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  1. username: missknowitallhawaii
  2. Full name: Nakamoto Shaylen
  3. Other names: Mei Ah, Meiko, Koala
  4. Stage name: Mei
  5. height: 5' 5"
  6. weight: 145lbs
  7. birthday: September 18, 2002
  8. age: 15
  9. birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
  10. hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
  11. nationality: Asian-American
  14. face claim: @elisyulina on IG
  15. backup: @imjennim on IG
  16. Love interest : Justin (Yuehua Entertainment)
  17. backup: Fan Chengcheng (Yuehua Entertainment)
  18. relationship with Love interest:
  19. — Subtle but not very obvious
  20. ― Not a lot of PDA but it happens when their not in the public eye (like backhugs and small pecks here and there, etc.)
  21. ― Their conversations go on forever, mostly through text. Through face to face conversations he gets to see the more raging and talkative side of her (but her venting sessions are sometimes really emotional).
  22. ― They compliment each other (as people), and will have conversations to see how they can both be the happy ones in the relationship.
  23. — Does scavanger hunt games at museums
  24. ― Does late night boba runs
  25. ― Their a foodie but a conservative couple
  26. ― #relationship goals when it comes to skinship but is very subtle about it
  28. personality:
  29. ― Sassy : She's a really sassy person and some stuff that she says can come off wrong to some people. Sassyness also comes with savagery as she keeps the two combined, a.k.a. if you fire off a rude comment towards her expect a really harsh comment coming back towards you.
  30. ― Prideful : She can be really Pridefull at times and always likes to have the last word when in an argument. if she does lose she can get really salty and probably ignore you for a day or maybe a couple weeks.
  31. ― Ambivert : If your not close friends with her she will be really quiet around you and only stick to her close friends. But if you are close friends with her, her sassy, pessimistic and talkative side comes out. This part of her has been mostly only shown around her family or really really really close friends.
  32. ― Fire dragon : She has a short temper. If you anger her once or annoy her to a point where her face is red I suggest you run for your life, she could possibly threaten your life. If she is really angry she will need something or someone to hit, you'll notice it when the tone in her voice rises.  
  35. ― Boba
  36. ― Tea
  37. ― Dancing
  38. ― Writing
  39. ― Producing
  40. ― Traveling
  41. ― Food
  42. ― Composing
  43. ― City lights
  44. ― Sleep
  46. dislikes:
  47. ― Jumpscares
  48. ― Haunted Houses
  49. ― Horror Movies
  50. ― Being in really really high spots
  51. ― Getting hate
  53. hobbies:
  54. ― Dancing
  55. ― Producing
  56. ― Singing
  58. habits:
  59. ― Taps toes on the floor (when wearing shoes of course).
  60. ― Plays with the ends of her hair consistently when it is just trimmed.
  61. ― When sleeping she needs something to cuddle with.
  62. ― Can't sleep until she feels protected by walls of stuffed animals.
  64. Speciality :
  65. ― Producing
  66. ― Song Writing
  68. Trivia:
  69. ― Allergic to seafood
  70. ― Even though she is allergic to seafood she is a big foodie
  71. ― Loves to travel
  72. ― If she could get boba every single day of her life, she would
  73. ― Has two helix piercings and two lobe pericings, two on each side
  74. ― Has a small tattoo of two geometric fishes swimming in a circle by her ankle and a tattoo of a flower on her inner wrist
  75. ― Has a jade ring tied onto a red lanyard around her neck, and never takes it off (only takes it off when she goes to shower)
  76. ― Gets distracted by small animals or small stuffed animals easily
  77. ― Is really close friends with F(x) Amber and and Krystal, and basically anyone who's first language was English
  78. ― If she's angry or in pain she curses in different languages.
  79. ― Speaks in English, Japanese, Cantonese and Korean.
  80. ― Is half Chinese and half Japanese.
  82. pre-debut activities:
  83. ― Participated in the Hanlim multi art dance video for Daniel Kim's Pop Danthology 2013 mashup.
  84. current school: Hanlim Multi Art School
  87. Talent twin: (TBH idk who I could possibly put here)
  88. your idol/someone you look up to: F(x) Amber
  91. vocal rate: - 5/10
  92. dance rate:- 8/10
  93. rap rate:- 6/10
  95. Audition: Dance - "MI GENTE" - J Balvin Dance | Matt Steffanina ft Josh Killacky
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