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  1. >The Encyclopedia Britannica describes a peculiar phobia known as "botanophobia", or more simply, the fear of plants.
  2. >It's an extremely rare, irrational phobia, effecting only a small percent of the population.
  3. >The phobia often manifests from a negative experience with plants; it could be something as simple as an errant brush poison ivy leaf to a tree falling on their house.
  4. >It's a rare phobia but it is crippling to any who have it.
  5. >Such was the case with the country girl with light green eyes.
  6. >It was two summers past, well into the burning month of July.
  7. >The sun hung in the sky like a fiery balloon, scorching the quiet town in a shower of light.
  8. >The population of the town sought shelter from the relentless heat. They were like cockroaches, scuttling to the darkest, coldest place they could find when the lights came on.
  9. >One brave soul stood in the gaze of sun, tapping her foot against the concrete porch of a house.
  10. >Applejack had been waiting for the door in front of her to swing open, but the wooden rectangle didn't budge.
  11. >She glanced at her watch. Three minutes she'd been standing there.
  12. "C'mon, Twilight," she grunted, "What could take ya so long t'get out here?"
  13. >Just before Applejack turned on her heel and stepped off the porch, a long squeak rang behind her.
  14. >>"Oh, AJ, you're here!" Twilight said as she swung the door open.
  15. >"Ah've been here for three whole minutes, Twi!" she huffed, "What took ya so long?"
  16. >>"Oh, nothing," she said, "I've just been getting everything ready for your visit."
  17. >She flashed a lopsided grin. It looked like a strong weight pulled her cheek down below her chin.
  18. >"Okay, as long as it's prettifyin' everythin' for me, Ah guess Ah can't fault ya."
  19. >The cowgirl strutted past the door, staining the placemat with the dirt of her boots.
  20. >The pair started down the hallway with Applejack taking the lead.
  21. >"So Twi," she said, "What'd ya invite me over for?"
  22. >Applejack turned like a top, catching Twilight by surprise.
  23. >Her face was a dull red tint and her eyes bulged. It was like a ghost had jumped in front of her.
  24. >>"Oh, uh," she twirled an errant bang with her finger, "I needed your help with a, uh, biology project."
  25. >"A bye-a-what project?"
  26. >>"A BIOLOGY project," Twilight said, "I need you to help me study its behavior."
  27. >"What's 'it'?"
  28. >>"You'll see, come on, let's go!"
  29. >Applejack started forward when she felt a pair of hands shoving against her. She stumbled a bit and glared at her guilt-stricken friend.
  30. >>"Sorry," she giggled. The pair continued into the living room and Applejack's jaw swung open.
  33. >Standing in the corner of a room, nestled in a large copper pot, was an unnatural monstrosity.
  34. >A tinted pink bulb towered to the ceiling. A pair of ridges ran down the side, kissing the roof like a macabre pair of lips.
  35. >It glowed with an eerie light, flooding the dimmed room with a soft pink aura.
  36. >It's roots dug into the thick black soil, pulsing like arteries to a great beast.
  37. >It's color and throbbing roots gave it the look of an exposed heart fastened to the corner of the house.
  38. >A dull, grotesque thumping shook the walls. The heart was beating. Its pulse quickened.
  39. >"What the hay is this thing?" Applejack said. She stepped closer to the plant and it responded with an unearthly moan.
  40. >The bulb creaked and strained as she approached. She reached her hand out to touch the bulb.
  41. >Her fingers alighted on the wall of fiber. The heart started its attack.
  42. >The sphere groaned and its ridge parted like a clamshell.
  43. >Applejack looked up in horror as the heart split in two.
  44. >The interior of the bulb was a violent pink. It quivered and pulsed like the stomach of a great whale.
  45. >The purpose of the chamber was unclear, but Applejack figured it was for feeding.
  46. >Her fears were strengthened when several pencil-thin tendrils spilled from the bulb.
  47. >It was like an octopus crawling from its cave; the snakes reared up and pointed at Applejack.
  48. >She was frozen with terror, unable to scream or move from the spot.
  49. >She, much like the eldritch horror in front of her, stood rooted to the ground.
  50. >Every synapse of her brain told her to run, but the highways to her legs were jammed with fear.
  51. >Her legs snapped into action when the quivering vines shot at her.
  52. >She spun on her heel and bolted away from the plant. She had the speed of an Olympian but the tendrils were faster.
  53. >One deft snake coiled around her trailing foot. Applejack pulled the foot forward but was brutally snagged backwards.
  54. >She landed hard on her face, the wind knocked out of her from the impact.
