034. (9:49:29 PM) PresidentEvil: Sorry, my bad.
  1035. (9:49:29 PM) DrSavage: Adam takes a deep breath.
  1036. (9:49:45 PM) PresidentEvil: It's halfway down his chest, Adam...
  1037. (9:49:56 PM) Halvors: Randy gets out of the way. He's squeezing Spencer's hand. "Adam, now."
  1038. (9:50:19 PM) DrSavage: 6df+9 Tagging Steady Hands
  1039. (9:50:20 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: Tagging Steady Hands: 9 (6df+9=0, -, -, 0, +, +)
  1040. (9:50:24 PM) PresidentEvil: Randy you feel the membrane flow through your fingers.
  1041. (9:50:35 PM) Scantron: Spencer squeezes back as much as he can.
  1042. (9:50:37 PM) Halvors: "Oh god fucking damnit." Randy starts sweating.
  1043. (9:50:55 PM) Scantron: He slams a fist against a table if one's nearby, otherwise, he just hits air.
  1044. (9:50:56 PM) PresidentEvil: Sorry doc, nothing. You watch, helpless, as the gum flows the rest of the way across his body in an instant. Pause for description.
  1045. (9:51:02 PM) Halvors: "Spencer, if you can hear me, you're gonna be fine. Okay? You'll be fine." ~Shit, this is gonna kill me...~
  1046. (9:51:03 PM) PetraCore: Lori is still hanging out by the corner, too frozen to do anything.
  1047. (9:51:04 PM) ***Halvors pause
  1048. (9:51:47 PM) PresidentEvil: As you watch, the gum begins to shift. The head inflates into a sphere, the limbs bulk into thick padding.
  1049. (9:52:14 PM) Scantron: Spencer just waits, scared as fuck and confused.
  1050. (9:52:22 PM) PresidentEvil: What looks like a backpack bulges from his shoulder blades. The gum shifts subtly, the sphere turns transparent... holy crap, Spence! You're in a spacesuit!
  1051. (9:52:42 PM) Scantron: Can Spencer breathe?
  1052. (9:52:44 PM) PresidentEvil: A hot pink one, but a spacesuit nonetheless! End pause.
  1053. (9:52:51 PM) PresidentEvil: Sure he can, that's what spacesuits are for.
  1054. (9:52:55 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs in relief. "Well then."
  1055. (9:53:06 PM) Halvors: "Let's get that damned thing off of Spencer. Just in case."
  1056. (9:53:08 PM) Scantron: Spencer inhales and exhales deeply. "What... oh my god..."
  1057. (9:53:09 PM) PetraCore: "Can you take it off?"
  1058. (9:53:14 PM) Scantron: "No, wait."
  1059. (9:53:17 PM) PetraCore: "You okay, Spencer?"
  1060. (9:53:28 PM) Scantron: "I think so..." He walks around a bit.
  1061. (9:53:44 PM) Scantron: He smiles. "I'm liking this."
  1062. (9:53:53 PM) Halvors: Randolph sighs. He slumps back. At Spencer's last, he starts laughing.
  1063. (9:54:03 PM) Sequence: It's a bit harder to move, but you can breathe and walk.
  1064. (9:54:08 PM) Sequence: Pity about that color, though.
  1065. (9:54:29 PM) DrSavage: "Does it feel bonded to you, can you shift in it?"
  1066. (9:54:34 PM) Halvors: "Oh Spencer, the pink cosmonaut. Go terrorize those moon-commies." He doubles over laughing.
  1067. (9:54:48 PM) Scantron: Spencer's humiliated himself worse; he gives no fucks about the color. He tries to shift in it. Can he?
  1068. (9:54:51 PM) NAC|Vidjagame is now known as NAC
  1069. (9:55:00 PM) PetraCore: "Found something else, guys."
  1070. (9:55:08 PM) Halvors: Randolph stands and gives Spencer a hug. It's a little awkward with the suit, but still.
  1071. (9:55:17 PM) Vol: Danzig turns and heads over to Lori. "What is it?"
  1072. (9:55:24 PM) PetraCore: "Forcefield."
  1073. (9:55:28 PM) PetraCore: She points.
  1074. (9:55:28 PM) Sequence: Not really. Feels like it's bonded to your clothes.
  1075. (9:55:50 PM) Halvors: Randolph is still hugging Spencer. He's laughing... and crying. "Thought you were a goner for a while there."
  1076. (9:55:53 PM) PetraCore: "Some sort of electric charge? Staticky. Tingly."
  1077. (9:56:07 PM) Scantron: Spencer awkwardly hugs Randolph back. He looks to Lori. "Where?"
  1078. (9:56:11 PM) PetraCore: She runs her hands through her hair, humming. She's shaken up.
  1079. (9:56:14 PM) PetraCore: "Corner."
  1080. (9:56:14 PM) Sequence: In the hole in the wall.
  1081. (9:56:20 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "Right, this again. "
  1082. (9:56:38 PM) Sequence: There are still two other rooms that need exploring...
  1083. (9:56:40 PM) Halvors: Randolph sighs. He lingers for a second, then pats Spencer on the back- oh wait, on the backpack thing- and then releases him.
  1084. (9:56:48 PM) Scantron: Spencer goes over there and looks. He tries to poke at the forcefield.
  1085. (9:56:53 PM) Halvors: "Let's move on. I wanna find the space armory."
  1086. (9:56:57 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks around. "Come on, we're not sure how long we have here."
  1087. (9:57:09 PM) PetraCore: Lori nods. "Middle?"
  1088. (9:57:16 PM) PresidentEvil: Spencer, as you poke it, the lines assemble into a message!
  1089. (9:57:27 PM) Scantron: Spencer attempts to read!
  1090. (9:57:27 PM) Sequence: Your finger tingles, Spencer.
  1091. (9:57:34 PM) PresidentEvil: Guess it responded now that you're in an authorized suit.
  1093. (9:58:15 PM) PetraCore: "...Spencer?
  1094. (9:58:21 PM) PetraCore: *"
  1095. (9:58:24 PM) Halvors: Randolph notices the message. "I wonder...."
  1096. (9:58:25 PM) PresidentEvil: You guys can see it too.
  1097. (9:58:31 PM) PresidentEvil: It just didn't react until spencer poked it.
  1098. (9:58:33 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. "Must've recognized you."
  1099. (9:58:40 PM) PetraCore: "Spencer is our key."
  1100. (9:58:45 PM) PetraCore: She pats his shoulder.
  1101. (9:58:51 PM) Scantron: "I suppose so." He stands back up.
  1102. (9:59:03 PM) Scantron: "So... should we check out those other rooms?
  1103. (9:59:04 PM) Scantron: "
  1104. (9:59:08 PM) PetraCore: "To the middle!"
  1105. (9:59:17 PM) PetraCore: Lori steps out of the rec room, heading to the middle room.
  1106. (9:59:24 PM) Halvors: Randolph follows Lori.
  1107. (9:59:37 PM) Scantron: Spencer follows, staying near Lori, who is his /friend/.
  1108. (9:59:48 PM) Sequence: The middle room is further divided, a long wall seperating both sides, shower apparati attached to it.
  1109. (10:00:10 PM) Halvors: Randolph notices this. "Who wants a nice hot shower?"
  1110. (10:00:14 PM) Sequence: On one side, soft tubes line the the walls, and tall, frosted glass cylinders cluster against the tiled divider.
  1111. (10:00:21 PM) Vol: Danzig holsters his shotgun and follows the others. "I bet Spencer wants one."
  1112. (10:00:24 PM) PetraCore: Lori snorts.
  1113. (10:00:30 PM) PetraCore: "Not me."
  1114. (10:00:32 PM) Sequence: On the other, rows of straight metal cots and stainless steel cubicles.
  1115. (10:00:44 PM) Halvors: Randy pokes his head in a section. He looks for some way to turn the water on.
  1116. (10:01:05 PM) Scantron: "Maybe later." Spencer looks at a tube.
  1117. (10:01:12 PM) Sequence: A few posters cluster on the walls.
  1118. (10:01:16 PM) PetraCore: Lori checks out a cubicle.
  1119. (10:01:25 PM) Vol: Danzig reads those posters as well.
  1120. (10:01:29 PM) Sequence: Faded scents rise from it, Spencer. Smells like lavender and artificial rose scent.
  1121. (10:01:34 PM) Sequence: Lori, it smells like Old Spice.
  1122. (10:01:52 PM) Sequence: Danzig, the other posters, you've seen before, but one is new.
  1123. (10:01:53 PM) PetraCore: Lori whistles like the Old Spice Guy.
  1124. (10:02:16 PM) Halvors: Randolph is still trying to turn the... shower?... on.
  1125. (10:02:23 PM) PetraCore: She steps inside.
  1126. (10:02:25 PM) Vol: What does the new one say?
  1127. (10:02:27 PM) Scantron: Spencer can smell through the suit? Intredasting. "Huh. I didn't expect to be able to smell through this." Does the tube appear to be openable?
  1128. (10:02:32 PM) Sequence: It's a lot of people in shiny, retro clothes, standing proudly by a red, white, and blue space ship, with the caption: America! To the Stars!
  1129. (10:02:37 PM) DrSavage: Adam merely follows the group.
  1130. (10:02:39 PM) Sequence: Shit, no he can't, Spencer.
  1131. (10:02:43 PM) Sequence: PAUSE.
  1132. (10:03:18 PM) Sequence: He cannot smell that, Spencer. But there are soft bars of soap in a dish on the inside of the cylinder, and a loofah on a hook.
  1133. (10:03:23 PM) Sequence: It's a lady's shower.
  1134. (10:03:40 PM) Sequence: Randy, which side are you on.
  1135. (10:03:43 PM) Sequence: Unpause.
  1136. (10:04:02 PM) Halvors: the... left. the side with the soft tubes and tall frosted glass cylinders.
  1137. (10:04:11 PM) DrSavage: Adam continues looking around.
  1138. (10:04:15 PM) Sequence: Lori, there is one bar of white soap and one bottle of hair soap.
  1139. (10:04:28 PM) Sequence: Randy, another cubicle has different soaps. It /does/ smell like lavender.
  1140. (10:04:29 PM) PetraCore: She collects both for samples.
  1141. (10:04:33 PM) Scantron: Spencer would shrug if it weren't for the suit. edact him commenting on scent. "Lady's shower."
  1142. (10:04:41 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs happily. "I wanna shower. Y'all mind?"
  1143. (10:04:50 PM) PetraCore: "Yes."
  1144. (10:04:56 PM) PetraCore: "Shower when we're back."
  1145. (10:04:59 PM) PetraCore: "Mission."
  1146. (10:05:07 PM) Halvors: "Fear-sweat stinks something awful, you sure I can't rinse off a little?"
  1147. (10:05:13 PM) Vol: Danzig smirks. "I like her. Know what the fuck 'focus' means."
  1148. (10:05:20 PM) Vol: Knows*
  1149. (10:05:24 PM) PetraCore: "dirt is dirt.
  1150. (10:05:28 PM) Halvors: Randolph shrugs. "Alright, alright. Fine."
  1151. (10:05:29 PM) PetraCore: "Sweat is sweat."
  1152. (10:05:33 PM) PetraCore: "Mission is mission."
  1153. (10:05:45 PM) PetraCore: "This room cleared?"
  1154. (10:05:46 PM) Halvors: "So then, to the right! Yes?"
  1155. (10:05:46 PM) Vol: "And gum is a space suit, apparently."
  1156. (10:05:55 PM) PetraCore: Lori chuckles.
  1157. (10:06:08 PM) Scantron: Is the temperature and humidity in Spencer's space suit normal, or is it unpleasant in some manner?
  1158. (10:06:11 PM) Halvors: "Or is the space suit gum? oooh."
  1159. (10:06:18 PM) PetraCore: "No licking."
  1160. (10:06:19 PM) DrSavage: "How about we more careful from now on? No drinking strange liquids...eating weird gum."
  1161. (10:06:26 PM) Sequence: It's a bit sweaty in there, Spencer, but not uncomfortably so.
  1162. (10:06:40 PM) PresidentEvil: It also smells like bubblegum.
  1163. (10:06:48 PM) Halvors: Randy remembers something. "Danzig, you /are/ giving me at least one of those condoms. Right?"
  1164. (10:06:58 PM) Scantron: "Agreed. I'd like to get out of this at some point, though. A bit sweaty. And bubblegum gets a bit old after a while..."
  1165. (10:07:38 PM) Vol: "Let's go back and go down the last hall." He turns to Randy. "I'm not going to /use/ it, we're going to /study/ them."
  1166. (10:08:07 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs. "You're killing me here. No space-condoms from the future?"
