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  1. Title: [v2.5.0] The Ascension Expansion
  3. Description: Ascend to new heights in Eclipse's first ever expansion, including new weapons, armor, jewelry, dungeons and a new level cap of 150. Race to the top to be the greatest player ever!
  5. <p><img alt="" src="" style="float:right; height:177px; margin:auto; width:265px" /></p>
  7. <h1><strong>Hello Eclipsians,</strong></h1>
  9. <p>Rejoice! Here are the patch notes for both the Ascension Expansion, as well as the news that the server&nbsp;<strong>delays/lags are officially RESOLVED</strong>. This means we can move on with other plans and development that we&#39;ve been wanting to work on for weeks, as well as tackle all of the suggestions that we&#39;ve compiled from the community. Thanks so very much for being patient with us, and remember that we really just could not do this without you! Here&#39;s the update and have a great weekend with us!</p>
  11. <h3><img alt="" src="" style="height:114px; width:908px" /></h3>
  13. <h3><strong>General Updates</strong></h3>
  15. <ul>
  16.     <li><strong>The delays that were occurring&nbsp;have been FULLY RESOLVED&nbsp;on the server!</strong></li>
  17.     <li>The <strong>maximum level cap</strong> that your player can reach has been increased to 150 (99.99%) from 135 (99.99%).</li>
  18.     <li><strong>Dark Traseia&nbsp;</strong>has been implemented in the game, the tickets can be purchased at <strong>Carnelia&#39;s store</strong>.</li>
  19.     <li><strong>Scroll of Amplification</strong> have been added to the <strong>Vote Shop</strong> for use while leveling.</li>
  20. </ul>
  22. <p>&nbsp;</p>
  24. <p><img alt="" src="" style="height:114px; width:908px" /></p>
  26. <p>Test your skill against the goliaths in this ancient temple. Guardians of mounds of riches beyond one&#39;s wildest dreams, this famous temple has seen its fair share of looters... surprisingly, it seems all the riches are still there. Some of the greatest adventurers of our time refuse to enter this temple overflowing with greed. Will you be the first to make it out alive &amp; reap the riches that come along with that, traveller?</p>
  28. <h3><strong>Information</strong></h3>
  30. <ul>
  31.     <li>Goldflower Temple comes with the following difficulties: <strong>Easy, Normal and Hard.&nbsp;</strong></li>
  32.     <li>You can drop the following unique&nbsp;items from Goldflower:&nbsp;<strong>Level 150 Armor Pieces</strong>.</li>
  33. </ul>
  35. <p>&nbsp;</p>
  37. <p><img alt="" src="" style="height:114px; width:908px" /></p>
  39. <p>The stories that parents told their children to scare them before bed spoke of a race of ancient and terrifyingly evil begins, a force so powerful that the three gods Shade, Bubble and Iblis were created to protect the world from their dark magics. After many wars and destruction, the gods successfully locked the beings away in a prison and sealed it away between dimensions... a portal has opened in Eclipse. Will you save the world once again?</p>
  41. <h3><strong>Information</strong></h3>
  43. <ul>
  44.     <li>Dark Magic Prison comes with the following difficulties: <strong>Easy, Normal and Hard.</strong></li>
  45.     <li>You can drop the following unique items from Dark Magic Prison: <strong>Level 150 Weapons.</strong></li>
  46. </ul>
  48. <p>&nbsp;</p>
  50. <p><img alt="" src="" style="height:114px; width:908px" /></p>
  52. <p>Before the era of the gods, and even the great war of Clockworks, there existed only powerful monsters. One of the first of the Hero race, Eva, a powerful magician dared to face the frozen tundras of Onima. After decades, she was thought to be lost, devoured by the overpowering chill of the caves... but as the world heated, and the cave revealed; people have said they could hear screeches from deep inside. Can you overcome the cold?</p>
  54. <h3><strong>Information</strong></h3>
  56. <ul>
  57.     <li>Onima Cave comes with the following difficulties: <strong>Easy, Normal and Hard</strong>.</li>
  58.     <li>You can drop the following unique items from Onima Cave:&nbsp;<strong>150 Jewelry Pieces.</strong></li>
  59. </ul>
  61. <p>&nbsp;</p>
  63. <hr />
  64. <p><strong>That will conclude our expansion update.</strong>&nbsp;Make sure you&#39;re playing and staying active with Eclipse to stay on top of the community. We&#39;ve got plenty of exciting changes, updates and modifications coming to the server down the road and we can&#39;t wait to show you what we&#39;ve got in store. For those that have been with us since the beginning -- thank you! For those coming along for the ride now, enjoy! Also for those curious what&#39;s coming soon...</p>
  66. <h3><strong>Sunday&#39;s Update (14/07/2019)</strong></h3>
  68. <ul>
  69.     <li>A improvement&nbsp;to the <strong>client&#39;s renderer process</strong> will be released, improving everyone&#39;s FPS on the clients.</li>
  70.     <li>The&nbsp;<strong>Autonomous Invasions</strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>World Boss</strong>&nbsp;systems will be re-released.</li>
  71.     <li>The&nbsp;<strong>PvP &amp; PvE rebalance related updates</strong>&nbsp;will occur.&nbsp;
  72.     <ul>
  73.         <li>We had to delay these because the balance could not make it into the expansion.</li>
  74.     </ul>
  75.     </li>
  76.     <li>A <strong>non-penya related farming zone</strong> is being implemented into the server.&nbsp;</li>
  77. </ul>
  79. <p><br />
  80. As always, enjoy Eclipse and see you for the next update!</p>
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