DF Game Club: Spy Fox 2 (part 1)

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  1. (07:01:13) Permafry_42: want me to start or wait for the guest?
  2. (07:01:25) Sven_Q45: What guest?
  3. (07:01:31) Cheeseness: Let's give a few minutes for Brad and Sandy to join
  4. (07:01:51) Cheeseness: Unfortunately I didn't get confirmation from Sandy till this morning, so I didn't get time to re-record the intro :(
  5. (07:02:15) Permafry_42: Alrighty no worries
  6. (07:02:20) Sven_Q45:
  7. (07:02:48) Cheeseness: Neat
  8. (07:03:13) liorean: I wouldn't trust Telltale with a LucasArts title these days
  9. (07:03:22) Sven_Q45: yep
  10. (07:03:37) Permafry_42: idk depends on which team
  11. (07:04:01) Permafry_42: if they got all the people who worked on sam and max, i could see it being ok
  12. (07:04:13) Syd: Pretty much all of those people have left Telltale at this point
  13. (07:04:34) liorean: They don't seem to be doing the puzzles bits any longer
  14. (07:04:43) Syd: There isn't much of "old" Telltale still at Telltale anymore
  15. (07:05:05) Permafry_42: that being the case, i still like the modern telltale games too because they're going for a different type of experience
  16. (07:05:22) beansmyname: ← Dave Gilbert says Loom is unlikely.
  17. (07:05:56) Syd: As for DF, last I knew, they weren't really fond of working on titles they didn't have full creative control over, but that could change in the case of Loom. I dunno.
  18. (07:06:03) flesk: I think they'd probably handle the franchise with respect and do something fans of the game would enjoy (with puzzles). That said though, I'd much rather one of the two companies who develop games for Linux do it.
  19. (07:06:23) Permafry_42: i'm looking forwards to playing game of thrones for example even if it won't have the level of puzzles other games have
  20. (07:07:05) Sven_Q45: Please do Indy and the Iron Phoenix too... :P
  21. (07:07:22) Sven_Q45: All canceled and unfinished LA adventures.
  22. (07:07:38) Permafry_42: think i should start now cheese or give it until 10 after?
  23. (07:07:45) liorean: I'm not touching anything that has to do with Game of Thrones until I've finished the books. Which means the series must have been completed...
  24. (07:07:52) Cheeseness: Let's give it a few more minutes :)
  25. (07:08:00) Permafry_42: alrighty
  26. (07:08:17) LilBit left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  27. (07:08:44) Permafry_42: we have pleanty of time anyways, 2 sessions gives us more than enough time in breathing room since the game is 3 hours at most
  28. (07:09:08) RuralJuror [] entered the room.
  29. (07:09:19) liorean: Gave me a chance to grab the VODs for last session.
  30. (07:09:26) Permafry_42: one of the things i miss is that this game doesn't have the multiple paths that the original had
  31. (07:09:59) Syd: While we wait, please entertain yourself with these gifs of a tiny turtle eating a strawberry.
  32. (07:10:01) Permafry_42: some of the puzzle solutions are randomized, but besides that there's not as much replayability
  33. (07:10:10) Cheeseness: Turtles love strawberries ^_^
  34. (07:10:20) RuralJuror left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  35. (07:10:51) Permafry_42: ^.^ aaaawh i love animal noms =D
  36. (07:10:58) Syd: When I was taking herpetology in high school, I used to bring strawberries from the salad lunch line to the turtles and they loved it.
  37. (07:11:28) Cheeseness: :D
  38. (07:11:51) Udderly [] entered the room.
  39. (07:12:00) Permafry_42:
  40. (07:12:12) Cheeseness: Hi Udderly
  41. (07:12:12) GameClubFan_821849 [] entered the room.
  42. (07:12:18) Permafry_42: wow the preview image is hillarious
  43. (07:12:21) Udderly: accidentally just googled 'soy fix" instead of "spy fox"
  44. (07:12:26) Syd: Haha, the super tiny thumbnail version of that gif has crazy compression
  45. (07:12:51) GameClubFan_821849: bcarlton
  46. (07:12:55) Permafry_42: its like out of a horror video game trailer lol
  47. (07:13:07) Cheeseness: I think that might be Brad
  48. (07:13:11) Syd: Use /name namegoeshere to change your name
  49. (07:13:15) Syd: Or something like that
  50. (07:13:19) Cheeseness: It's /nick
  51. (07:13:19) Syd:  /nick?
  52. (07:13:28) Syd: My IRC-fu is weak
  53. (07:13:31) GameClubFan_821849 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  54. (07:13:35) Cheeseness: He'll be back
  55. (07:13:43) GameClubFan_157929 [] entered the room.
  56. (07:13:58) Syd:  /nick namegoeshere to change your name.
