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Mar 13th, 2013
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  1. SELECT ds.*, dssl.*,dsp.*, tpc.s_name AS s_company_name FROM t_drugstore ds, t_drugstore_shellife dssl, t_drugstore_price dsp, t_pharmacies_companies tpc  WHERE = AND ds.s_company_id=dssl.s_company_id AND ds.s_company_id=dsp.s_company_id  AND = AND dsp.s_datetime=(SELECT MAX(s_datetime) FROM t_drugstore_price) AND dssl.s_datetime=(SELECT MAX(s_datetime) FROM t_drugstore_shellife) AND AND ( IN (72793905,72947886,209348) AND ds.s_company_id IN (1)) HAVING dsp.s_price > 0
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