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Jan 15th, 2014
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  1. 1. Christmas 2013 Event ends
  3. Arpeggio Mist ships removed
  4. 2. Regarding expedition with Mist ships
  6. Expeditions sent out with Mist ships in them will be treated as they have never been sent out (no resource consumption, no fatigue)
  7. 3. Regarding Equipment
  9. All equipment on mist ships will be removed automatically (you don't lose them).
  10. 4. Commemorative Furniture
  12. A commemorative furniture will be distributed to admirals who had at least one mist ship left at the end of the event. The item will be distributed from 21:00 JST, upon login.
  13. 5. Other Event related updates
  15. Submarines in 1-4 will be removed, and the 88 resource set in the item shop will no longer be sold.
  16. 6. Additional furnitures
  18. Simple Japanese Wallpaper
  19. Spring Wallpaper
  20. Exorcist arrow window (paid)
  21. Green Planter (recurring item)
  22. A new wall-scroll to commemorate 1.5 million users will be available for free in the furniture store.
  23. 7. Large Ship Construction
  25. Direct link from the LSC screen to the item shop will be removed.
  26. 8. Servers
  28. Fixed display errors in the Kasatoka server.
  29. 9. New voices
  31. Nagato kai: supply, display, secretary x2
  32. Mutsuki kai: supply, display
  33. Kisaragi kai: supply, display
  34. Kiso kai-2: supply, display, secretary x2
  35. 10. Idle lines
  37. Default option for idle lines has been changed to "on".
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