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[Halo CE - TSC:E] Scripts in your map - File Editing

FtDLulz Jun 12th, 2015 67 Never
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  1. Open up the merged 'scripts' folder, the one that should be in MFOLDER. (The path\location of it should be MFOLDER\scripts.) Duplicate the 'hspp_test_pb.bat' file that's in that folder (copy, and then paste in the same location to 'duplicate') and name it 'hspp_MAPNAME.bat'. (If you don't see the .bat extension on the file names, do not include it when renaming the file. That just means you don't have view extensions enabled on your computer.)
  3. Right click on your 'hspp_MAPNAME.bat' and edit it with Notepad++. Hold Ctrl + H and in Find, type in 'player_bonus_test' (without the two ' of course) and in Replace type in MAPNAME. Make sure 'Match case' is checked and 'Match whole word' is unchecked. Replace all.
  5. This might get a bit confusing as I'm using 'MAPNAME' and 'mapname'. Remember, 'MAPNAME' in caps like that is where you put the name of your map. Do not do that for 'mapname' in lowercase.
  7. Now, open up the 'src' folder, then go to the 'scenarios' folder. Duplicate the 'player_bonus_test' folder and name it 'MAPNAME'.
  9. Here's where you drag the template files in. Open up the downloaded .zip, open up the mapfile_pb folder in there, and then drag everything into your 'MAPNAME' folder.
  11. Go into that folder, and rename everything from 'mapname_pb_' to 'MAPNAME_'. Anything after the map name should be kept as it is. For example, 'mapname_pb_component.hsh' should be renamed to 'MAPNAME_component.hsh'. Note that anything WITHOUT the 'mapname_pb' in front of it should be kept the same. Open up the 'cmt_features' folder and do the same thing to the files in there.
  13. Open up Notepad++. Hold Ctrl + Shift + F. In the find box, type 'MAPNAME_PB'.
  14. In the replace box, type 'MAPNAME'. (When you put in your map's name, put it in CAPS. Also, I don't think it allows hyphens [-].)
  16. Make sure 'Match case' is checked, and 'Match whole word' is unchecked. The 'Filters' box should have *.* in it. You don't have to, but in that box you can type '*.hs *.hsh' to be safe(r).
  18. Click the '...' button. Browse to the folder you duplicated and named MAPNAME, and select it as the directory. Replace in files. Confirm.
  20. Now do Ctrl + Shift + F again. This time, type mapname_pb into the find box, and MAPNAME (this time, just put your map's name in lowercase) into the replace box. Replace in files. Confirm.
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