MadPack 2.1.0 Changelog

Mar 27th, 2015
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  1. MadPack 2.1.0 Changelog:
  3. Around 14 new LuckyBlocks
  5. Updated AppleCore-mc1.7.10-1.1.0
  6. - Bug fixes
  8. Updated buildcraft-6.4.5
  9. - Tons of bug fixes, changes and much much more
  11. Updated ChickenChunks-1.7.10-
  12. - Bug fixes
  14. Updated Chisel2-
  15. 2.3.8: New - Added a recipe for packed ice pillars - Added some Tinker's Construct variations - Added andesite, diorite, and granite, and a couple variations - Added hex armor plating and large hex plating - Added "Shingle" blocks - Added "Imperial" and "Rebel" blocks - Created our biggest fan :D Changes - Added iron/gold block variations to the Oredict - Recolored antiblocks a little - Chiseled pumpkins can now make snow-golems - Custom particles will be disabled if the vanilla "Particles:" option is set to "Off" - Added a search bar to Chisel's creative tab menus - Unified some of the technical blocks as one variation Fixes - Fixed a bug when Tinker's Construct and Botania would crash on load - Fixed one issue with CTM not rendering the texture properly - Corrected masonry texture references - Chiseled bookshelves drop the correct book now - Fixed compatibility with Project Red's Marble Bricks - Fixed stair placement, and tooltip bugs - Chiseled half-slabs noe behave like vanilla's when it comes to redstone - Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns now play the correct sounds - Fixed an old crash with Railcraft - Fixed missing localizations for road lines - Fixed a bug when rendering several types of Pillars - Fixed a bug that accidentally let the auto-chisel chisel things it shouldn't API - Extended CTM to the API... however this still need some work
  17. Updated CodeChickenCore-1.7.10-
  18. - Bug fixes
  20. Updated CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.0RC5-207
  21. - Tons of bug fixes
  23. Updated EnderIO-1.7.10-
  24. - IO labels on capacitor banks can now be expanded to any square size, no longer limited to one face (MatthiasM2)
  25. - Add chargeable item filter, allows RF containing items to be filtered based on their fullness (MatthiasM2)
  26. - Add blacklist option for ender fluid conduits (MatthiasM2)
  27. - #1549 All appropriate blocks are now mined faster with a pickaxe
  28. - DS Armor solar upgrade can now charge other mods' armors (configurable)
  29. - Clean up all button/widget textures (RandomGenius)
  30. - Add some more default whitelisted hoes (MatthiasM2)
  31. - Added some more ExN recipes for the SAG Mill (MatthiasM2)
  32. - Update Russian translation (Adaptivity)
  33. - Update Chinese translation (mymagadsl)
  34. - Add warning comment to all XML files
  35. - Killer Joe now needs line-of-sight to hit mobs (configurable) (hilburn)
  36. - Change default vanilla SAG Mill recipes to use oredict (LordBlackhole)
  37. - Conduit facades painted as fused quartz/quite clear glass will have connected textures (MatthiasM2)
  38. - Capacitor Banks will stack in more cases, "NONE" face mode no longer saves to NBT (MatthiasM2)
  39. - Allow configuration of XP juice ID, uses OpenBlocks' value by default (MatthiasM2)
  40. - Wither skeleton is now a unique entity, this should allow powered spawners to spawn them in the overworld, and fix a host of other similar issues in other mods. Configurable. (hilburn)
  41. - Added recipes for Lumium and Signalum to default XML (MatthiasM2)
  42. - Show mob name in soul vial tooltip (MatthiasM2)
  43. - Allow naming of soul vials (MatthiasM2)
  44. - Show moo fluid name in soul vial tooltip (MatthiasM2)
  45. - Show mob health in soul vial tooltips (MatthiasM2)
  46. - Show sheep color in soul vial tooltips (MatthiasM2)
  47. - Add soul bound enchantment description (MatthiasM2)
  48. - Implement IInventoryConnection on item conduits. Should improve compatibility with TE (hilburn)
  49. - #1458 Add button to merge inventory with existing snapshot in the existing item filter (MatthiasM2)
  50. - Right clicking while sneaking with an existing item filter will add the content to the snapshot (MatthiasM2)
  51. - Fluid conduits will now show their information in WAILA (MatthiasM2)
  52. - Add detailed tooltips to fuel items while inside the Stirling Generator GUI (MatthiasM2)
  53. - Process IMC from mods that send them in Post-Init (Parker8283)
  54. - Show upgrade information in Stirling Generator GUI (MatthiasM2)
  55. - Localized recipe names and keybind names (Adaptivity)
