My Ancient Feline Kain't Be This Uguu Token Loli

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  1. [22:27:51] <@Kain> MEANWHILE AT BEBE'S HOUSE
  2. [22:30:20] <@Kain> Okay, so back at Bebe's laboratory house
  3. [22:30:31] <@Kain> Nat has been chilling with the girls and their pimp.
  4. [22:30:41] <Natalie> aw yeah gurl
  5. [22:30:45] <Natalie> I mean
  6. [22:30:46] <Natalie> ... yes.
  7. [22:31:54] <Natalie> Specifically, after getting thanks for having helped saved Titan's ass out of the way, letting Cirra look at the tiara as promised and... what else IS there even?
  8. [22:32:02] <@Kain> Cirra has got you sitting nice and still between a shitload of weird devices that have dials and levers and knobs and are making noises.
  9. [22:32:10] <Natalie> oh god how horrifying
  10. [22:32:33] <@Kain> It's actually pretty boring for you, but she's running back and forth checking the settings on one thing, and going back to check another...
  11. [22:32:55] * Natalie made her promise not to take it off. Just that. That's the only th- oh yeah not to destroy it either. But that's a no-brainer.
  12. [22:33:20] <Natalie> Allllmost seems like perfect time to take a nap actually.  Just... close eyes... and...
  13. [22:33:35] <@Kain> Cirra: "-the tiara itself is extremely conductive, but only to memory energy, feeding into the synthetic storage..."
  14. [22:34:11] <Natalie> ... Gooooootta keep them open.  Important... details... must... not...
  15. [22:34:29] <@Kain> Cirra: "But more importantly, your body is amazing!"
  16. [22:34:38] <Natalie> "Uh!?"
  17. [22:34:46] <Natalie> Oh yeah they open to that.  "Oh... right."
  18. [22:34:57] <@Kain> Cirra: "You're not even quite made of flesh and blood, I think. I mean, you -simulate- them but it's not exactly the same thing..."
  19. [22:35:38] <Natalie> "The body I have right now?  Actually...."  She sticks a tongue out as per usual.  "I have no idea how I got to be like this at all!  It just kinda... happened, I guess."
  20. [22:35:53] <@Kain> Cirra: "Really? Perhaps if I run more tests..."
  21. [22:36:17] <@Kain> Gale: "Oh, let her up, Cirra, she's about to fall asleep."
  22. [22:36:35] <@Kain> Cirra: "But have you SEEN this? This is fascinating!"
  23. [22:36:46] <Natalie> "Nnnn..."  Oh crap her eyes WERE half-closed whoops.  "Well I DO wanna know the truth... kind of..."
  24. [22:37:02] <Natalie> "And making other people happy makes meeeeeeee happy..."
  25. [22:37:04] <Natalie> Yaaawn.
  26. [22:37:25] <@Kain> Gale: "Personally, and no offense, Natalie, you're cool, but I'm a bit tired of hearing about eidolons lately. It seems like seventy percent of what we research links back to them at some point."
  27. [22:38:08] * Natalie grins a goofy grin. "Well it's not like we TRY to be popular.... is it? Do we? Maybe we do."
  28. [22:38:25] <@Kain> Cirra reaches over and strokes your hair, smiling. "Welllll, I'm not sure I can identify what caused you to transform in the first place, though."
  29. [22:38:39] <@Kain> Cirra: "But given what happened today, I may have a theory!"
  30. [22:38:47] <Natalie> "A theory!"
  31. [22:38:53] <@Kain> Cirra: "What if your human form is some sort of... power conservation mode?"
  32. [22:38:55] * Natalie goes almost starry-eyed at this news.
  33. [22:39:08] <Natalie> "Ah... huh."
  34. [22:39:34] <Natalie> "Like you mean, I uh... used too much power to keep being me?"
  35. [22:39:35] <@Kain> Cirra: "Meaning... you didn't have a lot of energy and took on a human form to try and save what you had?"
  36. [22:40:14] <Natalie> "Well that's pretty WEIRD-sounding.  But I guess it might not be impossible!"
  37. [22:40:24] <@Kain> Cirra: "All I know is that when you exhibited Trance, your energy levels spiked! I mean, that's rather normal for trance, but... you couldn't perform that technique previously, right?"
  38. [22:41:18] <Natalie> "My Ruby Light?  Um... only a little.  I can reflect light and magic... but it takes a lot of energy to do, and I don't think I can do a lot at once right now."
