Maid for Murder

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  1. {Tags = Decadence, cannibalism, skinning, hard vore, gore, surgery, drugs + alcohol, con/dubcon, prostitution, snuff, immortality}
  3. [10:03] Maid Takagi meidos
  5. [10:03] Mactator gets out a bottle of soy sauce
  7. [10:05] Maid Takagi lays her apron down on the floor and kneels on top of it with her legs spread and her rear resting on her heels, "W-which part would you like, sir?"
  9. [10:08] Mactator: {What do you think of the new avatar by the way?}
  10. [10:09] Maid Takagi: [Suitably creepy, to be sure]
  12. [10:12] Mactator places the bottle in front of her in line with her knees before beginning an "examination" of the meat on off. Poking her muscles, testing how fatty or toned parts of her body were...She could even feel him groping her, his hands squeezing her chest and ass when they reached those areas. Finally, after an indulgently long check-up, he points to her left calf, "Slice off that joint for me, would you?"
  14. [10:16] Maid Takagi seems rather used to the treatment, holding her hands behind her back and pushing her chest out as he appraised the meat, "A-ah~" She gasps as he gropes at her chest, "The chefs call those my fatbags, sir, most don't care for the texture, but I'm told the fat is very flavorful." She even leans forward as his hands reach her rear, giving him easier access. She smiles through the whole process though, and nods appreciatively as he makes his choice, "Ah, my legs are a fine choice, I'm told. Very lean, but still flavorful enough. Would you like me to have the chefs prepare it for you, or shall I fetch you a knife, sir?"
  16. [10:23] Mactator nodded absently at her comment. It was a tad irritating that she spoke like a conisossor, like one as refined as himself, may have an inferior choice to her but then, her whole point was being eaten over and over again. Of course he should consider her opinion. "Hmmm. No, I think have the chefs prepare it for me. Perhaps later on into the night, when I'm feeling more relaxed I might start stripping your back..." He took a sip from the blackberry whiskey at his side before looking over at her, "Any other...recommendations of yours? I will keep in mind about your breasts but, firstly I will probably have them basted later and secondly...Well, it seems a shame to rip them off so suddenly."
  18. [10:33] Maid Takagi bounces to her feet, hands still behind her waist as she smiled broadly to him with a practiced expression of patience and care. "Of course, sir, they are quite expert." The corners of her mouth twitch slightly at the word 'stripping' but she was such a professional almost no one could notice. "Well, sir, I can tell you what other customers have concluded, but I suppose much taste comes down to personal preference. She bends down to fetch her apron from the ground, taking care to bend at the waist. "If you decide to enjoy more of my legs, the higher up you go the tougher the meat will be, but my thighs have a bit of fat on them as well." She blushes at the admission, "The meat of my back and stomach is softer, I'm told my tummy may as well be a veal cutlet, while my back is much leaner." She let's her hand fall 'accidentally' to his shoulder as she rises up to her feet again and continues, "While most don't have a taste to try such things, but I've been told my tongue- battered, fried and served on rice or even on udon- is truly delicious." She gulps apprehensively... this one seemed to be more sadistic than other who were merely interested in the novelty, his type were always a bit harder to please.
  20. [10:50] Mactator gives her a soft smile, extending a hand to help her up. "Good...I think I'll let you keep your tongue and cheeks for a while...I want to talk to you after each butchering." He places two fingers on her stomach, walking them from the crest of her belly down to just above her mons, "But...I might try a little "Taka-Cutlet". It sounds...Like an interesting experience. Only one though; I'm putting you under the knife myself later." There was a brief pause then, as she seemed to mull something over. "A...actually, get me three syringes, a pen and then come back and strip. I've just had an absolutely fantastic idea and you, my little Cutlet, are going to help me. It might give me some entertainment as I wait for the first slices..." Sitting down in the leather-back chair, next to the set of "butchery utensils" he'd asked for from the resturaunt, he waved her away dismissively "Bring me an ashtray and a cigar as well."
  22. [11:03] Maid Takagi nods to him, "Very nice, sir, I can tell you a great taste for the finer things." Her innocent, blue eyes follow his fingers down to her tummy where the soft fabric of her dress concealed the curve of her stomach. "Ah, you won't be disappointed sir." She listens intently, like any good waitress does when taking an order. "Of course, three syringes, a pen, an ashtray, a cigar and one Takagi, coming right up~" She winks at him, her act dripping with practiced cuteness as she turned and pranced away. Inwardly, she felt a few tremors of fear. He was a creative type, she was beginning to suspect. Those were always a bit intimidating.
  24. A few minutes pass before Takagi returned, still wearing her uniform and balancing a silver tray on one hand. If he looked carefully, he would notice she seemed to be favoring one leg as she pranced in, and her eyes were slightly red, as if she had been crying. "Here you are, sir! And I hope you don't mind that I brought you some hors d'oeuvres, free of charge while you wait!" She sat the tray down on the table- on it was everything he asked for- three rather large, intimidating syringes (what kind of a restaurant keeps those on hand, anyways?), a big, felt-tipped black marker, a thick cigar, an obsidian ashtray and a small matchbook with the name of the restaurant. She plucks up the cigar and the match book and approaches the man, standing so close she raised one leg across the man's lap as she offered him the cigar and made to light it for him.