  1167. (10:08:07 PM) PetraCore: "Who leads?"
  1168. (10:08:27 PM) Scantron: "I will, in case something requires a space suit again." Spencer leads.
  1169. (10:08:33 PM) Vol: Danzig heads back down the hall a bit. "You mean ' who dies first.'."
  1170. (10:08:45 PM) DrSavage: "No, do /not/ use those. They are for study." Adam sighs.
  1171. (10:08:51 PM) PetraCore: Lori follows, snapping her fingers. Again.
  1172. (10:09:19 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. "Alright."
  1173. (10:10:05 PM) Halvors: Randolph goes on into the last room. He finds...
  1174. (10:10:13 PM) Vol: "Spencer, the facilities seems to respond to you since you're in the suit, you should probably try to interface."
  1175. (10:10:17 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks around too.
  1176. (10:10:27 PM) Sequence: The right room is a cafeteria it seems, a few circular tables scattered around, one table looking a bit lonely as the other tables throng with chairs. Another vending machine stands in the corner, and a large double door stands at the end of the room, a sagging banner hanging over it. There's a delightfully curvy woman in a spacesuit with a bubble helmet, straddling a cartoony spaceship....
  1177. (10:10:29 PM) Sequence: ...The banner reads: "Welcome to the Spaceship Tomorrow!"
  1178. (10:10:51 PM) Halvors: "I'm offended. No muscled, scantily-clad men?"
  1179. (10:10:57 PM) PresidentEvil: You think the spacesuit-bikini is just for show, but then again...
  1180. (10:11:19 PM) Scantron: "Apparently, that doesn't sell in the past-future, either." Spencer goes over to the vending machine.
  1181. (10:11:42 PM) Sequence: It too, is covered with dust.
  1182. (10:11:45 PM) Sequence: As well as the tables.
  1183. (10:11:52 PM) Scantron: He wipes away some dust!
  1184. (10:12:06 PM) Sequence: There's more on the inside!
  1185. (10:12:07 PM) PetraCore: Lori heads to the double doors.
  1186. (10:12:07 PM) Vol: Danzig approaches the vending machine and sighs. "Another one? Really?"
  1187. (10:12:11 PM) DrSavage: "Weird place for the pool to connect to. This is suspicious..."
  1188. (10:12:13 PM) PresidentEvil: You can see a grinning spaceman handing a hotdog to an alien kid on the side.
  1189. (10:12:29 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks for buttons to push on the vending machine. If there are any, he pushes one.
  1190. (10:12:32 PM) PresidentEvil: The Tagline: Have a Foods!
  1191. (10:12:37 PM) Halvors: Randolph sighs a bit. "If we go into an alternate universe where gay men are the majority and straight ones are the minority, I will be /sooo/ happy."
  1192. (10:13:08 PM) PresidentEvil: There's a keypad. Letters and numbers, like a modern machine.
  1193. (10:13:08 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. "The Engrish is suspiciously Eurasian."
  1194. (10:13:29 PM) Scantron: Spencer presses A7.
  1195. (10:13:37 PM) Sequence: The doors are doors, Lori.
  1196. (10:13:41 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries to open the doors.
  1197. (10:13:44 PM) PresidentEvil: 1d7
  1198. (10:13:45 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: 7 (1d7=7)
  1199. (10:13:50 PM) Sequence: The tables sit alone.
  1200. (10:14:11 PM) Halvors: Randolph goes and wanders about.
  1201. (10:14:19 PM) Vol: Danzig looks over at the table. Is there an obvious pattern to the tables?
  1202. (10:14:28 PM) Sequence: No.
  1203. (10:14:34 PM) Sequence: Randolph kicks up dust.
  1204. (10:14:48 PM) PresidentEvil: Spencer, a package of Crackle Rocks! drops out.
  1205. (10:15:13 PM) Soulless|Dreamin is now known as Soulless
  1206. (10:15:15 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks it over, checking for an ingredients list.
  1207. (10:15:17 PM) Halvors: Randolph continues wandering. He sighs yet again.
  1208. (10:15:31 PM) PresidentEvil: There's shooting stars on the packet, and the back just says "So fizzy you'll shoot stars!"
  1209. (10:15:54 PM) Scantron: "Let's save this one for testing." He hands it to whoever's nearest by and presses B3.
  1210. (10:16:00 PM) PresidentEvil: 1d7
  1211. (10:16:00 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: 2 (1d7=2)
  1212. (10:16:02 PM) Vol: Danzig takes them.
  1213. (10:16:08 PM) PetraCore: Lori opens the doors.
  1214. (10:16:15 PM) Sequence: Well, there is /one/ pattern.
  1215. (10:16:23 PM) DrSavage: Adam takes the packet.
  1216. (10:16:29 PM) PresidentEvil: A protein bar of some sort. At least, you think its protein.
  1217. (10:16:42 PM) PresidentEvil: The wrapper just says "CONTAINS NUTRIENTS" in block letters.
  1218. (10:16:44 PM) Sequence: One table seems to have had all it's chairs stolen from it but one, like what happens when there are a lot of cliques and only one outsider.
  1219. (10:17:24 PM) Vol: Danzig walks over to the lone chair and sits in it.
  1220. (10:17:35 PM) Scantron: "Interesting." Does the spacesuit have pockets that Spencer can locate?
  1221. (10:17:41 PM) Halvors: Randy's going over every detail of his vision. ~I had tits, so I was a woman. I remember them jiggling. Ewww.~
  1222. (10:17:52 PM) PetraCore: Lori gives up and sits down, watching the vending machine antics.
  1223. (10:17:57 PM) PresidentEvil: It's got a utility belt, with loops and pouches.
  1224. (10:18:45 PM) Sequence: Randy, your vision flickers again, and... it's rather... x-rated.
  1225. (10:18:52 PM) Sequence: REDACT.
  1226. (10:18:56 PM) Sequence: PRES IS THE BUTTLIEST OF BUTTS.
  1227. (10:19:10 PM) PresidentEvil: More than enough room to hold a pack of crackle rocks. Ugh, FINE SEQUENCE.
  1228. (10:19:23 PM) Scantron: Spencer puts it in a pouch and sighs. "I wish I could say that I had some sort of impressive education that I'm wasting pressing buttons, but I really don't..." He presses C8.
  1229. (10:19:33 PM) PresidentEvil: 1d7
  1230. (10:19:34 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: 6 (1d7=6)
  1231. (10:19:36 PM) PetraCore: "I do."
  1232. (10:19:42 PM) Sequence: Danzig, your foot kicks at something under the ttable.
  1233. (10:19:43 PM) PetraCore: "Still not waste."
  1234. (10:19:46 PM) PetraCore: "Exploration!"
  1235. (10:20:12 PM) Halvors: Randy continues wandering and pondering.
  1236. (10:20:17 PM) Vol: "What the fuck?" He kneels down and examines what he kicked.
  1237. (10:20:21 PM) PetraCore: "Press it for science, Spencer!"
  1238. (10:20:23 PM) PresidentEvil: Ooh, this one's apparently a "Rocket Bar"! The package advises you to pull the tab at the top for Chocolatey Adventures!
  1239. (10:20:25 PM) PetraCore: She laughs.
  1240. (10:20:39 PM) Sequence: It's a toaster.
  1241. (10:21:00 PM) Vol: "...a toaster?" He attempts to pick it up. Is it heavy?
  1242. (10:21:01 PM) DrSavage: "Do /not/ pull that tab."
  1243. (10:21:14 PM) Sequence: As heavy as a thick, chrome-laden toaster is.
  1244. (10:21:15 PM) Sequence: So yes, a little.
  1245. (10:21:18 PM) PetraCore: "Collect for samples."
  1246. (10:21:19 PM) Scantron: "I get the feeling that this will explode with chocolate if I pull on the tab. I won't, but I must admit that my curiosity's piqued." He puts it in a pouch.
  1247. (10:21:30 PM) Sequence: It's very shiny under the dust, chrome mirror-bright.
  1248. (10:21:35 PM) PetraCore: "Check out doors now?"
  1249. (10:21:48 PM) Vol: Danzig picks it up and places it on the table. "Guys, this toaster is /pristine/."
  1250. (10:22:13 PM) Halvors: ~Ewwww. Being a woman is nasty.~ He glances around and pats his manhood as if to make sure it's still there. ~Ahh.~
  1251. (10:22:22 PM) PetraCore: "No dust?"
  1252. (10:22:31 PM) PetraCore: ~That's a little worrying.~
  1253. (10:22:54 PM) Sequence: The lever to pop the toast is depressed.
  1254. (10:22:57 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "No dust, no finger prints..." He frowns "...and no toast."
  1255. (10:22:57 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks at the toaster. "Well then. Where there footprints in the dust when we came in?"
  1256. (10:23:12 PM) PetraCore: "Don't think so...
  1257. (10:23:16 PM) PetraCore: "...flight?"
  1258. (10:23:20 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to it. "Everyone be ready, no idea if we have potential lifeforms here, yes?"
  1259. (10:23:25 PM) Scantron: "I hope not." He looks up at the ceiling.
  1260. (10:23:36 PM) PetraCore: Lori reaches for her complete lack of weapons.
  1261. (10:23:45 PM) PresidentEvil: Mold, Spencer. Mold and rust.
  1262. (10:23:45 PM) PetraCore: "Nobody told me to come armed..."
  1263. (10:24:07 PM) Vol: Danzig unholsters his shotgun and points at the toaster. "Alright, Casper, come out with your...appendages out. We have the toaster, and we're not afraid to shoot it."
  1264. (10:24:23 PM) Sequence: The toaster sits there.
  1265. (10:24:31 PM) Scantron: Spencer lets out a short laugh at Danzig's silliness.
  1266. (10:24:47 PM) PetraCore: Lori pokes the release button on the toaster.
  1267. (10:24:49 PM) PetraCore: Wait.
  1268. (10:24:50 PM) Sequence: Then it starts speaking.
  1269. (10:25:12 PM) PetraCore: Redact that, then.
  1270. (10:25:14 PM) Halvors: Randy continues wandering about aimlessly.
  1271. (10:25:14 PM) Sequence: "I am the Toast-o-matic 3000! What level toast would you like toasted?"
  1272. (10:25:31 PM) Vol: "...we don't actually want any toast."
  1273. (10:25:34 PM) Scantron: Spencer shudders. "WHY does EVERYTHING have to talk?"
  1274. (10:25:40 PM) PetraCore: "future."
  1275. (10:25:41 PM) Sequence: "Shutting down!"
  1276. (10:25:42 PM) PetraCore: "Space robots!"
  1277. (10:25:44 PM) DrSavage: "Space-age. had to."
  1278. (10:25:55 PM) PetraCore: "So...doors?"
  1279. (10:25:59 PM) Scantron: "Fuck robots."
  1280. (10:26:25 PM) DrSavage: Adam walks to the doors.
  1281. (10:26:39 PM) Scantron: Spencer follows.
  1282. (10:26:44 PM) Sequence: "Capitalist pigs!" The toaster mutters as they leave.
  1283. (10:26:49 PM) Vol: Danzig raises his hand. "Wait a sec." To the toaster,
  1284. (10:26:51 PM) Halvors: Randolph notices people leaving and follows them. He pauses.
  1285. (10:26:52 PM) PetraCore: Lori sticks by Spencer.
  1286. (10:26:58 PM) PetraCore: "Bad run for you?"
  1287. (10:27:00 PM) Vol: "Actually, I'll have all the toast we can afford."
  1288. (10:27:16 PM) Sequence: "I am an international worker of the world!" It mutters again, a bit louder.
  1289. (10:27:37 PM) Vol: "All of the toast, all of the crumpets, the biscuits, the pancakes, the croissants, all of it."
  1290. (10:27:38 PM) Halvors: "Comrade! How good to know! Have you followed the works of Marx?"
  1291. (10:27:57 PM) Halvors: Randy sits down and prepares for a political debate... with a toaster. Weirder shit has happened.
  1292. (10:28:05 PM) Vol: He grins. "Randy, hold on."
  1293. (10:28:11 PM) PetraCore: " we take the toaster with us?"
  1294. (10:28:13 PM) PetraCore: "Sample?"
  1295. (10:28:15 PM) Vol: "I want it all. It's all free, correct?"
  1296. (10:28:31 PM) Scantron: "I don't think we need a talking toaster."
  1297. (10:28:53 PM) Scantron: Spencer seems uncomfortable with the toaster, and his tone is sharp.
  1298. (10:29:06 PM) PetraCore: "But the Foundation..."
  1299. (10:29:10 PM) PetraCore: She reaches for it.
  1300. (10:29:16 PM) Mere_Observer left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)).
