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  1. #pragma once
  2. #include "Book.h"
  3. #include <initializer_list>
  4. #include <algorithm> //for swap
  5. class Library {
  6.     Book* arr;
  7.     std::size_t size;
  8.     friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& out, const Library&);
  9. public:
  10.     Library();
  11.     Library(int n);
  12.     Library(std::initializer_list<Book> initList);
  13.     Library(const Library& other);
  14.     Library(Library&& other);
  15.     Library& operator=(const Library& right);
  16.     Library& operator=(Library&& right);
  17.     Book& operator[](std::size_t index);
  18.     const Book& operator[](std::size_t index) const;
  19.     std::size_t GetSize() const;
  20.     ~Library();
  21. };
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