  27. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{I maaaaay have to leave for a little bit now.}
  28. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi shoves the cigar in his mouth
  29. [2014/11/08]Mactator runs his tongue along it
  30. [2014/11/08]Mactator puffs some smoke into the adorable maid's face
  31. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi waves the smoke away, "Hey, you owe me apost, dont'cha?
  32. [2014/11/08]Mactator strokes his chin, "Fine. But only because you're adorable."
  33. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi bows, "That's better, sir."
  34. [2014/11/08]Mactator:
  35. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{How I'm picturing my fellow}
  36. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[More or less what I imagined, actually]
  37. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{You have good taste. Now, anyway~}
  39. [2014/11/08]Mactator murmured in approval, taking the cigar from her hand and slipping it between his thin lips. He took a long, indulgent drag of the cigar before looking up at her. There was a brief war in his mind as he tried to decide whether he should use her to put out his ash and damn the ashtray but...Honestly, she looked absolutely delicious and so cute too! It seemed like she didn't like it, judging from her teary eyes; "It hurt did it? Poor thing..." His free hand brushed some hair over her ear, giving the lobe a rather intimate rub, "Have them set up a camera in the kitchen for me, would you? I'd hate to miss the show." Setting the cigar into the ash tray, he picked up the marker and, using his other hand, slid his fingers into her mouth and slowly pulled out her tongue. Undoing the cap with his teeth, he wetted the tip of the marker against her tongue before smiling. "Now, my maid...I want you to strip; you see, I have a bit of an anatomy lesson for you..."
  41. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi gulped and nodded in response, tilting her head into his strong hand, the touch to her ear a bit more soothing than it should have been. "Well, the chefs are very professional, but even once you're used to it, pain is still unavoidable. "A camera? Er, I'm sure they'll oblige." Great, he was a pervert too (although that really should have been expected). She gasped a bit at the sudden invasion of her space but opened her mouth obligingly, "Ahh..." The pen tasted icky, but she didn't pull away until he was finished, "Erm, of course, sir." She took a step away. Usually she didn't have to get completely naked, but she had done it enough times to almost be used to it. Inwardly, she doubted he could teach her anything about anatomy she hadn't learned a thousand times over, but it was her job to indulge customers. Her apron was the first to go, carefully folded and set on the floor near the table, and then she began to unbutton her dress. It was long and simple, the black fabric hugged her frame as if it were custom tailored and she obviously ironed it quite carefully.
  43. She barely hesitated exposing her body to the man, only making the smallest allowances for 'flair' as she undressed, turning away from him teasingly as she slid it down around her chest and stepped out of the slinky black garment. Beneath she wore a pair of matching pink bra and panties. The bra she discarded quite easily, letting her surprisingly plump chest bounce free, but she paused a moment, facing away from the man before hiking down her panties over her hips. Her ass jiggled a bit as she stepped out of them and as she turned around he could see a tiny, neatly shaved patch of pink pubic hair just above her sex. Her skin was pale and tender and as she pulled off the knee socks she wore under her uniform, he could see the left shin he had ordered for his meal. It seemed... deflated somehow, the skin hanging a bit loosely over it. It seemed the chefs were experts, indeed, having carefully stripped the skin up before removing the meat, but she seemed to already healing quite nicely. The open air stung against her flap of skin, but she could feel her tendons were no longer showing and she could probably put her weight on the leg freely. Lastly, she removed her maid headdress and approached his chair again, resuming the kneeling position she used while taking his order- only now completely naked from head to toe. "Your lesson, sir? I'm sure it will be very informative."
  45. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[long post is long]
  46. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{Now, how indepth should he get...}
  48. [2014/11/08]Mactator eyes bulged slightly as, rather than take in her whole figure, they zoomed in on the already healing leg. "Fascinating..." Whoever had done their work had done it exceptionally well; quite imaginatively too if he was honest. Of course, if he had her to work with, he may have eventually come up with a similar method. Taking the little marker, he let his eyes roll up and down her body appreciatively before closing them and picturing...Parge 190, Humani Corporis "Perfect."
  50. Taking off his jacket and rolling up his shirt sleeves. Safely popping the cigar into his mouth, he gestured with two fingers to stand up before walking behind her. With one fond rub of admiration, he began to work. It was simple at first really; outlining muscle groups, highlighting connective tissue and a solid bar for a bone. After completing her back like this, he moved onto her leg...And then so on and so on until the whole body again. And then next, he went back to highlight the different groups while talking to her, explaining the importance of each. How it worked, what happened if it was paralysed...All while drawing in the muscles better, fibre by fibre and tendon by tendon and painting little symbols depicting number of muscle and other little medical details.