  57. (07:15:13) Syd: The DFGC was the first time I had really used IRC since, like... early 2000's? :P
  58. (07:15:25) liorean: livestreamer source
  59. (07:15:37) beansmyname: liorean++
  60. (07:15:37) Cheeseness: heh, thanks liorean :D
  61. (07:15:45) liorean: Oops, that  was the wrong window
  62. (07:15:58) beansmyname: Any advantage to using 'source' over 'best'?
  63. (07:15:59) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Want to get the stream started there?
  64. (07:16:11) Permafry_42: alrighty
  65. (07:16:28) Permafry_42: its live; let me know when you're seeing it
  66. (07:16:38) Syd: Source gets you the highest quality you can get I think. No idea what best gets you.
  67. (07:16:47) liorean: Sometimes Best is aspect ratio mangling and things like that
  68. (07:16:50) Syd: It's live
  69. (07:17:11) Permafry_42: k
  70. (07:17:24) beansmyname: Best may upscale to feed you a bigger number.
  71. (07:17:29) beansmyname: Got it.
  72. (07:17:53) liorean: Best may also downscale 16:10 streams to 16:9
  73. (07:17:55) Cheeseness: So I think Brad is joining at the moment, and Sandy said she wouldn't be able to stay for the whole session
  74. (07:18:20) liorean: and of course 4:3 or more unusual aspect ratios
  75. (07:18:29) Permafry_42: as i mentioned earlier i love canadian spies
  76. (07:19:22) Permafry_42: inspector gadget?
  77. (07:19:28) beansmyname: Maxwell Smart?
  78. (07:19:29) Cheeseness: That helicopter
  79. (07:19:39) Permafry_42: that too lol
  80. (07:19:45) Permafry_42: i love both voices a lot
  81. (07:20:05) Sven_Q45: Is that the US or UK voice?
  82. (07:20:17) Cheeseness: These are the US voices
  83. (07:20:56) liorean: What is the reason for there being both UK and US versions? Seems silly to me
  84. (07:21:12) Cheeseness: I'm always surprised by the level of environmental interactivity in Humongous' games
  85. (07:21:35) Cheeseness: Hah, goats
  86. (07:21:46) Sven_Q45: lol funny.
  87. (07:22:08) Syd: I'm gonna go on a limb and guess that there's two different versions because of differences in American english and UK english
  88. (07:22:28) Cheeseness: liorean: IIRC, the UK dub's protagonist had more of a James Bond feel, whereas the US version calls to Get Smart
  89. (07:22:28) Sven_Q45: That voice. Something from Indy 4 or Sam and Max?
  90. (07:23:00) Sven_Q45: Cheeseness Yes it´s better.
  91. (07:23:19) Cheeseness: Different styles of spy centric popular culture for different regions
  92. (07:23:53) Sven_Q45: Really? That´s the reason?
  93. (07:24:05) Cheeseness: I reckon
  94. (07:24:16) liorean: More cone of silence and less watches with garottes in them?
  95. (07:24:26) Cheeseness: And I'd imagine it'd have helped sales
  96. (07:25:08) Sven_Q45: I questioned that myself in the old games like Dott. But they have the same voice. I´ve never seen an english game that has different voices.
  97. (07:25:25) Cheeseness: DoTT isn't really riffing on popular culture so much
  98. (07:26:19) Cheeseness: I blinked and missed how we ended up here. Is this a side mini-game thing, or is Spy Fox in space at the moment? >_<
  99. (07:26:31) Sven_Q45: I still don´t think this is the reason of the different voices but ok.
  100. (07:26:49) Sven_Q45: Minigam I guess.
  101. (07:27:22) Sven_Q45: DFG yeah. :D
  102. (07:27:48) Cheeseness: Just in time
  103. (07:28:50) Permafry_42: i still can't  stop praising the great art style of these games
  104. (07:28:54) Cheeseness: :D
  105. (07:29:58) Cheeseness: I love how all the cool characters have their eyes half closed
  106. (07:30:03) beansmyname: Interesting. Voice of Maxwell Smart/Inspector Gadget with James Bond's secretary.
  107. (07:30:44) Cheeseness: And Bond's gadget guy
  108. (07:30:50) Permafry_42: when i said inspector gadget i was talking about the helicopter hat
  109. (07:30:57) liorean: It's a bit Hanna Barberra with those eyes
  110. (07:31:44) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Inspector Gadget and Max Smart have similar voices
  111. (07:32:05) Permafry_42: that too though lol
  112. (07:33:11) liorean: I've only seen inspector gadget in Swedish dub, I'm afraid
  113. (07:34:41) GameClubFan_157929 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  114. salty-horse Sven_Q45 Syd
  115. salty-horse Sven_Q45 Syd
  116. salty-horse Sven_Q45 Syd
  117. (07:35:28) Permafry_42: i love all the easter eggs to other games
  118. (07:35:58) liorean: Bungyjumping is a hobby that needs to jump into the third millennium and adopt wireless technology!
