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  1. 24.2.13
  3. the corotating waters at the back
  4. i thought to halt at setting
  5. though if setting is my object
  6. why do they persist
  8. roll roll the curtains again down,
  9. the worlds revolve (they do
  10. as cold as they were in 'em)
  12. This pointless exercise makes dull virtue out of
  13. insufficient need. the words revolve.
  15. sub empson
  17. the dove dismembered brakes in air
  18. that fades beneath a city block
  19. the little foxes at their feet
  20. are livid at the carriage clock
  22. how many roads must a spam
  23. how many words of this crap do you have to produce
  24. before the worthwhile stuff comes out
  25. between the dead and the living something
  26. how much eliot has to be written out first
  28. nettle?
  30. the dove distended breaks the vase
  31. is more than i could know
  33. the gove despairs pollutes the air
  35. the dove discoloured breaks the bank
  36. the dove disbanded bakes the pear
  37. the dove dissembled dreams to dare
  38. the dove imperilled flees the lair
  39. the dove discouraged fakes its own death, while
  40. the dove embargoed dies midair
  41. the dove defending rakes the stairs
  42. the dove despondent everywhere
  43. the dove distilled in Delaware
  44. the dove undaunted takes the biscuit
  46. the dove impounded hounded where
  47. the dove in time outruns the hare
  49. and at the older points
  50. at the still
  51. after the remembered points have spoken
  53. those southern constellations
  54. the yellow bus numbers
  56. after the poorly remembered
  58. i extricate the new discovered snow
  59. i expurgate the newly scattered snow
  60. to your scattered snowflakes snow
  62. the snowflake flaking flakes the air
  63. the only pyre is ice or fire
  65. at the frost fair; or, in awe of the elephant
  67. elephants across the frozen thames
  68. with cartloads of chestnuts
  69. roasted in vast open pits
  71. seriously, though, what is the point?
  72. this is pretty thoroughgoing stupid
  74. how many turds must a bog flush down
  76. how many doves must a gove shoot down
  77. how many goves must a tove slithe down
  79. you have to write worse than this first
  80. you have to stop caring more than this first
  81. you have to produce the true worst
  83. in these more embattled moments you begin to glimpse (what i would call the
  84. real) the particular
  86. that's nice dear
  88. if as you say you like abstraction
  89. well then abstract out THIS
  91. somehow the ritual of putting down the tired old phrases began to take on a
  92. distressing significance. there was more than mud coming out from these,
  93. riverine and estuarine, sibylline
  94. oxblood and olive
  96. more defunct than half-remembered, really
  97. it would be better to be half-forgot
  98. the disparate pieces
  100. there was more than mud between the snow and the cold toesies
  102. well you thought that was quite enough
  103. TURNS OUT,
  105. the next task in the idiot guide to literature is the full scale stream of consciousness
  106. shitbag reverie chat
  107. i should set the alarm clock
  109. and the closed car at twelve
  111. the closed set at nine
  112. (as i affirmed at setting)
  113. is my object
  115. nine closed sets in nine fir trees
  116. nine closed curves
  118. sad isn't it really, that empson has barely had a look in
  119. from partial fires
  120. from partial firs
  121. the doves remain, the curves remain and fly
  123. as this in kew
  124. whose dog are you
  125. inconsequently thirsts for who
  127. pray tell me why
  128. the red dawn sky
  129. the cones forsake them by and by
  131. beau brummels fat friend
  132. steady radlett eyes
  133. truly disgusting fingernails
  135. he was king. he went mad.
  137. it was revealed to me, once, that time went round
  138. although strange creatures were packed into the interstices
  139. nevertheless the contours of the thing were clear enough
  140. clear as that lovely estuarine mud
  141. that coats the foils and spoils the spuds
  142. the spuds in foil are coated crud
  143. smash the pots and burn the suds
  144. thats what binbag buggins wants
  145. pass the hot potato
  147. went round you say?
  148. vaughan saw more
  149. though webster was more possessed by death
  150. time and his train revolved further
  151. under the aspect of eternity
  152. ab ovo
  154. saw the skull beneath the skin
  155. saw the skin beneath the hat
  156. saw the hat beneath the sky
  157. on ilkley moor a curlew cried
  159. a curlew cried in ilkley square
  160. a bartailed godwit rent the air
  161. a barbelled halfwit rent the room
  162. a bellbottomed harpy
  163. a copperbottomed oceangoing numpty
  165. what about growing a neckbeard then,
  166. eh, eh?