  52. Eventually, he stepped away from her and nodded, pleased. More elaborate then cut lines more detailed then a simple sketch, he'd made her body a work of art. And, thanks to the wonders of underlining, had also managed to work in what he'd want next for his order and in what number. "It's quite handy they keep the skin intact..."
  54. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{Muh Andreas fetish took over}
  56. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi rises to her feet obediently and stands perfectly still as he starts his work. She kept her hands a few inches from her sides, for his own ease, and didn't move at all aside from the occasional chill that ran down her spine- her soft, pink skin turning to goosebumps beneath his hands. She was surprised at how much of what he was saying she already knew- but the bits she didn't know seemed to be rather... well, creepy. Usually hands rubbing up and down her muscles were relaxing, but she couldn't help but feel more and more tense as he went about his task. "I-it's all very intricate and fascinating, certainly, sir." She smiled- always take an interest in the client's interests. "They always say the human body is the world's most intricate machine." Takagi began to wonder if the man was a doctor and if that thought should be as frightening as it was. "Oh, yes, they can't cook the skin except for certain meals, so there's very little benefit in lopping the whole thing off, hehe. Plus, they're so experienced they can usually get the skin back in a few quick cuts, it just stings, is all." She allowed herself to look down at her body and was surprised and how much writing was on her- had he been at it that long, or were his hands really that quick?
  58. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[ANdreas?]
  59. [2014/11/08]Mactator:
  61. [2014/11/08]Mactator:There was a beat as he looked her over, ensuring all of ht ewords and writings made sense and then...He moved to stand in front of her, rested one hand under her chin and tilted her head back before leaning over and giving her a small peck on the lips, no tongue at all. This rapidly ended when his tongue began to slowly but inexorably slithered into her mouth, pushing past her cherry red and soft lips to squirm against her teeth, her firm palette and her soft tongue. His hands, a tad rough but not enough to be crude, rubbed against her back before coming to a stop against her hips, making escape impossible. Really, she was probably over-estimating his arousal - a little. For him, this was a combination of work, desire and fantasy all rolled together in a deliciously decadent, pink-bowed box.
  62. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi kept smiling, even if a hint of intimidation showed in her eyes as he stood over her. She was a bit surprised but pressed her soft mouth into his tilting her head back and parting her lips obligingly, but careful not to push the kiss any further than he initiated. She could taste his cigar in his mouth and in his spittle, her toes curling against the floor. Her hands rose to him, resting gently on his chest and sliding her small frame closer to him. "Ahhh, sir~" She mewled pleasurably into his mouth- perhaps laying it on a bit thickly, but at least part of it seemed to be from genuine thrill.
  64. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{God damn, she such a biiiitch}
  65. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[What? She's niiiice, just has to be professional]
  66. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{But she's playing pretend about liking it!}
  68. [2014/11/08]Mactator:He pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth, enjoying her sweet taste -Even her saliva is sweet-. It was stupid but he couldn't help but think about her delicious her meat would be if her spit alone had such flavour...But then, it could just be due to proximity to her tongue. He'd never tasted human tongue but from what he knew, humans made sweet meat so what she'd been saying about her tongue might not be entirely wrong or just murmured by idiots...Fascinating. And a tad arousing too; not so much that his bulge was hammering insistently against her thigh but if she coaxed it...Well. Honestly, he'd rather she didn't; he wanted to see what palette her insides were first.
  69. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi returned the kiss a bit more, responding to his every motion. The taste wasn't just his imagination- oftentimes the chefs or her clients would have her chew cloves or other herbs to flavor her meat, and sometimes the taste could linger on her tongue. She moaned into his mouth again, her tongue expertly massaging his own, their two flavors mixing along his tongue and in her mouth. Her fingers on his chest softly rubbed through the fabric of his suit and soon she was leaning even closer to him, pressing her chest into him and feeling the warmth of his groin pressing into against her tummy.
  71. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{Y'don't have to make her like it, I just enjoy peanut gallery comments}
  72. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[I like the idea of her sort of internal interplay between what she genuinely likes and dislikes versus how she's practiced and is expected to act or just how she legitimately wants to please them]
  74. [2014/11/08]Mactator:He broke the kiss then, pulling away from her as little strands of spittle still connected one to the other. Panting a little he got out "You're, you're a pretty good kisser..." He turned from her, still a tad dumb and strolled back to the table, picking up one of the syringes. Popping open the case, he pulled out a little capped container that the synringe punched through with ease. "Now...I'm not sure if you are partial to partaking, or normally partake, drugs but...Well, I think you might like this." He blinked once then, grumbling about the contacts in his eyes under his breath.
  76. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{I can appreciate that}
  78. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi sighed softly as he pulled away, feeling the strand of drool snap and splash over her lips and chin. She took a few breaths to steady herself and smiled broadly, "I'm glad you think so, sir~" Her eyes light up at the praise, and she seems to genuinely mean it. Leaning over to see around his bulk, she can't help but gulp nervously as he begins to fill the needle. "Ah, er... Well, I don't usually indulge, but I'd be happy to help Sir partake, if you'd like." She takes a step forward- this was one of the few areas where her employer's instructed her to lean against customer wishes (they considered her an investment, after all, and would see her gaining any sort of addiction as 'devalue'ing).