  56. - All blocks now support the vanilla breaking animation properly
  57. - Conduit connectors combine into a single box, this fixes z-fighting issues (especially with texture packs)
  58. - Split internal and external conduit connector textures
  59. - Some more default hoes added to the config
  60. - Localized GUI names, WAILA configs, and the rest of the tooltips (Adaptivity)
  61. - Improve double chest support on the mod item filter snapshot
  62. - Add support for sending grinding balls via IMC
  63. - #1771 All Killer Joes will now have the same UUID, for server admin purposes
  64. - Wither skeletons will now drop Tcon necrotic bones and respect Tcon beheading
  65. - Improve efficiency of wireless chargers (MatthiasM2)
  66. - Refactor how all EIO blocks drop themselves, should resolve all? issues with such in the future
  67. - It is now possible to use the yeta wrench shift+left click in creative mode (MatthiasM2)
  68. - Alloy smelter will now give smelting achievements (iron, fish) (MatthiasM2)
  69. - Wireless charger will now keep its stored energy when picked up (MatthiasM2)
  70. - EnderIO GUIs with tabs will move NEI items out of the way (MatthiasM2)
  71. - Fix power monitor reading int values where it saved long values
  72. - #1556 Fix farming station allowing 2 of the same kind of tool in the inventory
  73. - Fix disabled mode not being accessible when a capacitor bank was against a generator
  74. - #1548 Fix wireless charger redstone control not affecting wireless lights
  75. - Fix farming station not accepting wooden axes (hilburn)
  76. - Fix farming station allowing broken Tcon tools to be used (hilburn)
  77. - Prevent crash when XP juice could not be found (MatthiasM2)
  78. - #1595 Fix all buffers showing as Item Buffer in WAILA
  79. - #1600 Travel Anchor crashes when painted as itself
  80. - Fix fluid containers not being drained when the top side is configured for push (MatthiasM2)
  81. - #1607 Fix farm damaging some items incorrectly
  82. - #1433 Fix crash when Mekanism cable broken while next to capacitor bank (MatthiasM2)
  83. - #1627 Fix not being able to extract from an unconfigured side on buffers (MatthiasM2)
  84. - Fix Stirling Generator not pushing out empty buckets (MatthiasM2)
  85. - Fix soul binder caching IIcons and rendering incorrectly after texture restitch
  86. - Fixed author list in (Adaptivity)
  87. - Fixed ExU colored blocks not rendering properly in facades (MatthiasM2)
  88. - Fixed light calculation of painted slabs to match vanilla (MatthiasM2)
  89. - #1673 Fix grinding ball percentage tooltip being invalid sometimes (MatthiasM2)
  90. - #1655 Fix conduit probe not copying redstone mode of fluid conduits (MatthiasM2)
  91. - #1609 Fix buffer buttons having incorrect tooltips (MatthiasM2)
  92. - #1701 Bucket interaction on tanks no longer takes side configuration into account (MatthiasM2)
  93. - Fix fused quartz/quite clear glass sides not rendering when they are occluded by different types of the same block
  94. - #1640 Fix soulbound having ridiculous values for enchantability
  95. - #1643 Fix Ender Rail breaking instantly
  96. - #1703 Forestry upgrades for DS armor (MatthiasM2)
  97. - #746 Add speed downgrade for item conduits. Allows conduits to pull only one item at a time (MatthiasM2)
  98. - #1731 All machines will now have progress tooltips on the progress animation (MatthiasM2)
  99. - #85 Add hardened conduit facades. Have a higher hardness and blast resistance (TNT-proof) than normal facades.
  100. - Add recipe to upgrade capacitors to the next tier
  101. - Fix crash with iguana tweaks level ups in farm
  102. - Fix some crashes with facades and WAILA
  103. - Painted slabs will no longer drop in creative mode (MatthiasM2)
  104. - Fix enchanter and yeta wrench tooltips (MatthiasM2)
  105. - Fix the alignment of the progress arrow in the slice'n'splice (MatthiasM2)
  106. - Fix IItemDuct methods not checking filters. This should allow machines pushing to conduits to be filtered properly
  107. - Fix wither skeletons not spawning and fix their equipment/rendering
  108. - Fix tooltips rendering underneath the IO config
  109. - Fix IO config changing NEI item lighting
  110. - #1630 Item conduits pulling and preserving invalid stacksizes (fixes issues with filing cabinets)
  111. - #1585 Fix blocks not dropping in explosions
  112. - #1821 Fix buffers ignoring redstone mode
  113. - Revert change that required forge 1234+, this should fix compatibility with cauldron as it only supports 1231.