  39. [22:41:38] <@Kain> Elizabeth walks over and begins roughly shoving the machines and Nat aside - you're on Bebe's dinner table, and slams a large pot of some sort of fishy stew. "Dinner's up."
  40. [22:41:52] * Natalie is so shovable.
  41. [22:41:52] <@Kain> Cirra: "Be careful with those instruments!"
  42. [22:42:09] <Natalie> "Ahnnnn..."  Sniffsniff.  SNIFFSNIFFSNIFF.  "Is that...?!"
  43. [22:42:18] <@Kain> Gale: "That's not nearly as much as earlier... what, were you showing off for that guy?"
  44. [22:44:10] <Natalie> "Showing off?  That DOES sound pretty me... but I kinda doubt it.  One Reflect at a time is usually all I have in me.  Or stuff liiiiiike...."  She looks at a wall to initiate laser pointer mode for a second.  And barely resists the temptation to jump after it.
  45. [22:44:24] <@Kain> Elizabeth ignores Gale's comment. "It's a hearty halibut stew."
  46. [22:44:33] <@Kain> Gale was talking to Elizabeth, actually!
  48. [22:45:04] <Natalie> CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL
  49. [22:45:37] <Natalie> "Hooh."  The red dot moves to the middle of the stew.  ... Man that looks even deliciouser than it already did.
  50. [22:45:50] <@Kain> Gale: "I guess I'll starting clearing this shit out..." she starts moving Cirra's weird sensor machines.
  51. [22:46:01] <@Kain> Cirra pouts a bit, but sits down for dinner.
  52. [22:46:13] <@Kain> It seems to have fish and onion and celery and red pepper and
  53. [22:46:45] <@Kain> fresh tomatoes, parsley, garlic
  54. [22:46:52] <Natalie> "Still, thanks for the help.  I don't think we've had ANYTHING to go on about this for a while."  She sniffs some more.  "Just that I was like this and... played a bunch of pretend-games for a long time."
  55. [22:47:04] <@Kain> Oh, and there's shrimp in there, too!
  56. [22:47:17] * Natalie is salivating so hard right about now
  57. [22:47:33] <@Kain> Cirra: "I don't even know if that's accurate, really... I'm looking forward to a chance to try it out."
  58. [22:47:44] <@Kain> Cirra: "Well, put it to the test, I mean."
  59. [22:48:33] <Natalie> "Yeah!  Being like this is fun, anyway.  I guess I might've just not WANTED to go back to being old-me, too."
  60. [22:48:39] <Natalie> "Even though it sure helped back there..."
  61. [22:48:41] <@Kain> Elizabeth begins dishing up the stew into deep-dished plates, serving with croutons.
  62. [22:49:41] <@Kain> Bebe, meanwhile is busy in the back of the lab, and hasn't come out front. Elizabeth sighs, a bit annoyed, and dishes up some to take back there.
  63. [22:50:28] <@Kain> Cirra: "Perhaps! It's always fun to learn how you enjoy new parts of yourself. How did you like my green magic, anyway?" she beams.
  64. [22:50:30] * Natalie is already digging in the second it's served, though, shoots a curious eye back to the black m- geomanc- black mage.
  65. [22:50:36] <Natalie> Blackomancer.
  66. [22:51:08] <@Kain> You can't see him from here, different room. But from what you can see through the door, it's definitely one of those atelier things. A magic workshop.
  67. [22:51:31] <Natalie> "It was a lot like mine!  Or... felt like it anyway."  Yeah, looking more 'at the fact that he's not here' than 'at him' really.
  68. [22:51:59] <Natalie> "But it seemed like it had a little more.... nnn.  What would you call that?"
  69. [22:53:31] <Natalie> Slurrrrrrrrp.  "... What IS he doing back there anyway?"
  70. [22:54:02] <@Kain> Elizabeth comes back out. "Studying that ball of corruption Theta formed. It's apparently something entirely unique, even among storm stones."
  71. [22:54:37] <@Kain> Cirra: "A little more... nnn?"
  72. [22:54:50] <Natalie> "Huhhh.  I guess it must've been something really big."  Sip.  "I hope- oh right, I was saying something!"
  73. [22:54:55] <Natalie> "... What WAS I saying again?"
  74. [22:55:18] <@Kain> Cirra: "Green magic?"
  75. [22:55:52] <Natalie> ".. Oh.  Oh, yeah!  I guess I'd say it had... feeling."
  76. [22:56:00] <Natalie> Slurp!