  1301. (10:29:19 PM) Halvors: "This is a fellow comrade... toaster. It should decide."
  1302. (10:29:21 PM) PetraCore: "Come with us, toaster. Give job."
  1303. (10:29:27 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "Lori's right."
  1304. (10:29:28 PM) PresidentEvil: "Free? Hah! Toast is exchanged for labor at fair rates, as determined by the collective wisdom of the people!"
  1305. (10:29:33 PM) Halvors: Randy bats Lori's hand away.
  1306. (10:29:42 PM) PetraCore: "Will pay for toast."
  1307. (10:29:46 PM) Halvors: "Kamerat! Do you wish to escape this place?"
  1308. (10:29:52 PM) PresidentEvil: "Pay? PAY!?"
  1309. (10:29:58 PM) PetraCore: "With labor!"
  1310. (10:30:00 PM) Vol: "She means of course..."
  1311. (10:30:03 PM) Vol: "That."
  1312. (10:30:03 PM) Halvors: Randy hisses at Lori.
  1313. (10:30:04 PM) PetraCore: "Labor...toast...
  1314. (10:30:13 PM) Scantron: Spencer just stares.
  1315. (10:30:14 PM) PresidentEvil: The toaster fumes, by which I mean it sits there silently.
  1316. (10:30:21 PM) PetraCore: Lori steps back, disconcerted.
  1317. (10:30:29 PM) Vol: Danzig shrugs. "I see it's just a regular toaster now."
  1318. (10:30:30 PM) Halvors: "The Supreme Soviet decides what you work and what you get."
  1319. (10:30:30 PM) PresidentEvil: "Hah! Capitalist swine!"
  1320. (10:30:36 PM) PetraCore: "...Let's try door, Spencer."
  1321. (10:30:36 PM) Halvors: "Am I not correct comrade toaster?"
  1322. (10:30:55 PM) Halvors: "Ignore these reactionary swine."
  1323. (10:31:10 PM) Scantron: "This is severely out of place. I mean, we're surrounded by 'Kill the Commies' posters."
  1324. (10:31:19 PM) Scantron: "Toaster, how did you get here?"
  1325. (10:31:28 PM) DrSavage: "Toaster is a spy." Adam speaks up.
  1326. (10:31:28 PM) PetraCore: "...toaster bomb?"
  1327. (10:31:30 PM) Halvors: "Comrade toaster here has revolted against his opressors. Am I not right comrade?"
  1328. (10:31:32 PM) PetraCore: She scoots back.
  1329. (10:31:36 PM) PresidentEvil: "You'll learn "Comrade Pigdog", you'll learn to the tune of a million worker's fair-trade boots marching down your Main Street America!"
  1330. (10:31:47 PM) PetraCore: "Toaster bomb!"
  1331. (10:31:53 PM) PresidentEvil: The toaster is so angry its lever quivers.
  1332. (10:32:00 PM) Halvors: "Kamerat, the reactionaries here are dead."
  1333. (10:32:14 PM) Halvors: "There is nothing to worry about, our comrades are marching through the streets as we speak."
  1334. (10:32:14 PM) PetraCore: ~Except Spencer.~
  1335. (10:32:31 PM) PresidentEvil: "Lies! Pigdog lies!"
  1336. (10:32:49 PM) PetraCore: "Kidnap the damn toaster!"
  1337. (10:32:52 PM) PetraCore: "Be nice later!"
  1338. (10:32:54 PM) Scantron: Spencer rolls his eyes. "Now it's just irritating." Spencer goes over and kicks the toaster.
  1340. (10:33:02 PM) PresidentEvil: "If that were true, my contact in the Space Authority would, um, nothing. He would do nothing. Goodbye now."
  1341. (10:33:07 PM) Sequence: Spencer, the toaster is on the table.
  1342. (10:33:16 PM) Scantron: Roundhouse kick then.
  1343. (10:33:17 PM) Halvors: Randolph protects the toaster. "Lay off."
  1344. (10:33:23 PM) PresidentEvil: ...The toaster hastily backpedals. As you kick it, you notice something inside.
  1345. (10:33:35 PM) Vol: Danzig squints at the Toaster. "There's a reciever in it."
  1346. (10:33:35 PM) Scantron: "...something's inside of it."
  1347. (10:33:38 PM) Vol: receiver*
  1348. (10:33:59 PM) Halvors: Randolph peers closely. "Comrade, who is your commisar? I do not recognize you as being a true and loyal party member."
  1349. (10:34:01 PM) PresidentEvil: Err, redact.
  1350. (10:34:08 PM) Halvors: "Could you not be a capitalist spy?"
  1351. (10:34:19 PM) PresidentEvil: "I am a toaster. I dispense toast."
  1352. (10:34:27 PM) PresidentEvil: "Would you like jam, fellow capitalist?"
  1353. (10:34:39 PM) Scantron: "...I say we break it open."
  1354. (10:34:45 PM) Halvors: Randy smacks the toaster now. "Comrade. Tell us the truth."
  1355. (10:35:29 PM) PetraCore: "Shhh, Spencer."
  1356. (10:35:31 PM) PresidentEvil: "I am a toaster. I dispense capitalist toast."
  1357. (10:35:37 PM) PresidentEvil: "One slice or two?"
  1358. (10:35:51 PM) Halvors: Randy snarls. "If you are a capitalist, then you are of no use to the revolution. We shall scrap you."
  1359. (10:35:57 PM) Halvors: He goes to pick up the toaster.
  1360. (10:36:19 PM) Halvors: "Your metals shall be redistributed to more loyal party members."
  1361. (10:36:31 PM) PresidentEvil: "HELP! COMMUNIST BOARDING PARTY! HELP!"
  1362. (10:36:52 PM) PetraCore: "I thought it was communist."
  1363. (10:36:55 PM) Halvors: "Your pretend-comrades and reactionary fatcats are not here to help you, traitor."
  1364. (10:36:58 PM) Scantron: "Let's just pry it open to see what the hell is going on." Spencer examines it for any easy way to open it.
  1365. (10:37:03 PM) Vol: Danzig grimmaces. "It was an American spy."
  1366. (10:37:17 PM) PetraCore: Lori looks for a release button to pop the 'toast' back up.
  1367. (10:37:22 PM) Vol: "Shut up, Randy."
  1368. (10:37:24 PM) PresidentEvil: "HELP! I AM A CAPITALIST! I WILL PAY FOR HELP"
  1369. (10:37:29 PM) PetraCore: "Shh!"
  1370. (10:37:33 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs.
  1371. (10:37:33 PM) PetraCore: "Have idea."
  1372. (10:37:47 PM) PresidentEvil: Lori, there's the same lever all toasters have.
  1373. (10:37:55 PM) Mere_Observer [] entered the room.
  1374. (10:38:00 PM) PresidentEvil: Admittedly, not all toaster levers are quivering in fear right now...
  1375. (10:38:13 PM) PetraCore: She turns it upside down.
  1376. (10:38:17 PM) PetraCore: And hits the bottom.
  1377. (10:38:20 PM) Halvors: Randy peers closely at the toaster as it's turned upside down.
  1378. (10:38:36 PM) Halvors: "You will tell us the truth kamerat. We are NKVD and we are testing your loyalty."
  1379. (10:39:07 PM) PresidentEvil: "I know nothing. I am a capitalist. I receive private healthcare."
  1380. (10:39:16 PM) PetraCore: She tries to force the lever up.
  1381. (10:39:29 PM) PetraCore: "Do you own stock?"
  1382. (10:39:37 PM) PetraCore: "Stock market capitalist toaster?"
  1383. (10:39:45 PM) PresidentEvil: A metal plate pops up! The toaster stops talking, thank god.
  1384. (10:39:51 PM) Halvors: Randy leans back and sneers as if he has achieved some great victory. "Then by orders of Commisar Zhukov, we are to detain you. Indefinitely." ~Capitalist cop, Soviet cop. Cool.~
  1385. (10:40:01 PM) PetraCore: Lori grabs the plate.
  1386. (10:40:04 PM) PetraCore: "Sample."
  1387. (10:40:09 PM) PetraCore: "Now, doors."
  1388. (10:40:19 PM) Halvors: Randolph chuckles. "Weird little toaster."
  1389. (10:40:20 PM) Scantron: "I don't even know what the fuck any more." Spencer heads for the doors.
  1390. (10:40:28 PM) PetraCore: "This is fun."
  1391. (10:40:33 PM) Sequence: The doors open easily if Spencer pushes them.
  1392. (10:40:46 PM) Vol: Danzig follows Spencer.
  1393. (10:40:51 PM) Halvors: Randolph chuckles again. "Commisar? NKVD? The fuck was I talking about?"
  1394. (10:40:51 PM) PetraCore: Lori follows them.
  1395. (10:40:54 PM) Halvors: He follows the others.
  1396. (10:41:06 PM) Scantron: Spencer does!
  1397. (10:41:11 PM) PresidentEvil: Lori, as you grabbed the plate...
  1398. (10:41:16 PM) PresidentEvil: Cyrillic writing appeared!
  1399. (10:41:25 PM) PetraCore: She stops to read it.
  1400. (10:41:33 PM) Sequence: You enter what looks like a..
  1401. (10:41:35 PM) PetraCore: "Anyone know russian?"
  1402. (10:41:40 PM) PetraCore: She catches up.
  1403. (10:41:43 PM) Halvors: Randy notices this. "Eh, no. Not me"
  1404. (10:41:49 PM) Scantron: "I know Russian. hand it over."
  1405. (10:42:01 PM) PetraCore: She shows it to him, not handing it over.
  1406. (10:42:07 PM) PetraCore: "Suit."
  1407. (10:42:10 PM) PetraCore: "Can't risk it."
  1408. (10:42:16 PM) Sequence: Stereotypical spaceship bridge- banks of glowing buttons, levers, and TV monitors.
  1409. (10:42:25 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "I do."
  1410. (10:42:37 PM) Scantron: Spencer attempts to read! Does anything stop him?
  1411. (10:43:11 PM) PresidentEvil: "MARXISM IS THE KEY TO WORLD PEACE."
  1412. (10:43:34 PM) Scantron: "Marxism is the key to world peace. I can't say I agree."
  1413. (10:43:43 PM) PetraCore: "Communist chip."
  1414. (10:43:47 PM) PetraCore: "Weird."
  1415. (10:43:52 PM) PetraCore: She pockets it.
  1416. (10:43:58 PM) Scantron: "Not surprising." Spencer looks to the bridge.
  1417. (10:44:09 PM) Halvors: Randolph chuckles. "So I guess that's what killed the base. Traitor toasters."
  1418. (10:44:30 PM) PetraCore: "Maybe."
  1419. (10:44:34 PM) PetraCore: "Maybe traitor ship."
  1420. (10:44:42 PM) PetraCore: "Who knows what chip can work with?"
  1421. (10:44:43 PM) DrSavage: "This place is odd, let's hurry."
  1422. (10:44:56 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "We should give it to Spencer then."
  1423. (10:45:00 PM) Halvors: Randy pauses. "But wait a sec... the cosmonauts died in their suits in the rockets. Or at least one did. And that vision..."
  1424. (10:45:04 PM) Sequence: A few buttons glow and turn themselves off, other buttons taking up the glowing duty.
  1425. (10:45:26 PM) PetraCore: "Vision?"
  1426. (10:45:30 PM) Halvors: Randy concentrates for a bit. ~I need to know more. I need to. I'm a woman. I'm blue. The officer...~
  1427. (10:45:37 PM) PresidentEvil: There's one chair in the middle, surrounded by others...
  1428. (10:45:41 PM) Halvors: He doesn't seem to hear Lori.
  1429. (10:45:48 PM) PresidentEvil: It's the sleekest and space-iest.
  1430. (10:45:50 PM) Scantron: Spencer walks onto the bridge. He sits in the middle chair.
  1431. (10:45:52 PM) PetraCore: Lori takes the seat.
  1432. (10:45:55 PM) PetraCore: REDACT
  1433. (10:46:01 PM) Scantron: He grins. "Engage."
  1434. (10:46:06 PM) PetraCore: Lori takes a nearby seat, resisting the urge to spin.
  1435. (10:46:24 PM) Sequence: Nothing happens.
  1436. (10:46:28 PM) PresidentEvil: Spence, this chair has a lot of buttons! Will you press one?
  1437. (10:46:31 PM) Sequence: A button on his chair glows.
  1438. (10:46:39 PM) Scantron: "Should I press this glowing button?"
  1439. (10:46:59 PM) Halvors: ~Goddamnit, I hate mysteries.~
  1440. (10:47:41 PM) PetraCore: "...for"
  1441. (10:47:58 PM) Scantron: "..."
  1442. (10:48:03 PM) Scantron: "...fuck it." He presses.
