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Gay Shit with Best Carpone

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May 13th, 2018
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  1. >go out for work
  2. >there's a beautiful pony lounging on the hood of a Cadillac right in front of your apartment
  3. >he gives you a "come here" gesture with his hoof
  4. >there's literally nobody else he could be gesturing to
  5. >what on earth does he want from you of all people?
  6. >you walk up and ask his name
  7. >he says, "I'm Cadillac, but you can call me Daddy~"
  8. >you're redder than a tomato and his laughter is like sunshine
  9. >he climbs in, and pats the side of the car
  10. >"c'mon, let’s go for a ride!"
  11. >you get in, and he drives out of the parking lot and onto the open road
  12. >the only thing you can concentrate on is the way the breeze buffets his mane
  13. >the way it catches the light is just...
  14. >he stops, and it shakes you out of your reverie
  15. >he looks at you, and flashes you a smile
  16. >"see something you like?"
  17. >you stutter like an autist and he gives you that laugh again as he pulls away from the light
  18. >you try to look away, but something about that pure, perfect laugh puts you at ease
  19. >you try your best to focus on the drive and /only/ the drive
  20. >it's nice and floaty, more like he's just cruising around without a destination in mind
  21. >it’s almost like he’s trying to show you a good time more than anything
  22. >it isn't long before your gaze shifts back to that beautiful stallion behind the wheel
  23. >you can't help but look at those fluffy wings and the generous fuzz adorning his chest, constantly thinking about how much you just want to stick your face in it
  24. >the sensation of your ears popping thankfully manages to snap you out of it before you're caught again
  25. >you try to look forward, ignoring how much you want your Caddy Daddy to wrap his forelegs around you and hug you close
  26. >lord, you’re a wreck right now
  27. >you feel like a twitching mess, not to mention your fingers are going numb from all the stress you're feeling
  28. >you desperately try to avoid looking back over at your stallion, or else you’ll just get lost in his eyes again
  29. >it takes you just about a full minute before you realize you just referred to him as "your" stallion
  30. >steam practically pours out of your ears as you also realize that it just felt... right
  31. >he has you twirled around his hoof and you're loving every second of it
  32. >for once a smile manages to creep onto your muzzle as you close your eyes and just enjoy the ride, savoring the feeling of the breeze rushing through your mane
  33. >you feel like a weight's been taken off your chest, like you're fluttering in the wind having finally spread your wings to fly away
  34. >a carefree laugh escapes your muzzle, and that wonderful rolling golden laugh joins it
  35. >you lean over and rest your chin on your Daddy's shoulder, and he leans his head against yours
  36. >"you enjoying the ride, sweet thing?"
  37. >all you can do is nod as you try not to let out a noise that might betray the fact that your stomach feels like it's full of butterflies
  38. >he rewards you with a short little laugh (that laugh again!) as he stretches out a wing and drapes those warm, fluffy feathers over your withers
  39. >you chance a quick glance upwards and find yourself gazing deeply into those sparkly blue eyes, falling in love all over again
  40. >all too soon you feel your joyride slow as he pulls into a gas station
  41. >"sorry babe, gonna have to fill 'er up, and take a pit stop myself, if you know what I mean"
  42. >he gives you a wink that makes your heart do a backflip as he starts pumping gas and heads inside
  43. >you're blushing all over again as you catch a glimpse of those shapely flanks as he struts inside
  44. >fuck, you really can't tell if that's just how he walks or if he's putting on a show specifically for you
  45. >he leaves you just sitting there sweating harder than a whore in church as you try to keep your thoughts from drifting back to those toned flanks–or those fluffy wings!–or... or just burying your face in that chest fuzz and letting your worries melt away
  46. >you have little success as you kick your wee little hoofsies stressfully
  47. >you finally notice that your fingers are gone, but you can't work yourself up to react to it
  48. >you honestly don't mind
  49. >you don't mind that you're somehow turning into a horse
  50. >you don't mind that some beautiful mystery stallion just whisked you away from your home
  51. >you don't mind that you've somehow fallen deeply, deeply in love with him
  52. >and you certainly don't mind how badly you just wanna snuggle up with him, and watch the world go by
  53. >the only thing you do mind is that he isn't back yet
  54. >you try to keep yourself from whining as you train your eyes on the door, waiting for your daddy to return
  55. >you feel your ears perk up when you finally see him, and you can't help but imagine how cute you must be
  56. >"looks like somebody missed me~"
  57. >you feel something in the seat of your pants twitch when he says that
  58. "I, um, y-yeah..."
  59. >he flashes you that winning smile, and your heart melts as everything is right with the world once more
  60. >your handsome stallion starts driving up a twisting hill road, and you "accidentally" lean over to your daddy, and wind up resting your head on his shoulder again
  61. >he nuzzles his cheek against your forehead, and you wind up grinning from ear to ear
  62. >you both wind up on top of a hill that overlooks the city
  63. >you've never really taken the time to drive all the way up here, and you regret it
  64. >the view is breathtaking
  65. >the sun setting behind the backdrop of the city is beautiful
  66. >it's almost as beautiful as the stallion next to you
  67. >you feel him shift and you look up at him
  68. >you look up at him, and directly into those deep blue eyes, and you're overwhelmed by the urge to just...
