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  1. KthuIhu: Back
  2. Kibru: weba
  3. IVIew: Wb Katie.
  4. Kibru: weba
  5. Kibru: oh
  6. Kibru: thought povv was back
  7. KthuIhu: Now you're less excited? o;
  8. KthuIhu: And thank you, Mew.
  9. Kibru: xD not that im less excited
  10. Kibru: i said weba twice
  11. IVIew  scream
  12. KthuIhu: Dingus.
  13. KthuIhu: Why the scream? o-o
  14. IVIew: Why not? ouo
  15. IVIew: You never just wanna scream?
  16. KthuIhu: mmm, at people.
  17. KthuIhu: Not in general uwu
  18. IVIew: Same.
  19. IVIew: I just wanna smack some people too.
  20. KthuIhu  thumbs up.
  21. KthuIhu: Oh, I wouldn't wanna smack people.
  22. KthuIhu: Violence solves nothing. :u
  23. IVIew: oh
  24. KthuIhu  huff
  25. KthuIhu: I hope you can let go of all your anger/resentment towards me one day. :u
  26. IVIew: Does it seem like I'm showing anger towards you?
  27. IVIew: I don't see where in anything I said was directed at you in an angry way, but if somehow you got that vibe then I am truly sorry Katie. I was just trying to have a decent conversation with you, I didn't mean for you to feel like I was still upset at you over smth that happened last year.
  28. KthuIhu: Last year? I'm referring to the comments you were saying about me to Michael a few months ago...
  29. KthuIhu: Calling me a bitch and such when I had been nothing but civil. All after you made that apology in Cat's old room..? :/
  30. IVIew: Oh?
  31. IVIew: Well still, I don't see how anything I said today makes you think I still feel anger towards you.
  32. IVIew: Like I said, if you got that vibe I'm sorry.
  33. KthuIhu: Just hostility. :/
  34. IVIew: Today?
  35. KthuIhu: Just every time we interact if I'm honest.
  36. IVIew: I'm feeling hostile towards you? I didn't mean to, again I'm sorry Katie. I'm not trying to.
  37. KthuIhu: Can you either just be civil or stop following me into rooms?
  38. KthuIhu: I'm honestly sick of the high-school pettiness.
  39. IVIew: I'm not following you?
  40. KthuIhu: You claim you're an adult now? Start acting like one.
  41. IVIew: I'm legit a friend of Povv.
  42. KthuIhu: Don't bitch about me to people I'm friends with, don't be hostile towards me or anyone else.
  43. KthuIhu: Try and obtain a bright future. When I was friends with you I did think you were a bright, smart and kind girl.
  44. KthuIhu: Show that side more..
  45. KthuIhu: Or, you know. Get out everything you want to say to me and say it to my face
  46. KthuIhu: That way you feel like you've had your say.
  47. IVIew: I'm so confused on why you're attacking me when I legit just was having, or trying to have, a decent conversation with you. I don't know how many times you want me to say sorry to you Katie, but I legit was not trying to sound hostile towards you or show any anger towards you today. I wasn't following you, I've been friends with Povv since last month and I join her room and now I'm being accusing of following? I'm not trying to be rude to you Katie, but the only one here who's being hostile is you and I don't know why. I understand in the past I was rude to you, and I said things, but I wasn't trying to be rude to you today so I personally don't know why you're going off on me? If I was being rude to you today, I'd understand that, but seeing as I wasn't trying to be hostile it confuses me.
  48. KthuIhu: The smacking people in the face comment?
  49. IVIew: That wasn't towards you.
  50. IVIew: Again, I'm sorry if you got the vibe it was but honestly it wasn't.
  51. KthuIhu: Coming off hostile, and 'attacking' you? No. This is not attacking. This is addressing issues that you've had with me in the past which continued onto a couple of months ago when you called me multiple names to someone who was at the time my friend. I'm not being rude towards you, nor am I attacking you. The 'following' comment is because you're coming into rooms I frequent where-as this was never the case up until a few months ago.
  52. KthuIhu: It honestly sounded like a 'jab' at me due to our history, and if I'm honest you've made plenty of jabs at me in the past in public rooms.
  53. Dax has joined the chat
  54. KthuIhu: Ahoy.
  55. IVIew: The only rooms I've joined that you were in was Drin's and that's because Drin is my IMVU aunt and I was a mod in her room until I stopped coming onto IMVU so she unmodded me, and this room which I've been friends with Povv before she changed her name to Povv.
  56. Dax: <3 wife
  57. IVIew: <3 Hubby
  58. KthuIhu: I apologise for jumping the gun but that was my reasoning for my statements.
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