  1443. (10:48:12 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs and hops in a seat and buckles in quickly.
  1444. (10:48:23 PM) Vol: Danzig takes a seat in one of the chairs.
  1445. (10:48:32 PM) PresidentEvil: 1d5
  1446. (10:48:32 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: 5 (1d5=5)
  1447. (10:48:37 PM) PetraCore: Lori hasn't buckled in, and is absorbed in the buttons.
  1448. (10:49:17 PM) DrSavage: Adam buckles in too, sighing.
  1449. (10:49:29 PM) PresidentEvil: Spence, a hatch opens up in the other arm rest and dispenses a tall glass bottle full of amber liquid.
  1450. (10:49:41 PM) Halvors: Randolph laughs a bit. "Spencer, gimme that."
  1451. (10:49:46 PM) Scantron: Spencer glares at the liquid. "Fine. Take it."
  1452. (10:49:49 PM) PetraCore: Lori stands up and reaches for it.
  1453. (10:50:01 PM) PetraCore: As she walks over, she slips on a patch of...something.
  1454. (10:50:04 PM) PetraCore: She goes down hard.
  1455. (10:50:22 PM) Sequence: Lori cracks her head on the console, causing a chorus of beeps.
  1456. (10:50:24 PM) PresidentEvil: The label says "Captain's Premium Reserve." "Single Malt, 25 Years" is stamped into the wax seal.
  1457. (10:50:27 PM) Halvors: Randolph takes it and sips it. "I'm so gonna die because of this, it's funny to me."
  1458. (10:50:48 PM) Sequence: Lori is unconscious!
  1459. (10:50:59 PM) Halvors: "And now Lori tripped and fell. Yay!"
  1460. (10:51:03 PM) Vol: Danzig grins. "Fucking love this future."
  1461. (10:51:06 PM) PresidentEvil: It's sealed, Randy.
  1462. (10:51:08 PM) Sequence: The screen turns on, revealing what seems to be a videotape of the stars.
  1463. (10:51:10 PM) Sequence: It's very boring.
  1464. (10:51:12 PM) PresidentEvil: It's a regular liter bottle of scotch.
  1465. (10:51:23 PM) Halvors: Randy knifes it open and takes a good swig.
  1466. (10:51:40 PM) Sequence: Lori's body lies on the floor!
  1467. (10:51:45 PM) Sequence: She's bleeding a little from the head!
  1468. (10:51:53 PM) Scantron: Spencer gets up and goes over to Lori. "Adam!"
  1469. (10:52:01 PM) Halvors: Randy sees Lori's kinda messed up. "Well, shit."
  1470. (10:52:11 PM) PresidentEvil: Good god, man. There's no bite at all to this scotch!"
  1471. (10:52:19 PM) PresidentEvil: (Redact last ")
  1472. (10:52:24 PM) Halvors: Randy takes a good whiff of the bottle.
  1473. (10:52:31 PM) Halvors: Is he getting hammered? Can he tell?
  1474. (10:52:40 PM) PresidentEvil: Perfectly mellow, slightly smokey, with just a hint of oak undertones.
  1475. (10:52:55 PM) PresidentEvil: Randy, it seems to be regular scotch.
  1476. (10:53:02 PM) PresidentEvil: Damn good scotch, but not anomalous property.
  1477. (10:53:06 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs appreciatively. "Damn fine."
  1478. (10:53:23 PM) Uncandescent [] entered the room.
  1479. (10:53:27 PM) PresidentEvil: It won't lift the lockdown, though.
  1480. (10:53:36 PM) Halvors: He snaps his fingers. "I demand shot glasses."
  1481. (10:53:43 PM) Vol: Danzig looks over and notices that Lori has fallen. "Fuck. Smiles, you should take care of it."
  1482. (10:53:51 PM) Sequence: The consoles beep.
  1483. (10:53:52 PM) Scantron: "Please, coudl we not?"
  1484. (10:54:00 PM) PresidentEvil: The chair does absolutely nothing to heed your demands, Randy man.
  1485. (10:54:04 PM) Scantron: Spencer sounds very uncomfortable right now.
  1486. (10:54:37 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs and takes another swig. "I'm sorry?"
  1487. (10:54:43 PM) DrSavage: Adam goes to work on Lori. Medical!
  1488. (10:54:50 PM) DrSavage: 6df+8
  1489. (10:54:51 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: 8 (6df+8=-, -, +, +, 0, 0)
  1490. (10:54:53 PM) Halvors: He shoves the cork back in. It seems to seal it back up well enough.
  1491. (10:55:10 PM) Scantron: "Just... why are you even fucking drinking on the mission?"
  1492. (10:55:43 PM) DrSavage: "Randy, I said /no/ more drinking on this mission!" Adam actually sounds angry.
  1493. (10:55:50 PM) Scantron: As does Spencer.
  1494. (10:55:53 PM) Sequence: Well, she's not bleeding anymore.
  1495. (10:55:59 PM) Sequence: But she'll be out for a while.
  1496. (10:56:05 PM) Halvors: Randolph looks at Adam for a second, then back to Spencer. "Geez." He finds a place to stow the bottle.
  1497. (10:56:58 PM) PresidentEvil: Is anyone else pushing buttons right now?
  1498. (10:57:12 PM) Halvors: He tucks it away somewhere secure. "Y'all chill, alright? No more booze. Fine."
  1499. (10:57:17 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "She'll be fine. We've seen way worse. I've /been/ through worse." He pushes a random orange button. "Wonder what this does."
  1500. (10:57:18 PM) DrSavage: "Randy I am your friend, but you know better than this! KNOCK IT OFF." Adam growls, before gently helping Lori up, supporting her. "I'll carry Lori.
  1501. (10:57:24 PM) PresidentEvil: 1d4
  1502. (10:57:25 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: 4 (1d4=4)
  1503. (10:57:32 PM) Scantron: "Thank you."
  1504. (10:57:50 PM) DrSavage: "Randy, we're telling you because by now, you could have all sorts of poisons and the like in you."
  1505. (10:58:00 PM) PresidentEvil: Danzig, the speakers crackle to life!
  1506. (10:58:04 PM) Halvors: "I know that. I'm a dead man by now."
  1507. (10:58:14 PM) Halvors: "Kinda the point." He shrugs.
  1508. (10:58:22 PM) PetraCore left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1509. (10:58:37 PM) Halvors: ~Me and my morbid curiosity.~
  1510. (10:58:46 PM) Vol: " two three?"
  1511. (10:59:09 PM) PresidentEvil: "Captain's Log, Spacedate 7.4444444.4. Have returned from... negotiations... with the Grand Ambassitrix of Eroticor 4. Authority space fishing rights are secure for the foreseeable future."
  1512. (10:59:39 PM) Halvors: Randolph pauses. ~sounds like the captain got laid. Oh, maybe that's what the vision was. Better tell people.~
  1513. (10:59:55 PM) Halvors: "Hey guys? That log makes it sound like the good captain got busy, didn't it?"
  1514. (11:00:04 PM) Vol: Does the captain sound male or female?
  1515. (11:00:38 PM) Halvors: "Aaaand I had this well /vision/ of.. well, fucking some kind of captain. And I was an alien. So maybe that's what it was?"
  1516. (11:00:58 PM) PresidentEvil: "While I was occupied with the rather... strenuous task of protecting our interests, bridge intercepted a coded transmission in Hyper-German Syllabic. No doubt about it; there's a potential Moon Nazi presence in this star sector."
  1517. (11:01:14 PM) Halvors: Randy perks up. "MOON NAZIS!"
  1518. (11:01:18 PM) PresidentEvil: The captain sounds like a guy, guys.
  1519. (11:01:20 PM) DrSavage: "Randy, if you're attempting suicide, I'm locking you in Medical..." Adam is /not/ amused.
  1520. (11:01:46 PM) Halvors: Randolph chuckles. "Not what I meant. I meant that we needed someone to make sure they weren't just poison. I volunteered."
  1521. (11:02:02 PM) Vol: Danzig groans. "I can't bone to the sound of the captain's voice. A tragedy."
  1522. (11:02:06 PM) DrSavage: "That's why we take /samples/."
  1523. (11:02:23 PM) Mactavish left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  1524. (11:02:34 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. "Well, whatever. So anyways, vision, captain, alien sex. Mean anything you think?"
  1525. (11:02:38 PM) PresidentEvil: "Will order a full security sweep of the ship to prevent Red Communist interlopers from attempting to subvert our glorious mission. Nothing else to report at this time. End Log."
  1526. (11:02:46 PM) PresidentEvil: The speakers die down.
  1527. (11:03:28 PM) PresidentEvil: Absolutely nothing about a hole in the crew quarters.
  1528. (11:04:30 PM) Halvors: "Because the captain did sound very.... innuendo-ish."
  1529. (11:05:16 PM) Halvors: "And I do recall having visions of naked alien horniness."
  1530. (11:05:37 PM) PresidentEvil: You were pretty naked and horny when that vision went down, Randy.
  1531. (11:06:57 PM) Halvors: "So, I had visions of screwing the captain of this ship. I wonder if he happened to pillow-talk anything significant.
  1532. (11:07:19 PM) Sequence: More buttons glow softly.
  1533. (11:07:32 PM) Halvors: ~Although I decidedly do /not/ want to know how being a woman feels like. I like being a guy. Who likes guys. Yeah.~
  1534. (11:07:50 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to the buttons.
  1535. (11:07:57 PM) Vol: Danzig hits another button at random. "Jesus guys, get creative. Push more button, make things go BOOM."
  1536. (11:08:35 PM) Halvors: Randy shrugs. He sits back. "So, no feedback on the alien sex scandal theory?"
  1537. (11:08:43 PM) Sequence: There's another beep and the screen changes. -Ship Status-
  1538. (11:08:59 PM) Sequence: -Blue Matter Reactor Breach-
  1539. (11:09:04 PM) Sequence: -Engineering unlocked-
  1540. (11:09:09 PM) Halvors: "Ve must... blue matter... reactor?"
  1541. (11:09:12 PM) Halvors: "Shiiit."
  1542. (11:09:23 PM) Sequence: -Breach between Crew Quarters and Torpedo Bay-
  1543. (11:09:29 PM) Vol: Danzig hits another button randomly." Come on, guys, if we hit every button, we'll figure out what they each do."\
  1544. (11:09:31 PM) PresidentEvil: You see a blip in the corner of a schematic labeled "crew quarters."
  1545. (11:09:33 PM) Halvors: Randy unbuckles himself. "I am so not dying in this ship."
  1546. (11:09:38 PM) Sequence: -Shut down patch barrier? Y/N-
  1547. (11:10:05 PM) Halvors: "We got radiation leaks... I think. What the fuck is blue matter? What the fuck are in those torpedos?"
  1548. (11:10:25 PM) Vol: Danzig ponder this a moment. "No."
  1549. (11:10:36 PM) Sequence: Nothing happens, Danzig.
  1550. (11:11:02 PM) Halvors: Randolph stands now. "Guys? C'mon, c'mon..."
  1551. (11:11:08 PM) Vol: Danzig gets more impatient as the moments fly by. "I said no. That means no shut down, kapiche, computado?"
  1552. (11:11:15 PM) PresidentEvil: Still nothing.
  1553. (11:12:09 PM) Vol: Danzig looks at Randy. "Son, if we were worried about radiation we wouldn't be fucking with the unknown. Buckle up and open your eyes, motherfucker."
  1554. (11:12:10 PM) Sequence: Buttons glow.
  1555. (11:12:11 PM) Wilt [Mibbit@A0889ECE.1023C973.306722CC.IP] entered the room.
  1556. (11:12:19 PM) Halvors: Randolph sighs and goes to stare at the buttons. ~Did slutty alien chick know anything about this?~
  1557. (11:12:22 PM) Mr_Wilt left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Wilt)).
  1558. (11:12:25 PM) Halvors: He picks a button and pushes it.
  1559. (11:12:26 PM) Wilt is now known as Mr_Wilt
  1560. (11:12:30 PM) mode (+ao Mr_Wilt Mr_Wilt) by ChanServ
  1561. (11:12:38 PM) PresidentEvil: Radiation patch disabled. Proceed at own risk.
  1562. (11:12:43 PM) Halvors: "Fuck."
  1563. (11:12:44 PM) Sequence: -Patch barrier shut down.-
  1564. (11:12:46 PM) Scantron left the room (quit:
  1565. (11:12:50 PM) PresidentEvil: The line representing the force field blinks out.
  1566. (11:13:57 PM) Halvors: Randy blinks. He looks at the screens. "Make sense, damnit."
  1567. (11:15:57 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks worried. "What about the radiation, why would we want those barriers down?"
