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  1. Hello guys,
  3. My name is Florian (Flo) and I am also called “Bastian” as an identity over the internet.
  5. The reason why I am going to write this simple text is easy — There are a few things I need to tell you guys.
  7. First of all, to who’m it may concern, Aris has left Botstack Private Hosting LTD aka. NoLag.host operating in the United Kingdom.
  8. The company is dead and does not fully operate anymore. Since we have lost one of the main driving forces behind NoLag, we sadly believe it will be best that we close it down, rather than make promises we can’t deliver.
  10. Due to internal pressure, that has not only been exercised to you guys, but also to James and me and due to Aris not caring about this hosting provider anymore, James and me saw no other way of closing down Nolag as it is in its current stage.
  12. We are not going to develop the panel further and we sadly need to shutdown the existing client base due to an insufficient amount of funds and due to the fact that we are unable to fully handle this hosting company.
  14. That being said, let’s get to the good news. First of all I would like to introduce you to Boxed.host — a registered company in the Netherlands and our new partner Daniel.
  16. Daniel, James and me decided to create Boxed a few weeks ago when we noticed the unhappiness of the Nolag staff members and the inactivity of Aris which lead to him leaving his own company.
  17. Boxed will be a new, innovative hosting provider and we are willing to move everyone’s existing files to Boxed. We will have a higher pricing structure that won’t push boundaries and we are not going to be centered around gaming services.
  19. Boxed is rather going to be a reliable webhosting, VPS and dedicated server provider with company owned hardware, its own ASN and subnet and its own panel.
  20. We are not going to be like NoLag, and try to reinvent the wheel by making our own control panel. Boxed is going to have its own custom billing system, however, when paying for a service, you will rather receive access to SolusVM or Pterodactyl as for example. We are not going to reinvent the wheel, we will rather be a simple, efficient and powerful hosting provider.
  21. Our main location as for now will be the Netherlands — the heart of our company.
  23. As Boxed is rather a small start-up, we sadly won’t be able to give payments to our staff members, thus meaning you will work voluntary.
  24. Working voluntary, however, won’t mean you are not going to profit from our advantages for staff members. Everyone that decides to stay with Boxed will receive a starter pack we will be shipping to you, you will be given an awesome staff community and a super nice staff climate.
  25. In order to work for Boxed, you should also consider being able to participate in our weekly staff meetings where we revise the current situation, further updates or changes.
  27. I, “Bastian” aka Florian, am going to develop the panel with the help of my internal development team called “Botstack” and James (which is part of Botstack basically). Yes, Botstack Private Hosting Ltd has been formed based on the idea of it — Botstack — and it’s original purpose was to serve development service to companies, however, that apparently changed and various hosting companies are running under it now.
  29. I am sorry and James and me can only apologize for these bad news.
  30. We really tried doing our best for all of you guys. Sadly, sometimes the best isn’t enough.
  32. Thank you,
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