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  1. AnonGhost (“AG”) – Comprised largely of Palestinians and others from Middle-Eastern countries. The group targets government, corporate, and private websites around the world and is pro-terror and anti-Semitic. Some members of AnonGhost are also members of ISIS. The Global Revolution Team is a group that claims affiliation with Anonymous and is focused on #OpUSA, in addition to other operations such as #OpArabia, which the group states is “for all Arabs.” Based in Malaysia, the following are hacks the group claimed responsibility for on January 5, 2016:
  3. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
  4. Naval Sea Logistics Center (NSLC)
  5. Department of Defense (system housing labor data)
  6. Defense Logistics Agency
  7. Defense Integrated Military HR System
  8. According to the Global Revolution Team, the purpose of targeting these websites is to end war
  10. AnonGhost and Anonymous have occasionally taken opposing sides on several issues, including the position on ISIS, and competed over leadership positions among hacker groups. The rivalry between the two groups has often resulted in them launching cyber-attacks against each other.
  12. According to the founder of AnonGhost (Mauritania Attacker), the only official AnonGhost members are: Mauritania Attacker - Virusa w0rm - Extazy007 - Tak Dikenal - Don Maverick RevCrew - no-name haxor - x-wanted - Donn@zmi
  16. GlobalRev
  18. Pro-Palestinian & ISIS Sympathizer
  19. The Global Revolution Team is allegedly based in Malaysia and claims to have an affiliation with Anonymous. By contrast, anonGhost official members deny all affiliation with Anonymous.
  20. Twitter: @GlobalRevo4, @GlobalRevol3, @GlobalRev111
  21. Very close ties to @lous666
  22. Attacked OpISIS, as was established in Timeline of Attacks
  23. Lous666 discusses her relationship with GlobalRev and Mauritania in this telegram conversation:
  24. Provided material for terrorism to a snake account that was clearly ISIS (the snake account had beheadings and Pro ISIS propaganda on its timeline)
  27. Mauritania
  29. * Q&A with Mauritania Attacker ↦
  30. *
  32. Name: Moulaye Ahmed Ould Ahmed Semane aka "Mauritania Attacker"
  33. Phone number: +22234656555
  34. 15/12/1990 (26 years old)
  35. His photos:
  36. Email: and
  37. Born in Spain, Family in Morocco and Mauritania. Currently resides in Nouakchott, Mauritania
  38. Went to High School (Lycee) in Morocco and College in Tunisia
  39. Speaks French, Spanish, English and Arabic among other languages
  40. Admin and Founder of AnonGhost, Teamr00t and the Mauritania Hacker Team
  41. ISIS Supporter. His social media accounts are strongly influenced by ISIS Propaganda, often including statements, videos and photos glorifying ISIS
  42. Friend of Ardit Ferizi (Kosova Hacking Security) who was arrested last year. This ISIS hacking suspect is facing 35 years in prison for leaking personal information on 1,000 U.S. military and government personnel to known ISIS hacker Junaid Hussain, who was droned in August 2015
  43. Started hacking at a young age by joining TeaMp0isoN and ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC), two hacking groups known for their attacks of high-profile targets such as NATO, NASA and the UN
  44. Recently visited New York City and Los Angeles. Says he never has any problem whenever he travels and that he is never questioned and doesn't appear to be on any "watch list"
  45. Twitter: @5f54fdfd45fd6f2 (Now Suspended), @ma_attackdd8d (Now Suspended) @Mauritania666 (now suspended)
  46. Telegram: @JohnnyAdams
  47. At one point, he gave his location on his Twitter profile as "Wilayat Khorasan", a name given by ISIS to the Muslim region in parts of Asia.
  48. More info on Mauritania + excerpts from our chat with him:
  51. Donnazmi
  53. Name: Muhammad Nazmi (a.k.a DonNazmi or Donn@zmi or Donnazmi_root)
  54. His Photo:
  55. Malaysia-based hacker who expresses radical Islamist views in support of ISIS on his Facebook page. For example, for the cover photo of his Facebook profile, he uses an image depicting an ISIS flag in a battle against the rest of the world flags.