  77. [22:56:21] <@Kain> Cirra: "You know, you were actually there when I first theorized green magic, you know!"
  78. [22:56:33] <@Kain> Cirra: "Green magic is a lot of things, feeling is certainly part of it."
  79. [22:56:48] <@Kain> Cirra; "It's... a mix of schools in partiality, in ways red magic isn't."
  80. [22:56:57] <Natalie> "Reaaaally?"  She beams, totally ignorant.  "Maybe I inspired it!"
  81. [22:58:36] <Natalie> "I know magic to protect people... and to reflect other magic, but I'm not sure if I felt 'make people stronger' the way you did it before."
  82. [22:58:41] <@Kain> Gale rolls her eyes. "You were actually still pretending to be a bitch back then. You claimed all of the principles of magic were common knowledge."
  83. [22:59:00] <Natalie> "Oh.  Hee hee~"
  84. [22:59:04] <@Kain> Gale: "It actually hurt Cirra's feelings quite a bit..."
  85. [22:59:11] <@Kain> Cirra: "Oh, I've gotten over that!"
  86. [22:59:42] <@Kain> Cirra: "In any case, as far as I know, I am the first true green magic specialist. Or Green Mage."
  87. [23:00:01] <Natalie> "Well, I guess that's a way to brag... I feel and hear magic since I'm part of the planet.  But that doesn't mean I know EVERYTHING about it."
  88. [23:00:08] <@Kain> Cirra: "To break it down, it revolves entirely around enhancements, and debilitations - buffs and debuffs."
  89. [23:00:51] <Natalie> "Ah-huh... so do you mean it makes enemies weaker too?"
  90. [23:00:59] <@Kain> Cirra: "And in specializing in those specifically, I've learned to cast almost entirely new spells without actually having to go through the trouble of creating new magic."
  91. [23:01:09] <@Kain> Cirra: "Mhm..."
  92. [23:01:56] <@Kain> Cirra: "It could be something like Blindga, or Degenerator, or even X-Zone."
  93. [23:02:09] * Natalie instinctively shivers a little. Just a little.
  94. [23:04:06] <Natalie> Sipslurp.  "My 4Ruby Light... well, I always thought it was special with how it helps out a big group at once.  But now that I did it again, I remembered that it's hard to do just anytime!  It takes a LOT of buildup or strong feelings.  Unlike... what were you calling it?  Pro... tay...."
  95. [23:04:10] <@Kain> Cirra: "In truth, it's not ENTIRELY new magic, I just apply something similar to the Blue Mage technique of Diffusion, converting life energy into an amplification source that can alter my spells. Except I utilize my mana, not my health. I've started to teach Gale something similar, as you saw earlier today."
  96. [23:04:42] <@Kain> Cirra: "Protega?"
  97. [23:05:07] <Natalie> "Nnnn, that's why... something seemed weird about it.  Not that there weren't strong feelings or anything!  But..."  She snaps her fingers oh wow how does she even remember how to do that.  "Yeah, that's it!"
  98. [23:05:09] <@Kain> Gale: "Sheez, you're long-winded, Cirra."
  99. [23:05:41] <Natalie> "I do it all natural," she says proudly, "but making new techniques for it is a good idea.  Still sounds... a little dangerous though."
  100. [23:06:02] <Natalie> "What if you use too much?  So much that you blow up?"
  101. [23:06:08] <@Kain> Cirra laughs. "There is no research that isn't potentially dangerous!"
  102. [23:06:10] * Natalie slurps nonchalantly. "I don't think anyone wants to blow up."
  103. [23:06:20] <@Kain> Cirra: "If that happens, I'll pick myself up and try again."
  104. [23:06:34] <Natalie> "Ooh, I like the way you put that."
  105. [23:07:21] <@Kain> Cirra: "I'm also working on strengthening spells, rather than just casting them on my allies. Right now I'm working on... well the name is Tentative, but "Temper 2", a stronger version of Temper."
  107. [23:08:13] <@Kain> Elizabeth winces hard at Nat's horrible table manners.
  108. [23:08:31] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "...would you like more." she asks through gritted teeth.
  109. [23:08:37] * Natalie sets the bowl down and beams. "Naming is something that comes from the heart!"
  110. [23:08:46] <Natalie> "Yeah, seconds, definitely.  This is delicious!"
  111. [23:10:44] <Natalie> "Usually, it'll just come to you.  Sometimes it might sound weird, or not make any sense, but what matters is that it's yours and you can be proud of it anyway!"  She nods at her own words of wisdom and maybe the player sees a flashback of using 'Bloodthirsty Fang' on a skeleton.  I mean, at least it wasn't the poorly-translated name 'Fang Which Wants Blood' or anything though.