  55. >Another tendril looped around her ankle. She tried kicking them away but they held fast, pulling her closer to the heart.
  56. >More vines snapped around her wrists and abdomen, fastening to her like a harness.
  57. >She thrashed and kicked against the vines. Sensing her struggle, two more vines curled around her thighs and held them in place.
  58. >She felt herself being hoisted into the air, her legs and arms held in place like some strange exhibit.
  59. >She stopped a few feet off the ground. The heat from the plant burned her back and the tendrils tightened their bonds.
  60. >She looked up to see a demonic figure moving slowly towards her.
  63. >>"Looks like you two have made friends," Twilight cooed. Applejack's eyes went wide.
  64. >"Twilight!" she shouted, "Get away! This thing'll get you too!"
  65. >Twilight laughed and walked closer, stopping just inches from her struggling friend.
  66. >>"No it won't," she said, "This species only attacks one mammal at a time."
  67. >Applejack stopped struggling and stared at her friend.
  68. >"What do you mean 'this species'? You KNOW about this 'plant'?"
  69. >>"Of course I do, AJ," Twilight cooed, running her hand along Applejack's cheek, "I brought it with me."
  70. >"Brought it with you?" Applejack fought against the plant but it held her even tighter, "What do you mean?"
  71. >>"I carried a seed with me," she giggled, "And I wanted to show you the plant I grew."
  72. >"Well good, you showed me, it's great," Applejack panted, "Now can you let me down?"
  73. >>"I'm afraid the plant will have to decide that," she laughed, "And it doesn't look like he's letting go."
  74. >"The plant will decide? What in tarnation are you talking abou—"
  75. >Applejack yelped as a small snake traveled against her bare stomach.
  76. >She thrashed against her bonds as the tendril crept along her body, exploring every inch of her.
  77. >The bonds tightened and stretched her body against the outside of the bulb.
  78. >She was powerless to fight the vine coiling around her breasts.
  79. >"Hey!" she shouted, "Get out of there, you perverted—"
  80. >>"Plants don't have ears, AJ," Twilight cooed, "but they certainly are alive."
  81. >Applejack felt her blouse tighten against her back. She looked down to see her shirt bulging outwards.
  82. >The tendril ripped through her shirt with a resounding snap. Her torn blouse fell to the floor, exposing her nearly bare chest.
  83. >Applejack writhed hopelessly in her bonds. Even with all her strength she was unable to stop its assault.
  84. >A second tendril curled down to her skirt and a third looped around the front of her bra.
  85. >Twilight watched the macabre strip show with a vixen's smile. Applejack's toned body had filled her dreams, and now they were coming to live in front of her.
  86. >Applejack grunted as her skirt and bra were unceremoniously torn away. Her naked breasts bounced, freed from their prison.
  87. >Applejack felt like dying. She couldn't bare the embarrassment of being stripped in front of her friend.
  88. >Tears streamed from her face as the green strip of cloth between her thighs was ruthlessly ripped away.
  91. >>"Oh my Celestia, Applejack," Twilight moaned, "You're body is so beautiful."
  92. >The vines around her limbs pulled back, forcing her torso and abdomen outwards towards Twilight.
  93. >Twilight marched up to her helpless friend. Applejack shook her head as Twilight's face came closer to her's.
  94. >Two more tendrils held her head in place as Twilight locked their lips together.
  95. >Applejack wailed into her friend's mouth. Twilight pushed her tongue inside, fumbling it around like a drunk snake.
  96. >Her hands caressed Applejack's stomach and sides, admiring every inch of her form.
  97. >Twilight pulled her lips away and smiled devilishly at her, a trail of saliva falling to the floor.
  98. >The plant heaved and grunted impatiently behind them. Twilight pressed her body against Applejack's and raised her hands to her chest.
  99. >"Twilight! Stop! What are ya doin'?"
  100. >>"Just relax, AJ," she said, "I'm just making things easier."
  101. >Her thin purple fingers cupped Applejack's breasts. They billowed over the edge of her hand, spilling through her fingers like soft dough.
  102. >Applejack writhed and grunted, a mix of shame and pleasure coursing through her body.
  103. >Twilight wasn't very experienced, but she knew what she was doing to a degree.
  104. >Her thumbs grazed Applejack's nipples, sending painful shocks shooting to her brain.
  105. >Twilight grabbed her teat and squeezed them between her fingers while latching her mouth around the other.
  106. >Applejack screamed from the intense feeling of euphoria. She was struggling less now, a sense of defeat mingling with the pleasure.
  107. >Twilight took her hands off of her breasts and planted her lips back against Applejack's
  108. >Not a second after she took her hands away did two tendrils take her place.