  114. - Fix painted glowstone and electric lights not dropping the correct items
  115. - Fix crashes when placing ME conduits
  117. Updated EnderStorage-1.7.10-
  118. - Bug fixes
  120. Updated extrautilities-1.2.2
  121. - Added support for connected textures rendering with blocks that implement IBlockAppearance to mimic those connected textures
  122. - All Unstable tools changed to be the equivalent of their diamond counterparts, just with infinite durability. The shovel and pickaxe will no longer void items.
  123. - Generator buffers changed to 100,000RF for 1x generators, 800,000RF for 8x generators and 6,400,000RF for 64x generators
  124. - Fixed generators not outputing to tiles that only implement IEnergyReceiver
  126. Updated forge-1.7.10-
  127. - Bug fixes
  128. - Also updated all the library files needed for the newer version forge
  130. Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion MC-1.7.10 v1.7.1
  131. - Added Achievement screen to the Ender Compendium
  132. - Around a dozen brand new Achievements!
  133. - Blocks can now be enhanced by right-clicking on them while holding End Powder
  134. - New enhancements for Essence Altars, Enhanced Brewing Stands and Spatial Dash Gems
  135. - Biome Islands have several new deviations (adds much more variation to each biome)
  136. - Added Flameweed and Shadow Orchids to Biome Islands
  137. - New Thaumcraft aspects on blocks, items and mobs (thanks SoundLogic)
  138. - Ender Compendium has a first-time help and page indicators
  139. - One-sided Knowledge Fragments will now point you to the place where you can unlock them
  140. - Biome Compass uses End Powder instead of Stardust
  141. - Gems now have a short use cooldown, and slower absorption of Energy from the environment
  142. - Enhancing attempts will no longer destroy the ingredients, only End Powder itself
  143. - Enhanced Brewing Stand will only brew potions to tier III, until enhanced with Tier
  144. - Essence Altars are a bit faster and more efficient
  145. - Removed Soul Charm and Corporeal Mirage Orb, as they were obsolete
  146. - Removed Essence Altar sockets in favor of new enhancements (the socket blocks can still be taken away)
  147. - Fixed Dragon Egg not working correctly in modded recipes
  148. - Fixed a bug in Dragon achievement savefile, which caused people to not get achievements if the Dragon unloaded
  149. - Haunted Miner would could logs, glass and other smeltable blocks as ores
  150. - Blocks and items in Ender Compendium would render above other elements
  151. - Burning Mountains will not keep spawning mobs when you get into very large altitudes
  152. - Fixed a certain combination of TNT Enhancements to cause explosions which would not destroy the TNT, and cause client desync
  153. - Enhanced TNT would not drop the enhanced item
  154. - Music system was rewritten, End music will no longer suddenly cut out and Jukeboxes work better with HEE Music Discs too
  155. - Endermen spawning in Overworld are now replaced correctly (internal change)
  156. - General fixes (Compendium texts not showing or not being wrapped, occasionally missing text)
  158. Updated InGameInfoXML-1.7.10-
  159. - Bug fixes
  161. Updated ironchest-1.7.10-
  162. - Bug fixes
  164. Updated LunatriusCore-1.7.10-
  165. - Bug fixes
  167. Updated LycanitesMobsComplete [1.7.10]
  168. - New Potion Effect Added: Fall Resistance, this will reduce all damage received by falling to 0. (The damage sound and animation might still play but no damage is taken).
  169. - Added Achievements for killing, learning and taming or summoning (if possible) each mob!
  170. - New World Generation: Pure Lava pools can now be found in the Nether.
  171. - New Freshwater Mob Added: Silex
  172. - Improvement: Strider Mounts have been improved. They will now give their rider Fall Resistance for 3 seconds when the rider dismounts so that the rider takes no damage from the fall. Striders should no longer automatically dismount their rider when going underwater making them viable underwater mounts as they will now also provide their rider wit the ability to breathe underwater (witout applying the Water Breathing potion effect as the effect particles could get annoying).
  173. - When checking light levels for spawning water mobs, the spawner will search up to 16 blocks upwards to find the water surface, it will then use the surface light level to decide spawning instead of the underwater block, this should heavily impact the spawning of hostile water mobs, for instance Jengu were able to spawn in deep surface rivers or lakes during daytime, this should no longer be possible. Oceans should also now be less hostile during the day unless you go really deep.