  1568. (11:16:07 PM) Sequence: Pause
  1569. (11:16:12 PM) Scantron [] entered the room.
  1570. (11:18:40 PM) Scantron is now known as ScanAFK
  1571. (11:18:46 PM) mode (+o ScanAFK) by ChanServ
  1572. (11:18:48 PM) Sequence: Unpause.
  1573. (11:18:49 PM) Sequence: That line was in the crew quarters. Say, wasn't there a forcefield there? That was blocking the path?
  1574. (11:19:43 PM) Halvors: Randolph tries to read the output and punches another button.
  1575. (11:20:17 PM) Halvors: "And Danzig. Lethal waves of radiation are bad. I'm not afraid of dying young of cancer, but I don't want my flesh peeling off anytime soon if I can avoid it."
  1576. (11:20:23 PM) Sequence: The output clears.
  1577. (11:20:38 PM) Sequence: A bank of fashionable pink spacesuits slides out from a wall!
  1578. (11:21:06 PM) Halvors: Randolph immediately hops in one. "Guys."
  1579. (11:21:29 PM) Sequence: It melds and forms around his body.
  1580. (11:21:35 PM) Vol: Danzig walks over to the suits and gets in. "If we have to get in suit, might as well make it flashy."
  1581. (11:21:36 PM) Sequence: Soon, it's like the gumsuit.
  1582. (11:21:42 PM) DrSavage: Adam puts one on too. "Let's hurry."
  1583. (11:22:34 PM) Halvors: Randy is surprised at how comfy the suit is. "Oooh."
  1584. (11:22:40 PM) Sequence: It's not comfy.
  1585. (11:22:52 PM) Sequence: It's a bit sweaty and smells obnoxiously of bubblegum.
  1586. (11:23:02 PM) ScanAFK is now known as Scantron
  1587. (11:23:14 PM) Scantron: Spencer's already in one!
  1588. (11:23:20 PM) Vol: Danzig grimmaces. "Fucking hell, I hate bubblegum."
  1589. (11:23:43 PM) Halvors: Oh, redact. Randolph is unhappy that it's bubblegum-scented. The sweaty part, eh.
  1590. (11:24:18 PM) Sequence: The door back to the quarters waits.
  1591. (11:24:37 PM) Scantron: Spencer goes through the door!
  1592. (11:24:37 PM) Halvors: Randy gestures. "I go first?"
  1593. (11:24:43 PM) Scantron: "I got this."
  1594. (11:24:49 PM) Halvors: Randy sighs a bit. He follows behind Spence.
  1595. (11:25:02 PM) DrSavage: Adam follows, quiet.
  1596. (11:25:27 PM) Sequence: The dead toaster sits on the table. The forcefield was in the rec room!
  1597. (11:26:30 PM) Halvors: Randolph follows close behind Spencer.
  1598. (11:26:55 PM) Vol: Danzig follows Randy and Spence. "Guys, no matter what happens, this has been a fun ride."
  1599. (11:27:31 PM) Scantron: "Yeah, yeah, sure..." Once they reach the crew quarters, he looks for anything resembling a breach.
  1600. (11:27:49 PM) Sequence: There's that hole again, only it's not shimmering anymore.
  1601. (11:27:52 PM) Halvors: "...I'm sorry about the drinking. I just needed something to take my mind off all this freaky shit... when I thought Spence was going to die...."
  1602. (11:28:04 PM) Halvors: He trails off and just keeps walking.
  1603. (11:28:26 PM) Scantron: "Let's just focus on this now." Spencer looks into the hole. Anything in there?
  1604. (11:28:34 PM) Vol: Danzig scoffs at Randy. "He can't die. He's motherfucking Spence."
  1605. (11:28:36 PM) Sequence: A dim, dark, tunnel.
  1606. (11:28:48 PM) Halvors: Randy chuckles a bit. "And then there was a tunne-"
  1607. (11:28:57 PM) Halvors: "Wait, what if this was the source of an invasion?"
  1608. (11:29:16 PM) Scantron: "Please don't call me Spence. I refuse to die being called Spence."
  1609. (11:29:24 PM) Scantron: How wide is the hole again?
  1610. (11:29:35 PM) Halvors: He frowns and looks at the hole in contemplation. "The toaster was a fore-runner and a spy. Then some troopers come through the hole and kill everybody. Then.... then what?"
  1611. (11:30:10 PM) Sequence: Wide enough to crawl through.
  1612. (11:30:13 PM) Sequence: The wall is pretty thin.
  1613. (11:30:22 PM) Sequence: Just gotta pop through and then you're in the tunnel.
  1614. (11:30:34 PM) Scantron: Spencer starts crawling through.
  1615. (11:30:45 PM) Halvors: Randy again sticks close behind Spencer.
  1616. (11:31:08 PM) Scantron is now known as Scansleeps
  1617. (11:31:14 PM) Sequence: It's dark, and dim, and smells a /lot/ like oil.
  1618. (11:31:38 PM) Vol: What does it smell like?
  1619. (11:31:48 PM) PresidentEvil: Oil, duh.
  1620. (11:31:55 PM) Sequence: Machine oil.
  1621. (11:32:21 PM) Halvors: Randolph sighs a bit. "Anyone got a flashlight?"
  1622. (11:32:22 PM) Sequence: As you step away from the hole, the light from the rec room spills into the tunnel, revealing a thin, tube-like shape.
  1623. (11:32:40 PM) Vol: Danzig pulls out his shoulder-mounted flashlight. "You mean like this?"
  1624. (11:32:42 PM) Halvors: Randy leans over to inspect it.
  1625. (11:32:51 PM) Halvors: Should he science roll?
  1626. (11:32:56 PM) Sequence: Sure
  1627. (11:33:01 PM) Halvors: 6df+8
  1628. (11:33:01 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 5 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, -, 0, -)
  1629. (11:33:12 PM) Sequence: It's a 50's era torpedo.
  1630. (11:33:23 PM) Sequence: It has a propeller, for some reason.
  1631. (11:33:42 PM) Halvors: "Huh." Randy peers around the rest of the tunnel. "Submarines of some kind?"
  1632. (11:34:28 PM) Halvors: What else is in the tunnel? Anything?
  1633. (11:34:36 PM) Vol: Danzig shakes his head. "People in the 50's were morons. Put propellers on everything."
  1634. (11:34:46 PM) Sequence: Wait what's that
  1635. (11:34:56 PM) Sequence: One of the torpedoes starts to beep.
  1636. (11:35:07 PM) Halvors: Randolph freezes. "Well. SHITRUNRUN"
  1637. (11:35:14 PM) Sequence: It's a sad, downward tone, alone and pitiful in this empty cavern.
  1638. (11:35:20 PM) PresidentEvil: A tiny red light on the nose blips in tune with the beeping.
  1639. (11:35:28 PM) PresidentEvil: nose cone*
  1640. (11:35:31 PM) Halvors: Randolph stops mid launch. "Waaiiiit, that doesn't sound like a bomb timer."
  1641. (11:35:49 PM) Halvors: He turns and goes to examine the red light. "Can you hear me little fellow?"
  1642. (11:36:00 PM) Vol: Daznig nods. "Sounds more like...a..."
  1643. (11:36:06 PM) Sequence: The beeping speeds up.
  1644. (11:36:09 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to it.
  1645. (11:36:14 PM) Halvors: "Or it could be a fucking timer."
  1646. (11:36:27 PM) Halvors: Randolph's not sure what the hell he should do.
  1647. (11:36:35 PM) Vol: Danzig cocks his head. "A timer? For what?"
  1648. (11:36:35 PM) Halvors: "we go deeper in the tunnel. Okay?"
  1649. (11:36:47 PM) PresidentEvil: The beeping is slightly irregular, now.
  1650. (11:37:12 PM) Halvors: "For blowing up? I have no fucking clue."
  1651. (11:37:16 PM) Sequence: Like crying.
  1652. (11:37:31 PM) Halvors: Randolph stops. He looks back at the torpedo.
  1653. (11:37:38 PM) Halvors: ".... little fellow?"
  1654. (11:38:05 PM) PresidentEvil: Everyone but randy, perception.
  1655. (11:38:08 PM) Halvors: ~If it's gonna blow up, I'm dead anyways.~ Randy goes ahead and hugs the torpedo. "Are you okay?"
  1656. (11:38:27 PM) Vol: 6df+5 perception and stuff
  1657. (11:38:27 PM) Glacon: Vol: perception and stuff: 6 (6df+5=0, 0, 0, -, +, +)
  1658. (11:38:40 PM) Sequence: The beeping speeds up, Randy.
  1659. (11:38:47 PM) Halvors: "Fuck."
  1660. (11:39:16 PM) Halvors: Randolph squeezes his eyes shut for a bit. "Please, if you can hear me, I don't want to die. I'm sure you don't either." ~WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING~
  1661. (11:39:26 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to Danzig, rather concerned.
  1662. (11:39:49 PM) Halvors: ~NNNNNAAAAHHHH~ "Little friend? Can you hear me?"
  1663. (11:40:01 PM) PresidentEvil: DrSavage, perception.
  1665. (11:40:32 PM) Halvors: Randy's sweating and crying now. ~SHIIIIT~ "I love you little guy. Don't do anything foolish or silly, okay? You wanna talk?"
  1666. (11:41:05 PM) PresidentEvil: The beeping has now become quite insistent, Randy!
  1667. (11:41:23 PM) Halvors: "I know that sometimes it seems like nothing's going to get better. You just need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that things will get better."
  1668. (11:41:28 PM) PresidentEvil: Pause.
  1669. (11:41:31 PM) Halvors: ~Oh bloody fuck you idiot.~
  1670. (11:42:01 PM) DrSavage: 6df+12 Tagging I could've sworn
  1671. (11:42:02 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: Tagging I could've sworn: 12 (6df+12=+, 0, -, -, 0, +)
  1672. (11:42:43 PM) Scansleeps left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1673. (11:45:28 PM) Vol: Danzig looks at Adam. "Smiles, what's wrong?"
  1674. (11:45:46 PM) PresidentEvil: GODDAMMIT VOL I SAID PAUSE
  1675. (12:00:40 AM) Sequence: Unpause.
  1676. (12:00:52 AM) Sequence: The beeping accelerates further, Randy, blurring together and rising and growing louder into a continuous shriek that makes your ears ache, the small red LED blinking faster and faster and then flicking off, the tone stopping as well. The light turns green.
  1677. (12:01:23 AM) Halvors: Randy feels like his hearts' stopped. "Nnn- nngh." He's tensed up incredibly tight.
  1678. (12:01:56 AM) PresidentEvil: Randy has a split second to reflect on this course of action before a nightmarish green flare blinds everyone, and a hideous wail assaults their ears.
  1679. (12:01:57 AM) Halvors: After a moment he blinks a few times and gets up. "It didn't..." he looks as if to make sure all his body parts are still there. "Ahhh. Not dead."
  1680. (12:02:08 AM) Halvors: ~SHIT~
  1681. (12:02:25 AM) Halvors: Randy falls back down, curling into a small ball. "Oh god I don't wanna die..."
  1682. (12:02:31 AM) PresidentEvil: When they recover their senses, Randy is nothing but a thin, wet smear across every facing surface in the compartment.
  1683. (12:04:10 AM) PresidentEvil: Adam, Danzig? Your reactions, please.
  1684. (12:04:41 AM) DrSavage: Adam looks shocked, looking at what once was Randy. "Oh...oh no...Randy please no..."
  1685. (12:05:45 AM) Vol: Danzig stares at Randy and grimmaces, hard. "Randy, this isn't you. Get the fuck up and fight it! You can't die!"
  1686. (12:05:50 AM) PresidentEvil: Adam, Randy's pasted across your visor.
  1687. (12:05:59 AM) PresidentEvil: Tiny, misty, pinkish red droplets.
  1688. (12:06:50 AM) Vol: Danzig is awestruck. "Randy?...RANDY?!?!"
  1689. (12:07:12 AM) Vol: Danzig is silent. Randy is dead. Randy is motherfucking dead.
  1690. (12:07:49 AM) DrSavage: "GOD DAMMIT!"
  1691. (12:08:41 AM) Vol: Danzig scrapes some part of Randy into a specimen container. "Smiles...I know this isn't right, but...I have to do it. You know I do."
  1692. (12:10:13 AM) DrSavage: "No more Randy more of that /smile/ of his. No more cuteness..." Adam's voice is /dripping/ sorrow.
  1693. (12:11:23 AM) Vol: Danzig nods. I was refering to you. "He places a hand on Adam's shoulder. "You're smiles. Remember?"