  112. [23:10:58] <@Kain> Gale: "Hey, Liz. What's your favored spell, now? The one you're putting the most effort into casting quickly?"
  113. [23:11:06] <Natalie> "... But if all you're doing is changing a word like 'Temper'...."
  114. [23:11:06] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "Teleport, why?"
  115. [23:11:12] * Natalie snrk
  116. [23:12:20] <@Kain> Cirra: "I already used Tempera, and Temperga is saved for when I work on improving Temper 2."
  117. [23:12:29] <@Kain> Cirra: "So I'm not sure what I'd call it! Hi-Temper?"
  118. [23:12:55] <Natalie> "Supertemper?  Doubletemper?  Temper EX?  Strong Temper?  Temper Tantrum?"
  119. [23:13:25] <Natalie> "... You're right, maybe 'Temper 2' isn't that bad."
  120. [23:13:32] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "Tempura." Cirra: "No, I already used that." Elizabeth: "You're missing the joke." she says as she dishes up Nat some food.
  121. [23:14:17] <Natalie> "Thaaaanks~!"  Nat explodes in hunger without knowing why.  Unless Ammy had been making tempura along with the sashimi she's been carrying around for weeks and still eating jesus christ but who cares it's delicious.
  122. [23:14:25] <Natalie> Sip.
  123. [23:14:54] <@Kain> Cirra: "So, Natalie, I'm curious. Do you have a boyfriend yet? ...Sorry if that's not something you remember."
  124. [23:14:59] <@Kain> Gale: "Oh boy, here we go."
  125. [23:15:07] <Natalie> "Oh!"
  126. [23:15:08] <Natalie> :D
  127. [23:15:12] <Natalie> "It's not!"
  128. [23:15:40] <Natalie> "I get a weird happy feeling being asked that though... so maybe."
  129. [23:15:54] <Natalie> "Then again I'm happy all the time, so" slurrp.
  130. [23:16:12] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "Cirra is a pretty nosy person." she says, taking out some sort of rice wine and pouring herself a cup.
  131. [23:16:19] <@Kain> Cirra: "I resent that!"
  132. [23:16:22] * Natalie headtilts a bit. "Is that bad?"
  133. [23:16:41] <@Kain> Gale: "Only if you you let her near alcohol. Then she becomes a homewrecker."
  134. [23:16:53] <@Kain> Cirra: "T-that was only that one time..."
  135. [23:16:59] <Natalie> "Uh-huh.  Better write that down..."
  136. [23:17:04] <@Kain> Gale: "We were engaged, Cir."
  137. [23:17:20] <Natalie> "Engaged in what?"  Sip!
  138. [23:17:22] <@Kain> Cirra: "Uuuuu..." she looks down into her bowl.
  139. [23:17:28] <Natalie> "In combat?"
  140. [23:17:36] <@Kain> Gale: "Nothing, nothing. It was years ago..."
  141. [23:18:08] * Natalie goes back to scarfing.
  142. [23:18:31] <Natalie> "Ahhhhn.  You all really sound like you have lots of fun together."
  143. [23:18:42] <@Kain> Elizabeth leans forward. "Marriage. Cirra seduced Gale's fiance at his bachelor party. Everything fell apart." Gale: "You weren't supposed to tell anyone that!" Cirra: "Uuu!"
  144. [23:19:07] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  145. [23:19:10] <Natalie> "Oh."
  146. [23:19:38] <@Kain> Cirra: "I... get embarassing under the influence of alcohol, yes." she says, deflating quite a bit.
  147. [23:19:39] * Natalie considers asking 'what's a' to both of those strange words but decides against it, instead pretending and laughing along with the... they're not laughing are they.
  148. [23:20:27] <@Kain> Gale: "Thing is, he -wasn't- drunk and I knew my friend had a problem, so one got dumped, and the other I stuck with."
  149. [23:21:45] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "It amazes me, you're so childlike even though you're older than all of us put together, Carbuncle..." she examines Nat a moment.
  150. [23:22:04] <Natalie> "Hee hee."  Slurp.  "I wonder if it's because...."
  151. [23:22:22] <Natalie> "... I'm so old and wise that I decided to just take it easy!"
  152. [23:22:40] <Natalie> "Could be wrong.  Could actually be the amnesia."
