Noblesse Fanfic Part 19

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  1. Tao: Hey guys, where did Kate go? I haven't seen her around lately.
  2. M-21: I don't know. She said she had some business to take care of and took off.
  3. [Alarm goes off.]
  4. Tao: Uh guys, incoming!
  5. [Muzaka shows up carrying an unconscious Kate.]
  6. M-21: What the hell!?
  7. [Tao and Takio pull out their weapons.]
  8. Muzaka: Yeah, I'm not here to fight. I'm just dropping her off.
  9. Tao: What the hell!? Why would you do that to her!?
  10. Muzaka: Hey, don't look at me like that! It was her idea!
  11. [Everyone looks at him doubtfully.]
  12. [Muzaka looks embarrassed]
  13. Muzaka: Look I'm sure she'll tell you about it when she wakes up. Actually, tell Raizel to call me when she wakes up. Later.
  14. [Muzaka leaves.]
  15. Tao: What the hell happened?
  17. [Frankenstein finds out Kate was injured]
  18. [Tao: I'm not looking forward to this…]
  19. Frankenstein: Hm? Tao is calling me.
  20. Frankenstein: What is it Tao?
  21. Tao: Um… can you come home now?
  22. Frankenstein: Yes. We'll be leaving soon. Is anything wrong?
  23. Tao: W-well… Kate is injured… like really badly…
  24. Frankenstein [sudden tone shift]: What?
  25. Tao: Um… a little while ago Muzaka showed up with her and she was critically injured… Should we take her to a hospital or wait for you…?
  26. Frankenstein: Muzaka! That bastard…
  27. Tao: Um… boss?
  28. Frankenstein: Is she in danger of bleeding out?
  29. Tao: The bleeding has mostly stopped… but I think she's lost a lot of blood…
  30. Frankenstein: Tao, I'll be right there.
  31. [Frankenstein hangs up]
  32. Tao: Oh man… That was scarier than usual…
  33. M-21: But seriously, what the hell happened? We saw Muzaka not long before and nothing happened to us…
  34. Tao: I don't know but I think Frankenstein is super pissed…
  36. [Frankenstein sees Kate]
  37. [He starts releasing a large amount of dark power and it pushes Tao and co back]
  38. [Frankenstein: What the hell did he do to my sister!?]
  39. Rai: Frankenstein…
  40. [Frankenstein cuts back on the power]
  41. Frankenstein: Tao what the hell happened!?
  42. Tao [shaking]: I don't know… Kate said she had something to take care of and took off. Then the next time we saw her she was like this…
  43. Rai: And you say Muzaka brought her here?
  44. Tao: Y-yeah…
  45. Frankenstein: Master, these wounds were made by Muzaka.
  46. Rai: ...
  47. Tao: H-he said for you to call him when she wakes up… [gulp] Um… he also said it was her idea…
  48. M-21: I don't know what happened but we saw him not long before and nothing happened to us…
  49. Rai and Frankenstein [look at Kate]: !
  50. [Frankenstein: Is that true? Then did she pick a fight with Muzaka while we were gone!? Why would she do that?]
  51. Frankenstein: Thank you, Tao. You guys can go.
  52. [Tao and co leave]
  53. Rai: Frankenstein. Are you alright?
  54. Frankenstein: I don't think she would have picked a fight with him, but then again… I'll just have to wake her up and ask her.
  55. Rai [pat's his shoulder]
  56. Frankenstein: If he attacked her for no reason I'm going to kill him!
  57. Rai: ...
  59. Tao: Oh man… that was terrifying… I think he actually exploded…
  60. Takio: But seriously what happened…
  61. M-21: I have no idea. But I hope she's alright.
  62. Tao: Well it's Frankenstein. If he can't fix her no one can. [Seriously scary…]
  64. [Kate wakes up in the lab.]
  65. Frankenstein: Kate!
  66. Kate: ...Oh good. You and Rai are back safely then?
  67. Frankenstein: We are, but Kate what the hell happened while we were gone!? The guys said Muzaka showed up with you like this. He didn't… attack you for no reason, did he?