  1694. (12:12:46 AM) PresidentEvil is now known as PresidentEvil|BRB
  1695. (12:22:20 AM) PresidentEvil|BRB is now known as PresidentEvil
  1696. (12:29:11 AM) Vol: Danzig nods. "We have to finish it. If for nothing else, then for Randy."
  1697. (12:29:29 AM) DrSavage: "Can I not for just a minute?" Adam is sniffling inside his helmet. "/Poor/ Randy..."
  1698. (12:30:13 AM) Vol: Danzig unstraps himself and walks over to Adam. "Goddamnit, get a hold of yourself. Randy died because he cared about that torpedo. Finish this because you care about Randy."
  1700. ---
  1702. (5:29:48 PM) Vol: check
  1703. (5:30:25 PM) PetraCore: check
  1704. (5:30:38 PM) Sequence: LAST NIGHT, ON REDPOOL: Vol Danzig nods. "We have to finish it. If for nothing else, then for Randy."
  1705. (5:30:40 PM) Sequence: DrSavage "Can I not for just a minute?" Adam is sniffling inside his helmet. "/Poor/ Randy..."
  1706. (5:30:42 PM) Sequence: Vol Danzig unstraps himself and walks over to Adam. "Goddamnit, get a hold of yourself. Randy died because he cared about that torpedo. Finish this because you care about Randy."
  1707. (5:30:42 PM) DrSavage: Check
  1708. (5:32:32 PM) DrSavage: Adam is shuddering in his suit. "I'm /so/ sorry Randy..." Adam shakily looks around.
  1709. (5:32:46 PM) Halvors [] entered the room.
  1710. (5:34:06 PM) DrSavage: "This isn't fair...he was /new/..." Adam walks to Danzig.
  1711. (5:34:39 PM) You are now known as Tox
  1712. (5:34:50 PM) PetraCore: There's a groan from Lori.
  1713. (5:35:06 PM) Vol: "We were all new at one point or another." He turns and kneels beside Lori. "Case in point."
  1714. (5:36:37 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to Lori, concerned. "She should be okay, I checked her wounds..." Adam's voice is still brimming with sorrow.
  1715. (5:46:33 PM) Sequence: Blood runs silently down the walls.
  1716. (5:47:01 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries to sit up, groaning again.
  1717. (5:47:29 PM) DrSavage: "Let's get out of her. /Now/." Adam manages, still supporting Lori. "/Right/ /now/."
  1718. (5:47:30 PM) Vol: Danzig puts away the specimen vial that contains part of Randy. "So what are we dealing with?"
  1719. (5:48:01 PM) PetraCore: "...what just...?"
  1720. (5:48:16 PM) PetraCore: Lori opens her eyes, clumsily wiping the red mist from her visor.
  1721. (5:49:13 PM) Vol: Danzig nods and helps him hold her up.
  1722. (5:49:15 PM) PresidentEvil: Where Randy and the torpedo were just a few minutes ago, the deck plating smolders, glowing a dull cherry red.
  1723. (5:49:51 PM) DrSavage: Adam grits his teeth. "Where do we go now...?"
  1724. (5:49:51 PM) PetraCore: "Did something blow-"
  1725. (5:50:03 PM) PetraCore: Before she can continue, Lori goes pale and leans forward.
  1726. (5:50:04 PM) DrSavage: "Yes. Randy's dead."
  1727. (5:50:16 PM) Vol: Danzig points to the specimen vial. "We'll talk later."
  1728. (5:50:34 PM) Sequence: There are a few dim lights down the bay, away from the hole you entered through.
  1729. (5:51:07 PM) Vol: Danzig heads towards the lights, shotgun unholstered.
  1730. (5:51:14 PM) PetraCore: She coughs, straightening up.
  1731. (5:51:14 PM) PetraCore: "Spencer?"
  1732. (5:51:14 PM) DrSavage: Adam help
  1733. (5:51:29 PM) DrSavage: 's support Lori. "He'll be fine."
  1734. (5:51:39 PM) PresidentEvil: The lights are a couple of emergency bulbs around a thick blast door.
  1735. (5:51:53 PM) PetraCore: "We heading back to the sub?"
  1736. (5:52:05 PM) PetraCore: Lori stumbles a little, managing to keep moving.
  1737. (5:52:51 PM) PresidentEvil: The blast door is covered in dust and fungus, obscuring the large block letters printed on it.
  1738. (5:53:11 PM) Vol: Danzig attempts to rip off some of the fungus.
  1739. (5:54:45 PM) DrSavage: "Sub's not the way out anymore." Adam's voice is more calm now.
  1740. (5:54:48 PM) PresidentEvil: You can scour it off with your hands, Danzig. The writing says, hang on
  1741. (5:55:25 PM) PresidentEvil: "REACTOR CORE COMPARTMENT: Engineering Personnel Only." And below it. "WARNING: EXOTIC MATTER HAZARD."
  1742. (5:55:25 PM) PetraCore: "Where's Randy?"
  1743. (5:55:57 PM) DrSavage: "Not right now, Lori....please..."
  1744. (5:56:16 PM) Halvors: As if summoned, Randy walks up behind Adam.
  1745. (5:56:29 PM) Halvors: "What's up?"
  1746. (5:56:51 PM) PetraCore: "Randy!"
  1747. (5:56:58 PM) PetraCore: "Don't drink the...alcohol..."
  1748. (5:57:15 PM) PetraCore: "'s not safe."
  1749. (5:57:29 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. "I think I know what caused this disaster."
  1750. (5:57:46 PM) DrSavage: "R-Randy?"
  1751. (5:57:47 PM) Halvors: "Sweetie, it doesn't matter any more. It's already happened." He shrugs.
  1752. (5:57:56 PM) PetraCore: "Was it alcohol?"
  1753. (5:58:09 PM) Halvors: Randy turns to face Adam. He smiles a bit. "Hey Adam."
  1754. (5:58:11 PM) PetraCore: Lori attempts to rub her aching head.
  1755. (5:58:28 PM) DrSavage: "But...but you're..." Adam's voice is cracking.
  1756. (5:58:38 PM) PetraCore: "DRUNK."
  1757. (5:58:43 PM) Halvors: A look of concern crosses Randy's face. "Adam. This isn't like you. What happened?"
  1758. (5:59:11 PM) Vol: "He's very drunk. We thought" He takes out the vial with bits of non-dead-Randy and shows it to Randy.
  1759. (5:59:11 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks down to the suit and his visor. Still covered in paste?
  1760. (5:59:27 PM) PresidentEvil: Still covered in a thin Randy smear.
  1761. (5:59:30 PM) Halvors: "Oh. Well. I did. But, Adam.... listen."
  1762. (5:59:45 PM) Halvors: Randolph fades out, about to continue.
  1763. (5:59:48 PM) Halvors: He vanishes.
  1764. (6:00:10 PM) PetraCore: "...guys?"
  1765. (6:00:19 PM) PetraCore: "Did you see...?"
  1766. (6:00:37 PM) Vol: Danzig is still staring. "I thought I did."
  1767. (6:00:56 PM) PresidentEvil: Door's still there. Evidently that's real.
  1768. (6:01:00 PM) PetraCore: "...we should find Spencer."
  1769. (6:01:04 PM) PetraCore: Lori starts to walk off.
  1770. (6:01:27 PM) Vol: Danzig shakes his head. "No. I think whatever's behind this door is important.
  1771. (6:01:31 PM) DrSavage: Adam reaches out toward where Randy was, but grabs Lori's arm. "Stay. I'm /not/ losing anyone else."
  1772. (6:01:36 PM) Vol: Can we feel any radiation associated with heat?
  1773. (6:01:50 PM) PresidentEvil: No.
  1774. (6:02:15 PM) Vol: Danzig looks for a control panel for the door.
  1775. (6:02:57 PM) PresidentEvil: The control panel is cracked an inoperable. But there's one of those wheels on the door. You could probably get it going if you put your back into it.
  1776. (6:03:19 PM) PetraCore: ~I'm just going to...stick with Danzig and Adam until this damn headache goes away.~
  1777. (6:03:22 PM) Vol: Danzig starts to twist the wheel. "Come on guys, push!"
  1778. (6:03:35 PM) Mere_Observer left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC).
  1779. (6:03:41 PM) PetraCore: Lori grabs the wheel and starts to turn it.
  1780. (6:03:53 PM) DrSavage: Adam attempts to help, keeping his head for now.
  1781. (6:04:03 PM) PresidentEvil: Ath, anyone pushing.
  1782. (6:04:12 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 puuuuush
  1783. (6:04:32 PM) Vol: 6df+7 HNNNNNNNG!
  1784. (6:04:32 PM) Glacon: Vol: HNNNNNNNG!: 4 (6df+7=-, 0, -, 0, -, 0)
  1785. (6:04:33 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 puuuush
  1786. (6:04:33 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: puuuush: 6 (6df+6=-, +, +, -, +, -)
  1787. (6:04:34 PM) DrSavage: 6df+5 Puuuuush
  1788. (6:04:34 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: Puuuuush: 6 (6df+5=-, 0, +, 0, 0, +)
  1789. (6:04:52 PM) PetraCore: "Guys, wait."
  1790. (6:05:04 PM) PetraCore: "We should leave marker for Spencer."
  1791. (6:05:30 PM) DrSavage: Adam sighs, looking back. "There's a big one already..."
  1792. (6:05:30 PM) PresidentEvil: The wheel groans. rust flakes off the handle, but it gives. You can open the door now.
  1793. (6:06:44 PM) Vol: Danzig opens the door.
  1794. (6:06:47 PM) Vol: What's behind it?
  1795. (6:08:22 PM) PresidentEvil: A control room. Panels hum and sputter, wiring trailing out of open conduits under the consoles. There are windows, with blast shutters closed outside of them.
  1796. (6:09:19 PM) DrSavage: Adam walks in, supporting Lori.
  1797. (6:09:32 PM) Vol: Danzig takes a few steps in, turning to face every direction with his shotgun.
  1798. (6:09:39 PM) PetraCore: "Hey...didn't the messagy...thingy on the forcefield mention this place?"
  1799. (6:09:44 PM) Sequence: You nearly trip over some srawling, frayed wires, but there's nothing else in the room, Danzig.
  1800. (6:11:02 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "Said there was a breach."
  1801. (6:11:17 PM) DrSavage: "Blue matter...probably behind the shutters."
  1802. (6:11:31 PM) PetraCore: "So what do we do?"
  1803. (6:12:29 PM) Sequence: The console sputters briefly, a few wires jerking about.
  1804. (6:12:45 PM) Vol: Danzig faces the console. "Maybe this will tell us."
  1805. (6:13:11 PM) PetraCore: Lori leans over, bracing her arms on the edge of the console.
  1806. (6:13:17 PM) PetraCore: She examines the wires blearily.
  1807. (6:13:35 PM) PetraCore: "Try to fix?"
  1808. (6:14:22 PM) Sequence: If you want to find the problem, Perception.
  1809. (6:14:39 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 What's the sitch?
  1810. (6:14:39 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: What's the sitch?: 6 (6df+6=0, 0, -, +, +, -)
  1811. (6:16:05 PM) Sequence: Well, something seems to have torn through a few of the wires- if you can get the wires to connect again, you might be able to get it functional.
  1812. (6:16:37 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries to match the wires up.
  1813. (6:16:59 PM) Sequence: Optional Engineering check, otherwise roll Perception.
  1814. (6:17:22 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 percep
  1815. (6:17:22 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: percep: 7 (6df+6=0, 0, -, 0, +, +)
  1816. (6:18:02 PM) Sequence: Lori manages to wind a few of the wires back together, and suddenly the console snaps on, a spark snapping out and burning her thumb.
  1817. (6:18:02 PM) Vol: Danzig keeps looking around the room.
  1818. (6:18:15 PM) PetraCore: "Ah!"
  1819. (6:18:24 PM) PetraCore: Lori stumbles back, losing her balance.
  1820. (6:18:29 PM) Sequence: The shutters groan and creak as they fold back, letting a cold, blue light into the room.
  1821. (6:19:06 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks on, then to Danzig. "I hope this is the way..."
  1822. (6:19:10 PM) Vol: Danzig peers into the chamber. "..."
  1823. (6:19:19 PM) Sequence: Beyond... it's like a captured sun, a tightly-curled ball of blue, white patches swirling and misting over the surface like clouds.
  1824. (6:19:30 PM) PetraCore: Lori just stares, gaping.
  1825. (6:19:51 PM) Sequence: Stalagmites and stalactites throng around it, caging it in and casting broad, dim shadows across the steel floor and ceiling.
  1826. (6:20:03 PM) PetraCore: "Wow..."
  1827. (6:20:15 PM) Vol: Danzig raises an eyebrow. "So here's the source of radiation. Where did the fungus come from?"