  174. - Just about every mob has had its health lowered along with some other stats. Some changes are very significant such as a Lobber having its base health lowered from 80 to 30.
  175. - Familiars are now stored on an online database and are linked to UUIDs instead of usernames. If your familiar is not showing, please contact me and I'll fix it.
  176. - New patrons will no longer need to wait for updates as of, instead they need to just log on to a server/world. I do still need to manually add new familiars to the database however, this is until the Patreon API is available then I will automate everything!
  177. - Beholders and Cacodemons now have knockback resistance.
  178. - Ember (Cinder), Frostweb (Frostweaver), Blizzard (Serpix) and Demonic Sparks (Fly off of - Cacodemon Demon Blasts) Projectiles no longer cause knockback.
  179. - Scorchfire (Afrit), Icefire (Arix) and Venomshot (Remobra) Projectiles now only have a 50% chance of causing knockback.
  180. - Devilstar (Astaroth) and Throwing Scythe (Clink) Projectiles now only have a low 25% chance of causing knockback.
  181. - The default hard difficulty scale has been lowered to 1.25 to 1.1.
  182. - Rocs and Raiko will no longer zip up into the air right after picking up a target if they can't see the sky directly above them.
  183. - Mobs that spawn in the dark were able to spawn incorrectly in light levels of 8 and below instead of 7 and below (which follows vanilla standards), this has been corrected.
  184. - Frostfire and Icefire will no longer spread.
  185. - Taming Treat Items will now stack up to 16 and are now crafted in stacks of 4 instead of just 1.
  186. - Tamed pets/minions now use UUIDs to get their owner, some already tamed mobs might be lost, unfortunately there's not much I can do about this.
  187. - The spawn rates and chances of the following spawn types have been heavily reduced by default: Sky, Underground, Water, Rock (ores), Crops, Trees and Lunar (Epions during full moon).
  188. - Fixed a crash caused by opening the familiar GUI.
  189. - Fixed a bug where familiars can sometimes duplicate when logging in and out of a server.
  191. Updated MineFactoryReloaded-[1.7.10]2.8.0RC8-86
  192. - Tons of bug fixes
  194. Updated neiaddons-mc1710-
  195. - Added ProjectE philosopher stone support
  196. - Changed MPSA crafting support to work with QXE version (Korynkai)
  197. - Remove outdated TiC crafting station compatibility (squeek502)
  198. - Fixed forestry worktable support for unstable 3.5.0
  200. Updated NetherOres-[1.7.10]2.3.0RC4-4
  201. - Tons of bug fixes
  203. Updated NotEnoughItems-1.7.10-
  204. - Bug fixes
  206. Updated OpenBlocks-1.7.10-1.3
  207. - Updated to the "release" version instead of using a dev version.
  208. - Should fix a lot of bugs
  210. Updated OpenModsLib-1.7.10-0.6
  211. - Updated to the "release" version instead of using a dev version.
  212. - Should fix a lot of bugs
  214. Updated PandorasBox-2.1
  215. - New effects! Duplicating boxes, more rainbows, more generation!
  216. - New french translation (Thanks to Mazdallier)
  217. - Fix entities being in the ground and falling block effects
  219. Updated RandomThings-2.2.4
  220. - Changed: New textures for the energy distributors
  221. - Changed: Creative Sword is no longer able to destroy blocks
  222. - Fixed: Lapis lamps not lighting up without a player right clicking them on chunk reload
  223. - Fixed: Texture not found error on startup
  224. - Fixed: The Online Detector crashing when directly powering for example a trap door
  225. - Changed: You can now use any Resource Location as a background for the options menus, for more information on how to do this visit the Custom Backgrounds Curse Forge page. (One of my 1.8 mods)
  226. - Added: While holding a position filter you will now see a purple outline around the block its targeting
  227. - Added: Class Name to /rt analyze
  228. Fixed: Obsidian Sticks not being compatible with WR-CBE
  229. Changed: Spectre Glass Texture
  230. Changed: The occurence of a bloodmoon will now persist through world reloads
  231. - Added: Energy Distributors
  232. - Added: Config option for the environmental fog in the spectre dimension
  233. - Changed: Added Spirits to the MFR Safari Net blacklist
  234. - Update: zh_CN.lang
  235. - Fixed: Client Crash while looking at an invalid biome capsule
  236. - Fixed: Souls spawning for non player entitys
  237. - Fixed: Gintos being completely consumed instead of emptied
  238. - Added: Spectre Glass (Solid for Players, Not Solid for monsters)
  239. - Added: Gintos (A way to revive other players)
  240. - Fixes: DUPE BUG (SO UPDATE :P)
  241. - Fixes: Spirits not respecting looting
  242. - Fixes: "/rt setBiomeCapsule" being able to set biome capsules to invalid ids.