  153. [23:23:59] <@Kain> Gale unfolds her scythe and shakes it like a stick. "You kids get off my lawn or I'll reflect sun in your eyes! Back in my day we'd get punks like you with laser beams, and we had to run cross country to get to our summoners, uphill both ways! You don't even know how good you have it!"
  154. [23:24:00] <Natalie> "But I like doing fun things.  If I live as long as I say I do, that just means all the more time to enjoy doing things.  Memories or not!"
  155. [23:24:12] * Natalie pffffs
  156. [23:25:03] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "I like that she's an easy going geezer instead of a cranky one." she laughs.
  157. [23:25:35] <Natalie> "Okay, maybe I should get someone to promise to cast that... one spell on me if I ever DO act like that.  X something?"
  158. [23:25:45] <@Kain> Cirra: "X-Zone?"
  159. [23:26:17] * Natalie finishes another bowl. "Probably. Maybe when I get all my memories back I CAN go around teaching humans about relaxing."
  160. [23:26:25] <Natalie> "Or... maybe I'll just hang around and take lots of naps."
  161. [23:28:57] <@Kain> Everyone seems to be finishing up their meal...
  162. [23:29:24] <@Kain> Cirra: "So, Carlie, you're the guest of honor. Is there anything you'd like to do?"
  163. [23:29:43] <Natalie> "I'd liiiiike to do, you s- hey wait, why am I 'Carlie' now?!"  :<
  164. [23:29:50] * Natalie giggles afterward. Obviously she likes it.
  165. [23:30:08] <@Kain> Cirra: "Why not?" She smiles. "It has a ring to it, doesn't it?"
  166. [23:30:31] <@Kain> Gale raises an eyebrow. "What were you saying?"
  167. [23:31:04] <Natalie> "It does... I think I'll get people to call me that when 'Natalie' wears its charm.  But let's see," she folds her arms and ponders a bit.
  168. [23:31:34] <Natalie> Mostly on horrible things like 'cranking open booze and partying,' or 'racing a lap around the entire continent,' or 'firing laser beams at- better to stop right there.
  169. [23:33:05] <Natalie> Oh and 'eat fish.'  Gets crossed off the mental list, they just did that.
  170. [23:34:52] <Natalie> "... Nah, there really isn't.  I-" oh god horrible idea alart.   "Waiiiiit a second, there WAS a weird letter I've had in my pocket for a while but never could figure out who it was from or what it meant.  And I never wrote in my diary about it..."
  171. [23:35:06] * Natalie pulls out the letter from Bunce oh jesus this is not a good idea. "What do you guys think THIS means?"
  172. [23:35:16] <@Kain> Cirra: "Let's see it!"
  173. [23:35:20] <Natalie> "Okay~!"
  174. [23:35:23] <@Kain> She takes the letter and looks over it.
  175. [23:35:32] <@Kain> Remind me of the exact contents of the letter?
  176. [23:35:49] <Natalie> Pretty sure it was just a tl;dr 'You're cute, let's hang out next time you're in town'
  177. [23:36:22] <@Kain> Cirra: "Oh, is this... a confession from a boy?"
  178. [23:36:38] <@Kain> Cirra: "Someone apparently likes you! So you -did- have a boyfriend?"
  179. [23:36:48] <Natalie> "I... think... so?  But the name doesn't ring any bells.  None!"
  180. [23:36:58] <@Kain> Gale: "Huuuh...."
  181. [23:37:06] <Natalie> "Oohhh, I might've forgot someone important... so whoever it is I can't just tell them I totally forgot, right?"
  182. [23:37:11] <@Kain> Gale: "Maybe it was some kid who had a crush on you."
  183. [23:37:42] <Natalie> "Maybe I was playing one of my pretend-games and it was someone who thought I was someone else?"
  184. [23:37:56] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "Well, what are you going to do when you see him again?"
  185. [23:38:30] <Natalie> "Hmm... there could be someone else who knows about it."
  186. [23:38:55] <Natalie> "But what if he finds me first?  Ooh, that's scary to think about, 'cause I don't even remember what he looks like!"
  187. [23:39:13] <Natalie> "(Or even worse, what if it's a girl?)"
  188. [23:39:36] <@Kain> Cirra: "Why does it matter if she's a girl?"
  189. [23:40:06] <@Kain> Gale: "You do realize, Cirra, that everyone isn't into girls like you and Liz are..."
  190. [23:40:21] <Natalie> "Then I wouldn't know why she's in love with me!  ... Then again I guess I wouldn't know that with a boy either."