  68. Kate [sighs]: No. Can I get some water?
  69. [Frankenstein gives her a glass of water.]
  70. Kate: I'll tell you, but you're not going to like it.
  71. Kate: It's actually something I'd been meaning to do for a while, but the opportunity never presented itself. Basically, Rai's friend was being an idiot so I called him out on it.
  72. Frankenstein: ………….
  73. Frankenstein: I'm totally lost. How was he being an idiot? And how did that turn into you two fighting like this?
  74. [Kate recaps]
  75. Frankenstein: Kate, I specifically left you here because I thought you would be in less danger! How did you think fighting Muzaka would be a good idea!?
  76. Kate: Well I think it turned out quite well. I may have lost the battle but I think I won the war.
  77. Frankenstein [sighs]: I can't listen to this anymore. Just get some rest….
  79. [After Kate wakes up]
  80. Tao: So… what happened?
  81. [Rai looks up]
  82. Frankenstein [sighs]: She says he didn't attack her for no reason, but that she picked a fight with him.
  83. Everyone: !!!
  84. Tao: What!? Why would she do that? That's crazy!
  85. Frankenstein [to master]: She said your friend was being a dumbass and she had to knock some sense into him.
  86. Rai: ?
  87. Everyone: ………
  88. M-21: What?
  89. Frankenstein [sighs]: Apparently she told him if he wanted to kill all the humans to start with her and then she attacked him forcing him to fight. And you know how tenacious she can be in a fight…
  90. Everyone: …….
  91. Tao: I don't get it…. What was she trying to accomplish?
  92. [Kate enters]
  93. Frankenstein: Kate! You should be resting! You're still not recovered!
  94. Kate: Don't worry. I'll live.
  95. Regis: Kate, what is wrong with you? Doing something like that…
  96. Kate: I know you're all probably mad at me. I would be too if you put yourselves in danger like that. But I think it needed to be done. And I would do it again.
  97. Kate: By the way, I guess you guys still don't get it. It was because of what happened 820 years ago.
  98. Rael: ...So it was revenge?
  99. Kate: No. It was to keep it from happening again.
  100. Everyone: !
  101. Kate: They fought because Muzaka wanted to kill all the humans because of what happened to Ashleen. Not just the ones responsible, but all of them. I could understand if he wanted to kill the ones responsible, hell I'd help him do it. But he wanted to kill all of them.
  102. Kate: And what do you think would happen if he tried it again? Rai would have no choice but to stop him again, and I didn't want a repeat of what happened before.
  103. Rai: !!!
  104. Kate: That's why I had to knock some sense into him.
  105. Frankenstein [sighs]: Kate… I understand what you're saying… but we can't protect you like this…
  106. Kate: Then stop trying to protect me.
  107. Everyone: !
  108. M-21: What?
  109. Kate: This was my decision. And I would do it again… and again… and again… as many times as I have to.
  110. Frankenstein: Kate!
  111. Kate: Sorry, but this is who I am now.
  112. Tao: But Kate… you can't fight Muzaka!
  113. Kate: Don't be ridiculous.
  114. Frankenstein: What!?
  115. Kate [crosses her arms]: The enemy is too strong? We might die? We already knew that when we decided to stay here and fight!
  116. Everyone: !
  117. Kate: What? Can only the strong fight? Are only the strong allowed to make those decisions? I have every right to decide what I want to fight for! You can't make that decision for me!
  118. Everyone: …….
  119. Kate: I had to fight him like that because it was the only way to get him to listen!
  120. [Kate leaves]
  121. Rael: How can she… be like that…
  122. Tao: I feel like she's terrifying in an entirely different way…
  123. M-21: Did she really go that far because of what happened before?
  124. Rael: But she's just a human! Something like that… she could have easily died!
  125. Karius: Are you worried about her?
  126. Rael: No!
  127. Frankenstein [sighs]: That girl is going to be the death of me…
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