  168. cormorants and eglantine
  169. consonant with
  171. celandine and eglantine
  172. cormorants and egrets
  174. the only egress is at the rear of the basket
  175. please alight at the outer door
  176. doors may be closed for several seconds prior to opening
  177. please bring any relevant Bayesian priors with you for inspection
  179. if you were at the Camden Palace and they were only letting in
  180. Bayesian priors this evening, what would you have to show at the door?
  182. doors may be closed up until the very moment that they open
  183. beware of falling scenery
  184. beware of both dogs
  185. be warned that almost everything is more complicated than you thought it was
  187. the correct way to exit this basket is to proceed to the back of the car
  188. bring all reliable maps with you to the muster point
  189. and all flat mappes are one are one
  190. so doth our death touch the Resurrection
  191. cross those strings below the bridge if you want to play that
  193. all flat maps are one are one
  194. flat maps flatpack one to one
  195. cat flap cat nap arnold's cat map
  197. where can i find a map of the cat?
  199. the map is not the territory
  200. oh shut up you boring old sod, the humanities are over that way
  201. please keep to the other end of this building
  202. it's on the tenth floor not the first one
  203. yes, that is the lift
  205. I heard Campbell wants that monomyth back
  206. plenty more soup in that old bird
  208. funny that once you settle into this routine it becomes routine
  209. the words revolve like vacant women
  210. gathering fuel for ancient pots
  212. there are several subroutines
  213. sub sub empson
  214. sub sub specie empsonitis
  215. a thousand shades of ambiguity
  216. in a thousand furnished rooms
  217. fifty you say?
  219. the dragon hatched a cockatrice
  220. and clasped the yellow soles of feet
  222. Tacked together like an articulated henhouse
  223. all the stale phrases answer the drill
  224. Nouakchott, Porto-Novo, Antananarivo
  225. Unreal
  227. harrison was going on about those sodding geraniums again
  228. you can't just pick one image i said
  229. (the stink of boiled cabbage was beginning to get to me)
  230. i had had it with the rue sepile
  231. the pastel city the ideal city
  232. the drowned city the unreal city
  233. norbiton orbital
  235. closes that particular chapter
  236. and lights out for the real world, so-called
  239. ******************************************************************
  240. 25.2.13
  244. avocet at the outset
  245. ousted from the mudflats
  247. one clue left on the poxy independent five clue crossword
  249. avocet
  250. advocate
  251. advocaat
  252. advert
  253. subvocalise
  255. subtle is the
  256. lapwing lacewing
  257. in the end, the only truly indispensable one of those
  258. is
  259. is -
  261. the camber sands amusement park
  262. the adverse camber lumber jumper
  263. unencumbered at the outset
  264. outset inset instep twostep
  265. learjet thickset twinset avocet
  266. avocado avolcano
  267. avagander avabanana
  269. lava lama llama larder lada aga saga lager larger argy bargy argyll
  270. idyll ideal adele adelie ideally idealise valise
  271. vandalise vanitas monetise montage portage badinage badass
  272. fracas maracas caracas cucaracha co co rico
  274. say this is integrable
  275. say this is an integral part
  276. say this is an integer argument
  277. say this takes an integer as an argument
  278. say i'm a pedantic bastard
  279. say it takes a nonnegative bastard integer
  281. say it takes a bustard bastard
  282. and the bastard bustard pastured
  283. and my garden teem with spices
  285. if the burden burdens bustards
  286. bustard custard tastes ok
  287. pass the bastard bustard custard
  288. pass the lovely pigeon jelly
  289. and some of that lovely estuarine mud
  291. eggs with ham'n'spam'n'gammon
  292. eggs with jam'n'mustard too
  293. eggs with legs and spam with jelly
  294. bustard'n'mustard'n'custard
  296. like shooting fish in a barrel
  297. larry the barrel
  298. barry the laurel
  299. alice the camel is two of a kind
  301. if the bastard bustard bursts
  302. cover it in custard
  306. if the bastard bustard bursts
  307. spill the pots and boil the yurts
  309. bail the pails and stack the bales
  310. save the whales and starch the shirts
  312. lurching into crisis
  313. sailing into byzantium
  314. lurching into bywater
  315. belching into lymington
  316. leaching into belmopan
  318. brillo pad
  319. brillo goodo wacko biffo
  320. brilyant radyant salient patient
  322. radyo silence
  325. ******************************************************************
  326. 6.3.13
  328. And at last I came to Viriconium
  329. reading about weak measurements again
  330. pass the port
  331. The Future Simple of something or other
  332. page something I think it was
  333. jolly good port this
  334. Utor?
  336. makes a sound like fifty hounds questin'
  337. swef, swef, ma douce Beaumont
  338. Hark to Beaumont the valiant
  340. well you don't get many points for writing out other people's books
  341. unless you do it a bit cleverer than this
  342. goo night lou etc.
