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  1. Class: Ruler
  2. True Name: Arturia, Empress of the West
  3. Alignment: Lawful Good
  4. Appearance: Female, Attractive, Elegant (Saberface, somewhere inbetween original Saber and Lancertoria)
  5. Weapons and Armor:
  6. Uniform- Traditional Welsh Armor- Instead of the plate armor worn by versions of her who spent their lives at the center of a battlefield, she wears this lighter, but still durable, chainmail.
  7. Banner- The Pendragon Banner- The banner of Ruler's family (and in our timeline, later the Flag of Wales) it breathes fire at Ruler's enemies.  She often fights with it in one hand and another weapon, provided by her second NP, in the other.
  9. Parameters:
  10. Strength: B
  11. Endurance: B
  12. Agility: B
  13. Magical Energy: B
  14. Luck: EX
  15. 465
  17. Class Skills:
  18. God's Resolution: A
  19. True Name Discernment: E- A flaw in her summoning from her timeline to ours has caused this skill to malfunction.  Instead of providing Ruler with information about the actual servant targeted, it instead provides her with knowledge of who they would have been in her timeline.  Sometimes, this is still close enough to be useful, but it may also be dangerously wrong.
  20. 62
  22. Personal Skills:
  23. Charisma: A
  24. Imperial Privilege: B- Allows the use of skills involving rulership, strategy, and tactics at B rank, and mana burst, battle continuation, and magecraft at C rank.
  25. 107
  27. Noble Phantasm:
  28. Empress's Retinue- A+ Summon: By using a command seal, Empress Arturia can call forth one of those who aided her in the conquest of the British Isles and Western Europe, including the Knights of the Round Table and her Court Mages.
  29. Armory of the Pendragon Empire- EX: Ruler lacked the skill with any single weapon other timeline's versions of her possess, having instead focused much of her martial training on developing a strong tactical mind.  When pressed into a fight herself, she leverages this by selecting the weapon most well suited to her enemy from among Britain's wide array of magic armaments.  
  30. 560
  32. An Arturia from a very different timeline, she was raised, not by Sir Ector, but by her sisters.  With an education focused on rulership (and the assistance of two more of Britain's greatest mages in addition to Merlin), she proved to be a much more successful monarch, and at the time of her death (of old age and in her sleep) she ruled not only the British Isles, but also a reinvigorated Western Roman Empire, and western Scandinavia.  Her sisters never encouraged her to hide her gender; while this occasionally caused problems early in her rule, she was able to use Ulpia Severina's rulership of Rome as precedent for a ruling female monarch, and in combination with her charisma, these problems were never more than minor issues.  Consequently, she never married Guinevere and avoided all the problems that would have led to.  In fact, she never married, but educated her nieces and nephews in rulership.  She promised to name as an heir whichever of them could recover the Holy Grail, which nearly caused problems when it was returned by Sir Gawain and Mordred (in this timeline a witch, educated by her mother) who had worked together to recover it, but Gawain supported Mordred's ascension to Crown Princess on the basis that he would rather be out adventuring than ruling.  In addition to her conquests, Empress Arturia brought levels of stability and prosperity to her lands unknown since the height of Rome (or in some of her lands, simply unknown) and she was canonized as a saint not long after her death.
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