  119. (07:36:06) Cheeseness: \o/
  120. (07:36:26) Sven_Q45: No no!
  121. (07:36:42) Sven_Q45: first I want the "wire"less hose. :D
  122. (07:37:26) Cheeseness: Spy Fox is a French ballerina \o/
  123. (07:37:38) Udderly left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  124. (07:37:46) Permafry_42: don't worry i know its wrong
  125. (07:37:56) Permafry_42: this is for the lols
  126. (07:39:01) beansmyname: Any idea who the inspiration for the professor's voice might be?
  127. (07:39:25) Cheeseness: It sounds a little familiar, but I can't place it
  128. (07:39:27) GameClubFan_157929 [] entered the room.
  129. (07:40:43) Permafry_42: ducktales?
  130. (07:41:48) Cheeseness: Woah-ho!
  131. (07:41:50) Cheeseness: A pun!
  132. (07:41:53) Permafry_42: or adam from mythbusters
  133. (07:42:41) Cheeseness: This van is pretty big on the inside
  134. (07:43:01) Syd: Spy Fox's voice is a bit reminiscent of Gordon Cole from Twin Peaks (at least when he's yelling)
  135. (07:43:50) Permafry_42: probably using hammer space so it can fit
  136. (07:44:25) GameClubFan_157929 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  137. (07:44:44) GameClubFan_429038 [] entered the room.
  138. (07:44:49) GameClubFan_429038 is now known as Test
  139. (07:44:55) Test left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  140. (07:45:26) Cheeseness: Flea volleyball
  141. (07:47:40) Cheeseness: Oh man, turnstyle power generation is the future of energy production
  142. (07:47:40) Permafry_42: i love evil plots lol
  143. (07:48:26) ***beansmyname hugs the dogbot. Even evil dogbots need love.
  144. (07:48:30) Cheeseness: <3
  145. (07:48:54) liorean: Ah, the evil mastermind monologue trope
  146. (07:48:54) Cheeseness: Located conveniently in the achilles heel
  147. (07:49:29) GameClubFan_157929 [] entered the room.
  148. (07:50:01) Syd: This gear is too small
  149. (07:50:03) beansmyname: Listen! That gear is too small!
  150. (07:50:10) beansmyname: :D
  151. (07:50:53) salty-horse left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  152. (07:51:13) Fhqwhsock [] entered the room.
  153. (07:51:29) Permafry_42: hi fhqwhsock
  154. (07:51:35) Fhqwhsock: Oh dear I'm late
  155. (07:51:45) Cheeseness: Hey Fhqwhsock
  156. (07:51:49) Fhqwhsock: WiiWorld
  157. (07:51:53) liorean: A few of those puns would have been much better if given a better presentation
  158. (07:53:13) Cheeseness: All puns are good puns
  159. (07:53:15) Fhqwhsock: thanks captain obvious
  160. (07:53:49) liorean: Delivery is everything with puns, a bad delivery destroys the best of them
  161. (07:54:28) GameClubFan_157929 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  162. (07:54:43) beansmyname: I disagree with cheese. I think puns just have differing degrees of choan-inducing awfulness.
  163. (07:55:02) Permafry_42: why i love praire home companion's pretty good jokes recording
  164. (07:55:35) Cheeseness: I wasn't saying that puns could be relatively bad, just that the bar is high enough that even terrible and terribly delivered puns can be appreciated
  165. (07:56:10) Cheeseness: Do you think that character might be a scottish terrier?
  166. (07:59:22) GameClubFan_157929 [] entered the room.
  167. (08:00:23) Fhqwhsock: my god. I would say I haven't heard worse joke delivery this week but I have
  168. (08:00:42) liorean: I'm not sure I have
  169. (08:02:10) liorean: bimonthly magazine .... weekly
  170. (08:04:21) GameClubFan_157929 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  171. (08:06:10) AmnesiaDecade [] entered the room.
  172. (08:06:18) Cheeseness: Hey AmnesiaDecade
  173. (08:06:25) AmnesiaDecade: Hey
  174. (08:07:30) octolith [] entered the room.
  175. (08:07:43) Cheeseness: So, for late comers, Spy Fox is attempting to foil La Roach's evil plan to use a giant dog bot at the World's Fair to make the world leaders cave to his demands
  176. (08:07:45) Cheeseness: Or something :D
  177. (08:08:35) Fhqwhsock: So I looked in the pack on steam and Spy fox 2 seems to be the 4th game that was released
  178. (08:09:51) Cheeseness: Yeah, Cheese Chase and Hold the Mustard aren't really adventure games from what I understand
  179. (08:09:52) Cheeseness: Hi octolith
  180. (08:10:12) octolith: Hi :)
  181. (08:10:45) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi
  182. (08:10:50) The_Mad_Pirate: is it over ?
