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  1. We were at the CLG House, preparing for our match against TSM. It was long and exhausting, as a gentle sweat rolled down my cheek, i sighed. Link had left his desk and was watching anime in his room, Dexter and Seraph were slowly gazing into each others eyes and i knew that a steady make-out session would occur.
  2. I gazed slowly at the black hunk of a man sitting near me. Aphromoo was laughing, I always loved his laugh. I pictured a naked Aphro pleasuring me, supporting me until the end. I sighed realizing that would never happen. “Hey Peter” Aphro said to me casually. I smiled at him and he smiled back. He asked if I wanted to duo and I said i was tired and was going to bed. Secretly I wanted Aphro. I layed my head down and was out like a light.
  3. When I awoke, it was 8:00 PM. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. “Ummm, Peter, may I come in?” It was Aphro. “Y-yeah, the door is unlocked,” I said feeling my heart skip a beat. He entered wearing his CLG Uniform, only his CLG Uniform. He covered himself embarrassed, “P-Peter, I’ve liked you for a while now, a-and…” I stood up embracing Aphro, “It’s okay Zaqu, I feel the same way.” I slowly pulled his hands away as I gazed upon his Needlessly Large Rod. “Aphro,” I said confidently, “W-will you support me now, and forever?” He didn’t respond, but he answered with his body.
  4. He pushed me onto the bed mounting me, placing his hands next to my head, and  leaning in for a kiss. I met him halfway, as our lips touched I thought of all our years together and thought that I would be happy to give him my first time. He slid his tongue inside my mouth moving it around as I did the same. Our kiss lasted what seemed liked a lifetime, as our lips parted I gazed into his eyes and I could tell from his raging boner, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He flipped me over onto my back as he unzipped his pants. His Rod Of Ages was in full view as I took off my pants revealing my asshole.
  5. He Pulverized my butthole with his Black Cleaver. He must be stacking armor pen, I thought to myself. He was close to releasing his Void Ooze, “I-it’s okay Aphro, you can gank my insides, Don’t be afraid to Spray and Pray.” His pleasured moans satisfied me as he shot his Dark Binding into me. I felt useless just laying there on my back, Aphro had carried me in the past, but this time I would carry him.
  6. I quickly used Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser to force myself on top of Aphro. Just then I got excited. I stuck my Infinity Edge into his Doran’s Ring. He moaned with delight, so to pleasure him fuller  I wrapped my hands around his nipples as he screamed “YOU CAN’T MILK THOSE.” As I felt a Surging Tide being released into Aphro, I exclaimed “It’s all skill.”
  7. Aphro had still not shot his Exploding Cask, so I Powerfisted him. “None will escape my grasp.” I said sexually. To further please him I got out my Chains of Corruption, tying up Aphro to the bed. I wrapped my Quicksilver Sash around his eyes and continued my Void Assault. “P-peter I-im about t-to c-cu…” Aphro said quivering. “Say no more,” I said putting my finger over his lips. I wrapped my mouth around his Deathcap as he shot his Ebb and Flow into my mouth. That tasted purple, I thought to myself. As we lay there in our Caustic Spittle, together, I felt finally happy. Every day past that fateful day Aphro has had my back (sometimes literally) and we are truly synergized. TSM best be afraid for we are Rush Hour.
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