  109. >Each vine looped around the base of her mounds before closing a tight loop around her nipples.
  110. >It felt impeccable to the virgin girl who was turning to putty beneath the sexual onslaught.
  111. >Twilight slid her hand down between Applejack's thighs.
  112. >She felt a strong heat growing stronger as she neared her petals.
  113. >Applejack howled as a pair of fingers squeezed her sacred nub.
  116. >The country girl was drowning, sinking deeper into a sea of pleasure.
  117. >Twilight's hands were the weights, dragging her down beneath the surface.
  118. >Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) for Applejack, Twilight had read countless books on the subject of foreplay, and particularly enjoyed the chapters about fingering.
  119. >She displayed her prowess to her friend, parting her folds with her pinky and index finger and diving her two middle fingers between her folds.
  120. >Applejack gasped as she was penetrated by Twilight's slender digits.
  121. >Her fingers dug into her walls, lubrication leaking from them like a sponge.
  122. >>"Wet already, Applejack?" Twilight smirked, "Somebody's more excited than they thought."
  123. >"That's not true—" Her reply was cut off by a deep moan.
  124. >What Twilight didn't tell Applejack was the strong pheromones the plant exhumed. They were a powerful aphrodisiac, more potent than cobra venom and twice as destructive.
  125. >Twilight mashed her hand against Applejack's pussy as a final tendril looped around her clitoris.
  126. >The duo pleasured the country girl for what seemed like an eternity.
  127. >Without warning Twilight pulled her hand away and stepped back.
  128. >Applejack stared down at her friend, who lied down on the floor on her back.
  129. >"Twilight?" she said, "What are you—"
  130. >>"My job is done, AJ," Twilight dove her hand against her pussy and grabbed her own breast, "It's up to him now."
  131. >Before AJ could answer she felt her body lifted higher into the air.
  132. >Unable to move, all she could do was watch as she was poised above the plant's gaping maw.
  133. >Her eyes went wide as she stared down into the plant's interior. The tendrils pleasuring her didn't cease for a moment.
  134. >She was kept in a state of constant pleasure as she was lowered slowly towards the gap in the bulb.
  135. >"Wait! Put me down!" AJ had no idea what the plant was going to do, but whatever it was, it didn't look pleasant.
  136. >"Twilight! Do something!" Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Twilight's hand ground against her pussy as she watched her friend sink closer to the heart.
  137. >Applejack felt the first twinges of panic when the lips closed around her feet.
  140. >The plant nursed her ankles, a grotesque suction pulling her further into the bulb.
  141. >She writhed against her bonds in a futile attempt to escape.
  142. >Her legs disappeared inside the chamber, coated in a disgusting slime.
  143. >She felt like she was descending into a monster, the heat and moisture just like a horrible mouth.
  144. >Her body slipped down into the bulb, the ridges catching against the bottom of her breasts.
  145. >The plant sucked hard and opened its lips slightly, pulling the large obstruction past its ridge.
  146. >The last thing Applejack saw before disappearing into the plant was her friend's eyes shut tight in pleasure.
  147. >One last violent pull and her world turned a sickening pink.
  148. >Immediately the plant accepted her. Applejack panted as the collagenized walls moved closer.
  149. >She tried to crawl upwards, the vines loosening their grip from her limbs.
  150. >The walls snapped shut, pressing against her skin and holding her in place.
  151. >They squished against her body like shrink-wrap, every inch of her body pressed against the walls of the plant.
  152. >Her desperate attempt to climb upward had locked her arms above her head, leaving her chest defenseless.
  153. >A warm, sticky fluid was pumped onto her flesh from orifices in the walls.
  154. >The walls held her spread legs in place as it got to work.
  155. >Applejack was completely trapped inside the bulb, cut off from the world around her.
  156. >She screamed and wailed but hardly any sound escaped her lips.
  157. >The fluid was filling the tiny cavity formed by her body. Applejack felt like she was drowning.
  158. >The syrup crept into her mouth and dropped into her lungs.
  159. >"So that's how it does it," Applejack thought, "It drowns its prey before digesting it."
  160. >Applejack closed her eyes and waited for the end. She started to slip away, her brain screaming for oxygen.
  161. >She felt something thick slide into her mouth. The tentacle pressed against her uvula.
  162. >She gagged on reflex and took in a breath. She could breathe again. The tentacle must be a breathing pipe.
  163. >The plant wanted her alive. It had plans for her.
  164. >The tentacle slid along her tongue, pushing back and forth past her lips.