  80. [2014/11/08]Mactator:He looked a mite upset but...With a demure nod, he settled into his chair and pulled the syringe out of the bottle with a flourish before setting it down. "There's enough for...multiple doses. If you change your mind." He'd probably request her to have some later anyway but...Well, either way it was quite the thing; not exactly an aphrodisiac and not exactly an opiate, it served to both relax the body (while making it more sensitive) and sharpen the mind. Not really the kind of thing one would take at work but he'd be more than capable of slicing her apart when the time came for him to serve himself off the skin of her back. He gave his cigar an appreciative pull then before waving her over, "Do you actually enjoy the kneeling or is that part of the maid work? I always find your type so hard to pin down..."
  82. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi seemed worried he might push the issue- if push came to shove, of course she'd do nearly anything to please a client- but was pleased to see him release the notion so easily. "I'll keep that in mind, sir." She approached him obediently, starting to fall back down to her knees until he asked her the question- stopping her somewhat awkwardly in her tracks. "Ooh?" It wasn't something she was used to being asked, "Well, I suppose it could be both, sir. I take great pride in serving well and... er, well that is to say, if you're happy, I'm happy~" She stumbles around the sentence a bit before finishing with another cute smile and a playful wink. Feeling satisfied with the explanation, she continues her fall back to her knees- it used to be sitting like that her heels under her butt would have her aching before long, but she was astonishingly used to it, now.
  84. [2014/11/08]Mactator:There's another beat this time, different to the first. His eyes stab into her, not angry but...curious. Next to him, the syringe gleams in the light, waiting for her. Perhaps he hadn't been clear? Or maybe she was just unobservant. Two fingers tap down next to the syringe, "*ahem* Would you kindly...?" Another blast of ash and smoke from the cigar as he leans back into the chair, dismissing the irritating gnat while enjoying the view of her chest, "Also, you mentioned...hors d'oeuvres? I apologise if I seem a tad impatient but my brief taste of the last cutlet has left me hungry for more." The three silver rings on his left hand glinted through the smoke from his cigar as he put it out in the ashtray again; alexandrite, onyx and sapphire. "But then, how couldn't I?"
  86. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi blinked with confusion and then understanding, "Oh! Of course, sir!" She bounced back to her feet, apparently completely unselfconscious of the way her tits bounced as she did and practically crawled onto his lap. She brushed past the cloud of smoke- tobacco irritated her despite her general 'toughness', but the smell made her think of the taste of his spittle and gave her a strange fluttering sensation. After her experience it was hard not to associate that smell with powerful male presences- and sex. One of her painted up legs draws over his lap as pulls herself into a straddling position- carefully watching for any signs of protest from him. Her hands start to deftly and carefully roll up his sleeve, soft digits gliding over the skin of his forearm a few times before fetching the needle- she was no nurse, but had a bit more experience with this than she cared to admit. "Oh, yes, there were some snack on that tray, but they may be cold by now... A-actually, your first order is almost certainly done by now, if you'd like me to fetch it."
  88. [2014/11/08]Mactator:"Not my arm." He looked up at her, his body shifting so she'd be able to sit nice and comfortable in his lap and his two hands rested on her butt, not quite groping it but clearly pleased with their current position. "I think I might have...Camel cigarettes next, if you don't mind. Or Amber Leaf." Taking her hand in his then (and rubbing his thumb against the back of her hand) he slowly lifted it to his lips and poked it into himself. There wasn't a single flinch from the pain. Letting his brown, almost black eyes, rest on her powdery baby blues, he mumbled out, "I think I might try a snack with you before you run off and get the rest of you, Cutlet...Or do you prefer Takagi?"
  90. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{This is turning out very, very differently to how I pictured it}
  92. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi blinks at that, "O-oh?" She adjusts herself, her body seeming to contour to his lap perfectly. Something he said then brought a tiny blush to her face, but her hands followed his instruction- her hands were delicate but very steady and sure. Her eyes weren't matching his, but instead were focused resolutely on the needle as she pushed her thumb down- although she could feel his gaze quite intensely. The maid exhaled with relief as she pulled the needle out and smiled up at him, "Whatever Sir likes to call me, but you seem to be partial to your Cutlet-chan, don't you?"
  94. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[Hm, what were you expecting?]
  95. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{More brutal. I'm really enjoying it}
  97. [2014/11/08]Mactator:He tutted at that, spanking her taut ass, "I asked you, my little meat-maid." He pulled his hands off her then, tilting his head back into the back of the seat and letting out a long, lazy sigh as his drugged blood pumped through his veins and arteries while his pupils dilated. "Ahhh that's...That's gooooood..." His voice went soft, almost whispery as he felt the silk of his suit, of his shirt and socks. The leather of his chair felt as smooth as marble while being soft and firm...But no matter how good the chair felt, her body felt that much better. God, she was fuckable.
