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Rahagiri Project in Gurgaon claims its first victim

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  1. Rahagiri Project in Gurgaon has its first victim.
  2. Rahagiri project by Times of India and Gurgaon police is a sham.
  3. Though the intentions are very good the whole arrangement is highly messed up.
  5. Like many people from all ages, by wife went for a walk along the marked lane.
  6. on Sunday 24th Nov 2013. A child riding a bicycle at a very high speed hit her from behind.
  7. She fell down. She was helped by some passebys and reached home with tremendous pain in the
  8. lower back. She is bed ridden for over 48 hours with swelling and pain refusing to subside.
  9. Doctor is suspecting a fracture.
  10. Parents and other family members of the child disappeared from the scene suddenly.
  12. Indian are known to abuse the facilities. This is one more example. Facilities created
  13. with good intentions are abused.
  15. Why can't the parents reign in their children who do not follow basic discipline.
  16. The child also could have hot hurt which luckily did not happen.
  17. The Rahagiri lanes are not personal verandahs where one can try driving tricks.
  18. Please do not kill a path breaking initiative.
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