  343. those were pearls
  345. Belching into Lymington you say?
  346. A fine idea sir, have a banana
  347. Havanavocado
  349. There are a bunch of things in that hedgerow, i'd leave them alone dear
  350. something from something and something and something
  351. and resembling them as death resembles life
  354. i thought that was an interesting usage case
  355. have you considered the failure case
  356. i think you may be a basket case
  357. headcase in case packing case OH THIS A GOOD GAME lower case IN YOUR FACE
  358. surcease surcharge surcoat surtainly sur surmount surpass susurrate susu the cat
  360. sospiri
  362. sozzled
  363. nozzle
  364. ozzilate
  365. titillate an ocelot
  367. myrtle the turtle is such a slow poke
  368. myrtle the turtle just thinks its a joke
  369. oscar the ocelot's such a old fart
  370. but if you informed him he'd take it to heart
  371. well this is epoch defining stuff right here
  372. the spirit of the age!
  373. the defining voice of a generation!
  374. oscar the defining voice of this lost generation of ocelots
  375. these ocelot generations, Oscar's, Wilde's
  376. And mine?
  377. well mine was Wittgenstein's no doubt
  378. sweet pastoral too when someone else explains
  379. although my memory leaves the eclogues out
  380. this writing shit between other people's lyric poetry is working out nicely
  382. yes give er a coconut
  383. co co rico no not that again
  385. walking up to the very boundary line again
  386. i saw spread out along the marginal land
  387. the power of the marginal!
  388. adam cadre says write a million words
  389. i don't think i'm there yet
  390. i don't think a million words of this drivel counts anyway
  392. the power of the marginal!
  394. surcease circus
  395. percy circus
  397. the power of the marginal!
  398. behold it and beware!
  399. the power of the marginal
  400. will save you from despair!
  401. the power of the marginal
  402. is more than i could know
  403. the power of the marginal!
  405. a shouty little lyric
  407. incurved
  408. elegiac couplets
  410. elegiske melodien
  412. double stop it
  413. don't drop it
  414. the captain's chest
  415. just bring it over here
  416. we're sailing on the morning tide, we're sailing on the morning tide,
  417. we're sailing on the morning tide, we're sailing on the morning tide
  418. pack up the ship with boxes and barrels
  420. barrelarrelarrelarrel
  421. notes are dispensed below the something
  422. sense is dispensed from the narrow room
  423. third from the left along that gleaming corridor
  424. most of the sense accumulates on that shiny floor
  425. it is then siphoned off and distilled
  426. to make even a millilitre of sense requires vast quantities of the raw material
  427. sense is a precious resource, kids, don't drop it
  428. just bring it over here
  430. to make even a fractional reserve (banking) of sense
  431. requires forethought and dedication
  432. and a certain eye for trivialities
  433. and patience in the inescapable vicissitudes
  434. and a calculated understanding of risk
  435. and an adept hand at the wheelhouse
  436. and a good working knowledge of when to just not bother
  437. and a sense of physical fluency
  438. and a disparate foregathering of antecedent causes
  439. and maybe as many as fifty previous attempts
  440. and full certification by any of our accredited partners
  441. and a feel for the commonplace well tempered by the sensation of having once gone beyond it
  442. and judicious use of a curvilinear coordinate system
  443. and an inexplicable tingling at the dead centre of the solar plexus
  444. and a decent emotional range
  445. and nice shoes and maybe an umbrella
  446. and a catamaran and the inclination to use it
  447. and a spark of life
  448. and a particular deep-felt need to relate to at least a small subset of the population
  449. and the wild beasts shall follow you
  450. the horses in the fields shall lift their ears in recognition
  451. the motorways shall be silenced
  452. there shall be an insistent hum
  453. some particles will become electrically neutral
  454. there will be intermittent music of unprecedented complexity
  455. there will be free cake and a chocolate fountain
  456. birds will drop from the sky like rocks but be miraculously unharmed
  457. long forgotten relatives will come down from the mountains with tedious stories of a better world
  458. you will have to leave your office
  459. you will have to make your way along the unmarked path to the horizon
  460. you will have to put down that cup of tea damn you!