  1828. (6:20:58 PM) Sequence: There's a soft /chunk/ noise from one of the lockers, and it swings open a little, revealing another panel of controls.
  1829. (6:21:27 PM) PetraCore: Lori crawls over to take a look.
  1830. (6:21:29 PM) PetraCore: What does she see?
  1831. (6:21:49 PM) DrSavage: "I don't know...I don't think I want to know..." Adam still thinks about the Randy-apparition. Had he imagined it?
  1832. (6:22:45 PM) Sequence: It's a much smaller panel, with fewer buttons and more knobs. There's a dusty, embossed label on there: CORE CONTAINMENT ARRAY CONTROLS.
  1833. (6:22:55 PM) Vol: Danzig follows Lori. "I feel like we keep scurrying from chunk of cheese to chunk of cheese."
  1834. (6:23:19 PM) PetraCore: Lori reaches to turn a random kob.
  1835. (6:23:21 PM) PetraCore: *knob
  1836. (6:24:46 PM) Halvors: Randolph just... appears... behind Adam. "Got something on your mind?"
  1837. (6:25:28 PM) Vol: Danzig holds Lori's hand. "Hold on."
  1838. (6:25:34 PM) Vol: "We don't know what this does."
  1839. (6:25:35 PM) PetraCore: "Hmm?"
  1840. (6:25:44 PM) PetraCore: "That's the point."
  1841. (6:25:51 PM) DrSavage: "What...but you...what were you going to say? How're you...?"
  1842. (6:26:30 PM) Halvors: Randolph strolls over with a small smile on his face. "I'm not here. I've gone to... well, I'm //gone//. Aight?"
  1843. (6:27:16 PM) Vol: Danzig looks at Randy. "Before you fizzle again, what does this do?"
  1844. (6:27:24 PM) DrSavage: "Randy...I'm sorry I didn't save you...oh please forgive me..." Adam's eyes are filling with tears.
  1845. (6:27:29 PM) Halvors: "You need to sack up. Go back to base, eat some cookies. I don't want to see you like this. I've found peace, alright?"
  1846. (6:27:35 PM) Halvors: He ignores everyone but Adam.
  1847. (6:28:18 PM) Halvors: "You couldn't save me from myself. It's no big deal. Get. Over. It." A tear trickles down Randy's face. He sighs, and fades away.
  1848. (6:29:04 PM) DrSavage: Adam's head bows a bit, and tears are hitting the inside of his helmet. "Oh /Randy/...." He reaches out for the apparition, but it's gone.
  1849. (6:29:07 PM) Vol: Danzig clenches his fists. "Goddamnit, Randy, our hands aren't any cleaner!"
  1850. (6:29:25 PM) PetraCore: "So...knobs?"
  1851. (6:29:36 PM) Vol: Danzig sighs and flips /all/ of the knobs.
  1852. (6:30:54 PM) Vol: "That's what you meant, right?"
  1853. (6:31:26 PM) PetraCore: Lori flips them back.
  1854. (6:31:56 PM) PresidentEvil: You hear a loud grinding noise, similar to botching a shift in a manual transmission car.
  1855. (6:32:04 PM) PresidentEvil: The lights dim, and the ship rocks momentarily.
  1856. (6:32:08 PM) Vol: Danzig glares. "Fine, /this/ one at least." He flips one of the knobs again.
  1857. (6:32:21 PM) PetraCore: "Good.
  1858. (6:32:24 PM) PetraCore: *"
  1859. (6:32:33 PM) PresidentEvil: The knob immediately flips itself back.'
  1860. (6:32:47 PM) PresidentEvil: Perhaps you should read the labels...
  1861. (6:32:50 PM) DrSavage: "Did you learn nothing? Why'd you do that?!"
  1862. (6:33:12 PM) PetraCore: "Oooh, failsafes."
  1863. (6:33:35 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries to red the labels.
  1864. (6:33:42 PM) Vol: Danzig grabs the knob and forces it to the position he wanted it to be in. "Stupid knob. Do what I tell you."
  1865. (6:34:04 PM) PresidentEvil: The knob no longer turns, Danzig.
  1866. (6:34:31 PM) Vol: "Fucking hell."
  1867. (6:34:39 PM) PresidentEvil: Lori, you can roll science or engineering to glean enough information to figure out how the system works.
  1868. (6:34:51 PM) PetraCore: 6df+8 for science!
  1869. (6:34:51 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: for science!: 7 (6df+8=+, +, -, -, -, 0)
  1870. (6:35:04 PM) PetraCore: Lori gently shoves Danzig aside.
  1871. (6:35:15 PM) PetraCore: "I got this, man."
  1872. (6:35:45 PM) Vol: Danzig sighs and shrugs.
  1873. (6:35:46 PM) PetraCore: "Maaaaan."
  1874. (6:36:08 PM) PresidentEvil: Lori, the spines on the end of the protrusions from the floor and ceiling are containment projectors. They project a radiation damping field.
  1875. (6:36:18 PM) PetraCore: "Oh, I know this!"
  1876. (6:36:38 PM) DrSavage: "Be careful...."
  1877. (6:36:38 PM) PetraCore: "So the thingies on the thingies from the floor and ceiling contain it and shit."
  1878. (6:36:55 PM) PetraCore: "It's, like, damping, radiation, glowing, stuff."
  1879. (6:36:59 PM) PresidentEvil: If you want to fix the field, you'll have to realign the projectors according to some arcane formula. HOWEVER.
  1880. (6:37:18 PM) PresidentEvil: The hydraulics that move the projectors are damaged. The pump must be fixed.
  1881. (6:37:20 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "So we have to set them right? Valve-puzzles?"
  1882. (6:37:53 PM) PetraCore: "No, you gotta..."
  1883. (6:37:56 PM) PetraCore: "Pump."
  1884. (6:38:13 PM) PetraCore: "Pump pump pump."
  1885. (6:38:14 PM) Vol: Danzig furrows his brow. "What?"
  1886. (6:38:25 PM) Vol: Danzig turns to look for a pump.
  1887. (6:38:28 PM) PetraCore: "Fix the pump for the thingies! Duuuuh!"
  1888. (6:39:11 PM) PetraCore: "And then I can fix the thingy."
  1889. (6:39:26 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks for them hydraulics.
  1890. (6:39:30 PM) PetraCore: Her headache is starting to fade.
  1891. (6:39:45 PM) Vol: Danzig runs through the facility, looking for a pump.
  1892. (6:40:07 PM) PetraCore: "...wait. Adam."
  1893. (6:40:25 PM) PetraCore: "Can you tell Danzig it's to fix the hydraulics?"
  1894. (6:40:37 PM) PetraCore: "I need to try to... pull it together so we don't all die for this next bit."
  1895. (6:40:47 PM) DrSavage: Adam nods, heading after Danzig.
  1896. (6:40:47 PM) PetraCore: She attempts to snap her fingers.
  1897. (6:41:09 PM) PresidentEvil: They're down in the core room, Danzig. Behind the big, imposing airlock.
  1898. (6:42:43 PM) Vol: Danzig sees the airlock and gulps. "So, I guess I should go inside and uh...connect the posotronic receptor into the bootilicious compactor?"
  1899. (6:42:47 PM) Vol: "Or something?"
  1900. (6:44:20 PM) DrSavage: "We need to fix the hydraulics..."
  1901. (6:44:41 PM) Vol: He nods. Is there a safe way to open the airlock?
  1902. (6:45:07 PM) PresidentEvil: There's a button that says "Cycle". You probably hit that.
  1903. (6:45:25 PM) Vol: Danzig hits that, because why the hell not?
  1904. (6:45:49 PM) PresidentEvil: The first set of doors swing open!
  1905. (6:46:17 PM) Vol: Danzig peers inside. Was any part of the other side damaged?
  1906. (6:47:47 PM) PresidentEvil: The other door is shut. More rust and dust, but no mold.
  1907. (6:48:04 PM) PresidentEvil: Another, identical button on the wall.
  1908. (6:48:54 PM) Vol: Danzig walks inside. The hydraulics aren't here either?
  1909. (6:48:56 PM) DrSavage: "Be /very/ careful, alright?" Adam looks to the airlock.
  1910. (6:49:23 PM) PresidentEvil: Nope, they must be on the other side.
  1911. (6:50:19 PM) Vol: Danzig turns and faces Adam. "Okay, I think I know how this works. I need you to cycle it on that side so I can open this one. I think my suit is still fine."
  1912. (6:50:43 PM) PresidentEvil: Danzig, there's another button on the inside. You could press that to cycle the airlock.
  1913. (6:51:48 PM) Vol: Danzig notices the other button. "Oh, wait, nevermind. I can do it myself."
  1914. (6:51:57 PM) DrSavage: Adam stands near the other button. "Be careful, yes?"
  1915. (6:52:16 PM) Vol: He walks over and starts the cycle again. He grins at Adam. "Smiles, what could possibly go wrong?"
  1916. (6:52:35 PM) PresidentEvil: The doors whoosh shut. Something in the airlock starts thrumming.
  1917. (6:53:06 PM) Vol: Danzig's eyes widen as his grin drops. "...besides that?"
  1918. (6:53:16 PM) Halvors: A hissing noise sounds. Suddenly, Randolph is standing in front of Danzig... but it's not Randolph. It's a corpse, wreathed in flame. It's eyes are running out its sockets.
  1919. (6:53:45 PM) Halvors: "*what the fuck are you doing, YOU SHIT. YOU GET THE OTHERS KILLED, I SWEAR...."
  1920. (6:54:13 PM) Halvors: The corpse leans in. It's flesh is peeling off of the skull. "I will tear your immortal soul to pieces. /Slowly/."
  1921. (6:54:48 PM) Vol: Danzig just snarls at the Randy-zombie. "I hope you're on a diet." He unholsters his shotgun. "I sold mine a long time ago."
  1922. (6:56:17 PM) Halvors: The corpse chuckles slightly. "Oh Danzig. You don't even know what it feels like, do you? Have you ever died? No... but if you fuck up again, I'll look forward to... welcoming you."
  1923. (6:56:25 PM) Halvors: It dissolves into ash and dissapears.
  1924. (6:57:18 PM) PresidentEvil: The next set of doors slides open. The core awaits.
  1925. (6:57:42 PM) Vol: Danzig is stiff, eyes darting around the inside of the airlock. He shrugs it off slowly and heads to the other button. "Okay, Smiles, I uh...had a run-in with Randy. I'm fine, and the core should be just beyond the next door."
  1926. (6:58:00 PM) Sequence: It rotates slightly, wisps of white pulling off the surface and dissipating in the air.
  1927. (6:58:35 PM) Mactavish1 [~Nico@C3C05837.76CA046C.2EB7FCA2.IP] entered the room.
  1928. (6:58:53 PM) padri [] entered the room.
  1929. (6:59:46 PM) Mactavish left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  1930. (7:00:00 PM) Vol: Danzig shivers slightly, though he isn't cold at all. He cycles the next door.
  1931. (7:00:04 PM) PresidentEvil: Miscellaneous machines are lined up around the edges of the circular chamber, hoses and cables snaking across the floors. One of them is likely to be the machine you're looking for.
  1932. (7:00:15 PM) PresidentEvil: It's open. There's no more doors in your way.
  1933. (7:01:47 PM) Vol: He takes a few tentative steps inside, fear prodding at his mind but being pushed away. He examines the machines. "I uh, I think I'
  1934. (7:02:04 PM) Vol: I've found what we're looking for, but I'm not sure which one it is.
  1935. (7:02:05 PM) Vol: "
  1936. (7:02:16 PM) DrSavage: "Just...just be careful, yes?"
  1937. (7:03:07 PM) Vol: "Adam, I need you to ask Lori what the machine is supposed to look like."
  1938. (7:03:41 PM) PresidentEvil: You can try to roll Perception, Danzig.
  1939. (7:04:26 PM) Vol: 6df+5 I can't see shit
  1940. (7:04:26 PM) Glacon: Vol: I can't see shit: 1 (6df+5=-, 0, 0, -, -, -)
  1941. (7:04:51 PM) Mactavish1 is now known as Mactavish
  1942. (7:05:34 PM) PresidentEvil: Danzig is utterly lost... until he see the one with "CONTAINMENT ARRAY - HYDR SYS" printed on the wall behind it in large block letters. Guess at least one sane person was on the design team.
  1943. (7:05:43 PM) Halvors: Randolph's voice sounds in Adam's ear. "Adam. Are you feeling better?"
  1944. (7:06:24 PM) DrSavage: "A little...I'm still scared we're going to die here...and I'm really going to miss you..." Adam tries to glance over.