  98. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi made a soft noise, more of surprise than pain, as he smacked her butt, sending a tiny tremor through to her thighs as she rested on his weight. She watched his expression carefuly and silently as she sat the needle down on the table, returning to face him and letting both hands fall down to his chest, trailing softly over his shoulders and collar bone before resting on his pectorals. "I prefer 'Cutlet' then, sir." She smiled with a bit of uncertainty in her expression as she watched his eyes dilate and felt his heartbeat through his silk clothing.
  100. [2014/11/08]Mactator let out another soft sigh, "Ahhh. That feels...Fantastic. Please-Wait. I don't want to...waste your leg." He gave her a soft smile then, letting his hands rest on the seat, "I need to eat your leg...I'll take your tongue myself." He smiled at that...The thought of ripping her tongue out and eating it was fantastic. And given how quickly she could heal? He could do it again and again and again; her healing really was something. Lifting both of his hands, he gently made it clear she was to move now.
  102. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi was slowly letting her hands explore his body. He was shapelier than many of her clients, his muscles taught underneath his clothes- or was that simply an effect of the drugs? She seemed almost reluctant to move for the tiniest instance, but quickly hops to when she picks up on his hints, "Of course, sir." She stands before him again, remembering her nakedness and her body-art suddenly. But still, she smiled at him and couldn't help but take some strange appreciation of him not wanting her meat to go to waste- even if the prospect of him taking her tongue scared her a little (it was one of the most painful parts to be taken for sure). "I'll fetch your meat, sir, please..." She stepped forward, handing him his glass while her free hand fell to his thigh, "Please relax and I'll be back before you know~" She turned on her heel, longs legs flexing and body art shifting all over as she pranced off to the kitchens.
  104. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[It must be nice seeing your painting in motion like that~]
  105. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{Her prancing is adorable~}
  106. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[Seeing those muscles flex underneath his diagram....]
  107. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{Thinking he'll be late 30s...}
  108. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{She's a bit too slinky to flex I think~}
  110. [2014/11/08]Mactator:He almost purred at feeling her soft, gentle hands caressing the shape of his pecs, his shoulders and abs. Being such a devotee to the body, both its working and...flavours, he'd always made it a point to keep himself in as good a condition as possible. Her massage didn't just seem to be out of courtesy though and if he didn't know better, he'd almost thinking she was getting mildly...horny. But, well, he was smarter than that. Smart enough that, though in his mid-thirties, he already had more than enough money to afford many more visits here. Something which sounded increasingly pleasing to him. Picking up the little snacks (whatever they were supposed to be, he didn't really notice), he dipped them in the soy sauce and ate them while watching his Cutlet walk out the door, a living lesson on how the body worked. Of course, he was thinking more about what shape those muscles would take if he had her bouncing on top of him and not how they'd be moving.
  112. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi returned after only a few moments, a blush receding from her face as she approached- had the chefs made fun of her new look? She was carrying another platter, but this one she held almost reverently on both hands. "Dinner is served, sir!" She chirped, smiling broadly as she set the plate before him. It almost looked like any other steak- garnished with some celery, some fresh ground pepper and some steak sauce in small bottles on the side. Also on the platter was a pair of cold, grey tongs and a curved knife- but they clearly weren't part of the meal. She couldn't help but gulp nervously. This was always a strange part of the evening- after all, it was literally -her- on the plate. Her fingers curled and uncurled uneasily as she watched his reaction- she knew it was perverse, but she always felt like it would be gravely insulting if a customer disliked her meat and felt uncontrollable pride when they approved. She bent over slightly as she set the table, carefully arranging silverware and making sure to bend at the waist as she did- it was a trick she had reinforced a long time ago, showing off her cute butt and the little dimples above her waist in the most innocent way possible. Everything had a proper place on the table and when she pulled away, the arrangement was nearly a work of art. She gulped again and gestured to the plate, "Please enjoy, Sir~"
  114. [2014/11/08]Mactator:He looked at the plate and sluggishly moved for it. "No, no actually..." He turned from the plate then, abandoning his desire for it and instead, looking at her anxious face before gesturing with a gold ring-adorned finger, "Would you kindly...?" The high was reaching its crest now and everything seemed brighter, more vivid and colourful, making Cutlet all the more beautiful with her candy-floss pink hair and egg-shell eyes that seemed almost pastel. It would have been horribly disorientating if he could bring himself to do anything besides focus on how pretty everything is. "I should be okay in a few moments but, if it makes it easier, you can sit on my lap again." His eyes ran over the table, marking the attention to detail in how cutlery, plate and glasses rested on the table. She really was exceptionally trained. If only he had one of his own...