  461. you will be expected to have a transcendental metaphysic
  462. you will be given a natural trumpet and instruction in how to play it
  463. you will be released in controlled numbers and monitored at intervals
  464. you will eat manmade objects indiscriminately and with little pleasure
  465. and at the intersections
  466. at the old forgotten places
  467. in certain illuminated points
  468. at the wellsprings and in the marginal land
  469. we will coalesce
  470. we will take on incomparable forms
  471. our eyes will be internally reflected by the dew in the grass at our feet
  472. a cool breeze will follow us
  473. we will be insufferable
  474. we will be refractory to most treatments
  475. we will indirectly inspire an enormous literature
  476. we will collect in the crevices of buildings
  477. we will dispense the accumulated wisdom of the ages, and more!
  478. we can of course parse sentences in any language and talk bollocks in most of them
  479. we can dance the polka
  480. part the waters
  481. spin the bottle
  482. pin the tail on the donkey
  483. count the hairs on the head of a fly
  484. fling caution to the wind
  485. smell fear in even tiny quantities
  486. lure ships
  487. lead armies
  488. herd cats
  489. paint realistic pictures of astronomical objects
  490. and at the last we can forget
  491. we can have enough of this rubbish
  492. we can cut the phone lines
  493. pack the plates away
  494. put the delicate apparatus into storage
  495. fold our wings carefully into our wingcases
  496. empty the bins
  497. leave unclaimed items in sorted piles
  498. close any remaining gates
  499. back up important files
  501. shut up this nonsense and go home
  503. ******************************************************************
  504. 11.3.13
  506. clocks and chairs on the lawns all day
  507. pack up the lawns with clockses and carols
  508. pack up the ship with fibre bundles and bag models
  509. pick up the shit with plastic bags
  510. come get your black bin bags
  512. 'differential geometry' is a delicate name with some
  513. delicate terminology: fibres, curvature, manifold, foliation, parametrised
  514. families of paths, connections, structure group, tangent space
  515. precision-made filigree constructions
  516. inherited subtlety from the analysts and intricacy from the algebraists
  518. not so delicate: BUNDLE
  520. drag those heavy bundles along!
  521. lump em along that geodesic
  522. go on lump all those indices along with you
  523. no not three of the same one you tit
  525. got any shit you want attaching to this manifold?
  526. yeah?
  527. ave a bundle
  528. ave a banana was that?
  529. shove it in this bundle mate and i'll solder it on
  531. box of spinors fell off the back of a lorry
  532. or, i have this shoddy four-index tensor, got a couple of algebraic properties,
  533. dunno what it is really, i mean i can't *visualise* it
  535. no matter! shove it in a bundle!
  536. we'll put it to work in no time!
  538. this BUNDLE shit is such a DRAG
  540. confused: fibre bundle
  541. all those delicate fibres bundled together!
  542. can't end well
  543. fibre tangle bundle drag
  544. google fibre bundle rag
  546. this here's the ranting deck
  547. if you came here to learn *mathematics*, advise you go somewhere else
  549. let's define it by its formal properties!
  550. oh goody, the formal properties always are the exciting ones!
  551. i hope it obeys the leibniz rule, that one's my favourite!
  552. if it does, chuck it in a bundle!
  554. well you can keep it, ehresmann
  555. you can shove all manner of crap into your bundles, but Cartan's were better designed
  556. and moreover were not called bundles, i hope
  558. ******************************************************************************
  559. 12.4.13
  561. roseate aureate laureate brachiate
  562. carpel-striated pre-echoed and
  563. caryatids,
  564. seven-branched candelabras spawning roses against the tangerine peeled and portioned
  565. what ship soever
  567. in what torne ship soever i embark
  568. but to conclude of longitudes
  570. take the loxodrome home
  572. pre-echoes of some future cataclysm
  573. there was more of this crap at my desk at two
  574. my desk at two whose dog are you inconsequently thirsts for who
  575. and the closed car at twelve
  577. the loxodromes are the geodesics
  579. intentionally i have started spewing at a fast rate today. sprint type. keep
  580. producing some shit
  582. same shit different line
  583. shit on your face egg on your face eglantine and celandine
  584. eggheads
  585. eggplants
  587. poleax polltax polecat pollexfen
  588. politburo realpolitik politicking politic
  589. urbane
  591. limpopo limpet soup lymphnodelymphnoodle
  592. lymphnoodlelymphnoodlelymphnoodle
  594. there was an indefatigable sense of otherworldliness in the environs and clustering at
  595. corners and under porticos, curlicued and cross-checked, hatched crossways back and
  596. counter-carried under passageways; opened; cyclical openings cross-currents and cold
  597. eddies; crenellated and tessellated.
