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  1. [03:42] Coffee_Bean: hey
  2. [03:42] Losian: helo c:
  3. [03:43] Coffee_Bean: twas your turn~
  4. [03:43] Losian: what was the last line?... :X
  5. [03:45] Coffee_Bean:  ACTION blushes and nuzzles. "it' just means...we
  6. ll.." she blushes more and looks away.
  7. [03:47] Losian: -looks at curously "means... what..." blushes more as he relaxes
  8.  on her chest
  9. [03:49] Coffee_Bean:  ACTION blushes and shrinks a little more. "I...kind of..."
  10.  she mumbles and keeps looking away.
  11. [03:51] Losian: -looks at her concerned "you getting smaller..." Hugs her close
  12. "Kind... of what coffee?..." breathes slowly
  13. [03:52] Coffee_Bean:  ACTION blushes even more. "It's because I' embarrass
  14. ed to say...that I really...well like you..." she blushes deeply and resumes shr
  15. inking.
  16. [03:57] Losian: -Perks up and blushes Intense rose, does a warm smile "R-re-real
  17. y?... I-I... lll-like you to..." gives her a small pek on her cheek
  18. [04:00] Coffee_Bean:  ACTION blushes intensly trying not to get smaller but fail
  19. ing as she continued to shrink at the kiss. She reaches up and nuzzles his cheek
  20.  before kissing it as well and looking into his eyes. "Thank you..."
  21. [04:04] Losian: -Gazes at her concerned but very joyfuly, as his blush remains h
  22. e sobs a bit "No... Thank you..." Holds her close to his chest, carefuly as he k
  23. nows she is getting smaller.
  24. [04:08] Coffee_Bean:  /me sighs sadly as she sees the concern in his eyes. She n
  25. uzzles his chest and starts to lick it softly. "I...wish you didn't have to worr
  26. y..." she states sadly and holds him as tight as she can.
  27. [04:11] Coffee_Bean: (random crash!)
  28. [04:13] Losian: -Smiles and breathe heavly "I get worry... cause I care about yo
  29. u... You... are... to... special for me..." his blush remains and smile softly
  30. [04:16] Coffee_Bean:  ACTION nuzzles his chin while she can still reach, before
  31. pecking his chin. "thank you..." she says with a blush and she smiles. "It's nic
  32. e..." She nuzzles his chest once again looking up at him. "So...nice."
  33. [04:21] Losian: -shivers a bit as he gets kissed, snuggles her carefuly "It is..
  34. . very nice" breathes slowly
  35. [04:25] Coffee_Bean:  ACTION rests her head on his chest and listens to his hear
  36. tbeat. Closing her eyes so she can focus on it. "Y-yeah..." she cuddles against
  37. him embracing his body's warmth.
  38. [04:29] Losian: -Heart Beats Hard and average Fast... Takes Deep breathes and bl
  39. ushes "You are to kind..."
  40. [04:33] Coffee_Bean:  /me smiles softly. "I know~" She yawns cutely and curls up
  41.  in his grasp. ""
  42. [04:37] Losian: -Curls up carefuly, embrasing her fully "Ill be your home... I f
  43. end you from anything..." warm smile and breathes slowy
  44. [04:38] Coffee_Bean:  ACTION smiles softly. "sounds really nice..." She wiggles
  45. enjoying his body's warmth. She smiles warmly and starts to drift off to sleep a
  46. gain. "So...nice..."
  47. [04:43] Losian: -Giggles a bit as her wiggles tickles him, "Ill do anything fo y
  48. a..." Slowly drifts to sleep, with a rose blush on his face...
  49. [04:44] Coffee_Bean: goonight~
  50. [04:44] Coffee_Bean: good
  51. [04:44] Losian: You to... Till next time
  52. [04:44] Losian: Take care stay safe :J
  53. [04:45] Losian: Hope ya da best
  54. [04:45] Coffee_Bean: same to you~
  55. [04:45] Coffee_Bean: thanks again for the drawing
  56. [04:45] Losian: hehe
  57. [04:45] Losian: My plesure
  58. [04:46] Coffee_Bean:  ACTION falls asleep and gently suckles on her forehoof whi
  59. le she sleeps
  60. [04:48] Losian: -Takes a deep breath and falls asleep all curled up like a ball.
  61. .. embrasing coffee_Beans carefuly...
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