  56. One of the official members and leaders of AnonGhost
  57. Was with ZHC (ZCompany Hacking Crew) before Mauritania joined
  58. One of Mauritania's top hackers. He is responsible for hacking Malaysia Police and was arrested for it.
  59. Twitter: @donnazmi_root (active), @ungku_nazmi (suspended). "ungku" means "Prince" in Bahasa Malaysia.
  60. Often pretends not to be an ISIS member, but it has been proven otherwise (see See Timeline of Attacks)
  61. Regularly re-tweets and follows ISIS propaganda and accounts:
  62. Close friend of Mauritania. They often retweet and tag each other:
  68. DramaSec
  71. Opiate's Bitch
  73. Member of DramaSec/GirlSec & AnonGhost FanGirl
  74. Was Admin of the AnonGhost Facebook page
  75. Lives in Arizona, USA
  76. Her boyfriend is "Ghost Squad Hacker" (@An0nnx0xtn on Twitter). He is a 24 year old Tunisian hacker who had to drop his cell phone and get a prepaid flip phone when the arrests happened in Tunisia. Proof:
  77. Twitter: @ChingonRasta (aka "OB" or "rasta"). Her previous username was @tempragerasta
  78. Friends with many of the ISIS members/sympathizers within AnonGhost (Mauritania, Donnazmi, etc)
  79. Very close ties to Donnazmi_Root, GlobalRev and Mauritania
  80. She pretends not to have close ties to Mauritania, although Mauritania himself says that she is often in touch with him on Telegram and that she always sends him "stuff", although he never asks for anything. Proof can be found here:
  81. She also pretends not to have ties to GlobalRev, although evidence shows otherwise (see her dox)
  84. Lous666
  86. Member DramaSec/GirlSec & AnonGhost FanGirl
  87. Lives in Michigan, USA
  88. Half Venezuelan, seems to identify with Venezuela
  89. Epileptic
  90. Speaks French, English, Spanish and Arabic among other languages
  91. Twitter: @Lous666
  92. Close connections with Mauritania & GlobalRev
  93. Claims to have hacked Bank of America and erased 4.9 million in student debt
  94. Regularly attacks OpISIS hunters and has said openly that she wants to eliminate OpISIS completely because they are zionists and feds
  95. In this long Telegram conversation, Lous discusses her ties to Globalrev and Mauritania Attacker:
  96. Highlights of the conversation above can be found here:
  99. Rowan
  101. Member of DramaSec, Fan boy of AnonGhost
  102. Pro-Palestinian and Pro-ISIS
  103. Dealing with serious mental health issues
  104. Proficient in making videos and PR
  105. Lives in London, UK
  106. Twitter: @sec_511, @SillyPutty62, @AuntSally_, @l00700lsec
  109. Below is a high-level explanation about the origins of how we came about discovering the link between two members of DramaSec to both AnonGhost and ISIS. In addition to the key players mentioned above, two other people were pivotal in our findings: Viz & M1sch13f.
  111. Viz is a former member of DramaSec, who left the group in March after becoming disillusioned by their activities and antics. Viz came to us and provided information that tied DramaSec to their anti-OpISIS activities.
  112. M1sch13f was part of IntelSec; she became a victim of constant harassment and was doxed after she shared information about OB’s connections with ISIS hackers.
  115. The Early Connection
  117. The first time we were exposed to the ISIS connection was when we saw a private chat between M1sch13f and Viz, speaking about AnonGhost, Mauritania and OB, claiming that she is/was the admin on the AnonGhost Facebook page.
  119. When we first read these chats, we did not know if this information was correct or not – it was simply hearsay
  121. Once OB found out that M1sch13f had spoken to Viz, OB retaliated against M1sch13f and doxed her on Twitter.
  122. It was only after that point that M1sch13f was treated like a snitch within Anonymous and was ostracized. Beyond that, the retaliation was asymmetric - M1sch13f had a private conversation with one individual; however, OB doxed her for the whole world to see. This is a typical OB overreaction that we quickly became accustomed
  123. Once the rift had been created, Lou inserted herself in an attempt to ameliorate the situation between M1sch13f (aka “dynamo”) and OB. It appears that one of her main goals was to make sure that M1sch13f did not continue to speak about the connection between Mauritania, AnonGhost, and DramaSec.
  124. At one point Lou questions why M1sch13f would even mention Mauritania and AnonGhost being linked because it would automatically tip off Interpol to get involved &
  125. Lou later tells M1sch13f (aka “Empress”) that she should not have been revealing secrets about AnonGhost (“AG”) and that she should know better because of the long-standing mistrust between AnonGhost and OpISIS. Note that Lou includes a big “thumbs up” graphic with the ISIS flag pasted inside of it
  126. The dispute never got resolved and M1sch13f (aka “Empress”) went on to share the ISIS connection with Fuqursec
  129. The Emergence of Mauritania As A member Of ISIS
  131. After being confronted by a Fuqursec member (@MissAnon88), Mauritania admits publicly that he is “ISIS 100%”
  132. Mauritania is a close friend of Lou and OB of DramaSec, both of whom often like or re-tweet Mauritania’s pro-ISIS postings
  133. Rowan, although a secondary character, also often likes or re-tweens Mauritania’s posts
  135. By scraping the ISIS/AnonGhost hackers, we also found a clear connection between DramaSec and ISIS hackers. Note that the accounts highlighted in red are all members of DramaSec:
  136. The account is small because it was previously suspended; however, OB follows Mauritania with both her main account and her sock account
  139. The Donazmi Links
  141. Donazmi regularly re-tweets Mauritania, who has been established to be an ISIS member and AnonGhost hacker
  142. Lou is a well-established member of DramaSec, who not only regularly re-tweets Donazmi, but she also follows him
  143. OB and Donazmi are good friends. By scraping Donazmi’s Twitter account we found a clear connection with Lou, Rowan, and most importantly, OB. Note that OB not only follows Donazmi back, but was his 2nd ever follower; additionally, Donazmi follows OB back, indicating a clear connection and relationship outside of Twitter:
  146. Link between GlobalRev and DramaSec
  148. As mentioned in the Timeline of Attacks, GlobalRev and his group have published lists of Zionists and Anti-Muslims to get OpISIS hunters suspended, which is still going on to this day. There is a well-established connection between GlobalRev and DramaSec; additionally, GlobalRev is a very close friend of Lou’s, even going so far as to say that they attacked OpISIS together
  149. An ISIS snake account, which was actually owned by an OpISIS hunter we know, posted a lot of material of beheadings and pro-ISIS propaganda.
  150. The snake account contacted GlobalRev and inquired about the iMacro script he used to report hunters and get them suspended, as well as his powerful DDoS tool that is used to take down Western targets.
  151. GlobalRev gave the ISIS snake account both the bot and the DDoS tool, thereby providing direct and material support to ISIS
  152. GlobalRev also advised the ISIS snake account to unfollow him so the Feds and intelligence agencies would not target the snake account
  153. GlobalRev posted a link on his Facebook page to download a script that can be used to mass report OpISIS hunter. In the script’s instructions he clearly states that commands users to use it to specifically target anti-ISIS activist
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