  116. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi looked a bit surprised at the notion, almost... hurt? But she blinked and was happily smiling again, "O-of course, sir, I think I can help you..." She turns away from him, towards the table and plucks the plate, a fork and a steak knife from the tray. A moment later, she is sliding back onto his lap, the soft warmth of her body not straddling him this time but instead sitting sideways with her legs folded together, the plate with his 'cutlet' held in one hand. The warmth of his body felt great against her bare skin, she had to admit, "It wouldn't do for your cutlet to get cold, sir, and... you might enjoy it more in your current state." Her legs are folded in his lap, but her torso is perfectly insinuated against his own. Expertly, she cuts off a bite-sized bit of... well, her, spears it on the fork and raises the tender, pink meat to his mouth. She couldn't help but feel the tension growing in her chest, heartbeat steadily increasing and, gosh, why should it even matter what he thought she tasted like?
  118. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{Oh god, she's getting really adorable}
  119. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi:[I like this character SO MUCH]
  120. [2014/11/08]Mactator:{I like her too~ Uguu/10 I hope her (first?) RP is going well}
  122. [2014/11/08]Mactator:His arms wrapped around her lazily, squeezing the nude, nubile little thing tight against him before he opened his mouth again and accepted the little slice of...Heaven. Yes, Heaven was an apt way to desribe it. She had just the right amount of fat that a thin, crispy layer of crackling encircled the deliciously spiced meat. It had the texture of spam but softer, sweeter. It almost melted in his mouth as he savoured the mouthful, rolling it around in his mouth. Really, a perfect dish. He wanted more and, thankfully, had more. He was going to enjoy every last strand of muscle that fell apart in his mouth. Taking his time to really enjoy the deep, slightly peppery and pork-like taste of her, he eventually swallowed it back before nodding at her "I think...I might have to have seconds. Thirds and fourths as well, actually."
  124. [2014/11/08]Maid Takagi watched him closely, watching his expression like a hawk until she was certain he was pleased with her meat. She gasped with happiness, powder blue eyes going wide, "Of course, sir! There's plenty more~" She knew it was silly, but the sheer pride and satisfaction from a client happily enjoying her taste was... well, it was addicting. Before she realized it, she was pressing her lips back into his again, tongue flicking against his lips while her soft body squeezed up against him. She was careful not to penetrate his mouth- she wasn't quite ready to taste herself like that, but couldn't help herself from planting a big smooch on the man. She pulled away quickly, blushing deeply as she cut off another bite sized piece for him, "I-I'll send the chefs your compliments, sir."
  126. [2014/11/09]Mactator:He raised a hand then, his high having died a little from the shock of the sudden deep kiss. His fingers rested on her wrist, giving it a tap, "No. I want you to feed it to me between your teeth. Have a taste...Its really good." That sadistic smirk came back to him as he gave her a show of the piece of her leg, caught between his teeth...Then, gone. Gulped down with the rest of her. One of his hands moved to her breasts, pinching her nipples hard while she wriggled in his lap. "You seem to enjoy the fact that you taste good...Pervert~"
  128. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi looked a little off put by being told to stop, blinking at him with a strangely childish expression, "S-sir?" She gulped, that was... well, it was lewd, and made her face turn bright red. "I will, sir, it's just strange tasting it, is all..." She lowered her gaze, looking a bit abashed as she started cutting again, this time making longer strips instead of bite-sized morsels. Watching him devour her was sending perverse shockwaves through her body, and she was beginning to wish she had laid her apron down on his lap before sitting down. She gasped at the attention to her sensitive, painted breast, "I like pleasing Sir, is all, it makes me so happy when my body or my skill pleases you."
  130. [2014/11/09]Mactator:Thankfully, the marker wasn't coming off despite his teasing. She really did have a fantastic body...One that seemed quite sensitive, given the little stain that was starting to grow on his thigh, "You seem to like pleasing "Sir" an awful lot, Cutlet-Chan." He rubbed his leg against her, teasing her slit. Taking a moment, he picked up the drink and took a small sip of the brandy before setting it back down and giving her neck a peck, "Actually...Why don't you try a little of the meat first, then use your mouth to feed it to me, eh? I think I like that idea more..."
  132. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi instinctively arched her back out a little bit, pushing out her chest for his enjoyment, but tilting her head at him, "Of course I do, sir, that's why I'm your meat-maid!" She grins again, only for her lips to part and let out a small gasp as he pushed his leg to her, "S-sir, I don't want to make a mess over your nice clothes..." She paused at that last request, her insides churning as if an icecube had been dropped directly into her stomach at the thought... but all she did was continue to smile and nod, "Of course, I'll sample for Sir." There was already a second bite-sized piece cut out and she speared it on the fork. Her exterior cracked slightly as she raised the piece to her lips- it was so weird seeing it so closely, when it was still pink with her blood... but she parted her cherry red lips around it and took the soft meat into her mouth and began to chew. Gosh, she tasted rich, her own meat and blood exploding onto her tongue and showering her with such flavor. SHe was normally vegetarian, maybe having any meat would be like this, she tried to tell herself, but the louder voice inside her head was saying, no, only Cutlet-chan can taste like that. It was so wrong, her stomach was twisting even more, but she felt her pussy throbbing and drooling girl-cum all over Sir's leg as she swallowed it down. She turned to him and opened her mouth wide to show that she had swallowed, "Ahhha, sir... I ate cutlet-chan..."