  1945. (7:07:03 PM) Vol: Danzig approaches the hydraulics system and examines it. Can he see how it's supposed to be fixed?
  1946. (7:07:34 PM) PresidentEvil: With another perception check.
  1947. (7:07:54 PM) Halvors: Randy glimmers into existance. "That's sweet of you. And you won't die here. I promise." The faintest glimmer of doubt flickers through his eyes at that last comment. "Get better soon. Eat some of those amazing cookies of yours. Okay?"
  1948. (7:08:38 PM) Vol: 6df+5 Man, I just don't pay attention
  1949. (7:08:38 PM) Glacon: Vol: Man, I just don't pay attention: 4 (6df+5=0, -, +, 0, -, 0)
  1950. (7:08:45 PM) DrSavage: "Okay...but how're you here? Will I see you again?"
  1951. (7:09:02 PM) Sequence: Adam speaks to the air.
  1952. (7:10:09 PM) PresidentEvil: Vol, you think the problem is fungus growing the way of the moving parts. Lots of it. If you tear it out, they may be free to move again.
  1953. (7:10:37 PM) Halvors: Randy appears in front of Adam for a moment. He's smiling sadly and lifts a finger to point at Adam's chest. "I'm in /there/. In your heart. You might not see me, but I'm with you for as long as you remember me. You won't forget me, will you?"
  1954. (7:10:38 PM) PetraCore left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1955. (7:10:46 PM) Vol: 6df+7 RRRGH! DANZIG TEAR!
  1956. (7:10:46 PM) Glacon: Vol: RRRGH! DANZIG TEAR!: 6 (6df+7=0, 0, 0, +, -, -)
  1957. (7:11:01 PM) PetraCore [] entered the room.
  1958. (7:11:33 PM) DrSavage: Adam smiles and nods to him. "I'll keep you in here. I promise I'll never forget you...just please tell me you're okay, alright?"
  1959. (7:12:18 PM) Halvors: Randolph smiles. Tears are flowing down his face. "As long as you remember. Thank you..." He fades away yet again.
  1960. (7:12:47 PM) PresidentEvil: The tough, nasty fungus comes away in thick tufts and clumps. When you've torn away as much as you can find, you admire your handiwork. Not too pretty, but it should start.
  1961. (7:13:39 PM) Vol: Danzig takes a few steps back and cycles through the doors one by one. When he closes the last one, he sees Adam and pats him on the shoulder. "Should work now."
  1962. (7:14:32 PM) PetraCore: Can Lori tell?
  1963. (7:15:28 PM) PresidentEvil: Not unless she hits the button and starts it up.
  1964. (7:15:46 PM) Vol: Danzig leads Adam back to Lori.
  1965. (7:15:49 PM) DrSavage: Adam sniffles a bit. "Yeah, alright. You think we'll be okay?"
  1966. (7:15:51 PM) PetraCore: Lori is waiting by the controls, hands to either side of her helmet, humming.
  1967. (7:16:26 PM) Vol: "Look, the only time you know we're going to be in a shitstorm is when I draw a goatee on my face and call myself 'Daznig'."
  1968. (7:16:58 PM) Seq [] entered the room.
  1969. (7:16:58 PM) mode (+h Seq) by ChanServ
  1970. (7:17:33 PM) PetraCore: Lori looks up when they enter?
  1971. (7:17:37 PM) PetraCore: *.
  1972. (7:17:53 PM) Halvors: Randy's voice sounds in Lori's ear. "It's too bad I never got to know you better. You seem nice. Now get the others out of here safely."
  1973. (7:18:09 PM) Sequence left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Seq)).
  1974. (7:18:09 PM) PetraCore: She jumps.
  1975. (7:18:16 PM) Seq is now known as Sequence
  1976. (7:18:30 PM) Halvors: "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to scare you. I'll be going now. It was nice knowing you."
  1977. (7:18:39 PM) PetraCore: "...bye."
  1978. (7:19:12 PM) Vol: Danzig grins at Lori. "Alright, turn it on."
  1979. (7:19:18 PM) Halvors: "... Bye. Be safe." The disembodied voice stops and goes away
  1980. (7:19:35 PM) PetraCore: Lori takes a deep breath. She's triple checked the math, and now all that's left is to do the deed.
  1981. (7:19:44 PM) PetraCore: She adjusts each of the knobs slightly.
  1982. (7:19:59 PM) PresidentEvil: Roll science or engineering to do so, Lori.
  1983. (7:20:42 PM) PetraCore: 6df+8 oh god oh god
  1984. (7:20:43 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: oh god oh god: 5 (6df+8=-, -, +, 0, -, -)
  1985. (7:21:40 PM) PresidentEvil: You think you've figured it out, Lori. Only one way to see now.
  1986. (7:21:51 PM) Vol: Danzig holsters his shotgun.
  1987. (7:22:23 PM) PetraCore: She presses the activation button.
  1988. (7:22:37 PM) PresidentEvil: The hydraulics whir to life!\
  1989. (7:22:45 PM) PresidentEvil: Pause for description.
  1990. (7:24:59 PM) mode (+v PresidentEvil) by Tox
  1991. (7:25:02 PM) mode (+m ) by Tox
  1992. (7:25:13 PM) PresidentEvil: THe vanes groan and screech to life, moving in an intricate pattern you can't quite make out. As they get closer to the core, it begins to change. The spinning slows, the white patches vanish, and the core's color deepens to a glowing azure.
  1993. (7:26:29 PM) PresidentEvil: When the core is completely changed, a gauzy, hazy field envelops it, projecting from the tips of the vanes. As this happens, the lights brighten somewhat, and a row of indicators on Lori's panel turn from red to green.
  1994. (7:26:34 PM) PresidentEvil: Then another.
  1995. (7:26:49 PM) PresidentEvil: Very soon, they're all green. You've done it. End description.
  1996. (7:27:11 PM) mode (-m ) by Tox
  1997. (7:27:30 PM) PetraCore: "...yay."
  1998. (7:27:31 PM) DrSavage: Adam appears relieved, less tense. "Good..."
  1999. (7:27:34 PM) Vol: Danzig grins. "Hey, that wasn't a waste after all."
  2000. (7:27:36 PM) PetraCore: Lori lays back.
  2001. (7:27:40 PM) PetraCore: She's not looking so hot.
  2002. (7:28:41 PM) DrSavage: Adam props her up. "Hey, hey! No sleeping!"
  2003. (7:28:47 PM) Vol: "Smiles, we need to finish this fast and get her on the gas ASAP."
  2004. (7:28:57 PM) PetraCore: "Gas?"
  2005. (7:29:30 PM) PresidentEvil: The room rumbles, the core flashes to a deep, blood red for a moment.
  2006. (7:29:54 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks to the core. "...What."
  2007. (7:30:15 PM) Vol: Danzig raises his eyebrow. "Was it something I said?"
  2008. (7:30:40 PM) PetraCore: "I miss my rocks."
  2009. (7:31:37 PM) PresidentEvil: The core does it again. Suddenly, for a split second, you're... underwater, surrounded by a red haze, with no warning or feeling of transition. Then, you're back. In the core room. And you're not alone.
  2010. (7:31:56 PM) DrSavage: Adam looks around, concerned.
  2011. (7:31:56 PM) PresidentEvil: The lights are out, and there are... things... moving along the edges of the room.
  2012. (7:32:07 PM) PetraCore: Lori groans.
  2013. (7:32:15 PM) PetraCore: "I'm seeing things, guys."
  2014. (7:32:31 PM) DrSavage: "...F-flashlight." Adam holds Lori. "We need to get out..."
  2015. (7:33:08 PM) Vol: Danzig waves his hand, unholstering his shotgun. "Get out where? There's nowhere to go!"
  2016. (7:33:21 PM) PresidentEvil: The core pulses again. Again, a split second underwater. When you're back, the core is still red and /all/ the lights are out.
  2017. (7:33:42 PM) PetraCore: "Guys."
  2018. (7:33:45 PM) PetraCore: "Psst."
  2019. (7:33:48 PM) PresidentEvil: The dull, blood glow is only enough to illuminate a small ring around you. Perception.
  2020. (7:33:51 PM) PetraCore: "I think the core's alive."
  2021. (7:33:57 PM) Vol: "What?"
  2022. (7:34:00 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 percep
  2023. (7:34:00 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: percep: 4 (6df+6=0, 0, -, +, -, -)
  2024. (7:34:01 PM) Vol: 6df+5 Oh hai
  2025. (7:34:02 PM) Glacon: Vol: Oh hai: 6 (6df+5=-, +, +, -, 0, +)
  2026. (7:34:07 PM) PetraCore: "I dunno."
  2027. (7:34:13 PM) DrSavage: 6df+12 Tagging I could've sworn
  2028. (7:34:13 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: Tagging I could've sworn: 11 (6df+12=0, +, 0, -, -, 0)
  2029. (7:34:51 PM) PresidentEvil: Vol, they're still out there. Savage, there's more.
  2030. (7:35:04 PM) PresidentEvil: Crawling on the walls, hanging from the ceiling... they seem vaguely human.
  2031. (7:35:15 PM) PetraCore: "Spencer..."
  2032. (7:36:33 PM) Vol: Danzig stands there for a moment and holsters his shotgun. "We can't fight them, and there's nowhere to run. Maybe we can ask them nicely if we can go?"
  2033. (7:36:58 PM) PresidentEvil: Something hisses out there in the darkness.
  2034. (7:37:06 PM) DrSavage: "...There's more than last time...they're all over. Hello? We're not here to cause trouble..." Adam manages, gulping. He's keeping his cool.
  2035. (7:37:19 PM) PetraCore: Lori clicks her tongue.
  2036. (7:38:17 PM) PresidentEvil: More hissing. Some growls.
  2037. (7:38:20 PM) Vol: "You know...something tells me a flashlight would be a bad idea."
  2038. (7:38:32 PM) PresidentEvil: Adam, they're moving closer.
  2039. (7:38:56 PM) PetraCore: Lori hisses because what the hell, she's not thinking straight.
  2040. (7:39:28 PM) DrSavage: "They're coming for us." Adam manages. "Danzig, we can't stay here."
  2041. (7:40:03 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. He takes Lori's arm. "Let's go."
  2042. (7:40:20 PM) PetraCore: Lori follows his lead, still hissing.
  2043. (7:40:35 PM) PresidentEvil: You're completely surrounded, Danzig.
  2044. (7:40:40 PM) PresidentEvil: Where do you try to go.
  2045. (7:40:54 PM) Vol: He rummages through his shoulder pack as he goes and pulls out a flashlight. "I've had worse ideas." He turns it on towards the door.
  2046. (7:42:13 PM) PresidentEvil: You have about a split second to see one of these: before it lunges at your face. Pause a moment.
  2047. (7:43:15 PM) NAC [] entered the room.
  2048. (7:43:21 PM) PresidentEvil: Mere feet away from you, the core shifts again. Suddenly, without warning, you are underwater without the spacesuits. In shock, you inhale water before you realize what you're doing.
  2049. (7:43:31 PM) Lurk_Walks is now known as Lurker
  2050. (7:43:48 PM) PresidentEvil: This time, you don't shift back. Unpause.
  2051. (7:44:07 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries to scream, bubbles rushing out of her mouth.
  2052. (7:44:36 PM) PresidentEvil: You think you can see the surface, guys.
  2053. (7:44:56 PM) Vol: Should we roll ath to swim up?
  2054. (7:44:58 PM) DrSavage: Adam clutches his throat with one hand, before dragging Lori as he tries to break for the surface.
  2055. (7:45:31 PM) PresidentEvil: Yes.
  2056. (7:45:39 PM) PetraCore: 6df+6 ath
  2057. (7:45:39 PM) Glacon: PetraCore: ath: 7 (6df+6=+, -, -, 0, +, +)
  2058. (7:46:45 PM) Vol: 6df+7 Shit I can't breathe water
  2059. (7:46:46 PM) Glacon: Vol: Shit I can't breathe water: 9 (6df+7=0, 0, +, +, 0, 0)
  2060. (7:47:17 PM) DrSavage: 6df+5 halp meh
  2061. (7:47:17 PM) Glacon: DrSavage: halp meh: 1 (6df+5=-, 0, -, -, 0, -)
  2062. (7:48:18 PM) PresidentEvil: It's so close... your lungs burn as you break the surface in #farrecon
  2063. (7:49:14 PM) PetraCore: Lori tries to pull herself and Adam onto shore.
  2064. (7:49:36 PM) DrSavage: Adam coughs and sputters, looking a bit sick.
  2065. (7:50:12 PM) PresidentEvil: Uh, guys.
  2066. (7:50:18 PM) PresidentEvil: Do it in #farrecon.
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