  243. - Fixes: Crash with Biome Capsules
  244. - Fixes: Crash with a Wireless Lever
  245. - Fixes: Souls not despawning after a player respawns
  246. - Update: zh_CN.lang
  247. - Update: ru_RU.lang
  248. - Added: "/rt analyze" Gives rudimentary internal information about the item you are currently holding
  249. - Changed: Players should get teleported back into their spectre cube faster if they somehow leave it.
  250. - Fixed: Still being able to destroy Spectre Blocks using the Wither
  251. - Fixed: Obsidian Sticks not compatible with the WR-CBE ones
  252. - Fixed: Name of Tilled Fertilized Dirt in WAILA
  253. - Fixed: Whitestone not charging
  254. - Added: Op Spectre Key
  255. - Added: Duration parameter to the Notification Interface & the "/rt notify" command.
  256. Improved: The amount of time notifications are displayed should be much more consistent.
  257. - Changed: Operators can now move freely in the Spectre Dimension
  258. - Fixed: Color of spectre key particles
  259. - Fixed: Explosion Resistance of Spectre Blocks
  260. - Fixed: Void Stone texture
  261. - Fixed: Crash while using a wireless lever
  262. - Fixed: When Hardcore Darkness was enabled the wither darkening would "invert" the light
  263. - Fixed: Spectre Blocks pick block
  264. - Fixed: Console Spam while locking gamma
  265. - Internal: Improved Message System
  266. - Fixed: Being able to destroy Spectre Blocks with explosions
  267. - Fixed: Major Dupe bug using Ender Letters
  268. - Maybe Fixed: Black tilled Fertilized Dirt
  269. - Fixed: Energy Distributors not working with the latest RF API
  270. - Fixed: Crash while using Magnetic Force
  272. Updated RedstoneArsenal-[1.7.10]1.1.0RC4-54
  273. - Tons of bug fixes
  275. Updated ThermalExpansion-[1.7.10]4.0.0RC6-138
  276. - Tons of bug fixes
  278. Updated ThermalFoundation-[1.7.10]1.0.0RC4-58
  279. - Tons of bug fixes
  281. Updated twilightforest-1.7.10-2.3.4
  282. - Spawn hint monster near player when player is having progression problems
  284. Updated Waila-1.5.9_1.7.10
  285. - [Bugfix] Filtered out aspects with a value of 0 in the thaumcraft module.
  286. - [Bugfix] Config option for thaumcraft is now working again.
  287. - [Bugfix] Removed more debug print in Redflux handlers
  288. - [Feature] Block ID/Meta option is working again, with the added qualified name of the block.
  289. - [Feature] Ported to NEI 1.0.4.x
  290. - [Feature] Completly NEI independent. You can run Waila without NEI now.
  291. - [API] Added a new RENDER tag and registration method for people to do custom rendering directly inside the tooltip. For details, see this page.
  292. - [API] accessor.getBlockID() is now returning the proper value again.
  293. - [API] Added accessor.getBlockQualifiedName() to return the ResourceLocation string of the block.
  294. - [Fix] Filtering in NEI.
  295. - [Fix] Added proper size hint to icon's custom renderer. Should fix hearts going out of the tooltip.
  296. - [Fix] Text vs Hearts display is now based on max health, not current health. Should fix the prb with mobs having incredibly large max hp but low current hp.
  297. - [Fix] Protected rendering call. Should solve crashes on load from some mods (Thaumcraft included).
  298. - [Fix] Cleanup the internal lists to prevent a whole Waila tooltip corruption happening in some cases.
  299. - [Fix] Handler insertion order is now enforced properly.
  300. - [API] Returning a stack with a null item from getWailaStack will desactivate the tooltip for a given block. A good way to do that is to return new ItemStack(Blocks.air);
  301. - [API] Added custom renderer "", with arguments "<maxhearts>,<health>,<maxhealth>"
  302. - [API] Added custom renderer "waila.stack", with arguments "<type>,<idstring>,<stacksize>,<damage/meta>"
  303. - [API] Added custom renderer "waila.progress", with arguments "<currentvalue>,<maxvalue>"
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