  165. >Her body was massaged with the sticky, vibrating walls. Every follicle of her skin was suckled and caressed.
  166. >She felt like a fetus in a womb, surrounded in a warm embrace and kept alive by a tube.
  167. >The plant pressed another tube against her petals, prodding her folds in search of the entrance.
  168. >Applejack moaned in protest against the tube in her mouth, knowing it wouldn't do anything.
  169. >She groaned into the tentacle as her walls were forced apart.
  172. >The tendril pushed its way inside her tunnel, its shaft ballooning to fill her completely.
  173. >It had a small growth on the end, but it felt strangely inhuman. Something about it felt wrong.
  174. >Her pussy was having a hard time accepting its length, not just due to its immense girth, but its SHAPE.
  175. >It was cylindrical, as she expected, but the tip was flat and think.
  176. >It felt like a square peg in a round hole. It continued further up her pussy until bumping into her hymen.
  177. >Applejack yelped from the sensation. She pleaded with the plant to spare her.
  178. >The tentacle retracted, preparing itself for a powerful thrust.
  179. >Applejack panicked, writhing against the suckling interior of the bulb.
  180. >The tentacle shot forward, piercing her hymen and crashing against her cervix.
  181. >Applejack screamed from the pain racking her body. The tentacle held itself inside her, giving her time to adjust to its length.
  182. >Her blood trickled into the bulb, staining the walls a deeper shade of red. The tentacle pulled itself back and forth against her walls.
  183. >The pain of her stolen virginity made every sensation ten times more powerful, her tender walls unable to discern pain from pleasure.
  184. >It slowly started to gather speed. Every thrust pressed into her cervix, shocking her with a grotesque pleasure.
  185. >Her body rocked inside it's small cavity from the force of the thrusts.
  186. >Meanwhile, outside the bulb, Twilight could see everything.
  187. >The translucent bulb contained a wriggling shadow with two tubes sticking out of it.
  188. >Twilight masturbated, the sight of her friend spitroasted by a plant driving her crazy.
  189. >The fantasy was highlighted by a simple fact that she would never tell a soul: she had been in AJ's position before.
  190. >Applejack was thrust back and forth between the two tentacles, her senses assaulted on both sides.
  191. >The force of one thrust pushed her into the other tendril, forcing it deeper into her body.
  192. >She wondered why the plant was doing this to her. It was clearly nefarious and she couldn't believe it was doing this out of the kindness of its "heart".
  193. >She hardly noticed the tentacles starting to pick up speed, ramming harder into her tight, virgin body.
  194. >Her thoughts melted into emptiness as her body lost control.
  195. >Her orgasm came without warning. Her body writhed like a snake as it sprayed its juice onto the lower tendril.
  196. >It was the signal the plant had been waiting for.
  199. >The tendrils came to a stop and pressed as deep as they could do.
  200. >The tube in her mouth pumped a cool, runny fluid down her throat.
  201. >The icy liquid coated her mouth as it was forced directly into her stomach.
  202. >It was as cold as nail polish but tasted far better. It had the distinct taste of watered-down sugar.
  203. >Applejack's body seemed to melt into the walls of the plant, the power of her orgasm too much to handle.
  204. >The tendril in her pussy was far more sinister than the breathing tube.
  205. >It forced itself directly against her cervix. Its tip flared, preventing it from retracting.
  206. >She expected a rush of the same type of fluid, but something even more horrifying occurred.
  207. >The thick tendril stayed in her tunnel and the tip started to change.
  208. >Out from a hole in the tentacle grew a thin tube. It pushed forward like a needle and punctured her cervix.
  209. >Applejack was far gone in her orgasm but the pain was still nauseating.
  210. >The tube forced its way past her cervical mucosa and rested in her uterus.
  211. >Hot syrup poured from the tube, injected directly into her womb.
  212. >Applejack squirmed as the alien fluid flooded her most sacred place.
  213. >The injection never seemed to end. Her uterus started to distend, expanding to contain the fluid.
  214. >Her stomach bulged slightly as the last trickles of fluid were pumped inside her womb.
  215. >The needle retracted into the tendril. The cervix closed up, sealing the syrup inside her.
  216. >The tentacles retracted and the walls loosened their grip on Applejack.
  217. >Although she could move freely, her body was completely sapped of energy.
  218. >The plant's walls contracted and the bulb opened up.
  219. >The plant pushed her out through the top where the familiar vines were waiting to grab her.
  220. >They lifted her out of the bulb and placed her gently on the ground in front of the pot.
  221. >They positioned her on her knees, her ass high in the air and her face flat to the ground.