  183. (08:10:59) Cheeseness: Hey The_Mad_Pirate
  184. (08:10:59) The_Mad_Pirate: I jus woke up
  185. (08:11:01) Cheeseness: Nope, still going ^_^
  186. (08:12:10) Permafry_42: stopping at half past
  187. (08:12:23) The_Mad_Pirate: hi Permafry_42 !
  188. (08:12:30) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42: you streaming ?
  189. (08:12:31) Permafry_42: Hey mad pirate
  190. (08:12:36) Permafry_42: yup
  191. (08:12:38) Cheeseness: Yeah, Permafry_42 is doing today's stream
  192. (08:12:46) Cheeseness: Woo, a rose for us
  193. (08:13:05) Fhqwhsock: Thanks bachelor. I will take that rose
  194. (08:16:02) The_Mad_Pirate: stop world domination !
  195. (08:16:28) Cheeseness: Should Spy Fox's mouth be moving here?
  196. (08:16:30) Sven_Q45: Gumshoe ha.
  197. (08:16:35) Cheeseness: Or is this internal monologue?
  198. (08:16:50) Fhqwhsock: it's probably his sockpuppet talking
  199. (08:17:16) Cheeseness: Get over it
  200. (08:17:36) Cheeseness: :b
  201. (08:17:48) Cheeseness: Yay, naked duck
  202. (08:18:47) AmnesiaDecade left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  203. (08:18:48) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: How does this puzzle work? I didn't see any indication of keys earlier in the game
  204. (08:19:05) Permafry_42: the number on the door
  205. (08:19:11) Cheeseness: Ooooh
  206. (08:19:16) Cheeseness: Shows how observant I am >_<
  207. (08:19:26) The_Mad_Pirate: roll a dice !
  208. (08:19:50) The_Mad_Pirate: random number assured by fair dice rolling
  209. (08:22:48) The_Mad_Pirate: cookie key
  210. (08:23:45) Fhqwhsock: put that cookie down
  211. (08:24:17) Cheeseness: Oh, we get to control this guy now
  212. (08:24:18) Cheeseness: Neat
  213. (08:25:17) octolith: Haha, I haven't visited the club before, but I'm glad I came took take a look
  214. (08:25:27) Cheeseness: So, who here had played a Humongous Entertainment game before they were re-released recently?
  215. (08:25:29) octolith: This game has so much random stuff :D
  216. (08:25:45) Cheeseness: octolith: Today's session is pretty quiet. Usually there's a bit more discussion going on
  217. (08:25:46) Fhqwhsock: I never played one
  218. (08:25:54) Permafry_42: me naturally =D
  219. (08:26:07) Fhqwhsock: but I gifted one of the packs during a secret santa
  220. (08:26:20) Cheeseness: We were meant to have developers Brad Carlton and Sandy Spangler join us today, but it looks like they haven't been able to make it :(
  221. (08:26:37) The_Mad_Pirate: never played
  222. (08:26:45) Syd: I gotta head out a bit early. See you all around.
  223. (08:26:47) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  224. (08:26:59) beansmyname: The only Humongous Entertainment game I've played is Backyard Hockey.
  225. (08:27:13) Fhqwhsock: I did play a bit of Manhole though. It's similar I'd say
  226. (08:27:16) The_Mad_Pirate: Seeya Syd
  227. (08:28:16) Fhqwhsock: I actually like that voice
  228. (08:29:19) Permafry_42: this fish is designed similar to freddi fish
  229. (08:29:44) octolith left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  230. (08:30:05) The_Mad_Pirate: Walter Wireless?
  231. (08:30:07) octolith [] entered the room.
  232. (08:30:23) Fhqwhsock: yup looks like freddi
  233. (08:30:57) Permafry_42: We'll be ending it after this cinematic
  234. (08:31:13) Permafry_42: thanks to everyone for joining us!
  235. (08:31:39) Cheeseness: I think we just found the code
  236. (08:31:40) beansmyname: Thanks for streaming/playing Permafry_42.
  237. (08:31:45) Cheeseness: Thanks for streaming, Permafry_42
  238. (08:32:04) Cheeseness: Don't forget to leave some thoughts on Spy Fox 2 in the forum thread
  239. (08:32:11) The_Mad_Pirate: Thanks Permafry_42
  240. (08:32:31) Cheeseness: (I noticed that most people forgot to leave a comment on the Grim Fandango thread)
  241. (08:32:37) Permafry_42: oops i think the ending of the audio might have cut out
  242. (08:32:38) octolith: Thanks Permarfry_42
  243. (08:32:40) Cheeseness: Oh salty-horse is gone >_<
  244. (08:33:45) Cheeseness: I'll wrap up the chat log here. Thanks for coming, people!
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