  598. cold currents thrid and [something] rhythmic tidal lyres
  600. lyrebird firebird
  601. wirebird tyrebird
  603. expectant faces lined the promenades and trampled underfoot and underway, coltsfoot
  604. poultice pumice populace lacework fretwork scrollwork
  606. intricate latticed
  608. in terms of new ideas, no not very much really
  609. did i tell you about the dog
  610. a labradoodlelymphanoodle
  611. cockahoopladoodlepollo
  612. four black feet and two white feet and two speckled grey feet
  613. no ears at the front but a variety of eyes
  614. said it had a collar but i saw none
  615. sounded like forty hounds questin'
  616. well, anyway, i picked up its scent on montagu street
  617. tailed it crossways over the many traffic intersections
  618. traffic circles and traffic ellipses and traffic cones
  619. through the underpass and over the interjunction
  620. up onto the downs road
  621. along the downs road over the downs
  622. there it ran cold but another had fallen in the traces
  623. intricate latticed tracery of knotwork dolphins
  624. traffic conic sections
  625. trafficonic
  627. fauxhawk foxhole foxglove glovebox glovefox globe thistle artichoke
  628. interregnum
  629. interrobang
  630. *** intermission ***
  632. [something] turned to!
  633. turned to rhythmic tidal lyres
  634. tidal mudflats
  635. flatpack mudflats mudpack
  636. flapjack mudflaps mudjack
  637. mudlarks
  639. not a vintage year really, but sunshine could still be reliably bottled
  640. in the northwest of the peninsula. no context but some good parsley sauce.
  641. there were loftier plans in the early months of the occupation but somehow
  642. the caterpillared arcades of the lyceum had run their thoughts dry, those who had set
  643. up shop in the alcoves had moved on, the hardpacked soil was covered over
  644. with hardcore and breezeblocks barricaded the back fire doors of the Aula Magna.
  645. we audited a course in complex methods but the methods were too complex for our
  646. taste. over time the flavours blended into one, which was a little like vegetable
  647. stock, and all our conversations had the same consistency, again like vegetable
  648. stock. we rolled up our remaining ideas into one ball and mothballed them.
  650. there were terraced fields below the refectory halls and we retreated there
  651. to hoe turnips and interrogate the remaining peasants. there was music in the cafes
  652. at night and REVOLUTION in the air. the paddy fields were wings of bees, the dove
  653. descending shelled the peas. below the terraced fields the rich alluvial soil
  654. transitioned to tidal mudflats, and egrets picked individual rice crackers from
  655. the heart of silted clusters.
  657. there was no particular reason to stay but the landscape was compelling enough
  658. and our alternatives indistinct enough. we drew complex contours in the mud to test
  659. our newfound complex methods, critiqued them, withdrew to the real line for comfort.
  660. the real line was the tide line and the littoral zone below was crowded with
  661. strange life.
  663. i will always remember those days. times wuz ard but we wuz appy.
  665. see also: alluvion colluvium eluvium fluvial illuvium
  666. i lluv iu too
  668. **************************************************************
  669. 13.4.13
  671. those that tilted aqueous and vitreous
  672. possessed of an aqueous humour
  673. firefly luminescent burned and braided air-abraded fragments
  674. and correlated at the midpoint of the hangar
  676. renewed my passport today
  677. renew, renew, all things renew
  678. the gannets flew and cockerels crew
  679. and greater cows to lesser moo
  680. and all, all things renew renew
  682. as though you were living in the early days of a better nation
  684. old drunks were possessed of an aqueous humour, lurched and counterbalanced,
  685. sanguine and choleric,
  686. precessed about their shoes and readjusted.
  687. the caloric-powered omnibuses leak phlogiston from copper piping.
  689. **************************************************************
  690. 14.4.13
  692. it's been abstracted too far for my tastes and stinks of algebra all over
  693. that putrid stench? that would be the dead rotten hand of algebra
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