  69. >you flounder there, dumbstruck beyond belief, before he beats you to the punch and leans forward, and kisses you on the lips
  70. >your wings flare out, before you kiss him back, pressing firmly against his lips
  71. >your heart is running at a mile a minute, and your cheeks are hot enough to melt steel, but there's no place else you'd rather be
  72. >when he finally breaks the kiss, you feel empty, but you aren't left wanting for long as he climbs into the back seat
  73. >he lays down, he spreads his back legs and gives you a show you aren't going to forget soon
  74. >"alright cutie, you wanna wake this a magical night for the both of us?"
  75. >you didn't know that your blush could get any hotter, but you're pretty sure your coat color is now permanently cherry red
  76. >this is crazy
  77. >you just met this guy
  78. >he basically just kidnapped you and drove you off into the middle of nowhere
  79. >you're a guy! and he's a guy!
  80. >you should be mad! upset!
  81. >you should be, but somewhere along the way, you stopped caring about those things
  82. >you love this stallion with all your heart
  83. >he's stunningly beautiful, has a laugh that could light up the sky, and you're pretty sure you could snuggle up with him in a raging blizzard, and not feel a thing
  84. >you're grinning from ear to ear as you climb into the back of that beautiful Cadillac and bury your face in your own Caddy's chest fluff
  85. >he wraps his forelegs around you and hugs you close as he blankets you in those soft, downy wings, planting a kiss on your forehead for good measure
  86. >you feel something poke your midsection and you nuzzle into that wonderful fluff
  87. >you look down and blush like a nun in a red light district
  88. >he's at half-mast, and there's nothing you'd want more than to taste him
  89. "c-can I..."
  90. >he gives you a warm, yet sultry grin as he nods, "go ahead, sweet thing~"
  91. >you shift downwards, and come face to face with your Caddy’s stallionhood, panting heavily from a mix of lust and your stallion’s blissful warmth
  92. >you just sit there for a moment just taking in his musky scent before you give it a tentative lick
  93. >it tastes even better than you imagined, a sort of salty, sweet flavor, and you quickly go in for another taste, gently suckling on his member’s broad head
  94. >you're rewarded with a moan from your hunky stallion before he forces your head down onto his prick, smearing his taste along your tongue
  95. >it doesn't take long before you're greedily lapping at his length, hungrily bobbing your head up and down the throbbing, veiny shaft
  96. >you pull yourself off of him with a pop to catch your breath, and find your daddy's panting just as much as you
  97. >he makes a little circle with his hoof, "turn around honey, I wanna make my special somepony feel like the mare he was born to be"
  98. >you're kind of glad your coat's such a light shade of feminine pink, because it helps to hide just how much you're blushing as you carefully pivot around, pausing before dropping your head down to the seats, and lifting your perky little ass as high as it'll go
  99. >you barely have time to flick your tail out of the way and give your rump a cute little wiggle before you feel your Caddy's weight on your back, "oh stop it, you're such a tease~"
  100. "you know you love it~"
  101. >he gives your ear a playful little nibble as he lines himself up with you, the anticipation of getting rutted by your handsome stallion making your heart hammer in your chest like a golf cart trying to go 60
  102. >he bites down on your ear right as he thrusts into you, causing your cute little prick to twitch
  103. >you yelp in pain, but it's quickly drowned out by pleasure as your special somepony starts thrusting deeply into you, and each time he pushes into you threatening to fuck you into the vinyl seat cushions
  104. >all you can do in response is keep your red legs locked while moaning loudly at the waves of pleasure crashing down upon you
  105. >oh, god
  106. >you want this
  107. >you want him
  108. >you want him to take you, to make you his mare, to be his forever
  109. >you roll over half way
  110. >you have to see your stallion
  111. >you have to lock lips with him, to kiss him deeply as he makes sweet love to you
  112. >you catch a glimpse of your Caddy, looking hot and bothered and yet...
  113. >he's still perfect
  114. >he's still your perfect Caddy daddy, melting you heart and giving you butterflies every single time you catch sight of him
  115. >you wrap your forelegs around him, as he does the same, giving a deep, loving kiss as he floods you with his warmth
  116. >the cute little toy between your legs shudders as it sprays its own tiny load across the back of the long bench seat as you moan lewdly into your Daddy's mouth
  117. >the two of you keep locked in your kiss, neither of you daring to break it
  118. >you feel like you could spend ages like this, wrapped in each other's embrace without a care in the world for anything but each other
  119. >but all good things have to end, and eventually one of you breaks the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva connecting you to your favorite stallion, leaving you once again staring deeply into his eyes
  120. >"that was..."
  121. >you hold a hoof up to his lips, and give him a warm grin
  122. "I know, gorgeous~"
  123. >he gives his own warm grin in return, and even though the sun's long since set, you feel like you've been dipped in sunshine
  124. >"so, you think you've got one last drive left in you, honey?"
  125. "with you, sweetheart? china's driving distance."
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