  222. >Her arms went straight back along the ground. It was a very compromising position.
  223. >She heard Twilight moan behind her. She didn't realize her ass was in clear view of her friend.
  224. >>"My goodness," Twilight panted, "That took a really long time."
  225. >Applejack went to respond but her mouth refused to open. Panic struck her as she tried to move the rest of her body.
  226. >Twilight smiled as the panic grew on her face and the muscles tightened in her limbs.
  229. >>"It's no use Applejack," she stood up, "You're not going to budge for a while."
  230. >Applejack stared at her friend and pleaded for an explanation. Twilight was happy to oblige.
  231. >>"You see, AJ," Twilight walked to a bag and started fumbling through it, "The plant injected two fluids into you. The first fluid was a simple reproductive stew, similar to human semen. All it needed was a mammalian womb and egg. This particular species is adapted for horses, but a human female is very similar biologically to a mare."
  232. >Applejack lay there, exposed and leaking her own juices, listening to Twilight's crash course on reproduction.
  233. >Did she say something about offspring? And . . . her womb?
  234. >>"Anyway," Applejack saw Twilight pull something out of her bag in the corner of her eye, "The more interesting of the fluids is the one resting in your stomach. It acts as a paralysis agent and a hormonal trigger."
  235. >Did she say paralysis?
  236. >"It not only completely pacifies the mare, or in this case, woman, and leaves her in a position for the reproductive fluid to settle, but it also makes the woman more receptive and likely to be impregnated."
  237. >"Impregnated?!" Applejack's heart quickened. Suddenly the fluid resting in her womb became a two-ton weight.
  238. >>"There's just one last thing I wanted to do with you, AJ," Applejack heard a click and approaching footsteps, "and the paralysis really helps."
  239. >Applejack couldn't move but could feel a pair of hands alight on her hips.
  240. >A lump caught in her throat when she felt a tight pressure above her pussy.
  242. >>"Oh AJ," Twilight moaned, pushing her hips forward, "You have no idea how long I've waited for this."
  243. >Applejack could only lay there in silence as Twilight pushed the strap-on through her ass.
  244. >The dildo seemed to stretch on infinitely. Applejack felt like a skewer was being pushed through her body.
  245. >She cried in silent agony as the walls of her colon were stretched by her length.
  246. >The plant had at least been sensual. Twilight selfishly pounded Applejack's ass, the vibrator of the strap-on sending shocks down her body with every thrust.
  247. >Applejack was too lost in the thought of what the plant had done to her to care about Twilight's pumps.
  248. >The plant had put SOMETHING inside her, and whatever it was, it didn't feel right.
  249. >Was it a parasite that would control her body? Was it simply another plant she'd have to birth?
  250. >Or was it a grotesque combination of plant and human?
  251. >The "cum" in her womb sloshed with Twilight's thrusts. The sickening waves of fluid made her nauseous.
  252. >The fluid in her mouth felt disgusting also. It sank into her stomach, no doubt already releasing those pregnancy hormones.
  253. >Applejack had hardly noticed Twilight picking up the pace.
  254. >She had also failed to notice her own impending orgasm.
  255. >>"I forgot to mention," Twilight said between moans, "That fluid in your mouth also makes orgasms come earlier."
  256. >Twilight's moans soon came too close together to talk, coming in time with her thrusts.
  257. >Applejack's body started to jerk, fighting the paralysis. Her uterus started to shake, sloshing the cum inside like a great blender.
  258. >Her pussy weeped lubrication, but it simply fell to the floor.
  259. >Her ass rattled with pain and pleasure as Twilight's thrusts became a blur.
  260. >>"Oh Applejack!" she shouted, "I'm coming!"
  261. >Applejack couldn't respond as Twilight held her ass tight against her dildo, forcing it as deep as it could go.
  262. >The country girl sprayed across the floor of the room, soaking her thighs and the carpet in a thin, clear fluid.
  263. >Her asshole tightened around the dildo as Twilight dribbled cum down her own legs.
  264. >The couple lay in bliss, panting heavily in rhythm. Twilight stood up and slid the dildo from her ass.
  265. >>"Applejack," she said, "That was amazing. I can't wait for more!"
  266. >Fear flushed Applejack's eyes. Did she say "more"?
  267. >>"Didn't I tell you?" she said, "The paralysis wears off in about ten hours. I've got so much left for us to do. I think we should start with this!"
  268. >Tears ran down Applejack's cheeks. She was trapped there, completely at her mercy, for ten hours.
  269. >She cried as loud as she could past her motionless lips as she felt Twilight penetrate her folds.
  271. END
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