  134. [2014/11/09]Mactator:It was fascinating watching her process the order, consider it and then, carry it out. But, she seemed to like the order...In fact, from the look of it she wasn't far off creaming herself completely as she ate herself right then. Picking up the strip of meat she'd cut, he slipped it into his own mouth and chewed it to paste before taking her by the hair and crushing her into a kiss just as she spoke, being far more insistent than before. Her soft, giving body was forced against his hard one. He forced his spit, now tasting of her and cigar smoke, into her mouth as he shared the meat strip between them, passing it back and forth and playing with it with his tongue.
  136. He didn't mind about the suit too much; it could be cleaned or replaced but this...This was far too novel, fat too special, to ruin by breaking off the kiss straight away. She could spread it over him after but not now..He was enjoying himself. A hand slid between her legs, into her soaking pussy and while her clit had a thumb press against it. Two fingers began to spread her slit and tunnel inside, pushing against her soft, delicate folds...
  138. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi let out a pitiful mewl of pure pleasure into his mouth, through the bits of her own meat and spit that was being pushed into her mouth. Wasn't she supposed to be feeding him? But she was just a meat-maid, creaming herself on her client's lap with his big strong hand on her cotton candy hair... If he wanted her to be a pig who cums while eating herself, she would be that for him. One of her hands wrapped around the arm that was holding her head, squeezing his muscled arm while the other slipped down chest and stomach. She squirmed against his thick fingers as he pushed into her pussy- her regeneration must have worked down there too, because she was almost virginal in how tight she was- not that it really mattered with how embarrassingly soaked she was down there. She let herself drift off in the moment, Sir was taking care of her, that's how it felt... but that wasn't right... but that doesn't matter if it's what Sir wants... and nothings more wrong than eating yourself... but his taste is so rich too... and his fingers are so thick...
  140. [2014/11/09]Mactator:{Wow, fuck she's lewd}
  142. [2014/11/09]Mactator:Her tight pussy was stretched by his fingers and he worked her from one orgasm to another. Long, manicured fingers pushed deep inside, noting with practised ease which parts of her shuddered and which made her toes curl. He was finding it increasingly hard to not bust a nut inside the maid but well...That would have to be desert. If he hadn't been kissing her quite so deeply, making sure she swallowed down every last bite of Cutlet-Chan and his spit as his tongue probed around inside of her mouth. Her clit was stuck in a boxing match with this thumb, every odd second a fresh jab or hook stimulating the poor thing. Her touch was, as always, amazing and he almost cooed as she shuddered against him, holding on tightly while rubbing his stomach. He managed to fit in a third finger, spreading the horny medio even more just as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her harder; one could be forgiven for thinking the poor thing was in heat, given how wet and wild she was getting.
  144. [2014/11/09]Mactator:{Now I want a Takagi. Damn you.}
  146. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi pulled her legs in tighter and tighter as his fingers serviced her more and more intensely, her soft hands squeezing his muscles with every ounce of her tiny strength. "Sir~" She moaned lustily, letting her tongue, now soaked in tobacco spit and her own cooked meat, flick out over his lips and massage his tongue skillfully. She was curled up and tiny in his lap, splattering her juices with embarrassing wet noises every time he pushed in and out of her, "Nngh, sir... your Cutlet-chan will get cold..." One of her hands reached up, her forefinger stroking along his jawline, "But if you don't want to eat anymore, I can help you enjoy yourself if any other way Sir can think of..."
  148. [2014/11/09]Mactator hissed now, having been given an ultimatium. He could either stop his dinner now and fuck the maid stupid or..."Is it possible that there is a...Desert option?" As he said this, he cut two more slices of her meat off offering one to her after slipping the other into his mouth. He eased up on playing with her pussy as well, instead keeping it at light, frustrating tease. "It's just, I'm somewhat greedy and currently I have two courses that just look so delicious, I honestly can't choose between the two." With that said, he began to dig into his meal as he waited for her reply, eating slice after slice of well-roasted human, with a side of vegetables.
  150. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi gave him a worried look, as if frightened that she might have offended him. "Er, well, I'm you know that you can have any indulgance you like, when you choose here, sir, as long as you pay." She can't help but squirm her hips into his hand, her need hadn't disappeared but she was glad for the reprieve so that she could think straighter and properly attend her duties. Hesitating slightly, she took the bite as he offered and chewed it up obediently, her cheeks flushing red as she masticated on her own meat. Her appetite was obviously not as voracious as his, and by the time she finished that single piece and swallowed it down he had nearly cleaned his plate. Grinning, she put her arm around the back of his neck to steady herself- all this fingering was making her woozy but his weight still seemed rock steady, "So, what is your next order gonna be, sir?" She winked, pleased with the versatility of the word 'order'.