  191. [23:40:56] * Natalie makes a mental note: tickle targets. Ha ha ha no that's not serious... or is it?
  192. [23:41:10] <@Kain> Cirra: "I think you should find them and tell them how you feel! ...Or what you remember feeling. ...if you remember it."
  193. [23:41:37] <Natalie> "... Yeah but I don't."
  194. [23:41:43] <@Kain> Cirra: "If it was true love, then nothing can stand in the way, right?"
  195. [23:41:51] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "We don't even know if she knew this person."
  196. [23:42:10] <Natalie> "That sounds right!  Hmm, love..."
  197. [23:42:14] <Natalie> "Hmmmm."
  198. [23:42:41] <Natalie> "But you're right, not everything is 'I feel like this might be this' or that stuff.  Some memories just totally aren't there."
  199. [23:43:54] <@Kain> Gale: "You said you felt happy earlier, I think you'd at least recognize the person's name..."
  200. [23:43:58] <Natalie> "It could even be... from hundreds of years ago."
  201. [23:44:06] <Natalie> "Okay, probably not actually."
  202. [23:44:43] <Natalie> "But yeah, I thought so too!"  Nat - or 'Car' hur hur - nods along.  "Which is why it must mean something since I don't."
  203. [23:45:05] <@Kain> Cirra: "So what you gonna do, Carlie?"
  204. [23:45:28] <Natalie> "I think what I'll do is...!"
  205. [23:45:42] * Natalie headtilts, ?ing. "Hope I... make a.... lucky... guess...?"
  206. [23:46:02] <@Kain> Cirra: "There is no luck when it comes to true love!"
  207. [23:46:19] <@Kain> Gale: "(What does she even know about true love anyway? She's never held a boyfriend for more than a week)"
  208. [23:47:18] <Natalie> "Ooh... I have a clue!  One 'feeling' I do have is that I used to think eidolons don't need to fall in love... but... apparently that's wrong?  I'm not sure why..."
  209. [23:47:39] <Natalie> "So it must mean I DO have a true love out there!"
  210. [23:48:12] <@Kain> Cirra: "Good luck, Carlie! We are cheering for you!"
  211. [23:48:15] <@Kain> Gale: "Kind of."
  212. [23:48:39] <Natalie> "Yeah!  Thanks everyone!"  She flicks her imaginary tail.  By which I mean she doesn't.  Because it's not there.  ... Right now.
  213. [23:48:54] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "I'm going out for a smoke."
  214. [23:49:07] <@Kain> She picks herself up and excuses herself from the table.
  215. [23:49:42] <Natalie> "... I guess I should probably take another nap or something.  I gotta wait for Mr. Delta to be ready before leaving anyway, even though I have a mission to do and all."
  216. [23:50:03] <Natalie> "Mission..."
  217. [23:50:05] <@Kain> Cirra, meanwhile, is already pulling those weird instruments back over to the table, just setting them on top of the empty plates and shit. Though when Nat speaks up, she goes "Awwww."
  218. [23:50:09] * Natalie headshakes. Nah, it's nothing.
  219. [23:50:17] <Natalie> "..."
  220. [23:50:23] <Natalie> "Okay, you can research me a LITTLE more."
  221. [23:50:44] <@Kain> Cirra claps her hands. and Gale rolls her eyes a bit.
  222. [23:51:06] <@Kain> Is there anything you personally want to do, Tree?
  223. [23:51:23] <Natalie> "But just a little!  It's the only chance I'll have for someone to figure out what happened... still tired though..."
  224. [23:51:31] <Natalie> For now?  Nah, that's adoooooooooooooooooooooooorable.
  225. [23:51:39] <Natalie> I have ALL KINDS OF SHIT that I could just do on impulse
  226. [23:51:44] <Natalie> like that thing we discussed
  227. [23:51:53] <Natalie> or that other thing weokay just kidding I'm not going to put them like that
  228. [23:52:00] <@Kain> Okay, then. You eventually drift off to sleep while Cirra monitors you.
  229. [23:52:20] <Natalie> ...
  230. [23:52:20] <@Kain> Gale eventually puts you in a cot when Cirra's done.
  231. [23:52:38] <Natalie> not even 'you wake up naked and/or missing limbs?'
  232. [23:52:40] <Natalie> WORTHLESS
  233. [23:52:50] <@Kain> You haven't woken up yet, how would you know?
  234. [23:52:57] <@Kain> in any case, </session?
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