  152. [2014/11/09]Mactator:She was definitely more flirty now...He liked it. He also happened to like the dish so much that he barely stopped himself short of licking the plate; not that anyone could blame him. Noticing he still had some sauce on his fingers, he placed his fingers in her mouth for her to lick clean before continuing "Yes...Next order; I think I'm going to enjoy some of your tummy next. Or and I'm cutting your tongue off...Then, maybe your back or else...Dessert~" He wondered if it was somewhat sad that just a few minutes of having the naked maid in his lap and he was already abandoning his dinner plans. But then, he took a moment to re-evaluate how adorable she was and all was right with the world. "Oh...Also, just a small request; when you go back to the kitchen and they ask you what happened to you? Show some maid pride and be honest. Alright, Cutlet-Chan?"
  154. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi leaned forward, grasped his wrist with both hands and obligingly sealed her plump lips around his fingers, licking off all the sauce and sucking his fingers clean. Gosh, he had her eating herself again, already. "Oh, sir, you have quite an appetite yet, me and the chefs certainly take that as a compliment~" She smiled cutely, still holding his wrist, "And all fine choices, sir, I'm told my stomach and tongue are the tastiest parts." She flushed a bit at the admission, but even more telling was how her pussy pulsed around his fingers when he listed off all the parts that were going to be sliced off, either from fear, excitement or both. "I always show pride, sir, I am very proud to be a maid that can make others so happy." She released his hand and placed her hands on either side of him as if starting to rise, "Would you like to remove my tongue first so I can take it back to the chefs? I brought the proper tools on my last trip, and you can choose any other parts that you'd prefer to cut instead of the chefs, although they are very skilled sir." Some of her instincts seemed to return, and she was regaining her 'friendly waitress' tone, despite that copious amounts of girl-cum soaking both of their legs and the Cutlet-chan floating in their stomachs.
  156. [2014/11/09]Mactator:There wasn't a second of hesitation. He took the tongs, clacked them together once, then used it to pull her tongue out of her mouth. Gently mind, seeing how he wanted to maintain the remarkably relaxed, casual atmosphere that had fallen on them both a few minutes back. As he held her tongue out with the tongs in one hand, the other swiftly fetched the syringe, showing it to her. "Now, I understand you don't want to take this but...Well, it adds flavour to the tongue and I want to see how it and the tongue will taste if cooked in honey, plum or date." With that said, he stabbed the snringe into her tongue, pressing down on the plunger and forcing the second load of toxins into her body. With that done, he picked up the curved chopping knife and sliced straight through her tongue; the edge was sharper than sin. A perfect straight cut, he'd managed to take most of her tongue. After that, he used the tongs to tiled her head back so what blood their was would drool down her throat and into her belly, with the rest of the Cutlet-Chan pieces. "I think I'll save your back for myself. Take my time slicing it apart.
  157. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi:((I think I dc'ed for a minute there, but hey, this is like 150% the kind of rp I was hoping to get on this profile, but I've been up forever and I'm nodding off, want to continue tomorrow?))
  159. [2014/11/09]Mactator:{I'm pleased you're enjoying it~}
  161. [2014/11/09]Mactator:{It's cutesy, which I really like.}
  162. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi sploosh
  163. [2014/11/09]Maid Takagi:(Seriously though, bedtime for me)
  164. [2014/11/09]Mactator:Sploosh?
  165. [2014/11/09]Mactator:Also, better or worse than Ashara?
  167. [22:37] Maid Takagi made a short, surprised noise when she saw how fast and eager he was to make the cut. The tongue always hurt so bad... But, she was surprisingly brave and merely tilted her head back, lowered her jaw and stuck her tongue out. "Ahhh.." She couldn't help but make a small sound as he yanked her tongue- it was a long tongue, she supposed, but still didn't have much room to be pulled on like that. Her eyes watched the syringe fearfully, oh gosh, it'd be better if he just did it himself, he was so docile when he shot up. She took a deep breath and exhaled as the drugs rushed in- the tongue wasn't exactly the prime place for it to be absorbed but by the time he grabbed the blade her pupils were already dilating and she her head was dizzily shifting from side to side as if the tongues were all that was holding er up. She could feel every goosebump on her body. The knife cut fast, and despite her experience, nothing ever really prepared a girl for having her tongue cut out. She gasped, a high-pitched feminine mewl and jerked away form him- her tongue staying in the same place on the tongs- and covered her mouth with both hands. Both of her eyes were filling up with tears but she didn't allow herself any more moans of pain. She tilted her head back, filling her mouth fill up with blood but swallowed twice and it was gone (some part of her regeneration stopped her from ever bleeding out much). It felt unbearably strange, having nothing but an empty hollow in your mouth and to feel blood swishing around without tasting it. Not to mention the wound itself, which stung like hell. Her whole body was quivering and shuddering, but it would be hard to tell how much from was from pain, the drugs or from fear. Carefully resisting any urge to try and speak, she rose to her feet- hoping he had cut quickly enough to stop too much of it from absorbing into her bloodstream.
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